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Real Name: Andrea Margulies

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: None;
former student

Group Membership: None;
                                    formerly Alpha Squadron (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Indra/Paras Gavaskar, Kidogo/Lazaro Kotikash, Loa/Alani Ryan, Network/Sarah Vale)

Affiliations: Black Tom (Thomas Cassidy), D-Cel (Miranda Manuel), the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Unstoppables (Juggernaut/Cain Marko, Primus, Quicksand/Nguyet), Xavier Institute Squadron's: Corsairs (Dryad/Callie Betto, Quill/Maxwell Jordan, Specter/Dallas Gibson, Three-In-One/Celeste,Mindee,Phoebe Cuckoo), Hellions (Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Hellion/Julian Keller, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Tag/Brian Cruz, Wither/Kevin Ford), New Mutants (Elixer/Joey Foley, Icarus/Joshua Guthrie, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Wallflower/Laurie Collins, Wind Dancer/Sofia Mantega), Paragons (D.J./Mark Sheppard, Match/Ben Hammil, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Preview/Jessical Vale, Trance/Hope Abbott, Wolf Cub/Nicholas Gleason), Xavier Institute student body (Jeffrey Garrett, Gloom/Jordan Lewis, Overlay/Zach Halliwell, Saurus/Jorge Lukas, Silicon/Stan Finch, Tantra/Reuben O'Hara, other unnamed students), X-Men (Emma Frost, Karma/Xi'an Coy Mahn, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier)

Enemies: Absolution Solutions, Elias Bogan, Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Purifiers, William Stryker, Texas Twister (Drew Daniels), The Warden
formerly X-Treme X-Men (Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Sage/"Tessa", Storm/Ororo Munroe)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Young lady" (nickname used by Bishop), "Tupperware Lass" (called by Deadpool)

Base of Operations: Krakoa, most likely the Sextant, Akademos Habitat;
                                  formerly Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Salem Center, New York

First Appearance: X-Treme X-Men I#20 (March, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Rubber Maid possessed the mutant ability to transform her physical form into a stretchable, rubber-like form. Margulies could use her body to trap and restrict opponents in the folds of her stretched body. Her rubbery form granted increased durability and resistance to injury, easily absorbing the kinetic impact of blows, punches or other physical attacks. As an inhabitant of Krakoa he's able to speak Krakoan and has access to the many Krakoan portals granting him access to the corners of the world and beyond.

Height: 5'5" (by approximation, though variable as she stretched)
Weight: 115 lbs. (by approximation
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Using powers


(X-Treme X-Men I#21) - Rubber Maid was revealed to have befriended the newest arrival at Xavier's, the teleporter Jeffrey Garrett. Among their group of friends were Tantra, Gloom, Silicon and two unidentified X-students.

(X-Treme X-Men I#20 - BTS) - When seven naked people were found frozen to death on Alaska's McKenn glacier, all evidence pointed to a mutant murderer. This got X-Treme X-Men members Bishop & Sage involved in the investigation. The duo decided to pay a visit to the Xavier Institute, figuring it would be the ideal safe haven for a mutant on the run. However, headmistress Emma Frost wasn't too thrilled by the notion of opening her school up for a crime scene investigation and motivated some of her students to play with the X-Men a little.

(X-Treme X-Men I#20) - Rubber Maid watched as X-Students Gloom, Tantra and Overlay used their powers to mess with Sage and Bishop's perceptions of reality, making one think she was a rat while having the other make out with a tree. The experienced X-Men quickly overcame these illusions and confronted the students. Rubber Maid used her elastic body to entrap Bishop, planning to toss him over the wall while Silicon dealt with Sage. However, Bishop used his powers to break free of Rubber Maid's hold and quickly tied her to the nearest tree. After the fight it didn't take long for Bishop and Sage to match the mutant energy signature they found at the Alaska crime scene with that of Jeffrey Garrett. Freaked out because he was found out, Jeffrey teleported the two to Times Square where they appeared without any clothes on.

(X-Treme X-Men I#21) - Rubber Maid defended Jeffrey Garrett as other students questioned whether or not he committed the crimes until Garrett was whisked away by Emma Frost.

(X-Treme X-Men I#22) - Unbeknownst to anyone, the malevolent psychic entity known as Elias Bogan mind controlled Emma Frost and took over her body in order to check on Garrett who was staying in the students' sleeping quarters. While monitoring the students' dreams "Emma" noticed that the handsome Jeffrey had charmed Rubber Maid, who was dreaming about him. Bogan found himself opposed by Storm, the fight that ensued woke up Rubber Maid and the others. The panic among the student body increased even more when Bishop and Sage arrived to try and apprehend Jeffrey Garrett. Acting on Bogan's orders, Garrett teleported all mutants present to the Danger Room where an interactive, unrestricted holographic program was running that replayed events that led up to the Alaska murders.

Captured by Elias Bogan

(X-Treme X-Men I#23) - Trapped in the Danger Room and forced to participate in the murder drama, Rubber Maid had seemingly lost all control over her elastic body. As a way to torture Garrett who was held by Mrs. Talent, Mr. Talent (both simulacrums of the Danger Room) had grabbed Rubber Maid and danced with her lifeless body as the events began to unravel. Despite their protests to let them and the teachers go, Bogan tried to torture Jeffrey Garrett just before the boy used all his might to teleport himself, Frost and the captured students out of the Danger Room. After Bishop, Sage and Storm managed to defeat Bogan, it was revealed that Rubber Maid and the others had no memory of the recent events, revealing Bogan was masterful at covering his tracks. Cleared of the murder charges when Bogan's mental influence became obvious, Jeffrey Garrett teleported all the students including Rubber Maid to the snow-covered plains of Alaska to unwind during a friendly snowball fight.

