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Real Name: Alani Ryan

Identity/Class: Human mutant, citizen of Krakoa

Occupation: Adventurer; former student

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Defenders (Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange, Namor, She-Hulk/Lyra, Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd), Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters student body; Alpha Squadron (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Indra/Paras Gavaskar, Kidogo/Lazaro Kotikash, Network/Sarah Vale, Rubbermaid/Andrea Margulies)

Affiliations: Abira, Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Atlanteans, Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Tigra/Greer Nelson), Avengers Academy students (Finesse/Jeanne Foucault, Hazmat/Jenny Takeda, Hollow, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Mettle/Ken Mack, Reptil/Humberto Lopez, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo, Juston Seyfert, She-Hulk/Lyra, Striker/Brandon Sharpe, White Tiger/Ava Ayala, Wiz Kid/Taki Matsuya, X-23/Laura Kinney), Black Panther (T'Challa), Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Blink (Clarice Ferguson), Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Cloud, Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Devil-Slayer (Eric Payne), the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Rav & Bhakti Gavaskar, Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Hellstorm (Daimon Hellstrom), General Jian, Kyle Jinadu, Krang, Legion (David Haller), Logomancer, Luz, Marut, Moon Knight (Marc Spector), son of Namor of Earth-11069, Vaipala Rani, Runaways (Karolina Dean, Victor Mancha, Nico Minoru, Klara Prast, Chase Stein), Sebastian Shaw, Stacy X (Miranda Leevald), Stingray (Walter Newell), X-Club (Dr. Nemesis/James Bradley, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao), X-Men (either faculty members from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters or other X-Men teams) (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Boom Boom/Tabitha Smith, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dazzler/Alison Blair, Domino/Neena Thurman, Emma Frost, Hope/Hope Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Danielle Moonstar, Namor McKenzie, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue/Anna Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Warpath/James Proudstar, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), X-Men students (Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Graymalkin Industries and Utopia) (Aero/Melody Guthrie, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Audio/Raymond Keyes, Blindfold/Ruth Aldine, Bling!/Roxy Washington, Cipher/Alisa Tager, Crosta, D.J./Mark Sheppard, Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Dryad/Callie Betto, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Ernst, Gentle/Nezhno Abidemi, Glob Herman/Robert Herman, Graymalkin/Jonas Graymalkin, Hellion/Julian Keller, Hydro/Noah Crichton, Icarus/Joshua Guthrie, Kid Omega/Quentin Quire, Match/Ben Hammil, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, No-Girl/Martha Johannson, Onyxx/Sidney Green, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Preview/Jessica Vale, Primal/Teon Macik, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Quill/Maxwell Jordan, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Specter/Dallas Gibson, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Tag/Brian Cruz, Three-In-One/Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe Cuckoo, Trance/Hope Abbott, Transonic/Laurie Tromette, Velocidad/Gabriel Cohuelo, Wallflower/Laurie Collins, Wind Dancer/Sofia Mantega, Wither/Kevin Ford, Wolf Cub/Nicholas Gleason, X-23/Laura Kinney, Zero/Kenji Uedo), Xorn (Kuan-Yin Xorn), Zorn (Shen Xorn);
    formerly Summoner

Enemies: Aqueos, Atlantean beasts (Burrower, Giganto Octo-Squid, Shadow, Sunbeast, Tele-Fish and unidentified others), Aradnea, Attuma, Belasco, Children of the Vault (Cadena, Corregidora, Martello, Olvido, Perro, Serafina and others), Dark Avengers, Great White, H.A.M.M.E.R., Humanity Now, Lemurians, Onslaught, Orchis, Norman Osborn, Predator X, Purifiers, Sack, Selach, Selene, Selene's undead army (Fabian Cortez, Marco Delgado, Seamus Melloncamp), Sentinels, William Stryker, S'ym, Tiger Shark, Tyrak, Undying Ones (Nameless Ones and unrevealed other demons)

Known Relatives: Alaka'i Ryan Jr. (father), Ben Ryan (grandfather), Alice Terrel-Ryan (grandmother, deceased), Alaka'i Ryan Sr. (great-grandfather, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Krakoa, most likely the Sextant, Akademos Habitat;
    formerly New Atlantis, beneath Utopia, coast of San Francisco Bay, California;
    formerly Utopia, coast of San Francisco Bay, California;
    formerly Graymalkin Industries, Marin Highlands, San Francisco, California;
    formerly Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Salem Center, New York;
    formerly Maui, Hawaii (Place of Birth)

First Appearance: New Mutants II#11 (June, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Loa is a mutant with the ability to disintegrate solid matter when it comes in contact with her skin. Her powers affect both living things and inanimate objects. Loa has mastered her abilities, making it safe for her to touch others unlike fellow mutants Wither or Rogue. Loa's disintegration powers even work on the microscopic level, which renders her immune to pheromones and other airborn intoxicants.

During her stay in Hell, she could shoot bursts of unknown energy powerful enough to destroy demons. She later learned to focus her energy powers to form simple objects such as lassos and ropes that can also disintegrate matter in impact. Loa has also demonstrated the ability to "swim" through solid matter, once allowing Avengers Academy member Mettle to "surf" on land.

Exposure to an ancient, mystical Atlantean amulet altered Loa's X-Gene and turned her into a waterbreather: The primary, secondary, and tertiary bronchi all grew an additional tough layer of muscle. As a result, she now has to use special Atlantean potions to breathe on land. Loa's mutation caused her to manifest distinct, bright red tattoos over het body and face.

As an inhabitant of Krakoa she's able to read and speak Krakoan and has access to the many Krakoan portals granting her access to the corners of the world and beyond.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Auburn


(Namor: The First Mutant#5 (fb) ) - Alani joined her father surfing on the Maui waters while her mother and grandmother looked on from the pier. However, the fun-filled day suddenly turned into a nightmare when a madman riding a shark and a pack of great white sharks arrived. The man called himself Great White and grabbed Alani's father by the throat and threw him towards the sharks, after which he proclaimed the island was his. Alani didn't want her father to become shark chowder and made her way over to him while the pack of sharks was already circling him. But when one of the sharks jumped out of the water towards her father she leaped from her surfboard towards the shark. Because of the tension, Alani suddenly manifested her mutant abilities. When she touched the shark, it disintegrated instantly. Shocked a mere girl had just killed one of his pets Great White steered his shark steed towards her. Before he could kill Alani and her dad, the Sub-Mariner arrived. He first rescued father and daughter and then faced Great White who had no idea who Namor was. The Avenging Son took out Great White with a single punch, landing on the pier where Alani's mother and grandmother were waiting. Alani was then in for a shocker when it became clear Namor knew her grandmother Alice, back in the forties Alice was Betty Dean's friend. Alani's grandmother introduced Alani to Namor after which she revealed to have kept an ancient Atlantean amulet Namor had given Betty Dean he then told her to keep the amulet after which he left the pier. Just then Alani's parents noticed she was now covered in bright red tattoos, however, Alani was more interested in her grandmother's story of Namor.

(New Mutants II#11 - BTS) - Alani enrolled at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. While at Xavier's she chose the codename Loa.

(New Mutants II#11 (fb) ) - Laurie Collins, a student with no control over her mood altering, highly potent pheromones, became Angel Salvadore's roommate. This pairing proved troublesome when Angel was effected by Laurie's powers. It was then decided Laurie bunked with Loa, whose mutant nature made her immune. But eventually Loa changed dorms when they simply couldn't get along.

