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Real Name: James Howlett

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-811/Days of Future Past) human mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former resistance fighter 

Group MembershipSeething Snikters (Albert-616, Mean-5311, Wild Thing-982, Weapon X-295, Wolverine-2301, Wolvie, others);
    formerly X-51's Heralds (Bloodstorm-1298 (Ororo Munroe), Deathlok-7484 (Luther Manning), Hyperion-1121 (Mark Milton), Iron Man-8410 (Arno Stark), Killraven-691 (Jonathan Raven), Spider-Girl-1122 (May Parker)), Earth-811
Canadian Resistance Army, Earth-811 X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Charlotte Jones, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Leech, Magneto/Magnus, Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Jean Grey Summers, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Franklin Richards, Sprite/Kate Pryde-Rasputin (now Widget), Storm/Ororo Munroe, Rachel Summers, Synch/Everett Thomas, Thunderbird/James Proudstar), Exiles (Wolverine team: Albert-5211, Elsie-Dee-5211, Jimmy Howlett-1880, Patch-181 (James Howlett), Weapon X-520 (James Howlett), Wolverine-6195)
     maybe the Moon Tribe-811 (see comments)

Affiliations: Access (Axel Asher-616), Annihilus-9997, Blastaar-9997, Dmitri Bukharin-811, Luke Cage-9997, Emma Frost-811, Exiles (Blink-295 (Clarice Ferguson), Heather Hudson-3470, Logan-9997, Longshot, Morph-1081 (Kevin Sidney), Power Princess-712 (Zarda Shelton), Sabretooth-295 (Victor Creed), Spider-Man-6375 (Miguel O'Hara)), Guardian-811 (James MacDonald Hudson), Guardians of the Galaxy-24770 (Charlie-27, Martinex T'Naga, Starhawkj/Stakar Ogord, Vance Astro, Yondu Udonta), James MacDonald Hudson-9997,  Legion of Superheroes (Earth-DC post-Zero Hour: Apparition/Tinya Wazzo, Brainiac-5/Quirl Dox, Cosmic Boy/Rokk Krinn, Ferro/Andrew Nolan, Saturn Girl/Imra Ardeen, Spark/Ayla Ranzz, Triad/Luornu Durgo, Ultra Boy/Jo Nah), Midnight/Amiko, Peter Parker-9997, Redwing-9997 (Wyatt Wingfoot), Sasquatch-9997, Scarlet Witch-811 (Wanda Maximoff), James Scully-9997, Silver Samurai-811 (Shingen Harada), Time Broker, Venom-9997 (May Parker), Vindicator-811 (Heather Hudson), X-51-9997, Mariko Yashida-811, Yukio-811

Enemies: Bel-Dann-811 (see comments), Brother Mutant-127, Brother Mutant's Wolverine army, Brute/Reed Richards of Counter-Earth-616, Council of the Chosen/Hellfire Club-811 (Black King/Shinobi Shaw, Red Queen/Betsy Braddock), Hand-811, Raksor-811, Rogues-811 (Big Alex, George, Robbo), Sabretooth-811, Sentinels-811 including Patrol 3L-40, Patrol 4L-30, Shi'ar Imperial Guard-811 (Earthquake, Gladiator, Hussar, Manta, Oracle, Smasher, Starbolt, Warstar (B'nee and C'cll)), Thunderbolts-811 (Baron (Helmut) Zemo, others);
    (sporting rivals only) Amazing Arachnids (Spider-Ham-8311 (Peter Porker), Spider-Man-138 (Hobie Brown), Spider-Man-2301 (Peter Parker), Spider-Man-9411 (Miguel O'Hara), Spider-Man-9500 (Max Borne), Spider-Man-50101 (Pravitr Prabhakar), Spider-Man-90214 (Peter Parker), Spider-UK-833 (Billy Braddock));
    formerly Annihilus-9997, Blastaar-9997, Dark Phoenix-811 (Jean Grey), Guardians of the Galaxy-24770 (Charlie-27, Martinex T'Naga, Starhawkj/Stakar Ogord, Vance Astro, Yondu Udonta)

Known Relatives: Amiko (Midnight, adopted daughter)

Aliases: Logan, Wolverine

Base of Operations: Earth-9997;
    formerly Earth-811

First Appearance: X-Men I#141 (January 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine can regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure far more rapidly than ordinary humans. The healing factor speed varies in proportion to an injury's severity. He is virtually immune to poisons and most drugs and  diseases. He is partially immune to exertion-induced fatigue poisons and thus has greater endurance than ordinary humans. His agility and reflexes are similarly enhanced. Wolverine's healing factor greatly slows the effects of aging; although over a century old, he is as healthy and fit as a man in his prime.

    Wolverine possesses superhumanly acute senses, seeing and hearing things at distances far greater than those of ordinary humans. His sense of smell is even more magnified and he can recognize people and objects by scent alone, which, combined with combat and stealth training, makes him one of the world's foremost trackers. His skeleton includes six retractable, slightly curved, foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. He can, at will, release these claws through the skin beneath his knuckles. The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than normal human bone, allowing them to, even unaugmented, penetrate most types of flesh and natural materials. Wolverine's entire skeletal structure, including his claws, is bonded to the nearly indestructible metal Adamantium, rendering his bones virtually unbreakable and his claws capable of penetrating almost any substance, depending on its thickness and the force he exerts. His healing factor prevents the Adamantium from interfering with his bones’ normal generation of blood cells, and his reinforced skeleton enables him to withstand heavy physical pressure, giving his muscles sufficient force to briefly lift 800 pounds or more. Wolverine is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, having mastered virtually every fighting style on Earth, as well as a trained expert in multiple weapons, vehicles, computer systems, explosives and assassination techniques. He is fluent in many languages, including Cheyenne, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Lakota, Russian and Spanish, with some French, Thai, and Vietnamese. Throughout his life, he has used many bladed weapons, most frequently daggers and, at times, swords. He has undergone extensive training as samurai, soldier, spy and other disciplines. He has wielded many different types of firearms throughout his careers as soldier, mercenary, and spy.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 300 lbs.;
     (without Adamantium skeleton) 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
with white streaks on temples


(Paradise X#4 (fb) - BTS/Paradise X#6 (fb) - BTS) - Logan was raised as James Howlett in Canada, a sickly child who eventually ran away and grew up in the wilderness.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#2 (fb)) - Logan joined the X-Men, befriending his teammates including Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus and Thunderbird. He fought Sabretooth, was friends and allies with Guardian and Vindicator, and loved Jean Grey, Mariko Yashida and Yukio.

