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Real Name: Pavitr Prabhakar

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-50101) human mutate (Indian citizen)

Occupation: Student, adventurer

Group Membership: Amazing Arachnids (Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-2301/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-9411/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man-9500/Max Borne, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-UK-833/Billy Braddock), Stromm-22191, Web-Warriors (Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, Octavia Otto-1104, Spider-Girl-616/Anya Corazon, Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-UK-833/Billy Braddock, Spider-Woman-65/Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman-982 (MC2)/Mayday Parker);
    formerly Heritage International school cricket team, Spider-Army (Arachnosaur-99476, Aracnido, Jr.-15349/Junior, Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, "Bombastic Bag-Man"-15343/Peter Parker, Captain Spider-78127/Eugene Thompson, Captain Universe-13/Peter Parker, Doppelganger-616, Kwaku Anansi-7082, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, Mini-Spider-Man-15312, Octo-Spidey-11983/Peter Parker, Old Man Spider-4/Ezekiel Sims, Petey-91918/Peter Parker, Prince of Arachne-71004/Peter Parker, Scarlet Spider-616/Kaine, Silk-616/Cindy Moon, Six-Armed Spider-Man-92100/Peter Parker, SP//dr-14512/Peni Parker, Spider-Ben-91918/Ben Parker, Spider-Cop-19119, "Spider-Fist"-19156, Spider-Girl-616/Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl-982 (MC2)/Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl-78227/Betty Brant, Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Ham-93726/Piguel O'Malley, Spider-Horse-31913, Spider-Jameson-78327/John Jameson III, Spiderling-18119/Annie Parker, Spider-Ma'am-3123/May Parker, Spider-Man-67/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-94/Ben Reilly, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-616/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-928 (2099 AD)/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man-989/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-1610/Miles Morales, Spider-Man-3145/Ben Parker, Spider-Man J-7041/Sho Amano, Spider-Man-7122 (Mangaverse)/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-9500/Max Borne, Spider-Man-11714/Peter Parker, "Spider-Man"-15151, Spider-Man-18119/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-50810/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-51778/Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Man-57780/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-66115, Spider-Man-70105/Bruce Banner, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-96283/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-99062, Spider-Man-120703/Peter Parker, Spiderman-313710, Spider-Mobile-53931/Peter Parkedcar, "Spider the Hunter"-19156, Spider-UK-833/Billy Braddock, Spider-Woman-65/Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman-616/Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman-1036/Erin Hasko, Spider-Woman-807128/Ashley Barton, Superior Spider-Man-616/Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body, "Ultimate" Spider-Man-12041/Peter Parker, Spinneret/Mary-Jane Watson-Parker-18119, Web-Slinger-31913/Patrick O'Hara, others), Superior Spider Army (Assassin Spider-Man-8351/Peter Parker, Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, Cyborg Spider-Man-2818/Peter Parker, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, "Six Armed" Spider-Man-92100, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-1610/Miles Morales, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-Monkey-8101/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman-807128/Ashley Barton, Superior Spider-Man-616/Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body), Spider Army (Earth-138)

Affiliations: (Earth-50101) Bhim, Doctor Octopus, Master Weaver, Maya, Meera Jain;
    multiversal Superior Spider Army (Spider-Man-17628/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-44145/Norman Osborn, Spiders-Man-11580)

Enemies: (Earth-50101) Nalin Oberoi, Shaunak, Flash Thompson, "Venom"
   multiversal Carnage-22191, Deadpool-616 ("Wade Wilson"), Doctor Octopus-50810 (Otto Octavius), Electros (Battery-1082/Mike Dillon, Electro Prime-449/Max Dillon, Electro-9009/Max Dillon, others), Enforcers-22191 (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox), Inheritors-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Solus, Verna), Looter-616 (Norton Fester), Green Goblin-22191 (Mayor Norman Osborn), Sinister Sextet-311 ("Carnage"/Canice Cassidy, "Electro," "Hobgoblin," Karnov, Lizard (possibly Curtis Connors), Magus), Sinister Six-3015 (Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Lizard, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion), >Sinister Six-22191 (Doctor Octopus, Electro/Max Dillon, Kraven, Sandman, Scorpion/Mac Gargan, Vulture), Spider-Man-44145/Norman Osborn, Spider-Man-22916 (Harry Osborn/Green Goblin), Spiders-Man-11580, Thor-22191, Tombstone-22191, Venom-7122, Venom-22191 (Eddie Brock), Verna's Hounds (Aleksei, Joseph, Raymond, others);
   formerly Doctor Octopus-50101, Karn-001>, Superior Spider-Man-616 (Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body)
   (sporting rivals only) Seething Snikters (Albert-616, Colonel Logan-811/Days of Future Past, Mean-5311, Wild Thing-982/NC2, Wolverine-295, Wolverine-2301/Mangaverse, Wolvie of Mojoverse, Wolverine in original costume (possibly Wolverine-74135), unidentified Wolverine in old brown costume), Xavier Institute school cricket team (Earth-50101: Manil, others)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (both deceased), Bhim (uncle, deceased), Maya (aunt) all Earth-50101

Aliases: "Dhoti-Boy," "Puny Prabhakar," Spidey

Base of Operations: Mumbai, India, Earth-50101
   formerly Inheritor's citadel, Loomworld/Earth-001; safehouse above a Chinese restaurant, Arachnia, Battleworld

First Appearance: Spider-Man: India #1 (January 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Man has superhuman strength (lifting at least one ton), speed, reflexes, endurance and equilibrium, and his precognitive spider-sense warns him of approaching danger. Able to stick to and scale walls, he can also produce webbing from his forearms, allowing him to entangle and cocoon opponents or swing between buildings.

   Many incarnations of Peter Parker across the multiverse are scientific geniuses; Pavitr stands out as exceptional even in comparison to them, a scientific genius, perhaps super-genius, able to figure out not only how to operate equipment created by beings with technology far in advance of any available on his own homeworld, but to deduce the underlying scientific principles behind them, merely from a few minutes of examining them. Able to perform complex mathematical equations in his head in seconds, he is highly versed in most branches of physics and chemistry, and despite not requiring artificial webbing himself was able to swiftly figure out how to modify and improve the formula used by other Spiders to make it conductive. With access to Inheritors' technology he created chronometers for telling the time in other realities (though you needed to be able to do tricky calculus problems to use them) and drones that could send video signals across the multiverse. With access to more mundane technology, the kind to be found on most worlds similar to early 21st century Earth-616, he built scanners able to detect the interdimensional Web of Life and Destiny. When on a world with no electronics nor readily available electricity Pavitr assembled a purely mechanical computer (analytical engine) in less than a day.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Spider-Man: India I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr Prabhakar was born in India on Earth-50101, one of many versions of Earth in the multiverse. When he was young both his parents died under unrevealed circumstances.

(Spider-Man: India I#1 (fb)) - He was comforted at their funeral by his Uncle Bhim.

(Spider-Man: India I#1 (fb) - BTS) - His Uncle Bhim and Aunt Maya took over raising Pavitr and he grew up in a small village, haunted by recurring nightmares of his parents' funerals. Though he dreamed of becoming a movie star, his excellent school grades seemed to pick a different path for him. In his teens he won a scholarship to the prestigious Heritage International school, prompting his guardians to move to Mumbai so he could attend it, but even with the scholarship they struggled to pay the tuition fees, something Pavitr felt guilty about; determined to give his nephew a chance to succeed in life however, Bhim insisted they would find a way. Worse, standing out as poor among the mostly rich and entitled students marked Pavitr out for ridicule and bullying by his peers such as the school's star cricket player Flash Thompson and his friend Shaunak, starting each morning with verbal abuse and spending his afternoons running from them to avoid their physical assaults. After only two days in attendance he already hated the idea of going there.