(New X-Men II#2 - BTS) - Loa was placed on the X-Men training squad the Alpha Squadron, which was mentored by Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar).

(New X-Men II#4 - BTS) - Alpha Squadron participated in their first field day assignment against the Institute's other squads: the New Mutants, Hellions, Corsairs, Excelsiors and the Exemplars.

(New X-Men II#5) - Loa was seen walking through the school's hallways gossiping about Wither, having learned he might have to go to jail.

(New X-Men II#7) - Loa took part in Beast and Wolfsbane's science class. McCoy explained their next assignment for which the students had to pair up to do an analysis they had to record on their worksheets.

(New X-Men II#13) - After their mentor Northstar was killed by Wolverine (mind controlled by the Hand at the time), Loa and the other Alpha Squadron members mourned his demise. It was then decided that Karma would take over the Alpha Squadron and Loa was present during the announcement. Sometime later, before Northstar's funeral, Loa and the other Alpha Squadronners were allowed to view their mentor's memorial statue before the public reveal they also attended.

(New X-Men II#14) - Loa and the Alpha Squadron joined the Paragons squad for a joint training session with Karma. Both groups squabbled over the fact that the Paragons had been eliminated from field day and their mentor Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) had disappeared after she was caught having an affair with a student. Later, Loa and her friends most likely attended the school dance.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1) - Alongside her fellow Alpha Squadron members and their advisor Karma, Loa posed for a group photo for the Xavier yearbook. In the yearbook, Loa was voted "most laid-back". She liked surfing, the ocean and lying in the sun while she disliked chemistry class and big cities.

(House of M#8 - BTS) - The Scarlet Witch caused millions of mutants to lose their powers by casting a reality altering spell. The event, known as M-Day, reduced the number of gene active mutants to a mere 300 worldwide. Loa was one of the select who kept her mutant powers.

(New X-Men II#23) - Two weeks after the global depowering, Xavier Institute headmaster Emma Frost pitted all remaining students against each other in a battle royale to choose a team who would go on to train as New X-Men. Loa was about to take on X-23 when she was pushed out of the way by Hellion. Once the fight concluded Emma chose her six "winners" and Cyclops had added a surprise seventh, the headmasters announced all depowered students would be sent home. A first busload of students had already left when a second, carrying another 42 former mutant teens, was blown up. The attack was carried out by the Purifiers who were acting on the orders from their leader, the Reverend William Stryker.

(New X-Men II#31) - Loa was in her dorm when Hellion suddenly came crashing through the wall, Hellion's powers had been pushed to their limits by Frost as he tried to reach Xavier's as quickly as he could to save X-23's life.

(New X-Men II#32) - Loa was present amongst other students, the X-Men and their allies during a memorial service to remember all those who had fallen in the X-Men's long struggle in achieving Xavier's dream of co-existence.

(New X-Men II#33) - X-23 ran Loa and Hope over after she had an intimidating encounter with Emma Frost.

(New X-Men II#34) - At the school Loa, Anole and Rockslide watched a news report about the Young Avengers. Rockslide was determined to get a scrap against these Avengers when Hellion came into the room asking about Mercury. Loa revealed she saw her with X-23 thinking they'd left for coffee in the town unaware they were kidnapped by the Facility and X-23's former handler Kimura.

(New X-Men II#37) - Loa, Match, Anole, Wolf Cub, Pixie, Nezho and Blindfold had gathered around the fireplace while Rockslide was telling stories about the X-Men's recent victories. But when it was Blindfold's turn she told the story of Illyana Rasputin and the demon-lord Belasco. When Blindfold finished her tale, the students realized that her "story" was real and Belasco was coming for them as the floor opened up beneath them. Belasco had sensed his former apprentice Illyana Rasputin was alive again and took them prisoner as a first step to retrieve her.

(New X-Men II#38) - While all other students had been captured by Belasco and S'ym, Loa and her group found themselves in the wastelands of Limbo. After realizing where they were in the hellish place the demons appeared to devour the teenage mutants. Scared of the demons Loa tried to shield herself from one of the attackers, however the demon dematerialized when he tried hitting her. Things seemed to go bad when Rockslide exploded and Anole's arm was cut off by another demon. Just then Illyana Rasputin, the Darkchilde and her pet N'astirh appeared.

(New X-Men II#39) - After toying around with Loa and her friends for a bit Magik offered to help the group find their friends if any of them would offer his soul to her. Revealing she would need a soulsword to defeat the demon-king as she finally focussed her attention on the young Pixie. Match and Wolf Cub prepared to attack the Darkchilde but with one snap of her fingers all students but Pixie were encased in stone. Pixie then offered her soul to Magik.

(New X-Men II#40 - BTS) - Wolf Cub tried to wake up Loa and Nezhno, but she remained trapped and unconscious.

(New X-Men II#41) - After a fierce and ferocious fight, Illyana Rasputin with the help of several New X-Men reclaimed her control over Limbo, sending all the mutant students home.

(New X-Men II#42) - Realizing the Scarlet Witch's spell meant there would be no more new mutant births, Mercury wondered who was now the youngest mutant they knew. The word quickly spread throughout the school, Loa and Wolf Cub ate desert while Loa expressed she thought Pixie was the youngest since she was even younger than her. After compiling a list of all the known prepubescent mutants, Indra declared Wolf Cub had to be the youngest mutant on Earth, which freaked Gleason out because he figured that probably meant he was next to die at the hands of some X-Men villain. However, Mercury noted that Indra had forgotten to list himself, realizing the Indian boy was actually the youngest gene active mutant at Xavier's.

(New X-Men II#43) - Loa and the other students witnessed Surge kissing Hellion after which X-23 ran away. Scared his age would make him a target Indra asked his fellow students to stay with him that night. Loa joined a group of students around Match who used his powers to make an indoor campfire unexpectedly it was Rockslide who managed to ground the students by explaining it wouldn't matter if they were the oldest or youngest mutant on the world as he would still go to war for them. Next, Beast arrived to give out new bulletproof uniforms.

(New X-Men II#46) - Loa watched after Elixir who lay unconscious in the medical bay when Nezhno and Armor came crashing through fighting one of the Predator X's. Nightcrawler did his best to teleport the injured out of harm's way but when he seemed unable to teleport everybody Pixie quickly used one of her teleportation spells. However, the untrained Pixie had accidentally teleported Loa, the other students and the Predator X right to Muir Island where the X-Men had been fighting the Marauders. Surprised by their sudden teleportation the Predator X immediately grabbed the first mutant he saw and bit Vertigo of the Marauders in half.

(Uncanny X-Men I#500 - BTS) - After the destruction of Xavier's Institute Loa and the other students moved to Graymalkin Industries in San Francisco, the new home of the X-Men.

(X-Men: Manifest Destiny#2/3) - Loa was seen talking with Match, Indra and several other students while Emma Frost feared the students would hate her for what had happened at Xavier's Institute.

(X-Men: Manifest Destiny#3/3) - Loa and Blindfold tried to explain what Twitter was to Colossus, however, Blindfold spoiled the fun by telling him he wouldn't get any followers.

(Uncanny X-Men I#509) - Nezhno and Loa enjoyed a beautiful day in San Francisco's Haight district.

(New Mutants III#1) - Out on the lawn of Graymalkin Industries, Loa and the students were surprised when a severely injured Magik suddenly teleported in. Seeing the girl that was responsible for dragging them into a conflict with Belasco angered the students with Anole and Pixie particularly ready to beat her to a pulp. The students, however, were stopped by Cannonball and Sunspot who managed to diffuse the situation.

