Real Name: Eric Simon Payne

Identity/Class: Human (source of powers unknown)

Occupation: None;
    formerly devil-slayer, adventurer; cultist; hitman; marine

Group Membership: Revengers (Anti-Venom, Atlas/Erik Josten, Captain Ultra, Century, D-Man, Goliath/Tom Foster, Virtue, Wonder Man); Point Men (Magnitude, Paydirt, Star Sign, Stingray, 3-D Man/Delroy Garrett); Initiative (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Blue Eagle, Challenger, Cloud-9, Crimebuster, Gravity, Hardball/Roger Brokeridge, Hope, Iceberg, Jocasta, Komodo, Magnitude, Ms. America, Nonstop, Paydirt, Spinner, Star Sign, Stingray, Stuntmaster, Think Tank, 2-D, 3-D Man/Delroy Garrett, Ultragirl, Whiz Kid);
    formerly the Cult of the Harvester of Eyes, the Defenders, United States Marine Corps

Affiliations: Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Ellen Brandt, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Death, Deathlok of Earth-7484 (Luther Manning), Defenders (Andromeda, Black Panther/T’Challa, Blazing Skull/Mark Todd, Clea, Cloak, Dagger, Doctor Strange, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Hulk, Interloper, Loa/Alani Ryan, Manslaughter, Moon Knight, Nighthawk, She-Hulk/Lyra, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie), Fixer (Norbert Ebersol), Nurse Mary Garcia, Grandmaster, Ira ‘Sunshine’ Gross, Joseph, K'ad'mon, Kingston Family (Brian, Linda, Brian Jr, unnamed daughter), Man-Thing, Maria, Marilyn, Orrgo, Cory Payne, Father Perone, Skrull Kill Krew (Catwalk, Dice, Moonstomp, Riot, Ryder), Sorrow, Spider-Man (Parker), demons and devils (in any form);
    formerly Avengers (Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Man), Cult of the Harvesters of Eyes, Wong

Enemies: Agent of Fortune, Attuma/Nerkkod, Avengers (Ant-Man/Eric O’Grady, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jessica Jones, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Thing, Thor, Wolverine), Avengers (Captain America/Sam Wilson, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Kahn, Nova/Sam Alexander, Spider-Man/Miles Morales, Thor/Jane Foster, Vision), Avengers Unity Squad (Cable, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Dr. Voodoo, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Quicksilver, Rogue, Synapse), Balthazar/Belathauzer, Carlo Boccino, Ian Fate, the Flying Dutchman, Garcia, Vera Gemini, Victoria Hand, the Infinks, David Kessler, Kobik, the Lilin, Magnitude (Skrull imposter), Colonel McCloskey, Mephisto, Judan Miranda, Mr. Termineus, Null the Living Darkness, Ort-Beast, Colonel Ramirez, Satan (Marduk Kurious), Satannish, Serpent Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., Silver Dagger, Six-Fingered Hand, Skrulls, Thog, Wong;
    formerly Deathlok (Luther Manning), Defenders (Hulk, Valkyrie)

Known Relatives: Cory Payne (wife, deceased), unidentified father and mother

Aliases: Agent of Death, The Reaper of Souls, Cape Man (a nickname granted by the Hulk)

Place of Birth: Queenstown, Illinois, USA

Base of Operations: New York City, USA;
    formerly the Rosewell Sanitarium in Charles , Massachusetts;
    formerly an unspecified prison;
    formerly Dr. Strange's Mansion;
    formerly Queenstown, Illinois

Extent of Education: High school graduate; military training

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#33 (April, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: The source of Devil-Slayer's telepathy is unknown.  He possessed the power to cast a telepathic screen over himself, altering his appearance to the people who look at him.   He could telepathically jam gunlocks, levitate himself, and decipher languages.  Devil-Slayer wore a Shadow-Cloak, with which he could teleport to other dimensions, and through which he could draw weapons from any age in history.  He wielded many different weapons, including a staff that acted as a protector against harm, a blade that hungered for demon blood, a mace that wielded negative energy, Dragonfang (Valkyrie's sword) and a futuristic gun.  Payne briefly possessed a shard of the Nexus of All Realities, with which he could give his personal demons form and alter reality.

Height: 6'1" 
Weight: 200 lbs. 
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: (originally) Brown; also black, blond, white


(Defenders I#110 (fb) - BTS) – Payne grew up in Queenstown , Illinois with a drunken father and a quiet mother.   He filled his time with books, violence, petty crimes, and girls.

(Man-Thing III#3 (fb)) – Payne had great faith in God as a young boy, and enjoyed the hope that belief sustained in him, but those beliefs dwindled in time.

(Defenders I#110 (fb) - BTS) – His best friend was Brian Kingston.   They enlisted in the marines together.

(Marvel Spotlight I#33 (fb)) – Payne had a sixth-sense, of unknown origin, that warned him of danger.

(Marvel Spotlight I#33 (fb)) – Payne married Cory, an African American nurse.

(Man-Thing III#3 (fb)) - Payne and Cory, early in their marriage, lived in an apartment on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn .   They frequented Grandma’s Bar.

(Defenders I#100 (fb)) – Payne served in a Vietnam conflict during which he had to make several terrible choices.   He watched many children and innocents die.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2 (fb)) - One of Payne's fellow soldiers, McCloskey, razed a Viet nam village for no purpose.  Payne tried unsuccessfully to have McCloskey court-martialed.

(Defenders I#110 (fb) - BTS) – Brian Kingston returned from the war with a prosthetic leg.   He eventually married and had two children.

(Defenders I#110 (fb) - BTS) - Payne attended the baptism of Brian Kingston, Jr.

(Defenders I#104 (fb)) – Payne was a good Marine in a Vietnam conflict, following even the most questionable orders, and allowed many to die.   He returned home to a country that felt different.  

(Marvel Spotlight I#33 / Defenders I#97 (fb) - BTS / Defenders I#104 (fb)) – Payne and Cory tried to work things out when he came home, but they no longer fit.   Cory left him for another man and they divorced.   Payne turned to alcohol for years.