(Spider-Man: India I#1) - Pavitr woke from one of his nightmares which had started as a painful replay of his parents' funeral but morphed into a vision of a bearded man announcing that his destiny awaited as he held up a glowing spider-shaped light. At school he was again tormented by the other pupils, who called him a village idiot and taunted him over his traditional garb. To his surprise however one fellow student proved friendly, the beautiful Meera Jain, who told him not to pay attention to the bullies, adding that she had suffered similar treatment when she first started at the school because she too came from a small village and had worn traditional clothes that made her stand out.

   Despite her kind words, after school Pavitr sought refuge by the river near his home, upset over the bullying he had endured throughout the day. Finding him crying, Uncle Bhim consoled him, and when Pavitr said he wished he was strong enough to punch the smiles off the bullies' arrogant faces Bhim insisted he didn't mean it, stating that Pavitr had a gift that would one day help people and change India for the better, but hate would not get Pavitr there. He knew that the bullies' words were hurtful, but a great talent called for dues to be paid, taking from him but giving more in return. Bhim told Pavitr to remember that "with great talent, with great power, there must also come great responsibility."

(Spider-Man: India I#1 - BTS) - Around the same time as this, ruthless businessman Nalin Oberoi, head of the Oberoi Corporation, sought to acquire a mystic amulet said to be on sacred ground in foothills near the village where Pavitr grew up. Because the villagers were blocking his men from searching, Oberoi ordered the village raised to the ground, killing everyone in it. His men recovered the amulet soon afterwards, and Oberoi used it to conduct an ancient ritual granting him demonic powers, transforming him into a massive green goblin-like Rakshasa.

(Spider-Man: India I#1) - The next day as Pavitr was running through town pursued by Flash and his friends Pavitr was grabbed by the elderly man he had dreamed about. After scaring off the bullies, the man began emitting light and seemed to grow into a giant as he informed Pavitr that for time immeasurable primal forces had battled and been given shape as gods and demons, but now an evil as ancient as existence itself had unleashed itself on the world. The figure said that when this happened before avatars of gods halted these despots of malevolence, for if not stopped the darkness would permeate and defile all humanity. With no avatars available this time, the world needed a person of virtue and righteousness to defend it, and that person was Pavitr, who would be given the powers of the spider that wielded the intangible Web of Life. As Pavitr watched in shock, the glowing entity declared that the universe was granting Pavitr this power, along with the knowledge how to use it, and that he must fulfill his destiny by rising to the challenge. With that last, Pavitr was engulfed by light, and when it cleared he found himself now atop Gateway of India monument garbed in a spider-motifed costume. Accepting that what had just happened was not a weird dream, Pavitr tentatively tested his new powers, discovering he could stick to walls, shoot webbing from his wrists, and had become much stronger and more agile. Reveling in his new abilities, he began swinging using his webbing towards the train station where he had arranged to meet Uncle Bhim, eager to show off what he could now do. Hearing a scream from below, Pavitr spotted a woman in an alley, cornered by approaching muggers, but decided not to intervene, telling himself he didn't want to get involved and that the police would arrive on time. However Bhim had also heard the scream, and he tried to come to the woman's aid. For his interference one of the muggers fatally stabbed him. Dying, Bhim called out his wife's name, and Pavitr heard him and recognized with horror the voice. Racing back to the alley he found the woman cradling the already dead Bhim, crying that he had been the only person to try to help her. Enraged Pavitr pursued the now fleeing muggers, chasing their bajaj (three-wheeler auto-rickshaw) and violently broadsiding it. Pavitr then pounded the muggers brutally, but forced himself to stop as he recalled Bhim's words about responsibility. Finally understanding what Bhim had meant and wanting to honor his memory, Pavitr webbed the muggers up for the police to arrest, returned to check on the woman and his uncle's body, then found a secluded spot high atop a building to silently mourn.

(Spider-Man: India I#2 (fb) - BTS) - For the next week Pavitr admonished himself for failing to stop the muggers when he had the chance, and for failing to save Uncle Bhim. He spent his evenings trying to make up for this by fighting crime as Spider-Man.

(Spider-Man: India I#2) - Witnessing Flash continuing to hit on Meera even after she had told him to get lost, Pavitr told him to back off. Incredulous that "Puny Prabhakar" would tell him what to do, Flash asked Pavitr if he wanted to die like his uncle, and before Flash could process what was happening an enraged Pavitr crossed the room and threw him bodily out the class. Pavitr suddenly realized what he had done and started to apologize, but his actions had been witnessed by both the school principal and the cricket coach. Upon hearing of Flash's provocation the principal let Pavitr off with a warning, instead taking Flash away for punishment. The coach meanwhile was annoyed that his star player would now probably be in detention for a week and unavailable to play, but informed Pavitr he was impressed by the boy's throwing arm and that he expected to see him at practice. Even Meera was impressed, and suggested to Pavitr that they hang out after school, but he declined, telling her he had promised someone he would hang out.

   After yet another night of capturing thieves and robbers and leaving them webbed up for the police to find, Pavitr returned home to find Aunt Maya sitting in darkness. At first he thought the electricity had gone out, but then he realized Maya was in tears, and she shared the news she had just heard about their old village being destroyed, killing all the people they had known there and leaving no survivors. As he comforted his aunt, Pavitr silently vowed to find whoever was responsible.

(Spider-Man: India I#2 - BTS) - Meanwhile Oberoi was contacted by the demons that had empowered him, telling him that when the stars aligned in a few days time he was destined to free them from millennia of captivity so they could reclaim the Earth, but that there was one person who endangered this plan, Pavitr Prabhakar. Back in his human form temporarily, Oberoi ordered surveillance on Pavitr in order to find his vulnerabilities.

   At Heritage International Pavitr was added to the cricket team.

(Spider-Man: India I#2) - During a recess at school Meera tried to convince Pavitr to confide in her, and the pair began to grow closer, unaware that their tender moment was being observed and recorded by Oberoi's spies.

(Spider-Man: India I#2 - BTS) - Oberoi had an unidentified doctor in his employ, an expert on Indian history and myths, examine the spies' findings in an effort to figure out what was special about Pavitr. When he failed to turn anything up, Oberoi decided to try to capture Pavitr instead and transformed the doctor into a six-armed Rakshasa, promising to restore the unfortunate man to human if he succeeded in his mission.

(Spider-Man: India I#2) -That evening Pavitr was playing cricket for his school against the rival Xavier Institute when he was distracted from his batting by a strange tingling sensation (the first time his spider-sense kicked in), seconds before the transformed doctor confronted him.

(Spider-Man: India I#3) - As the bystanders fled, the demonic doctor pursued Pavitr into the school. Swiftly changing into costume Pavitr fought back, but was eventually overpowered. He came to seconds later in the demon's grip, annoying his captor by dubbing him Doctor Octopus. The doctor wondered aloud why Pavitr had generated such interest from his master, but was then blinded by Spider-Man's webbing, instinctively releasing his prisoner to rip the binding off his face. Pavitr used additional webbing to pull a wall down on Doctor Octopus, temporarily trapping him, but then spotted some bystanders about to be crushed by another section of collapsing building. While Pavitr was holding it up for them to get clear, Octopus pulled himself free and escaped.

   Pavitr headed home and tried to sneak in past Aunt Maya, who had fallen asleep waiting for him to come home, only narrowly avoiding being caught after accidentally waking her by making a loud noise. To cover for this, Pavitr came out his room and pretended he had come home hours earlier, but then learned she had been worried for him as she had heard about the attack at the school. Breaking down she admitted that without her husband she felt weak and helpless, that Pavitr was all she had left, and that she missed Bhim so much. Hugging his aunt, Pavitr said so did he.