(Runaways III#10) - While out in the city of San Francisco, Loa and the other students came across the teenage team the Runaways. The Runaways had just dropped off their friend Molly Hayes to get a tour of the X-Men's facility while the Runaways decided to wait whether she would return or not. To kill the time the Runaways and X-Men students decided to go out and enjoy themselves at the X SF Dance Club on Harrison.

(Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia) - When the Humanity Now! Coalition marched on San Francisco, they were quickly met by anti-Proposition X protestors. As violence and riots erupted Cyclops dispatched his X-Men to restore order. Later that day Loa and the X-Men watched a news report about the situation. Later that night Norman Osborn (head of the national peacekeeping organization H.A.M.M.E.R.) publicly branded Cyclops an instigator and deployed his Avengers to quell the conflict and arrest anyone who stood in their way. That night Loa joined Onyxx and Mercury to stop the fights on Telegraph Hill but after all the people left for City Hall the students decided to stay behind until Cyclops checked up on them several hours later. Cyclops then took Onyxx and the other students with him to City Hall where Greek war god Ares of Osborn's Avengers arrived.

(Uncanny X-Men I#513) - The next morning Loa and the students witnessed news reports of an all-new, all-different X-Men team under leadership of Emma Frost, now calling herself the Black Queen.

(Dark Avengers I#8) - Loa was present when Pixie arrived to reveal Cyclops had given the order to attack Osborn's forces.

(Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus - BTS) - After defeating Osborn's Avengers and X-Men the real X-Men decided to leave San Francisco and moved to their own nation called Utopia.

(Dark X-Men: The Confession#1) - Loa and Trance were surprised when they witnessed a half-naked Cyclops rushing towards the front door hoping to stop Emma from leaving him.

(X-Force III#19) - Loa, Surge and Hellion came to see Elixir in Utopia's medic bay as his system was overwhelmed by saving Surge.

(X-Men Legacy I#228) - Loa was present when Onyxx and Hellion told Cyclops that Emplate captured Bling!.

(Psylocke I#1) - One of Utopia's more unpleasant citizens Sack had put Anole, Loa and Dust under his influence and threatened to kill them. Nezhno, Rockslide, Mercury, Surge and Pixie prepared to attack him, but before they could act Psylocke and Dazzler arrived. After dealing with Sack, Psylocke ordered the students to take him to the cellblock.

(Nation X#1/1) - Loa, Anole and Rockslide interrupted the senior X-Men to warn them Mercury had gone missing in the caves of Utopia, adding that a ghost had taken their friend. Expecting to find something familiar in his former base (Utopia used to be Asteroid X) Magneto offered to help the students and joined them to explore the caves. Because they still doubted Magneto's intentions, Loa and Anole hid behind Rockslide as they followed him through narrow corridors in the cave. Magneto opened up a wall so the group could continue their search, however this new opening was crowded with still functioning Magneto-like Sentinels. Loa, Anole and Rockslide immediately attacked the barely working Sentinels until Magneto used his abilities to shut them down permanently. The search continued as the group searched another narrow corridor when Loa's choker started to levitate. The group approached a room where a special device was drawing everything metal towards it. Magneto then pushed a button on the control panel to turn the machine off. As the device stopped, all the metal objects it had gathered dropped as well, revealing Mercury had been trapped by the machine. With their friend recovered Magneto ordered the children to leave while he would investigate the so-called "ghost". With Loa and the other students gone Magneto found an old hologram of himself.

(Nation X#1/3) - After Iceman had dealt with a hostage situation involving the former villain Stinger, Loa was seen as one of the mutants walking around Utopia.

(X-Force Annual III#1) - When Selene raised a small army of the X-Men's deceased friends and enemies to send against the team, former Acolytes Fabian Cortez, Marco Delgado and Seamus Mellencamp wanted their revenge on Magneto who they learned was living with the X-Men now. Once they arrived on Utopia, they didn't find Magnus (who was in Scotland fighting the revived Proteus). Instead, they ran into Deadpool and the X-Men student Loa. After a while the Merc with a Mouth's inane chatter started to annoy the villains, who attacked. Deadpool found they were impervious to his weapons, fatal injuries and hacked off bodyparts instantly grew back. While Loa looked on in terror, Deadpool pulled out the big guns and fought an unwinnable battle against the Acolytes for 20 minutes, only losing to them in the end. The fighting was essentially over when Loa merged with Seamus Mellencamp in an effort to save Deadpool, completely destroying his revived remains within seconds. Putting two and two together, Deadpool grabbed the young girl and forcefully threw her at Delgado and Cortez, supposedly killing them too.

(X-Men Legacy I#230) - After the X-Men had dealt with the threat of Emplate, the male students participated in a friendly game of volleyball while Loa and the girls made sure Bling! was feeling okay after her abduction.

(Cable II#22) - Loa went through several boxes of books that had been donated by kids in San Francisco. But when Rockslide came in both were in for a shock when Loa opened the book "Fathers of our Nations" to find a picture of Cable and Hope fighting in the Revolutionary War.

(Nation X#2/1) - Loa was enjoying some time in the lounge when Northstar showed up to introduce his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu. In a snarky tone Hellion called him Northstar's "normal".

(Nation X#2/2) - Loa joined Anole, Trance, Dust and Rockslide to visit Jubilee in San Francisco. The former X-Man had been turned into a vampire by the son of Dracula, Xarus, and was living on her own to adjust. During the visit, the students tried to convince Jubilee to return with them to Utopia, even as they told her about the X-Men's recent fight against Norman Osborn's "Dark Avengers". Loa commented that Dagger (Tandy Bowen) was really pretty in real life. Before Jubilee could decide on returning, Surge barged in and ordered the young students to return to Utopia while giving the cold shoulder to Jubilee, believing she shouldn't have contacted the X-Men since she wasn't a mutant anymore (Jubilee had previously been depowered on M-Day). Jubilee, however, realized what was going on with Surge, she was jealous and wished she'd been depowered herself so she could live a normal life. Loa and the others listened while Jubilee explained what it meant to be a mutant after which a remorseful Surge asked if she wanted to join them. Jubilee declined and Loa and the others returned to Utopia.

(Nation X#4/2) - Feeling bored on Utopia the Stepford Cuckoos began to telepathically bully their fellow students by re-creating scenarios from "evil child" horror movies in their heads. The Cuckoos trapped Loa in a scenario where she was plunged off a cliff into the churning waters of the cold pacific.

(Nation X#4/3) - Loa, Match and Rockslide were hungry for a midnight snack and decided to break into the kitchen at 3am. Loa gained access by using her abilities to crumble a wall with a mere touch. However, they soon realized Warpath was on guard duty in the kitchen. He playfully approached them, which angered the three young mutants who felt they were still being treated like amateurs and freshmen even though they'd helped save the world. Rockslide and Match first tried to hide, but a defiant Loa stepped up and called Warpath a backup dancer for the Village People. Warpath jumped towards the students with a grin on his face. Match unleashed his firepower, but the experienced X-Man grabbed Match, knocked him out and shoved the flaming boy in a nearby stove. He then attacked Rockslide, temporarily incapacitating the highly durable rocklike student by crushing his head. Before Warpath noticed her, Loa snuck up on him and threatened to dissolve his chest cavity with a mere touch if he didn't yield. Warpath realized the girl was serious and relented. He then assisted her in getting the icecream from the fridge.

