Dai Thomas

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Real Name: Dai Thomas (see comments) 

Identity/Class: Human magic user;
     UK citizen (Welsh) 

Occupation: Police officer, Specialist Operations Directorate, London Metropolitan Police (formerly C.I.D. (Criminal Investigations Division a.k.a. SO11/Public Order Operational Command, a.k.a. CO11)) Commander, Specialist Protection a.k.a. SO1;
     former civilian liaison to W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organisation)

Group Membership:  His unidentified British Police Inter-Regional Task Force (Norcott, others);
    formerly London Metropolitan Police (colloquially called Scotland Yard: Harris, Peter, Phillips, Gordon Rennels,
Royce, unidentified New Scotland Yard coroner, others);
    formerly (perhaps - see comments) Pendragons (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Gwalchmai ("Gawain"), Iron Man/Tony Stark, Little John/John Little, Tommy, others)

Affiliations: Ali, Black Axe, Blade (Eric Brooks), British Prime Minister (see comments), Cruz, Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Death's Head (Freelance Protection Agent), Death's Head (Minion), Death Metal, Death Wreck (Minion), Digitek (Jonathan Bryant), Doris, Excalibur-616 (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Cerise, Feron, Kylun/Colin McKay, Meggan Puceanu-Braddock, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Widget/Kate Rasputin), Excalibur-99476 (Britanicus Rex/Brian Braddock, "Lockheed," Megon, Nightstrutter, Shadowcompsognathus), Fantastic Five-99476 (Arachnosaur, Dinotorch, Invisiguanodon, Saur Fantastic, Thing/Grimm), Kate Fraser, Gene Dogs (Howitzer/Shaka, Kestrel/Annie Jones, Pacer/Carlos deSilva, Tyr/Marc Devlin), Genetix (Base/Hiro Sukoto, Ridge/Tim Holloway, Stinger/Blodwen Reese, Vesper/Raani Jatwinder), the Green Knight, Gun Runner (Brell), Quincy Harker, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Kether Troop Warheads (Stacy Arnheim, Misha Bushida, Che, Bodecia Kildare, Leona McBride, Gregory O'Sullivan, Guillermo Perez, Tigon Liger), Kerrigan, Knights of Pendragon (Albion/Peter Hunter, Adam Crown, Ben Gallagher, Sir Gawain (robot), Francesca Lexley Grace, Breeze James, Kate McClellan, Union Jack/Joe Chapman), Joe MacTaggert, MI13 (Pete Wisdom, others), Motormouth (Harley Davis), Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Alysaur Stuart-99476, Super Soldiers (Alex Dalton, Gog/Owen Llewellyn, Guvnor/Andrew Black, Joseph Hauer), Sergeant-Major Sutcliffe, the Shame (Feenix, Sebastian, Solly, others), Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton), the Technet (Bodybag, China Doll, Ferro2, Joyboy, Numbers, Scatterbrain, Thug, Waxworks), Tuck, Rachel Van Helsing, Weird Happenings Organisation/W.H.O. (Alistaire Stuart, Brigadier Alysande Stuart, Templeman, others), Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle), Emelia Witherspoon, X-Men (Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Sage/Tessa, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett);
Killpower (Julius Mullarkey),

Enemies: Arcade, the Bane (Rowan Gowell, others), Black Baron (Rupert Kemp), Jamie Braddock, Callisto-597, Crazy Gang (Jester, Knave, Red Queen, Tweedledope), Dolph (Colin Snewing), D'Spayre, Gunther Gyles, Highwayman (Ross Horton), Jackdaw, Killpower (Julius Mullarkey), Knight Errant (William Matson), Lightning Squad-597 (Hauptmann Englande/Brian Braddock, Meggan Puceanu, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Shadowcat/Kate Pryde), Lord Hawk (Willard Scott), Magpie, Manipulator (Basil Crushstone), Mephisto, Mys-Tech, Mys-Tech Board (Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Eadmund Porlock, Brendan Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood), Omni Corporation (Rhett, Ricoli Mendez, Van Ocken), pet smugglers (Luis, others), "Pilgrims" (Babe, Kent, Matt, Shane), Police Constable Thomas Lawson, Prime Wraith (Agent Keller), Psycho-Wraiths, raiders of Wally's nightclub, Red Lord (Bodb Derg), Reichsminister Moira MacTaggert-597, Sat-Yr-9, Donald "Shoulders" McGill, Silver Death (Calum McGill), Slaymaster, Vixen, Vixen's gang, Warwolves (Bowser, others), Y Ddraig Goch, zombie King Arthur and his zombie Knights of the Round Table;
   formerly Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Francesca Lexley Grace, Cam McClellan, Green Knight's Reaper;
   antagonistic relationship with Nigel (Astra TV cameraman), Randolph Frewin, Stephen Roak's father;
   formerly antagonistic towards (but not outright enemy to) Captain America (Steve Rogers), R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive: specifically Agents Gabriel and Michael)

Known Relatives: Valerie Thomas (wife, deceased), Ruth Thomas (daughter), Flo (sister), Herbie (nephew) 

Aliases: Sir Gawain, "Chiefy" (Blade's nickname for him), "the Hero Hater"

Base of Operations: New Scotland Yard, London, U.K. 

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#3/1 (September 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Dai is a very capable and insightful detective, although he did lose his perspective for many years after the death of his wife, causing him to become blinkered by his hatred of superheroes. No longer in top physical condition, he remains an experienced brawler and decent shot. He is bilingual, fluent in English and Welsh.

   While possessing/possessed by the Pendragon spirit Dai could access all of the Round Table knight Gwalchmai (Gawain)'s combat skills, making him an expert with swords and quarterstaves. His senses were sharpened, with his sense of smell becoming superhuman, allowing him to smell the pain of captured birds (presumably via pheromones they released), and he could sense the danger of imminent attacks a second in advance, sufficient time for him to react. His strength, stamina and dexterity were all boosted to at least peak human levels - he was strong enough to push a truck out of a ditch albeit with some effort. He also healed faster than normal - a bullet wound healed virtually overnight, though this might have been faster than it otherwise might as it healed while his body was being transformed.

   When Dai was slain, Gwalchmai fully possessed him, transforming Dai's body into a duplicate of his own and manifesting armor and weapons; Dai was apparently still present and semi-aware of things, though once the possession ended and he was restored to life he was at least initially confused as to what had happened since the possession began. During a subsequent possession Gwalchmai/Dai could manifest energy shields to protect himself and others from harm.

Height: (As Dai) 6'; (fully possessed by/as Gwalchmai) 6'6" (by approximation)
(As Dai, normal self) 230 lbs.; (as Dai, empowered by Pendragon spirit) 170 lbs.; (fully possessed by/as Gwalchmai) 216 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: (Dai/Gwalchmai) Blue
Hair: Red-brown (see comments)
; (fully possessed by/as Gwalchmai) black 

(Captain Britain II#14/1 (fb) - BTS) - Having joined the police force as young man, Dai rose from the ranks over a period of nearly thirty years (see comments).

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb)) - Dai was also a happy family man, with a loving wife Valerie and daughter Ruth. They had an isolated, rural family cottage in Gower, South Wales, and Dai and Val enjoyed reading their daughter books such as Gawain and the Green Knight. Their daughter grew up there, and the home contained memories of laughter, and the smell of talcum powder and baby milk.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Dai would go pubbing in Llandarcy.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Dai had experience of being in a riot at the Cardiff Arms Park after the All-Blacks (New Zealand's national rugby team) beat the Welsh national team.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#244/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dai also had a sister called Flo and a nephew called Herbert, or Herbie for short.

(Marvel Preview#3/1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Dai took up a position in London, and became a Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan CID, based out of New Scotland Yard.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb)) - However, he kept the family cottage in Gower.

(Marvel Preview#3/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dai worked with Detective Inspector Kate Fraser, who became his assistant. Because Dracula had been active in England in recent years, Dai was aware that vampires were real and had some experience working with local vampire hunters. He found it bad enough dealing with Quincy Harker and Rachel Van Helsing, who at least co-operated with the Yard, but disliked dealing with the vampire slayer Blade, whom Dai felt acted like the Lone Ranger, dealing out vigilante justice without worrying about the repercussions, leaving Dai to stop a potential lynch mob every time Blade dropped a new corpse because those who didn't believe in the undead only saw Blade as a brutal murderer.

(Marvel Preview#3/1) - Blade the Vampire Hunter slew a vampire, Stephen Roak, down by the Thames embankment, then called the police, aware that he needed to confirm his kill's status to avoid legal repercussions. After Blade was taken to New Scotland Yard, Dai Thomas visited the morgue to get the coroner  to check whether Roak had indeed been a vampire. Apparently having dealt with such cases before, the coroner informed Dai that Stephen Roak had been dead for around seven months, corroborating Blade's statement. As Dai exited the morgue, he encountered Roak's grieving father, who demanded to know if the police were going to charge the man who had murdered his son. When Dai told him they would not, and that Stephen had died some time ago, the elder Roak angrily challenged this. Perhaps used to such reactions from relatives of vampires slain by Blade and other hunters, Dai calmly excused himself, though he told Roak that he was sorry for the man's loss.

     Dai returned to his office to find Blade waiting. Dai told Blade he was free to go, but the pair argued when Dai asked Blade to ease off for a while, as every time Blade brought a corpse in, Dai had to deal with lawyers, grieving relatives, MPs, civil libertarians and racists all screaming for Blade's neck. Sitting outside the office at her desk, Kate heard the argument, which ended with Blade gut punching Dai and storming off. As the slayer departed, Kate asked Dai if he wanted his attacker held, but Dai told her to let Blade go, admitting he was worried that Blade was too cocky and would eventually make a mistake that would cause them all trouble. Sure enough, the very next night, the vampiric Legion of the Damned tricked Blade into thinking he had slain an innocent twelve year-old, Josie Harper. Dai was called to the scene, and instructed some of the constables to send for Kate, because he was suspicious of the evidence. When Kate arrived, Dai explained to her that though it appeared a clear-cut case on the surface - it was one of Blade's custom knives - there were no prints on the knife, only traces of decayed flesh. So Kate used her psychometric powers to enter the dead girl's mind, witnessing several vampires holding Blade's lover Safron Caulder prisoner, and experiencing Josie's death at the hands of a vampire (Anton Vierken). She confirmed to Dai that Blade was being framed, and of Safron's plight, warning that there appeared to be a legion of vampires involved. However, she and Dai both knew that her powers would not be admissible in court, and that they needed hard evidence to save Blade. Knowing Dai would be tied up with the official investigation, Kate insisted that she would look for the evidence they needed, but Dai was concerned that her acting solo was dangerous, as the vampires would not hesitate to kill a cop. Unfortunately for Kate, one of the constables at the scene, Thomas Lawson, was secretly a vampire, and after he overheard this discussion, he slipped away to call the Legion and warn them.

(Marvel Preview#3/1 - BTS) - In Dai's absence Kate and Blade dealt with the Legion, despite Lawson's warning.

(Captain Britain I#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dai and his wife visited New York City so Dai could attend a police conference. While there they became accidental bystanders in a superhero battle...

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb)) - between the Hulk and Thor... (see comments)

(Captain Britain I#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - during which a building collapsed on both of them. Dai was badly injured, but his wife was killed.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb)) - The two heroes moved on, oblivious to the death they had caused, but Dai was left staring at his beloved wife's corpse, crushed by masonry.

(Captain Britain I#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - This incident turned Dai into a confirmed hater of super-heroes. He could cope with hearing about them so long as they stayed in New York, but was determined not to let their madness spread to London.

(Knights of Pendragon I#5 (fb) - BTS) - His colleagues came to consider Dai somewhat obsessional, and dubbed him the "Hero Hater."

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Though Dai kept the cottage in Gower, he rarely visited it now because all the memories of happy times with his wife that it invoked made it feel like a haunted house to him. He and the now adult Ruth drifted apart, exchanging only a couple of phone calls a year.

(Captain Britain I#3/1) - Alerted by a silent alarm to a robbery under way at a Barclays Bank on Chambers Street, Southwark, Dai led a CID Flying Squad team that raced to the scene. Arriving outside the bank Dai had to quickly dive from his car when one of the robbers, agents of the crimelord Vixen, opened fire, his high-tech weapon blowing up the entire vehicle with a single shot. Dai shouted at his men to take cover, and his armed Special Branch officers returned fire, though they were hopelessly outgunned against the raiders' automatic weapons. However, the bank was close to Thames University, where Brian Braddock was a student; recently transformed into a superhero, Captain Britain, by Merlin, by chance Braddock was inside the bank, and he caught Vixen's men off guard while they were distracted by the police. Unaware of this, Dai watched as two of Vixen's men were sent smashing through the window of the bank's upper floor, and wondered aloud to his colleague Royce which police unit had managed to get inside. Dai was less happy to discover who was really responsible for taking down the crooks, and introduced himself to the novice crimefighter, making it clear he disliked super-vigilantes as much as he did super-villains.