(Defenders I#110 (fb) - BTS) – Desperate for work, Payne sought out mobster Carlo Boccino and begged him for a job. Boccino paid him well to act as a mob hitman.

(Defenders I#104 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#122 (fb)) – As a hitman, Payne developed a strong reputation.   He covered up his own conscience by making himself believe it was okay to kill criminals.   He planted a car bomb to kill one criminal, Ian Fate, but killed an innocent wife and child instead.   He later found out the mob lied to him, and that Fate was only a newspaper reporter.   Feeling like an utter failure, he quit being a hitman.

(Marvel Spotlight I#33 (fb) - BTS/ Defenders I#59 (fb) - BTS) – Eric was recruited by the Cult of the Harvester of Eyes to become a Reaper of Souls as well as their Agent of Death.   He grew to believe in the Cult’s cause.   His telepathic skills were honed through training, and he was endowed with the Shadow-cloak.  Payne was also shown the location of the Cult’s dark retreat.   Eventually he discovered that the Cult had ulterior motives and that it served to achieve ‘a secret struggle for malevolent mastery of earth by a long dead race of demons.’   He felt used, and decided to leave the Cult.   He did something drastic in Jamaica and then made a run for it.   Payne determined to make his life’s goal fighting against the rebirth of the demon race.   He decided to track down Cory so that he could come to terms with their relationship before he died.   He went to New York City to find her.

(Marvel Spotlight I#33) – Payne, using his powers to disguise his costume, in Kennedy International Airport, walked and wondered when a ‘death squad of demon assassins’ or a ‘disguised demogorgon’ sent by the Cult would ambush him.   He temporarily relaxed his telepathic control, allowing a man to see his costume, but quickly fixed it.   He took a taxi to New Grace Hospital , where Cory worked.   In the hospital, he sensed a presence and found Deathlok, who Payne assumed was a Cult assassin.   He attacked him physically to no avail, and jammed a gunlock telepathically when Deathlok tried to shoot at Payne. Deathlok knocked Payne through the wall, then Payne knocked Deathlok over with his cloak.   When several doctors tried to restrain Payne, he flashed some power to scare them away.   Payne teleported away, challenging Deathlok to follow him.   Payne waited in another dimension, building up his telepathic powers, but when Deathlok didn’t follow, Payne looked back to Earth and saw Deathlok holding an unconscious Cory.   Furious, Payne pulled Deathlok into the dimension with him.   Payne pulled an anti-matter mace from his cloak and blasted Deathlok. The two heroes finally came to an understanding and returned to Earth, where they found Cory accosted by Cult demons.   Payne drew a blade that craved demon blood from his cloak and did battle.   The demons fled, Payne thanked Deathlok, and then Payne picked up the wounded Cory and teleported away.

(Defenders I#97 (fb) - BTS) - Payne decided to again separate from Cory because he feared the Cult would try to harm her to get at him.

(Defenders I#58) – Payne met with Vera Gemini at a nightclub, where she tried to re-recruit him to the Cult’s cause.   He refused and, when he learned that the Cult had obtained Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, revealed his costume in a fit of anger.   He attacked Vera, and Valkyrie (a patron in the club, who mistook him for a villain) attacked.   Payne drew a long axe from his cape and attacked Valkyrie, who he believed to be a cult assassin.   They traded blows until Vera disappeared, and then the Hulk attacked Payne.   Payne teleported the Hulk into another dimension, and then followed with the Valkyrie.

(Defenders I#59) – Payne and Valkyrie came to terms and sought out the Hulk, who was battling the Ort-Beast.   Payne teleported Hulk back to Earth, and he and Valkyrie soon followed.   They joined Doctor Strange in his mansion.   Strange explained the true danger that the Cult represented, and Payne agreed to join the Defenders in an alliance to take them down.   Payne and Doctor Strange formed a telepathic link.   When Strange approached the Cult on his own, Payne felt him get taken down. Payne then teleported to Mexico and was attacked by his successor as the Reaper of Souls, the Agent of Fortune.

(Defenders I#60) – Payne and the Agent of Fortune battled, and Payne learned that the Xenogenesis (repopulation of Earth by demons) had already begun.   He fought desperately until joined by Hellcat and Hulk.   Hellcat distracted the Agent while Payne got Hulk to knock on obelisk over on a group of demon-hordes.   When Vera Gemini, in demon form, attacked, Payne was quickly knocked aside.   The battle continued on other fronts, with Doctor Strange, Nighthawk, and the Valkyrie, and the Xenogenesis, with the demon Belathauzer behind it, was successfully repelled.

(Defenders I#97 (fb)) – Payne and Cory decided to reconcile.   Payne felt that since the threat of the Cult was over, Cory would now be safe.   Soon, though, they realized they had different interests and Cory left him, flying to Europe to find a new life.   She ended up in Israel under the sway of a man named David Kessler, who professed to be the Messiah.   Cory sent Payne a letter stating how happy she was.

(Defenders I#97 (fb) - BTS) – Payne was contacted by Doctor Strange warning Payne of the new menace of the Six-Fingered Hand.   Payne determined that David Kessler was a Hand agent and made off to enlist the Defenders help against Kessler.

(Defenders I#97) – As the Defenders (Dr. Strange, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Nighthawk, Son of Satan, Valkyrie) recovered from their initial battle with the Six-Fingered Hand, Devil-Slayer teleported in using his Shadow-Cloak.   After the Son of Satan confirmed Payne’s theory about the Hand, the heroes teleported to Israel together to investigate.   Strange cast a spell that made the heroes appear to be in normal clothes and they appeared directly at Kessler’s camp, where he was engaged in healing men.   Payne was reunited with Cory, who was pleased to see him there until she learned he was there to bring Kessler down.   The heroes were confused when Kessler used him powers to heal a crippled Nighthawk.   Kessler tried to further prove himself by exposing Gargoyle and the Son of Satan to the light of truth, which revealed their true appearances, after which he called down a group of demons disguised as angels to battle the heroes.   Strange dropped the spell, and the heroes engaged in battle with the demons, Payne with a long dagger from his Cloak.   Strange soon revealed the demon’s true natures, and Hyppokri, of the Six-Fingered Hand, possessed Kessler and accosted Cory.   Hyppokri, in Kessler’s form, knocked Payne aside, but Kessler gained control again before Payne could be killed.   Kessler chose to sacrifice himself, and leapt upon Payne's blade, impaling himself.   Devil-Slayer tried to convince Cory of the folly of blindly following such men, telling her that the road to Hell was paved in good intentions, but Cory told him that maybe if we had more dreamers the road wouldn't lead to Hell at all.

