(of Earth-2109)

Real Name: Mariko Yashida

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-2109) (Japanese) human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer, reality traveler

Group Membership: Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Magik/Illyana Rasputin of Earth-4210, Mimic/Calvin Rankin of Earth-12, Morph/Kevin Sidney of Earth-1081, Nocturne/Talia Wagner of Earth-2182, Sasquatch/Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Thunderbird/John Proudstar of Earth-1100);
    formerly X-Men (Professor X, presumably others)

Affiliations: Antelope Men of Earth-39102, Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom of Earth-1016), Exiles, Longshot, David Richards of Earth-2600, President Tony Stark of Earth-20318, Sabretooth (Victor Creed of Earth-295), the Timebroker, the X-Men;
Earth-312 natives: Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm;
Earth-616 natives: Annie Ghazikhanian, Carter Ghazikhanian, Wolf Cub (Nicholas Gleason), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Havok/Alex Summers, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Juggernaut/Cain Marko, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Wolverine/James Howlett);
Earth-5692 natives: Banner Beast (Bruce Banner), the Captain (Steve Rogers), Guido Carosella, Ben Grimm, Sam Guthrie, Karl Lykos, Marrow, Ororo Munroe,
Peter Parker, Piotr Rasputin, Arkady Rossovich, Johnny Storm;
Earth-8545 natives: Asgardians (Balder, Beta Ray Bill, Hogun, Odin, Sif, Thor, Volstagg), Avengers (Beast, Blob, Daredevil, Dr. Octopus, Frog, Emma Frost, Havok, Icegirl, Leech, Power Fist, Dr. Henry Pym, Rhino, Spider-Woman/Mary Jane Watson, Rachel Summers), Captain America, David, Juggernaut;
Earth-901237 natives: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Box, Diamond Lil, Guardian, James Hudson, Madison Jeffries, Jubilee, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman/John Proudstar, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Wildchild, Windshear, Wolverine), Dr. Heather Hudson;
Reality-8649 natives: Bel-Dann, Imperial Guard (Hussar, Manta, Oracle), Lilandra, Raksor,
X-Men (Angel/Worthington, Beast, Cyclops/Scott, Wolverine)

Enemies: Callisto of Earth-2030, Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey of Earth-8649), Havok (Alex Summers of Earth-1298), Hulk of Earth-901237, Mojo, Sentinels of Earth-2600, Spiral (Rita Wayword), Vi-Locks of Earth-8545 (Abomination, Absorbing Man, Aurora, Bullseye, Captain America, Hulk, Human Torch, Juggernaut, Northstar, Scorpion, Spider-Man, Thing, others), Weapon X (Deadpool of Earth-5021, Hulk of Earth-1029, Iron Man/Tony Stark of Earth-2020, Spider of Earth-15, Storm of Earth-23895, Vision of Earth-10101), the X-Babies of Earth-971023;
Earth-3931 natives: Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Polaris, Wasp), Union Jack (Kenneth Crichton);
Earth-5692 natives: Galactus, Skrulls, Terrax the Tamer;
Earth-989192 natives: Moses Magnum, Namorita;

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: "Baby," "Cookie," "Fire Lady," "Good Lady," "Hot Buns," "Hot Pants," "Hotstuff," "Kiddo," "Ma'am," "Matchhead," "Missy," "Our Favorite Firecracker" 

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the multiverse;
    formerly Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, USA; Japan (both of Earth-2109)

First Appearance: Exiles I#2 (September, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Sunfire had the ability to convert ionized matter (often air itself) into super-heated, fiery plasma akin to that in the atmosphere of stars. The max temperature she had been known to generate was 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to that released during a nuclear warhead detonation, though she had potential to generate temperatures rivaling that of the sun itself (over 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit). The plasma generated by Sunfire had a high hydrogen content, allowing for the generation of heated air currents to thrust her through the air. This thrust allowed for flight at speeds up to 100 miles per hour and with a maximum load of about 180 lbs.

Sunfire's plasma generation powers could be temporarily exhausted if she used for too long or at too high a level, forcing her to rest in order to rebuild her power. The amount of time needed to rebuild power depended on how much of it she had used.

She may have had the ability to subconsciously generate a force field to protect herself from the heat, friction, light and radiation emitted when using her powers, though this remains unconfirmed.

Sunfire wore a costume created from Unstable Molecules that adapted to her flame powers to prevent her costume burning during the use of her powers.

Mariko was also trained in the piano and violin musical instruments.

Creation of fiery plasma (temps that could potentially rival the sun)

Height: 5'6" (originally 5'5")
Weight: 125 lbs. (originally 120 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: (Exiles I#66 (fb) - BTS) - Mariko Yashida was born in 1980 (see comments).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko Yashida was born in Tokyo, Japan.

(Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Growing up in Tokyo, Mariko and her strict parents did not get along, as they were always pressuring her to get straight A's in school, excel in music and only apply herself in areas that furthered her education, all in an effort to have Mariko eventually get married and have children.

(Exiles I#13 (fb) - BTS) - When Mariko dropped her violin lessons, her mother remarked that Mariko would now learn what it meant to "anger a true goddess."

(Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - At age twelve, Mariko's mutant powers manifested, much to her parents' shame, and her parents refused to allow Mariko a chance to explore her newfound powers. As Mariko aged, she began vehemently arguing with her parents about their decisions on her life.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko's parents felt Mariko was cursed by her mutant powers.

(Exiles I#34 (fb) - BTS) - At age thirteen, Mariko fell in love with her best friend, thinking that she felt the same way. Unfortunately, her female friend did not share Mariko's interest and her friend told her parents, who then told Mariko's parents.

(Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Mariko revealed herself to her parents as gay.

(Exiles I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Mariko's parents sent her to a different school, away from Mariko's best friend, whom Mariko never saw again.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko's parents forced her to hide her true feelings.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Despite knowing her parents' shame, Mariko nonetheless remained free-spirited and became rebellious, refusing to be subjugated by her parents.

(Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - At age sixteen, Mariko left home, fleeing to America, where Professor X found her two days later.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Professor X invited Mariko to join his Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and she quickly ascended through the School's ranks.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko received a college-level education.

(Exiles I#34 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Mariko was disowned by her parents.

(Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Joining Professor X's X-Men as Sunfire, Mariko finally found a sense of true family but never reached out to her parents again due to their non-acceptance of her sexuality.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko kept her identity as Sunfire a secret.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Sunfire entry - BTS/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 - Sunfire (Earth-2109) entry - BTS) - Sunfire was unknowingly yanked from her reality by the alien insectoid Timebreakers, supposedly due to a defect in the timestream.

(Exiles I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Meeting the Timebroker construct, Sunfire was told she had become unhinged from time.

(Exiles I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Told that if she did not join the reality-hopping Exiles in repairing broken realities that her powers would manifest as uncontrollable atomic radiation rather then flame, Sunfire was sent to join the Exiles.

(Exiles I#2) - Sunfire arrived to meet her new Exiles teammates on Earth-1815, mere moments after they had lost one of their teammates, Earth-27's Magnus. Introducing herself as the Exiles' newest member, Sunfire revealed to the Exiles that the Timebroker had told her it was time for the group to move to their next mission. She was then transported to reality-8649 with the other Exiles, arriving at the Shi'ar trial of Phoenix.

(Exiles I#3) - Sunfire was surprised to hear the Exiles' mission on reality-8649 to ensure the death of Jean Grey. When most of the Exiles argued against killing Jean Grey, Exiles leader Blink's Tallus device ended the argument by connecting the minds of Sunfire and the other Exiles to show them a glimpse of what would happen if they failed to kill Jean. Resigning themselves to killing Jean in order to prevent Dark Phoenix from destroying Earth, Sunfire and the Exiles disguised themselves as alien warriors willing to aid the Shi'ar Imperial Guard against the X-Men. Their help accepted, Sunfire and the Exiles were provided quarters and Sunfire passed the time until the trial by combat by getting to know her teammate Morph. Upon hearing that in Morph's reality, she was Wolverine's girlfriend, Mariko found that odd but commented that Wolverine was handsome.

(Exiles I#4) - Sunfire accompanied the Exiles in checking on their teammate Mimic, who was recovering from a battle with reality-8649's Wolverine, and was present when Blink suggested they go over their strategy for the trial by the combat the following morning. The next morning, Sunfire was transported to the Blue Area of Earth's Moon alongside her teammates and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, where her teammate Thunderbird knocked out alien diplomats Bel-Dann and Raksor. When the X-Men approached, Sunfire fired a fiery blast at Cyclops and Jean Grey as Morph attacked Beast. She then turned her attention towards Angel and continued aiding the Imperial Guard until Jean Grey manifested the Phoenix Force. As Mimic and the surviving X-Men battled Dark Phoenix, a recovered Wolverine captured Morph and demanded to know what was going on. Sunfire explained to Wolverine, who was shocked to see Mariko, how the Exiles were sent there to repair a wrong in Wolverine's reality. Watching the battle from afar with Wolverine, Sunfire ultimately agreed to team with Wolverine and Angel against Dark Phoenix and she joined in the battle herself, firing flame jets at Phoenix. Eventually, Dark Phoenix was killed by Wolverine, who was killed alongside Angel by a blast emitted by Phoenix upon her death, and Sunfire was transported to the next Exiles mission.

(Exiles I#5) - Arriving on Earth-901237 in the Canadian wilderness, Sunfire warmed up her teammates by generating heat. The group discussed Mimic's newfound Phoenix powers he had absorbed in reality-8649, with an annoyed Sunfire reminding Morph of Mimic's limits, until the Hulk nearly landed on the team from above. When the Exiles engaged the Hulk, Sunfire took to the air and hit Hulk with small fire blasts, explaining that she could not unleash her full power without setting the forest ablaze, but she was quickly downed when the Hulk hurled rubble into her. She soon regrouped with the Exiles after Thunderbird forced Hulk to depart the area and the Exiles were soon met by Alpha Flight, who were searching for Hulk. After the Exiles agreed to help Alpha Flight capture the Hulk, Sunfire replaced her costume with one composed of unstable molecules that could adapt to her fire powers. She later attended an Alpha Flight briefing on the mission to capture the Hulk.

(Exiles I#6) - Upon learning that the Exiles were on Earth-901237 to prevent the deaths of Alpha Flight, Wolverine sent Alpha Flight elsewhere and when James Hudson angrily berated Wolverine for sending away Canada's defense, Wolverine brought Sunfire and the Exiles in front of Hudson to reveal their mission. After Thunderbird managed to defeat the Hulk, Sunfire and the Exiles were allowed twelve hours before their next mission and the Exiles decided to spend the time at Club Maup'n in Montreal, where Sunfire spent the night dancing alongside Blink, Morph and Nocturne.

(Exiles I#7) - Allowed a vacation at the Marvel Inn on Earth-6955, Sunfire and the Exiles enjoyed some down time in their hotel rooms. While sleeping, Sunfire dreamed of escaping her pressuring parents and becoming popular. As Sunfire continued facing her parents in her own dreams, her teammate Blink dreamed of being unable to save Sunfire and her other teammates.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - During her early Exiles missions, Morph helped Sunfire adjust to being a reality-hopping Exile.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Sunfire developed a close friendship with Morph, who secretly harbored a crush on her.

(Exiles I#8) - Sunfire accompanied the Exiles on various missions including one to Earth-20318, where Sunfire and her teammates failed to save President Tony Stark from assassination; Earth-20318, a world where everyone was mutated by atmospheric Gamma radiation; the X-Babies-ruled Earth-971023 and Earth-39102, a world of Antelope Men. Eventually, Sunfire and the Exiles were allowed another respite before being sent to a reality where they simply had to foil a bank robbery.

(Exiles I#8/Exiles I#11 (fb)) - Allowed a week to relax on Earth-9212 before their next mission, the Exiles decided to skinny dip at the nearest beach and Blink nominated Sunfire to keep the often-immature Morph distracted while the others enjoyed themselves. At first outright declining to spend what could be a relaxing day for herself distracting Morph, Sunfire argued that it was not fair that she got nominated to keep Morph busy but she eventually relented and invited Morph to go lingerie shopping with her.