(Captain Britain I#3/1 - BTS) - Dai took Captain Britain to Scotland Yard along with the captured robbers, and spent the next few hours interrogating the hero before eventually letting him go.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - As the U.K. press printed headlines about the debut of "England's own superhero" Dai was quoted by The Guardian newspaper saying that this "Super Patriot is a threat." He opened a file on the hero, seeking to track clues as to his real identity and activities (see comments).

(Captain Britain I#5/1) - Kate Fraser and Dai Thomas arrived at Thames University, site of a recent battle between Captain Britain and Hurricane. The hero was still present, helping the rescue services locate survivors buried beneath the rubble from buildings which had collapsed during the fight, and Dai immediately launched into a verbal assault on him, insisting that he would not let "super-powered yobbos" like the Captain turn London into their private punching ground. Kate tried to make Dai hold back until he heard what had actually happened, but her words fell on deaf ears. However one of the university's professors, Dr.MacKenzie, interposed himself between Kate's irate boss and the superhuman, to fight the latter's corner for him. While Dai was thus distracted, Captain Britain slipped away. Kate was the only one who noticed this. She considered to herself that since she was Dai's assistant, she should bring this to his attention...but then decided not to.

(Captain Britain I#15/1 - BTS) - Dai received a report that Captain Britain had been spotted in a village outside of London and was somehow involved in the death of a man named Synne. Still blaming the hero for the damage caused by his battle with Hurricane, Dai took some uniformed officers out towards the village to investigate. Informed that someone had called for an ambulance to attend a critically injured woman at Braddock Manor, near the village where Synne had died, Dai diverted there, suspecting Captain Britain might be involved with that too.

(Captain Britain I#15/1) - Dai Thomas and his men arrived at the same time as the ambulance, just in time to witness Captain Britain carrying the injured woman (Emma Collins) out of the building. After instructing the paramedics to take Collins, Dai declared the hero a public menace and demanded he explain himself, either there on the spot or back at Scotland Yard. Having just faced the threat of the Mastermind computer and concerned that he needed to permanently disable it before doing anything else, Captain Britain protested that he didn't have time to explain right now, but Dai was unwilling to accept this, ordering his men to restrain the hero. Unwilling to fight the police, Captain Britain let the officers grab him, but then Dai announced his intention to unmask the hero and began to pull down Captain Britain's facial covering.

(Captain Britain I#16/1) - Dai ordered Captain Britain to remove his mask in the name of the law, and then, giving the hero neither the time to respond nor acknowledging that he couldn't comply while his arms were being pinned by two police officers, Dai declared that he since the hero was refusing to do so, he would do so for him, and began to pull the mask down. Captain Britain protested that he had to maintain his secret identity, but Dai retorted that his days of causing trouble anonymously were over. Seeing no other option, Captain Britain kicked Dai away from him, prompting the hot-headed inspector to threaten to shoot him, but before he could draw his weapon the confrontation was interrupted by an unexpected new arrival, Captain America.

    The foreign hero asked Dai to explain what was going on, but Dai declared his intervention was interfering with police business and pointed his gun at him, warning him that even though he was a famous figure Dai would arrest him if he didn't stand down. Declaring that time was too precious to waste on indulging Dai's red tape, Captain America kicked the gun from his hand and shouted at Captain Britain to run while he kept the police busy, but instead Captain Britain went for his would-be savior, believing that allowing a foreign hero to attack British police would only exacerbate things. Dai told his officers to stay back and await the opportunity to arrest both men once they weakened one another first. He watched as the pair grappled, until eventually Captain America got the upper hand; with the American's hands full restraining his opponent, Dai seized his chance and held his gun to Captain America's head, telling both heroes they could continue their argument from adjoining cells.

    However Captain America informed Dai that he was working for S.H.I.E.L.D. with clearance from Dai's own CID, and showed him the papers to prove this. Disgruntled, Dai grumbled that Captain America should have shown him the orders before, but the hero pointed out that Dai had not given him a chance to do so. Seeking to salvage something from the situation, Dai told Captain America he would just take his prisoner and return to London, but Captain America rebutted this, stating that Captain Britain was an integral part of his mission and would have to remain with him. A bad loser, Dai declaimed his bad luck, denounced Captain Britain as a menace to society, and warned the British hero that he would arrest him as soon as Captain America's mission was completed. Leaving the two heroes to talk, Dai and his officers departed.

(Captain Britain I#19/1 - BTS) - Captain America's mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. brought him and Captain Britain into conflict with the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), and both heroes were erroneously reported by the press to have been slain when S.T.R.I.K.E. bombed Braddock Manor mere minutes after Dai had left them. Dai cynically doubted this news, less because he disbelieved that Captain Britain might be dead than because he doubted said demise was heroic.

(Captain Britain I#22/1 - BTS) - The Red Skull kidnapped the British prime minister (see comments) and both Captains...

(Captain Britain I#23/1 - BTS) - but the heroes made a break for it, and Captain America let himself be recaptured to give Captain Britain a chance to escape and hopefully bring back help. Captain Britain made his way out of the Skull's underground base to the surface, finding himself on a London street late at night, the city deserted because a state of emergency had been declared as the Skull had planted a massive bomb in the metropolis.

(Captain Britain I#23/1) - Unaware of the state of emergency Captain Britain tried to flag down a car so he could get to a telephone and alert the authorities, but because of the evacuation the first and only vehicle he encountered was Dai Thomas' police car. Exiting the vehicle, Dai accusingly announced he had never believed the reports of Captain Britain's heroic demise and insisted he surrender himself for a long night of questioning.

(Captain Britain I#24/1) - As Dai held Captain Britain at gunpoint the hero protested that fate of the prime minister and maybe even Britain itself was at stake, begging for the obstinate cop to let him contact S.H.I.E.L.D., but Dai told him he was under arrest and to save his breath for being interrogated at Scotland Yard about having faked his death. Knowing he couldn't afford to waste time with the intransigent Dai, Captain Britain disarmed and floored the inspector with a strike from his battle staff, evaded Dai's constables, and stole their car. Dai berated his men for letting the hero escape and vowed he would bring him to justice.

(Captain Britain I#24/1 - BTS) - Captain Britain alerted S.H.I.E.L.D. using the police car's radio, but crashed the vehicle trying to avoid hitting a stray dog that wandered into the road.

(Captain Britain I#25/1 - BTS) - Captain Britain returned to the Skull's lair and freed Captain America and the prime minister. While the two heroes stayed to fight the Skull and his minions, they directed the prime minister towards the surface, where he encountered Dai, who had procured another vehicle and learned of the destruction of the one Captain Britain had stolen, news which did nothing to endear the hero to the officer. Dai was therefore less than joyful to hear the prime minister singing Captain Britain's praises.

(Captain Britain I#27/1) - Dropping the prime minister off at his residence, 10 Downing Street, Dai tried to convince the politician that Captain Britain was a menace, even if he had rescued him, pointing out his theft and destruction of a police car as evidence. However the prime minister reminded Dai that this had been done as a necessity to save both him and all of London. Quietly seething, Dai decided that Captain Britain had fooled even the prime minister, but remained convinced he was right; so-called superheroes had been responsible for his wife's death in New York and he vowed he wouldn't let them run amok in London and would get Captain Britain behind bars.

(Captain Britain I#30/1) - The very next day Captain Britain became embroiled in a very public battle against Lord Hawk and his mechanical falcon in the middle of London's busy Piccadilly Circus. The conflict was reported to Scotland Yard, where Dai immediately concluded it was Captain Britain's fault. Ordering his subordinates to call in every available unit, he ordered them to concentrate on the hero rather than the bird and keep him contained until Dai could get there. As he raced to the battle site in a police car, the impatient Dai ordered his driver to go faster, concerned the hero would get away. They arrived to find Captain Britain scouring the skies looking for his flying foe, which had vanished from sight only moments earlier. As Dai exited his vehicle he shouted at his men to apprehend the hero, but Captain Britain swiftly evaded them, prompting the inspector to angrily berate his hapless underlings. 

(Captain Britain I#31/1) - As buildings around Piccadilly Circus were engulfed with flames from fires started by Lord Hawk, Dai pointed at the conflagration and ranted to the world at general that his superiors had ignored his warnings that superheroes were a menace, and swore not to rest until he captured Captain Britain.

(Captain Britain I#31/1 - BTS) - Dai learned from witnesses about Lord Hawk's part in events, but continued to blame Captain Britain.

(Captain Britain I#31/1) - As the news began live television coverage of the incident, a reporter interviewed Dai, who laid the blame soundly on Captain Britain, insisting that like all superheroes he left death and destruction in his wake. The reporter challenged this assertion, pointing out that other witnesses had identified a cloaked man controlling the flying weapon as being responsible for the damage, but Dai insisted that the presence of superheroes attracted madmen like Lord Hawk out of the woodwork, and explaining that he believed that without Captain Britain there would have been no Lord Hawk.

    When he returned to Scotland Yard Dai was visited in his office by one of his superiors who berated him for his abysmal lack of judgment, telling Dai that he could hate superheroes to his heart's content, but not on duty, not in front of television cameras, and especially not when Lord Hawk was an active menace. Standing up to depart, the superior informed Dai that they needed Captain Britain's help, and since he couldn't swallow that fact he was off the Piccadilly disaster case. Finishing with a warning that Dai would be hearing more from him, his superior left, slamming the door behind him. Struggling to contain his rage, Dai slammed his hand off his desk, inwardly blaming superheroes for costing him his wife, and now perhaps his career, and he told himself he wasn't going to back down - he would get Captain Britain with or without Scotland Yard's blessing.

(Captain Britain I#32/1) - The next day Dai was driving near Thames University when a report of an aerial attack at the university came in on his police radio. Correctly assuming it must be Lord Hawk, and deducing that Captain Britain was likely to be on the scene too, Dai swung his car around and drove rapidly towards the site.

(Captain Britain I#32/1 - BTS) - Unknown to Dai, Jacko Tanner, a Thames University student who despised Captain Britain, had snatched the mechanical hawk's remote control from the elderly Lord Hawk, and was now piloting it high in the air as Captain Britain hung on to its tail. Dai arrived in time to witness Captain Britain being carried through the sky by the hawk, until the hero eventually brought it down in the grounds of a nearby football (soccer) stadium. Both racing to the stadium, Dai and Jacko spotted the hero lying unconscious on the pitch, having managed to destroy the diving bird only to be knocked out by his impact with the ground.

(Captain Britain I#32/1) - Captain Britain regained consciousness as Dai loomed over him with his gun drawn and placed a restraining hand on the hero's shoulder, declaring that he had him this time. At this Jacko protested, wanting to claim credit for the hero's capture, but Dai told him to get lost or be arrested too. He ordered Captain Britain to get to his feet, telling the injured hero he could have his wounds tended to after he was locked up. However, another voice now interrupted, calmly telling Dai the arrest would have to wait, and as Dai wheeled round in surprise, the speaker stated that Captain Britain would be going with him.

(Captain Britain I#33/1 (fb)) - Seeing a man in a militaristic jumpsuit accompanied by uniformed police officers and paramedics, Dai protested that he was placing Captain Britain under arrest so he could pay for the carnage Dai (unfairly) blamed him for causing. Unphased, the man, Director Lance Hunter of S.T.R.I.K.E., retorted that he had priority and presented his credentials proving it. Stymied, Dai watched as Hunter's medics evacuated the injured hero onto a newly arrived helicopter.

(Captain Britain I#35/1) - Tracking down Hunter's official contact information a few hours later, Dai called the S.T.R.I.K.E. director to demand a report on "his prisoner's" condition. Surprised at his gall and impatient because Dai had called at a critical moment, when Captain Britain's life seemed to be hanging by a thread, Hunter queried incredulously Dai's proprietorial claim, but Dai bullishly persisted, demanding that Hunter hand the hero over the minute he was up and about. With a subordinate telling Hunter he had an update on Captain Britain's condition, Hunter angrily gave Dai his response to this demand, telling him to go take a walk until his hat floated (e.g. go walk into the river/sea), and hung up on him.

(Captain Britain I#38/1) - Several weeks later Dai was among a large number of officers working security at a public appearance by Queen Elizabeth II for her Silver Jubilee (see comments) when he spotted Captain Britain suddenly swoop through the sky towards the monarch, shouting stiltedly for the Queen's death. Unaware this was because Captain Britain had been hypnotized by deposed African tyrant the Manipulator (Basil Crushstone), Dai felt his dislike of the hero vindicated, and proclaimed he would get the hero this time. 