(Defenders I#98 (fb) - BTS) – Cory chose to remain with Kessler’s disciples.  

(Defenders I#98) - The heroes returned to Doctor Strange’s mansion, where Clea and Wong awaited.   Devil-Slayer joined the Defenders (sans Nighthawk) and the Avengers (Beast, Captain America , Iron Man, Wonder Man) in investigating Hand activity in Citrusville , Florida .   When the Defenders investigated on their own, Payne and Strange intuited that the town had been sucked into the Nexus of Realities, and the team faced Unnthinnk who had possessed the body of Man-Thing.   Unnthinnk was defeating the heroes before Strange stopped the demon.   The heroes then breached the dimensional barrier and confronted the Hand in their home dimension, where the Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, and Clea were being held captive with the entire town of Citrusville .  

(Defenders I#99 (fb) - BTS / Defenders I#98 - BTS) - Hellcat, under Satan’s influence, took a Shadow-Cloak to use it (see comments).

(Defenders I#99) – The heroes followed the demons into Citrusville, not fighting for fear of harming the other captured Defenders.   They found a city full of faceless humans, and finally engaged in battle after the Son of Satan attacked, though using restraint as to not harm the innocent attackers.   The battle ended when the now freed captive Defenders joined them.   Soon the entire team was brought back to Earth by Mephisto where Satan (Marduk Kurios), Satannish, and Thog awaited with a seemingly destroyed Earth.   Nighthawk and Hellcat were also there.

(Defenders I#100) – When Satan confronted the heroes with the ruse of Hellcat being his daughter, the heroes were shocked.   The heroes agreed to compete in three separate contests in order to vanquish Satan.   Payne, Gargoyle, and Nighthawk were thrown into a conflict with Thog and apparitions of men from every war ever fought.   Payne appeared in the uniform he wore in Vietnam , and was tortured by the decisions he’d had to make there.   He fell, overwhelmed by guilt.   Nighthawk temporarily stopped the war, but Thog used visions of nuclear warheads to defeat the three heroes.   Payne and the other heroes were surprised to be alive after such a convincing illusion had ‘killed’ them.   They fed their essences through Doctor Strange into the Son of Satan.   After an inconclusive battle, the demons and devils disappeared and the damage to the world was undone.

(Defenders I#101) – Back at Strange’s mansion, Payne and the other heroes watched several of their number depart one by one.   Hellcat returned Payne’s cloak with an apology, but he acknowledged that she had been under Satan's influence and that there was nothing to forgive.   Payne found himself wondering if he should stay or go and felt devoid of purpose with the battle over.   Payne walked the streets for hours, using his powers to make his clothes appear normal, and eventually ran into Ira ‘Sunshine’ Gross, a Vietnam vet now living on the street, playing guitar for tips.   When Gross saw past Payne’s illusion to his costume, Payne thought Gross was a devil, and Gross ran away in fear, injuring himself in a fall.   When Gross begged Payne not to hurt him, Payne realized that he was merely human.   Gross took Payne to his residence, where Payne grew furious when he saw drugs (recognizing that the drug's distortion of reality is what allowed Gross to see through his illusions).  Payne threatened Gross with violence, then calmed himself and left, promising to come back to help Gross after Payne had helped himself.   Seeing a reflection of his own hopelessness in Gross, he returned to the Defenders to try to find himself.

(Marvel Team-Up I#111 (fb)) – Payne was captured by the ancient Serpent-Men alongside Dr. Strange, Clea, Gargoyle, Valkyrie, Sub-Mariner, and Hulk.   One of the Serpent-Men used Payne’s cloak to pose as Payne.

(Marvel Team-Up I#111) – Posing as Devil-Slayer, the Serpent-Man tricked Spider-man into retrieving a sacred statuette.   Spider-man saw through the ruse, though, and freed the Defenders, who vanquished the Serpent-Men.

 (Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel) – Along with many of Earth’s heroes, Payne flew to the moon of Saturn, Titan, to bid farewell to a dying Captain Marvel.  

(Silver Surfer III#14 (fb)) – A Skrull was sent to witness Captain Marvel’s death, and chose to pose as Devil-Slayer.   When the real Devil-Slayer arrived, the Skrull switched his form to the Silver Surfer.

(Defenders I#103 (fb) - BTS) – Payne spent his idle time with Sunshine, trying to help him find his humanity, but he left when the call to action came.

(Defenders I#103) – Clea contacted Devil-Slayer to help her find the missing Gargoyle, which they did.   Payne used his Shadow-Cloak to teleport he, Gargoyle, Valkyrie, Hellcat, and Clea to Christiansboro , Virginia (Gargoyle’s home town).   They found the town deserted and, when the team split up, they faced apparitions that disturbed them and pulled them into darkness.   They were confronted by Null the Living Darkness, who was defeated by the Gargoyle.

(Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions I#1-3) – Alongside most of Earth’s heroes, Payne participated in the cosmic battle between the Grandmaster and Death.   He played no significant role in the proceedings.

(Defenders I#104 (fb) - BTS) – Payne continued working with Gross, and used his telepathic powers to make Gross’s mind more cohesive, lessening Gross’s mental dependence on heroin.