   The next day as he walked to school Pavitr was silently jubilant because he had faced his first super-villain and had won, excitedly telling himself it was so cool to be Mumbai's resident super hero. However his joy was dented when he arrived at school to be greeted by Meera Jain, who showed him The Mumbaikar newspaper that declared both Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus to be super freaks. Surprised to see Meera Jain seemed to agree with this, Pavitr tried to defend Spider-Man, and found he had a surprising ally in this, as Flash Thompson, overhearing the discussion, butted in to agree, saying he had witnessed the whole thing, that Spider-Man had saved the day, and that he now intended to start Spidey's first and premier fan club, Webheads.

(Spider-Man: India I#3 - BTS) - While Pavitr was at school Oberoi kidnapped Aunt Maya, burning his initials into the wall of Pavitr's home to ensure the boy knew who was responsible.

(Spider-Man: India I#3) - Returning home that evening Pavitr spotted that the house had been broken into, and inside found the initials, still burning with a green flame.

(Spider-Man: India I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Oberoi also kidnapped Meera Jain.

(Spider-Man: India I#4) - Smashing his way into the Oberoi Corporation skyscraper, a furious Spider-Man demanded the security guards tell him where their boss was, and was informed that Oberoi was at a refinery located just off the coast from Mumbai's Bhaicha Dhaka docks. As Pavitr began swinging there he witnessed ominous red lightning suddenly shooting up into the sky from the distant refinery; unknown to Pavitr, this heralded the start of the ritual intended to unleash Oberoi's demon masters. En route to the refinery platform Pavitr spotted a news helicopter being attacked by a batlike demon, and saved the former by forcing the latter to carry him towards his goal. Approaching the refinery Pavitr saw the goblin-shaped Oberoi holding a terrified Meera and unconscious Maya over the edge of a high gantry, ready and waiting for Pavitr's arrival. Shouting to Pavitr that it was time for his innocence to die as he chose who to save, Oberoi let both women go, dropping them towards a raging fire that surrounded the platform. Pavitr immediately jumped down and barely managed to catch hold of Maya, then tried to save Meera with his webbing. He missed by inches, but Meera was unexpectedly saved by Doctor Octopus, who had rejected Oberoi upon realizing that his former master would never restore his stolen humanity. Handing Meera over to Pavitr, the doctor went to confront Oberoi, giving Pavitr a few seconds grace to unmask and apologize to Meera. Witnessing Oberoi apparently slay Doctor Octopus, Pavitr asked Meera to get Maya to safety, and went to confront the villain. With his demon masters whispering in his mind to subvert Pavitr to their cause, Oberoi taunted the youth as they fought, seeking to enrage him, then used the stolen amulet to bind a venomous black, ooze-like demon to Pavitr. Informing the boy that Oberoi was the one who had destroyed his village, the "Venom" demon tried to make Pavitr embrace his hatred and become one with it, but Pavitr recalled Uncle Bhim's words telling him not to surrender to hatred and he rejected the demon, generating a burst of light that not only cleansed him but also Oberoi of the Rakshasa taint. Ripping the amulet off the confused businessman, Pavitr hastily threw it into the ocean.

(Spider-Man: India I#4 - BTS) - The Mumbaikar heralded Spider-Man as a hero who had saved the city. Oberoi meanwhile was institutionalized, having suffered a breakdown and recalling nothing for the last several months.

(Spider-Man: India I#4) - At school Pavitr and Meera watched as Flash preached to the other students about Spider-Man's heroism. As they walked away, leaving Flash to pontificate, Pavitr asked Meera what she thought of Spider-Man; in response she took his hand and told him it was about time he kissed the girl already. Embarrassed, Pavitr struggled to find the words to respond, so Meera leaned over and kissed his cheek, telling him "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot."

   That evening Pavitr and Aunt Maya celebrated Diwali together; when Maya told her nephew that she wished Bhim was there with them, Pavitr responded that he knew Uncle Bhim was, and wished them both a Happy Diwali.

(Spider-Man: India I#4 - BTS) - Meanwhile, out at sea, the dispersed remnants to the demonic entity that had tried to bond to Pavitr slowly reformed.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13 (fb) - BTS) - At some juncture Pavitr learned that his spiritual guide, the old man who had given him his powers, was the Master Weaver.

(Spider-Verse II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr possessed a brilliant scientific mind, but this was almost a disadvantage when facing experienced fighters, as he was too in his own head, doing the math before each move he made, which slowed down his moves in combat.

(Web-Warriors I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr considered the best advice he was ever given to be "Take a shower," a comment addressed at him by a university mentor after Pavitr had spent a particularly long night studying.

(Web-Warriors I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr was the only masked avenger (that he knew of) on his world. The worst problem he faced was when he punched a guy whose skin then fell off.

(Superior Spider-Man I#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Inheritors, vampiric beings from Earth-001 who traveled the multiverse conquering and plundering, and sustained themselves by feeding of the lifeforces of people possessing animal totems, most especially Spiders, began an active campaign to destroy all the Spiders in order to avert a prediction that the Spiders would ultimately destroy them.

(Superior Spider-Man I#32) - Karn, an Inheritor estranged from his family who slew Spiders only reluctantly targeted Pavitr. The hero dodged Karn's initial attack, but the Inheritor's weapon damaged a building, and Pavitr placed himself in a vulnerable position by using his webbing to prevent it collapsing on innocent bystanders. Unable to move, he was about to be slain when another individual dressed in spider-themed garb materialized, catching Karn of guard and sending him flying towards the toppling building. With the civilians now clear the newcomer, the Superior Spider-Man (Earth-616's Otto Octavius secretly possessing the stolen body of his reality's Peter Parker) ordered Pavitr to let go of his webs, burying Karn under the falling rubble. Explaining he was raising an Army of Spiders to fight Karn and his people, the Superior Spider-Man transported Pavitr across realities to his base on Earth-928, where Pavitr saw that several other Spiders had already been recruited into this Superior Spider-Army. 

(Superior Spider-Man I#33 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr joined Octavius' Superior Spider Army in its base on Earth-928 in the year 2099 A.D., their presence there masked from the Inheritors' scans by a cloaking device Octavius had made, and underwent training designed by Octavius to forge his Army into a cohesive fighting unit.

