Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like, but lacking the pollution affecting Earth-616

Usual means of access: Presumably Vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humanoid dinosaurs

Significant Inhabitants: Excalibur (Britanicus Rex, "Lockheed", Megon, Nightstrutter, Shadowcompsognathus);

Fantastic Five (Arachnosaur, Dinotorch, Invisiguanodon, Saur Fantastic, Thing);

Calvin Griswald, Martha Griswald, Susie Griswald, Wilbur Griswald, High Evolutionary, Ka-Zar, Dr.Karl Lykos, Alysaur Stuart, Brigadier Alysdon Stuart, Color Sergeant Vaughn, Zabu; unnamed "humans"

perhaps Cretacious Sam, Dino-Steel, Kang-Mesozoic, Punisaur, Saurian Holmes

Significant Locations: Europe, The Savage Land,

probably Tower of London, London

First Appearance: first confirmed representatives from it are seen Excalibur I#9 (June 1989)

the actual dimension Excalibur I#51 (June 1992)

History: (Excalibur I#51 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth-99476 dinosaurs remained dominant over mammals. Humans (and presumably other primates) did not naturally evolve; instead a variety of humanoid shaped species of dinosaur came into being, developed intelligence, and created a world startlingly similar to that of their human counterparts (such as Earth-616), though with far less atmospheric pollution.

In more recent times, the High Evolutionary, believing that the mammalian form was genetically superior to his own dinosaur-evolved species, sought to advance his race using genetic experiments. He created the Savage Land in a valley surrounded by the Eternity Mountain range, a hidden world of concrete and ugly buildings all spewing forth toxic gases. To inhabit this new land he mutated Triconodon, a primitive mammal, creating humans, who displayed a basic intelligence and soon formed gang-like tribes. However the High Evolutionary found that his human's genetic codes were unstable, a flaw he found difficult to correct.

The Savage Land was inevitably discovered by outsiders. One dinosaur, Ka-Zar, settled there and became the "Lord of the Savage Land". Karl Lykos learned of it when his father was surveying the mountain range which encircled the land; Karl was attacked by the "evil spawn of the Evolutionary", and barely escaped with his life.

(Excalibur I#9) - The Griswald family, visiting London from America, were being shown around the Tower by one of the custodians, Color Sargeant Vaughn, when they unwittingly wandered through a dimensional gateway created by Widget (of Earth-616's Excalibur), and were transported to Earth-616. Simultaneously, their human counterparts were transported to Earth-99476.

(Excalibur I#51 (fb)) - The human Griswalds and Vaughn were swiftly captured by the dinosaur authorities, and handed over to W.H.O. for investigation. For the first couple of days of captivity at least, the humans refused to believe the truth of their situation, theorising that their captors must be wearing pantomime masks and that they were the subject of some bizarre prank. W.H.O.s interrogators came to the (correct) conclusion that the newcomers came from an alternate reality dominated by mammals.

Perhaps because of the discovery of the Griswalds, perhaps for some other reason entirely (see comments), the Fantastic Five departed for the Savage Land. Contact was lost with them almost immediately, as they were captured and brainwashed into the Evolutionary's service. Six weeks later, the Griswalds and Vaughn were kidnapped from British custody by agents of the High Evolutionary.

The next day, W.H.O. briefed Excalibur on the situation. Accompanied by Alysaur Stuart of W.H.O. and Karl Lykos, now a doctor and an expert on the Savage Land, the team flew to the hidden valley. Entering the smog over the city within, their ship was destroyed by missiles, though Excalibur managed to bail out in time. Almost as soon as they landed, they were accosted by a gang of the local humans, who intended to mug them. The gang abandoned this plan when they heard the miaowing of Zabu, heralding the imminent arrival of Ka-Zar. Terrified, the humans fled.

Ka-Zar welcomed Excalibur to the Land, explained that for a variety of health reasons he was no longer Lord of the Savage Land, but told them where they could find their quarry. Excalibur penetrated the Evolutionary's lair, a huge tower covered with ray projectors, but were confronted by the Fantastic Five. However the mind controlled heroes, sluggish and unthinking, proved to be no match for Excalibur, who easily overcame them. The High Evolutionary then revealed himself and his captive humans, and tried to reason with his intruders, telling them what he was doing was for the good of their species, and that the naturally evolved humans would allow him to stabilise the genetic codes of his own, artificial ones. Lykos, scarred by his experiences as a child, refused to listen to this, and ripped power cables free from the geneticist's ray projecting machinery, electrocuting himself and causing a massive explosion.