(Defenders I#104) – Payne struggled to get Gross to overcome his physical drug addiction as well, and Gross agreed.   A demon then delivered a ransom note for Cory Payne, who’d been kidnapped by Ian Fate (the reporter whose family Payne had killed years earlier).  Remembering his past mistakes, Payne teleported off to rescue Cory.   Payne found Fate, in a pentagram with extradimensional demons serving him, and Cory, who was levitating in the air with knives all around her.   Fate hit Payne with a mystic blast, which Payne shook off.   Fate caused the knives to pierce Cory, so Payne drew a mace from his cloak and battled his way to Cory’s side only to see her die.   The image faded, and Payne realized that it had only been an illusion, but he was nonetheless enraged at the manipulation.   Fate told Payne that Cory was hiding in a mystic dimension, and that Payne would have to look for her forever, then Fate disappeared.   Dr. Strange, the Beast, and Wonder Man arrived to help Payne.   Strange tracked Cory down, and the heroes teleported to find her.   Fate and an army of green extradimensionals waited where Cory was held captive.   The heroes battled and defeated the villains, but Cory was stabbed and killed by one of them when she took a blow meant for Payne.   As Payne knelt before her, her form faded away revealing the corpse of Sunshine Gross instead.   Fate explained that he wasn’t capable of killing Cory, so he’d traded her for Gross instead.   The maddened Payne tried to kill Fate, but Wonder Man stopped him, reminding Payne that he’d been responsible for turning Fate into a villain.   A reflective Payne teleported away with Gross’s corpse.

(Defenders I#110) – Payne teleported to the Negative Zone with the corpse, feeling terrible guilt over Gross’s death.   Payne was determined to commit suicide by exploding in the anti-matter zone until Gross’s spirit spoke to him.   Payne, ecstatic that Gross was alive (not yet realizing it was just an apparition), teleported them both to a bar, startling the patrons.   Payne telepathically pushed the bartender into getting them both drinks.   Gross chided Payne for giving in to alcohol.   Payne fled and teleported into numerous dimensions, trying to overload his mind.   He then returned to Earth and went on a drunken binge for days.   He refocused his attention on Boccino, the mobster who’d recruited him to be a hitman, and burst into the mobster’s home in California , threatening to kill him for making Payne’s life so terrible.   Boccino refused to take responsibility for Payne’s sins.   Payne pulled a gun to kill Boccino, but when he saw Boccino’s family watching, he fled instead.   Payne returned to the Negative Zone and considered suicide again.   Instead, Payne went back to his hometown to the home of Brian Kingston (the friend he’d enlisted in the war with).   While he ate dinner with Brian’s family, he was incredibly jealous of Brian’s perfect life.   Payne fled from the table, cursing and blessing Brian at the same time, and went back to the Negative Zone again.   The ghost of Sunshine helped Payne to realize that only Payne was to blame for his own life’s problems.   Payne teleported to Jerusalem , pushed by Sunshine, and fell into a fevered sleep.   Cory found Payne and nursed him back to health.   Cory tried to comfort him, but he lashed out and hit her.   She then told him of the Christian love she had discovered, and told Payne that he could be forgiven for his past.   Sunshine implored Payne one last time before passing on for good.   Payne chose differently, though, and teleported back to the Negative Zone to die, but Cory jumped after him.   Rather than cause Cory’s death, Payne finally gave in.   Payne chose to turn himself into the authorities for his past crimes, a move that garnered a lot of publicity.   Cory got an apartment near the jail to support Payne all she could.

(Man-Thing I#4 (fb)) - Cory convinced Payne to help the authorities track down the mob leaders he had worked for.  Payne agreed, and entered the Witness Protection Program.  He worked with district attorneys all over the country.  Released from prison, Payne convinced Cory to remarry him, and he felt that she was his reason for being and that he had finally changed. 

(Marvel Comics Presents I#37/4) – Payne was contacted by a man in the Air Force who said he needed Payne’s services to repel a resurgence of the Xenogenesis.   Payne met the man at a bar and was drugged and then attacked by several demons in mortal forms.   Payne drew a weapon from his cloak and was shocked to find Dragonfang, Valkyrie’s sword.   He battled the demons, then pulled them into another dimension where many were slaughtered.   The demons, agents of Balthazar (previously named Belathauzer), took Payne’s Shadow-cloak and teleported them all to the Borders of the Land of the Dead, where ashen forms of four Defenders stood (Andromeda, Interloper, Manslaughter, and Valkyrie were seemingly killed in New Defenders I#152).   Payne vanquished the rest of the demons, got his cloak back, and bid farewell to his former teammates.

(Man-Thing I#4 (fb)) - When a mobster planted a bomb in Payne's car to pay him back, Cory was the one killed.  Payne felt as though he'd lost his humanity.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2) - Payne, struggling with his inner demons and failures, and mourning Cory's death, was being tormented by Balthazar. A flying ship bearing the Flying Dutchman, an agent of Mephisto, approached, and Payne was offered eternal purpose in exchange for his soul.  Payne refused, and was sent, by the Dutchman, to the town of Potega in Central America.  He telepathically understood the Spanish language and disguised himself as a soldier, pulled a gun from his cloak, and saved several citizens from being killed by murdering their attackers.  He met Judan Miranda, the mayor, and Father Perone, the pastor, and decided that he would work to save the town, not knowing it was a trap set up by the Dutchman.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - Drawing on various weapons from his cloak, Payne continued to defend the village. He downed three helicopters, drawing the attention of U.S. citizens with an interest in the war, General McCloskey of the CIA being one.  Payne confronted McCloskey, threatened him, then ordered him to leave.  He discussed religion with Father Perone, then responded to an invitation by Mayor Miranda to attend a celebration.  When the mayor offered Payne a girl named Maria, Payne went off the deep end and almost beat the mayor to death.  The townspeople saw Payne for what he really was, causing him to walk away in shame.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2) - Payne pulled dozens of weapons of war from his cloak in order to arm the citizens or Potega in the war. The last weapon Payne pulled through was a staff that had protective qualities.  When Father Perone saw the weapons, he grew very upset.  McCloskey and Ramirez, now armored by the Dutchman, fired on the house, causing it to explode.  Payne was protected by the staff, but Perone was killed.  Payne's Shadow-Cloak, and all the weapons he'd stockpiled, were destroyed.  When Mayor Miranda accused Payne of murdering Perone, Payne made a run for it and was confronted by the Dutchman again.  The Dutchman destroyed Potega, and then moved in for final battle with Payne, McCloskey and Ramirez joining him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#49/2) - With only the protective staff and his telepathic powers, Payne successfully avoided several shots fired by McCloskey and Ramirez. After using his psychic powers to tap in the staff to rejuvenate himself, Payne took refuge in a church.  The Flying Dutchman opened up a pit leading to Mephisto's realm all around the church.  Payne (who'd been hiding in the church bomb shelter) attacked and knocked Ramirez to his death and left McCloskey hanging.  Knowing his soul was at stake, Payne retrieved a vial of holy water and splashed it on the Dutchman, defeating the villain and restoring Potega. Payne noted McCloskey's dead body, then cast off the Dutchman's taunts.  Taking the staff with him, Payne was determined to find new purpose in his life.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#143/4) - Living out of hotels and possibly in the throes of alcoholism, Payne battled with the desire to have another drink.  He pulled a Shadow-cloak from where he'd stored it in the fridge (whether this was his old cloak restored or a new one is unknown) and drew forth a knife from its folds.  In the middle of the night, Payne opened the fridge again to find it full of the demonic Infinks.  Payne used his cloak, the dagger, and a newly drawn sword to kill the demons and force them back into the fridge.  When the hotel manager investigated the noise, Payne advised him not to open the fridge.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#146/2) – Seeking the advice of Doctor Strange, Payne was shocked to find Strange’s mansion in ruins.   He followed the psychic trail and was led to the Cypress Hill cemetery, where Cory was buried, and then to a demonic bar.   He was confronted by the Lilin demons who tried to convince him to release his Shadow-Cloak to them by tempting him with alcohol.   When that didn’t work, they engaged him in battle.   Payne battled the demons across several dimensions, finally vanquishing them.   Payne returned to the ruins of Strange’s mansion, and felt sorrow for an older man in the throws of alcoholism.