(Exiles I#11 (fb)) - Visiting Jorge's Thongs-n-Things, Mariko tried on several pieces of lingerie, with Morph giving his unwanted opinions, until she finally grew tired of Morph and nearly left in anger. When Morph admitted he knew the other Exiles had tasked Sunfire with keeping him busy while they did their own thing, Sunfire apologized and the two made up, soon going to get ice cream together. Noticing the smoking advertisements all around them, Morph soon revealed that his mother had died of lung cancer and Sunfire expressed sympathy before Morph asked about Sunfire's parents. Changing the subject, Sunfire suggested they get some real food and the two soon shared laughs at a seafood restaurant. Eventually, Morph asked why Sunfire had earlier evaded the question about her parents and Sunfire ultimately revealed how much her parents had pressured her growing up and how she ultimately left home and joined her reality's X-Men. When Morph asked if Sunfire had a chance to reach out to her parents again before she was conscripted into Exiles service, Sunfire revealed to Morph that she was gay, which at first somewhat hurt Morph's feelings since he had grown to have feelings for her. Nonetheless accepting of Sunfire's sexual preferences, Morph later accompanied Sunfire back to the beach where the rest of the Exiles were relaxing. Deciding to prank their teammates for leaving them out, Sunfire and Morph discussed Morph's feelings and, while Morph was disappointed that they could never be more than friends, he admitted that he would want to hang with Sunfire even if they weren't being shuttled around alternate realities together. Happy to still be close friends, Sunfire then watched as Morph catapulted beer-filled water balloons at his teammates.

(Exiles I#8) - Sunfire and the Exiles were then sent to Earth-5692, where they were forced into gladiatorial fights by the Skrulls who ruled the Earth. When Mimic was led to his latest fight and an angry Thunderbird was led back to his cell, Sunfire expressed hope that Mimic's battle would go better than his pep talk to Thunderbird. She also informed Mimic that Nocturne was becoming panicky about something and that the Exiles might be running out of time. Later pitting against Avalanche in the arena, Sunfire forced Avalanche to run for his life as she flew over his head and projected flames towards the ground.

(Exiles I#9) - When Galactus' herald Terrax the Tamer appeared on Earth and the Skrulls fled, Sunfire, her teammates and numerous other gladiators were released and they immediately took the fight directly to Terrax. Upon defeating Terrax with the other gladiators, Sunfire regrouped with her Exiles teammates and watched as Earth-5692's finest scientific minds came together to find a way to stop the upcoming Galactus. As they discussed the odds of beating Galactus, Sunfire expressed thoughts that they might succeed and the Exiles soon turned to Mimic and Blink for a plan.

(Exiles I#10) - Continuing to discuss the plan against Galactus, Sunfire assured Mimic that the Exiles knew Galactus better than the Earth-5692 gladiators, who had acquired the Skrulls' former arsenal. When the Banner Beast found a weapon, Sunfire asked what it was and Morph informed her that it could be used as an ace in the hole against Galactus if needed. The Exiles then discussed their plan and Thunderbird convinced Nocturne to reveal her pregnancy. At first silently surprised like the rest of the Exiles, Sunfire soon threatened to kill Morph when he made a jokey comment. Morph quickly noticed Sunfire's grim look and when he asked her what was wrong, Sunfire explained how it was not fair for Nocturne's pregnancy announcement to not be a happy moment. She then joined the Exiles in attacking the arriving Galactus from afar as Morph sent Skrull missiles at the cosmic being. After Galactus' force field was downed, Sunfire joined her teammates and several former gladiators in assaulting Galactus face-to-face. Sunfire and the others were quickly swatted aside by Galactus, who was ultimately downed by Thunderbird, who activated an antimatter bomb. Following Galactus' defeat, Sunfire and the other Exiles watched over the mortally wounded Thunderbird and subsequently informed Nocturne that they were unable to read any brainwaves from Thunderbird. As Nocturne suggested they wait until Thunderbird came out of his coma, Sunfire silently returned to the other Exiles as Blink sadly informed Nocturne that the Exiles were being forced to their next mission without Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#10/Exiles I#16 (fb)) - Standing by Morph as the Exiles' newest member, Earth-3470's Sasquatch, arrived, Sunfire was teleported alongside the other Exiles to their next mission.

(Exiles I#12) - Sunfire arrived on Earth-2600 with the other Exiles, only to find another reality-hopping team, Weapon X, there. Confused as to who Weapon X were, Sunfire nonetheless let Blink reunite with her adopted father and leader of Weapon X, Earth-295's Sabretooth, and while the other Exiles were acquainting themselves with Weapon X, Sunfire visited Nocturne, who was standing off by herself. When Mariko attempted to console Nocturne about her pregnancy and the recent loss of Thunderbird, she learned that Nocturne had lost the baby two nights ago and had not told anyone. Demanding to know why Nocturne had not told her teammates, Sunfire was asked to leave when Nocturne asked to be alone and Sunfire relented, reminding Nocturne that the Exiles were there if she needed to talk. She subsequently joined the Exiles and Weapon X on the dual mission for the teams to rescue the young David Richards, who was destined to become a powerful mutant. During the mission, Sunfire and several of the others took down Sentinels while Blink and another squad rescued Richards and other children.

(Exiles I#68 (fb)) - Sunfire impressed the rescued children by generating a ball of fire while the other Exiles and Weapon X members stood around.

(Exiles I#13) - Learning from Blink's Tallus that the mission would not be considered complete until David Richards was killed to prevent him becoming a despot, Sunfire and the other Exiles opposed the mission and Weapon X's Sabretooth sided with them against Weapon X. Blink soon teleported Sabretooth, Sunfire, the Exiles and the rescued children away from Weapon X, where the Timebroker appeared and reiterated the Exiles' mission. When Weapon X located the Exiles, Blink teleported the children to safety while Sunfire and the others battled Weapon X with their newest member, Earth-2020's Iron Man. During the battle, Sunfire battled Weapon X's Storm until Sentinels eventually arrived and attacked all combatants. Blink returned, however, and teleported Sunfire, the Exiles and Weapon X to a nearby forest, where Sabretooth decided to stay on Earth-2600 to raise David Richards, thereby ensuring that David would not grow into a tyrant.

(Exiles I#14) - Transported to Earth-1016, Sunfire and the Exiles were tasked with stopping Prince Namor from igniting a surface war by invading Latveria. In order to stop Namor, Sunfire and the Exiles were forced to work with Namor's enemy, Doctor Doom. When Mimic volunteered to storm Namor's fortress, Blink and Mimic shared a moment, prompting Sunfire to pull Morph away from the scene to prevent him from making a joke.