(Superior Spider-Man I#33) - On Earth-2818 Pavitr joined other in the Superior Spider Army in ambushing Karn when he attacked their teammate Cyborg Spider-Man, but once Karn was captured Pavitr expressed disquiet at the suggestion they might kill their prisoner. However Karn easily broke free, having only feigned being overpowered because he was curious what they might have to say, and to make matters worse two more Inheritors, Brix and Bora, appeared through an interdimensional portal. Luckily for the Spiders Karn's differences with his siblings swiftly escalated into a battle between them, giving the Spiders a chance to evacuate back to their base. The revelation that Karn was not the only one hunting them prompted the Superior Spider-Man to rethink his tactics; feeling he needed more intelligence on their enemies, he assigned Pavitr and the Spider-Man of Earth- 90214 ("Spider-Man Noir") to use the base's dimensional scanners in an effort to locate their opponents' home.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#10) - Pavitr was present when a number of new Spiders materialized in the Superior Spider Army's midst, members of a separate Spider Army that had sprung up independently, and who now hoped to combine forces. Unfortunately the sudden addition of so many new Spiders overwhelmed Octavius' cloaking device, revealing their location to the Inheritors. Soon realizing they were fighting a losing battle, the surviving Spiders, Hobie included, fled back to the other Spider Army's base on Earth-13.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#11) - An argument between Spider-Man-616 (Peter Parker) and Superior Spider-Man-616 (secretly the villainous Otto Octavius in control of Peter Parker's stolen body) over who should lead their combined forces broke out into a fist fight. The real Peter won, and sent some of the Army off on missions across the multiverse, though Pavitr stayed with the bulk of their forces on Earth-13. Shortly afterwards however the Inheritors Morlun and Jennix portalled to Earth-13, accompanied by their father, Solus. The Army's most powerful member, Cosmic Spider-Man, immediately incinerated Jennix, but then, as Pavitr and the others watched helplessly, Solus easily devoured the hero.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#12) - The Spider Army attacked, but were unable to stop Morlun departing to Earth-001 with young Benjy Parker-982, calling the infant "the Scion." As the other Spiders fought a losing battle against the Inheritor patriarch Spider-UK desperately called on his bracelet for back-up, which promptly arrived in the form of Takuya Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of Earth-51778, piloting the giant mecha Leopardon. For a moment this looked like it might turn the tide, but then Solus ripped one of the mech's arms off with casual ease; seeing this, Pavitr called to the others that they should not just stand there but should do something, to which Spider-Man-138 (Hobie Brown, colloquially known as Spider-Punk) quipped that he was doing something, he was crapping his pants. Despite the mech failing to stop Solus, it granted the heroes a valuable distraction, giving them time to evacuation to Earth-8847, a world dominated by dinosaurs, but this only provided them a brief respite before the Inheritor Verna and her hounds, superhumans conditioned to be her mindless hunters, portalled in to attack, prompting a second retreat, this time at the prompting of Silk-616 to the post-nuclear Earth-3145, safe from the Inheritors because they had an extreme vulnerability to radiation. Since the irradiated landscape would also prove lethal in time for the Spiders, they quickly retreated to a bunker Silk had located.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13) - Having watched how Spider-Man-616 took charge of things and noticing how many parallels there were between the two of them, such as similarly named relatives, Pavitr suffered a moment of existential crisis, finding he now couldn't escape the feeling that he was merely some strange, ultimately expendable reflection of the "real" Spider-Man. Noticing that something was troubling the youth, Spider-UK-833 (Billy Braddock) asked if Pavitr was okay. After listening to Pavitr spell out his concerns, Billy told him not to believe it for a second, explaining that he was a member of the multiversal Captain Britain Corps, where he was one of thousands, but he had learned that each member from each world was unique and valuable in their own ways. He reassured Pavitr that he was a hero, wherever he was and whoever was by his side, and asked how he could be sure that 616 Peter wasn't the one who was a pale reflection of him?

   Meanwhile the others finished translating some scrolls that Spider-Woman-616 had smuggled out of Earth-001 with the help of the Inheritor's unwilling slave, the Master Weaver. The scrolls revealed that the Spider-totems had a unique relationship to the Web of Life and Destiny (a.k.a. the Great Web), a lattice of energy that ran throughout all realities, allowing those who controlled it to transit between realities and predict the future to some extent; since the Inheritors used the Web to maintain their power and prey on other realities, the Spiders' continued existence was seen as a threat, so the Inheritors intended to wipe out all the Spiders across the multiverse by sacrificing three special ones, the Scion (Benjy Parker-982), the Other (Kaine-616) and the Bride (Silk-616), in accordance to ancient prophecy.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#3/2) - Hearing this Spider-Girl-982 (Mayday Parker) demanded they set off for Earth-001 immediately before the Inheritors could sacrifice her baby brother. Pavitr tried to calm her, noting that only death awaited them if they charged into the Inheritors' base, prompting Mayday to berate her fellow Spiders for wanting to cower in the bunker, and then storm off angrily.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13) - Spider-Girl-616 (Anya Corazon) discovered some other vital information from the scrolls she felt might the tide of the war in their favor, and gathered a team that included Hobie for a new mission, which she now proposed to Spider-Man-616.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#3) - The scrolls had revealed that one Inheritor, Karn, hated the others and unlike them did not kill for pleasure, but only to survive, so Spider-Man-616 agreed to try to turn him to their side. Spider-UK and the others arrived on Earth-3123 in time to prevent him feeding from that world's Spider-Ma'am (May Parker). Though initially resistant to their entreaties, while battling him each of the Spiders chosen for the mission used their personal life experiences to gradually break through to Karn; understanding they were asking Karn to go against his family, Pavitr pointed out that he understood family obligation better than most, but reminded Karn that his family had betrayed him long ago, using the excuse of blaming him for his mother's death when the real reason they had exiled him was because they feared how he questioned them. Finally they won him over, even offering to share a small piece of each member's life force so he could keep his hunger in check.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13 - BTS) - While Pavitr's group were away, Spider-Man-616 tried to contact the Inheritor's other two main targets, only to discover both had already made their way to Earth-001. With the situation now critical, Spider-Man-616 ordered an immediate assault on the Inheritors' home reality.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14) - The other Spider teams had fought their way into the Inheritor's citadel when Karn arrived, accompanied by Pavitr and his group.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5 - BTS) - The Spider Army battled the Inheritors.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14 - BTS) - Wave after wave of arriving Spiders overwhelmed the Inheritors, who were eventually overpowered and exiled to Earth-3145, whose radioactive nature the Spiders hoped would ensure the posed no future threat.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#15) - With the battle now over, Spider-UK used his dimension-hopping bracelet to send the surviving members of the Spider Army, including Pavitr, back to their home realities.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - A series of reality destroying Incursions finally concluded in a total multiversal collapse. However, existence did not end thanks to Doctor Victor von Doom-616 seizing the godlike powers of the Beyonders and using them to combine the remnants of multiple versions of Earth into a single patchwork Battleworld, which he ruled as God Emperor. The memories of survivors on each segment were altered so that now believed they had always lived in their respective realms on Battleworld.

(Spider-Verse II#4 (fb) - BTS) - God Doom's enforcer in each realm was a version of Thor.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - One of these realms was Arachnia, a version of New York City made from the remnants of Earth-22191 and now ruled by Mayor Norman Osborn, and where Spider-Man had vanished years ago. Several of the Spiders who had fought in the recent conflict against the Inheritors ended up in Arachnia, including Pavitr; perhaps because of their recent extensive reality-hopping, all of them retained a sense that something was wrong about their new memories and some vague recollection of their true identities. Disturbed by this paramnesia, Pavitr suspected he could not be the only person suffering from it and hypothesized that if he could home in on the phenomena that was torturing him he could find them; to do this, he built a scanner...

(Spider-Verse II#2 (fb) - BTS) - to detect the exotic resonances of those like himself, "God's own double exposures," in Arachnia but not of it,...

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - and found that it displayed the connection it detected as a web. Seeing his old costume in a dream, he also reconstructed that.

(Spider-Verse II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Also in Arachnia, Spider-Man Noir soon located the other Spiders via his superior detective skills, but held off making contact until he was sure what side they were on. As part of his investigation, he snuck into Pavitr's apartment, saw the scanner, and stole some equipment to make a jammer to hide himself from the scanner.

(Spider-Verse II#1) - The scanner led Pavitr to the Brooklyn Naval Yard where he witnessed Billy and Anya interrupt a smuggling operation overseen by the criminal Enforcers. When Osborn's troops attacked the two vigilantes from ambush Pavitr joined the fray, helping them escape. Once safe, he confirmed that each of them shared the same sense of not belonging in Arachnia, despite having memories of living there their entire lives, and suggested a theory that all of them were somehow interconnected, tied together by a Web.

(Spider-Verse II#2) - Soon locating two more of their former friends, Spider-Ham and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Woman of Earth-65), the group hid out together at Pavitr's safehouse and compared stories. Pavitr showed the others a device he had made to track the energies of people like themselves, which suddenly detected another Spider. Following the energy signature to the docks, the group discovered the criminals Tombstone and Carnage threatening some prisoners; when the heroes intervened, they were suddenly joined by Spider-Man Noir, now deciding to reveal his presence. As they compared notes after overpowering the two villains their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Arachnia's Sinister Six.