(Captain Britain I#39/1) - As Captain Britain swooped over the startled Queen's head Dai realized he couldn't risk shooting at the seemingly insane hero for fear of hitting someone in the crowd of onlookers. Struggling in vain to get through the panicking bystanders, Dai watched helplessly as a costumed biker, the Highwayman, came to the monarch's aid and knocked her assailant out. Though oblivious to the fact that the entire display had been a ruse by the Manipulator to ingratiate his henchman the Highwayman to Queen Elizabeth, Dai's ingrained disdain for costumed individuals nevertheless colored his response to the newcomer. After a begrudging thanks for saving her majesty, Dai warned the Highwayman that he would be arrested if he took the law into his hands again, and watched in annoyance as the Queen thanked her "rescuer."

    Taking Captain Britain into custody, Dai had him bound with chains and paraded in front of the attending news cameras as he was escorted to a police car, with Dai seizing the opportunity to point out on camera that he had warned his superiors all along of his distrust of the hero. However, having his face pointed directly at the bright stage lighting behind the cameras broke Captain Britain out of his mesmerized state. Accompanying his captive in the police car, Dai informed his prisoner that as soon as the hero was officially booked Dai would unmask him, but the inspector had made the mistake of placing the hero's Star Sceptre on the seat between them. It took only the briefest contact with his mystic weapon for Captain Britain to activate a force field, snapping his chains, and before Dai could intervene, the hero smashed through the roof and flew away.

(Captain Britain I#39/1 - BTS) - Dai was present in Portsmouth (see comments) when the Queen, now secretly under the Manipulator's mind control, inspected some of the Royal Naval fleet and suddenly announced that they would set sail to reclaim the African kingdom of Umbazi for the Manipulator. 

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#231/2) - As the fleet hurriedly prepared to depart, Dai noticed that the sailors loading crates onto the ships were acting like mindless zombies and decided to stow away in one of the crates so he could accompany the fleet. Once on board the aircraft carrier Ark Royal he exited his hideout, but was almost immediately spotted and knocked out by the Highwayman. Waking a few minutes later, he found himself chained to a chair in a cabin in the presence of both the Highwayman and Manipulator. Amused by Dai's demands to be released or face arrest, the Manipulator was so affronted by Dai's failure to recognize him as someone of importance that he proceeded to boast about his entire scheme to his captive, even admitting that Captain Britain had been an innocent pawn hypnotized to serve the villain. When Dai called the Manipulator insane, the villain decided it was time to throw the bound inspector overboard to drown, but at this declaration Captain Britain burst in, having secretly boarded the vessel and chanced to overhear the entire monologue. Seeing the hero easily gain the upper hand against the Highwayman, the Manipulator blasted nerve gas from his high-tech throne, and he and the Highwayman hastily exited the cabin as Dai and Captain Britain began to choke on the deadly fumes.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#232/2) - Spotting the machinery that powered the Manipulator's hypnotic devices in the cabin, Captain Britain swiftly smashed them, triggering an explosion that blasted a hole in the deck above them, providing access to the clean air outside. Protecting both himself and Dai from the explosion with a force field, Captain Britain then carried the inspector as he flew on to the upper deck, then left him to clear his head while Captain Britain went after the Manipulator. As he started to recover, Dai spotted Captain Britain fighting some hypnotized sailors, struggling because he was trying to avoid hurting them. The hero called out to Dai to ignite some signal flares near the inspector, and though he told himself it went against his nature to help the costumed vigilante, Dai did so, figuring he owed Captain Britain this once since the hero had saved his life. As the hero had hoped, the bright flashes broke the sailors from their trances, and while Captain Britain battled the Highwayman, Dai rallied the confused sailors to ensure the villains didn't escape, including draining the fuel from the fighters on the aircraft carrier's flight deck. This proved a shrewd move as the Manipulator stole one mere minutes later, only to crash into the sea. Captain Britain praised Dai for his quick thinking, but Dai rebutted his friendly overture, making it clear he still hated all superheroes who flouted the law and that he had only helped for the sake of Queen and country. However, despite his continued disdain, Dai made no protest as the exonerated Captain Britain received notification from the Ark Royal's officers that the Queen, now free of the Manipulator's control, had sent her thanks to the hero for his actions.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#237/2) - Frantic reports of a werewolf (really the Black Baron) rampaging at a concert at Thames University brought Dai Thomas and his Flying Squad to the rescue. Unperturbed by the sight, Dai ordered his men to open fire, but their bullets proved ineffective, and the creature leaped onto Dai. Luckily for Dai, instead of mauling him, the werewolf instead hefted him aloft and threw him into his men, knocking them all down so it could make its escape. Shouting at his men to get after the monster, Dai led the police in pursuing the lycanthrope to Regent's Park Zoo, where the werewolf smashed open a cage containing some normal wolves. Realizing they had to prevent the animals running loose, Dai ordered his men to concentrate on them over trying to capture the werewolf, but even as he made this pronouncement Captain Britain arrived, his assistance welcomed by the uniformed officers but not Dai. The hero's battle with the werewolf soon took them away from the park, and from Dai, who was presumably stuck recapturing the freed wolves.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#243/2 (fb) - BTS) - London suffered a string of "headline murders" of high profile collectors, where the victims were all slain in manners somehow related to their names or collections. As the body count mounted, Dai Thomas' Flying Squad took on the investigation.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#244/2 (fb) - BTS) - As part of providing information on known assassins who had entered Britain recently, Interpol sent Scotland Yard files on professional assassin Slaymaster, a professional assassin.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#245/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dai's nephew Herbie visited his uncle's offices and saw Slaymaster's picture on display.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#243/2) - Alerted by a phone call that another killing had taken place, this time of Sir Thurlow Archer, assassinated using an arrow, Dai rushed to the victim's penthouse apartment with his men. Inside they discovered an unconscious Captain Britain, who Dai roughly shook awake. Dai demanded he explain his presence, and the hero angrily pointed out that it had been he who had discovered the body and called it in. Suspicious, Dai tried to pick holes in Captain Britain's story, asking why he was there and who had let him in if Archer had been dead. Captain Britain explained that he had been flying nearby when he heard Archer's scream and that he had entered via the balcony, adding that there had been a girl present who could corroborate his story. Dai pointed out that no woman was present, but Captain Britain insisted he was telling the truth, and that the girl, who had identified herself as Archer's daughter, had been with him just before someone had suddenly knocked him out. At this, Dai concluded he had caught the hero out, pointing out that Archer had been a bachelor and had no children, and pronouncing Captain Britain the actual killer, claiming the hero had feigned unconsciousness when he became trapped at the scene by the police's sudden arrival. Having been telling the truth and now realizing the "daughter" had been the real killer, but that Dai would never believe this, Captain Britain broke free and flew out the window.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#244/2 (fb) - BTS) - The day after Archer's murder, witnesses at a motor racing event saw Captain Britain try unsuccessfully to save another target of the assassin, Major Gunn, and then battle the killer high in the air above the stadium. Possibly based on these witness statements, Dai reluctantly began to admit to himself that Captain Britain might not be the criminal he was after.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#244/2) - Two days after Archer's death Captain Britain came smashing through the window of Dai's office at Scotland Yard. When Dai angrily berated him for his violent entrance, the hero pointed out that Dai would have tried to arrest him if he had come in through the front door, and told him to belt up and listen, explaining that the real murderer was Slaymaster. Dai admitted that Interpol had informed them of Slaymaster's record, and begrudgingly admitted the assassin might be the real killer, though he angrily warned Captain Britain that he wasn't off the hook yet. A phone call interrupted Dai, turning out to be from his sister Flo informing him that Dai's nephew had come into London to visit a comic shop run by Mr. Waxman, who had just added a new Hall of Superheroes waxworks museum. Explaining the interruption to the hero, Dai noted that such a museum was where Captain Britain belonged, alongside Waxman's prize comic book collection. However Captain Britain was more interested in the mention of the museum than the insult, and he shared his revelation with Dai: Archer had been slain with an arrow, Gunn by a pistol, and now another collector, Waxman, might be the next target since he had just opened an exhibition of wax men.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#244/2) - Captain Britain rushed from Dai's office to Waxman's shop.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#245/2) - Following, Dai arrived at the shop to find Waxman dead and a stunned Captain Britain clambering back to his feet. Disbelieving the hero's protests that Slaymaster had murdered Waxman and must have kidnapped Herbie (see comments), Dai tried again to arrest the hero, but Captain Britain broke free and escaped, intent on following Slaymaster and rescuing Herbie. Dai caught up with the hero in Trafalgar Square, where he had just saved Herbie from falling to his death from Nelson's Column after Slaymaster abandoned his captive atop the monument and attacked it, the whole event caught on camera by a BBC outside film crew. Despite Captain Britain having saved Herbie's life and Slaymaster's involvement confirmed, Dai still felt the need to blame him for "stunt flying in the hear of London" and insist he was partially to blame for the damage Slaymaster had caused to Nelson's Column.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#246/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dai received a tip from Interpol that Slaymaster habitually used the sewer systems as hideouts in any city where he carried out contracts.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#246/2) - Responding to another Slaymaster killing, this time of Lady Gila, Dai arrived at the victim's residence in time to spot Captain Britain flying out from it. He waved the hero down to inform him of Interpol's latest information, and the hero flew off again in pursuit of the recently departed Slaymaster, ignoring Dai shouting that he needed to stay to answer questions.

(X-Men I#127 (fb) - BTS) - Dai Thomas moved to Protection Command, and the Specialist Protection section which provided security to government and diplomatic officials. 

(X-Men I#127 - BTS) - Scottish politician Joe MacTaggert was confronted by his ex-wife Moira MacTaggert, who informed him that he had a son, Kevin, she had not told him about; she also alleged Kevin was now coming to Edinburgh to kill him. When he started to shout at her for hiding his heir's existence from him for twenty years, she pulled a gun, all too aware at how his temper could lead to violence, forcing him to back off, then departed. Joe immediately called New Scotland Yard and asked to speak to Dai Thomas, but before he could be put through, Kevin, better known as the body-stealing mutant Proteus, attacked him, interrupting the call (see comments)

(Daredevils#4/1 (fb) - BTS) -When Captain Britain dropped from public sight for a prolonged period Dai began to hope he had finally gotten rid of the "costumed creeps and scary monsters back to America."

(Daredevils#4/1) - Captain Britain and Slaymaster (both looking very different from when Dai had last seen them) had a very public battle in the heart of London, in and just outside of the Forbidden Planet comic shop in Denmark Street. Moments after it ended with Slaymaster's defeat, Dai arrived on the scene, less than pleased to hear that costumed types were once more active on his patch. Unwilling to put up with Dai's bullish attitude after what had proved a trying day, Captain Britain quickly flew away before Dai could reach him, so instead Dai approached the woman the hero had been talking to. Unaware this was Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain's sister, and not recognizing the hero as his old nemesis, Dai asked her if the flying man had hurt her or said anything to her, but Betsy feigned ignorance, denying there had even been a flying man.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dai learned that the woman who had denied the flying man's presence was Betsy Braddock. During interrogation, Slaymaster revealed that he had been hunting members of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s Psi-Division, including Betsy, and that the hero who had come to their defense and defeated him was Captain Britain, the same man he and Dai had met before, albeit now much bigger and more powerful. Recalling that he had once encountered Captain Britain at Braddock Manor, and that S.T.R.I.K.E. had been involved then too, Dai began to investigate the Braddocks.

