Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extradimensional holographic construct

Occupation: Interdimensional guide/digital interface

Group Membership: Exiles (Beak/Barnell Bohusk of Earth-616, Beast/Henry McCoy of Earth-763, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Forge of Earth-2814, Holocaust of Earth-295, Longshot, Magik/Illyana Rasputin of Earth-4210, Magnus/Magnus Lehnsherr of Earth-27, Mimic/Calvin Rankin of Earth-12, Morph/Kevin Sidney of Earth-1081, Namora of Earth-2189, Nocturne/Talia Wagner of Earth-2182, Panther/T'Chaka of Earth-1119, Polaris/Lorna Dane of Earth-8149, Power Princess/Zarda Shelton of Earth-712, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Sasquatch/Heater Hudson of Earth-3470, Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara of Earth-6375, Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of Earth-2109, Thunderbird/John Proudstar of Earth-1100, Witch/Wanda Maximoff of Earth-8823), Weapon X (Deadpool/"Wade Wilson" of Earth-5021, Gambit/Remy LeBeau of Earth-371, Garrison Kane of Earth-3031, Maverick of Earth-1287, Mesmero of Earth-653, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Wolverine/"Logan" of Earth-172)

Affiliations: Exiles, Hyperion of Earth-4023 (controlled by him for a time), Hyperion of Earth-5764, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards of Earth-616), Quentin Quire of Earth-91176, Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 (Amphibian/Kingsley Rice, Doctor Spectrum/Joe Ledger, Hyperion, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Power Princess/Zarda Shelton, Skymax/Sk'ym'x, Whizzer/Stanley Stewart), Timebreakers, Weapon X, Wolverine Squad (Albert of Earth-5211, Elsie-Dee of Earth-5211, James Howlett of Earth-1880, Major Logan/James Howlett of Earth-811, Patch/James Howlett of Earth-181, Weapon X/James Howlett of Earth-520, Zombie Wolverine/James Howlett of Earth-6195);
Earth-8545 natives: Avengers (Icegirl, Power Fist (Luke Cage), Hank Pym, Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson), Rachel Summers), Thor

Enemies: Havok (Alex Summers of Earth-1298), Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr of Earth-295), Mojo

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: "Mr. Timebroker," Timebreaker

Base of Operations: The Crystal Palace (Panoptichron)

First Appearance: Exiles I#1 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The Timebroker is an immaterial construct projected from the multiversal Panoptichron. His projection can traverse through different realities and despite being visually seen by those in his vicinity, the Timebroker cannot be detected by computer systems or scanners.

The Timebroker is capable of summoning forth a Tallus device and can generate holographic objects at will such as chairs, food, video screens, clothing, a boat and even an entire kitchen). He can also stop time in a small radius around himself, allowing him to speak privately with his agents.

Originally, the Timebroker took the appearance of the collective unconsciousness of those tasked to repair realities by the Timebreakers but he was later upgraded into the form of the shapeshifting Exile Morph, allowing him to change his form at will.

The Timebroker has been seen to be capable of transporting others to different realities but it is unclear if this is an ability of the Timebroker himself or if he simply arranged for the Timebreakers to teleport others from the Panoptichron.

Height: Variable (although his most often-used form stands at 5'5")
Weight: Variable (although his most often-used form weighs 180 lbs.)
Eyes: Variable (although his most often-used form has black eyes)
Hair: Variable (although his most often-used form has black hair)

History: (Exiles I#63 (fb)) - After taking over the multiversal Panoptichron (Crystal Palace), the alien insectoid Timebreakers accidentally damaged realities they were researching and decided to recruit individuals to help repair the damage they had done, creating the Timebroker construct to interact with their recruits and convince them to help repair reality damage.

(Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Timebroker construct was tasked with summoning a group of mutants to become a team to repair realities, including Earth-295's Blink.

