Membership: Catwalk, Dice, Eva, Riot, Ryder;
formerly Moonstomp, 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett)

Purpose: Death to all Skrulls, and anyone near a Skrull, or who might befriend a Skrull at some point in the future, or someone who might have been a Skrull but turned out not to be

Affiliations: Action Pack (Prima Donna, Vox), Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), Battalion (Tigra), Britney, the Called, Cavalry (Crime-Buster, Stunt-Master/Steve Brooks, Ultragirl), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bob Chandler, Hal Chandler, Peggy Chandler, Command (Aquarian, Jennifer Kale), Crusader (Z'reg), Devil-Slayer, Desert Stars (Johnny Cool, Komodo, Supermax, Two-Gun Kid), Earth-Force, Eva, Freedom Force (Challenger, Cloud-9, Spinner, Think Tank), Great Lakes Initiative (Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Squirrel Girl, Tippy-Toe), Heavy Hitters (Gravity, Hardball, Nonstop, Telemetry), Jocasta, Liberteens (Blue Eagle, Hope, Iceberg, Ms. America, 2-D, Whiz Kid), Rangers (Firebird, Living Lightning, Phantom Rider/Hamilton Slade, Red Wolf/William Talltrees, Shooting Star, Texas Twister), Viola Reichardt, Skrulls (only peaceful Skrull-cow hybrids from Earth)

Enemies: Skrulls, baby! (including Skrull imposters of Blacksmith, Conquistador, Equinox, Frog-Man, Grasshopper, Lobo (Red Wolf's wolf), Razorback, Revolutionary, She-Thing (Sharon Ventura), Skyhawk, Thor Girl (imposter), Wolverine, etc.)

Base of Operations: Mobile across the USA, anywhere you can find Skrulls

First Appearance: Skrull Kill Krew#1 (September, 1996)

History: (Fantastic Four I#2-BTS) - After the Fantastic Four's first encounter with and defeat of the Skrulls, Reed Richards hypnotized the four invaders to turn themselves into cows, and to believe that they really were cows. He left them in a field in King's Crossing, Vermont.

(Avengers I#89-97-BTS) - During the Kree/Skrull War, the Skrulls regained their memories and impersonated some of original Avengers, in an effort to force them to disband. Another of the Skrulls took the form of H. Warren Craddock, who was running for office. The Craddock-skrull was slain after being exposed.

(Skrull Kill Krew#2(fb)-BTS) - The remaining three former cow-Skrulls were handed over to the Alien Activities Commission, who forced them to become cows again. This time, however, they sent the Skrulls to the slaughterhouse, along with the rest of the beef. The Skrulls were slaughtered and mixed with other, real beef, meat and distributed across the country. In the form of hamburgers, the Skrull meat was consumed by an unknown number of Americans. Some of the people who ate the beef proved immune to the Skrull DNA. Some died horrible deaths. A small number, were "infected" and developed metamorphic powers, along with progressive and terminal neurologic disease.

BTS-Ryder began recruiting others with the same affliction, to join together and wipe the Skrull menace from the Earth, so that they could never again turn into cows and let others slaughter and eat them again.

(Skrull Kill Krew#1) - Ryder and Moonstomp burst into a history classroom and blew away Mrs. O'Shea, who was really a Skrull in disguise. They then located and recruited Dice and Riot to join them.

(Skrull Kill Krew#2) - The SKK headed to the Dulles Airport in Washington, D. C. to recruit Kimberly Dee. Her plane was hijacked by agents of Hydra.

(Skrull Kill Krew#3) - The SKK took out the Hydra group, although innocent civilians suffered as well. By the time they reached Kimberly Dee, she had already morphed into her Catwalk form and slain the hijackers. They recruited her to the Krew.

(Skrull Kill Krew#4) - After taking out a group of Skrulls posing as the Fantastic Four (complete with artificially generated powers), they encountered a town where every single person had been replaced by a Skrull.