(Daredevils#9/1 - BTS) - Politician Sir James Jaspers made a hardline anti-superhero speech, launching a bid for the role of Prime Minister on this stance. Dai either watched the speech or learned of Jaspers' position subsequently.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Unaware that Jaspers was secretly an insane reality-warping mutant who was using his powers to ensure his meteoric political rise, Dai instead assumed that Jaspers growing support from the public was down to their understandable reaction to events like the destruction in Denmark Street by Captain Britain and Slaymaster.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#7-13 - BTS) - Dai's investigations were presumably temporarily curtailed when Britain fell fully under Jaspers' control and he initiated the rounding up of anyone even remotely superhuman into concentration camps.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Like most people Dai forgot the horrors that happened under Jaspers once he was slain and reality snapped back to mostly normal; however, unlike most people, Dai still recalled Jaspers had existed and had spoken out against superheroes.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#15 - BTS) - Dai learned that a recent battle between Captain Britain and another superhuman (the as-yet unidentified by the authorities Meggan Puceanu) had ended in the death of a teenager, Mickey Scott, and noted the hero's subsequent increase in crimefighting activities as he tried to make amends for the death.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dai also learned that Captain Britain had visited the Scott family and had been attacked by unidentified parties while there, destroying the Scott's council home and forcing the local authorities to rehouse them.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#16/1) - Brian Braddock made a televised appearance publicizing his "recent return" to the U.K. In his office at Scotland Yard Dai Thomas examined files on both Captain Britain and Brian Braddock, intently comparing photos of both men side by side.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - After examining the files on both men, Dai concluded they were one and the same, noting their physical similarity back when Captain Britain had debuted and that both had grown identically and unnaturally in height and musculature at the same time, that they displayed matching speech idiosyncrasies, that Braddock had been present at the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Centre where Captain Britain had made his first appearance, that Captain Britain had turned up at both Thames University while Braddock was a student there and Braddock Manor, that Captain Britain had been reported adventuring in America at the same time as Braddock visited there on a student exchange program, that when Braddock went missing and was presumed dead during his return to the U.K. Captain Britain also vanished from public life, and that when Captain Britain reappeared it was to defend Braddock's sister. Dai also investigated Braddock's childhood and education prior to Captain Britain's debut, noting that Braddock's father appeared to have no records prior to World War II, and had died in an apparent lab accident. Dai put together a presentation for his superiors laying out his findings, informing them prior to the meeting only that he had valuable new evidence.

(Captain Britain II#1/1) - Dai explained his findings to his superiors, recalling his wife's death as he began to make his case that Braddock and Captain Britain were the same person. Unsurprisingly his presentation was impassioned and colored by his dislike of superheroes, making it clear he continued to believe their presence endangered innocent bystanders, prompting his superiors to ask him to confine himself to the facts. Upon finishing his talk he requested that in the absence of S.T.R.I.K.E. (which had been disbanded following Jasper's downfall) or another containment group to be given the authority to investigate Braddock Manor and interview Braddock, pointing out that innocent lives were at risk while Captain Britain operated unchecked. However, his superiors cut him short, curtly informing him they would consider his report and ordering him to take no further action in the meantime. Abruptly dismissed, Dai chose to walk home despite the heavy rain so he could clear his head, worried by the feeling that something about the world was out of place.

(Captain Britain II#1/1 - BTS) - Unknown to Dai his superiors passed on his analysis to R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive), the agency that had replaced S.T.R.I.K.E., trusting them to handle the situation.

(Knights of Pendragon I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Dai's investigative work on identifying Captain Britain made him of interest to the intelligence services.

(Captain Britain II#2/1 (fb) - BTS) - R.C.X. Agents Michael and Gabriel visited Dai's office in Scotland Yard and informed him that he was to stay out of any cases that involved superhumans.

(Captain Britain II#2/1) - Dai demanded that they explain why they thought they could stop him from pursuing criminals to the full extent of the law, and Gabriel offered to let him check their credentials, but assured him they had complete authority in all matters concerning the activities of superhumans, having taken over this remit from S.T.R.I.K.E. Michael added that he and Gabriel had been trained to fight these kind of menaces, but they had to function in isolation without interference from Dai or his men, a statement that Dai could not mask his disdain for.

(Captain Britain II#5/1) - Hearing that Captain Britain had slain a monster in London's streets, Dai visited the scene and found Gabriel, Michael and a third R.C.X. agent examining the site and taking samples. Dai angrily demanded to know if all they did was sweep up after superhumans, stating that he had told them who was responsible and that if they didn't do something about Braddock he would. To his shock Michael struck him across the face while informing Dai that he had failed to grasp that they had absolute control in these situations. As the third R.C.X. man restrained Dai to prevent him retaliating, the inspector blustered that Michael couldn't hit him, a police officer, and get away with it, but Michael replied with a chilling grin, telling Dai he needed to understand: if they wanted him to disappear, then he would.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 (fb) - BTS) - Despite this warning Dai continued to keep tabs on Captain Britain's activities, both in costume and as Brian Braddock. When he encountered the press he continued to speak out against what he saw as the dangers of superhumans, but felt the way he was reported made him sound like a fool simply because he had protested against the death of his wife "murdered" by the careless brawling of "superheroes." It sickened Dai that R.C.X. and other such "corrupt" organizations were allowed to operate in Britain, perverting the law. Eventually however his superiors informed him that his "abrasive attitudes" were putting too many noses out of joint, and promoted him to a newly formed national investigation unit to get him out of London and away from them.

    A mounting series of exceptionally brutal and inexplicable murders of known criminals in Glasgow brought Dai and his team to the Scottish city to investigate a suspected gang war. Dai suspected the killer was superhuman, as one victim had virtually dismantled in less than a minute and another had shot an Uzi at his attacker, only to have the bullets sliced and shredded. Then Dai lost three of his men, professionals who took no unnecessary risks but were still mutilated before they could radio for help. Dai realized he was facing an evil monstrosity unlike anything he had seen in his thirty years on the force, and seeing no one else he could turn to he reluctantly decided to ask Captain Britain to help. On Christmas Eve during a raging storm Dai traveled to the remote lighthouse that Brian Braddock and his now-girlfriend Meggan had recently moved to, had several drinks to build up his courage and then at 11:30 p.m. he knocked on their front door.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - Braddock's obvious surprise at seeing Dai at his door caused the mildly inebriated Dai's old anger to rise up, and he belligerently revealed he had known Braddock's secret for some time, and accused Braddock of assuming all police men were stupid. Annoyed, Braddock retorted that it was just Dai he thought was stupid, and Dai launched momentarily into a tirade at this slight before catching himself. His demeanor diametrically shifting, he apologized, explained what had been happening in Glasgow, and asked him to pose as the emissary of a crime syndicate moving into the Glasgow area in the hope that whoever was behind the murders would come after him. Dai finished by admitting he was scared and had nowhere else to turn, humbly begging Braddock's aid.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 - BTS) - Braddock agreed, and let Dai crash on his couch for the night.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - Early the next morning a groggy Dai was woken up by Brian, who confused his guest by doing a terrible caricatured impression of a movie gangster. As Dai demanded to know what Brian was playing at, Meggan told her boyfriend that his corny act wouldn't scare a Glasgow godfather, and suggested he try sounding more like Clint Eastwood. As Dai protested with growing annoyance at the pair that this wasn't a game, Meggan ignored him and proceeded to make suggestions about how they could play their roles, then stunned Dai into silence as she asked him how she should wear her hair, her appearance suddenly transforming to match each suggestion she made. As she headed downstairs to change clothes, the shocked Dai asked Brian how she had done this, and Brian informed him that one of Meggan's powers was to manipulate her form, then, unable to resist a jibe at the expense of his former detractor, added that he thought Dai would have already known that, given he was the leader of the campaign against superhumans.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 - BTS) - The next day the trio traveled up to Glasgow, booked into a hotel, and Dai began driving the pair from one gangster-owned address to the next.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - On December 26th at 3.45p.m. Dai waited outside McShane's nightclub while Meggan and Brian went inside and played their roles, pretending to be foreign gangsters moving in on the local mobs. After smashing up the place, the pair came out, with Brian admitting it had been fun, but Dai admonished him, noting he would see if they were still amused after repeating the performance at another thirty-four addresses.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 - BTS) - Dai drove the pair around for the next few days and Brian and Meggan repeated the performance at another thirty-four addresses. Dai also put out word on the local underworld grapevine that the two "foreign gangsters" would be at Redondo's Abattoir over the night of the 30th December, waiting to receive a heroine shipment, a location he chose so the confrontation with the super-assassin would be away from any innocent bystanders. He heard back through the grapevine that their deaths were impending at the hands of an assassin known as Shoulders McGill.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - At 6.30p.m. on December 30th the trio arrived at the abattoir, and set up for a long night. With time to kill the next few hours were filled with small talk, and Dai and Brian gradually began to see each other in a more human light than they ever had previously. Dai learned that Meggan's feet hurt, not because she wasn't used to wearing heels but because she wasn't used to walking at all, since she was able to fly. Brian's query about why Dai was working in Glasgow and not Scotland Yard forced Dai to admit he had been forced out. In the small hours of the morning, Dai and Brian bonded over their shared dislike of R.C.X. When Dai finally brought up the subject of his wife's death and how he blamed superheroes for it, Brian admitted that it could happen all too easily, but added that he had never asked for the power or responsibility, making the case that the only real difference between them was that his mistakes were in proportion to his powers, but so too, hopefully, were his successes. By 4.30a.m. on December 31st Dai was reassuring Brian that the assassin was bound to come, despite the long wait.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 - BTS) - Despite Dai's reassurances the assassin failed to show during the day, but the trio continued to wait.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - At 11.55p.m. Dai noticed a disheveled drunk swigging alcohol in one of the abattoir rooms. Not wanting an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire, Dai left the others and approached the man and told he couldn't doss there and would have to move on, but the drunk belligerently responded that he had business there, a message to deliver to the "tart and the big man." Realizing the apparent vagrant had something to do with the gangsters, but not seeing him as dangerous, Dai offered to pass the message on. Stating that if Dai was with the other two then the message was for him too, the man began ranting about being blessed by the Lord with an Angel of Death, his Silver Death, for a child, and identified himself as Shoulders McGill. As McGill opened the suitcase he had been carrying, time slowed for Dai as realized he had grown careless; a creature composed of tangled tentacles ending in blades began to emerge rapidly from the suitcase, mere inches from Dai's startled face, and the inspector believed he was about to die, only to be saved by Captain Britain suddenly ramming into the creature, sending it shooting off into the abattoir's dark recesses. In shock, Dai stood frozen and making incoherent noises until Captain Britain snapped him out of it, yelling at him to snap out of it and get outside, taking McGill with him.

(Captain Britain II#14/1 - BTS) - Dai did so, and while Captain Britain and Meggan fought and eventually killed Silver Death, Dai learned from McGill that it had been the McCloud brothers who had sent him, convincing the madman that he was on a holy crusade to scourge the underworld and paying him in whiskey. McGill also told him that the creature was his son, something Dai thought was insane. Dai contacted the local police to take McGill into custody.

(Captain Britain II#14/1) - As the local constabulary took McGill away, Dai informed the two heroes of what McGill had told him, and thanked Captain Britain for saving his life. Finally putting aside all his former hatred, Dai admitted he had misjudged the hero, and asked if he could call on his help again the next time he was in trouble. Captain Britain agreed, and then he and Meggan departed, the old enmity between Dai and the hero finally buried. 

(Excalibur I#45 (fb) - BTS) - Dai's inter-regional task force had a government mandate.

(Excalibur I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Dai got "all the weird jobs," of which there were many.

(Excalibur I#1) - When armed criminals took hostages at Wally's nightclub, leading to a stand off with the police outside, Dai reluctantly let Captain Britain convince him to allow Shadowcat and Phoenix chance to handle things, though Dai remained skeptical about letting teenagers play hero when he had trained police officers available. Shadowcat phased into the club, taking Phoenix with her, but Warwolves hunting Phoenix murdered one of the police officers, Ray Mullholland, and psychic feedback from his death hit Phoenix like an attack, causing her to accidentally gave their presence away and collapse insensate. To salvage things, Shadowcat disguised herself as a ghost, terrifying the gunmen and drawing both their attention and gunfire. Hearing the shots, Dai ordered all units to move in and raced into the club, just behind the flying Captain Britain. However, by the time they reached the room where the hostages had been held, Phoenix had recovered and she and Shadowcat had disarmed all the crooks.  

(Excalibur I#2) - After Excalibur pursued Warwolves into the London Underground late one evening, causing property damage and frightening several would-be passengers, Dai was called in to liaise between the heroes and the police. He arrived with his hair disheveled and in a foul mood, presumably having been roused from his sleep. While he was dealing with the commuters, the shapeshifting Meggan took on a feral appearance, and she and Captain Britain rushed off to rescue Nightcrawler, who had been attacked by a Warwolf. Dai informed a shocked fellow officer that he had seen this kind of thing before, and "Heaven help whatever she is hunting."

(Excalibur I#5) - The assassin Arcade used the Crazy Gang to kidnap Courtney Ross to kill in his Murderworld, but she was rescued by Excalibur and Arcade, and the Crazy Gang were captured.  The heroes summoned the authorities to take the villains into custody, and Dai came along to oversee the arrests, personally taking charge of the still-cheerful Arcade.

(Excalibur I#6) - On orders from the Prime Minister, Dai was raised from his bed to be taken to Euston Station, which he was annoyed to find was full of soldiers. His annoyance grew as his sergeant informed him they were dealing with Top Secret "Special Mob" (e.g. intelligence operatives / spies) affairs. He introduced himself to the soldiers' commanding officer, Brigadier Alysande Stuart, who informed him she was in charge of the recently established Weird Happenings Organisation (W.H.O.), one of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s successors, whose job it was to investigate any and all "weird happenings." As she walked with the still unimpressed Dai, she added that since WHO was primarily a military operation, they needed a liaison with the civil authorities, which Dai rightly and sarcastically deduced would be him. She then showed Dai what had caused WHO to be summoned to the train station, a steam train with Swastika markings. Dai, however, remained dismissive.