(Spider-Verse II#3) - Though both sides had the same numbers, the Spiders lacked the coordinated teamwork of their opponents, ultimately leading to their capture. Luckily for the Spiders the Six delivered them to Norman Osborn unharmed, who informed them that he had not intended to start a fight, but rather wanted their help, and had only chosen the Six as his envoys in case they needed assistance against Carnage and Tombstone. Unsure whether to trust him, Spider-UK asked what help Osborn needed from them, and the mayor explained that while their morphogenetic fields were each unique, they were also in sync with one another, sharing a resonance that bound them together. Norman suggested he might be able to help them find where they actually came from, explaining that over the last few months before the Spiders had come together he had worked with Spider-Ham, analyzing his frequencies to design lenses able to focus on fifth-dimensional space; now he showed the Spiders what this revealed, which proved to be a weblike energy structure (the Web of Life and Destiny, though none of the Spiders recalled this). Osborn pointed out this lattice, which he believed to be a protean structure of the universe, was in tatters, and when UK asked if the Spiders were connected to it somehow, Osborn countered by saying he thought they were part of it. While the other Spiders privately discussed whether or not to work with Osborn, Pavitr geeked out and immediately began analyzing it with his own scanner. 

(Spider-Verse II#4) - Pavitr discussed his scanner's readings with Ozcorp scientist Dr. Stromm.

(Spider-Verse II#4 - BTS) - Meanwhile Gwen, who left Ozcorp because she distrusted Osborn, ran into the depowered Peter Parker native to Arachnia and got confirmation that Osborn was a villain manipulating the Spiders for his own ends. Since he hated Peter with a vengeance, they concocted a plan to make him expose his true nature for the others to see by using Peter as a lure, starting by texting him a taunting photo message.

(Spider-Verse II#4) - Pavitr was telling Osborn that the "waveforms" resembled "quantum foam" when Osborn received the text, and as a result he caught a glimpse of their host's mask partially slipping as his true rageful nature showed through. After Osborn left (to go kill Peter), Anya showed the other Spiders a discovery she and Spider-Ham had made, a high tech chamber beneath the Web room containing a chair inscribed in Celtic runes as the "Siege Perilous." UK noted that Osborn had a lot of cheek using that name, as in myth the Siege Perilous was reserved for the person who found the Holy Grail, but Pavitr pointed out it was worse than that, as the chair appeared to be hooked up to the Web, a power that might be able to overwrite the nature of the universe. With the additional information that Spider-Ham had overheard Osborn ranting while in the chair about how he was going to crush God Doom, Spider-UK realized they had a serious problem. Moments later energies began to visibly run through the chamber and chair, as the proximity of the Spiders with their unique relationship to the Web was resonating with the chair and amplifying its power. The Spiders realized they should withdraw rapidly, but before they could do so they were confronted by Arachnia's Thor, sent by Doom to destroy the weapon Osborn had created to challenge his reign. 

(Spider-Verse II#5) - Thor attacked, but the Spiders dodged her lightning and tried to convince her that they had merely been investigating the laboratory of a madman when she arrived, and that they were not Doom's enemies. Thor countered that the chair was intended to threaten Doom, and since they were lodestones to its power their very existence offended her. Arriving intending to rescue her friends before Osborn returned, Gwen joined the fight. When Thor smashed Spider-Ham away through several walls of the building, the conflict drew the attention of Electro, the only Sinister Six member left behind by Osborn to monitor the Spiders, and he reluctantly joined the battle against Thor. Realizing that their attacks weren't working on Thor, they decided to prove to her they weren't threats to Doom by destroying the chair and convinced Electro to blast it, but instead the electrical surge combined with their proximity caused an explosive feedback loop which stunned all of them, even Thor. Returning from having captured Peter, Osborn was initially enraged at the destruction, but upon seeing the unconscious Thor and intact chair he concluded that he had been right to believe that the Spiders focused and boosted its powers. Barely conscious, UK tried to grab at Osborn's ankle and stop him hooking himself into the chair, but Osborn kicked his feeble grasp away. Luckily for everyone, Spider-Ham returned, having freed Peter from Osborn's guards, and they used the unconscious Thor's innate electrical charge to short out the chair's helmet, frying Osborn's brain before he could tap into the Web's power. The rest of the Sinister Six arrived moments later, but were tricked into surrendering when Pavitr threatened to use the chair's power against them, a bluff since it was now broken. Realizing that though Norman had been a corrupt madman, he had also been the Baron of the Domain, responsible for maintaining order, meaning Arachnia was in danger of falling into anarchy without him, Spider-UK pointed out to the others that the people would need someone to protect them, and that it was their combined responsibility to provide this.

(Secret Wars#9 - BTS) - Doom was defeated by Mister Fantastic-616, who took his reality controlling powers and restored the realities destroyed during the Incursions. The six Spiders who had come together in Arachnia ended up on Earth-001, back with Karn and the partially repaired Web, and decided to stay together as the Web-Warriors.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/5) - Believing it was the Web-Warriors' duty to lend a hand to worlds which had lost their Spider-Men to the Inheritors, Spider-UK led the Web-Warriors to Earth-311 to defeat the marauding Sinister Sextet. To ensure the authorities of Earth-311 would be able to take the captured villains into custody, Pavitr prepared special bonds for two of them, Carnage and Electro, designed to negate their specific powers that might otherwise enable their escape. However Electro seemingly slipped free despite this. Deciding he was probably no major problem on his own, the Web-Warriors returned to Loomworld, unaware that there was evidence that the Web was now somehow infected with Electro's energies.

(Web-Warriors I#1 (fb) - BTS) - With his scientific bent Pavitr naturally fell into the role of maintaining and improving their base's tech. He had to repeatedly tell Spider-Ham off for deliberately squashing the robotic spider drones that were used to monitor the Web. Under Spider-UK's leadership the Web-Warriors practiced using different battle plans and formations.

(Web-Warriors I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Pavitr and Ham cooked up a combat maneuver called "Pig in a blanket," their version of the X-Men's fastball special; when confronted by foes whose bodies might be dangerous to make contact with (such as those on fire or charged with energies) Pavitr would insulate the nearly indestructible Ham in webbing around his entire body, then hurl the porcine hero at opponent.

(Web-Warriors I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wanting them to have actual combat practice, he and Karn spent weeks scouring the multiverse looking for a world where they could run training exercises against live enemies with non-lethal threat levels, finally settling on the cartoonish Reality-3015. They invited 982's Mayday Parker, now calling herself Spider-Woman, to join them.

(Web-Warriors I#1) - The Web-Warriors apprehended Earth-3015's Sinister Six.

   The team returned to Earth-001, where Pavitr found some newly squashed drones. He again reminded Ham not to destroy them, but Ham was clearly not convinced, insisting the bugs were creepy. Coming over Gwen asked Pavitr what time it was on her world; glancing at his Web-watch he paused momentarily as he calculated in his head, then told her it was 3.a.m on a Tuesday, adding that he as soon as he could manufacture an interdimensional chronometer that didn't require advanced calculus to use he would get her one. At hearing it was the middle of the night in her world, Gwen was annoyed, explaining she was currently too wired to sleep, so Pavitr invited her to lunch on his world, where it was just past noon. Impressed, Gwen asked Pavitr how he could keep track, and he responded that he was good at calculus.

(Web-Warriors I#1 - BTS) - Deciding she had a yen for Mexican food with an Egyptian twist instead, Gwen declined Pavitr's offer and went to Earth-9105 ("Forever Yesterday") with Mayday instead. Meanwhile Pavitr indulged his fascination for advanced gadgets by studying more of the scientific Inheritor Jennix's technology.