(Over the Edge I#1 (fb)) – The Silver Dagger, in a plot against Doctor Strange, surprised Payne and stabbed him in the chest with a silver dagger.  

(Over the Edge I#1) – Payne barely made it to Doctor Strange’s mansion, and collapsed on the doorstop, where Wong found him.   Strange cast a spell that slowed Payne’s injury, and had Wong remove the dagger (as it was a trap if touched by a mystic).   Payne was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

(Man-Thing III#4 (fb)) – A piece of the shattered Nexus of All-Realities embedded itself into Payne’s psyche under unknown circumstances.  Payne's Shadow-Cloak was destroyed in unknown circumstances, or at least Payne grew to believe it was.

(Man-Thing III#3) – Payne was admitted into the Rosewell Sanitarium in Charles , Massachusetts .   He continually reviewed his past and different roles in his head, picturing himself on the rock attempting suicide in the Negative Zone, at Granny’s bar, at Cory’s grave, and as Devil-Slayer.   When Nurse Garcia tried to get Payne to join in the holiday festivities, he pictured her in a number of forms and felt as though flames hit him when she touched him.   The nurse had Payne restrained until he calmed down.   A mute patient in the hospital named Sorrow communicated with Payne telepathically.   She drew him up in a vision and tried to show him the true beauty of the world, but Payne brought himself back to reality.   Mr. Termineus, who was after the Nexus piece, entered as Santa Claus and opened his bag with a present for Eric, but instead demons burst forth.   Payne appeared in his costume again, with Shadow-Cloak (either restored by the Nexus powers, or never really destroyed).   His fear and inner-demons reacted with the Nexus and shunted the entire asylum into another dimension.

(Man-Thing III#4) – Payne was comforted by Sorrow, who helped him feel pure and filled with love, until Termineus pulled him out of it.   Payne attacked Termineus in hate, but the villain disappeared.   Sorrow stopped time for herself and Payne.  Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt, seeking the piece of the Nexus, joined them. Payne thought Man-Thing was an attacking demon and so pulled a spear out of his restored Shadow-Cloak and tore Man-Thing apart, somehow feeling that he was absolving himself of his past mistakes by doing so.   As he brought up his fears, more and more of the city of Charles , Massachusetts , got sucked into the Nexus.   He continually smashed Man-Thing as his mind smashed in on itself.   Finally collapsing, Sorrow tried to calm Payne again.   Man-Thing reformed, grabbed Payne in his arms, and seemingly exploded.

(Man-Thing III#5) – A combination of the Nexus, Payne’s powers and memories, Man-Thing’s powers, the presence of Sorrow and Termineus, and a mystical staff held by Ellen Brandt restored everything to normal.   The Nexus was separated from Payne, and Termineus attempted to claim the Nexus Fragment, but Sorrow stopped him and gave the Fragment to Ellen Brandt in the form of a necklace. Payne’s sanity was restored and he was reborn, free from his past mistakes and issues for the first time, and in a new form.   Payne grew to realize Sorrow’s origins.   The two of them returned to Earth, and joined the asylum tenants in a Christmas Eve celebration.

(Strange Tales V#2) – Payne and Sorrow appeared in Man-Thing’s swamp to oppose Termineus.

(Strange Tales IV#3 (unpublished)/OHotMU 2006#3) - Termineus told everyone present that Job must destroy all reality, but Payne called Termineus a liar, telling him that this tragedy still could and would be averted. While Termineus taunted Sorrow, Payne, K'ad-Mon, Sallis, and the other Fallen Stars, he empowered Owen Jackson with the final Nexus fragment. Meanwhile, K'ad-Mon had re-formed Ted Sallis as a whole, intact being outside of the Man-Thing. The K'ad-Mon-possessed Man-Thing prepared to send Job home and claim the necklace containing the Nexus fragments, but Jackson them emerged, roaring like a demon from Hell, slew Job with his Sword, and gave the necklace to Termineus. Seeking to free all beings from the dream that was existence, Termineus then destroyed the Nexus, and all reality was consumed.