(Exiles I#15) - Sunfire and the other Exiles remained by Doctor Doom's side as Mimic infiltrated Namor's stronghold. While Mimic battled Namor, Sunfire and the others were coerced by Doctor Doom to free the Latverian citizens taken captive inside Doom's former castle. Morph was soon hit by a disruptor weapon that destabilized his amorphous form and Sunfire seconded Morph's accusations that Doom had lied to the Exiles about the danger in freeing the captives. Sunfire then tended to Morph as Blink chastised Doom for lying. Nearly an hour later, after Mimic secretly killed Namor to down the Atlanteans' shield, Sunfire managed to use her powers to guide the other Exiles to victory, defeating Namor's Atlantean soldiers and freeing the Latverian citizens.

(Exiles I#16 - BTS) - While relaxing at the Marvel Inn in an unidentified alternate reality, most of the Exiles decided to watch movies and eat snacks while Nocturne reflected on her time with Thunderbird.

(Exiles I#17) - Sunfire and the other Exiles were transported to Earth-21117, where Curt Connors' formula had infected a portion of the United States. The Exiles immediately jumped into fighting California's humanoid lizard population, with Sunfire blasting one of the inhabitants. Blink soon teleported Sunfire and the others out of danger to regroup, where the group learned from Blink's Tallus that a bomb had been placed in California to destroy the lizard population. Sunfire questioned the presence of a bomb but Blink confirmed the Tallus' words and Nocturne suggested that perhaps the bomb wouldn't be such a bad thing in this reality. Soon learning the bomb was in the bay area, the Exiles fanned out to find the bomb and Morph attempted to hook up with his teammate Sasquatch, remarking that he couldn't go after Sunfire since she "batted for the other team." Nocturne overheard Morph's advances and embarrassed him by making a joke at Morph's expense as Sunfire flew overhead, calling Morph a moron with a smile on her face. A desperate Morph then attempted to woo Sunfire by transforming into the form of Jennifer Aniston and insisting he could be anyone she was attracted to but Sunfire warned Morph not to start as the group continued their search for the bomb. The Exiles eventually made their way to San Diego Bay, where Morph noticed a rowboats tied to an old submarine. While preparing to investigate as a group, the Exiles were attacked by a group of lizards and Mimic suggested Sunfire and the other Exiles fend off the lizards while he and Blink teleport onto the submarine in the distraction.

(Exiles I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Following the mission's success on Earth-21117 due to Curt Connors' suicide, Sunfire and the Exiles were transported to Earth-2030, where sorceress supreme Callisto captured Sunfire using a magic spell.

(Exiles I#18) - The other Exiles mounted a rescue mission, defeating Callisto and dispelling Callisto's spell by destroying a mystic artifact. Sasquatch retrieved Sunfire and checked on her, prompting Sunfire to confirm that she was recovering now that the spell was lifting. Their mission now completed, Sunfire and the Exiles were transported away, only for their teleport to go awry. Arriving in the Mojoverse, Sunfire and the Exiles found themselves facing extradimensional slave trader Mojo, who claimed to be unique in the multiverse. Blink immediately attempted to teleport the Exiles away but Mojo's ally Spiral disrupted the teleport, forcing the Exiles to remain where they stood. The Exiles then executed the Shake & Bake maneuver, in which Sasquatch and Mimic pounded the ground to create a quake, followed by Sunfire generating a wall of fame. Still weak from her encounter with Earth-2030's Callisto, Sunfire managed to force Mojo's minions to retreat before tiring out and falling from the sky. Mimic rescued Sunfire and asked her to flame on in order to protect her from his own supersonic flight speeds. Sunfire argued that she would burn Mimic but he insisted he would heal as the duo escaped Mojo. Regrouping in the Mojoverse's Slave Town Junction, Sunfire and the Exiles decided to find Longshot. Before traveling to Longshot's location (as determined by a giant sign), the Exiles noticed a video showing the captive Morph now starring in Mojo's media productions.

(Exiles I#19) - Sunfire and the Exiles stormed Longshot's prison, taking down guards until they were able to interrogate one into giving up Longshot's cell number. Upon freeing Longshot, the Exiles learned he wished to stay in prison, tired of defeating Mojo, only to lose once more when Mojo regained power. Sunfire warned Longshot that he had five minutes to "butch up" and help them break into Mojo's stronghold and Sasquatch ultimately carried the protesting Longshot with them as they departed the prison. Subsequently storming Mojo's stronghold just as the captive Morph and Nocturne had freed themselves, Sunfire and the other Exiles teamed with Longshot to aid Morph and Nocturne. Just before Morph killed Mojo, however, the Timebroker appeared and halted the battle, remarking on how killing Mojo would muck up the timestream worse than it already was and prompting Sunfire to question if the timestream was too damaged for them to eventually return to their home realities. The Timebroker then warned Mojo not to continue messing with the timestream and gave the Exiles one minute until they jumped to their next reality.

(Exiles I#20) - Arriving on Earth-8545 to find a techno-organic Vi-Locks attacking human children, Sunfire and the Exiles forced the Vi-Locks to retreat and Blink ordered Sunfire and Mimic to get airborne in an effort to prevent the Vi-Locks from summoning reinforcements. Unfortunately, the Vi-Locks succeeded in summoning others, forcing Sunfire and the Exiles to themselves retreat when Blink was knocked unconscious. Shortly after assuring one of the children that they were there to help, Sunfire and the Exiles were hit by a beam that knocked them unconscious. Regaining consciousness inside one of the bays belonging to Earth-8545's Avengers, Sunfire and the Exiles were scanned for Vi-Lock infection and given a clean record. Once determined to be uninfected, Sunfire and the Exiles were informed of the Vi-Locks' origins by Earth-8545's Henry Pym, who revealed he had created an antidote which halts a Vi-Lock infection but doesn't cure it. Sunfire then watched as Blink revealed that a cure could be found in the original Vi-Lock, Doug Ramsey, according to her Tallus. Pym then appeared disappointed when the Tallus revealed that Ramsey was in the Vi-Locks' Mainframe headquarters and Sunfire suggested they may have a shot at retrieving Ramsey between Earth-8545's Avengers and her Exiles teammates.