(Skrull Kill Krew#5) - In Pleasant Valley, aka Skrullsville, the Krew had a ball blowing away the Skrulls, who had been mentally programmed by their superiors to pose as innocent people. Eventually the command center learned what was going on and activated the "sleeper Skrulls", sending them into battleforms against the Krew. As a result, it took a few minutes longer to wipe out all 3, 678 Skrulls in the town, effectively ending their takeover plans.

(Avengers: The Initiative#18 (fb) - BTS) - Moonstomp, Catwalk, and Dice all had their bodies wasted away from their Skrull diseases. Riot and Ryder preserved their heads in cryo-stasis, knowing they could only bring them out for one last mission.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#4 (fb) ) - While in stasis Catwalk, Moonstomp and Dice died and came back to life as Skrulls.

(Avengers: The Initiative#16 (fb) - BTS) - Riot and Ryder realized there was a new breed of Super-Skrulls on Earth that were undetectable by normal means. They learned they had to eat the Skrulls to recognize the new breed. They packed up their battle van and began searching.

(Avengers: The Initiative#16) - Ryder and Riot investigated a crashed Quinjet in New Mexico and discovered 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett) inside. 3-D Man's goggles, they learned, could detect Skrulls by sight, so Ryder killed the investigating She-Thing, a Skrull posing as a member of the Initiative's team, the Mavericks. As Riot devoured the Skrull, Ryder welcomed 3-D Man to the Kill Krew. Though 3-D Man was repulsed by Riot eating the Skrull, he said he knew a place they could go for help. They soon got to the home of Bob, Chuck, and Peggy Chandler and learned that Bob and Chuck were the original 3-D Man. Riot then explained their origins and grilled up some Skrull for them to eat. They soon arrived in Phoenix and helped the Desert Stars kill their rogue member, Blacksmith, another Skrull imposter, using armored motorcycles; Blacksmith put up a deadly fight until 3-D Man fired a laser through Komodo (who heals easily) and skewered him, then Riot tore him apart. They realized every Initiative team had a Super-Skrull on it and decided to head to Vegas next.

(Avengers: The Initiative#17) - The Kill Krew killed another Skrull among the Heavy Hitters of Las Vegas and Gravity, Hardball, and Nonstop joined their ranks. After killed the Skrull among Utah's Called team, the Krew was joined by Devil-Slayer and Jocasta, who agreed to use Devil-Slayer's Shadow-Cloak to aid in faster transport across the country.

(Avengers: The Initiative#18) - While fighting the Equinox Skrull in Montana alongside Freedom Force (Challenger, Cloud-9, Spinner, Think-Tank), Ryder, Riot, and Hardball were frozen in a block of ice while the others engaged the Skrull. The ice block was soon shattered and the battle continued until Cloud-9 shot the Skrull through the head. Ryder flirted with Cloud-9, but she shook him off immediately. Devil-Slayer, weak from over-extending himself with the transports, took the group, now including Cloud-9 and Spinner, on to Philadelphia, where they helped the Liberteens (Blue Eagle, Hope, Iceberg, Ms. America, 2-D, Whiz Kid) defeat the Revolutionary Skrull. They defeated him by pinning him, then Hope, her weight increased by Gravity, eviscerated him by being dropped from the skies. They next moved on to Georgia, where the Cavalry was already battling, with Crimebuster and Stuntmaster already defeated. Cloud 9 shot down both Ultragirl and Thor Girl to determine Thor Girl was the Skrull, then 3-D Man used her own hammer to kill her. The others fought off an attacking army of Skrulls and found a new ally, Ant-Man, who informed them the Initiative bases were rigged to blow and could destroy the entire United States. Ryder took the heads of Moonstomp, Catwalk, and Dice out of stasis, injected them with a smoothie of Super-Skrulls so they could help on this last mission, and the group divided into several teams to handle the last bases at once. Devil-Slayer, very frayed, transported the six groups to their destinations while Nonstop, Spinner, and Whiz Kid rushed off to blow up the other Initiative bases. Devil-Slayer the collapsed, seemingly dead.