(Web-Warriors I#1) - Noir found Pavitr in the lab dismantling some defunct drones. Pavitr explained he had found around a dozen drones whose non-functioning status was not Ham's fault, but rather seemed to have been caused by some sort of static charge. More a student of human nature, Noir responded that he thought Pavitr had stayed on Loomworld for Billy's sake, and when Pavitr expressed confusion at this, asking if Billy needed something, Noir pointed out that all the team training and meetings served a double purpose, reminding Pavitr that unlike the rest of them Billy had no home reality to return to, since it had been destroyed early during the Incursions; though he was saying nothing, Billy needed the team around because they were literally all he had. Recognizing the truth in this, Pavitr admitted he had not considered this fact.

(Web-Warriors I#2) - Mayday returned to Earth-001 to inform the Web-Warriors that Gwen had been captured by multiple Electros while visiting Earth-9105. Transporting there to investigate, the Web-Warriors were confronted by more Electros, members of an alliance of Electro variants from across the multiverse. As the Electros attacked, Spider-UK realized his team was ill-prepared for the battle and, noting that the Electros had been in the process of stealing silver when they were interrupted, called out to his teammates to target the metal. As hoped, this tricked the Electros into withdrawing with their ill-gotten gains, but Spider-UK was confident that he could rely on Pavitr's scientific prowess to devise a way to now track them back to their base.

(Web-Warriors I#3) - The Web-Warriors paused on Earth-9105 for Pavitr to take some energy readings with his scanners. Before they could return to Earth-001 Billy received an urgent call on his Web-Watch from Anya, who had been left back at base, informing him that more Electros had appeared there and taken Master Weaver prisoner. When the team tried to return, they found their Web-watches didn't respond; suspecting the ambient electromagnetic fields of the invaders was forcing their bracelets out of sync with the Web Pavitr used components from his scanners to recalibrate them. Returning as fast as they could, the Warriors battled the intruders, but swiftly realized they were vastly outnumbered. Though they needed to retreat, Pavitr pointed out that with all the Electros around none of their bracelets would work, but luckily Karn was able to open a portal to a world the Electros wouldn't readily go, the Steampunk Earth-803 where electricity was largely unharnessed. Within moments they were found by an old ally from the Inheritors' war, Lady Spider.

(Web-Warriors I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Lady Spider offered the new arrivals shelter in her mansion. On the way over the Web-Warriors informed her of the situation, and upon hearing that the Electros seemed to be interested only in silver, she mentioned a recent encounter she had with her world's Black Cat, who had also stealing silver.

(Web-Warriors I#4) - The team accepted Lady Spider's offer of shelter at her mansion. Examining Lady Spider's laboratory, Pavitr confirmed that while under normal circumstances he might have been able to repair their bracelets, Earth-803's available technology might be too primitive for the task. With no other leads, they tracked down Black Cat, suspecting she might be connected to the Electros, and learned that she had been hired to commit the robbery in return for an unusual pendant that crackled with electricity, which Spider-UK confiscated and gave it to Pavitr to analyze. Using local technology, within a day (and despite Ham's attempts to "help") Pavitr constructed an analytical engine (a.k.a. mechanical computer) which would theoretically be able to pick up and decrypt messages sent interdimensionally on their bracelets. However, lacking electronic components needed to send a signal on the exotic frequencies their bracelets needed, it would be unable to send. He added that creating a generator capable of fixing this problem would take many days, time they could ill afford, but this problem was suddenly solved when Ham realized the confiscated pendant contained a bug-sized Electro. Adapting that as a power source, they managed to contact Gwen, learning she had escaped the Electros and was working on a way to take down their leader the Battery, a gestalt energy entity containing the minds of several absorbed Electros, but could do with a distraction to lure as many of their number away from their base as possible. Since the Web-Warriors were unable to travel the multiverse without their Watches, Spider-UK had Pavitr modify the frequency of their interdimensional broadcast so it could be heard by the Electros, and taunted them to lure them into coming to Earth-803.

(Web-Warriors I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing they needed a way to trap potentially thousands of Electros, Spider-UK planned to create a gigantic Faraday cage that would render them powerless; to facilitate this Pavitr developed a substance that could be added to the Web-Warriors' artificial webbing to make it conductive.

(Web-Warriors I#5) - Setting up their ambush in Battery Park with Master Weaver as the main bait, the Web-Warriors didn't have to wait long before the Electros arrived. Spinning the cage at the same time as fighting the Electros, the Web-Warriors completed it just as Gwen teleported the Battery into the center of the trap. With the park almost completely enclosed with webbing, the Web-Warriors exited through a small hole in the tip of their dome, but had to seal it closed before Billy and Mayday could get out.

(Web-Warriors I#5 - BTS) - Luckily for Billy and Mayday all the energy the Electros were generating had recharged his Web-watch, transporting them away at the last second.

(Web-Warriors I#5) - With the team now back on Loomworld Master Weaver detected this and informed their teammates that the pair might have survived, although he had no way of knowing where they might have ended up. Pavitr immediately began modifying his drones with the help of a new scientist ally Gwen had recruited, the heroic Octavia Otto of Earth-1104, hoping to make them capable of back-tracing Billy's signal.

(Web-Warriors I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Billy and Mayday found themselves only teleported outside the dome, rather than to another reality.

(Web Warriors I#6) - Meanwhile Lady Spider found herself stuck on Loomworld, as the Master Weaver could no longer locate Earth-803, a side effect of having so many Electros there generating a disruptive frequency. Pavitr began working with Octavia in the hope of solving this problem, though Lady Spider found herself somewhat annoyed that the two scientists seemed to be more fascinated with the interesting things this line of inquiry was teaching them about the Web than actually finding a solution.

    The discovery that a strand of the Web was on fire alerted the group to a problem back on Pavitr's Earth. Transporting there, the Web-Warriors witnessed people fleeing in panic from an unseen danger. Spotting Meera Jain in the crowd Pavitr called her over, and she told him there was a religious sect, the Neo-Alvers, practicing some version of the Bhakti movement now spreading through the city and raising demons. Even as she said this, the "demons" came into sight, a horde of rampaging symbiotes. As Pavitr carried Meera to safety the remaining Web-Warriors tried to hold the symbiotes back, but were unable to stop some of the fleeing civilians being taken over by the creatures. Suspecting that the spider-demon he had defeated before must have returned in his absence, Pavitr left the others to battle the symbiotes while he headed to the Ajanta Caves (an ancient holy site) with Lady Spider, having deduced that would be where he could find the amulet that was the source of the demon's power. There the pair confronted the original "Venom" demon, and when Pavitr fought it the creature became agitated and accidentally exposed the amulet hidden within, which Lady Spider then destroyed at Pavitr's urging. With the main demon's destruction, all the symbiotes melted away, freeing their unwilling hosts. Pavitr then returned to Loomworld with his teammates.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#21) - Having died on Earth-001 during the climax of the Inheritor conflict, the clone Kaine-616 was unexpectedly reborn, but learned from Karn that he was suffering from a potentially contagious cellular degeneration. Hoping they might find a cure, Karn suggested enlisting the aid of the more scientifically gifted Web-Warriors, and in particular Pavitr, but Kaine rejected this idea for fear of infecting them.

(Web Warriors I#7) - Pavitr and Octavia's progress was slow, not least because of the constant distractions unintentionally caused by their teammates (usually Spider-Ham). This only worsened as Hobie arrived from his reality, carrying another version of the hog (Spider-Ham 2099 from Earth-93726). Explaining that (he believed) Spider-Ham 2099 was the head of an invasion force, Hobie asked the Web-Warriors to follow him back to Earth-138, which they discovered had become entangled with Earth93726, unleashing would be conqueror Ducktor Doom on Hobie's home. Though most of the Web-Warriors, Pavitr included, struggled against the villains Duckbots because they operated under cartoon physics, the Web-Warriors' Spider-Ham (Earth-8311) had the same advantage and handily dealt with the invaders by generating a tornado. However, though Doom and his robots were sent back to their home reality, a new interdimensional rift abruptly opened, revealing two giant robots fighting one another, one of them decked out in Spider-Man's colors.

