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Real Name: Nicholas Gleason

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: Dark Riders (Forearm/Michael McCain, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Mammomax/Maximus Jensen, Marrow/Sarah, Shark Girl/Iara dos Santos;
formerly Young X-Men (Blindfold/Ruth Aldine, Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Graymalkin/Jonas Graymalkin, Ink/Eric Gitter, Rockslide/Santo Vacarro), the Paragons (D.J./Mark Sheppard, Match/Ben Hamill, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Preview/Jessica Vale, Trance/Hope Abbott)

Affiliations: Exiles (Magik/Illyana Rasputin of Earth-4210, Mimic/Calvin Rankin of Earth-12, Morph of Earth-1081, Nocturne/T.J. Wagner of Earth-2182, Sasquatch/Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of Earth-2109), the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Man-Thing (Theodore Sallis), X-Men (either faculty members from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters or other X-Men teams) (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Chamber/Jonothon Starsmore, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Annie Ghazikhanian, Havok/Alex Summers, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Iceman/Robert Drake, Juggernaut/Cain Marko, Magma/Amara Aquila, Danielle Moonstar, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), X-Men students (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Bling!/Roxy Washington, Dryad/Callie Betto, Elixer/Josh Foley, Ernst, Gentle/Nezhno Abidemi, Carter Ghazikhanian, Hellion/Jullian Keller, Icarus/Joshua Guthrie, Indra/Paras Gavaskar, Kidogo/Lazaro Kotikash, Loa/Alani Ryan, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Network/Sarah Vale, Onyxx/Sydney Green, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Quill/Maxwell Jordan, Rubbermaid/Andrea Margulies, Specter/Dallas Gibson, Squid-Boy/Sammy Pare, Surge/Noriko Ashida, Tag/Brian Cruz, Three-In-One/Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe Cuckoo, Wallflower/Laurie Collins, Wind Dancer/Sofia Mantega, Wither/Kevin Ford, X-23/Laura Kinney)

Enemies: Belasco, Harrower (Harriet Bromes), Havok of Earth-1298 (Alex Summers), Maximus Lobo, Donald Pierce, Purifiers, Predator X, S'ym, William Stryker, War-Tech users (Frank and one other)

Known Relatives: Parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Krakoa, most likely the Sextant, Akademos Habitat;
   formerly Danger Cave, underneath the ruins of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Westchester County, New York;
   formerly Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Westchester County, New York
   formerly Cleveland, Ohio (place of birth)

First Appearance: Chamber#1 (October, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Wolf Cub was a lupine mutant metamorph permanently stuck in a half-wolf form. He has brown fur, enhanced senses and razor-sharp claws. Despite his animalistic appearance, Gleason possessed human intelligence though as time passed he started acting more like a true wolf. As an inhabitant of Krakoa he's able to speak Krakoan and has access to the many Krakoan portals granting him access to the corners of the world and beyond.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 140 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Red (White, brown or Grey on occasion)
Hair: Brown


(Chamber#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lupine mutant teen Nicholas Gleason lost his parents when they died through unrevealed ways. News of their deaths hit the papers, which in turn caused the X-Men to send Chamber and Cyclops to reach out and locate the young mutant.

(Chamber#1 (fb) - BTS) - By the time Chamber reached Gleason, he was already under attack from two mutant hating business men who blamed the bankruptcy of their E-business on mutants. After enhancing their bodies with grafted on War-Technology they located and trapped Wolf Cub in a house (possibly his home) where they prepared to kill him.

(Chamber#1) - Before the two War-Tech users could strike, Chamber intervened and defeated them with relative ease. Scared by the sight of Chamber, Wolf Cub said he didn't want to be saved by a monster. That's when Cyclops stepped in and calmed Gleason down. They took him to the Xavier Institute where Cyclops carried the boy in his arms. Nicholas was still held by Cyclops when the student Cephalopod told the X-Men's leader of a brutal murder at the Empire State University.

(Chamber#4) - A month after Gleason had enrolled at Xavier's (and had taken the codename Wolf Cub) he'd made friends with Squid-Boy and Carter Ghazikhanian. The boys were playing a game of football while the X-Men's most recent recruit Juggernaut (Cain Marko) watched them.

(Exiles I#28 (fb) - BTS) - Maximus Lobo and his Dominant Species wolfpack became aware of Wolf Cub. Feeling Gleason was a member of the pack as well, Maximus started to use his natural dominance over other lupine mutants to influence the teenager, slowly increasing his violent tendencies.