(X-Men Legacy I#234) - Loa was training with several other students while Rogue was giving Surge some advise.

(Wolverine: Dust From Above (fb) - BTS) - Loa was part of Utopia's book club alongside other students Rockslide, Mercury, Trance, Anole, Pixie, Surge and Gentle. Every week another senior X-Man would tell the students a story from a book.

(Wolverine: Dust From Above (fb) - BTS) - This week's senior was Wolverine who told them the Japanese story of Kishichiro.

(Wolverine: Dust From Above) - The following day the students meet up outside in the sun, since Wolverine figured there was no need to stay in a stuffy library. Once Loa arrived, who was running a tad late Wolverine continued his story on Kishichiro from the day before. Wolverine told how the character from his book; Kishichiro climbed a mountain to face a demon. After concluding his tale the students gathered, having seemingly enjoyed Wolverine's tale. Loa, however, reached for the book only to find an illustration of Kishichiro which bared a striking resemblance to Wolverine.

(New Mutants III#13) - Loa was in Utopia's mess hall when Danielle Moonstar got into a fight with Hope and witnessed how Cyclops ordered Cable to stop them. But all present were suddenly surprised by a giant fuel explosion courtesy of Donald Pierce who acted on Bastion's orders.

(X-Men: Hellbound#2) - Loa and several students were present in the X-Men's sick bay when Trance arrived to warn the X-Men several of their friends had been trapped in Limbo. However, Mercury explained they couldn't help since Bastion had sent his super powered Nimrods to Utopia.

(X-Men: Second Coming#2) - After Cable's funeral Match, Loa, Bling! and Prodigy discussed whether or not to comfort Hope who thought of Cable as her father.

(X-Men Legacy I#238 (fb) ) - Indra was called home to India due to a family emergency. Cyclops decided to send Anole and Loa along with him to give the students a chance to catch their breaths after their recent fight against Nimrod. Rogue and Magneto were sent along as well.

(X-Men Legacy I#238) - Upon arriving in Mumbai, the family chauffeur Marut was standing by to drive the party to the Gavascar family home in Panchajana. Indra's mother was excited to see her son again and gave him a loving embrace while his ever so cold father merely shook his hand. Loa, Anole and their teachers decided to visit the city while Indra tended to his family, learning his brother's condition was more complicated than it first appeared: his brother had been rendered comatose by a freak energy storm, one of many that had recently torn through the city. But his brother's state was not the real reason he had been called home. Indra's brother Tejpal had been engaged to a girl and Indra was supposed to be married in his place instead. At the same time Rogue, Magneto and the two students discovered the energy storms were anything but natural disasters even as they were caught in a storm as well. It brought with it the super-powered runaway Luz and a squad of mutant-hunting Sentinels tasked to capture her.

(X-Men Legacy I#239) - Rogue ordered Loa and Anole to flee while she and Magneto would deal with the Sentinels. Loa and Anole refused to do so and decided to each attacked a Sentinel, while Anole attacked one Loa quickly ran up the stairs of a building. Reassuring herself she was capable of fighting Sentinels Loa jumped from the buildings roof, phasing through the towering Sentinel's head, successfully destroying it. After helping Loa down from a rope Rogue expressed how proud she was of the student. After defeating the Sentinels, the X-Men took Luz with them as they returned to the Gavascar Estate where Indra's father was less than pleased to see yet another unwelcome visitor. However Indra stood up for his friends and asked his father to let them stay so he would have some familiar faces at his wedding, which stunned the X-Men. As soon as his parents left the room, Indra explained what had happened and that he would abide by his family's wishes and go through with the marriage. Later that day, a meeting was arranged between Indra and his fiancée Vaipala Rani. They tried to get acquainted, which didn't sit well with Luz who had taken a liking to Indra herself. The next morning the Gavascar household awoke to a rather unpleasant surprise as Luz had used her abilities to make a light-sculpture of herself and Indra naked in a romantic embrace. When Luz was told off for this childish behavior, she erased the construct and went to her guestroom. Sometime later the X-Men's old enemies the Children of the Vault showed up to collect their sister Luz.

(X-Men Legacy I#240) - Unable to fight off the Children of the Vault, the X-Men were defeated and unable to stop them from taking Luz (who actually had been replaced by Indra's fiancée). Rogue and Magneto were taken as well. Only Indra was left by the time Anole, Loa and his parents reached him. After explaining what had happened Indra was determined to go after the Children to find his friends, much to his father's disapproval who had nothing but the marriage on his mind. To fulfill his father's wishes he promised to marry right away so he could return to the business at hand. Not much later the family was gathered to witness Indra's marriage to Vaipala (secretly Luz). During the ceremony, she realized she couldn't go on with her ruse and revealed her true self. Luz told them that Vaipala had wanted to see the world and offered to switch with her. At the same time in the extradimensional city of Quitado, Vaipala stood revealed as well. Powerless to act, Quitado crashed into Panchajana city, which Loa and the wedding party witnessed as well.

(X-Men Legacy I#241) - Indra, Anole and Loa left for the fallen city of Quitado. But before they entered Luz decided to help the teenagers, Luz used her light-powers to make the X-Men students appear as generic Children of the Vault. This allowed Loa and her friends to infiltrate the city where they found Rogue, Magneto and Indra's ex-fiancée. Their next priority was getting Quitado away before it destroyed Mumbai. Magneto located a device that needed to be disabled and steered the teenagers in its direction. Magneto revealed the guards were inorganic which allowed Loa and Indra to use their powers to their full extent and destroy the guards. After destroying the last of them the group gained entrance to the anchor house. However, they were attacked again by several of the Children of the Vault. Unable to fend off all the superhumans, Rogue was about to be killed if not for Indra grabbing the assailant and breaking her neck. Shocked he had killed, Indra asked Rogue not to talk about it until after the crisis. Upon reaching the anchor Loa used her powers to weaken the shield so Magneto could destroy it. Without the anchor, Quitado disappeared from this dimensional plane. The next day Loa and the X-Men left for New York.

(X-Men Legacy I#242) - Loa was part of a group of students playing a game of baseball on Utopia. It was Loa's turn when Anole threw her a special ball, unable to fully control her powers Loa swung the bat and dematerialized the ball. Prompting Mercury and Rockslide to become upset with Anole and Loa.

(X-Men Legacy I#243) - Rockslide, Loa and Anole discussed the fact who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Loa thought it was a stupid debate since both were Harrison Ford.

(Namor: The First Mutant#5 (fb) ) - Loa received word her grandmother Alice had passed away. Loa returned to Maui, Hawaii to attend the funeral alongside her parents. There she received her grandmother's amulet once given by Namor, the King of Atlantis.

(Namor: The First Mutant#2 (fb) - BTS) - As a student, Loa choose to study everything there was to know about Atlantis. Among the materials she studied were the Coral Scrolls and the Book of the Eighteenth Cataclysm.

(Namor: The First Mutant#2) - Loa accompanied Emma Frost on a trip to New Atlantis to see the underwater kingdom for herself. After they were granted an audience with King Namor, Loa took the opportunity to ask him a question. Explaining she was a student of all things Atlantean, she inquired about the Aqueos, the underwater vampires that had placed Dracula's head in the Vault of Law. Loa wondered how this could be true, because according to the other Atlantean legends the Vault of Law could only be opened by the King of Atlantis. In truth Namor's grandfather King Thakorr was one of the Aqueos himself and had done so and prepared to take down his grandson.