(Avengers: The Initiative#19) - Cloud-9 and Ryder helped Tigra of the Battalion defeat the Razorback Skrull in Arkansas. Hardball and Moonstomp aided Vox and Prima Donna of the Action Pack against the Frog-Man Skrull in Kentucky. Gravity and Catwalk aided the Great Lakes Initiative (Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe) against the Grasshopper Skrull in Wisconsin. Komodo and Riot helped Aquarian and Jennifer Kale of the Command against the Conquistador Skrull in Florida. Jocasta and Dice fought a crowd of Skrulls and humans incited by the Skyhawk Skrull in Washington. 3-D Man and Ant-Man helped the Rangers (Firebird, Living Lightning, Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade), Red Wolf (William Talltrees), Shooting Star, Texas Twister) against the Lobo Skrull in Texas. While fighting a crowd after that, 3-D Man's goggles were shattered, to his horror, but Chandler, from New Mexico, helped him focus his powers without the goggles. Meanwhile, the speedsters were blowing up the Initiative bases to stop the Skrulls' plans. Jocasta reported that the Washington pylon had been activated, helping the others realize the Negative Zone transport gates were working again. Spinner had to sacrifice herself to destroy the Hawaii gate. The entire Krew group then traveled to Camp Hammond through the gates, where they found Crusader (Z'reg) fighting the Skrulls, who were preparing to set off the third pylon to activate the doomsday weapon. The Skrulls threw out a poison that seemingly killed Whiz Kid, but the Krew quickly defeated the Skrulls, even killing those who tried to surrender. 3-D Man then killed Crusader, who was secretly a Skrull as well.

(Avengers: The Initiative#20) - After being cleared by the Initiative, 3-D Man departed with Ryder with the eyes of the angry recruits on them. Ryder and Riot buried the deceased heads of their former teammates, then Ryder convinced Riot to return to her human form, stating the war was over. Riot did so and quickly died. After burying them, Ryder and 3-D Man left to hunt more Skrulls.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#1 (fb) - BTS/Skrull Kill Krew II#4 (fb) ) - A week after she had died Riot somehow returned to life and decided to quit killing Skrulls. She was still stuck in her hardbody form and didn't know she actually returned to life as a Skrull.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Ryder retrieved the other SKK members' heads from Camp Hammond after Riot returned from the dead.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) ) - Seeking a relationship Riot put up her profile on calling herself Daphne.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Ryder died in his sleep and returned to life as a Skrull.