(Phoenix: The Untold Story#1) - Moments after Professor X succeeded in turning Dark Phoenix back into Jean Grey, Wolverine and his fellow X-Men were transported into space on the orders of Shi'ar Empress Lilandra, and informed that Grey was to be destroyed for her destruction of an inhabited world and a Shi'ar warship while she had been Dark Phoenix. To give Jean a chance for survival, Professor X called for a duel of honor, an ancient Shi'ar right to trial by combat that Lilandra could not refuse. The X-Men were allowed a night to rest and prepare themselves, during which Logan realized he was worried about dying, not out of fear for his own life, but because for the first time in his life (that he could recall) he had unfinished business, in the form of his beloved Mariko Yashida.

    The next morning the X-Men were transported to the Blue Area of the Moon and pitted against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. The mutants split into two teams, with Wolverine accompanying Colossus, Beast and Storm. Traveling through a tunnel, they were confronted by Warstar, and while Beast and Colossus battled Warstar's dual component bodies, Storm and Wolverine were caught off guard by Gladiator, who snuck up behind them and ripped the floor out from under the pair, sending them plummeting down a shaft. Storm caught Wolverine in time to give him a safe landing, but before they could attempt to reunite with their friends they were attacked by Earthquake, whose tremors unbalanced Wolverine, sending him falling through the intangible wall of the Watcher's domicile. His enhanced senses increasingly scrambled by the bizarre interior, Wolverine stumbled around looking for a way out, swiftly drawing the attention of the Watcher. The cosmic voyeur informed the intruder he was not welcome there, and when the irate Wolverine responded with a challenge rather than an apology, the Watcher transported Wolverine to (or subjected him to visions of) Earth's primordial past and volcanic future, then ejected him from the house, warning him not to return.

   Outside a shaken Wolverine was approached by Storm, but even though his recent experience made him wonder if he could still trust his enhanced senses, he realized something was off and attacked her, causing "Storm" to drop her disguise and resume her true form, that of the Skrull Raksor, a representative of the Skrull Empire supposedly present only to observe events and ensure the Shi'ar eliminate Jean. Claws out, Wolverine lunged for the Skrull, but was blasted unconscious in mid-air by the Kree's representative, Bel-Dann. Enraged at being saved by a Kree, Raksor attacked Bel-Dann, and the pair forgot about Wolverine, battling until they slew one another.

    By the time Wolverine awoke, the X-Men had lost to the Guard's superior numbers and firepower. As they watched, Lilandra explained that the Shi'ar did not intend to slay Jean, in part out of fear that her life force might be linked to the primal forces Phoenix had used to recently contain a destructive neutron galaxy within the M'kraan Crystal; instead they were going to perform a psychic lobotomy, rendering her forever human. Wolverine denounced this punishment, angrily comparing it to blinding and paralyzing her, and demanding to Cyclops that they again try to intervene, but Cyclops silenced him by reminding him they had given their word to accept the verdict of the trial by combat. Once the procedure was completed, the X-Men angrily returned to Earth with Jean.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#1 (fb)) - During one the X-Men's missions, Wolverine rescued a six year old girl, Amiko, whose mother had been fatally wounded in a building collapse, and promised the dying woman that he would look after the child.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#3 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine taught six year old Amiko a hand signal that meant she should be absolutely silent.

(Excalibur I#64 (fb)) - Jean apparently eventually regained her powers in some capacity and rejoined the team. As the X-Men, including Wolverine, returned to Xavier's School (presumably following a mission), they received a warm welcome home by a young Rachel Summers; like his teammates, Logan was visibly happy to see the little girl.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#2 (fb)) - At some point Magneto pulled the Adamantium from Wolverine's bones through his skin. Eventually though, he recovered and went through the Adamantium bonding process again.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#2 (fb)) - Believing Amiko would have a better chance at a safe life away from him, Wolverine left her in the care of Yukio and the Silver Samurai.

(Excalibur I#52 (fb)) - After Jean Grey was killed when Mastermind detonated a nuclear device in Pittsburgh, Wolverine and his fellow X-Men attended a funeral for their slain compatriot. 

(X-Men: Gold II#23 (fb)) - Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast and Nightcrawler battled Rachel Summers, who had been transformed into a Hound (see comments).

(Paradise X#3 (fb) - BTS) - Logan witnessed Cyclops' death.

(Paradise X: Heralds#2 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man died in Wolverine's arms, his last words as he looked at the army of Sentinels it had taken to bring him down being a comment about them needing a SWAT team to stamp out a spider.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#2 (fb)) - Amiko allegedly died before she was thirteen in an accident, though no body was ever recovered. Logan visited her gravesite in Japan.

(Uncanny X-Men I#141 (fb) - BTS) - Logan joined the Canadian Resistance Army.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#1) - While the Sentinels overran North America, Logan went to Moscow hunting for his missing adopted daughter, Amiko, who he had believed dead until a photo of a woman who resembled her made its way to him. Seeking information he visited the place where the picture had been taken, the Dynamo Bar, owned by former Crimson Dynamo Dmitri Bukharin, who reluctantly admitted she had been there, talking to ex-Hydra engineers. As Logan left the bar he was attacked by what appeared to be Hand ninjas, who he easily defeated, but as he tried to interrogate the last surviving ninja a hooded woman, the Council of the Chosen's Red Queen Betsy Braddock, snuck up on him and stunned him with a telepathic attack. She declared to her compatriot Midnight that Wolverine was no longer a threat to their circle, explaining that she had tricked Wolverine into believing it was Hand ninjas who had attacked him, and Midnight decided to leave the unconscious Logan for the scavengers to finish off.