Northstar's funeral

(New X-Men II#13 - BTS) - When all students of the Xavier Institute were selected to join special training squads mentored by members of the X-Men, Rubber Maid was put on the Alpha Squadron which was led by Northstar.

(New X-Men II#4 - BTS) - The Alpha Squadron participated in their first field day assignment against the other Institute's squads: the New Mutants, Hellions, Corsairs, Excelsiors and the Exemplars. It's been unrevealed how the Alpha Squadron faired.

(New X-Men II#13) - After Northstar was killed by Wolverine (he was brainwashed by the Hand at the time) Rubber Maid and her team members mourned his loss. X-Man Karma announced to the Alpha Squadron she would be taking over their group, but saddened by the loss of his teacher Anole stormed out. Sometime later before the official funeral for Northstar began Rubber Maid and her team members arrived at the Institute's cemetery and were allowed to see Northstar's memorial statue before anybody else and were later present at the official revealing.

(New X-Men II#14) - Rubber Maid and the Alpha Squadron joined the Paragons squad for a joint training session with Karma. Both groups squabbled over the fact that the Paragons had been eliminated from field day and their mentor Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) had disappeared after she was caught having an affair with a student. Later, Rubber Maid most likely attended the school dance.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1) - Rubber Maid and her fellow Alpha Squadronners posed for a yearbook photo. In the yearbook, Rubber Maid was voted biggest gossip. A byline told how she disliked the Hellions winning the field day trophy.

(House of M#8 - BTS) - Rubber Maid was one of the many millions mutants who lost their powers when a reality altering spell cast by the Scarlet Witch reduced the world's number of gene active mutants to a mere 300.

Rubber Maid's death!

(New X-Men II#23) - Two weeks after the world wide mutant depowering known as M-Day, Xavier Institute headmasters Cyclops and Emma Frost decided all depowered students should return home for their own safety. A first busload of students had already left and a second, with another 42 former mutant teens to follow. The second vehicle was attacked and blown up by the Purifiers, acting on the orders of their leader Reverend William Stryker. Every passenger died.

(New X-Men II#24 (fb)) - As the bus had blown up Surge (Noriko Ashida) rushed towards the wreckage and found Rubber Maid's lifeless body.

(New X-Men II#24) - Rubber Maid was buried at the Institute's cemetery. The entire teaching staff and student body of Xavier's attended her funeral.

(New X-Men II#32 - BTS) - Rubber Maid was one of the deceased mutants who was remembered during a memorial service attended by the X-Men, the remaining students and their allies.

rescued by the Unstoppables


(X-Factor IV#5 - BTS) - Following the Krakoan resurrection protocols, Rubber Maid was among the many mutants resurrected by the Five (Egg, Elixir, Proteus, Hope Summers and Tempus). Rubber Maid was one of the many who accepted the invitation to remain on the sovereign mutant island nation, ruled by the Quiet Council.

(X-Factor IV#5) - Learning former X-Men student Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega) had been resurrected, Rubber Maid and other former students met up at the Boneyard to celebrate.

(X-Men Unlimited III#13 - BTS) - Rubber Maid befriended Krakoa's newest arrival D-Cel.

(X-Men Unlimited III#13 (fb) - BTS) - When Rubber Maid got wind of a salsa concert in Austin, Texas, she asked D-Cel to join her. D-Cel, however, refused after which Rubber Maid decided to go on her own. But after traveling through one of the many Krakoan gates she was captured. Although apprehended illegally, Rubber Maid was placed in a federal prison guarded by the Texas Twister on behalf of Austin's governor who was taking orders from the Warden who sought mutants to experiment on.

(X-Men Unlimited III#13) - Rubber Maid was in her prison cell when Krakoa sent the Unstoppables, a group of wanted criminals to extract her. However, just as the Unstoppables defeated the Texas Twister, the mercenary Deadpool beat them to it and entered Rubber Maid's cell first. Deadpool had been hired by the Warden to bring the young mutant to his superhuman prison the Dungeon. Guns in hand, Deadpool joked about her codename, calling her Tupperware Lass.

(X-Men Unlimited III#14) - Shocked to see the masked mercenary, Rubber Maid trembled as he put power-dampeners on her wrists. Deadpool then took the girl with him through a secret tunnel and shoved Rubber Maid in the back of his car. However, moments later the Unstoppables arrived and successfully saved Rubber Maid from Deadpool's car after which Juggernaut beat the mercenaries face to a pulp. Defeated, Deadpool revealed that although he felt for the girl he needed the paycheck and had accepted the Warden's assignment. Juggernaut vowed that after returning Rubber Maid to a Krakoan gate they would hunt the Warden.

(X-Men Unlimited III#15) - While in his civilian guise, Juggernaut escorted Rubber Maid to the nearest Krakoan gate in the Slaughter Creek Preserve where she was welcomed by Black Tom and D-Cell who took her back to Krakoa.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont & Salvador Larroca.

Rubber Maid was part of the Xavier's Institute entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe HC#13.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Rubber Maid has no known connections to

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