(Exiles I#21) - Sunfire joined the Exiles and Earth-8545's Avengers at a mission briefing where Henry Pym revealed that the Exiles would have to be contaminated with the techno-organic virus in order to get into the Vi-Locks' Mainframe. When the briefing was over, the Exiles were led to their temporary lodging areas and the Avengers' Spider-Woman showed Sunfire to her room, introducing herself and revealing her identity as Mary Jane Watson to Sunfire.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - During her time on Earth-8545, Sunfire began dating Spider-Woman.

(Exiles I#21) - Three days later, Sunfire accompanied the Exiles and Avengers to the Mainframe and the Avengers' Beast drew out the Vi-Locks. The Avengers battled the Vi-Locks while the Exiles ventured into Mainframe, where they were attacked by the Vi-Lock leader, Forge, who infected Blink and forced the Exiles to retreat.

(Exiles I#22) - Sunfire helped the Exiles and Avengers assist the infected Blink as Pym attempted to halt Blink's quickly-spreading Vi-Lock infection. She later accompanied the Exiles and Avengers at mission briefing involving the destruction of the Mainframe, where she asked if they planned to use missiles to destroy the Mainframe. When Pym suggested hitting the Mainframe with a piloted ship, Sunfire watched as Nocturne volunteered to pilot the ship, only to be replaced by Mimic. Morph and the Avengers' Rachel Summers soon succeeded in summoning Asgardians to volunteer their blood for a Vi-Lock infection cure but Sunfire and Spider-Woman proved unable to reach Mimic in his ship. As Mimic continued his suicidal plan to destroy the Vi-Lock Mainframe, Sunfire witnessed a recovering Blink regain consciousness and welcomed her back. Blink immediately asked where Mimic and despite Sunfire's protests that there wasn't anything they could do to reach Mimic, the weak Blink teleported onto Mimic's ship and informed of the Asgardians' arrival, teleporting back to the Avengers' headquarters moments before Mimic's ship crashed into the Mainframe. Eighteen hours later, Sunfire (with her arm around Spider-Woman) joined the Exiles and Avengers in celebrating their victory over the Vi-Locks. The party was interrupted when the Timebroker appeared and informed Sunfire and the other Exiles that one of them had repaired their personal break in time and could go home. The shocked Sunfire then watched as the Timebroker introduced the Exiles to their newest teammate, Magik of Earth-4210, and the Tallus disappeared from Blink's arm and reappeared on Mimic's arm. Blink was then teleported away as the Timebroker disappeared and Sunfire and the other Exiles stood stunned.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Sunfire's relationship with Spider-Woman effectively ended when the Exiles were transported from Earth-8545 to their next mission.

(Exiles I#26) - Sunfire and the Exiles arrived on Earth-989192, where Sunfire immediately recognized their location as Japan. Upon seeing the ravaged area, Sunfire sought to find the Earth-989192 counterparts to her parents and ensure their safety. She soon came running back to the team carrying an injured survivor and asked why the Exiles were just standing there, as people were dying. Realizing that the Tallus was telling Mimic that the Exiles were to prevent saving of the survivors, Sunfire began to tear up in disbelief. Mimic attempted to explain that the Avengers were meant to die trying to save Japan in this reality but Sunfire refused as Mimic continued, revealing that this reality's Japanese culture was meant to be extinguished. Magik managed to convince Mimic to finish their mission but Sunfire continued arguing against allowing the survivors to die, disgusted at her "heroic" teammates, and she asked how the lives on Earth-989192 were any different than the ones in her teammates' realities. When Mimic angrily suggested that if the Exiles just complete their mission, he might finally get to return to his home reality, Sunfire admitted that Mimic was a good man who had pushed farther than anyone should have to be and reminded Mimic that they were all heroes. She then suggested the Exiles could chose what defined them instead of letting the Timebroker define them, convincing a tearful Mimic to help the survivors. Sunfire then assisted the Exiles in gathering up survivors, speaking to Morph briefly about how such a disaster seemed to have silenced his typical sense of humor, as Magik went off on her own. Unaware Magik was secretly killing Earth-989192's Avengers to accomplish the Exiles' mission, Sunfire and Morph were soon confronted by Earth-989192's Moses Magnum and Namorita.

(Exiles I#27) - Sunfire immediately insisted to Moses Magnum that the Exiles had to save the survivors but Magnum disagreed, explaining his plan to sink Japan into the oceans. Sunfire responded by insisting they had to save the survivors in much more stern and threatening tone, prompting Magnum to order his soldiers to kill the Exiles. Dodging the gunfire of Magnum's soldiers, Sunfire grabbed Morph and Nocturne and flew into the Tokyo skies as the soldiers gave chase in planes. In an effort to shake the planes, Sunfire hurled Nocturne high into the air, distracting the planes, and Morph rescued Nocturne as Sunfire looped around to destroy two of the planes with her heat trail. The third plane was then destroyed when Sunfire flew through it, incinerating the pilots inside. Mariko then regrouped with Morph and Nocturne and the trio flew to the home of her parents' Earth-989192 counterparts. Investigating the ransacked home, Morph located the corpse of Earth-989192's Mariko Yashida and suggested they not tell Sunfire, unaware Sunfire was standing right behind him in shock.

(Exiles I#28) - After Magik killed the Avengers to further their mission Earth-989192, Sunfire and the Exiles were deposited into the desert area where the original Exiles had first been gathered. Mimic angrily berated Magik, who responded by punching Mimic to the ground. Sunfire helped Mimic to his feet as the Timebroker appeared and gave the Exiles background on their next mission to Earth-616, in which Earth-616's Havok was apparently causing "bugs" in the timestream by acting as a nexus for his multiversal counterparts. Sunfire questioned whether Havok had caused the breaks in the timestream that apparently caused the Exiles to fall out of sync from their respective realities, to which the Timebroker answered that the Havok counterparts' existences were partially responsible for the timestream breaks. After the Timebroker further explained that Earth-616 Havok's body housed two different multiversal consciousnesses, Sunfire and the Exiles were transported to Earth-616 moments after Havok had been hospitalized due to an accidental injury suffered at the hands of Earth-616's Wolf Cub. Arriving in the X-Men's medical bay, Sunfire, intimidated by Juggernaut, asked if he was really Juggernaut while Mimic received word from the Tallus that the Earth-1298 Havok consciousness had not yet taken over Earth-616 Havok's body. When Mimic mentioned getting the mutant children to safety, Juggernaut refused to let the newly-arrived Mimic touch the children, sparking a fight between the two, and Sunfire then watched as the Exiles' Sasquatch warned of Havok flatlining. Earth-1298 Havok soon took over Earth-616's body and attacked the young boy Carter Ghazikhanian, prompting Earth-616's X-Men and the Exiles to flee with the children as Mimic and Sasquatch engaged Havok. As the battle progressed, the X-Men's Husk mentioned Angel and Iceman being at the Lobo Tech building in White Plains and Magik volunteered to find them, prompting Sunfire to insist she accompany the untrustworthy Magik. Teleporting to White Plains, Sunfire and Magik demanded Angel and Iceman return to the Xavier Institute, with Magik threatening to bring Angel's healing blood back with or without the rest of Angel's body.