    When Logan woke up his conscious mind was suppressed, leaving him little more than a rabid animal, causing him to attack Jubilee and Magneto when they came looking for him. Restraining the feral Logan using his magnetic powers, Magneto declared he only knew one person who might be able to restore his mind.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#2) - Magneto and Jubilee took Logan to an island off of India where Emma Frost resided; the blonde telepath managed to retrieve Logan's memories and rebuild his mind. Seeing his old foe Magneto, Logan nearly attacked, but Jubilee stopped him and convinced him to listen to the master of magnetism. Magneto explained the recent "natural" disasters had actually been caused by the Council of the Chosen, who were holding his daughter, the Scarlet Witch, and that he wanted to enlist Logan's aid to rescue her. The trio then traveled to Department H in Canada, where James MacDonald Hudson's anti-Sentinel resistance were based, and where Logan had left the X-Men's Blackbird jet for safekeeping, and they flew to the Hoover Dam in Nevada, where Magneto believed Wanda was being held. While the jet provided a distraction, coming in openly and drawing fire from the Councik's troops, Logan snuck into the base and located Wanda. Before he could free her he was attacked by Midnight, and to his shock he recognized by her scent that his masked opponent was Amiko. Taking advantage of his shock, she stabbed him with her poisoned blades, then whispered to him so that only he could hear that she had tried to throw him off this path and wished that their reunion had not been like this. Standing nearby watching, but unaware of what Amiko had said, the Council's leader, Shinobi Shaw, congratulated Midnight and ordered his minions to trigger the "Cataclysm Engine" that Wanda was hooked into.

(Wolverine: Days of Future Past#3) - Logan was thrown into the water, waking just as he was about to be swept over the edge of the dam. He tried to save himself from plummeting to his death, but failed, and was about to fall when Amiko grabbed his hand and hauled him to safety. She explained that she had counted on his healing factor to protect him from her poison, and that she needed his help to stop Shaw's mad scheme. The pair watched as a helicopter arrived and Baron Zemo emerged; the villain strode into the base, telling the soldiers who had met him to bring in his two prisoners, Leech and Synch. As soon as Zemo had gone though, Logan rescued the pair, freeing them from the inhibitor collars they were wearing. The group then attacked the Council members in the Cataclysm Engine chamber, arriving to find that the Council had just been assaulted by and managed to subdue both Magneto and Jubilee. Logan took down Betsy with little problem, but when Shaw tried to phase his intangible hands into Logan's chest to crush his heart, Amiko leapt between them and suffered his attack instead. Swearing that her sacrifice wouldn't be in vain, Logan sliced up the Engine, freeing Wanda. Releasing Amiko, Shaw angrily chastised Logan, telling him that they had been about to collapse the Sentinels' rule. As Magneto blasted Shaw, a weakened Wanda told Logan to tell her father not to give up, and used her last remaining strength to destroy the engine, an act that also triggered the destruction of the dam. While the others fled to safety, Magneto stayed behind to finish Shaw, ripping him apart using electromagnetic forces despite his intangibility; however, Magneto was pinned under falling rubble. Outside the escaping X-Men and their captive Betsy Braddock made it to Zemo's helicopter and commandeered it, but Logan ordered the others to leave while he returned to free Magneto. He found his ally and freed him just before the dam finally burst, carrying both men away in a torrent of raging water. Despite his injury, Magneto managed to lift them both aloft to the safety of the helicopter.

    A few days later on Emma Frost's island, Amiko explained to Logan that when the Silver Samurai became Japan's emperor he decided it would be safer for Amiko if everyone believed her dead. During the subsequent years she trained to become Midnight, but when the Samurai learned of the Cataclysm Engine, he asked her to infiltrate the Council and destroy them from within. She and Magneto both then offered to lend their assistance battling the still extant threat of the Sentinels.

(Unlimited Access#2) - A schism in reality brought Earth-616's Access and the post-Zero Hour Legion of Superheroes to Earth-811, where they were soon attacked by Sentinels. They made short work of the robots, but any celebration was stopped by the arrival of Logan, who warned them that more Sentinels would be on their way, and led the new arrivals underground, where he introduced them to the X-Men (Colossus, Rachel Summers, Magneto, Franklin Richards and Storm), who were using a temporary released from their internment camp to carry out an unspecified work detail as an opportunity to meet with Logan and plan a proper escape. Logan dismissed Access' claims that they came from another universe as a nice bedtime story, but Rachel took hope from the possibility that they might be able to escape their own world. Franklin however insisted they needed to stay and free their world, noting that if his father was still alive, Reed would have been able to find a way to jam the inhibitor collars that blocked their powers. At this Brainiac revealed he had already had a similar thought and in the time since they had entered the tunnels he had constructed an operational field nullifier using parts taken from the Sentinels they had fought. Finding their powers restored, the X-Men thanked the Legion for giving them hope again, and watched as Access returned them to their own reality via a portal. However, as the last of them departed, Sentinels suddenly smashed in the tunnel roof; the X-Men held them off while Magneto forced Ferro and Access, the last two interdimensional visitors, to escape through the portal. With the visitors gone, the X-Men's memories realigned, leaving them unsure of what they were doing; while they were distracted the Sentinels destroyed the nullifier and fired a spike through Magneto, crippling him. As his fellow X-Men were recaptured, Logan managed to slip away, and though he could not clearly recall what had happened, he overheard the Sentinels mentioning that the inhibitor collars had been temporarily disabled. Now aware the devices could be jammed, he vowed to figure out how.

(Avengers IV#2) - On Earth-616 the Protector (Noh-Varr) constructed a space-time continuum viewer for the Avengers; when he demonstrated it to them by showing them glimpses of numerous individuals from alternate realities, one of those shown was Colonel Logan, standing with his claws extended in front of a wanted poster for his fellow mutants, facing an unseen opponent (see comments).