(Exiles I#28) - Around that time, the interdimensional band of mutants known as the Exiles arrived on Earth-616 to deal with the fact that reality's Alex Summers carried an evil alternate counterpart inside him that was waiting to take over. Should that happen, it would mean the deaths of Wolf Cub as well as Carter and his mother, school nurse Annie Ghazhikanian. Not too long afterwards, Lobo's influence on Wolf Cub became clear when the teen suddenly struck Alex Summers with his claws, completely disembowling him. The Exiles arrived just as Havok was rushed to the medical bay, his evil counterpart already in control. The X-Men were unaware of all this, so when the Exiles tried to move against Havok a fight broke out. At the same time, Wolf Cub led Maximus Lobo and his pack on to the school grounds where they ultimately ambushed both bands of heroes.

(Exiles I#29) - Wolf Cub looked on from the bushes while Maximus Lobo gloated at Wolverine, Husk and Morph. Lobo's men gathered around the heroes, ready to attack. When they pounced, Wolverine took on Lobo, ordering Husk to get Wolf Cub out of there. So afraid of the wolves since her last encounter, Husk was unable to face them again. In the fight that followed, Morph was ripped to shreds and Wolverine and Husk were injured and knocked unconscious. Still feeling some kind of connection to his fellow X-Men, Wolf Cub convinced Lobo not to kill them but instead use them as hostages while they went after Archangel and the other members of the school. Agreeing to this, Lobo took his men to hunt for Nightcrawler and Juggernaut who had gone off to get the injured Carter Ghazikhanian to the nearest hospital. While Lobo went after them, Wolf Cub gathered the severed pieces of Morph and returned to the mansion, warning the remaining heroes.

(Exiles I#30) - Wolf Cub and the other heroes successfully traced down Morph who was trying to reform himself. Reunited, the heroes made their way over to the big fight between Lobo, Alex (of Earth-1298) and the X-Men. Unable to withstand the combined force of the X-Men and Exiles, Lobo and his lycans were beaten back and forced to retreat. Leaving the heroes to deal with the still-possessed Havok all alone. Wolf Cub finally saw his chance to take revenge and attacked Havok which allowed for Nocturne to take possession of the man, driving the evil Alex out in the process. In the aftermath, Wolf Cub was seemingly freed from Lobo's influence.

(New X-Men II#12 - BTS) - While at Xavier's, Wolf Cub was among the students selected to join one of the special training squads mentored by various members of the X-Men. He was placed on the Paragons, led by Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair).

(New X-Men II#12 (fb) - BTS) - As part of the Paragons, Wolf Cub participated in a Danger Room session where they had to fight a Hulk construct. After completing the exercise, the New Mutants squad tried the same challenge and beat the record set by the Paragons.

(New X-Men II#12) - During a meeting with their advisor Rahne Sinclair, the Paragons expressed their disappointment at losing to the New Mutants squad. Rahne gave the squad a much needed peptalk, reminding them they still would have saved a lot of lives if the situation had been real. Not much later, Xavier Institute's headmasters Cyclops and Emma Frost found out and confronted Rahne about her affair with sixteen-year old student Josh Foley. Rahne then decided to leave the academy, not wanting to wait around for them to fire her.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1 - BTS) - Amara Aquila (Magma) became the Paragons new advisor.

(New X-Men Yearbook Special#1) - Alongside his fellow Paragons and their advisor Magma, Wolf Cub posed for a group photo for the Xavier yearbook. In the yearbook, Wolf Cub was voted to most likely to cry at the movies. He liked moonlit nights and dogs and disliked people who made fun of him.

(House of M#8 - BTS) - When millions of homo superior lost their powers when a reality altering spell cast by the Scarlet Witch reduced the number of gene active mutants to a mere 300 worldwide, Wolf Cub was one of the select who kept his mutant powers.

(New X-Men II#21) - Wolf Cub and several other x-gene active students were watching television and discussing the recent global depowering. They witnessed news reports from all over the world, as well as an interview with former X-Men foe Reverend William Stryker who explained the event as a sign from God. He went on to say that it was now up to humanity to take the next step. Then, Wolverine came in to introduce the students to X-23, a genetic clone created from his DNA.