(Strange Tales IV#4 (unpublished)/OHotMU 2006#3) - After all planes of reality were consumed, there was only a Sea of Nothingness, containing only five figures: Ted Sallis, Ellen Brandt, the deceased Job Burke, the exhausted Termineus, and Sorrow. Ted's nature as the Man of Lineage (combined with his love for Ellen) allowed him to briefly maintain the dream of existence. Termineus attempted to convince Sallis that since all life was but a dream of the Creator, that there was no point in struggling to maintain its falsehood. Sallis countered that Termineus remained in existence because he could not relinquish his own love of the Creator, its dreams, and of Sorrow. Still, Termineus refused to add his will to that of Sallis, who, disheartened by Termineus' arguments, began to lose his grip on the dream. Ellen faded from existence, followed by Sorrow, followed by Termineus, whose smile persisted for a few seconds, like the Cheshire Cat, before fading away.
    However, as Ted Sallis lay there, cradling his dead son Job, he realized that if life were but a dream, then so is death, and he restored Job to life. Job combined his will and power with Ted Sallis, becoming the Love that formed the Whim that formed Creation, and they restored all reality to existence. Ted Sallis became the Nexus, while he then returned Job to his parents, who left, to forget all that had happened...for now.
    Back in the Man-Thing's swamp, Sorrow offered her hand to the dejected Termineus, but he refused, continuing to turn his back on love and vowing to keep working towards his goal of bringing about the End of All Things. Sorrow took Eric Simon Payne's hand and walked off into the sky, the Fallen Stars fading into mist along with them.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Devil-Slayer as a potential Initiative recruit.

(Marvel Tarot#1 - BTS) - Sorcerer Ian McNee turned over a mystic tarot card revealing Devil-Slayer to be the Earth's current representation of the Chariot card.

(Last Defenders#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nighthawk sought to reform the Defenders team as part of the Initiative and spoke to Gargoyle, Devil-Slayer, and Hellcat about it. They all agreed, but Stark turned the idea down.

(Avengers: The Initiative#14 (fb) - BTS) - Devil-Slayer, back in his Shadow-Cloak, was appointed by the Initiative to serve with the Point-Men in Hawaii. He trained with Star Sign, Paydirt, and Magnitude at their Lookout Point headquarters.

(Avengers: The Initiative#14) - Devil-Slayer, who'd sensed portents of doom all day, was introduced to new team leader, the 3-D Man, who soon realized Magnitude was a Super-Skrull with the powers of Havok, Polaris, Banshee, and Sunfire. As Magnitude defeated Paydirt and Star Sign, Devil-Slayer rushed in with a mace from his cloak and struck Magnitude on the head. 3-D Man retrieved 2 light swords from the cloak as Magnitude disarmed Devil-Slayer and punched him back, then 3-D Man slew Magnitude. Devil-Slayer put Paydirt and Star Sign inside his cloak for easier transport to the hospital, then transported 3-D Man to Camp Hammond to get help against the Skrull invasion.

(Avengers: The Initiative#17) - Jocasta and Devil-Slayer traveled through his cape to join the Skrull Kill Krew in Utah, meeting up with Riot, Ryder, 3-D Man, Komodo, Hardball, Nonstop, and Gravity, to use the Shadow-Cloak in an effort to stop the worldwide Skrull invasion.

(Avengers: The Initiative#18) - While fighting the Equinox Skrull in Montana alongside Freedom Force (Challenger, Cloud-9, Spinner, Think-Tank), Ryder, Riot, and Hardball were frozen in a block of ice while the others engaged the Skrull. The ice block was soon shattered and the battle continued until Cloud-9 shot the Skrull through the head. Ryder flirted with Cloud-9, but she shook him off immediately. Devil-Slayer, weak from over-extending himself with the transports, took the group, now including Cloud-9 and Spinner, on to Philadelphia, where they helped the Liberteens (Blue Eagle, Hope, Iceberg, Ms. America, 2-D, Whiz Kid) defeat the Revolutionary Skrull. They defeated him by pinning him, then Hope, her weight increased by Gravity, eviscerated him by being dropped from the skies. They next moved on to Georgia, where the Cavalry was already battling, with Crimebuster and Stuntmaster already defeated. Cloud-9 shot down both Ultra-Girl and Thor-Girl to determine Thor-Girl was the Skrull, then 3-D Man used her own hammer to kill her. The others fought off an attacking army of Skrulls and found a new ally, Ant-Man, who informed them the Initiative bases were rigged to blow and could destroy the entire United States. Ryder took the heads of Moonstomp, Catwalk, and Dice out of stasis, injected them with a smoothie of Super-Skrulls so they could help on this last mission, and the group divided into several pieces to handle the last bases at once. Devil-Slayer, very frayed, transported the six groups to their destinations while Nonstop, Spinner, and Whiz Kid rushed off to blow up the other Initiative bases. Devil-Slayer the collapsed, seemingly dead.

(New Avengers I#53) - The Eye of Agamotto appeared to Devil-Slayer as it considered him a possible replacement for Dr. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.

(Fear Itself: the Deep#4 (fb) – BTS) – A loose team of Defenders (Dr. Stephen Strange, Loa, Namor, She-Hulk (Lyra), Silver Surfer) moved for final battle against Nerkkod (Attuma) and his powerful armored Atlantean army. Dr. Strange sent out a magic call that gathered several heroes to aid them.

(Fear Itself: the Deep#4) – Cloak transported the loosely formed Defenders (Black Panther, Blazing Skull, Cloak, Cloud, Dagger, Devil-Slayer, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Moon Knight, Son of Satan, Stingray) to aid in the final battle. The army was soon defeated and Nerkkod fled.

Devil-Slayer in his new outfit in the Revengers (Avengers Annual III#1 (fb) – BTS) – Devil-Slayer adopted a new costume and went slightly mad due to his appearances into multiple realities. When Wonder Man invited him to join the Revengers, he agreed, wanting to make one reality where the Avengers were held accountable for their actions. He adopted a new costume. 

(New Avengers Annual II#1) – The Revengers attacked Avengers Mansion savagely where the team was overwhelmed by the shock of the attack. With support staff Victora Hand and Wong also at risk, the Avengers were swiftly defeated, with Thing being the last standing and the mansion nearly destroyed. They then turned to Avengers Tower. 

(Avengers Annual III#1) – The Revengers damaged the tower, then turned to give a media report on the Avengers’ failings. The Avengers attacked, quickly containing Wonder Man, then they teleported the Revengers to Citi Field, where the villains were swiftly defeated. They were each interviewed about their motivations.