(Exiles I#1) - As Blink and several other reality-displaced mutants arrived in the Panoptichron's desert area, the Timebroker appeared, surrounded by a kitchen. Since the Timebroker was the only being present other than themselves, the mutants teleported to his kitchen area and the Timebroker offered them coffee or a danish. Earth-1100's Thunderbird immediately grabbed the Timebroker and demanded to know who he was and why they had all been transported there. The Timebroker insisted he was not a threat and suggested each of the mutants search their own intuition to see that he was not messing with their minds. Thunderbird then put the Timebroker down and each of the mutants agreed to sit calmly as the Timebroker explained how each of them were from different realities and presented a brief history on each of the mutants present. The Timebroker then revealed that each of the mutants had become undone from time and that various timelines were being affected by breaks in the timestream. He then tasked the assembled mutants with repairing the timestream cracks lest their own lives take a turn for the worse in their home realities, promising that if they agreed to repair the timestream, they would be returned to their unchanged realities. Summoning the extradimensional Tallus device, the Timebroker gave the Tallus to Blink, explaining its functions of revealing what needed to be fixed on each realities these so-called Exiles would visit. When asked if he would be accompanying the Exiles, the Timebroker claimed that he did not exist in the conventional sense and that he was only a construct created by the Exiles' collective unconsciousness in order to deal with the trauma of being unhinged from time. The Timebroker then disappeared, assuring the Exiles he would be in touch moments before the Tallus activated and the Exiles were transported to Earth-1815 for their first mission.

(Exiles I#62 (fb) - BTS) - In an attempt to gather a more vicious team of reality-fixers, the Timebroker appeared in front of several mutants who had materialized in a sort of ocean area. From his houseboat, the Timebroker recruited the mutants to act as his agents after the mutants failed to kill him.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Timebroker entry - BTS) - Like he had informed the Exiles, he Timebroker again claimed to be a construct of Weapon X's collective unconsciousness and presented Earth-295's Sabretooth with the Tallus.

(Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Weapon X began their missions, the Timebroker began leading them to each of their missions in the form of a harsh taskmistress.

(Exiles I#2 - BTS) - After the Exile Magnus (of Earth-27) perished rescuing Earth-1815's Magneto from an atomic bomb, Earth-2109's Sunfire was transported to Earth-1815 to replace the deceased Magnus by the Timebroker. According to Sunfire upon her arrival, the Timebroker had sent her since she had also become unhinged from time.

(Exiles I#13) - When the Exiles refused to kill David Richards on Earth-2600 and the reality-hopping Weapon X's Sabretooth (from Blink's home reality of Earth-295) sided with them, the Timebroker appeared before them and accused them of being bad. Explaining that the Exiles' mission was not to kill Richards and that Weapon X was created to handle different aspects of the mission to repair the timestream, the Timebroker revealed that if the mission was not completed, both the Exiles and Weapon X would remain on Earth-2600 until they would be pulled back to the altered version of their home realities. When Mimic insisted that there had to be another way to accomplish their mission instead of killing David Richards, the Timebroker admitted that perhaps there was but claimed he did not what it was as a construct of the Exiles' collective unconsciousness. Sunfire then asked the Timebroker if he could help at all and he admitted that the only thing he could help with would be to inform them that the rest of Weapon X had found them. The Timebroker then dissipated.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Timebroker entry - BTS) - The Timebroker agreed with the Exiles' decision to have Weapon X's Sabretooth stay behind on Earth-2600 to raise David Richards and ensure he did not become the destructive force that led to the Timebroker's mission to kill David.

(Exiles I#40 (fb) - BTS) - With Sabretooth no longer the leader of Weapon X, the Timebroker transferred the Tallus to Weapon X's newest recruit, Earth-371's Gambit.

(Exiles I#19) - Following an extended period where the extradimensional media mogul Mojo had enslaved the Exiles, the Timebroker appeared in the Mojoverse moments before the Exile Morph (of Earth-1081) could kill Mojo. Ordering Morph to halt his attack, the Timebroker remarked that the timestream was screwed up enough without Morph killing Mojo. Sunfire and Blink asked if what they had already done in the Mojoverse would affect their own timelines more and the Timebroker assured the Exiles that the events in the Mojoverse would become someone else's problem. Earth-3470's Sasquatch then asked why it had taken the Timebroker so long to retrieve the Exiles from the Mojoverse and the Timebroker claimed that there was no sentient entity running the Exiles missions and that things occurred on their own, further remarking that Mojo enslaving the Exiles had been like a disease in the timestream for which the Timebroker was the antibodies. Earth-12's Mimic then asked if Mojo would get away with his actions, prompting the Timebroker to warn Mojo against further actions against the timestream lest his reality collapse. The Timebroker then explained to the Exiles that they would jump to the next mission within about a minute's time, apologizing to the team for their enslavement at Mojo's hands and assuring them that their enslavement was not part of the plan.