(Dark Reign: New Nation#1/4) - Riding through the US on his motorcycle Ryder passed a man and his cow. Though he only took a short glance at the cow Ryder saw that it was a Skrull (actually a cow-Skrull half-breed). Ryder rode back to kill the Skrull cow, but other Skrull cows soon surrounded Ryder and the farmer. Another farmer followed the cows and Ryder told both of them to stay in the hay while he took care of the Skrulls. Ryder left after killing all Skrull cows. The farmers only wondered if he was hungry and how he turned their cows into monsters.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#1) - Ryder observed Skrulls enerting a club, called the Ranch, and gave Riot a call. Though she didn't want to help him because her Skrull killing days were over after her resurrection she presented Ryder with the theory that the Skrulls he was observing weren't part of the recent invasion, but actual descendant of the three Skrull cows. Ryder then killed all the Skrulls at the Ranch, who had just killed a human girl and were trying to kill another one. Ryder took the girl he saved, Britney, and a dead Skrull back to his San Fernando Valley home. At his house HAMMER's Viole Reichardt met with Ryder and took the dead Skrull and a blood sample from him after telling him that the Skrull invasion was over and that he won't get any support in his ongoing crusade.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) ) - Ryder called Riot to tell her that Viole would examine the Skrull to test Riot's theory if these Skrulls were cow-Skrull hybrids. Riot had no interest in Ryder's ongoing battle and got ready for her date with Melanie Mitchell, who ran away in fear when she met Riot.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Ryder killed a Skrull wearing cowboy gear with an invitation to a Reverse Rodeo.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#2) - 3-D Man visited Ryder and didn't feel very comfortble when Ryder pulled a dead Skrull to his house. Ryder then told 3-D Man that he would call him if he needed him. Inside his house Ryder asked Riot how her date was and she didn't tell him that the girl ran away. Ryder and Riot went to the Reverse Rodeo, a Skrull event that saw humans voluntarily act like cows for Skrulls. When the Skrulls started killing the humans Ryder and Riot interfered and saved as many humans as possible while killing all the Skrulls. In their battle Ryder and Riot were joined by a Skrull posing as Wolverine. They didn't let him know that they could see through his disguise and let him get away alive because they found it quite amusing that a Skrull helped them killing Skrulls. Back in Ryder's car Riot revealed that she could shapeshift a little again and that she will try to shapeshift back into her human form. Back at his house Ryder showed Riot the other SKK members' heads in his garage and then released Moonstomp's head from his stasis cylinder. Riot went home and after a long night managed to shapeshift into her human form again. Meanwhile Ryder watched Moonstomp's head come back to life. Ryder promised Moonstomp the rest of his body would soon grow back.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#3) - Back in her human form Riot went partying and later hit on a girl, who turned out to be a Skrull. Not realizing it at first Riot gave her her cell phone number and then ran away. While Moonstomp's body grew back Ryder went for a walk and observed more Skrulls in the area. Back home Ryder ran into Moonstomp, who was now completely African American to his own shock. Ryder released Dice and Catwalk from their stasis cylinders as well while Riot received a tattoo and Moonstomp beat up some local neo-Nazis.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#3 - BTS) - Riot received a phone call from Eva, the Skrull girl, who invited her to a Skrull party in the Hollywood Hills.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#3) - Riot informed Ryder about the party and then dragged Dice, who wasn't completely regrown yet out of the house to give Ryder some alone time with Catwalk, who was completely back already. With the Skrull Kill Krew united again a few hours later Ryder, Riot and Catwalk infiltrated the Hollywood Hills party while Moonstomp and Dice met with the Skrull Wolverine outside. Riot warned Eva and sent her away before the Skrull Kill Krew and Skrull Wolverine killed all the other Skrulls at the party. After the slaughter Dice told the others that they were now murderers because the Skrulls present seemed actually peaceful. The Skrull Kill Krew left while Skrull Wolverine battled another Skrull Wolverine. Back at Ryder's house Ryder and Catwalk ran into Viola, who told them that the whole Skrull Kill Krew came back to life as Skrulls.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#4) - The Skrull Kill Krew took out the Stampede Webshow cast after they killed one of their human webshow contestants. During the fight Ryder didn't care much for his own teammates, who were Skrulls anyway, and nearly hit Riot. Dice and Moonstomp brought the Skrull corpses to the next garbage container while Riot tracked down the guy, who equipped them and confronted him about allying with Skrulls. When Dice considered leaving the Skrull Kill Krew Moonstomp decided to kill him. The Krew met at Ryder's house again to discuss their new status as Skrulls. Dice once again pointed out that they murdered innocent Skrulls in the Hollywood Hills and turned invisible when Moonstomp attempted to kill him. Riot's girlfriend Eva arrived to warn the Skrull Kill Krew of Skrulls sent to kill the Krew after the Hollywood Hills massacre. The Krew killed all their attackers with a little help from Skrull Wolverine, who Moonstomp killed afterward to remind the rest of the Krew that they existed to kill Skrulls and not ally with them. Riot, Eva, herself a Skrull, and Dice had a hard time accepting the others decision to go on killing.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb) ) - Riot and Dice talked at the beach when Moonstomp arrived and once again tried to kill Dice. Moonstomp failed to kill Dice, and Riot inadvertently told Moonstomp about her date with Eva at a Skrull-restaurant. Moonstomp left and called Ryder and Catwalk to tell them about the restaurant.