(New X-Men II#23) - Two weeks after the global depowering, Xavier Institute headmaster Emma Frost pitted all remaining students against each other in a battle royale to choose a team who would go on to train as New X-Men. During the battle royale Wolf Cub was knocked out by Rockslide. After Emma chose her six "winners", Cyclops added a surprise seventh by picking X-23. Later that day Wolf Cub was seen as the headmasters announced all depowered students would be sent home. A first busload of students had already left when a second, carrying another 42 former mutant teens, was blown up. The attack was carried out by the Purifiers who were acting on the orders from their leader, the Reverend William Stryker.

(New X-Men II#24) - Fourteen out of 42 affected families refused to claim the body of their mutant relative, leading them to be buried at Xavier's cemetery. Wolf Cub attended the funeral ceremonies.

(Astonishing X-Men III#13) - Wolf Cub was selected alongside Indra, Match, Anole, Pixie, Armor and four of the New X-Men to participate in another Danger Room session with Wolverine. But when Match noticed the Danger Room now just was a normal room (since it's conscience had mutated, escaped and fought the X-Men as Danger) Wolverine quickly turned off the lights. In the pitch black Wolverine fought the students and easily defeated them and tested Hisako's armor in the process.

(Astonishing X-Men III#14) - While watching television at night, Wolf Cub was surprised when a naked Kitty Pryde suddenly phased-in through the ceiling (Pryde was spending the night with Colossus).

(New X-Men II#27) - Several days later, the Purifiers managed to infiltrate the Xavier Institute in the hopes of killing all remaining mutants. During their all-out attack, Emma Frost telepathically warned all students to remain in their room. Wolf Cub and Indra were present in the same dorm when they received their message, although Wolf Cub wondered what Frost meant by "eternal ire". Sadly the Purifiers managed to claim the life of fellow student Quill and severely injured others as well. After the X-Men defeated William Stryker, the corpse of Quill was found and taken in by the agents of O*N*E*.

(New X-Men II#28) - Wolf Cub and several students witnessed the arrival of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) who had come to tell the X-Men they had found the corpse of Icarus (Joshua Guthrie).

(New X-Men II#32) - Wolf Cub was present amongst other students, the X-Men and their allies during a memorial service to remember all those who had fallen in the X-Men's long struggle in achieving Xavier's dream of co-existence.

(New X-Men II#37) - Wolf Cub, Anole, Match, Loa, Pixie, Nezho and Blindfold had gathered around the fireplace while Rockslide was telling stories about the X-Men's recent victories. But when it was Blindfold's turn, she told the story of Illyana Rasputin and the demon-lord Belasco. When Blindfold finished her tale, the students realize that her "story" was real and Belasco was coming for them as the floor opened up beneath them. Belasco had sensed his former apprentice Illyana Rasputin was alive again and took them prisoner as a first step to retrieve her.

(New X-Men II#38) - While all other students had been captured by Belasco and S'ym, Wolf Cub and his group found themselves in the wastelands of Otherlace (Limbo). After realizing where they were, demons appeared to devour the teenage mutants. Wolf Cub used his razor-sharp claws to attack several demons while his fellow friends also fought to stay alive, but things seemed to go bad when Rockslide exploded and Anole's arm was cut off. Just then, Illyana Rasputin, the Darkchilde and her pet N'astirh appeared.

(New X-Men II#39) - After toying around with Wolf Cub and his friends for a bit, Magik offered to help the group find their friends if any of them would offer their soul to her. Revealing she needed to create a soulsword to defeat the demon-king, she finally turned her attention on young Pixie. Match and Wolf Cub prepared to attack the Darkchilde, who easily encased them in stone. They watched helplessly as Pixie offered her soul to Magik.

(New X-Men II#40) - Wolf Cub witnessed Magik using her sorcerous abilities to steal Pixie's soul. However, right after Magik had transformed part of Pixie's essence into a soul stone, Anole broke free and interrupted the ritual. Furious, Magik was ready to kill him, but Rockslide arrived to save the day in his new Limbo lava-rockform which made him immune to her powers. Rockslide beat the sadistic sorceress senseless until part of her Illyana-persona resurfaced. Now more rational than before Magik joined the students in their attempt to defeat Belasco and free their classmates.

(New X-Men II#41) - Wolf Cub and the New X-Men helped Magik reclaim her control over limbo. She thanked the students by sending them home.