(Namor: The First Mutant#4 (fb) - BTS) - Namor asked Loa to check out the darkest of the dark books. In the Necronomicon, Loa found an obscure footnote which could help the Atlanteans in their fight against the Aqueos. Loa came looking for the King in Atlantis but since he was absent she revealed the Logomancer what she found. Realizing that he himself could help the troops the two went ahead to find them.

(Namor: The First Mutant#4) - Loa and the Logomancer arrived during the battle between the Atlanteans and Aqueos, a fight the Atlanteans were losing. General Jian was less than pleased to see the backup he'd wanted turned out to be a girl and an old man. Loa revealed her findings: the Aqueos were stronger near their home territory because they received eldritch power from the Old Ones through the water. The Logomancer then revealed that he could cancel out that effect with a simple static spell. Loa joined the Atlanteans to fight the Aqueos while the Logomancer would perform his spell. However, during the fight one of the vampires snuck up on Loa and destroyed her helmet, exposing her to the cold water. General Jian rushed to Loa's rescue but as he took hold of her Loa's ancient amulet around her neck started to glow. Having an unexpected effect on Loa's mutant x-gene it somehow allowed Loa to now breath underwater. Instantly recovered, Loa continued to use her mutant abilities to destroy every vampire she touched. Meanwhile Abira and Namor successfully defeated the old King Thakorr by performing a spell that would destroy almost all of the Aqueos. The spell that Namor performed fused salt directly to the bones of the Aqueos, repelling all other undead tissue. Loa, the Logomancer, Jian and the Atlantean troops then witnessed the remaining Aqueos vampires turning into dust. Sometime later Namor returned to the group and thanked Loa for her assistance.

(Namor: The First Mutant#5) - Not satisfied with Namor's easy acceptance of her newfound power, Loa decided to investigate for herself. After returning to Utopia Loa repeatedly tried to breath underwater as she'd done before, but found that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't. When Loa resurfaced she suddenly noticed her ancient amulet hanging from a rock glowing. Still unsure about herself, Loa grabbed the amulet and dove into the water and found out she was once again able to breath. Loa returned to New Atlantis where she was greeted by Abira, General Jian and Namor who told her "welcome home".

(Namor: The First Mutant#6) - Loa underwent several tests by the Atlantean Logomancer while Emma Frost and Doctor Nemesis monitored his examination. When they were in the middle of the tests Namor and Abira arrived to check on the progress. Doctor Nemesis concluded that the Atlantean amulet had permanently changed Alani's physiology when it reacted with her x-gene. She could now breath underwater even without the amulet. However, the transformation had not ceased when the Amulet was removed. Within four to five hours, she would be unable to breathe air. Namor decided to reveal the news to Alani himself who went into shock, inexplicably, ghosts emerged from the amulet that dragged Namor back with them to Hell. Psychic probes from Emma Frost determined that Alani's wasn't consciously or subconsciously responsible. The Logomancer reasoned that Wolverine's recent escape from Hell had softened the borders between realms, allowing the spirits to use the amulet as a channel to kidnap Namor. Doctor Nemesis, Abira and the Logomancer went to work on retrieving Namor. However, an unexpected guest arrived to offer assistance: Doctor Doom.

(Namor: The First Mutant#7) - With Doom's help the group built a special machine to help separate Loa from the amulet. Alani was placed inside, but when the device was activated, Loa, Abira and Doom himself were transported to Hell, leaving the Logomancer and the amulet in New Atlantis. Finding themselves in a barren wasteland Doom explained the landscape always matched the psyche of each inhabitant, only he who'd travelled to Hell before could see past the skin. Loa noticed the amulet had stayed behind in New Atlantis and asked Doom what it's origin was. Doom explained the amulet was an old Atlantean relic from the time when the Atlanteans ruled the surface world before recorded history. The first Atlantean Kings poured their power, their heritage into it, imbuing it with a wide range of mystical energies. Realizing the ghosts that had abducted Namor were in fact those old Kings of Atlantis, the group knew they had to hurry and find Namor. When they finally located Namor they found him in a blurred state, believing he was holding court over his subjects. Failing to snap Namor from his trance, Doom decided to punch some sense into him. Loa misunderstood Doom's true goal and attacked him. She was unable to penetrate Doom's forcefield and was hurled back by the sheer force. Just as Namor was back to his usual self, Abira had tapped into her latent magical abilities and faced the ghosts of the old Atlantean Kings which rendered her near-catatonic. Determined to return to the real world the group continued their adventure.

(Namor: The First Mutant#8) - Still stuck in Hell, the group encountered a large horde of bizarre creatures, ready to devour the heroes. Doom saw no further point in assisting Namor and opened a doorway to escape back to Earth, leaving the others behind. With Abira still stuck in her trance, Loa and Namor decided to fight the creatures so they could protect Abira. While Loa used the full extent of her abilities to turn the creatures into dust, Abira was facing the old ghosts of Atlantis. Using her logomancing skills, Abira broke free of her trance and returned the group to New Atlantis. Back in New Atlantis Cyclops was waiting for them, worried where Loa had gone ever since her parents had franticly telephoned her five times without answer. Namor, however, could care less about the X-Men leader and shoved him aside, declaring he was a busy man, leaving Loa to explain everything that had been going on. It was then decided Loa would remain in New Atlantis for the time being. Meanwhile Warlord Krang had rallied over a third of the colony behind him, even putting up walls in New Atlantis to separate the groups.

(Namor: The First Mutant#9 (fb) - BTS) - Loa received several phone calls from Emma Frost because Cyclops was worried about what was going on at New Atlantis.

(Namor: The First Mutant#9) - Namor invited Loa to join him, General Jian and Abira to watch the traditional Running of the Beasts, a parade showing a large group of Atlantean monster-like sea-animals. The event turned haywire when the animals began to run amok. Namor and his guards immediately sprung into action to subdue the creatures, Loa joined them and fought and defeated the Octo-Squid. While the Atlanteans fought the creatures Warlord Krang and his Lemurian Legions suddenly arrived to save the day, a feat Namor wasn't too pleased about. Later that day Loa joined General Jian and checked on the Logomancer who had been trying to find out what caused the creatures to go berserk. He had found the beasts' food had been poisoned with a hallucinogen before the festival. Everyone agreed Krang was to blame, though General Jian figured Krang's lieutenant Selach was the culprit. With all the beasts but the Burrower retrieved Namor, decided to give the Running of the Beasts another shot the next day as a way to bring the divided Atlanteans back together. The next day, Loa attended the event and watched the ravenous Vacuum Beast come by.

(Namor: The First Mutant#10) - Krang's men under orders from Selach had secretly assassinated Namor's Logomancer, a murder witnessed by Namor and Abira's son from an alternate future who had traveled back in time to prevent his dreadful timeline from coming to pass. He was discovered by Loa, Abira and Namor when they visited the Logomancer's lab only to find him dead on the floor. Blaming the mysterious intruder, they attacked, but the man teleported away. Loa instantly recognized the mystery man as a future version of Namor, calling it a classic X-Men thing, but Namor was covinced it was an assassin working for Krang. He decided to stop him, with Loa following in his wake.

(Namor: The First Mutant#10 - BTS) - Krang was furious Selach had disobeyed his orders by killing the Logomancer. Krang needed the Logomancer alive so he could help control the Burrower beast Krang was planning to threaten New Atlantis with as leverage to force Namor to abdicate. Selach then revealed he wished the beast to run wild so it could do even more damage and destroy New Atlantis, a feat Krang wished to avoid. Selach then announced he was leaving Krang's command and took all of their loyal followers with him. Krang was left behind, seething and planning his revenge.