Annoyed at his calling her lovey, Alysande told him that friends called her Sandy, but he could call her Brigadier, to which he retorted that he wasn't in her army. Alysande thanked heaven for small favors, but reminded him that they needed to work together, unless he would rather explain himself to the Prime Minister. Conceding somewhat, Dai asked her what was so "weird" about a train, countering her pointing out the Nazi markings by suggesting it was probably a movie prop or millionaire's plaything. A voice from below him responded, as a man climbed out from underneath the train, stating that the engine was not from their Earth. Alysande introduced the newcomer as her brother, WHO's scientific advisor. As he completed the introduction, Dr. Alistaire Stuart noted that the engine was an astounding piece of equipment; still skeptical, Dai pointed out it was only a steam locomotive, but Alistaire told him to wait until he saw what produced the steam. Dai suddenly noticed with annoyance that the hand he had given to Alistaire to shake was now covered with grease and grime, and Alistaire, concluding that Dai was not a night person, decided to save the engine for later. Instead he directed Dai's attention to the Swastika, which was incorporated into a version of the Union Flag, and informed Dai that the train came from a temporal continuum wherein the Nazis had won the Second World War.

    Dai chastised Alistaire for leaping to this conclusion based on some paintwork and a "juiced-up" locomotive, but Alistaire responded that they had more to go on than that. Stepping into the train, Alistaire told Dai that the Highland Flyer had departed Edinburgh as scheduled, only to vanish completely and be replaced by this train. As Dai boarded the train too, Alistaire continued, noting that the Flyer had only been carrying two passengers, Dr. Moira MacTaggert and her bodyguard Callisto. And with that, Alistaire opened the interior doors and finally shocked Dai by revealing two defiant women, Nazi counterparts to MacTaggert and Callisto; the former angrily demanded to be released from custody at once, or her captors would answer to the Fuhrer himself!

(Excalibur I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Dai ran identiscans to verify who the prisoners were, but photos, fingerprints, retina prints and even genetic scans all confirmed the same thing - the two Nazis were exact matches for the missing Moira MacTaggert and Callisto. Meanwhile, Excalibur, having gone to Manhattan to help during the demonic "Inferno" crisis, took up temporary residence in the underground complex beneath the ruins of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. They contacted Scotland Yard to let Dai know where they were and how to reach them, but didn't speak to Dai himself, as he was out the office still liaising with WHO.

(Excalibur I#9) - Dai called Excalibur and asked them to come home quickly, as there was a problem involving Moira MacTaggert. Dai went to the Tower of London, where WHO's main base was located, to speak to Alysande, but was forced to wait impatiently in Alistaire Stuart's office as Alysande was interrogating the prisoners. Dai confirmed his identiscan findings to Alistaire, and as Alistaire gently berated him for still refusing to accept the possibility of alternate dimensions, a group of humanoid dinosaur tourists and their saurian guide wandered into the office, much to the shock of all present, both human and dinosaur. Dai's reaction to the intrusion was the pull out his gun and phone out for back-up, but he found the phones to be dead. Meanwhile the dinosaurs protested their treatment and cowered away from Alistaire, who was examining them with fascination.

    At that moment Brian Braddock entered the office, much to Dai's relief, though the police officer wondered aloud at Brian's new, more militaristic haircut. Alistaire suddenly sensed something was awry with his sister, prompting Brian to suddenly throw a heavy desk across the room, narrowly missing the scientist, then swiftly strike the gun out of Dai's hand. Before Dai could react, Brian grabbed him by the throat, pinned him to the wall, then punched full force at Dai's face. What would otherwise have been a fatal blow passed straight through an unharmed Dai as Shadowcat suddenly phased the shocked cop out of Brian's grip. Before Brian could attack Alistaire instead, Phoenix pinned him in a giant telekinetic fire hand.

    The defiant Brian identified himself as Hauptmann Englande, Brian's counterpart from the Nazi reality (Earth-597). Shadowcat headed off to check on Alysande, but was taken down by her own counterpart. Telepathically sensing this distracted Phoenix, enabling Hauptmann Englande to break free and punch her so hard that she flew out of the building. Ripping off his suit to reveal his costume, the Nazi demanded Dai and Alistaire tell him where Reichsminister MacTaggert was, but Nightcrawler arrived in time to once again distract him before he could hurt anyone, only for Nightcrawler to be defeated in turn by his Nazi doppelganger. Dai, Alistaire and the dinosaurs watched helplessly as Hauptmann's team, Lightning Squad, gathered, announcing the defeat of Excalibur, a situation that worsened moments later as Reichsminister MacTaggert and Callisto arrived, having overpowered the Brigadier.   

(Excalibur I#10) - Before they could depart with their hostage, Alysande, Lightning Force ran foul of Captain Britain, and a fight ensued. Ignored by the villains, Dai found some of WHO's soldiers and took charge, ordering them to get reinforcements fast, then having them lay down harassing fire, shooting over the fleeing MacTaggert and Callisto's heads to try and pin them down until the reinforcements got there. Dai noted with concern that Captain Britain appeared to be losing to his opponent, which perturbed him as Alistaire had insisted they were counterparts and so, in theory they should be equally matched, unaware that Captain Britain's powers had faded while he was in New York after his costume was destroyed during the Inferno. MacTaggert threatened to have Callisto snap Alysande's neck if Dai didn't order the soldiers to stop firing, but Dai was convinced they were bluffing; when one of the soldiers, Sergeant-Major Sutcliffe, protested, Dai added that the Brigadier would make the same call. Eventually Excalibur prevailed, and the Nazis were captured. Once some civil servants arrived, MacTaggert proclaimed herself the representative of a sovereign government, a stance that, to Dai's annoyance, seemed to be taken seriously.  

(Excalibur I#11) - A few days later a prisoner exchange had been arranged in the north of England, with the Nazis to be sent home in return for Earth-616's Moira, Callisto and their train's crew. Dai was in attendance along with Excalibur and WHO, and watched as a dimensional interface was opened between the worlds. The exchange went smoothly right until the last second, when the Nazi Moira took a grenade micro-nuke from one of the soldiers on her side of the dimensional interface and threw it into Earth-616. Phoenix used her power to try to contain the explosion, inadvertently activating the robot-like interdimensional-portal creating Widget, who teleported Excalibur out of their native dimension, leaving Dai and the other witnesses wondering where they had gone. 

(Excalibur I#27) - When Dr. Candy Goodstroke suddenly appeared out of thin air at Pinewood Studios, WHO was called in. Dai accompanied Alysande Stuart to the film studios, where Alsyande soon came to the conclusion that Goodstroke might be another refugee from an alternate reality after discovering that she had an ID identifying her as a Pentagon consultant, but nobody at the Pentagon had ever heard of her, though Dai remained, as ever, skeptical. She called in Excalibur, recently returned from a prolonged sojourn between numerous such alternate realities on the Nazis' train. When the team arrived, Dai phlegmatically greeted them as prodigals, but became more emotional upon hearing that Shadowcat had been lost during the team's travels, berating them for involving a kid in their adventures. Refocusing the discussion on the problem at hand, Alysande briefed the team on Goodstroke, and Dai repeated his doubts as to her theory. However, Nightcrawler pointed out where Excalibur had recently been, and when Dai conceded the point, noting that he wasn't there with them to say otherwise, Nightcrawler noted that they had frequently run into other versions of Dai, a revelation he met with sarcastic joy. After telepathically scanning Goodstroke, Phoenix confirmed she was from an alternate reality (Earth-9808) enduring a third World War thanks to the actions of a reality-manipulating super-being called Alfie O'Meagan, who had also sent Goodstroke to their reality. Dai stayed with Goodstroke while Alysande accompanied Excalibur as they tried to tried to follow Goodstroke's trail back to her materialization point, and was present when she abruptly vanished, returned home by Alfie thanks to Excalibur's intervention.  

(Excalibur I#30) - On a stormy night in London, Dai was called out after five sightings of a seven-foot bat (secretly Meggan, who had been possessed by a vampiric spirit), in the last case frightening a woman so much she suffered a heart attack. Out searching for Meggan with Widget, Captain Britain spotted Dai and swooped down to talk to him, learning the bat creature had been spotted heading towards Hyde Park. Meanwhile, Widget ate a police car while Dai's back was to it. Captain Britain departed in pursuit of his missing girlfriend, choosing not to share the true situation with Dai, while a constable informed the Inspector that a squad car was missing.

(Excalibur I#34) - Kitty Pryde had returned to Earth-616 ahead of Excalibur, and, unaware of their return, had enrolled in St. Searle's School for Girls. She was finally reunited with her old teammates when they were mind-controlled by Mesmero to fight for him against his enemies Fenris (Andrea and Andreas von Strucker). Assisted by St. Searle's Senior Girls, Kitty freed her friends and captured the villains. Excalibur called Dai to take the villains into custody, with the normally taciturn policeman openly finding it amusing that the heroes had been saved from supervillains by a girls' school pep squad.

(Sensational She-Hulk#26) - An elemental spirit possessed Meggan and went on a rampage before moving on to new host Captain Britain. With Meggan needing proof of her possession to avoid charges, Dai Thomas agreed to assist Meggan's lawyer, Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk, and Excalibur obtain it and free Captain Britain. Once Captain Britain was located in a central London alleyway, Dai approached him and distracted the possessed hero long enough for Excalibur to attack him, wearing him down so She-Hulk could finish him off. As they had assumed, the spirit sought a stronger replacement host, leaving Captain Britain in a bid to take over She-Hulk, an act witnessed by both Dai and Alistaire Stewart, the latter also photographing it. Phoenix ensured the spirit failed to capture She-Hulk and destroyed it, and Dai assured Nightcrawler that they had enough evidence to exonerate Meggan.

(Excalibur I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Six year old Amy Keats went missing in London; a suspect, Gunther Gyles, confessed to the abduction but insisted he had no memory of the girl's location. With time of the essence, Dai called in Excalibur, specifically requesting Phoenix in the hope her telepathic abilities could extract from Gunther's mind where Amy had been hidden. He declined Captain Britain's suggestion that the hero might "question" the suspect (see comments), but agreed when Meggan volunteered both herself and Brian to carry out an aerial search.

(Excalibur I#35) - While Phoenix waited inside the police station where Gunther was being held and the rest of Excalibur searched the area Amy had last been seen, Dai met the press who were congregated outside the station, explaining that they had a suspect in custody who had confessed to the crime, and hundreds of volunteers scouring the city looking for the still missing girl. When they asked what he was doing now that the suspect claimed to have no memories of Amy's location, he informed them that he had called in a specialist in cerebral disorders, then made his excuses to return inside. Entering to find one of his constables attempting to flirt with Phoenix, an exasperated Dai chastised the pair, then told Phoenix he needed her to look inside Gunther's mind for Amy's location. She angrily rebuffed this suggestion, pointing out the suspect had civil rights, and calling Dai an archaic reactionary pig with a mad-on against heroes (see comments), but Dai guilted her over the missing Amy until she acquiesced. He cleared the interview room so only he and Phoenix were left with Gunther, and watched as she entered the kidnapper's mind. After a few moments watching Phoenix seem to talk to herself (as Dai was not privy to the full telepathic encounter going on inside Gunther's mindscape), Dai was thrown off his feet as a noiseless explosion shook the room, caused by a hostile entity Phoenix had encountered hiding within Gunther's psyche.

    Helping a similarly shaken Phoenix back to her feet, Dai was informed by her that something had taken over their suspect's mind, and that she had caught a vision of an abandoned building on the moors. Wanting to cover as much ground as possible in the shortest amount of time, he asked her to pass her findings on to her teammates, lied to reassure his fellow detectives that the now-drooling Gunther would be fine soon, and headed out with Phoenix to look for her abandoned building. Driving through torrential rain, they soon found what they suspected was the correct location, and, after Phoenix informed Dai that the closest other members of Excalibur were at least a half hour away, he paused only to heavily arm himself with weapons from the trunk of his car and the pair raced inside. However, as she raced ahead, Phoenix was beset by visions of the dystopian future she came from; spared these visions, Dai could only see that she suddenly became increasingly distressed, until a demonic entity suddenly manifested over the now fetal Phoenix. Unimpressed as it pronounced itself D'Spayre, Dai opened fire, but his target laughed off the attack. However, as D'Spayre pressed his attack on Phoenix, she rallied and blasted him away. Racing after the pair, Dai spotted a well and paused, his gut telling him to check it. Spotting Amy about to be submerged as the well filled rapidly with rain water and unable to reach her, Dai jumped down the well himself and lifted the girl out of the water. However, the battle above shattered the top of the well, and debris falling down the well shaft knocked Dai out. Using some of the shattered wood that had fallen in as a float, Amy kept both herself and Dai from drowning until Phoenix defeated D'Spayre and extracted them. Waking Dai, Phoenix helped him and Amy back to his car.