(Exiles I#22) - After the Exiles succeeded in freeing Earth-8545 from techno-organic Vi-Lock control, the Timebroker appeared on Earth-8545 with the Exiles' newest member, Earth-4210's Magik, and revealed that one of the Exiles had completed their tenure with the team. After the Timebroker announced that one of the Exiles would be returning to their home reality, Magik introduced herself to the other Exiles and explained her status as unhinged from time. As the confused Exiles tried to determine who was going home, the Timebroker remained silent as the Tallus disappeared from Blink's arm and attached itself to Mimic.

(Exiles I#26 - BTS) - When the Exiles arrived on Earth-989192 in the middle of devastation in Japan, the Timebroker communicated through Mimic's Tallus that the Exiles' mission on Earth-989192 was to prevent the world from being saved. Sunfire argued back and Morph reminded Mimic that the Timebroker had once told them that the Weapon X group existed to handle those sort of missions. Magik disagreed with Morph and Sunfire, reminding them that the Timebroker claimed to be a construct based on the Exiles' collective unconsciousness and the team had changed rosters quite a bit since the Timebroker originally recruited the founding members. Sunfire then suggested the Exiles defy the Timebroker's orders and do the right thing instead of being ruled by the Timebroker like Weapon X, ultimately convincing Mimic to help save bystanders.

(Exiles I#28) - The Exiles were transported back to the desert area where they were first recruited and the Timebroker appeared, remarking on how good it was to see them and announcing that he was there to explain and clarify their next mission. Revealing how the heroic mutant Havok unconsciously acted as a living nexus of realities, providing the Timebroker a back door to connect other realities, the Timebroker further explained how Havok's nexus status had begun to cause instability that was affecting all other realities. As he informed the Exiles how Havok's instability was apparently creating the "bugs" in the timestream that the Exiles were having to fix, the Timebroker commented that the "Timebrokers" arranged to remove Havoks from existence but they found that Earth-616's Havok had two Havok personalities within his mind and that the Exiles would need to stop the "evil" Earth-1298 Havok personality from killing children on Earth-616 using Havok-616's body.

(Exiles I#30) - The Exiles teamed with Earth-616's X-Men against the Earth-1298 Havok personality and Nocturne took possession of Earth-616 Havok's body, forcing the Earth-1298 personality out of sync with time, where he was confronted by the Timebroker. Earth-1298 Havok angrily proclaimed that he could not be stuck in the empty void once more and the Timebroker replied that he was indeed in the void and more solid that he existed previously. Smiling an evil grin, the Timebroker commented that Earth-1298 Havok was now solid enough for the Timebroker to eliminate personally.

(Exiles I#35) - Following the Exiles getting sent to various realities by a spell cast by Earth-3931's Union Jack, the Timebroker managed to teleport the Exiles to a grassy area similar to the desert where they had originally been recruited. Apologizing for their magic-induced reality jumps, the Timebroker claimed "these things happened" and gave the team five minutes to regroup before their next proper mission. Angry, Magik remarked that she would kick the Timebroker's butt if he weren't a construct of the group's collective unconsciousness and once the team had gathered back together, the Timebroker returned and teleported the Exiles to their next mission to Earth-312, which he claimed was a little bit of superhero history.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse 2005 - Timebroker entry - BTS) - The Timebroker seemed to develop two different personalities: one evil and vindictive and one fatherly and supportive.

(Exiles I#40 (fb) - BTS) - As part of the reality-hopping Weapon X's newest mission, the Timebroker instructed Weapon X to kill all mutants on Earth-94831.

(Exiles I#40 - BTS) - When Weapon X's Hyperion of Earth-4023 refused to complete Weapon X's mission in favor of ruling Earth-94831, an angry Timebroker sent Earth-873's Hulk and Earth-3062's Firestar to ensure Weapon X completed their mission. As Hyperion smiled at the fact that two of his former Weapon X teammates must have died in order for the Timebroker to send new recruits, Hulk and Firestar explained how angry the Timebroker was and explained how they had been sent to deal with Hyperion.