(New X-Men II#42) - Realizing the Scarlet Witch's spell meant there would be no more new mutant births, Mercury wondered who was now the youngest mutant they knew. After compiling a list of all the known prepubescent mutants, Indra declared Wolf Cub had to be the youngest mutant on Earth, which freaked Gleason out because he figured that probably meant he was next to die at the hands of some X-Men villain. However, Mercury noted that Indra had forgotten to list himself, realizing the Indian boy was actually the youngest gene active mutant at Xavier's.

(New X-Men II#43) - The fact he was the youngest mutant scared Indra so much, Wolf Cub and the others vowed to keep him safe. Unable to sleep that night, Wolf Cub joined a group of students around Match who used his powers to generate an indoor campfire. Unexpectedly, it was the usually sarcastic Rockslide who managed to ground the students by explaining it wouldn't matter if they where the oldest or youngest mutant on the world as he would still go to war for them. Next, Beast arrived to give out new bullet proof uniforms.

(New X-Men II#46) - Wolf Cub, Indra and Trance had been deemed unfit for battle in the ongoing war and thought to be safe in the ruins of the Xavier Institute. However, the mutant hunting Predator X had made his way to the school and attacked them. Right before Predator X could bite Indra's head off, he was saved by Surge who ordered them to get to safety.

(X-Men: Divided We Stand#1/2 - BTS) - While in Wakanda Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi) thought of how Wolf Cub and the other X-Students truly accepted him for what he was.

(X-Force III#7 - BTS) - Donald Pierce held photographs of Wolf Cub, Dust and Rockslide, making plans.

(Young X-Men#1 - BTS) - Wolf Cub was still eager to have his revenge on Maximus Lobo. He tracked the now depowered businessman down to Erfurt in Germany.

(Young X-Men#1) - Wolf Cub took great joy in intimidating the scared depowered Lobo who when he finally confronted him futilely tried to explain that all he did was for the good of mutantkind. Before Wolf Cub could kill Lobo, "Cyclops" arrived to offer Gleason a spot on his new X-Men team (in reality, it was a disguised Donald Pierce). Aside from Wolf Cub, his fellow students Dust, Blindfold, Rockslide were invited as well, along with a new "mutant" Ink. After a few days they met in their headquarters beneath the ruins of the Xavier Institute, which "Cyclops" had branded the Danger Cave. There, "Cyclops" indoctrinated the Young X-Men with a combination of truth and lies. He claimed that they were the last generation of mutants on Earth (because the newborn mutant Hope had vanished) and that they were going to have to fight a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants after which he showed them the New Mutants (Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot and Moonstar).

(Young X-Men#2) - Over the next three weeks, "Cyclops" trained the Young X-Men to have them hone their killing skills. After witnessing a disastrous training against the New Mutants in the Danger Cave, "Cyclops" lectured the recruits on the importance of being lethal. That very night Wolf Cub eavesdropped on Dust and Blindfold who'd been discussing one of Blindfold's visions that had convinced her they would be betrayed by a "wolf in the fold". The next day, "Cyclops" divided the young mutants into teams and sent them to fight Magma and Moonstar. Wolf Cub, Dust and Rockslide were put on the Gold Team, tasked to combat Magma. The others were designated Blue Team and ordered to attack Moonstar.

(Young X-Men#2 - BTS) - Ink had defeated Moonstar and then turned on his teammate Blindfold as part of a secret deal he'd made with Donald Pierce, who offered him a lot of money to deliver the mutant seer (Ink was not aware Pierce was posing as Cyclops).

(Young X-Men#3) - Wolf Cub and his teammates fought Magma but were unable to stop her from turning Dust into glass by superheating her sandy form. Being their former teacher Magma was disappointed at how ill-prepared her old students seemed. Wolf Cub eventually defeated Magma by severely injuring her with his claws, incurring severe burns in the process. The Gold Team returned to the Danger Cave and delivered the glass Dust to the infirmary. "Cyclops" discussed Wolf Cub's killing instinct with him, then confirmed they'd go after Cannonball and Sunspot the next day. He later returned to the tunnels, where Pierce revealed himself to Moonstar and Blindfold.

(Young X-Men#4) - "Cyclops" sent Wolf Cub, Rockslide and Ink to the New York Hellfire Club to deal with Cannonball and Sunspot while "Cyclops" stayed behind as backup. Just as the mutants moved in, "Cyclops" was attacked by the strange Jonas Graymalkin, who put out the lights in order to increase his darkness fueled strength. Graymalkin quickly destroyed Pierce's image inducer, taking away the Cyclops illusion. In the meantime, Wolf Cub defeated Sunspot by slashing his stomach.

