Real Name: Herbert Griswold

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: MI-6 Chief of operation in Switzerland

Group Membership: MI-6

Affiliations: MI-6, actually double-agent working for Fah Lo Suee

Enemies: MI-6

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Tarrant

Base of Operations: Own mansion in Switzerland

First Appearance: Master of Kung-Fu#43 (August; 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Sir Herbert Griswold is an excellent marksman with a bow, and has great leadership abilities

Weaknesses: Cowardly, greedy, bloodthirsty


History: (MOKF#43) - Shang-Chi goes to Switzerland to meet with the head of MI-6's operations there: Sir Herbert Griswold. Griswold offers Shang-Chi dinner where they can continue their conversation. While having dinner, Griswold is shot by a member of the Oriental Expediters. Later after Shang-Chi has fought of the Oriental Expediters, Griswold shows up alive, revealing that he wore a bulletproof vest....

(MOKF#44) - Tells Shang-Chi that Sir Denis has ordered Shang-Chi to go to Zürich immediately.


(MOKF#45) - In Tarrant’s home, Fah Lo Suee has captured Shang-Chi and Clive Reston, Tarrant himself arrives a little later, wondering why Reston and Shang-Chi aren’t dead yet. Fah Lo Suee tells him to be silent--she is the commander of the operation not him. He then tells her that they need to leave fast, if Reston and Shang-Chi have found them, others can be on their way. Once again Fah Lo Suee tells him to shut up. When Leiko suddenly appears freeing her friends, Tarrant is unmasked by Reston and revealed to be Sir Herbert Griswold.

(MOKF#46) - Tries to get Fah Lo Suee to kill Clive Reston, she refuses on the basis that he might be more valuable alive. When Reston manage to escape, he screams “I told you we should have killed him”. Later in the mountains near Fu Manchu’s Swiss fortress, Griswold tells Fah Lo Suee that he thinks she is insane for risking a dozen men to get Leiko Wu, based only on the remote possibility that she might possess some insignificant information on Fu Manchu’s plans. After Shang-Chi and Leiko have escaped, Griswold leaves onboard an airplane with Fah Lo Suee.

(MOKF#47) - When the plane lands, he begins to yell at two of the Expediters who haven’t taken off their clothes and put on some warmer clothes. The two of them are revealed to be Leiko and Shang-Chi--Leiko kicks Griswold in the head. After the two of them have escaped, Griswold follows Fah Lo Suee and her men to a crashed airplane. The two men onboard the plane are revealed as Larner and Reston: Griswold tells Fah Lo Suee that it would be suicide if they don’t kill the two agents. Suddenly Fu Manchu’s men begin to attack. Griswold yells “This wasn’t suppose to happen, you said there’d be no danger”. Fah Lo Suee, finally fed off with Griswold’s complaints, decides to shoot him. Griswold is killed.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Paul Gulacy.

Does the name Tarrant have some significance?

Profile by: The Beetle

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Other appearances:
Master of Kung Fu#44 (September, 1976) - Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (pencils), Jack Abel (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Master of Kung Fu#45-47 (October-December, 1976) - Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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