(Exiles I#29) - Sunfire attempted to talk Magik out of attacking Angel but Magik insisted that they had no choice but to use Angel's blood to heal the injured Carter. The two continued arguing until Magik attacked Angel and the confused Iceman, who was unaware Sunfire and Magik were not their Earth-616 counterparts, to ice up Sunfire. Melting the ice, Sunfire calmed the situation down by introducing herself as being from another reality and expressing an interest in helping Angel and Iceman aid their teammates at the Xavier Institute. Angel accepted Sunfire's aid and asked about Magik, who had been knocked unconscious by Angel, and Sunfire joked that Magik looked comfortable, admitting that she was not close with Magik.

(Exiles I#30) - Returning to the Xavier Institute in time to prevent Havok from killing the X-Men's Husk, Sunfire and Angel prepared to further engage Havok but Iceman encased Havok in an ice block. Sunfire and Mimic then attempted to explain to Angel how Havok's body was housing his Earth-1298 counterpart's mind but Havok broke free of the ice block. Sunfire then joined the Exiles and X-Men in battle Havok to a standstill until the Exiles' Nocturne took possession of Havok's body, shunting the Earth-1298 personality outside of reality, where the Timebroker disposed of it. With the Exiles' mission completed, Sunfire made amends with Morph for his earlier attempt to shield her from seeing her own Earth-989192 corpse.

(Exiles I#31) - After arriving on Earth-3931, Sunfire joined the other Exiles in visiting Teep's Coffee's internet cafe to learn about the reality that had been transported to. When Morph learned that the Avengers of Earth-3931 were vampires, Sunfire asked if Morph had learned that from hacking the Avengers' files but Morph admitted he had just read it on the internet. Soon learning that Captain America had been turned into a vampire by Baron Blood in this reality, Sunfire suggested Morph search the internet to see if Union Jack was still alive and while Morph researched, Sunfire witnessed Magik being berated by Mimic for her brutality. She then watched as Magik attempted to seduce Mimic, who only grew more angry and walked off. Magik then turned her advances towards Sunfire, asking if she were "lonely." With a smug, sarcastic grin on her face, Sunfire replied that she was not lonely but she would let Magik know if she got bored on occasion. Sasquatch then remarked on Sunfire's cheekiness and Sunfire smiled, saying she tried as Magik turned away in annoyance. Later stalking the vampire Avengers, Sunfire and the Exiles discovered the Avengers were planning to use a mystic item but the impulsive Magik staked Polaris through the heart, revealing the Exiles. During the ensuing battle, the vampire Giant-Man attempted to grab Sunfire, who expelled fire in all directions, burning Giant-Man until she was hit in the shoulder by an arrow fired by Hawkeye. Engaging Hawkeye, Sunfire fired a blast of flame at the archer, who succeeded in getting close enough to bite Sunfire. Unfortunately for Hawkeye, just as he invited Sunfire to join the vampire Avengers, Nocturne staked Hawkeye, destroying him as she rushed to tend to Sunfire. Sunfire's eyes went glassy as Nocturne tried to revive her and Captain America, despite being decapitated, asked Mimic if he'd like to try again to kill him.

(Exiles I#32) - The battle against Captain America briefly continued until Captain America fled with his mystic item and the Exiles were able to focus on Sunfire, who was in shock as she transformed into a vampire. Mimic quickly ordered Magik to teleport the team to Kenneth Crichton's England home, where they informed Crichton of Sunfire's condition. Crichton immediately grabbed a stake but the Exiles stopped him and Sunfire lashed out with fire as she became feverish from the transformation. Crichton announced that he could halt the process and Mimic and Morph grabbed Sunfire, attempting to hold her down. Sunfire instead unleashing a large blast of fire, destroying a portion of Crichton's home, and Crichton ordered the Exiles to subdue Sunfire before she inadvertently destroyed herself with sunlight. Sasquatch quickly knocked Sunfire unconscious and Crichton injected the unconscious Sunfire with anti-toxins to stave off her vampiric transformation. He also placed the Amulet of Quiox talisman around Sunfire's neck to reduce the strength of the transformation. Soon realizing that Magik's Soul Sword could kill the vampiric Captain America, Crichton donned his Union Jack costume and accompanied Sunfire (still unconscious) and the Exiles back to San Francisco, where they confronted Captain America and his Avengers. A fierce battle ensued that resulted in Captain America being killed by Magik, only for Crichton to reveal himself as the vampire king. Regaining consciousness and her humanity with the death of Captain America, Sunfire hit Crichton in the face with a blast of fire and incinerated the vampiric Avengers nearby. With the deaths of the Avengers and the impending death of Crichton, the Exiles learned from Mimic's Tallus that they had completed their mission on Earth-3931 and Sunfire and the Exiles prepared to teleport to their next mission. Unfortunately, the dying Crichton cast a spell to disrupt the Exiles' teleportation, causing Sunfire and the other Exiles to all be transported to various realities.