(Exiles I#45) - After a particularly rough battle between the Exiles and Earth-4023's Hyperion on Earth-4400, the Timebroker appeared to Morph. Claiming that recent troublesome Exiles mission had been the result of the team's collective unconsciousness driving him somewhat insane, the Timebroker explained that the mission on Earth-4400 involving Hyperion's Weapon X group and the Exiles was essentially a mission to eliminate some of the conflicting personalities in both groups' collective unconsciousness that were affecting him. Angry that the Timebroker had the Exiles and Weapon X essentially killing one another, Morph was told that the Timebroker's actions were done for the good of the universe and that the Exiles were not the first group of reality-fixers they brought together despite being the most successful. When Morph questioned the Timebroker's usage of the word "we," the Timebroker claimed that it was a slip of the subconscious tongue and that it was time for Morph to return to his own reality. Ultimately deciding to stay with his newfound family, Morph opted not to return home and the Timebroker arranged to keep Morph with the Exiles and dissipated just as Mimic saw him.

(Exiles I#62 (fb)) - Earth-2189's Namora was transported to the multiversal Crystal Palace, where the Timebroker appeared and informed her that she had become unhinged from time, explaining that she would have to carry out his missions in order to return to her former life. Namora replied by attacking the Timebroker, only to be sent through a portal, where she met her new teammates in the Exiles.

(Exiles I#48) - While on Earth-616, the Exiles briefly battled the Fantastic Four until the two teams halted the fight and during the subsequent discussion, Blink explained how the Tallus was how the Timebroker communicated with the team. New Exiles recruit Namora insisted the Exiles find a way to free themselves of the Timebroker's whims but Mimic quickly reminded Namora that the Timebroker was not truly a person. Namora followed up Mimic's reply by suggesting the Timebroker's claims of being a figment of the Exiles' collective unconsciousness was merely a way of keeping the Exiles from turning on him. Eventually, when the Tallus informed Blink that Nocturne was supposed to remain behind on Earth-616 while the Exiles recruited Earth-616's Beak, the Timebroker appeared in-person and announced that Beak's membership in the Exiles was important for the later safety of several realities. Shocked, Earth-616's Mister Fantastic ordered his computers to analyze the Timebroker but the computers could no evidence of the Timebroker even being there despite Timebroker standing right in front of Mister Fantastic. Mister Fantastic then deduced that perhaps Timebroker really was a construct of the Exiles' collective unconsciousness as Beak refused to join the Exiles, exclaiming to the Timebroker how he had a family to take care of. Apologizing, the Timebroker informed Beak that he had become unhinged from time and that he could only return to his family by serving in the Exiles. The Timebroker then began to walk off, telling Beak that he hoped he could take solace in the fact that he would be saving lives. He then informed the Exiles that they had until morning, when they would be transported to their next mission, and dissipated.

(Exiles I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Retrieved from Earth-4400 and placed in stasis within the Crystal Palace, Earth-4023's Hyperion healed and escaped his stasis, demanding to know where the Timebroker was. Threatening one of the alien insectoid Timebreakers running the Crystal Palace, Hyperion learned that the Timebroker was not a true being, only an artificial construct used to interact with the Exiles and Weapon X.

(Exiles I#62 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, the recovered Earth-4023 Hyperion took over the Crystal Palace and began secretly interfacing with the Exiles via the Timebroker construct.

(Exiles I#59) - When the Tallus told Blink to kill Mimic on Earth-2600, the Timebroker attempted to goad Earth-295's Sabretooth into performing the murder when Blink refused. Sabretooth also refused and when the Timebroker called him a pansy, Blink suspected something was wrong with the Timebroker. Promising to punish the Exiles for not accomplishing their mission, the Timebroker was informed by Blink that the Exiles were quitting their service to the Timebroker. Agreeing that the Exiles were done, the Timebroker teleported them away.

(Exiles I#64 (fb)) - The Hyperion-controlled Timebroker sent the Exiles to Earth-295.

(Exiles I#60) - Traveling to Earth-295 before the Exiles arrived, the Timebroker waited as the Exiles teleported into the reality shortly after he arrived. Smugly welcoming Sabretooth and Blink home, the Timebroker was grabbed by Sabretooth, who demanded to know why the Timebroker had sent them there. The Timebroker replied that the Exiles were on Earth-295 to be punished for defying his orders. Despite the Timebroker's intended punishment, Sabretooth was glad to see his home reality still existed and asked about the X-Men, only to be interrupted by Mimic, who noticed both Sasquatch and the Exiles' newest member, Earth-616's Beak, were missing. Proclaiming the two Exiles useless, the Timebroker then snapped his fingers and summoned the Exiles' supposed new member, Earth-295's Holocaust. The Timebroker then began his speech about Holocaust being unhinged from time but Holocaust instead blasted Timebroker, leaving a large hole in the ground. Emerging moments later, the Timebroker claimed he could not be hurt as a figment of the Exiles' collective unconsciousness and then utilized the Tallus to connect the Exiles' minds in an effort to force Holocaust to learn the rules of being an Exile. The Timebroker then announced the Exiles' newest mission: to kill Earth-295's X-Men in order to prevent their victory over Earth-295's Sinister from dooming other realities. Proclaiming that killing their former teammates was punishment for Blink and Sabretooth's defiance, the Timebroker disappeared, warning the other Exiles not to go against orders.