(Skrull Kill Krew II#5) - Riot went out on a date with Eva at a Skrull restaurant. Ryder, Moonstomp and Catwalk followed her and when Riot tried to warn the present Skrull the Skrull Kill Krew started killing Skrulls. Riot stopped them and while Catwalk and Ryder actually realized that the Skrulls in the restaurant were really vegetarians, Moonstomp still wanted to kill them all. The Krew departed and went separate ways. Ryder and Catwalk returned to Ryder's house, Riot took Eva to her apartment, Moonstomp went out to hunt and Dice went surfing. After receiving an invitation from Viola Reichardt to a meeting of influential Skrulls organized by Norman Osborn, who wanted to Krew and HAMMER to kill all the Skrulls, but the Krew, aside from Moonstomp, who arrived late, instead saved the peaceful Skrulls. Angered by the other Krew members' actions Moonstomp flipped out and Ryder shot him. The former Skrull Kill Krew now just known as the Krew left on their motorcycles with Eva leaving Moonstomp and their murderous ways behind.

COMMENTS: Believe it or not, created by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Steve Yeowall.

The Skrull Kill Krew's viral affliction, Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia (SIS), perhaps better known as Mad Skrull-Cow Disease (MSCD), differs from the natives of King's Crossing (where the Skrulls lived briefly as cows), who drank the milk from Skrulls, and suffered from Pseudo-Milk Induced Skrullophilia (PMIS). Sufferers of PMIS (not to be confused with PMS, although the two are not mutually exclusive), also gained shape-changing powers, but rather than wanting to kill the Skrulls, they took on Skrull personality traits, such as xenophobia and military-type organization. This was documented in Fantastic Four I Annual#17.

As described in F4 An17, the milk-induced changes were less of an actual virus, than the Skrull DNA attempting take over and remake the body of its host. This type of infection would be closer to a Prion, than a virus, which is actually along the same lines as BSE, or Mad Cow Disease.

Cary theorizes: "In fact, I'll bet all that Skrullified beef was made from the bovine DESCENDANTS of that trio! Just like it was their bovine descendants who produced all that Skrullified milk. As for Riot's preference for an insectoid shape, during super-fights? Well, she could be the maternal granddaughter of August Hopper (alias the Locust)! That, of course, would mean she was born Heidi Hickman. But, her punk-oriented lifestyle probably resulted in some "tough love" (=thrown out of the house), so she took to using her maternal grandmother's maiden name. *She was probably afraid of being the butt of stupid hat-jokes if she called herself "Heidi Hopper."

Also, he mentions: "Could the Hydra agents that hijacked Catwalk's flight have been working for the Skrull that was impersonating the Supreme Hydra, in CAPTAIN AMERICA, a couple years back? For that matter, weren't he and his top two adjutants those three remaining Skrulls from FFV1#2?

Before there was the Marvel Knights, there was Marvel Edge. Say no more.

Riot's insectoid form could imply that she is being mentally influenced by the Scarlet Beetle, or other members of the Cockroach Conspiracy.

Cary again: "Given the resemblance of her insectoid-self to one of the Brood, I have a feeling that she might have been captured by the Slig Examiner and subjected to a little gene-splicing! The genes, in question, being donated by some Brood queen (probably, one of the Badoon hybrids). As for the Slig II's? They are probably a renegade warrior-caste of the more honorable Sligs encountered by the Fantastic Four. Some of them, not willing to give up the dream of subjugating Earth, were telepathically contacted by the Cockroach Conspiracy via the Scarlet Beetle. The Locust, hearing of his granddaughter being on her own, "volunteered" her as a human guinea pig! But, they were--of course--unaware of her already-Skrullified DNA. Hence, the Hurler Syndrome fit at the airport! The reason Heidi doesn't remember what the Slig II's did to her is simple. The Scarlet Beetle, aided by Dragonfly I, mind-wiped that part of her memory.

The Skrull Kill Krew has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

Not to be confused with:
Gwen Stacy. They're nothing alike. Why would you confuse them?

Catwalk has no known connections to any other model or non-model Cat-somethings that don't go around blowing a Skrulls.

Dice, aka Cowboy, has no known connection to:

Moonstomp has no known connection to any other Moon-somethings

Riot, aka Bug, has no known connection to:

All of the Krew possess varying degrees of metamorphosing powers. Unlike actual Skrulls, they seem to possess certain degrees of superhuman power in the forms they take. The same virus that grants them these abilities also damages their brains causing progressive episodes of neurologic disease. It also enables them to recognize a Skrull no matter what form it takes.