(Young X-Men#5) - Pierce soon managed to get the lights back up and knocked Graymalkin into the glass statue off Dust, whose shards inadvertently freed Magma as well. Pierce teleported back to the tunnels, while Magma helped Dust to heal. Magma, Dust and Graymalkin then teamed up to find the Gold Team and informed them who "Cyclops" really was. Reunited, the entire group decided to track down Pierce. When they found the tunnels in which Pierce hid, the older New Mutants set out to seek the villain while Wolf Cub and the other Young X-Men stayed put. Just then, Donald Pierce revealed his presence to the Young X-Men. Furious when Dust sandblasted the flesh from his cyborg form, Pierce turned his attention on Wolf Cub and quickly killed Gleason using his razor sharp claws. Infuriated Rockslide defeated Pierce but refused to kill him, as per the dying Wolf Cub's final request.

(X-Force III#12 - BTS) - Donald Pierce who was incarcerated in Graymalkin Industries' cell block X was visited by Dust. Feeling smug, Pierce asked Sooraya if the dog boy was still dead.


(Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey#4 - BTS) - When the Phoenix Force returned to Earth to once again try and merge with Jean Grey, it trapped her in an imaginary world where the Phoenix Force had created several constructs of deceased X-Men, amongst them Wolf Cub. Dressed in red X-Men costumes the constructs fought the real X-Men until a small squad successfully reached Jean upon which the constructs disappeared.

(Excalibur IV#1 - BTS) - Following the Krakoan resurrection protocols, Wolf Cub was among the many mutants resurrected by the Five (Egg, Elixir, Proteus, Hope Summers and Tempus). Wolf Cub was one of the many who accepted the invitation to remain on the sovereign mutant island nation, ruled by the Quiet Council.

(Excalibur IV#1) - Wolf Cub was seen sitting next to Glob Herman when Betsy Braddock entered through a Krakoan gate.

(Women of Marvel II#1/9) - Wolf Cub was having a drink in the Green Lagoon when Marrow came to Feral's rescue who was being harassed by Roulette (Jennifer Stavros) and Andrea von Strucker.

(Curse of the Man-Thing: X-Men#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wolf Cub was picked to be part of Magik's "monster mentorship" alongside Forearm, Shark-Girl, Marrow, and Mammomax, the group was called the Dark Riders.

(Curse of the Man-Thing: X-Men#1) - The Dark Riders teamed up with Man-Thing to face the threat of Harrower, who controlled various swamp creatures and sent them against the Dark Riders. Harrower was soon defeated.

(New Mutants IV#18) - When Karma participated in the Crucible in an attempt to have her brother Tran Coy Manh (who shared her body) resurrected, Wolf Cub was present in the arena on Krakoa.

(Sabretooth IV#1 - BTS) - When Sabretooth (Graydon Creed) was exiled to the Pit he was eventually granted mental freedom by Krakoa who felt the killer had been judged too harshly. Although his body stayed incapacitated his mind roamed free. In his mind, Sabretooth set out to murder all of his enemies amongst them every "mutt" who ever dreamed they were top dog as such he brutally murdered Wolf Cub, Feral, Wolfsbane, Wild Child, Maximus Lobo and Tier Sinclair.

Comments: Created by Brian K. Vaughan, Lee Ferguson, Norm Rapmund.

It's been unrevealed if Wolf Cub joined his fellow students as they moved to Graymalkin Industries in San Francisco (Uncanny X-Men I#500) or immediately left for Germany.

Wolf Cub received a profile as part of the Xavier Institute entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#13 (2008).

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Wolf Cub has no known connections to

War-Tech users Frank & friend

Frank and an unidentified associate quit the Department of Defense to start their own successful E-business. However, after making tons of capital, and a killer domain name the company suddenly tanked. Somehow concluding mutants must have caused this, they had organic War-Technology grafted onto their bodies. Frank and his friend eventually found the young lupine-like mutant Nicholas Gleason in Cleveland, Ohio. They prepared to kill him until X-Man Chamber intervened. Chamber defeated both men with relative ease after which he took Gleason back with him to the Xavier's Institute.


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