(Web Warriors I#8) - The Web Warriors decided that their best bet was to attack the one that didn't resemble Spider-Man, a choice that soon proved to be the correct one as the other robot, a "Mega-Morph," proved to be piloted by a version of Doctor Octopus (from Earth-50810). However, it soon became clear the Web-Warriors' intervention had no real effect on the Mega-Morphs' battle.

(Web-Warriors I#8 - BTS) - Back on Loomworld Octavia devised a way to untangle the Web's strands by "yanking" on them,...

(Web Warriors I#8) - causing a brief cross-reality quake that sent the Octopus Mega-Morph and many of the Web-Warriors tumbling to random realities; Pavitr, Ham and Noir all ended up in the latter's reality, standing in front of an Oscorp building despite Osborn being long dead on this Earth.

(Web Warriors I#8 - BTS) - Meanwhile on Earth-803 the quake also broke the cage holding the Electros prisoner.

(Web Warriors I#9) - Learning from Noir that he had noticed some time earlier that part of his world seemed to have been replaced with sections from other realities, Pavitr worried that this suggested the boundaries between realities were weakening, which might be indicative of a much greater problem. With the Web now dangerously unstable, Pavitr chided Noir for not trusting his teammates enough to share this earlier when they might have been able to avert the problem. Reluctantly, Noir began to admit Pavitr might be right, but expressed concern over an alternate version of Norman Osborn potentially being loose in his city. Although they needed to figure out a way to repair the Web, Pavitr agreed that they should deal with the Osborn situation first; when he added that it would also feel good to punch Osborn, Noir responded that he was starting to like Pavitr. However, when they broke into the offices of Oscorp Tower, instead of Norman they were warmly greeted by a version of Harry Osborn (from Earth-22916), who told them he was a Spider-Man like them and offered to lend his resources to help resolve the reality mergers.

(Web Warriors I#10) - On Earth-90214 Pavitr explained how the Web-Warriors' bracelets let them traverse the multiverse, but were now encountering problems doing so because the strands that made up the multiverse's structure had become entangled. Harry asked him if he had considered the possibility that it was the Web-Warriors frequent reality jumps that had caused the problem, and when Pavitr countered that others had been traveling the multiversal Web for millennia without problem Harry retorted that those beings had not done so using such crude technology. He likened it to opening a door with dynamite, and asked his guests if they realized how powerful a weapon he could make now he understood the technology. At this Noir's spider-sense triggered, but not in time to save them from being stunned by knock out gas deployed by Harry. Standing over the two unconscious heroes ranting, he revealed himself to be both a Spider and a version of the Green Goblin, blaming the reality slip for taking him away from the world he had conquered and ruled. Having avoided capture because he had chanced to go out for food, Spider-Ham watched this monologue from outside the window.

(Web Warriors I#11) - Awake but temporarily paralyzed by the gas, Pavitr and Noir listened as Harry modified their bracelets while ranting that he would destroy the entire Web. He then bound them in webbing and dragged the pair through a portal to Loomworld, where only Karn and Ben Parker, the Spider-Man of Earth-3145, were currently present. With Ben urgently needed on Earth-803 as part of a plan to stop the rampaging leader of the Electros, the Battery, Karn told him to take the two captives with him to safety while he dealt with Harry. Just managing to regain movement, Pavitr watched as Ben sacrificed his life by forcing the Battery to absorb his mind into itself. Though this killed his physical form, Ben's strong personality influenced the Battery, infecting it with Ben's moral code, and ordered the other Electros to surrender or die. Though this threat had been dealt with, Harry remained, as Karn contacted them to reveal the villain had overpowered him and was now ripping apart the Web. With Master Weaver unable to transport any of his allies back to stop Osborn, Pavitr, Lady Spider and Octavia hastened to figure out another plan, using the now-friendly Battery to tap into the combined Electros' powers and turn the Mega-Morph into a super amp so that Hobie and Gwen's rock and roll music could vibrate the entire Web, disabling Harry from realities away. With everything finally resolved, Pavitr and the other Web-Warriors returned to Loomworld.

(Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic I#6) Pavitr took part in a baseball match between the Seething Snikters interdimensional Wolverines team and Amazing Arachnids interdimensional Spider-Men, and was catcher for the Arachnids when Deadpool crashed the game. Pavitr joined both teams and the spectators in driving the annoying mercenary off.

(Spider-Geddon I#0/2) - Over the space of many months Pavitr sought to monitor the Inheritors' condition in their exile. Since no Spider could risk going near the starving villains, he began sending remote controlled robotic drones capable of sending live video feed back across the multiverse, having them materialize high in the air to prevent the Inheritors from escaping via the drones' arrival portals, then parachuting them to the ground and remotely guiding them into the Inheritors' bunker where inevitably each managed only to catch a glimpse of the Inheritors, usually Daemos, before being destroyed. Other Web-Warriors joined him for the monitoring sessions: Present for Drone 23, Hobie decried the waste of resources, wrote a derogatory message on it, and suggested Pavitr should strap a bomb to the drone and blow up the Inheritors, or at least their radiation-proof shelter. Pavitr countered by reminding him that their team didn't kill their enemies, and Hobie rebutted by pointing out that he had killed his version of Norman Osborn. As the drone arrived on Earth-3145 and made its way to the bunker Hobie continued a sarcastic commentary right up until Daemos appeared and the signal cut off. As Hobie sardonically asked who could have predicted that outcome, Pavitr turned and told him he was the worst Spider-Man.

   A few months later, and Pavitr had begun growing his hair and beard out. As Drone 35 made its way to the bunker Pavitr thanked Mayday for taking over co-monitor duties from Hobie, repeating his contention that the punk was the worst Spider-Man. Mayday feigned surprise, stating that with the drones going to a bombed out radioactive Hell Zone Hobie should have felt right at home, eliciting a laugh from Pavitr. As before, as soon as the drone entered the bunker itself it caught a glimpse of Daemos, now looking much thinner, before it was destroyed.

   Seven months on, and Pavitr now sported a full beard and long hair (see comments) was joined by Spider-UK for Drone 52. As they watched the drone's progress, Pavitr mentioned Hobie's suggestion they kill the Inheritors, but Billy insisted that was simply not how the Web-Warriors did things, though he admitted it would be convenient. The drone entered the bunker and showed a momentary image of a now bedraggled and emaciated Daemos before it lost signal. Pavitr noted that it didn't look like the Inheritors could last much longer, and Billy agreed that they had some hard choices coming. Neither suspected that the Inheritors were harvesting the drones they had destroyed for components in an effort to escape.

(Superior Octopus I#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Web-Warriors began returning all the parts of all the worlds conquered and stolen by the Inheritors to manufacture Loomworld, their artificial Earth in Reality-001. 

(Superior Octopus I#1/2) - As the team threw a "Happy End of the World" party, Spider-UK proudly announced that they had finally returned the last stolen items to their proper realities, leaving only their headquarters perched atop a rock floating in space. Gradually one by one the team departed for their home realities, with Pavitr among the first to leave.

(Superior Octopus I#1/2 - BTS) - However, when only Billy and Karn were left, an alarm alerted them that Otto Octavius on Earth-616 was using Inheritor cloning technology. Billy realized that if the trapped Inheritors could send out a resurrection code, they would be able to reincarnate on Earth-616, escaping their exile, and to his horror Karn suddenly recalled the robot drones Pavitr had sent to Earth-3145, each containing technology designed to send signals across realities, and realized it was probably already too late to stop the Inheritors from escaping.