(Marvel Super-Heroes: What The--?! Season 1#29: Holiday Special With Iron Man and Deadpool) - After trying to get his Avengers teammates to work over Christmas, the Iron Man of Reality-13155 was visited by the spirit of Deadpool (despite Deadpool not actually being dead) to be cured of his Scrooge-like attitude. When Deadpool tried to show him how horrible the future would be if he didn't change his ways, the Merc with the Mouth instead accidentally showed him a vision of Earth-811, where Logan had just destroyed one Sentinel, only for another to arrive on the scene. Realizing he was showing the wrong reality, Deadpool shifted Iron Man away to view a different timeline.

(X-Men I#141 cover) - Logan met with Kate Rasputin during one of the times she was permitted to leave the Manhattan Mutant Concentration Camp, but they were confronted by parties unrevealed. Standing in front of another wanted poster for his fellow mutants, Logan popped his claws and prepared for a fight.

(Superior Spider-Man I#32) - Adrift in time, the Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius in Peter Parker's body) of Reality-616 caught a flash of this event and many more from other alternate timelines.

(Uncanny X-Men I#142 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Logan obtained a belt buckle with an electronic eye beam, either one formerly owned by a member of the Fantastic Four or a replica thereof, designed to grant access to the Baxter Building, formerly the home of the Fantastic Four and now the continental headquarters and nerve center for the Sentinels' North American operations.

(X-Men I#141 (fb) - BTS) - Around the same time as Logan procured the final components needed for the jammer intended to disable the mutant inhibitor collars, he was also informed by sources in London that the minute the Sentinels set foot outside North America the other great powers of the world intended to launch a full-scale nuclear strike. Aware that the Sentinels were planning to invade other countries in their goal to eliminate mutantkind, Logan realized it was up to the X-Men to break out and save the world again, and he got word to Kate Rasputin to meet him during one of her permitted absences from the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center at an appointed time in Manhattan's run-down Park Avenue.

(X-Men I#141) - Logan found her about to be assaulted by three Rogues, anti-mutant human thugs, and took out two, George and Robbo, before the lead Rogue, Big Alex, even noticed his presence. Unsheathing a large knife, Big Alex attacked Logan, who easily took him down with a kick to the gut followed by a fist to the back of Alex's skull. Logan reflected to himself that in the old days he would have simply cut the punk in two, but using his claws now would alert the Sentinels that Wolverine was back in town. Updating Kate about the global situation, he gave her the jammer component, reassuring her that it was invisible to the Sentinels' scanners so she should have no problem smuggling it into the camp, then told her that phase two would begin at midnight, when he would bust his old teammates out. He and Kate then parted company so she could return to the camp.

(X-Men I#141 - BTS) - As promised, Logan broke the surviving X-Men - Kate Rasputin, Colossus, Storm, Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards - out at midnight, and the group escaped into the long disused subway tunnels. Magneto stayed behind to cover their escape, sacrificing his life to do so.

(Uncanny X-Men I#142 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Men trashed a large number of Sentinels during their escape.

(X-Men I#141) - Fleeing through the subway tunnels, Logan asked Colossus how the unconscious Kate was doing, since Rachel had switched her mind with that of her younger Earth-616 counterpart. Colossus confirmed she was unconscious, noting this was probably better to spare past Kitty foreknowledge of the future she might one day live in, and added that he wished they could have brought their ally Magneto with them. Logan reminded him that it had been Magneto's choice; now confined to a wheelchair, Magneto would have slowed them down too much, so he had volunteered to stay behind and cover their escape. Suddenly a noise above alerted them that Sentinels were breaking through the subway roof, but before they could do more than acknowledge this realization a Sentinel's blast incinerated Franklin. Sentinel Patrol 3L-40 radioed to headquarters that they had found the South Bronx facility escapees and warned the mutants to surrender or face immediate termination. The X-Men responded by attacking, and Colossus performed a fastball special, throwing Wolverine up onto the shoulder of one Sentinel, allowing him to slice deep into its skull; damaged but still active, the Sentinel grabbed Wolverine in its left hand, intending to slay him, but Storm used the breach in its head's insulation to fry the Sentinel's computer brain with lightning. Once all the Sentinels were destroyed, the X-Men set off again, determined to reach the Baxter Building and destroy the Sentinels' base therein.

(4: A Universe X Special (fb)) - The 811 X-Men's journey through the subway and the death of Franklin Richards were witnessed by X-51 and Galactus (Franklin Richards) of Earth-9997.

(Uncanny X-Men I#142) - The X-Men evaded another patrol as they neared the Baxter Building; Wolverine noted that the Sentinels would be expecting the team to try and make contact with the Canadian Resistance Army, not attack the Sentinels' main headquarters, and added that if they succeeded in knocking out then they would hamstring the Sentinels' operations across the entire continent. After Storm took down the Sentinel standing sentry outside the edifice before it could alert anyone to their presence, the X-Men broke into the building, leaving Rachel outside to care for the still unconscious Kate. Using his belt buckle to access the elevator, Wolverine ascended with Colossus and Storm to the upper floors. Quietly exiting, Wolverine noticed an Omega Sentinel, one of the Executive Cadre, with its back to them, and instructed Colossus to throw him at the robot, intending to destroy it. However, the Sentinel had detected his presence, and swiftly turned to blast him.