Kimberly Dee is a former supermodel model. She was on a flight that was hijacked by agents of Hydra. Her powers surfaced, and she killed the hijackers herself. She was then recruited into the Krew.





She prefers to take the form of a feline-human hybrid, which grants her enhanced strength, speed, agility, and razor-sharp claws.
--Skrull Kill Krew#2, (named)#3 (4, 5, Avengers: The Initiative#18 (fb)- BTS, Avengers: The Initiative#18-20, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#2-4, Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#5







Rob Fortune, aka Cowboy (a nickname from Ryder, which he's not particularly fond of) was a surfer dude in LA. He was out surfing when he wiped out, and then found he could somehow grow gills and breathe underwater. His girlfriend, Tobi Frye, was actually one 'a them stinkin' Skrulls. Ryder blew her away and exposed her true nature, then chased Rob down and wrecked his car. Ryder revealed the cause of his own recent changes to Rob, and he joined the group.





He prefers to transform his hands into a variety of weapons. He also could transform into representations of other objects, such as a slot machine, which would cause other objects to blow up when his hand was pulled.
--Skrull Kill Krew#1 (2-5, Avengers: The Initiative#18 (fb)- BTS, Avengers: The Initiative#18-20, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#2-4, Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#5






Moonstomp is a skinhead white supremacist from the UK. Fortunately, he hates Skrulls even more than other, non-white, races, so he is willing to work with Ryder--but he doesn't have to like it (or like anything, except other white supremacists). Unfortunately for him, his infection is the most advanced of the group, and so he suffers from episodic seizures. His skin is also taking on a progressively larger dark splotches, which he fears make him look more like an African-American--which he doesn't enjoy. He apparently takes his name from some famous skinhead. He had to search his soul to decide if he wanted to oppose Baron Strucker, even if it meant gaining another member of the Krew.



In addition to his shape changing powers, he liked to carry around a regular hammer. It is named Nobbler, and it's got the magical power to turn people's heads into mush. If that doesn't work, he uses his handgun.
His shirt, often hard to read, says "atom Heart Nutter."
--Skrull Kill Krew#1 (2-5, Avengers: The Initiative#18 (fb)- BTS, Avengers: The Initiative#18-20, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#2-4, Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#5










Heidi Sladkin, is a punk-rock chick, who took her name because she's a Riot Grrl(?). She was in a New York airport when she suddenly developed Hurler's syndrome (when you have to Hurl/Barf a lot). After that, she started see through Skrull disguises, which freaked her out. When the Skrulls realized she could see their real forms, they followed her and tried to kill her. Ryder and the others attacked the Skrulls, and she joined the battle, first becoming "hardbody." She called herself Daphne on


She frequently turns into a giant insectoid creature, with great strength, sharp talons, and a dense, chitinous exoskeleton.
--Skrull Kill Krew#1, (named) Skrull Kill Krew#2 (3-5, Avengers: The Initiative#16 (fb) - BTS, Avengers: The Initiative#16-20, Skrull Kill Krew II#1 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#4 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#1, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#2-4, Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#5










Ryder (apparently his real last name) is the leader of the Krew. He has unknown ties to Marvel's past, as Nick Fury recognized him, and thought he was bad news. He earned the undying hatred of Baron Strucker by breaking his cigarette holder, which was a gift from Adolf Hitler.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Ryder as a potential Initiative recruit.


He enjoys animating his dreadlocks, like snakes, a la the original Medusa of Greek Mythology, although he's plenty skilled at whole-body morphin'. In addition, he can teleport.
He is sufficiently skilled to catch Captain America's shield
He also carries a shotgun or a handheld automatic weapon, and is proficient with the use of most firearms.
--Skrull Kill Krew#1 (2-5, Civil War: Battle Damage Report, Avengers: The Initiative#16 (fb) - BTS, Avengers: The Initiative#16-20, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#4 (fb) - BTS, Dark Reign: New Nation#1/4, Skrull Kill Krew II#1, Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#2 (fb) - BTS, Skrull Kill Krew II#2-4, Skrull Kill Krew II#5 (fb), Skrull Kill Krew II#5










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