As Excalibur picked themselves back up afterwards, they discovered that the High Evolutionary had vanished, Lykos was dead and that the humans had been freed from the incubators they had been stored in. Colour Sargeant Vaughn noted that Britanicus Rex was wearing Captain Britain's costume, and Rex, remembering his recent attendance at the trial of Captain Britain-616 deduced their point of origin. Excalibur was joined by the Fantastic Five, now freed from the Evolutionary's mind control, and discovered that without the Evolutionary's ray projectors, the Savage Land "humans" had reverted to their original forms, rat-like Triconodons.

Saur Fantastic stated that he could salvage materials from the Evolutionary's machinery to construct a cross-time portal which would allow them to return the human Griswalds to Earth-616 and rescue the dinosaur Griswalds while they were at it. Though the subsequent trip to Earth-616 was complicated somewhat by the discovery that the dinosaur Griswald's had devolved thanks to long-term exposure to the toxic pollution in Earth-616's atmosphere, necessitating them being forcefully recaptured, Excalibur and the Fantastic Five soon managed to return everyone to their correct homeworld's.

Comments: The Griswalds and Vaughn were created by Chris Claremont, Alan Davis and Paul Neary. Dino-world and the remaining inhabitants were created by Alan Davis (writer), Dougie Braithwaite (penciler), Jeff Albrecht, José Marzan, Mark McKenna and Jimmy Palmiotti (inkers).

The Griswalds were named after the Griswald family who were the protagonists in the National Lampoon Vacation series of movies. In case there was any doubt about this, the dinosaur Martha Griswald berates her husband at one point, saying she had wanted to go to Wally World instead of Europe. In the first of the Vacation movies, Walley World was where the Griswald family were heading.

While most of the sentient dinosaurs on Earth-99476 seemed to belong to the same species, at least two evidently evolved from other types of saurian. The Invisible Woman's counterpart, Invisiguanodon, suggests the majority might have evolved from Iguandon's, but Lykos was evidently from one of the winged pterosaur species (though this might have been a result of mutation when he first entered the Savage Land), and Color Sergeant Vaughn devolved into something akin to a triceratops.

The level of surface similarities between Earth-616 and Earth-99476 is pretty high. As well as various individuals, Nightstrutter utters a few words of German at one point (implying, but not confirming the existence of Germany on his world) and America is mentioned (but no confirmation of places in it such as New York). Since dinosaur Color Sargeant Vaughn has a counterpart in the human Colour Sargeant Vaughn, this suggests the existence of a Tower of London in both realities - however note that the dinosaur world used the American spelling of "color", and presumably, with no large mammals, Color Sergeant Vaughn would not have been called a "Beefeater".

How could five humanoid dinosaurs have hidden out in a British town and not been spotted and in the newspapers within a few days? Simple really. The Griswalds and Vaughn found a haven on Brighton Pier, which also happened to be the base of Gatecrasher's Technet while they were on Earth-616. The Technet had made a deal with the local council, allowing them to stay on the derelict pier in return for regulating the otherwise dodgy British weather, something the locals were well aware of. So the locals presumably believed the five saurians were just more of the weird looking alien Technet; the Brighton police stated during the dinosaur rampage in Excalibur I#51 that they believed the Technet had something to do with their problem.

It isn't explained why the Fantastic Five happened to go to the Savage Land six weeks prior to the start of the story in Excalibur I#51, nor how the High Evolutionary learned of the humans in British custody. The FF might have gone there by coincidence, and the High Evolutionary might just have heard about the mammals through scientific circles. However it seems much more probable there were no coincidences, especially as W.H.O. knew the FF had vanished. I think it likely the FF went to the Savage Land, to investigate if the sudden appearance of the humans was down to some scheme of the High Evolutionary (who was, after all, the only previous source of humans on this world), and that the High Evolutionary in turn, learned of the humans from the FF after he captured them.

The agents the Evolutionary sent to steal the humans from W.H.O. were probably not the FF. The agents were in all likelihood seen during the kidnapping, since they were identified as working for the Evolutionary. If it had been the FF, then W.H.O.s briefing to Excalibur would have said that, instead of saying the FF had been missing for several weeks.