(Excalibur I#40) - Excalibur's dragon Lockheed was hospitalized after sustaining injuries fighting one of their foes. Waiting to hear whether Lockheed would pull through, Dai was at Scotland Yard with Alistaire Stuart when a phone call came in informing him...

(Excalibur I#41 (fb) - BTS) - that a storehouse had been discovered containing multiple corpses, fabric suggesting someone had been manufacturing facsimiles of X-Men costumes, and extensive files on the then-missing and believed dead X-Men.

(Excalibur I#40) - Immediately suspecting that someone intended to get Excalibur to lower their guard by impersonating the X-Men, Dai ordered all roads between the storehouse and hospital cordoned off, and raced out to take charge, with Alistaire in tow.

(Excalibur I#41) - The fake X-Men got to Excalibur before Dai could, and took their targets to a nearby pub, working on luring the heroes into a vulnerable position. Meanwhile Dai and Alistaire drove up to a nearby police cordons, where Alistaire was shocked to see just how many officers Dai had called in and that they were all armed, which was extremely unusual for British police and normally not within the powers of a Scotland Yard inspector to order, but Dai merely noted that he did have that kind of pull. Taking a missing persons file from a waiting officer, Dai examined it and showed it to Alistaire, asking him if he recognized anyone in the photos within. Seeing what appeared to be the X-Men, Alistaire changed his tune, no longer suggesting Dai was over-reacting but instead offering to bring in more firepower via his sister and W.H.O. Accepting, Dai then told Alistaire to wait for W.H.O. and brief them on the situation while he went in immediately. He soon located Phoenix on the roof with "Colossus"; claiming he was there to ask for Phoenix's help with another kidnapping, he feigned being impressed to meet "Colossus," allowing him to get close enough to suddenly shoot the imposter. The angry fake batted Dai away, dropping its charade and fake skin to reveal it was one of the Warwolves. Snatching Phoenix, it bounded away.

    The other Warwolves also revealed themselves to their targets, but Excalibur soon defeated them. Rejoining the heroes in time to hear them discussing how the Warwolves had exploited their feelings over their missing friends, Dai suggested Excalibur might want to work on healing old wounds, prompting them to soon after contact the other teams connected to the X-Men.

(Excalibur I#41 - BTS) - Dai spent the next week going through the storehouse the Warwolves had used as a base, figuring out how they had impersonated the X-Men by finding humans who resembled the missing mutants, stealing their skins, and then manufacturing costumes.

(Excalibur I#41) - A week after the incident, Dai visited Excalibur's lighthouse to check on the recovering Lockheed and inform a similarly visiting Alistaire of his findings.

(Excalibur I#45 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Dai clashed with Brigadier "Inky" Blott's F.I.6, a agency with a mandate for handling British national security issues. The two men swiftly took a dislike to one another, with Blott considering Dai insolent and insubordinate, while Dai learned that Blott stole credit for others' work. Blott tried to use his influence to break Dai in some unspecified manner, but the ploy backfired, and Blott ended up making a fool of himself.

(Excalibur I#44 (fb) - BTS) - When Emelia Witherspoon, a clairvoyant who had built up a strong reputation with Scotland Yard for accuracy, predicted a string of robberies, Dai took her warning seriously and arranged airtight security employing the most sophisticated surveillance systems, but in spite of this the police failed to stop the thefts or even detect the thief. Reasoning that the crimes were being carried out by a para-human agency, Dai decided to call on Excalibur for assistance.

(Excalibur I#44) - Dai took Emelia to Excalibur's lighthouse, where he was let in by a broken-legged Nightcrawler. He introduced the hero to Emelia and explained the case, but was disappointed to learn the rest of Excalibur was absent, leaving only Nightcrawler and the extradimensional beings known as the Technet in residence, the latter engrossed with watching Sesame Street. Emelia inquired why the Technet could not help, and when Nightcrawler claimed out that the idea was ridiculous, Thomas stated that they were desperate and Emelia added ominously "this is merely the prelude."  

(Excalibur I#45 (fb) - BTS) - Emelia predicted the next theft would occur at Major Mainwaring Museum, Warmington-On-Sea on a specific night. Dai staked out the museum with some police officers, Nightcrawler, and the Technet.

(Excalibur I#45) - Spotting a chalice moving apparently of its own accord, Nightcrawler and the Technet moved in, but ended up clashing with Micromax, an agent of F.I.6, who was also staking the museum. In the confusion, the thief again escaped. An angry Dai accused Micromax of trespassing on his turf, stating that the thefts did not involve national security and so did not fall under F.I.6's remit. However, Inky Blott arrived at the scene and insisted otherwise, stating F.I.6 believed there was a more sinister dimension to the crimes. The two commanding officers argued, and Inky threatened he would break Dai if crossed, but Dai reminded him what had happened the last time he tried. As the pair continued to argue over which agency had jurisdiction, Nightcrawler and the Technet slipped out, unwilling to get dragged into politics. Later, after Dai returned to the lighthouse, Emelia delivered another prediction; the thief would next strike at the Brum-Art Gallery in four days time.When Dai Thomas tried to get more precise information, she informed him that clairvoyance was not an exact science. Exacerbated, he expressed the opinion that F.I.6 were probably getting more from their Esper division. Emelia disagreed, stating that "the precognitive wavelengths are being disrupted by the force that shields this ghostly thief." Nightcrawler noted that the creature behind the thefts was probably the same one Phoenix had recently encountered at another robbery, and Dai asked Nightcrawler could contact Phoenix for a more detailed description. Nightcrawler noted that he had not heard from Phoenix in over a week, and noted that Captain Britain was also long overdue to return from the dimension of Otherworld. Unwilling to lose to Blott, Dai asked if Nightcrawler was giving up, but the German mutant told Dai this was not the case.

   Four days later "Nightcrawler's Technet" (with all new costumes and team identity) successfully stopped the next theft, capturing the homunculus which had been committing the thefts, though not its distant controller. As the group boarded their aircraft to return to the lighthouse, a jubilant Thomas noted his F.I.6 rival's annoyance, but was warned by Emelia not to succumb to euphoria. She told her compatriots this was only the first encounter, and that worse was to come. Nightcrawler asked her what was going to happen, but she replied that a "fog of uncertainty" past which she could not see concealed the future, and that perhaps there was nothing left to see beyond it. Dai nervously joked "The end of the world is nigh, eh?", to which Emelia seriously responded "Quite possibly."

(Excalibur I#49 (fb) - BTS) - Dai was with Emelia when she sensed an imminent "psychic rumpus" in the London Docklands area. He informed his officers to move on the site, five minutes before a massive explosion blew out all the windows in a quarter mile radius around some disused warehouses. He tried to call Excalibur, but the lighthouse's radio phone seemed to be dead.

(Excalibur I#49) - Dai watched as recovery crews sifted through the rubble of an exploded warehouse, pulling out corpses which proved to be F.I.6 operatives, including "Inky" Blott himself. Noticing Emelia leaning over some of the rubble, Dai asked her if she sensed something, and she replied that she was uncertain, but believed she was detecting a faint, semi-conscious presence struggling to wake. A moment later they both recoiled, startled as Micromax suddenly exploded from the ground, growing rapidly back to human size. The shaken superhero explained he had survived the attack by Necrom, the monstrous mage that had killed the other F.I.6 agents, by shrinking as he was attacked, but had passed out as a result. Now aware of the threat's identify, Emelia suddenly sensed that Necrom had departed for Excalibur's lighthouse. Micromax opined that they needed to urgently warn the team, but Dai informed him that they had been unable to reach the team, meaning they were on their own.

(Excalibur I#50) - Calling in a helicopter, Dai raced with Emelia and Micromax to Excalibur's lighthouse. As they approached they saw it was surrounded by a corona of light as Necrom battled Excalibur's allies at the foot of the building. Dai watched as Micromax bailed out, dropping without a parachute on top of the evil sorcerer.

    After Necrom was defeated, Dai felt a compulsion Captain Britain's patron Roma projected to make everyone get clear of the destruction of Excalibur's lighthouse, so he accompanied Emelia, Excalibur and their allies in flying to Braddock Manor.

(Excalibur I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Dai left the battle-weary heroes to rest at Braddock Manor while he returned home.

(Excalibur I#51) - The next morning Dai was called to Brighton because a group of dinosaurs were wandering around the seafront. He cancelled an order that had been issued by the senior uniformed officer on the scene instructing sharpshooters to fire on the creatures, believing that a few bullets might only enrage the currently passive beasts, and instead sent out a request for Excalibur's help. Being countermanded annoyed the other officer, but Dai shut him up by producing his government mandate paperwork, proving he had the authority to do so, and informed him that Excalibur were en route. Asking for details about what had been happening, Dai was shown the local police's dossier on the Technet and told their involvement was suspected, but Dai dismissed this as unlikely, noting that the Technet had been lodging with Excalibur and had now departed offworld. However the senior officer remained unconvinced, pointing to nearby Brighton Pier and noting that the local council had let the Technet move in there in return for them controlling the weather to make it warmer, in the hopes of attracting more tourists.

   Unfortunately for Dai, all of Excalibur and their allies had slept through his first message. When they failed to show up, Dai called them again, leaving a second message, but they slept through that one too. As the hours progressed, the streets emptied of everyone except the police and the dinosaurs, who began to hungrily forage for food. Dai dismissed the senior officer's suggestion that they could kill the dinosaurs with artillery shells, preferring to restrain them if possible, and tried once more to call Excalibur, but got their answering machine once again. Hanging up the phone complaining that you could never find a superhero when you really needed one, he and the other cops were startled by an explosion of light and the sudden appearance of humanoid but saurian versions of Excalibur, the Fantastic Four and Alistaire Stuart (from Earth-99476), as well as five humans, the American Griswald family and Yeoman Warder ("Beefeater") Color Sergeant Vaughn.

    Captain Britain's counterpart, Britanicus Rex, explained that the saurian heroes had come to return the five humans (displaced natives of Dai's Earth-616) and collect their similarly displaced dinosaur world counterparts. Taking the strange new arrivals in his stride, Dai asked if the wandering dinosaurs might be who Rex was seeking; initially shocked to see that the saurians they had come to rescue had devolved due to exposure to 616's polluted atmosphere, the visiting heroes swiftly wrangled the beasts and steered them back through a portal to Earth-99476, with Saur Fantastic stating he was confident he could restore them to their evolved states once everyone was home. Hearing Saur Fantastic call humans a "suicidal" species, Dai predicted a lecture was coming, and was proven right when Saur Fantastic chastised the assembled humans for not living in harmony with their planet. In contrast to his visibly shocked fellow officers, Dai watched passively as the saurians' inter-reality portal closed with another flash of light, and as the Brighton cops struggled to wrap their heads around what they had just witnessed and asked Dai what his thoughts on the matter were, he casually responded that after a few stiff drinks it would all seem like a dream.

(Excalibur I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Dai left Excalibur another answering machine message explaining what had happened and that the Situation he had asked them to attend had now been resolved.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Feeling like everyone always came to him with their problems and feeling the need to be left alone and relax, Dai made a rare trip to his cottage in Gower.

(Knights of Pendragon I#6 (fb) - BTS) - However, unknown to Dai, the mystical Green Knight, an aspect of the Earth's lifeforce representing life and rebirth felt itself growing weak due to mankind's environmental abuses. In centuries past the Green Knight had struck a deal with humanity through the Arthurian Knight Gwalchmai (known in the Anglicized translations of Arthurian tales as Sir Gawain), who had promised he and his ilk would protect the natural world from humanities' excesses. In return the Knight had empowered its mortal allies with Pendragon spirits, enhancing their abilities to superhuman levels; these spirits passed from one host to another down through history, transferring to each new host some reflection of the memories, skills and perhaps even souls of past hosts. Now in the present day crying out in rage, the Green Knight unintentionally awoke the Pendragon spirit that had once belonged to Gwalchmai, and it entered an unwitting Dai, taking him as its newest host. Dai began having nightmares of the Green Knight's desperate attacks on those humans it blamed for ravaging the planet.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1) - Having fallen asleep in his chair with the television playing in the background, Dai suffered a nightmare that he was choking to death in a Tastee Burger restaurant, waking just in time to hear the news reporting a mass poisoning in a London branch of that same franchise. Switching the television off, he became briefly lost in melancholy memories of his family, so much so that a knock at the isolated cottage's door made him hope it might be his daughter. To his disappointment it instead proved to be Captain Britain, sent by Alysande Stuart to bring him to W.H.O. HQ to discuss the London emergency. As they departed, they failed to notice the Green Knight's shadowy presence watching them.