(Spider-Geddon I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Clean shaven once more, Pavitr was in the middle of apprehending some robbers when Earth-616's Miles Morales materialized to inform him of the new crisis, explaining that both Spider-UK and Spider-Man Noir had been slain, and that Otto had joined them, only to end up forming a break-away team.

(Spider-Geddon I#3) - While helping capture the crooks Miles explained to Pavitr that Otto's team intended to kill the Inheritors, but that Miles's team wanted to find another way and hoped that with geniuses like Pavitr on their team they could do so without losing so many people this time round. Agreeing, Pavitr accompanied Miles back to Earth-616 to join the new Spider Army. Since the Inheritors were now at New U intending to co-opt the Jackal's cloning equipment that was stored there, Miles decided to launch an immediate assault, intending to blow up the building to destroy the technology before the Inheritors realized they were there. Unfortunately they were detected almost immediately and the Inheritors attacked. The situation looked bleak until the Superior Spider Army came to their assistance, enabling their safe evacuation.

(Spider-Geddon I#4) - Both teams set up a shared base in Earth-616 on Leopardon, the giant robot piloted by the Japanese Spider-Man of Earth-51778, but while Miles and Otto visited Earth-13, hoping to find a lead on the Enigma Force that had empowered their fallen ally Cosmic Spider-Man, the rest of the team learned from a spider-bot that had been left behind that the Inheritor patriarch Solus had now too been resurrected, and the leaders hastened back to Earth-616. One of the new recruits, a Norman Osborn version of Spider-Man from Earth-44145, decried their leadership and tried to take command, and when none of the others supported him he departed the reality, informing them he would find a better way. Analyzing the footage the spider-bot had sent before being spotted and destroyed by the Inheritors, Pavitr reported that Jennix was still working on repairing the Inheritor's cloning vats, and had only succeeded with reviving Solus thus far. Realizing it was only a matter of time before Jennix succeeded, Otto ordered the others to fetch the new recruits as quickly as possible, but as Pavitr was about to depart to do so, their access to the multiverse was cut off, and the group correctly deduced that Osborn had cut Earth-616 off from the Web, willing to sacrifice that reality and all the Spiders there to prevent the Inheritors spreading back out into the multiverse. Unwilling to accept they had no way to access the multiverse any more, Miles tasked Octavia and Pavitr with finding a way. Meanwhile Otto slipped away with the clone Ben Reilly-616 to enact a plan of his own.

(Spider-Geddon I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Ben Reilly had died painfully and been resurrected multiple times, and carried in his memories deep trauma from that. Aware that the Inheritor Jennix had developed cloning technology to keep his family alive because he harbored a pathological fear of dying, and knowing that consuming a victim's life force also made the Inheritor experience their memories, Ben and Otto  cooked up a plan for Otto to seemingly betray his allies by handing Ben over to the Inheritors.

(Spider-Geddon I#4) - Back at base, after checking every known means to travel to other dimensions, Pavitr found all were down; Miles however had been trying to signal the Enigma Force, which suddenly appeared in the form of dazzling lights, seemingly very angry at being summoned.

(Spider-Geddon I#5) - The Enigma Force berated the Spiders for having the arrogance to think they were worthy of it, reminding them that they had all made unforgivable mistakes. Recalling Uncle Bhim's death, Pavitr said that it was right, as did the others, each recalling people they had failed, but Miles rallied, angrily responding that they were trying to save the multiverse from monsters who had slain a version of the Force in another reality, and telling it to depart if that wasn't good enough for it. In response the Enigma Force flared up, and Pavitr worriedly suggested that Miles perhaps shouldn't have antagonized the cosmic entity.

(Spider-Geddon I#5 - BTS) - At the Inheritors' base Otto had delivered Ben to the villains; as hoped, when they consumed his life, Ben's memories drove Jennix insane, eliminating his ability to fix his family's cloning technology. Back at Leopardon the Enigma Force had been won over by Miles' argument, and lent him its power, turning him into Captain Universe.

(Spider-Geddon I#5) - With vast new powers at his command, Miles led the Army, including Pavitr, in a fresh attack on the Inheritors. Despite his increased abilities, things still looked bleak until reinforcements arrived, thanks to Spider Army members who had been on other assignments having managed to restore 616's connection to the Web. To the joy of her friends who had thought her dead, one of the new arrivals was Gwen. Using the Enigma Force to power Leopardon's Sword Vigor, Miles slew Solus, then working together the combined might of the Spiders restrained the other Inheritors. Rather than slay their enemies, they decided to give Solus' children a fresh start freed from their father's abusive upbringing by modifying the cloning technology to change them into babies, their memories wiped and their need to feed on totems removed. With the conflict ended, the Army disbanded and its members, Pavitr included, returned home.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#4) - With Gwen now the only Spider still possessing a means to travel the multiverse after the destruction of the Web, she gathered the Web-Warriors and their friends together one last time on Loomworld to remember their fallen comrades, starting with Karn, Gathered round the spider-shaped harness he had worn while linked to the Web, Hobie led the eulogy, recalling how though they had first met Karn when he was trying to kill them, he had turned into their ally and died alone because he refused to be evil like his family. After the group members all raised a fist to their friend, each took it in turn to spray some webbing on the harness and say a personal word to the departed; in Pavitr's case, he hoped his friend would now find peace and rest. Seeing that Gwen was struggling to cope with the loss of so many dear friends, Pavitr took a moment to console her, reminding her that it was only because of her they had this last chance to come together. The group then assembled around the heavily webbed harness, and Hobie set it alight, ensuring no one else could ever use it, and creating a brief funeral pyre in Karn's memory. With the wake over, the Spiders returned home to their respective worlds. A short while later Gwen gathered the team one more time on Earth-803, to hold a funeral and wake for Spider-UK, using Lady Spider's world for Spider-UK's final resting place because Billy's had been destroyed during the Incursions.

Comments: Created by Jeevan Kang, Suresh Seetharaman and Sharad Devarajan, based on a character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

   While it's not explicitly stated in his stories, Pavitr is apparently Hindu, as evidenced for example by his wearing a dhoti, celebrating of Diwali in Spider-Man India#4 and the quotes in his original series from Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu scripture. However, when he has long hair and a beard as seen in Spider-Geddon#0/2 and Superior Octopus#1/2, he appears to style his hair in a Joora, a Sikh hair bun which would normally be worn under a turban, which might give some readers the idea that Pavitr is Sikh. I'm in no way familiar enough with Indian men / Hindu male hair styles to say for sure if having what looks like a Joora is common among Hindus, so I'm not commenting on whether or not him having this hairstyle might be considered an art error; however, since he's never seen with a turban, and he cuts the hair and shaves the beard once he goes back to Earth-50101 (presumably because it would be difficult to fit either under his tight mask), something that I believe Sikhism does not permit, I am willing to say that the temporary long hair and beard are not indications that he's actually Sikh.

Profile by Loki.

Spider-Man (Pavitr Prabhakar) is an alternate reality counterpart of

but has no known connections to:

Video drones


To monitor the Inheritors, Pavitr constructed remote controlled robot drones to send to Earth-3145, constructing at least 52 over the time he was keeping track of the prisoners. Each drone was teleported into that reality at a great height to prevent the Inheritors using their arrival portals as a means of escaping, then parachuted down to the ground. In every instance after they walked into the bunker the Inheritors were sheltering in, an Inheritor, usually (and possibly always) Daemos, destroyed them, in part because the starving villain was drawn to the tantalizing smell of Spiders on them. Unknown to Pavitr, the scientifically-gifted Inheritor Jennix then salvaged parts from the drones, using their broadcasting technology which Pavitr had designed to cross realities as a way of sending a signal out to Inheritor cloning tanks, ultimately enabling the monsters' escape.


--Spider-Geddon I#0/2


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