(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega I#1) - Devil-Slayer was contained in the Pleasant Hill prison by S.H.I.E.L.D., his identity rewritten by Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube, until he was liberated.

(All-New, All-Different Avengers#8) - Devil-Slayer was standing on a roof, watching the havoc caused by the villains.

(Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega#1) - He attempted to escape Pleasant Hill while S.H.I.E.L.D. fired at them from the sky. Devil-Slayer was knocked out by Captain America (Wilson) during his escape attempt.

Comments: Created by David Anthony Kraft, Rich Buckler, Mike Nasser, Arvell Jones, and Klaus Janson (all creators in the first appearance).

Buckler and Kraft originally created the character as Demon Hunter for Atlas-Seaboard. In his original version, his real name was Gideon Cross, but was still battling the Harvester of Night cult to stop them from enacting Xenogenesis. When Atlas-Seaboard went belly-up, they remade him for the Marvel Universe as Devil-Slayer. (another Demon Hunter story appeared in Galaxia#1).

Eric Simon Payne is perhaps the most tragic hero I've ever read about.  With an odd start, Payne was given a lot of unexplained back-story in his first appearance, and yet only acted as a one-time enemy for Deathlok.  David Anthony Kraft picked up Payne's tale in the Xenogenesis tale in Defenders, and J. M. DeMatteis later explored Payne as the flawed hero he was.  Payne was fleshed out as a morally ambiguous hero who was constantly looking for a cause to believe in, whether it be murder, alcoholism, or slaying demons.  Payne's brief efforts to channel this energy positively never panned out for him.  In Defenders 110, Payne's tale was told as well as it could be, and even had a happy ending.  When Payne was brought back, little to no attention was paid to this tale -he was back in costume and his wife was listed as killed.  DeMatteis later cleared these discrepancies up in his Man-Thing story.

I wrapped the Man-Thing 4 flashbacks around the Marvel Comics Presents issues where I thought they fit best.  Cory Payne was briefly mentioned as deceased in MCP 46, with no explanation given.  Payne seemed to go a little crazy from there on, though he wasn't the sanest duck before that by any means.  Another strange piece, Payne's Shadow-Cloak was seemingly destroyed in MCP 48, but he had it, or another cloak in his next three appearances.  In Man-Thing 3, it referenced the Cloak being destroyed.  It must be assumed that he had more than one Cloak.  The origins of the Shadow-Cloak are unknown, though it has ties to the Cult.  Hellcat briefly possessed a similar Cloak, that she folded up on itself and sent away.
    Defenders I#98 showed Hellcat in possession of the Shadow-Cloak, and #99 stated that it was Devil-Slayer's cloak that she had stolen. I'm not sure what the deal is (because Payne definitely was lacking the Cloak while Hellcat had it in Defenders I#98-100 (he had it in one panel of the battle against the Man-Thing, and was missing it following Unnthinnk's defeat...without even a comment on his part)). As soon as they returned from Hell in Defenders#100 Devil-Slayer had the Cloak again, but in #101 she gave the Cloak back to him, apologizing for stealing it under Satan's influence. However, in Defenders#103, she apparently found the Cloak she had used and folded it up into itself--while Devil-Slayer was shown in possession of his Cloak both before and after this.

I think I remember a letters page saying that Hellcat had used the Agent of Fortune's Cloak, but I can't recall for certain.

    Mr. DeMatteis was kind enough to share with me the paid for, but unpublished, scripts to Strange Tales IV#3-4, information from which I've added to this profile (in italics). They are referenced in Peter Parker: Spider-Man, and fit perfectly into continuity. I have since included this information in the Man-Thing entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005 and OHotMU 2006#3, making it official.

Slayer (Dave Cox) fought Captain America and Nomad using Devil-Slayer's uniform (including the Shadow-Cloak) in Captain America I#293-294. Dave was manipulated and mind-controlled into wearing it by Baron (Helmut) Zemo and Mother Superior to strike at Captain America.
--Michael Niosi

Devil-Slayer is based on Demon Hunter from the 1970s Atlas series.
--Per Degaton

Profile by Chadman, edited/supplemented by Snood

Eric Simon Payne, Devil-Slayer, has no known connections to


(Defenders I#110 (fb)) – Boccino was a mob representative that hired a drunken veteran Marine as a hitman for the mob.   This man, Eric Simon Payne, was sent on several hitman assignments and developed a reputation for himself.   Boccino ordered Payne to kill a meddling reporter, Ian Fate, but the assassination went wrong and Fate’s wife and child were killed.

(Defenders I#110) – Years later, Payne (now the super-hero Devil-Slayer) tracked down Boccino in California for revenge.   He burst through the wall in Boccino’s home and threatened to kill Boccino, whose family stood by watching.   Boccino yelled at Payne, refusing to take another man’s sins on top of his own.   Payne pulled a pistol from his Shadow-Cloak, then changed his mind and teleported away.

-- Defenders I#110 ( 110 (fb), 110


Brian, Linda, Brian Jr., unnamed daughter

(Defenders I#110 (fb)) – Brian Kingston grew up in Queenstown , Illinois as a friend to Eric Simon Payne.   They enlisted in the marines together and served in a Vietnam conflict.   Kingston returned home with a prosthetic leg.   He eventually married Linda and they had two children.   He worked in a local store and struggled to make ends’ meet.

(Defenders I#110) – Brian was mowing the lawn and was shocked to see Eric in the road.   He invited Eric to have dinner with his family.   During dinner, Eric looked morose and upset and eventually fled.   Brian tried to stop Eric, but he was gone.

--Defenders I#110 ( 110 (fb), 110


(Defenders I#58) – Marilyn was a waitress in a nightclub in New York who hailed from Towner, North Dakota .   She watched Devil-Slayer and Valkyrie battle.   When Bruce Banner started to change into the Hulk, she fled, determined to go back to her hometown.