(Exiles II#85) - A millisecond before the blast hit, Wolverine was snatched from Reality-811 by the Time Broker and transported to a place between worlds, where he was joined by similarly displaced counterparts from other realities - Earth-181's Patch, a zombie Wolverine from Earth-6195, the androids Albert and Elsie-Dee from Earth-5211, Weapon X from Earth-520 and young Jimmy Howlett from Earth-1880 - all of whom had been snatched by the Time Broker. Introducing himself and each of them to the others, the Time Broker explained he had brought them together to save Earth-127, promising each of them a reward in return - in Logan-811's case, that a successful mission would eliminate the Sentinels from his world. Giving Logan-811 a Tallus, a wrist bracelet that would provide them with guidance, he transported them to Earth-127's Phoenix, where the team found the city devastated. Once there, the Tallus activated, informing the team that in this reality the Brotherhood of Mutants - Magneto, Quicksilver, Mesmero and the Scarlet Warlock - had captured Wolverine and attempted to transform Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton into Magneto's body via the Scarlet Warlock's hex powers, but the spell had gone wrong, instead merging all five into the immensely powerful Brother Mutant, who now planed to kill every non-mutant on Earth. Moments after this briefing ended, the team were attacked by a horde of extradimensional Wolverines, and realized that the Time Broker had sent earlier teams on the same mission, all of whom had fallen under the hypnotic sway of Brother Mutant. Seeing that they had no chance to win against such overwhelming odds, Logan snatched Jimmy and beat a retreat while the others held the horde back. As they ran, Logan contacted the Time Broker's true controllers via the Tallus, demanding to be extracted so he could come up with a plan that might actually work to bring Brother Mutant down. Just before the horde caught up with the pair, the Brokers did as asked and brought them to their control center, the Crystal Palace. Hearing the insectoid brokers mention another team of successful Exiles currently on Earth-3470, Logan insisted on being sent to see them and asked for their assistance.

(Exiles II#86) -The Exiles accompanied Logan-811 and Jimmy back to Eartth-127, and launched a surprise attack on Brother Mutant's forces while he was flying them from Phoenix in a number of confiscated buses, thus preventing his mind-controlled army from joining the fight. After the Exiles distracted him with a string of hit and run attacks, Sabretooth threw Elsie-Dee carrying the head of zombie Wolverine at Brother Mutant; Elsie had the head bite Brother Mutant on the nose, infecting him the zombie virus so that his healing factor would be weakened fighting it, then blew herself up, further weakening him. Seeing that Brother Mutant was still standing, Logan then joined the fight, and while the nearly destroyed Albert held the villain in place, Logan stabbed him in the chest with all six claws. Severely injured nearly to the point of death, Brother Mutant incinerated Logan with a powerful energy blast, but this enraged Jimmy, who went berserk and finished him off. In the aftermath the Time Brokers returned all the Wolverines, including the dead Logan-811, to the point in time and space from which they had been snatched.

(Uncanny X-Men I#142) - The Sentinel's beam struck Wolverine mid-air, seemingly (see comments) incinerating the flesh from his bones. His undamaged skeleton landed in front of his shocked teammates, who fell to the Sentinels mere moments later.

(Uncanny X-Men I#188 (fb)) - Despite being in a comatose state during the assault on the Baxter Building, Rachel Summers remained psychically linked to her teammates and was aware of the circumstances of each of their deaths.

(Paradise X: Heralds#1 (fb)) - Earth-9997's X-51 covertly observed Wolverine's demise.

(Captain Marvel IV#28) - While visiting Earth-928 (2099 A.D.), Reality-616's Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell/Rick Jones) and Starfox were assailed by visions of other timelines, including Logan-811's incineration by Sentinel.

(S.H.I.E.L.D. II#4) - Jumping through time, Brotherhood of the Shield members Nathaniel Richards, Howard Stark, Nostradamus, Michelangelo, Hasan Ibn al-Haytham, Hamza Ibn al-Haytham and Haider Ibn al-Haytham, together with their ally Nikola Tesla, were beset by glimpses of alternate futures, including that of Logan-811's demise.

(4: A Universe X Special) - Wolverine's death was witnessed by X-51 of Earth-9997, who had recently taken over from his reality's Watcher; aware that his own reality's Wolverine was still alive, he began to wonder about the visions that the Watcher's monitoring devices were letting him see, and subsequently learned from the Watcher of the existence of alternate realities.

(Uncanny X-Men I#202 (fb)) - Rachel felt each of her teammates die, to the point of being aware of a host of Sentinels standing ominously around the remains of Storm, Colossus and Logan.

(Civil War II#8) - On Earth-616 the Inhuman Ulysses showed that reality's warring superhero factions visions of alternate futures, among them Earth-811 and the corpses of the recently slain X-Men, including Logan.

(Universe X #X) - Believing that, as in his own reality, Celestial embryos were growing within all alternate Earths, X-51 of Earth-9997 determined to do something about it using his newly gained knowledge of alternate realities and the heroes each contained, including Logan-811.

(Paradise X: Heralds#1) - X-51 visited Earth-811's Baxter Building, arriving next to Wolverine's skeletal remains.

(Paradise X: Heralds#1 (fb)) - He easily extracted the body from the Baxter Building, and transported them to the Blue Area of the Moon in Reality-9997. As he had surmised, Wolverine's Adamantium skull had protected his brain cells from the blast, allowing X-51 to use technology taken from Merlyn's realm, the same which had once been used to reconstruct an obliterated Captain Britain from only a rag, a bone and a hank of hair, and he resurrected Wolverine.

(Paradise X: Heralds#1) - Wolverine was shocked to wake up alive, and initially attacked X-51 before the robot calmed him down and explained what had happened. He then introduced him to others he had gathered from across the multiverse: Bloodstorm, Deathlok/Luther Manning-7484, Hyperion/Mark Milton-1121, Iron Man/Arno Stark-8410, Killraven/Jonathan Raven-691 and Spider-Girl/May Parker-1122. Logan was overjoyed to see Bloodstorm, briefly mistaking her for his own Ororo Munroe, and even after discovering she was a vampiric alternate reality counterpart to his slain friend did not prevent him exchanging a heartfelt embrace with her. X-51 then explained that he believed the multiverse had been created by Mephisto as a way of escaping the end of history, and that he also believed that every alternate Earth secretly housed a Celestial embryo which would destroy the planet when it hatched. He wanted his Heralds to visit alternate Earths and alert them to this threat, in return for which he would reward each of them with their dearest desires.