(Exiles I#34) - Arriving twelve miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on Earth-8545, Sunfire and Nocturne found themselves separated from the other Exiles. While a groggy and weak Sunfire groaned, Nocturne looked around for her teammates and was confronted by a group of Vi-Locks. Nocturne ordered Sunfire to her feet but Sunfire proved too weak as Nocturne attempted to fight off the Vi-Locks. Sunfire eventually managed to garner enough energy to fly Nocturne away from the Vi-Locks, only to quickly become wobbly and pass out. Nocturne then possessed Sunfire's body to get them to the ground safely and Sunfire awoke thirty-two hours later in the medical bay of Avengers headquarters. Spider-Woman immediately leapt into the room to greet Sunfire, overjoyed to see her again. The two exchange words and got close, prompting Nocturne and Henry Pym to leave the room. The two then embraced and kissed one another, both saying the other looked great. Nine days later, Sunfire and Spider-Woman were enjoying their time together, sharing stories of when they first knew they were homosexual and while Sunfire admitted she wasn't over the trauma of being forced away from her best friend at age thirteen, it helped to say she was over it. Spider-Woman then kissed Sunfire.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Sunfire's relationship with Spider-Woman quickly became very serious.

(Exiles I#66 (fb) - BTS) - During her time with Spider-Woman, Sunfire informed Spider-Woman of her close friendship with her teammate Morph and Morph's feelings for her.

(Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1 (fb)) - At one point, the Avengers' Power Fist took Sunfire and Spider-Woman to a Vi-Lock nest in Montana, where Power Fist was infected by a Vi-Lock. Attempting to save Power Fist, Sunfire unleashed an extremely hot blast of fire that not only incinerated the Vi-Lock but also burned Power Fist, landing him in the Avengers' infirmary for a week. After seeing the smoldering Power Fist, Mariko was mortified at what she had accidentally done despite Spider-Woman finding it funny.

(Exiles I#34) - Twelve days after her kiss with Spider-Woman, Sunfire and Nocturne were returning from a mission against the Vi-Locks with the Avengers and Sunfire offered to get some food as Spider-Woman cleaned up from the battle, unaware Nocturne had noticed how close Sunfire had become to Spider-Woman. Two days later, Nocturne confronted Sunfire and warned against getting too close, as it would only hurt Sunfire later when they returned to their Exiles missions. Sunfire insisted her romance with Spider-Woman was not a fling and angrily told Nocturne it was none of her business but Nocturne continued to warn Sunfire about getting too close, unaware Spider-Woman had secretly overheard the conversation.

Four days later, Spider-Woman took Mariko to a movie theater set up by the Avengers' Doctor Octopus but Spider-Woman quickly began acting somewhat distant, prompting Mariko to ask what was wrong. Admitting she had overheard Mariko's conversation with Nocturne, Spider-Woman suggested that perhaps Nocturne was right and it wasn't a good idea to get too involved. Angrily refusing to give up on their relationship due to the past negativity in her life, Mariko exclaimed that if Spider-Woman loved her at all, she would not take away the one happy thing in her life. Embracing Mariko, Spider-Woman promised she wouldn't take it away and the two decided to remain together.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Mariko remained the happiest she had ever been with Spider-Woman.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 - Sunfire (Earth-2109) entry - BTS) - Mariko's identity as Sunfire became publicly known on Earth-8545.

(Exiles I#34) - Thirteen days after the events at the theater, Sunfire and Spider-Woman returned from a mission led by the recently restored former Vi-Lock Captain America. As Spider-Woman complained about Captain America, Sunfire admitted to using up Spider-Woman's lavender for her bath and moments later, Sunfire began feeling strange. Sunfire then transported away, as if an Exiles mission had been completed, leaving Spider-Woman behind to find an empty room. Beast confirmed with Spider-Woman that both Sunfire and Nocturne were gone.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - Having been transported away by the Timebroker to be reunited with her Exiles teammates, Sunfire felt she had lost her true love.

(Exiles I#35) - Appearing in a grassy field with the other previously displaced Exiles, Sunfire cried and Morph immediately asked Nocturne what was wrong with Sunfire. Nocturne revealed that they had been on Earth-8545 for six weeks and Sunfire tearfully told Morph that she had spent six weeks with Spider-Woman and wasn't ready to leave. Morph attempted to console Sunfire but Nocturne suggested Morph leave her be. The Timebroker interrupted the Exiles to inform them that they were being transported to their next mission and Sunfire asked where they were being sent, to which the Timebroker replied "a little piece of super hero history." Transported to Earth-312 on the space flight of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny and Sue Storm, Sunfire and the Exiles found themselves being questioned by the foursome. Cosmic radiation soon penetrated the ship's shields and Magik cast a spell that absorbed radiation to protect Sunfire and the others as the four shipmates were hit by the radiation. Landing fifteen miles outside of New York City, the Exiles and the transformed foursome exited the ship and Sunfire coached Johnny Storm as he transformed into his fiery form for the first time. Unfortunately, when Ben Grimm transformed into a rock-skinned monster, he began rampaging, forcing Sunfire and the Exiles to attempt subduing him. Easily knocking aside the Exiles, Grimm ran into New York City and continued his rampage.

(Exiles I#36) - Sunfire and the Exiles discussed with Reed, Sue and Johnny how to handle Grimm's rampage and the two groups decided to split up, with one group going to meet other Earth-312 scientists in an attempt to cure Grimm and Sunfire joining the second group in traveling to New York City. While Mimic and Sasquatch engaged Grimm, Sunfire and Johnny Storm rescued bystanders.

(Exiles I#37) - After Mimic succumbed to an alien Brood embryo implanted in his body during his time separated from the team, Sunfire and her allies battled the Brood-infected Mimic. Taking to the skies, Sunfire fought Mimic, who mimicked Johnny Storm's flame powers, and she narrowly dodged one of Mimic's optic blasts. Unfortunately, the blast hit a building behind Sunfire and she rushed to melt the falling debris to slag as bystanders ran for their lives. Unable to melt it all, Sunfire was buried beneath the falling rubble and Morph subsequently found her lifeless corpse. Eventually, Mimic was purged of the infection and Morph arrived with Sunfire's corpse, accusing Mimic of being a monster. Proclaiming that it should have been Mimic buried in the rubble, Morph informed Sasquatch that Sunfire must have suffocated under the rubble.

(Exiles I#43) - With Sunfire deceased, Blink was teleported back to rejoin the Exiles in Sunfire's absence. Seeing Morph cradling the body of Sunfire, Blink became distraught and Morph exclaimed that Mimic had killed Sunfire. Unaware of what had transpired, Blink questioned whether Mimic had actually killed Sunfire and Mimic asked Blink not to look at him before the Exiles were all teleported away to their next mission on Earth-4400. Once on Earth-4400, Morph immediately berated Mimic and continued to blame him for Sunfire's death. Morph then stormed off as Sasquatch mourned the loss of Sunfire. Blink then went after Mimic, who admitted his guilt over Sunfire's death but also expressed happiness at seeing Blink again. As the two reunited, Magik attempted to console Morph, only to seduce him, and Morph refused her advances, reminding her that he had just lost Sunfire. Magik apologized and the two discussed Sunfire, with Morph admitting his love for Sunfire despite her homosexuality.