(Namor: The First Mutant#10) - Loa kept a safe distance while Namor burst into Krang's hideout. Krang told them of Selach's betrayal and offered his help. Namor accepted his cousin's assistance. The group located Selach in his secret hideout where he and a group of Lemurians kept the Burrower captive, torturing it with bursts of electricity. Making their way into the facility Namor, Krang and Loa came eye to eye with Selach and his men who immediately attacked the heroes. During the battle Namor ordered Loa to destroy the torture machine keeping the Burrower in pain. Loa tried to turn off the machine, but she was hit in the back by Selach, which resulted in her accidentally destroying the machine. Loa lashed out and hit Selach in the face but was shocked by the now free Burrower's loud roar as it attacked everything in sight. Namor and Krang were unable to stop the creature as it burrowed a way through the floor, leaving behind a large hole. Krang realized the Burrower would make his way to the main pillar of New Atlantis which was also keeping Utopia aloft. If destroyed or damaged, Utopia would certainly fall on top of New Atlantis.

(Namor: The First Mutant#11) - Loa watched as Namor tried to get Selach to tell them how to stop the Burrower, but the villain only smiled at the notion of the destruction he had unleashed. He was finally convinced to reveal a Logomancer was required to stop the beast. With the only loyal Logomancer dead, all hope seemed lost until Abira appeared with the mysterious man they'd seen earlier in the lab. Abira told everyone that the man was their son from the future. Adding to that Abira revealed she had already started her path to become a logomancer, meaning she could be able to stop the Burrower from destroying New Atlantis. Namor, however, was apalled to hear Abira had begun the sacred teachings. Becoming a Logomancer meant removing and denying yourself all wordly connections, including taking a mate. Namor's future son also revealed the ritual could only be done with a king's blessing. Their dilemma was interrupted by a massive, Burrower-caused seaquake, reminding them New Atlantis was still facing imminent destruction. While Loa used her powers to disintegrate the falling debris Namor decided to be the bigger man. He gave Abira his blessing to become the new Logomancer. Loa and the others witnessed Abira transform into the new Logomancer and take off with Namor to ultimately stop the Burrower. When the pair returned Loa was present when Namor's future son disappeared, claiming that these events had made sure his timeline would never come to be.

(X-Men: To Serve and Protect#2) - Loa was standing in class when teachers Iceman and Angel started to yell at Anole and Rockslide for napping. While Angel was still yelling at Rockslide, Loa asked Anole what was going on with them, Anole answered they were just very tired. Loa quickly commented he was a terrible liar. Unbeknownst to Loa, the duo would go out on the streets of San Francisco to fight crime.

(X-Men Legacy I#244) - Loa was seen walking on Utopia right before Blindfold was attacked by a tentacled monster.

(X-Men Legacy I#250) - Bling! and Loa were seen talking on Utopia when Rogue was on her way to Dr. Kavita Rao and Rachel Summers.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1 (fb) - BTS) - Attuma picked up one of the Serpent's hammers of the Worthy and turned into Nerkkod, Destroyer of Oceans. With an army of Atlanteans loyal to him Attuma/Nerkkod laid siege on New Atlantis planning to bring down the city.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1) - Loa joined Namor and the royal guard in their fight against Nerkkod and his army, seeing the countless dead soldiers floating in the water Loa made her way over to Namor who was fighting Nerkkod himself. Nerkkod held Namor, who was affected by the worldwide fear generated by the Worthy. He then smashed his hammer on the ocean bed, generating a massive shockwave that destroyed most of New Atlantis. Loa used the destruction to quickly grab Namor and flee.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1 (fb) - BTS) - Loa and Namor hid in a local pub on the surface while sending out a distress call to the Sub-Mariner's old associate Doctor Strange.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1) - Loa and Namor were still in the pub when Doctor Strange arrived. They showed him the way to the fallen King. Once Namor had explained what had transpired Doctor Strange decided to summon the Defenders with Belial's Beckoning spell, spawning small creatures who would search for their former teammates. Astounded by the bright little creatures, Loa noted it was much cooler than the Avengers battle cry.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1 - BTS) - Having devastated New Atlantis, Nerkkod put his generals Tiger Shark, Tyrak and Aradnea in charge of the city. Aradnea, however, had been mystically engineered to serve as a conduit for the ancient extradimensional demons the Undying Ones. With the coming of the Serpent (Cul) the veil between the dimensions had weakened, allowing Aradnea to summon the Undying Ones and their leader the Nameless One to Earth to inhabit the bodies of the Atlantean prisoners and giant sea creatures.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#1) - Doubting whether or not any of their friends would show up, the group was shocked when large, seemingly unconscious sea creatures came crashing through the roof. Wondering what could have happened She-Hulk (Lyra) entered the building, Doctor Strange realized that since he had used an imperfect incantation of his beckoning spell, calling Lyra and not Bruce Banner. Lyra, however, was more than willing to help the group fight the sea monsters who were lumbering out of the bay. Loa and the impromptu Defenders charged at the creatures. A creature came after Loa who tried to evade it, saying it really wouldn't want to hit her. When the sea spawn tried to slash her with its claws, it instantly crumbled after which the entire creature dematerialized. Loa then tried to flee from the creatures and stumbled upon a new arrival, the Silver Surfer.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#2) - The Silver Surfer joined Loa and the Defenders in fighting Attuma's monsters. Doctor Strange gathered his strength and performed a spell to stop the creatures, inadvertently exorcising their demonic entities. Strange learned that the weakened dimensional veils had caused this threat, telling his associates they'd just fought and defeated the Undying Ones and their leader the Nameless Ones. Loa surprised everyone when she remarked that the Undying Ones' powers had faded centuries ago, revealing she too had read the Necronomicon. Pleasantly surprised by the bright teenager Doctor Strange told Namor she liked the girl for having potential. Just then, three more towering sea creatures arose from the sea ready to kill the Defenders, only to be swiftly defeated and exorcised. The group decided to return to land and regroup. But before they could leave the sea, She-Hulk was pulled under water by Tiger Shark, who was possessed by the Nameless One himself.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#3) - Loa and the Defenders came to She-Hulk's rescue. Doctor Strange performed a spell that allowed those present to breathe underwater. Arriving at the ruins of New Atlantis, they fought Tiger Shark's army which consisted of possessed citizens of New Atlantis. The Defenders couldn't stop them from pulling Loa away, prompting the Silver Surfer to go and search her. Sometime later the Surfer found what he thought to be Loa but failed to realize it was another one of Nerkkod's generals, Tyrak. But right before Tyrak could kill the Surfer he saw through the ruse and easily defeated the man. Meanwhile, Loa had found a way to escape the possessed Atlanteans and stumbled upon Doctor Strange, the pair continued their search for the source of the mystic energy. Tracking the energy to the hidden base of Nerkkod's generals they came eye to eye with Aradnea who revealed she was in fact the conduit for the Undying Ones. Aradnea was about to send her creatures at the duo when Namor burst through the base's walls declaring he would deal with the beasts so they could focus their attention on the source. Locked in a magical battle, Doctor Strange tried fighting Aradnea but was about to lose the fight so Loa hit the woman in the back with Namor's trident. This allowed Doctor Strange to gain the upper hand. He finished his spell against Aradnea causing the Undying Ones to disappear and return to their home dimension. Thinking the threat over and dealt with Doctor Strange turned his attention to Namor oblivious to the fact Aradnea had regained consciousness and was about to kill Strange with the trident. Seeing no other way to rescue Strange, Loa used her mutant ability to push her fist through Aradnea's chest, seemingly destroying her. However, small shadow-like fish could be seen swimming away from her body. Shocked at what she'd done Doctor Strange assured Loa she did what had to be done. Just then She-Hulk and the Silver Surfer rejoined the group, ready to face Nerkkod.