    At W.H.O.'s Tower of London base, a tired Dai struggled to stay awake through Alysande's briefing as she detailed the string of recent attacks around the globe targeting environmental despoilers to him, her brother Alistaire, and W.H.O. Esper Templeman; curious to the identity of the last, Dai was informed by Alistaire that Templeman had been having prophetic nightmares ever since the attacks began. When Alysande reached the Tastee Burger incident, Templeman was abruptly seized by another vision and began screaming apocalyptic sounding quotes from Gawain and the Green Knight until Dai punched him unconscious.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 - BTS) - Dai recognized what Templeman had been quoting, but kept that realization to himself.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1) - The Stuart twins then showed Dai one of the Tastee Burger victims in the morgue, informing the inspector that autopsies showed they had all suffocated. Dai started to light a cigarette, but Alistaire plucked it from his lips, chiding him for smoking in a sterile environment.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 - BTS) - On the way over to the site of the massacre the twins continued to wind Dai up with their condescending attitudes, Dai decided not to inform them of his own nightmares, nor to share the source of Templeman's comments.

(Knights of Pendragon I#1) - Amidst the carnage of the restaurant, Dai realized with dread that it was the place he had seen in his nightmare, and sensed something ancient and forgotten in pain (the Green Knight). His ruminations were interrupted by Kate McClellan, a reporter for Astra News, who to Dai's annoyance had slipped by the police cordon to get inside. Dai refused to talk to her, leaving Alistaire to escort her and her camera crew away. Informing Dai that the Omni Corporation owned the Tastee Burger chain, Alysande drove Dai back to the Tower. Falling asleep in the back of the car, Dai had a dream (memories) that he was Gwalchmai, battling his way through a horde of enemies until he discovered a barn full of slaughtered people. A vision of a horrific scarecrow (the Green Knight's Reaper) ended the dream as Dai woke screaming, mumbling incoherently to a startled Alistaire about blood and death at a farm. Even as he did so, Alysande received a call informing her of a new incident at a farm outside Sevenoaks, Kent.

    Arriving to find local police browbeating a youth, Dai ordered them to back down and explain the situation. As they informed Alysande that they had received a call reporting a murder and had arrived on the scene to find copious amounts of blood but no bodies, Dai felt himself drawn into the barn. Entering, for a moment a shocked Dai saw Gwalchmai impaled to a wall, but as he glanced again the corpse was gone, replaced by piles of fruit crates in front of blood-spattered walls. Suddenly sensing something else in the barn, he turned to see the Reaper approaching him with a pitchfork. Dodging its attack so that the pitchfork impaled a wooden beam, Dai watched the entity walk across the barn, pick up a scythe, and move menacingly towards him. However, it vanished as abruptly as it had arrived, departing just in time to avoid being seen by Alysande and one of the local cops as they entered the barn. As they exited together Dai informed them that the missing victims had been slain in the barn, and that he the killer felt terrible rage and a sense of betrayal. Having followed the W.H.O. car, Kate McClellan and her cameraman Nigel arrived as Dai was telling his bemused companions that a murder had happened inside and that they needed to search the barn again, and also check the house, as he suspected there might be a tie between the farm and Omni Corporation. Alistaire Stuart forcibly confiscated Nigel's camera, and Kate berated an unimpressed Dai over the freedom of the press until they were interrupted by a scream from inside the barn, heralding the local police discovering that their murder victim, the farm owner, had been found shredded and distributed inside the strawberry punnets. Dai was overcome with the dread that not only had something ancient and in pain reached out to him, but that what was happening was only just beginning.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2 (fb) - BTS) - W.H.O. appointed Dai to investigate the killings, unaware that their appointment was known to and approved of by the corrupt CEO of Omni Corporation Francesca Grace as she too wanted to find out who was killing her company's people. The suspicious death of an Omni Corporation director while supposedly on safari in Kenya coincided with Dai suffering a new nightmare of poachers being killed in Africa, prompting the inspector to arrange with the local authorities to fly there and join their investigation. Officially going on holiday, and with immediate flights to the region fully booked, Dai arranged to be put on standby and take the first seat that freed up; the airline he used was owned by Astra News' parent company, so Kate McClellan ensured she learned where he was heading and got on a flight the day before his. Upon his arrival in Kenya Dai was picked up by senior game warden Ali, who piloted them both in a helicopter towards the Voi Lodge where Conrad had been staying.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2) - During the flight, Dai recalled his latest dream: poachers in a helicopter mercilessly machine gunning a fleeing elephant herd until they spotted the shape of a giant humanoid laid out on the grass below them; as they flew over it, a giant hand reached up out of the ground grasping for their helicopter. Dai's remembrance was cut short as Ali began making conversation, asking him why he was interested in what appeared to be an accidental death of a tourist who had wandered too far from the lodge. As Dai evaded answering, they arrived at Voi Lodge, and as they decamped from their vehicle Ali admitted he had suspected Conrad was head of a local poaching cartel, and advised he might want to speak to one of Conrad's associates, Van Ocken. Entering the lodge, Ali pointed out Van Ocken to Dai, but the inspector was distracted by the surprise of seeing Kate McClellan at his suspect's table. Dai watched as Van Ocken tried unsuccessfully to impress Kate with a pouch full of diamonds, and when she departed Van Ocken's company displaying open disdain, Dai grabbed the reporter and led her outside to find out why she was there. Unaware they were being watched via binoculars by Grace's operative Dolph, the pair challenged each other's claims to merely be there on holiday, and Kate admitted she was following the investigation through him, explaining how she had tracked Dai to Kenya.

   That night Dai was again beset with nightmares, this time of being Gwalchmai facing an army of creatures led by the Reaper he had seen in the barn, now dressed as a barbarian warrior. Dai woke with a start, and was about to light a cigarette to calm his nerves when Ali knocked at the door of his room. The warden informed him that a patrol had spotted a poachers' helicopter near where Conrad's corpse had been found. As Ali's helicopter took off from the lodge, the warden wryly noted the lights coming on below them and informed Dai that their loud departure seemed to have woken the other guests. Hearing Ali then mention poachers using helicopters, Dai asked the warden about this as he piloted them to the location, and listened with no surprise as Ali's account of how the poachers' hunted matched what Dai had seen in his previous nightmare. Spotting a downed, heavily damaged helicopter, Dai insisted Ali drop him off for a closer look, soon finding dead poachers who had been slaughtered in the exact same manner that the poachers had slain elephants.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2 - BTS) - Checking the bodies, Dai found a pouch of diamonds on one of them.

(Knights of Pendragon I#2) - Sensing himself surrounded by the fury of the beast from his dreams, Dai fled from the crash site and was picked up by Ali. Arriving back at the lodge just before dawn, they entered to find most of the visitors awake and in the bar, and Dai approached Van Ocken, accusing him of being the poachers' new paymaster and producing the pouch of diamonds as proof. At this Van Ocken announced his intention to leave, and one of his men, Rhett, pulled a pistol to hold everyone there until his employer had made good his getaway. However Ali proved ready for this, swiftly drawing his own gun and shooting Rhett in the shoulder. Dai chased after Van Ocken out onto the lodge's veranda, but lost the villain in the still pre-dawn darkness. Both he and Ali skirted round the lodge's exterior, finding no sign of Van Ocken, until they heard a monstrous roar from the other side of the building. Separating to race around in opposite directions to ensure they didn't miss their quarry, Dai had only completed part of his journey when blood splattered down on him like rain, and the stench of the beast assailed his nostrils. Dai caught only a glimpse of the entity in the darkness before it departed as abruptly as it had appeared, just as Ali arrived. Returning inside the building, a shaken Dai borrowed one of Kate's cigarettes, and when she asked what was going on, he admitted to her that something wanted everyone's blood, then stopped himself, stating he couldn't say more but maybe she would dream of it. Hearing this, a shocked Kate surprised Dai by hesitatingly admitting she had dreamed disturbing the night before she flew out. Before she could elaborate, Ali came over to inform Dai that his subordinate Batu had discovered three packages while searching Van Ocken's room. Opening them, the group discovered the heads and pelts of poached leopards in two of the packages. Disgusted, Ali swore to punish Van Ocken when he was captured, until Dai opened the third package to find it contained Van Ocken's remains.

(Knights of Pendragon I#3 - BTS) - Dai had another premonition dream of a Florida coast guard ship, the Rita, being attacked in the swamps by a creature of living oil.

(Knights of Pendragon I#3) - The Stuarts sent Dai to Florida to follow up on this dream; much to Dai's annoyance, Kate insisted on tagging along. Hitching a lift with the Coast Guard vessel Jenny, piloted by Kerrigan and his assistant Cruz, the two Brits argued as the ship sailed to Sand Key, the last known location of the Rita; en route Kerrigan informed Dai that Moreno and Yost, the crew of the Rita, had been under investigation, adding that he suspected they had been paid to go to the remote Sand Key. Arriving, they found the Rita, which had been brand new and state-of-the-art, a ruined wreck. Back at the jetty Kate challenged Dai's lack of surprise at their finding, and Dai admitted his dreams were becoming more and more like experiencing another life in which he was Gwalchmai. Hearing this, Kate admitted her own dreams were becoming more realistic too. Changing the subject, the pair began discussing Kerrigan's file about a pet-smuggling ring operating out of Big Coppitt Key. Unaware Dolph had also followed them to Florida, Kate took Dai to a meeting she had arranged with local Omni Corporation board member Ricou Mendez, whom her investigations led her to believe was connected to Big Coppitt, but he insisted all his business dealings were legitimate.

    After leaving Mendez, Dai and Kate drove towards the home of Rita crewman Julio Moreno, but a walking catfish crossing the road in front of them caused Dai to crash. Exiting the vehicle unhurt, the pair realized they were at their destination, and they split up to look round Moreno's seafront property. Entering the boathouse, Dai was confronted by dozens of cages filled with exotic birds and animals, and suddenly fell into a vision where he was Gwalchmai discovering a number of human captives in a dungeon, his body in the real world slightly changing to become younger, closer to Gwalchmai's age in the vision. Unaware he was quoting Gawain and the Green Knight aloud, Dai saw himself free a beautiful woman from her chains and sweep her into his arms, while in the real world he actually swept up Kate as she entered the boathouse. As Dai's vision ended, the embarrassed inspector found himself embracing a flustered Kate, and was shocked to learn from her that he had been talking aloud. She added that he seemed possessed, noting his apparent change in age. Shaking this off, Dai turned their attention back to the caged animals, noting that most were already dead thanks to their poor living conditions. Kate informed him that someone had already turned over the house, but noticed that they had missed some files in the boathouse linking Mendez to the operation.

    The next morning they took their evidence to Kerrigan, and joined him aboard the Jenny in challenging Mendez's vessel the Icarus, out sailing so Mendez and his clients could pass the time callously shooting endangered wildlife. However, when Kerrigan hailed the Icarus to stand down and prepare for boarding, Mendez revealed he had on board a heavily armed force who opened fire on the coast guard ship - though no one on the Jenny spotted him, one of their attackers was Dolph, who was hang gliding behind the Icarus armed with an uzi. As Kerrigan and Cruz desperately tried to get the Jenny away, Dai was shot in the upper left arm, and fell into apparent shock in Kate's arms, quoting Gawain and the Green Knight again. Cutting Dolph's hang-glider free so its drag wouldn't slow them down the Icarus pursued the fleeing Jenny, but just as the ailing coast guard vessel's engines gave out, oil began bubbling out of the sea and attacked the Icarus, sinking it with all hands. As the oil loomed high over the Jenny, taking the shape of a giant monstrous creature, a seemingly delirious Dai stumbled onto the deck, still quoting his novel, and demanded of the beast "Don't you know me?" At this the creature turned into a hail of harmless oily rain, prompting a happy refrain from Dai of "you do remember, don't you old friend?" Overjoyed to have survived, Kate impulsively hugged Dai, who shouted in pain as she squashed his wounded shoulder, bringing him out of his possessed state. Looking around at the sinking Icarus and oil rain, Dai demanded to know what he'd missed. Far enough away to have avoided Mendez's fate, but close enough to have witnessed it, Dolph realized Dai was not just a burned out old cop, but an actual threat.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4 (fb) - BTS) - As the Pendragon spirit within Dai increased its hold on him, his physique began changing, dropping thirty years and sixty pounds as fat turned to trim muscle. He stopped smoking and drinking, his accent began shifting back and forward from his native Welsh tones to fourteenth century Saxon, his senses sharpened and his fighting skills improved as he subconsciously tapped into Gwalchmai's combat prowess.