(Exiles I#61) - Confronting Earth-295's Magneto, Holocaust prepared to kill him until the Exiles' Namora reminded Holocaust that they were trying to depose the Timebroker, not follow his orders. When Holocaust further hesitated, the Timebroker appeared and attempted to goad Holocaust into killing Magneto. Holocaust ultimately refused to give the Timebroker the satisfaction, prompting the Timebroker to call Holocaust a bonehead before the Exiles teleported away. Magneto was left asking the Timebroker why he was wanted dead, to which the Timebroker replied that he didn't care about Magneto and that he had bigger fish to fry before he disappeared as well.

(Exiles I#62 - BTS) - After using Earth-295's M'Kraan Crystal to transport themselves into the Timebroker's headquarters, the multiversal Panoptichron (Crystal Palace), Morph took the form of the Timebroker while joking about the decor and the Exiles soon investigated, finding a wall that held the deceased or mortally wounded Exiles and Weapon X members. Mimic angrily remarked on how the Timebroker must have been keeping the fallen members as some sort of sick trophies before an insectoid-like being walked by and the Exiles attacked him, thinking the bug to be the true form of the Timebroker. Unsure what "Timebroker" meant, the bug insisted he would help if the Exiles could explain themselves. Assuming the form of the Timebroker again, Morph attempted to get the bug to take the Exiles to the person in charge and at first, the bug did not understand, but the bug ultimately agreed to take the Exiles to a higher-up caste of bugs. As they followed the bug, Mimic suggested that perhaps the Timebroker really was an artificial construct projected to interface with the Exiles but Morph disagreed, remarking that the Timebroker's recent mean streak was too personal to be artificial. Soon teleporting into the control center, where the bug had taken them, the Exiles demanded to speak with the Timebroker, only to be confronted by Earth-4023's Hyperion, who announced that he had taken over the Crystal Palace and that there was no Timebroker.

(Exiles I#63 - BTS) - When Blink came face-to-face with Hyperion following a brief chase, Hyperion revealed how he had taken over the Crystal Palace from the alien insectoid Timebreakers and learned that the Timebroker was nothing more than a construct. He then further explained about the Timebreakers' creation of the Timebroker construct before the Exiles attacked him.

(Exiles I#64 - BTS) - While the Exiles battled Hyperion, one of the worker caste Timebreakers released Earth-616's Beak from stasis and, after learning that the Timebroker was not a real person and how the Timebreakers had been controlling the Exiles behind-the-scenes, Beak set about finding a way to stop Hyperion.

(Exiles I#65) - After Beak recruited alternate Hyperions to battle Earth-4023's Hyperion and their battle raged through the Panoptichron, the Exiles' Mimic ordered the Timebreakers to activate the Timebroker so that he could utilize the construct to speak with Blink. Sending the Timebroker into the Panoptichron's desert area, Mimic revealed to Blink that he was controlling Timebroker and insisted they could stop Hyperion-4023 without killing him. The Timebroker then informed the Exiles and the two good Hyperions that they could banish Hyperion-4023 back in his home reality, where he would be tortured with loneliness.

(Exiles I#78) - On a later mission to Earth-712, in which the Exiles were put on trial by the Squadron Supreme, the Exiles found themselves cut off from the Panaoptichron and Earth-3470's Heather Hudson utilized the Timebroker to communicate with the Exiles. Appearing on Earth-712, the Timebroker announced himself the legal counsel for the Exiles and explained to the Exiles how he was actually being used by Heather. Communicating through the Timebroker, Heather informed the Exiles of dirt she had dug up on the Squadron and showed the team by connecting their minds via the Tallus. To then prove the Exiles' innocence, Heather had the Timebroker link the minds of the Squadron Supreme to show them the Exiles' past heroic deeds. The Timebroker then informed the Squadron that the militant Global Directorate ruling their world had committed voter fraud to win the election, giving the Squadron evidence to arrest the Global Directorate.