One MIGHT also speculate that this Earth could be one where Set defeated Gaea, allowing dinosaurs to retain primacy. Iron Man Annual#10, which ties in with the extinction of the dinosaurs, reveals that Gaea decided to allow the dinosaurs to become extinct because she did not think they could evolve into a sentient lifeform. Well, if one considers the number of alternate Earths or timelines where dinosaurs were the ancestors of human level intelligent beings such as this one, you have to wonder if Gaea got it wrong.

On Earth-616 the deaths of the dinosaurs has been ascribed to:

Any of these events might not have occurred on this world. - Snood

The Dino World version of the Thing kinda reminds me of Xemnu. I understand the joke that Ben Grimm is covered in hair instead of rock, because the dinosaurs didn't have hair, so it's an odd appearance for him, but really- the similarities seem too much to be coincidence to me.
--Ben Beaver

Profile by Loki, with additional images and Saurian Holmes information supplied by Snood.


Earth-99476, the Dino-World, has no known connection to

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Arachny, as he was known to his friends and colleagues, was a member of the Fantastic Five. Like his team-mates, he travelled to the Savage Land, where he fell under the mind control of the High Evolutionary. He fought Excalibur when they came to the Savage Land, webbing up Alysaur Stuart before Shadowcompsognathus phased through his web-shooters, disrupting their electrical circuitry and causing them to discharge all over Arachnosaur, trapping him. Later, after he had been freed from both webbing and mental domination, he accompanied the two hero teams to Earth-616, where he helped stop the devolved Griswalds' rampage in Brighton. Arachny created a bridle and reins for the T-Rex sized Wilbur Griswald, and rode him back through the dimensional warp.

He had the ability to stick to walls, superhuman agility, probably enhanced strength, and used mechanical web-shooters. His 616 counterpart would have been Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

- Excalibur I#51



Britanicus Rex

Britanicus Rex was the leader of Excalibur on Earth-99476. During his training on Otherworld to be part of the Corps, he discovered that Earth in many realities was dominated by mammalian life-forms, but took this in his stride. He attended the trial of Captain Britain of Earth-616. At the request of W.H.O. he led Excalibur to the Savage Land to rescue the Fantastic Five and a group of humans from another reality from the clutches of the High Evolutionary. After succeeding in this endeavour, his experience witnessing CB-616's trial proved to be useful when it enabled him to identify the continuum that the lost humans originated from (after one of them, Vaughn, mentioned that he wore the same costume as Captain Britain). This allowed the heroes to return the humans home, and retrieve their saurian counterparts who had been lost on that world.

Some time later Britanicus Rex was part of an assemblage of Corps members brought to Otherworld to subdue the Fantastic Four of Earth-616, when Roma ordered the capture of that world's Franklin Richards. Britanicus Rex fought the Thing (who felt Britanicus was uglier than he and more long-winded than Mr.Fantastic)

- Excalibur I#51 ([44], [45], 51, FF III#7, 8







Dinotorch was a member of the Fantastic Five. Along with his team-mates he travelled to the Savage Land, only to fall prey to the powers of the High Evolutionary. When Excalibur came to rescue them and the rest of the Evolutionary's captives, Dinotorch attacked Excalibur. He tried to hit Megon with a number of thrown fireballs, but Megon tricked him, deliberately flying in front of tanks full of water. One of the fireballs punctured a tank, and Dinotorch's flames were doused by the resultant spray. After his mind was released from being controlled, he accompanied the two teams of heroes to Earth-616, where he helped in rescuing the (dinosaur) Griswalds.

He could fly, generate flame all over his body, and throw fireballs. His Earth-616 counterpart was the Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

- Excalibur I#51


Led by Britanicus Rex, Excalibur's other members were Nightstrutter, Megon, Shadowcompsognathus and "Lockheed". Allies of W.H.O., they travelled to the Savage Land to stop the High Evolutionary's schemes and rescue his prisoners. There they overcame the Fantastic Five in combat, confronted the Evolutionary, and subsequently travelled to Earth-616 to return each set of Griswalds (and Vaughn) to their respective continua.