(Fear Itself: The Deep#4) - Having dealt with Nerkkod's generals and breaking his pact with the Undying Ones the Defenders prepared for Nerkkod and his army. Coming face to face with the Destroyer of Oceans he commanded his troops to attack. During the fierce battle Loa asked She-Hulk to throw her at one of Nerkkod's giant warmachines calling it the fastball special which she'd seen Wolverine do. Using her mutant abilities Loa easily destroyed one of the giant warmachines after which Doctor Strange noted the reinforcements had finally arrived: a small group of Defenders allies (Black Panther, Blazing Skull, Cloud, Devil-Slayer, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Hellstrom, Moon Knight and Stingray) summoned by Dr. Strange to help them battle Nerkkod. With the added help of these heroes the Defenders turned the tide. This allowed them to focus their attention on Nerkkod. Namor stabbed Nerkkod in the chest with his trident after which he ordered Loa to use her powers to disintegrate his right hand, depriving him of his hammer. Nerkkod, however, easily regenerated his lost limb and rode away on a whirlwind, vowing revenge. With the threat of Nerkkod over and New Atlantis freed, Loa and the Defenders celebrated their achievements.

(X-Men: Regenesis#1 - BTS) - Following the ideological schism between Cyclops and Wolverine during a recent conflict, Wolverine had left Utopia to start a new school where young mutants would be students instead of the soldiers Cyclops wanted them to be. This led to the student body discussing amongst themselves who they'd follow. Over a game of baseball, the students decided whether they would stay or leave with Wolverine. Loa came to the conclusion she'd stay on Utopia.

(Uncanny X-Men II#1) - Psylocke taught a class of students martial arts, including Loa.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#2) - The Avengers and the X-Men had come to blows over the fate of Hope, a young mutant girl believed to be the messiah for her race, as well as the potential new host for the Phoenix Force. The Avengers wanted to restrain her, which led to a conflict with the X-Men. While both teams battled on Utopia, Loa and several other students watched the fight from a safe distance. Just then Emma Frost entered with Hope, trapping her in the room with the students thus stopping her from fleeing Utopia. Hope, however, had other plans and used her connection to the Phoenix Force to escape.

(Avengers vs. X-Men#3) - Loa and the students were on site when Dr. Strange returned with Magik in his arms.

(Avengers Academy#29) - Reasoning the X-Men students needed a safe place where they wouldn't get caught up in the fights, Loa and the other students were brought to Avengers Academy. Wolverine was unwilling to bring the students to his own school, feeling they'd be liable to drag his own students into the ongoing conflict with the Avengers over Hope. Dr. Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries of Utopia's science team agreed to act as chaperones while the students of Avengers Academy were asked to stop the X-Men students if they tried to escape. After Wolverine and the Avengers had departed Hercules and Tigra proposed to continue the "Avenger versus X-Men war", on the athletic fields. The idea of a contest sparked the unwilling students' interest. Loa witnessed how Lightspeed competed against Transonic in an aerial sprint after which Loa herself competed against Finesse. Just when the mutants started to bond with the other Academy students, Velocidad and Surge burst out of anger, feeling it was ridiculous to pretend to have fun while their friend Hope was missing and they had been imprisoned over some perceived loyalty to the enemy. The X-Men students then decided to retreat into the Avengers Compound. Unbeknownst to all students, the amnesiac Sebastian Shaw (who had been captured alongside the X-Men students) had escaped Avengers custody.

(Avengers Academy#30) - That very night Loa was still playing with Mettle, using her abilities that allowed him to surf through the earth. But when several of the X-Students decided to flee the Avengers Academy Loa and Mettle got caught up in the fight. However, the Avengers in training were in for a surprise when their own mutant members (Wiz Kid, Ricochet, Hollow) decided to switch sides to even the score. Realizing he had enough of the madness Crosta decided to flee by diving into the ocean, but as he leaped towards the waters he was caught by Juston Seyfert's Sentinel. Unaware the Sentinel was benign, the mutant students were shocked to see the Avengers kept an engine of mutant annihilation around. The mutants attacked the robot, triggering several Avenger students to try and protect it. X-23 successfully stopped the Sentinel and ordered it to retreat back into the ocean. Before the students could decide what to do, Sebastian Shaw showed up (having just defeated the Avengers and the student chaperones).

(Avengers Academy#31) - Loa did nothing but watch as another fight erupted between both teams of students over Sebastian Shaw, thinking the super villain tried to escape. But when Finesse saw he'd actually come to help the mutants escape the fight stopped. After Hercules and Tigra arrived, a huge debate started whether or not it was justified to keep the mutants incarcerated. As most people present thought it was wrong to keep them, Tigra staged a giant fight so it would look to anyone reviewing the security footage that the X-Students beat the Avengers. When the fake combat had ended the students decided to go find Emma Frost, but when Pixie had left with the students Tigra noticed they had forgotten about Loa. However, Loa explained it was her call to stay around and hang out for a bit. Even though there was a war going on she would rather enjoy the waves, sometime later Loa and the other students of the Avengers Academy enjoyed a lovely day at the beach.

(Uncanny Avengers I#1) - Loa was present during the funeral ceremony for Charles Xavier who had been killed by the Phoenix-possessed Cyclops.


(Uncanny X-Men V#9) - The X-Men were targeted by X-Man who had recently learned he was dying. Eager to make a difference by bringing about world peace and powered by the life bringing Celestial Life Seed, he was determined to kill them to achieve his goal. Jean Grey telepathically contacted Loa, Indra and all the other X-Men, allies and former students for help. However, both Loa and Indra didn't show up to help.

(Uncanny X-Men V#11/3) - With the world believing the X-Men to be dead (secretly brought to Nate Grey's pocket dimension) anti-mutant violence sparked once again. As such Loa was attacked and killed in an explosion, her friend Blindfold and Velocidad watched over her corpse and decided to seek refuge in the Morlock tunnels.

(Uncanny X-Men V#17 - BTS) - When the X-Men mourned Wolfsbane death Karma listed Loa's amongst those who'd died.

(X-Men V#11 - BTS) - Following the Krakoan resurrection protocols, Loa was among the many mutants resurrected by the Five (Egg, Elixir, Proteus, Hope Summers and Tempus). Loa was one of the many who accepted the invitation to remain on the sovereign mutant island nation, ruled by the Quiet Council.

(X-Men V#11) - Anole took Rockslide and the recently resurrected Loa to go and visit Summoner a mutant hailing from Arakko. The threesome was welcomed by Summoner who proposed to play an Arakki game. Loa and the other, however, were unaware the boy was send to learn of Krakoa's weaknesses for Arakko. Rockslide decided to play and the others watched he was transformed into a small pawn. However, before the game could start they witnessed the arrival of the Cotati invasion on Earth.