(Exiles I#84) - Arranging to regain control of the Panoptichron, the Timebreakers manipulated all of the Exiles to Earth-3470 and after the Exiles had completed their mission, the Timebreakers took the Tallus from Sabretooth and sent the Timebroker to tell the Exiles they were fired from their service. Announcing that the Exiles could not be relied upon, the Timebroker informed the Exiles that they would be replaced and assured them that there were no hard feelings. Leaving the Exiles behind, the Timebroker thanked the team for the service and disappeared.

(Exiles I#85) - When the Timebreakers recruited a squad of Wolverine counterparts, the Timebroker was sent to interface with them and he introduced himself while taking on a form that more resembled Wolverine. Earth-520's Weapon X immediately tried to slash the Timebroker but his claws passed harmlessly through the Timebroker, who claimed he was a figment of the Wolverine Squad's collective unconsciousness. The Timebroker then gave brief histories on all of the Wolverines present before explaining that they were needed to save a reality. Promising can't-miss perks for completing the mission, the Timebroker then transported the Wolverine Squad to Earth-127.

(Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1) - When the heroless Earth-91172 was invaded by the Hulk and his Annihilation Wave, Blink used the Timebroker to lead Earth-91172's Quentin Quire into unknowingly forming a group of heroes to make up for the missing heroes in his reality. Thinking he was seeking the help of the reality-hopping Exiles, Quire was confronted by the Timebroker, who opened a portal and bade Quire to enter the portal to find the help he sought. Arriving at the Panoptichron on the other side, Quire was informed by the Timebroker that he had already met the Exiles in the form of the multiversal heroes Quire had encountered during his search but Quire argued that he had seen a statue of the Exiles on Earth-8545 and the heroes he met were not them. The Timebroker calmed informed Quire that the statue he saw was of the original Exiles, mostly, and that Quire had formed his own team of Exiles. He then explained to a confused Quire that a hiccup in reality had left Earth-91172 without heroes and that Quire's quest had assembled a team of heroes to fix that mistake. Quire agreed to lead the heroes in order to save his world from Hulk and the Timebroker reminded Quire that there may come a time where his team would be needed and that Quire would have to answer the call. Quire agreed and the Timebroker sent Quire back to his reality, remarking that they would be watching. After Quire had left, Sabretooth met with Blink and commented that he couldn't believe the Timebroker, a guy dressed as a butler, had convinced Blink's Exiles to hop around saving realities.

(Exiles II#1) - When a new team of Exiles was formed, the Timebroker was sent to meet the new recruits in the form of the former Exile Morph. Again claiming that he was there as a construct created from the group's collective unconscious, the Timebroker explained how each of those assembled were from different realities and had been plucked out of their realities milliseconds before their deaths. Further informing the group that they were being requested to repair realities or be returned to their own deaths, the Timebroker convinced the new team of Exiles to help repair realities and prepped the group on their newfound mission. Giving Blink the Tallus, the Timebroker warned that if the Exiles failed in their missions, they could end up potentially dead, enslaved or worse. He then warned the group about rough teleportation as the Tallus transported the new Exiles to Earth-90631.

(Exiles III#7 - BTS) - After Blink reunited with her former teammate Nocturne and the duo lost their teammate Morph, Blink met with Nocturne and asked if Nocturne remembered when the Timebroker had gathered them as the original Exiles.

(Exiles III#8 - BTS) - While on trial by a group of rogue alien Watchers, Blink was forced to recount her life, including her recruitment into the Exiles by the Timebroker.

Comments: Created by Judd Winick, Mike McKone and Mark McKenna.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Exiles I#78 (May, 2006) - Tony Bedard (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#84 (September, 2006) - Tony Bedard (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#85 (October, 2006) - Tony Bedard (writer), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Rick Magyar (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles: Days of Then & Now#1 (March, 2008) - Mike Raicht (writer), Carlos Ferreira, Mario Gully, Arnold Pander, Wayne Nichols (pencils), Zach Howard, Paul Azaceta,  (pencils, inks), Terry Pallot, Sandu Florea, Vicente Cifuentes, Scott Koblish (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Exiles II#1 (June, 2009) - Jeff Parker (writer), Salva Espin (art), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Exiles III#7 (October, 2018) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Rod Reis, Lee Ferguson (art), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Exiles III#8 (November, 2018) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Joe Quinones (pencils, inks), Joe Rivera (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)

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