The counterparts of Excalibur of Earth-616, from their dialogue through the issue it seems they had heard of the Savage Land and its origins, but never been there before. They knew of Ka-Zar, and seemed to have met the Fantastic Five before. I'm ASSuming Britanicus Rex led the team, because during the trial of Captain Britain-616 several issues earlier, one of the counts levied against him was that he had "subordinated himself to become a mere member" of Excalibur - I take this to mean that in other realities, including 99476, the Captain Britain analogue usually led whatever team they belonged to.

- Excalibur I#51

Fantastic Five

Led by Saur Fantastic, the other members were Dinotorch, Invisiguanodon, Arachnysaur and the Thing. Having mounted an expedition to the Savage Land, the Five were defeated and mind controlled by the High Evolutionary, who controlled them for around six weeks. He later had them fight Excalibur, but the mind control made the FF sluggish and less able to think through their battle strategies, so they were easily defeated. After the Evolutionary was beaten, the Five were freed from his control, and they assisted Excalibur in travelling to Earth-616 to return the two groups of Griswalds (and Vaughn) to their proper homes.

They were the counterpart to the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man of Earth-616 (or more accurately, the Fantastic Five which includes Spider-Man, as seen in various What If?'s)

- Excalibur I#51

(l to r) Susie, Wilbur, Calvin and MarthaThe Griswalds

The Griswald family (parents Wilbur and Martha, children Calvin and Susie) were tourists on holiday. Martha Griswald had wanted to take the family to visit Wally World, but her husband had wanted to vacation in Europe instead. Color Sergeant Vaughn was showing the group around the Tower of London when they all walked through a dimensional gateway created by Widget of Earth-616's Excalibur, transporting them to a world of humans. The group walked into the offices of W.H.O., where they were confronted by Dai Thomas and Alistair Stuart, The two humans were trying to figure out where the confused saurians had come from, when they were interrupted by Hauptmanne Englande, himself from an alternate Earth. As Englande attacked the natives of Earth-616, the saurians fled. Outside the family stopped to get their bearings, but Calvin, told off for picking on his sister, ran away from the group. He was nearly crushed by flying debris generated by the superhero battle, but Captain Britain managed to get him to safety just in time.

The Griswalds ended up in Brighton, where they approved of the weather. They ended up hiding out on the Pier (and were at some point joined by Color Sergeant Vaughn), becoming neighbours to Gatecrasher's Technet who were also using Brighton Pier as a base. After being exposed to Earth-616's polluted environment for a while, the group all devolved into versions of their dinosaur ancestors. They rampaged through the seaside town, though some vestige of their intellects kept them from causing too much property damage or from killing anyone. Eventually the Earth-99476 Excalibur and Fantastic Five crossed the dimensional void looking for their lost fellows. The heroes subdued the rampage and herded the Griswalds and Vaughn through a dimensional portal and back home, where Saur Fantastic was confident he could return them to normal.

- Excalibur I#9, (10, 13, 51


High Evolutionary

A geneticist who became convinced mammals were the superior life form, and so created the Savage Land and humans to herald in the future and advance his own species. The Fantastic Five intruded on his land, and he took over their minds. His humans having proved unstable, when he learned of the visitors from Earth-616, he saw it as fate delivering "natural" humans to him, allowing him to use their genetic codes to stabilise the Savage Land's population. He sent agents to kidnap them, and when Excalibur entered the Savage Land on their trail, he had their plane shot down, then set the FF on them. When neither of these ploys stopped the intruders, the High Evolutionary personally tried to convince them of his honourable intentions, appearing as a giant before them. Dr.Lykos wouldn't believe him and caused an explosion. When the dust settled, the Evolutionary's equipment had been destroyed, and he had apparently vanished.

It may be he actually was turned into a Triconodon, as a few minutes later one was seen in the Evolutionary's citadel. Saur Richards thought this was a human who had reverted back to their natural form, but until then, no humans (other than the ones from Earth-616, who were all accounted for) had been seen inside the headquarters.

He was the counterpart to Earth-616's High Evolutionary.

- Excalibur I#51



High Evolutionary's Tower

The High Evolutionary's base in the Savage Land was a huge tower covered in ray projectors. These projectors seemed to be necessary to maintain the genetically unstable humans of the land in their evolved forms. Dr.Lykos broke the ray projector machine, and probably caused all the humans to devolve.