-- Defenders I#58


(Man-Thing III#3-5) – Nurse Mary Garcia worked at the Rosewell Sanitarium in Charles , Massachusetts .   On Christmas Eve, she tried to get one patient, Eric Simon Payne, to join in the festivities.   When Payne proved unresponsive and delusional, she called an orderly, Joseph, to help her.   They were pleased to see Eric communicating with one of their mute patients (secretly the alien Sorrow).   The alien Mr. Termineus entered, disguised as Santa Claus, and shunted the asylum to another dimension.   Nurse Garcia fainted, and Joseph wet his pants.   They witnessed demonic battles and fell into insanity.   In time, they were returned to Earth where they had no memory of what had happened.   They resumed their Christmas celebration.

-- Man-Thing III#3 ( 3-5


(Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2) - In the Central American town of Potega, a civil war had broken out.  Mayor Miranda, with Father Perone, watched several citizens held at gunpoint while they were being questioned.  When the invading army leader ordered the citizens to be killed, a disguised Devil-Slayer stopped them.  The mayor thanked Devil-Slayer. 

(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - As Devil-Slayer continued to protect the town, Miranda invited the hero to a town celebration in his honor.  When Miranda offered to let Devil-Slayer have one of the town's girls, Maria, the hero violently punched Miranda, who drew a knife.  Devil-Slayer threw the mayor aside, coming close to killing him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2) - Miranda was threatened by two armored soldiers, McCloskey and Ramirez after he ran from Potega (and Devil-Slayer) fearing for his life.  Miranda gave them information, and then tried to run for it, but the soldiers stopped him.  Miranda reported to the soldiers that Payne was stock-piling weapons, so the soldiers blew Devil-Slayer's house up, killing Father Perone.  Struck with guilt, Miranda rushed to the house and Perone implored Miranda to change his ways even as Perone died.  Miranda fearfully accused Devil-Slayer of murder.  Miranda united the citizens against Devil-Slayer.  Soon, the town of Potega was destroyed by the Flying Dutchman, presumably killing all its inhabitants.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2 ( 46/2, 47/2, 48/2


(Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2) - Father Perone lived in the Central American town of Potega, where a civil war had broken out.  He watched as several citizens were held at gunpoint, and he and Mayor Miranda were questioned.  Just as the innocents were to be killed, an American hero saved them, killing the opposing forces.  After Father Perone granted the deceased absolution, he met Devil-Slayer, and noticed only death in the hero's eyes.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - Perone continued honoring the deceased enemies by giving them graves.  Devil-Slayer didn't understand, and Perone didn't understand why Devil-Slayer continued to help save his town.  He offered to help Devil-Slayer spiritually, but the hero refused.  Perone went off to pray for the hero.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2) - When Father Perone saw that Devil-Slayer was stock-piling weapons for the war, he grew very upset and implored Devil-Slayer to not continue the war.  Devil-Slayer's house exploded and Father Perone was near death.  He saw the guilt in Mayor Miranda's face, and implored Miranda to change his ways, then Perone passed on.

-- Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2 ( 46/2, 47/2, 48/2


(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - McCloskey served in a Vietnam conflict overseas.  At one point, he unnecessarily razed a village to the ground.  One of his fellow soldiers, Eric Simon Payne, tried unsuccessfully to have McCloskey court-martialed.  McCloskey went on to become a Colonel, and to join the CIA.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - McCloskey, working with a Central American operative named Garcia, was appointed to help secure the city of Potega in a non-U.S. conflict.  When a man began to protect the town, firing down attacking helicopters, McCloskey investigated, and was shocked to see the man was Payne.  McCloskey determined to take Payne down.  Wanting an edge over Payne, McCloskey agreed to sell his soul for better weaponry.  He signed a deal with Colonel Ramirez and the Flying Dutchman.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2) -  McCloskey and Ramirez, now armored by the Flying Dutchman, interrogated Mayor Miranda about Devil-Slayer.  When they learned the hero was stock-piling weapons, McCloskey blew up the hero's home, killing Father Perone.  They turned the citizens of Potega against Devil-Slayer, then watched as the Dutchman destroyed the city.  They moved in for final battle against Devil-Slayer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#49/2) - McCloskey and Ramirez tried to take Devil-Slayer down with weaponry, but he protected himself with his powers.  When the Flying Dutchman opened a portal to Mephisto's underworld, Devil-Slayer knocked Ramirez to his death, then defeated the Dutchman with holy water.  McCloskey's soul was taken, and his body was left deceased.

-- Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2 ( 47/2, 48/2, 49/2


(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - Maria was a young girl in the town of Potega.  The town was engaged in civil war, and Devil-Slayer, an American hero, protected the town.  Maria served the hero at a celebration, and then watched as Devil-Slayer flew off the handle and nearly beat Mayor Miranda to death.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2 (BTS)) - The town of Potega was destroyed by the Flying Dutchman, presumably killing all the town's inhabitants.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2 ( 47/2, 48/2


(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - Garcia was a rebel soldier engaged in a Central American conflict around the city of Potega.  He worked with an American soldier, Col. McCloskey, who had interests in the civil war.  He watched with McCloskey as an unknown American soldier destroyed three helicopters.

( Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2 (BTS)) - The town of Potega was destroyed by the Flying Dutchman, presumably killing all the town's inhabitants.

-- Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2 ( 47/2, 48/2


(Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2) - An agent of the Central American People's Liberation Army, Ramirez got caught up in the civil war conflict over the town of Potega.  He struck a deal with the Flying Dutchman and an American colonel, McCloskey, to take down Potega's protector, the hero Devil-Slayer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#48/2) - Ramirez and McCloskey, now armored by the Flying Dutchman, interrogated Mayor Miranda about Devil-Slayer.  When they learned the hero was stock-piling weapons, McCloskey blew up the hero's home, killing Father Perone.  They turned the citizens of Potega against Devil-Slayer, then watched as the Dutchman destroyed the city.  They moved in for final battle against Devil-Slayer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#49/2) - Ramirez and McCloskey tried to take Devil-Slayer down with weaponry, but he protected himself with his powers.  When the Flying Dutchman opened up a portal to Mephisto's underworld, Devil-Slayer knocked Ramirez to his death.

-- Marvel Comics Presents I#47/2 ( 47/2, 48/2, 49/2

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