   X-51 then split the team into pairs and sent each duo to a different alternate Earth. Paired with Spider-Girl, Logan visited Earth-1123, arriving on the White House lawn. The Secret Service swiftly confronted them, but Logan easily took them down; unwilling to murder men only doing their jobs, he ignored being shot multiple times while he rendered them unconscious. Entering the Oval Office, they tried to tell the incensed President Reed Richards about the Celestial threat, but he ignored them and transformed into the Brute.

(Paradise X: Heralds#2) - Logan and Spider-Girl had an inconclusive battle with the Brute that ended when Earth-1123's Namor and his wife, Sue Storm MacKenzie, intervened, filling the sky with Atlantean flying platforms. Using her forcefields, Sue extracted Logan and Spider-Girl, and she and her husband explained that the Brute had slain and replaced their own world's Reed Richards, killing him as well as the Thing and Spider-Man. Clearly shaken at this news despite it not being her father, Spider-Girl was consoled by Logan. Having delivered their warning about the Celestial embryo to Namor and Sue instead, Logan entrusted them with dealing with the problem, only for Namor to inform him that the embryo had already been slain in this reality. With that news, Logan he and Spider-Girl returned to Reality-9997, arriving to find both their teammates were back, and that a number of Watchers had arrived to oversee the death of Uatu, who they blamed letting humanity learn of his presence on the Moon, an action they believed had inevitably led to the discover and destruction of the Celestial embryo.

(Paradise X: Heralds#3) - X-51 and his team helped Uatu break free of the Watchers' restraints and led him through his domicile. As they passed through a chamber showing images from throughout history, Logan paused for a moment to stare at an image of Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur, finding something about it inexplicably familiar. The group continued to attempt to flee, but the Watchers easily caught up with them, and imprisoned Logan and the other Heralds in forcefield bubbles. However, X-51 had already gained full control of the advanced technology within the building; dissolving the bubbles with ease to free his Heralds, X-51 then opened interdimensional portals behind each Watcher and sent them across the multiverse, aware now that all it would take to alert each Earth to the Celestial threat was to make them aware of the existence of Watchers.

    Their mission fulfilled, X-51 transported the Heralds to Earth, so he could keep his promise to fulfill their greatest desires. For Logan, it was simply knowing that here the X-Men were alive, and he thanked X-51 for bringing him to such a world.

(Paradise X#1) - The Heralds visited Manhattan so Spider-Girl could see the Earth-9997 version of her father, and stood in the shadow of the gigantic Absorbing Man that now made up much of the city. Letting Bloodstorm feed off him to quench her thirst, Logan noted that he would be glad once she got her wish, noting that every time she drank his blood his healing factor got a killer workout. As Bloodstorm finished, Spider-Girl spotted her father swinging by, followed by Venom, and leapt off to save him, not realizing that in this reality Venom was her own counterpart and not her father's enemy. While the two female spiders duked it out above them, the Heralds caught up with Peter Parker, who, thanks to his years of experience, instantly correctly sized up what was happening - his daughter from an alternate reality had mistaken his daughter from his own reality for an enemy and they'd soon realize the battle was a huge misunderstanding. Logan watched as Peter bemoaned the imminent moment where the two women would bond and both decide to live with him, leaving him with the stress of having two daughters instead of just one, and when Hyperion finally ended the rant by grabbing Peter, Logan smiled and lit a cigar. 

(Paradise X#2) - While the battle continued, Logan explained to a calmer Peter about the Heralds' mission to save alternate realities from the Celestials, and that as payment they were each being granted their fondest wishes, which in Spider-Girl's case was merely to see her father once again. As Peter swung off and ended the combat, Logan checked on a visibly pained Bloodstorm, who informed her teammates that she couldn't wait a minute longer if there was a cure to be had for her condition. Leaving Spider-Girl behind with Venom and Peter, the rest of the Heralds departed via a teleportation door.

(Paradise X#3) - Visiting Britain, the Heralds attended the wedding of King Britain (Brian Braddock) to Queen Medusa, with Logan sitting next to Bloodstorm and in the row in front of his own Earth-9997 counterpart. Bloodstorm asked if he had spotted her counterpart, and he replied that he could smell her sitting across from them, adding that she was with the Black Panther, and that the Earth-9997 couple were aware of them too. Glancing at the rows behind him, Logan wistfully noted that he couldn't believe how many X-Men were there, counterparts to his dead friends Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Banshee, Iceman and many more. Bloodstorm interrupted his reverie, worriedly asking if he believed a blood transfusion from her counterpart could cure her vampirism, and Logan responded that it couldn't hurt, adding that their luck had to change some day and jokingly wondering where Longshot was when he was needed.

    At the reception after the wedding Logan chatted with Czar Colossus, then spotted Scott Summers. Logan called to him, his normally stoic front broken by the joy of seeing alive a friend whose death he had once witnessed. To Scott's surprise, Logan hugged him, prompting Scott to realize this was not the Logan he knew. Grinning uncontrollably, Logan declared that it didn't matter - he was alive, Colossus was alive, Angel was still flying, and "even the elf's still scaring little girls." He explained that in his reality all of them had been slain by the Sentinels, adding that here even Magneto was still running around, and that in his own reality it had taken the Sentinel threat to turn him into one of the good guys. Scott informed him that Magneto had become a good guy too, albeit only after he had won his war against humanity.

    A few moments later, Logan glanced across the room and spotted Jean Grey chatting to his overweight Earth-9997 counterpart; spotting him, Logan-9997 asked Jean to confirm she hadn't regained her psychic powers and was now messing with his head. Walking up to them, Logan-811 glanced at his counterpart's beer gut and dryly noted that their healing factor was supposed to prevent things like that. Logan-9997 retorted that if he wanted to be insulted, he would have moved back in with "Jeannie." 811 explained to 9997 that he had come from an alternate world, a fact 9997 accepted without surprise, but before they could continue their discussion Scott Summers lunged between them and fired his optic blasts at another reception attendee across the room. Not immediately realizing that Scott was doing this because he had seen the long dead Sean Cassidy, and thus realized they had a disguised intruder in their midst, Logan-811 helped the attending X-Men restrain Cyclops, giving the impostor (Mephisto) time to slip away.