(X-Men V#12) - Despite the Cotati invasion the teenagers continued Summoner's "game". As such Summoner learned of Rockslide's weakness, he was a being of energy with a rock-like armor. However, just then Summoner's grandfather Apocalypse arrived to have a conversation, Rockslide was returned to his regular size after which Loa, Anole and Rockslide took off.

(X of Swords: Destruction) - Loa was one of the many mutants who helped Jean Grey and Cyclops with a large scale attack on Arakko to save their friends from Saturnyne's cross-dimensional tournament. Together, Krakoa's mutantdom steered victorious.

(X-Factor IV#5) - Learning former X-Men student Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega) would be resurrected, Loa and other former students met up at Arbor Magna Hatchery to welcome her back to the land of the living. Just as Sofia was resurrected she immediately took flight after being welcomed by her friends. Loa joined the others for the celebration at the Boneyard. During the celebration Loa and Eye-Boy noticed Mercury and Bling! kissing, Loa quickly pulled Eye-Boy away to give the girls some privacy.

(X-Factor IV#7 - BTS) - The official incident report of Loa's death was sent along with that of Wolfsbane and Prodigy to the Five. She and many others who died around the same time were then resurrected by the Five.

(X-Factor IV#6 - BTS) - During a phone call between Sofia Mantega and David Alleyne, Alleyne explained he had died around the same time as Loa and Wolfsbane, their deaths presumably related.

(Way of X I#1) - Loa joined Nightcrawler, Pixie, Blink and DJ on a special mission in Venice where they investigated an anti-mutant monastery only to discover it was funded by Orchis. Having been resurrected before, Loa, Blink and DJ tried to convince Pixie there was nothing special about it, something which rubbed Nightcrawler the wrong way as it violated his religious beliefs. However when the group was discovered and attacked by Orchis the young Pixie decided it would work wonders to guild trip the priest and let herself be killed while Loa, Blink and DJ cheered her on. The following day Loa joined Blink and DJ in Krakoa's Arbor Magna to witness Pixie's first resurrection.

(Women of Marvel II#1/9) - Loa was seen chatting with Anole in the Green Lagoon when Marrow came to Feral's rescue who was being harassed by Roulette (Jennifer Stavros) and Andrea von Strucker.

(Way of X I#2 (fb) - BTS) - While preparing for Krakoa's first manual Hellfire Gala to celebrate mutant culture, Loa met up with Mercury to discuss their dresses. In total awe of Mercury's metallic paint-like costume she became tongue-tied and second guessed herself if she considered Mercury more than a friend.

(Way of X I#2) - Loa met up with Pixie in the Green Lagoon to discuss her feelings about Mercury, asking Pixie if the three of them could attend the gala together. However, before Pixie could help Loa she was taken away by Nightcrawler to help him save Legion from Orchis. When sometime later that day Loa met up with Mercury they felt a strange sensation as Legion was resurrected through Krakoan resurrection protocols.

(Hellions I#12) - Loa and other guests of the Hellfire Gala were surprised to see several members of the Hellions crash the party, amongst them were Nanny, Orphan Maker, Wild Child and Scalphunter.

(New Mutants IV#19) - Loa was seen from behind during the Hellfire Gala as Proudstar walked by her.

(Planet-Size X-Men#1) - All guests of the Hellfire Gala, including Loa, were in for a surprise ending of the night when mutantdom revealed they had successfully terraformed Mars.

(X-Corp I#2) - Loa was seen near the dance floor while Madrox was serving drinks during the Hellfire Gala.

(Way of X I#3 / Wolverine VII#13) - During the Hellfire Gala, a drunk Nightcrawler accidentally spilled his drink on Loa's dress as she was chatting with Mercury.

(Way of X I#3 (fb) - BTS) - While mutantkind celebrated the terraforming of Planet Arakko, Loa and Mercury sought out a private place looking to get intimate. However, as Loa got overexcited she couldn't properly control her mutant gifts and accidentally shredded and severed Mercury's hand. Embarrassed and unsure how to proceed, Loa and Mercury asked for Pixie's help.

(Way of X I#3) - Mercury and Loa hid behind a large tree as Pixie retuned with Legion (followed by Xorn and Zorn) to help them. In an effort to help the girls to get intimate without injuring eachother, Legion used his gifts to let them get intimate on the Astral Plane. Loa and Mercury then got the opportunity to see and feel eachother without borders or boundaries, sharing everything. However, the psionic entity known as Onslaught had been hiding inside the minds of many Krakoans poisoning their minds and caused the girls to shift their focus on their ugly thoughts, even causing the girls to fight in the real world. It wasn't until Legion and Pixie intervened that Onslaught left the girls alone, however the damage had already been done as Loa now feared Mercury's dark thoughts and fled the scene.

(Way of X I#4) - Loa met up with DJ, Blink and Pixie in the Green Lagoon while Charles Xavier was meeting with Legion. Although Legion knew Onslaught was poisoning the minds of Krakoans he feared to tell his father less he was compromised. Sadly, that was the case as Onslaught used his abilities to turn all those in the Green Lagoon, including Loa against each other. Without hesitation Legion and the Xorn brothers unleashed a powerful blast which killed all of the Green Lagoon's patrons including Xavier and Loa as to keep Onslaught at bay.

(Way of X I#5) - Loa and all sixty-three mutants killed by Legion and the Xorn brothers were returned to life through the Krakoan resurrection protocols. Later that day Loa and many other mutants were seen walking through Krakoa unaware they were being influence by Onslaught.

(X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation#1) - Loa and Mercury, visibly under the influence of Onslaught, gathered at a large Krakoan party. The girls, however, were unaware Onslaught planned to turn the party into a bloodbath which would inadvertently allow him to ascend to godhood. Amidst the party Loa was suddenly teleported away by Blink after which she was held by DJ while Pixie stabbed Loa with her Souldagger, removing Onslaught's influence from her. Loa's friends had joined Nightcrawler and Legion who worked to stop the psionic threat. Loa then helped her friends to redirect all mutants under Onslaught's influence to the Altar, a pocket dimension in Legion's mind where they finally stopped the psionic threat. With the threat dealt with Loa met up with Mercury to enjoy a milkshake in Stacy X's Bower.

(Wolverine VII#17) - Hope was seen in Krakoa's Green Lagoon enjoying a karaoke night as a mustached Blob took to the stage.

(Legion of X I#1) - Loa and Mercury were seen together holding hands as they traveled through Arakko to meet up with Dust.

(X-Men Hellfire Gala I#1) - During the second annual Hellfire Gala a girl with similar looking body tattoos was seen when Emma Frost complimented Spider-Man on his costume. It's been unrevealed if this was Loa.

Comments: Created by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Carlo Barberi, Wayne Faucher, and Juan Vlasco (inkers).

In Namor: The First Mutant#5 it was finally revealed Alani's "tattoos" were a manifestation of her powers. In Fear Itself: The Deep#2 Loa revealed she had to drink an Atlantean potion to breathe air. "Loa" comes from the name of the Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa.

Loa received a profile in the X-Men: The 198 Files (2006) and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#13 (2010).

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Loa has no known connections to:

  • or any other "Loa" characters

Alani Ryan of Earth-11069

Alani Ryan from Earth-11069 was the same as "our" Alani, living with Namor and Abira in New Atlantis. Alani was killed during the destruction of New Atlantis caused by Warlord Krang and Selach. Namor and Abira were seen mourning Alani. Namor and Abira's son would eventually travel back through time to stop this horrible future from coming to pass. When he succeeded in his mission, the alternate reality ceased to exist.

--Namor: The First Mutant#11

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