(Exiles I#45 - BTS) - When the Timebroker appeared to Morph and revealed that he could return home, the Timebroker thought of images of Sunfire and other Exiles and Weapon X members as he discussed how the collective consciousnesses of both teams had affected his recent judgment and mental state. Deciding to stay with the Exiles, Morph made peace with Mimic, admitting that Sunfire's death was not Mimic's fault.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Sunfire entry - BTS) - It became unclear what effect Sunfire's death would have on her home reality of Earth-2109.

(Exiles I#62 (fb) - BTS) - Following Sunfire's death, her corpse was retrieved from Earth-312 and deposited into a stasis wall within the multiversal Panoptichron (a.k.a the Crystal Palace) by the alien Timebreakers.

(Exiles I#62) - When the Exiles arrived in the Panoptichron due to interaction with an alternate reality M'Kraan Crystal, they investigated the Panoptichron and found the stasis wall housing the corpse of Sunfire and other fallen members of the Exiles and Weapon X. Distraught, Morph announced that Sunfire deserved better than to be displayed in the stasis wall and promised to ensure she would be buried at home.

(Exiles I#63) - After the Exiles found Earth-4023's Hyperion controlling the Panoptichron and a brutal battle ensued, one of the alien Timebreakers visited the stasis wall to find an Exile that could be revived to assist in the battle, passing the deceased Sunfire in favor of reviving the still-living Beak from Earth-616.

(Exiles I#64) - Beak emerged from the stasis wall and turned to look at the stasis wall housing Sunfire and others as he asked the Timebreaker what was going on.

(Exiles I#66) - Sunfire's corpse remained in the Panoptichron's stasis wall as the Exiles' Heather Hudson walked Earth-59661's Stephen Strange to the Panoptichron control room. Later, the Exiles decided to hold a funeral for Sunfire and Morph insisted she be buried on Earth-8545. The Exiles then subsequently held Sunfire's funeral on Earth-8545 that was also attended by the Avengers and Spider-Woman. Following the service, Spider-Woman admitted that, as much as she loved Sunfire, she would have buried Sunfire in her home reality. Blink agreed, feeling that Sunfire's parents should have a right to visit their daughter's grave even if they didn't approve of her, but noted that Morph had insisted she be buried on Earth-8545. Spider-Woman then went to speak with Morph, who revealed he knew of the thirty-nine days Sunfire had spent with Spider-Woman on Earth-8545. Spider-Woman revealed that she knew about Morph's love for Sunfire. Morph apologized, remarking that there was no question Spider-Woman was the love of Sunfire's life, but Spider-Woman commented that Morph cared enough about Sunfire to make sure she spent eternity with the woman she loved. Spider-Woman then said Morph's actions were the most unselfish thing she had ever heard of and said that it was somewhat nice being able to share the loss and hurt of Sunfire's death with someone who could relate to loving her. Morph and Spider-Woman then hugged while still standing next to Sunfire's grave.

(Exiles I#71 - BTS) - While battling Earth-58163's reality-warping Proteus, the Exiles were exposed to some of their worst fears, in Morph's case, the corpse of Sunfire emerging from the ground and trying to embrace him.

(Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1 - BTS) - Brought to Earth-8545 by the Tallus, Quentin Quire of Earth-91172 was told to bring flowers to Sunfire's grave. Unaware of who Sunfire was, Quire did as he was told and the Tallus informed him that Sunfire who gave her life. As Quire was placing the flowers, Spider-Woman came by and asked if he knew Mariko. Admitting he didn't, Quire was told of Sunfire by Spider-Woman and the arriving Power Fist. Upon hearing the story of Sunfire and the Exiles, Quire's mission on Earth-8545 was completed and the Tallus teleported him away.

Comments: Created by Judd Winick, Mike McKone, Mark McKenna and Eric Cannon.

Sunfire's gravestone in Exiles I#66 has her being born in 1980. In the prime Marvel Universe (reality-616), there is a sliding time scale that would make that date topical. It's unclear if the sliding time scale is present in Sunfire's home reality of 2109 though it seems likely that it would also be present on Earth-2109. There's always the possibility that Earth-2109 beings age in real time, as there are alternate realities where the sliding time scale is not present.

Exiles I#89 shows the comatose Earth-1100 Thunderbird dreaming about his Exiles team but the reality he is glimpsing in his dream is Earth-72589. Therefore, the Sunfire appearing in that issue is not Earth-2109's Sunfire but rather, either Earth-72589's Sunfire or (since the Exiles were a group of reality-hoppers), another alternate reality Sunfire that had joined a team of Exiles to battle Apocalypse ON Earth-72589. Either way, it was not an appearance of Earth-2109's Sunfire and that appearance is not included in this profile.

Earth-2109's Sunfire has entries in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men (2003), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 (2005) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 (2009), although she was erroneously listed as "Sunfire (Earth-210)" in the hardcover entry.

This profile was completed 01/16/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Exiles I#18, p10, pan1 (Sunfire as captive of Callisto-2030)
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Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1, front cover (Sunfire standing with other Exiles)

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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 11 (2009) - Jeff Christiansen, Stuart Vandal, Sean McQuaid (head writers, coordinators), Mike Fichera (writer, coordination assistant, art refurbishment), Mike O'Sullivan, Madison Carter, Markus Raymond (writers, coordinator assistants), Chris Biggs (writer, art refurbishment), Ronald Byrd, Michael Hoskin, Eric J. Moreels, Rob London, David Wiltfong, Jacob Rougemont, Gabriel Shechter, Rich Green, Kevin Garcia, Jeph York, Mark O'English (writers), Chad Anderson, Al Sjoerdsma, Anthony Flamini, Jonathan Couper-Smartt, Bill Lentz, Barry Reese, Eliot R. Brown, David Sexton (past writers), Georges Jeanty (Sunfire (Earth-2109) entry art), Jeff Youngquist, Jennifer Grunwald (editors)

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