(Paradise X#4) - Having left Bloodstorm with Black Panther and Queen Ororo, Logan and the remaining Heralds visited Sasquatch and James Hudson in Canada, where he learned they had discovered a race of primitive beings who resembled him. Logan asked if they were his litter, but Sasquatch responded that they were more akin to his pack, explaining that they were another species of humanity. As Logan tried to get his head round this information, X-51 teleported in, announcing that he knew who Logan truly was. Logan retorted that he wondered when the robot would show up, and more to the point when he would dig up the secrets of Logan's past. X-51 explained that one early branch of humanity, moon worshipers, had hidden from the Celestials when they came to Earth to experiment on early humanity, and had thus not had the "mutant seed" added to their genes. This seed also increased humanity's aggressive nature while making them more prone to illness, shortening their lifespans. Persecuted by the Celestially-modified humans, the Moon Tribe had gone into hiding in the world's wildernesses, where they had adapted, gaining retractable claws and becoming more aggressive themselves. X-51 explained that Logan was a foundling of this race, what mankind would have come had the Celestials not interfered. Disheartened at this revelation, Logan bitterly called himself a missing link, upset with the notion that he and the race Sasquatch had discovered where the real humans while everyone else wasn't. He angrily noted that his healing factor therefore wasn't a mutant power, and that Xavier had thus lied by telling him he was a mutant (see comments).

(Paradise X#6) -The Heralds, Sasquatch and Hudson teleported to Manhattan. Now believing that Sasquatch was a throwback to pre-Celestial humanity and thus akin to himself, when Sasquatch commented with fascination on their transportation mode, Logan dryly commented that of all the family members to get stuck with, he'd gotten "Mr. Wizard." Logan then left his teammates to go and talk with his 9997 counterpart, finding him drunk and watching television. When Logan-9997 told him he wasn't interested in what 811 had to say, Logan-811 sliced the beer can out of 9997's hand to get his attention, then angrily explained that they were part of a divergent genetic race that ran parallel to humanity, not men struggling with their bestial sides, but beasts aspiring to be like men, and who thus had throughout their lives looked at other strong men and wanted what they had in order to define themselves, hence why he had coveted Heather Hudson and Jean Grey. Looking at his obese counterpart, Logan-811 told him that he could continue to pretend to be a man, but it looked like he was only being the worst kind of one, and that he could instead be free if he chose to. As he departed, Logan-811 finished by stating that he thought his counterpart wanted to know where they came from, but had never promised the answer would make him happy.

   After leaving Logan-9997's apartment, Logan-811 noticed a battle was raging outside the Baxter Building, and headed over in time to spot the Heralds, Earth-24770's Guardians of the Galaxy and Negative Zone invaders all battling another. Bemused, he wryly noted that these were the type of people he had spent the better part of his life trying to be like. Before he could join in, he was challenged by the newly arrived police; however, one of them was Peter Parker, who recognized Logan from their earlier encounter, defusing the situation. The police, Venom, Spider-Girl and Logan entered the conflict, swiftly restraining both the invaders and Guardians.

(Paradise X#7) - Learning that Annihilus and Blastaar had led their forces from the Negative Zone to attack Earth only because Mar-Vell's rapidly expanding extradimensional Paradise was destroying entire worlds within the Zone, Logan and the other gathered heroes released the prisoners and pledged to assist Reed Richards in dealing with the problem.

(Paradise X#8) - The group assembled in the Baxter Building, where Logan lit a cigar while Reed explained that Jude the Entropic Man had been unleashed by Mephisto as a replacement for the slain Death, and that he intended to try and speak to Mar-Vell in the Realm of the Dead to find out why his Paradise was running out of control.

(Paradise X#9) - While Reed led a select team of heroes into the Negative Zone, Logan hung around in the Baxter Building with those left behind.

(Age of Ultron I#10) - When Earth-61112, the "Age of Ultron," timeline was diverged from Earth-616, it triggered tears in the fabric of the multiverse, causing some residents of Reality-616 to catch brief glimpses of their counterparts in other timelines. Earth-616 Wolverine saw Old Man Logan of Earth-807128, Earth-1610's Jimmy Hudson ("Ultimate" Wolverine's son and successor), Earth-4011 (Wolverine: The End)'s aged Wolverine, and Earth-811's Colonel Logan, among others. 

(Deadpool: Too Soon#6) - Wolverine-811 attended the baseball match between the Seething Snikters interdimensional Wolverines team and Amazing Arachnids interdimensional Spider-Men. When Deadpool crashed the game, Wolverine-811 joined both teams and the spectators in driving the annoying mercenary off.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin.

    The original Days of Future Past story is set in 2013; this is clearly a topical reference, since we're now well beyond that date.  

    It’s worth noting that the Days of Future Past timeline was meant to take place 32 years after the story in its initial appearance, UXM141 (1981). With the sliding timescale, 38 years have passed, which is perhaps 7 years of real time…which would mean that Days of Future Past is 25 years in the relative future to modern stories as of those published in 2019. And noting Wolverine-811’s age as 25 years older than Earth-616 Logan…and about 150 years old. - Snood

    The reason why the history entry for Uncanny X-Men I#142 states that the Sentinel "seemingly" incinerated the flesh from his bones is because we now know that the split second before that happened he was snatched from time, worked with the Exiles, and then slain by Brother Mutant in the exact same manner. What the Sentinel blasted were his already toasted remains, sent back to the point in time from which they had been snatched. So poor Wolverine was killed the same way twice in the space of as many milliseconds; good thing Earth X's X-51 was around to bring him back!

    In Wolverine: Days of Future Past#1 Dmtiri Bukharin is a cyborg, missing his right arm; based on comments he makes, Logan may have been the one who cut it off, but this isn't 100% confirmed.