- Excalibur I#51








One of the Fantastic Five, like her fellows she ended up controlled by the High Evolutionary after the group entered his Savage Land. Sent to battle Excalibur when that team penetrated the Evolutionary's citadel, she trapped "Lockheed" and Shadowcompsognathus in invisible force fields. However Shadowcompsognathus phased straight out and knocked her unconscious. When she and her fellows awoke, they found Excalibur and told them that they had been freed of the mind control. While Saur Fantastic explained this, Invisiguanodon was startled to spot a small mammal which Saur Fantastic recognised as a Triconodon. Invisiguanodon later visited Earth-616 with her team-mates when they went their to retrieve the dimensionally displaced Griswalds.

Sue (no last name given, but it was probably either Storm or Richards) was the counterpart to Sur Richards, the Invisible Woman of Earth-616. She could create forcefields, and probably turn invisible, though this last wasn't demonstrated. She was also scared/repelled by small, furry mammals.

- Excalibur I#51




Formerly the Lord of the Savage Land, but the time Excalibur visited, he had given up the post. Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), he had become virtually a native of the lost world he lived in. In Earth-99476 terms that meant he wore a smart suit, had an analyst who had advised him to avoid stress, suffered from high blood pressure, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and migraines. He still terrified the local humans though, and was willing to tell Excalibur where to find the High Evolutionary, so long as they didn't tell the Evolutionary about his help.

- Excalibur I#51







As with the Earth-616 Excalibur, the dinosaur team was accompanied by a small purple dragon. The Earth-99476 dragon wasn't actually named during the story, but was probably called Lockheed like his counterpart.

- Excalibur I#51





Dr.Karl Lykos

When he was younger Lykos accompanied his father on a trip to survey the mountains surrounding the Savage land. During that trip he was attacked by some of the "wild barbarians" who lived there, leaving him mentally scarred. He became an expert on the Land, and as such accompanied Excalibur on their trip there. When the team met the High Evolutionary, Lykos listened to the geneticist outline his goal of forced evolution. Outraged at the Evolutionary's plans, Lykos leapt forward and ripped power cables out of the evolution ray projector. He was instantly electrocuted and killed.

His Earth-616 counterpart was Karl Lykos, a.k.a. Sauron. If he underwent a similar process to his human counterpart, this might account for why the Earth-99476 Lykos appeared to be evolved from a different branch of dinosaurs from the rest of this world's inhabitants.

- Excalibur I#51





A member of Excalibur, she accompanied the group on their trip to the Savage Land. When Excalibur fought the Fantastic Five, Dinotorch tried to hit Megon with fireballs, but she dodged, and flew in front of some tanks full of water. When a fireball hit them, it ruptured the tank and doused Dinotorch. Megon later travelled to Earth-616 to retrieve the displaced Griswald family.

She was able to fly, and probably had other powers, similar to her Earth-616 counterpart Meggan.

- Excalibur I#51








A member of Excalibur, Nightstrutter flew the team's plane to the Savage Land, before it was shot down by missiles. Once in the High Evolutionary's citadel, he was attacked by Saur Fantastic, but teleported away, using a series of short hops to lure the mind controlled hero into stretching further and further to try and catch him, until Saur Fantastic exceeded his limits. After Lykos caused the High Evolutionary's machinery to explode, Nightstrutter was the one who confirmed the aged scientist was dead. Nightstrutter then travelled to Earth-616 to recover the Griswalds.

Like Nightcrawler of Earth-616, Nightstrutter could teleport. He probably had Nightcrawler's other powers, but didn't demonstrate any of them. He also tended to speak in a mixture of English and German, suggesting there might be a country akin to Germany on Earth-99476.

 - Excalibur I#51





Saur Fantastic

The leader of the Fantastic Five, and a genius scientist, he was nonetheless still mentally dominated by the High Evolutionary. When Excalibur arrived in the Savage Land and entered the Evolutionary's citadel, Saur Fantastic tried to capture Nightstrutter. His opponent kept teleporting just out of reach, and Saur Fantastic stretched his form further and further until he overtaxed himself and passed out.

After being freed from the mind control, Saur Fantastic and his team allied themselves with Excalibur. Saur Fantastic identified the mammal which scared Invisiguanodon as a Triconodon, and hypothesised that without the Evolutionary's ray projector the human's of the Savage Land had devolved back to their original forms. He then used parts salvaged from the Evolutionary's machinery to build a cross-time portal, which allowed both teams to travel to Earth-616 and return the two Griswald families to their respective worlds. While on Earth-616, he noted the high pollution content and stated that the local inhabitants must be suicidal.

