Real Name: Lissette Orlova

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-917) human; Latverian citizen

Occupation: Doctor; Lab assistant

Affiliations: Dr. Doom (former); Reed Richards (husband); The Fantastic Four (including Leonard McKenzie)

Enemies: Dr. Doom

Known Relatives: Reed Richards (husband); Unnamed Daughter; other unnamed family members

Aliases: "Liss"

Base of Operations: New York City, alternate dimension (Earth-917)

First Appearance: What If II#27 (July, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Lissette was a normal human, who possessed no superhuman abilities. She was a doctor however, and had enough knowledge of science to be Reed Richards' lab assistant, which is to say a lot.

History: (What If II#27 -bts-) After a spat with his fellow teammates, Johnny Storm, The second Human Torch, found himself homeless and living in a squat with several other people of a similar predicament. One of those such people was Prince Namor, Johnny brought him back to the other members of the Fantastic Four, and dumped him into the ocean, helping him regain his memory. Namor, upon learning of the fall of Atlantis was ready to raise some hell, but instead of battling, Sue Storm talked him into joining the Four. At that day they became the Fantastic Five. The Five went on many missions, including one where Dr. Doom kidnapped Sue Storm and held her prisoner. After Namor and the others defeated him, Sue and Namor confided their feelings to each other. It was not too long before Sue's crush on Reed turned into love for Namor. While Namor and Sue's romance grew, Reed became more and more withdrawn in his studies, and on their wedding, Reed announced his retirement from the Fantastic Five to contribute more to the world of science.


(What If II#27) Lissette interviewed for a job as Reed Richards' assistant, after finding his ad in The Scientific Journal Classified section (Research Assistant: Doctorate Required: Physics, Biology, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Theory, Expanding Universe) and, meeting his INSANE requirements was promptly hired. During Reed and Lissette's time together, many scientific discoveries were found. Reed, however, failed to notice her attraction to him and continued his unhealthy obsession with science. Things weren't all as good as they seemed though, as Reed found out one night. Lissette was regularly dosing his drinks with a neurotoxin for Dr. Doom, who had threatened her with the deaths of her family in Latveria. The small doses were finally enough, and Reed collapsed.

(What If II#27) Underneath the Latverian Embassy in New York, Doom tied Richards up and told him of his plan. Doom had used the drugs to make Reed a mindless slave to his will, so he could break into Four Freedoms Plaza and murder the Four while they slept, all while Reed had to watch. Lissette promised Reed that Doom had forced her to betray him, but Doom could care less and continued on with his plan. With Reed's security access, Doom had no troubles getting to Namor and Sue's bedroom, where Namor had been musing on his life, and what it would be like if he had returned to the sea. Namor quickly jumped to the offensive, but Doom had the element of surprise and caught him off guard. Finally, Reed snapped out of his trance when Doom started to choke Sue, while forcing him to hold her. Reed tried to fight Doom, but was nearly knocked through a window by a punch from Doom. At that moment, the other members of the Fantastic Four ran in, and Doom blasted a wall out to make a hasty retreat. Namor wondered aloud if everyone was okay, but Sue just layed on the ground, cradling Reed's impaled body. As Reed confessed to Sue that she was always special to him, Lissette ran over to him, yelling that she was a doctor. She frantically tried to stitch up Reed, and confessed that she had been falling in love with him the whole time. Luckily, Reed made it to the hospital in time, and was able to leave several days later. Lissette's family was liberated from Latveria by SHIELD, and Reed and her romance quickly turned into a marriage. As Sue gave birth to Namor's son, Reed and Lissette were awaiting a child of their own. Their daughter and Namor's son went on to become members of the Fantastic Four in their own time.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz and Gavin Curtis

The original point of divergence was Fantastic Four I#4, where, as stated in the profile, Namor decided to join the Fantastic Four instead of going psychocrazy.

I wouldn't mind seeing "Lisa" and Leonard's FF in an adventure--Snood.

Profile by: Zerostar


The characters of Earth Namor-Fantastic Four are alternates of, but not related to the same characters from other multiverses in any other way.

Lisa Richards maybe?

Lissette and Reed Richards' unnamed daughter was said to have her mother's eyes and her father's brains. As she grew older, she received some kind of energy control power as she reached puberty. In her teens, she was seen as a member of the Fantastic Four, along with Namor and Sue Storm's son, Leonard.

Namor and Sue Storm's son, Leonard McKenzie, was named after his paternal grandfather. His powers weren't revealed, but he went on to become a member of the Fantastic Four as he became a teenager, along with Lissette and Reed's daughter.





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