The iconic cover:   The cover of X-Men I#141, with Logan and Kate Rasputin standing in front of a wanted poster depicting numerous X-Men, most memorably with amendments pasted across their headshots declaring them slain or captured, has become iconic and been homaged many times since. However, it didn't actually appear in the issue, and was more thematic than literal. The first time I can find a version of it appearing inside a comic is X-Factor III#23/2, during the Endangered Species story, when 616 Forge is discussing alternate futures with Beast; it appears as a symbolic image next to Cable and Bishop, both of whom have their own anti-mutant dystopian futures. A similar image, this time apparently depicting an actual event, appears in Avengers IV#2, but while it is clearly intended to be from some version of Days of Future Past given it homages the classic cover, it shows Logan on his own (no Kate Rasputin) and he doesn't have white streaks in his hair; ASSuming this is 811 Logan and not just someone from a similar reality, that latter aspect suggests the confrontation in front of the wanted poster happened several years prior to the events of X-Men I#141. A scene exactly matching the cover is depicted in Generation Hope#10, at the Museum of Mutant History's section on Alternate Timelines. It might be a photo, but that then begs the questions: who took it and how did a copy make its way to 616? As such I am treating that appearance as a portrait. However, final proof that the version on X-Men I#141's cover is a depiction of an actual event comes from Superior Spider-Man I#32, when the time-slipping Octavius catches a glimpse of it. The cover again gets a nod in Astonishing X-Men IV#2, where the Shadow King shows Professor X a vision of the scene, but with Old Man Logan in front of the wanted poster rather than Logan-811.

    Logan also appears in Excalibur I#26, but there he is part of a dream Rachel is having; part of the dream is an accurate account of events from Uncanny X-Men I#142, but part is modified by Franklin Richards-811, so it's not included above in the history.

    The flashback in X-Men: Gold II#23 might not be a genuine memory. Uncanny X-Men I#188 had a Rachel memory flashback showing Nightcrawler being killed as the first strike in an attack on Xavier's School by the authorities, the same attack where Rachel was captured; Excalibur I#35 then contradicts this depicting an older Nightcrawler still being alive by the time Rachel had become a Hound, but states he quit the X-Men after surviving the "massacre at the mansion." These two are easy enough to reconcile with one another, but mean that he shouldn't be present among the X-Men by the time Rachel had been transformed into a Hound. As such, the flashback might be a genuine memory (albeit with some details incorrect), but it might also just be Rachel's guilt blending together several actual individual fights into one symbolic image.

    In New Mutants I#48, the titular team visit a Sentinel-dominated world clearly reminiscent of Days of Future Past, where they see a wanted post similar to the one on the cover of X-Men I#141, but with Wolverine now noted as terminated. Later in the issue the Sam Guthrie of this reality recounts how things went downhill, and we see Wolverine in flashback fighting Captain America during a time when the government sent approved hero groups after the world's mutants. However, this can't be Earth-811 for several reasons; in New Mutants I#48 it is clearly shown to be a potential future of Earth-616, but 811 had already diverged back in Uncanny X-Men I#142, plus Guthrie says he can't pick a specific incident that turned the world against mutants, whereas on 811 the ignition point was explicitly identified as the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (who in New Mutants I#48 are working for the government as Freedom Force - it seems unlikely they could have brokered such a deal if they had successfully slain a U.S. senator). Additionally, in Excalibur I#67, Excalibur brings about the end of the Sentinel regime after invading their Manhattan base, but in New Mutants I#48 Magma turns Manhattan into a volcano during the time when the Sentinels are still active. The Handbooks identify the world in New Mutants I#48 as Earth-8720.

    Fantastic Four I#376 has time-traveler Nathaniel Richards inform the Fantastic Four-616 that he has visited a potential future for their timeline, and depicts a scene very like the subway scene in X-Men I#141, with the Sentinels attacking and Franklin being slain. However, this can't be 811; first, instead of Franklin dying immediately he has time to destroy a Sentinel first; secondly Nathaniel notes that this reality is still a potential future for 616, which would no longer be the case for 811; thirdly and finally, we are shown that Rachel was able to gather his remains and bury him beside his mother. That grave is in the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center in 811, and Rachel-811 never returned there, plus in X-Men I#141, Reed Richards' gravestone is right beside Sue's, but in Fantastic Four I#376 they are several spaces apart. While all these discrepancies could individually be explained away, put together it seems more likely that the future Nathaniel Richards visited was not 811. We get another flashback to this reality and its Wolverine in Fantastic Four I#414.

    Bel-Dann isn't named in Phoenix: The Untold Story, so there's a slim chance he has a different name than his 616 counterpart.

    Earth X's revelations about Wolverine's origins, and for that matter the series revelations about much of the background and history of the Marvel universe, have subsequently been clarified to only hold true in that reality; thus X-51 was probably in error to inform DoFP Logan that he wasn't a mutant but instead a member of the Moon Tribe. Which is just as well, because while Earth X espoused a lot of cool ideas, it also had some terrible ones, and the Wolverine origin was one of those.

   Wolverine: Days of Future Past#3 shows Magneto being crushed by falling rubble, leaving him in a wheelchair and declaring that his legs have been crushed so that he would never walk again. However, he's up and walking in Unlimited Access#2, only to suffer a spinal injury there. So does this mean that these can't both be in 811? Perhaps, but then how often has Xavier lost and then regained the use of his legs? So without additional continuity problems to rule it them from being a single reality, I'm running on the ASSumption that they are.

Profile by Loki.

CLARIFICATIONS: Wolverine is an alternate reality counterpart of

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images: (without ads)
X-Men I#141 cover (main image)
Excalibur I#64, p1, pan 1 (Rachel recalls welcoming the X-Men home)
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Exiles II#86, p20, pan1-2 (stabbing Brother Mutant)
Exiles II#86, p20, pan3 (blasted by Brother Mutant)
Uncanny X-Men I#142, p17, panel 4 (incinerated by Sentinel)
Paradise X: Heralds#1 cover (X-51's Heralds)
Paradise X#3, p16, pan 2 (DoFP Logan meets Earth X Logan)

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