Saur Fantastic's human counterpart was Mr.Fantastic. Both shared stretching powers, scientific genius , and the first name Reed.

- Excalibur I#51


Savage Land

Created by the High Evolutionary, the Savage Land lay in the middle of the Eternity Mountain range, hidden by a dense layer of smog. Inhabited by humans, it was a hidden valley filled with over a hundred miles of crude, ugly buildings, all spewing toxic gases. As well as the Evolutionary, it's other inhabitants included his artificially-created humans, Ka-Zar, and Zabu. It's fate after the Evolutionary's equipment was destroyed is unknown.

It's Earth-616 analogue is a verdant land filled with dinosaurs.

- Excalibur I#51







Like her fellow Excalibur members, Shadowcompsognathus went to the Savage Land looking for the lost humans and the Fantastic Five. Upon entering the High Evolutionary's citadel she was imprisoned within one of Invisiguanodon's force fields, but simply phased through it and knocked her opponent out. She then took down Arachnysaur by causing his web-shooters to malfunction. As with the rest of the team, she made a brief visit to Earth-616 to return the Griswalds and retrieve the Griswalds.

She shared the ability to phase through solid matter and the surname Pryde with her Earth-616 counterpart, Shadowcat.

- Excalibur I#51






Alysaur Stuart

W.H.O.'s scientific advisor, he briefed Excalibur on their mission to the Savage Land and accompanied them there. He was webbed up by Arachnysaur during the fight in the High Evolutionary's citadel, but was freed in time to witness the defeat of the rogue geneticist. He made some thoughtless comments about eating mammals in front of the human Griswalds from Earth-616, but apologised when he realised what he had said, stating he never ate anything with an I.Q. in double figures. Like everyone else in the citadel, he made a quick trip to Earth-616 to fetch the missing dinosaur Griswalds.

He was the counterpart to Earth-616's Alistair Stuart.

- Excalibur I#51






Brigadier Alysdon Stuart

Commanding officer of W.H.O. and sister of Alysaur, she sent Excalibur on their mission to the Savage Land.

She was the counterpart to Brigadier Alysande Stuart of Earth-616.

- Excalibur I#51








A member of the Fantastic Five, he was mind controlled by the High Evolutionary like his fellow heroes. When Excalibur came calling, he fought Britanicus Rex, who noticed that the Thing's reactions were slower than normal, allowing him to be easily beaten. After being freed he joined everyone else present in taking a trip to Earth-616 to bring back the dinosaur Griswalds. Upon learning that the subjects of their rescue attempts had devolved, the Thing was one of the heroes who tried to subdue them. Color Sergeant Vaughn, now looking like a triceratops, charged the Thing, who caught his horns and stopped him dead. Before Britanicus Rex could grab the creature's tail, it lifted the Thing off the ground and rammed head-first into a building. The Thing was unhurt, and blamed his misfortune on having lost his grip due the hair he was covered in. "All this hair stuff is greasy. Ain't easy bein' a tragic, hideously deformed mutation. 'Specially one with superslick sebaceous secretions." Once the Griswalds were successfully corralled, the Thing and the other dinosaur heroes returned to Earth-99476.

Like his Earth-616 counterpart, also known as the Thing, he was superhumanly strong and tough, and had the surname Grimm.

- Excalibur I#51



Color Sergeant Vaughn

Presumably a former army N.C.O. like his Earth-616 counterpart, Color Sergeant Vaughn was showing the holiday-making Griswalds around the Tower of London when they all walked through a dimensional gateway created by Widget of Earth-616's Excalibur, transporting them to a world of humans. The group walked into the offices of W.H.O., where they were confronted by Dai Thomas and Alistair Stuart, The two humans were trying to figure out where the confused saurians had come from, when they were interrupted by Hauptmanne Englande, himself from an alternate Earth. As Englande attacked the natives of Earth-616, the saurians fled.

They ended up in Brighton, hiding out on the Pier. After being exposed to Earth-616's polluted environment for a while, the group all devolved into versions of their dinosaur ancestors. In Vaughn's case, he became something akin to a triceratops. They rampaged through the seaside town, though some vestige of their intellects kept them from causing too much property damage or from killing anyone. Eventually the Earth-99476 Excalibur and Fantastic Five crossed the dimensional void looking for their lost fellows. The Thing and Britanicus Rex wrestled Vaughn into submission, while the other heroes herded the Griswalds, taking them all through a dimensional portal and back home, where Saur Fantastic was confident he could return them to normal.

Color Sergeant Vaughn's counterpart from Earth-616 was Colour Sergeant Vaughn of the Queen's Loyal Royal Borderers.

- Excalibur I#9, ([10], 51


The Weird Happenings Organization. As with Earth-616, it's remit was to investigate bizarre occurences and threats and deal with them. Run by Brigadier Alysdon Stuart, it was responsible for holding the human Griswalds and Colour Sergeant Vaughn, until they were kidnapped by the agents of the High Evolutionary.

- Excalibur I#51


The pet of Ka-Zar, lord of the Savage Land. Though tiny, his miaows terrified the human inhabitants because they knew he heralded the arrival of Ka-Zar.

- Excalibur I#51



unnamed "humans"

Inhabitants of the Savage Land, possibly force-evolved from Triconodons. Their genetic make-up was apparently unstable. They formed tribal groups, one of which tried to mug Excalibur after the dinosaur heroes bailed out of their exploding plane. Before the confrontation could go any further, they were scared off by Zabu's maiowing, which heralded the arrival of Ka-Zar, who seemingly terrified them.

Saur Fantastic theorised that they would have all reverted to their original forms after the High Evolutionary's ray projector was destroyed.

- Excalibur I#51





Other characters seen in Marvel who might conceivably have come from Earth-99476, though it's not confirmed, include:

Cretacious Sam

Briefly encountered Nightcrawler when the mutant hero was hopping around different dimensions.

- Nightcrawler I#4








Dino Knight, a saurian counterpart to Earth-616's Moon Knight

 - Moon Knight III#42


(Excalibur I#49) - A counterpart to Iron Man, he was seen fighting the Punisaur in Excalibur's lighthouse when the walls between reality were thin.

(Uncanny X-Men#462) - Dino-Steel was seen when the "House of M" reality warp went through Otherworld.

- Excalibur I#49 (Excalibur I#49, Uncanny X-Men#462






A counterpart to the Punisher, we has seen fighting Dino-Steel in Excalibur's lighthouse when the walls between reality were thin.

- Excalibur I#49





Saurian Holmes

Saurian Holmes lives in the Land of Leftovers (he was sent there when he fell out of style), a realm visited frequently by the Elf with a Gun...for beer and target practice. Holmes' mode of investigation was protested by local hippies types who found him to be archaic...a dinosaur. KISS came to him to learn how to get back to Earth after arriving in his realm and became caught up in a struggle between Holmes and his arch-nemesis, Professor Maharishi. He and Maharishi were apparently crushed to death when Maharishi's building collapsed in the struggle. Holmes chose to hold on to Maharishi, gladly sacrificing his own life to ensure his foe's death

- Marvel Comics Super-Special#5





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Lockheed: Excalibur I#51, p14, pan6

Nightstrutter: Excalibur I#51 cover

Saur Fantastic: Excalibur I#51, p15, pan1

Savage Land: Excalibur I#51, p6, pan3

Shadowcompsognathus: Excalibur I#51 cover

Alysdon Stuart: Excalibur I#51, p2, pan2

Alysaur Stuart: Excalibur I#51, p2, pan2

Thing: Excalibur I#51, p15, pan1

Color Sergeant Vaughn: Excalibur I#9, p18, pan5

Zabu: Excalibur I#51, p8, pan3

Humans: Excalibur I#51, p7, pan3

Dino-Steel: Excalibur I#49, p27, pan1

Punisaur: Excalibur I#49, p27, pan1

Marvel Comics Super-Special#5 (1978) - Alan Weiss & Ralph Macchio (writers), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks), Rick Marshall (editor)
Nightcrawler I#2 (December 1985) - Dave Cockrum (writer/artist), Ann Nocenti (editor)
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Excalibur I#49 (April 1992) - Alan Davis (writer/pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
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Uncanny X-Men#462 (September, 2005) - Chris Claremont (writer), Alan Davis (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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