(Knights of Pendragon I#5 (fb) - BTS) - The bullet wound in his shoulder healed almost overnight, leaving not even a scar.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dai and Kate tracked the next step in the late Mendez's rare pets trade to Belize City, Belize. Informed by a tip that the smugglers were operating out of a makeshift airstrip in the mountains above the city, Dai instructed Kate to stay put while he investigated it.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4) - At the airstrip Dai smelled the pain emanating from the captive birds and armed himself with a makeshift staff to take down three smugglers who were loading crates of animals onto a plane. However, as he boarded the vehicle to take out their bosses, he was suddenly surrounded by a flurry of freed birds; certain his "friend" had gotten there ahead of him, Dai confirmed his suspicions when he found the remaining smugglers dead and squashed into the same crates their living cargo had been imprisoned in. A hissing greeted him as he turned a corner and came face to face with the Green Knight's latest instrument of vengeance, a hellish winged thing. As they exchanged stares, Dai told the creature it knew him, momentarily flashing back to being Gwalchmai encountering the same entity centuries before. Then it was gone, flying over his head and out of sight in seconds. Exiting the plane, Dai found Kate waiting for him, and he chided her for ignoring his instructions. As she gave Dai a lift back to the city, she informed him there was a surprise waiting there for him.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4 - BTS) - The surprise was Alysande Stuart, who had flown to Belize in Dai's wake.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4) - Dai spent the night updating Alysande on the case, telling her he was close to closing it. However, she responded that the government minister she reported to was irate over the political and financial cost of the incidents, adding that it felt like the atrocities were now following Dai around and getting worse, and that she disapproved of his fraternizing with a reporter. She informed him that the minister had ordered her to close things down immediately, and that she was taking Dai off the case, with him being expected to take a flight home forthwith. Dai listened to this without a word, then walked out, pausing only as Alysande apologized to respond in kind. Having waited outside the room during the debriefing, Kate accompanied Dai to a cafe for breakfast, where he informed her that he had no intention of complying with W.H.O.'s orders. Kate took the opportunity to ask Dai about the marked and unnatural changes she had observed in him over the last few days, but Dai ignored her questions, instead mentioning that there were old debts and balances humanity was not honoring, and if mankind continued to renege on them, they would all die.

    Suddenly Dai sensed an imminent attack and grabbed up the table to shield himself and Kate as a hail of gunfire ripped through the cafe. The rest of the clientele and staff were less lucky, cut down by a storm of bullets fired by Dolph and four mercenaries (his "pilgrims") he had assembled to eliminate Dai. Reacting quickly, Dai spun Kate and himself into the kitchen, out of the line of fire, grabbed up a frying pan as a weapon, and noted the smell of gas coming from broken pipes. As two mercenaries, Shane and Matt, moved in to confirm their kill, struggling to pick out their target from among the corpses, Dai waited until Shane was by the kitchen door, then smashed him in the face with the pan; Dai's blow broke the goggles Shane was wearing, blinding the mercenary as shards of broken lens went into his eyes. Wearing a mask, Matt was unable to smell the leaking gas and opened fire; grabbing Kate, Dai threw them both out the back of the building as it blew up. Seeing Kate was too shaken to move, Dai hid her and headed off to intercept the remaining attackers. Hearing a motorbike, Dai waited in ambush armed with another makeshift staff, and knocked the mercenary Kent off his bike as he rode past.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4 - BTS) - Dai took down the last mercenary, Babe, and hid his unconscious foe in a dumpster.

(Knights of Pendragon I#4) - When Dolph entered the alley behind the cafe, Dai caught him by surprise, knocking Dolph's minigun from his hands. Nevertheless still confident, Dolph drew a pair of sais and attacked, but Dai, fully channeling Gwalchmai, proved a far more formidable fighter than Dolph had anticipated, easily blocking his strikes, disarming him, and then beating the disbelieving Dolph into submission. Finding it hard to believe himself that he had managed to defeat five heavily armed and trained opponents, Dai returned to Kate.

   In the aftermath of the attack, Dai informed Kate that it felt like he had woken up suddenly to find the dream remained vivid. He informed her that he had to undertake a long journey on which she could not accompany him. When she demanded to know why not, he told her he didn't think he was entirely human anymore, and on an impulse kissed her. As he prepared to depart on Babe's confiscated bike, Kate asked Dai what she should tell W.H.O. when they came looking for him. Dai replied confidently that she could tell them anything, as they'd never find him, and even if they did, how could they stop him?

(Knights of Pendragon I#5) - Dai made his way to Costa Rica, where he hitched a ride towards the rain forests with a man driving a pick-up truck. When a careless HGV (heavy goods vehicle) driving the other way ran them off the road, Dai surprised his new friend by being strong enough to push the truck out of the ditch and back onto the road. Reaching the coast, Dai found passage on a ship traversing the Gulf of Guayaquil, drawn inexorably by an elemental force he could only sense to cross the sea from Panama to Ecuador and thence to find the Green Chapel. On the ship he slept, and dreamed again that he was Gwalchmai, first finding the Green Chapel and then battling and slaying another knight whom Gwalchmai thought might be Lancelot.

(Knights of Pendragon I#5 - BTS) - Dai spent the next few weeks trailing the Curaray and Amazon, seeking the heart of the great forest, where he sensed Avalon would be found.

(Knights of Pendragon I#5) - Traveling now by motorbike again, Dai neared his destination, but found the forest devastated by man's deprivations. Pausing to sleep, he dreamed that Lancelot approached, and woke to see Captain Britain landing before him. Dai pointed out that the hero was out of his jurisdiction, but the hero reminded them they were friends, and Dai apologized, admitting he was a little edgy. Noting Dai's new physique, Captain Britain said that he looked good for a man who had reportedly gone insane, and informed Dai that he had been sent by cabinet minister Sir Ian Chalmers to bring him in. However, Dai reasoned (correctly) that Chalmers, the minister in charge of W.H.O., was under Omni Corporation's thumb, explaining to his friend how he had followed their trail of crimes and the macabre killings that were ending same, and stating (again correctly) that he believed Omni Corporation had gotten W.H.O. brought in because Omni needed the murders stopped.

    However Captain Britain was dismissive of this assertion, and the argument between the pair escalated, with both men's obstinacy unknowingly heightened by the Pendragon spirits now inhabiting them, Gwalchmai within Dai and Lancelot within Captain Britain. Exasperated by Captain Britain's refusal to listen, Dai struck the first blow, and kept hitting his friend until finally the hero struck back. Initially Captain Britain pulled his punches, trying not to hurt Dai, but Dai continued pushing, striking the hero in the face with the butt of his shotgun, kneeing him in the groin, and, when Captain Britain continued to insist he was taking Dai back home, Dai shot him three times in the chest, though these caused only minor flesh wounds to the superhero. Suddenly realizing what he was doing, Dai stopped, tears pouring from his eyes, but Captain Britain, now fully overtaken by Lancelot's berserker rage, finally lost control, punching and kicking the unresisting Dai repeatedly.

     Hundreds of miles away Kate sensed Dai's death, and as she screamed his name from her cell in W.H.O. custody in Belize, Captain Britain came to his senses, finding to his horror that he was holding his friend's bloodied and lifeless corpse.

(Knights of Pendragon I#6) - Overcome with remorse, Brian wrapped his friend's body in a makeshift shroud but made no attempt to depart with it from the spot where he had slain Dai. Meanwhile, back in Belize City, Kate escaped from W.H.O. custody and rented a helicopter to fly herself to where she sensed Dai was. On the third day after he had been slain and with a storm raging around them, Dai's body was fully possessed by Gwalchmai's Pendragon spirit, and he rose transformed into a physical avatar of the long-deceased knight, with Gwalchmai's mind in control but Dai still somewhere beneath it.

    Unaware of this, Captain Britain's first inkling that something had happened was when he discovered his friend's body had vanished, and he assumed that someone or something had taken it. Gwalchmai approached the hero, telling him there was no time to grieve and talking to him as if he were Lancelot. Though confused and initially angry, Captain Britain followed as Gwalchmai explained the situation as best he could given his medieval view of the world. The knight identified himself to his new ally as Gawain (Gwalchmai), shortly before they came upon Kate's chopper, which had been brought down by the storm and was now under attack by goblin-like creatures. Gwalchmai waded in with his sword to rescue her, throwing Captain Britain a second blade when he endeavored to help. Together they drove the creatures back and extracted Kate from the crashed vehicle, but to Captain Britain's confusion she instantly recognized Gwalchmai to be Dai. The superhero began to correct her, then suddenly realized she was correct. Kate hugged Gwalchmai, and Captain Britain explained to her that somehow the man she knew as Dai had become the Arthurian knight Sir Gwalchmai.

   As they continued their march towards the Green Chapel, Gwalchmai recounted the tale of his first encounter with the Green Knight back in Arthurian times, who he initially believed merely to be a giant man in armor, and how he had agreed to the Knight's challenge: he would be allowed to strike a potentially lethal blow, in return for letting the Knight do the same if he survived Gwalchmai's strike. Gwalchmai recounted that he had beheaded the knight with his own blow, only for the Knight to pick up his head and instruct Gwalchmai to visit him at the Green Chapel a year later for the return strike. Gwalchmai honored the agreement, and when the time came he kneeled before the Knight and let the creature swing its weapon at his neck, but the Knight spared his life, aware he was mortal and could not survive as it had, merely cutting him enough to leave a scar to remind him. Gwalchmai had passed the test, showing himself willing to pay his debt no matter what the price, and thus was the bargain struck between man and the wild force the Knight represented, a promise that man would never take more than he could give back nor destroy more than he could replace.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the trio crossed into Avalon without realizing it.

(Knights of Pendragon I#6) - Stopping at the top of a ridge as he reached this point in his story, Gwalchmai turned to the following Captain Britain and Kate and explained that man had forgotten this promise and broken the pact, then turned to show his companions the Green Chapel standing amid the ruined landscape. The next instant, skeletal warriors erupted from the ground to impede their passage, but the trio fought their way past them and into the Chapel. Within it they found the tomb of King Arthur, eliciting only the comment that the Green Knight guarded many valuable things in the Chapel. Before anyone else could comment, the Green Knight manifested itself as a giant, axe-wielding armored figure standing in front of or merged with a giant tree covered in flesh-like blooms. Welcoming them, it asked why they had come to its dwelling, and Gwalchmai informed the entity that it had called them, but the Knight denied this, stating that its cries were not summons but cries of rage. However, Gwalchmai persisted, saying that nevertheless the cries had wakened the Pendragon, and he had come to honor the Knight.

    At this the blooms on the tree opened, revealing the faces of the Omni Corporation environmental despoilers the Knight's emissaries had slain, and they accused humanity of having broken the ancient pact. Both Captain Britain and Kate tried unsuccessfully to appeal to the Knight, pleading that mankind had been ignorant of the agreement, but the blooms dismissed this as excuses. Gwalchmai countered that the Knight had killed and butchered, something that had never previously been its way, but the blooms argued that as mankind had forgotten its fairer ways, so too must the Knight change to match them or perish. Captain Britain offered himself to the Knight as Gwalchmai once had, a way of reforging the bond of trust, but the Knight told him that though his courage and heart were true, he would fail the test. Realizing Captain Britain was unsuitable because he was a hero given to grand gestures, and so the offer to give his life was too easy, Kate offered herself instead, but the Knight turned her down too, stating that an offer made from guilt was just as useless as heroic sacrifice. Then Gwalchmai offered himself, despite Kate's protests, stating he was doing so not because he was playing a heroic game, nor out of guilt, nor even because it was meant to be so, but simply because it was necessary, aware the Knight sought not to punish but merely to be valued by mankind. This time the Knight accepted, and Gwalchmai explained to his companions that he would give his Pendragon to the Green Knight to bolster its failing strength, but warning them this would only feed the dying lands for a short time, and they would have to deal with the underlying problem of Omni Corporation and their ilk. Captain Britain asked Gwalchmai to tell Dai he was sorry for what he had done, but Gwalchmai reassured the hero that Dai already knew. Then the Knight swung its axe, and beheaded Gwalchmai. His Pendragon was unleashed as a blaze of light from his neck, and the region grew verdant again. Restored to life, Dai woke up outside the Chapel alongside Kate and Captain Britain, more than a little confused as to where he was.

(Knights of Pendragon I#6 - BTS) - The trio returned to Britain.

(Knights of Pendragon I#6) - Kate and Dai began dating. A short while after their return they were visited in Gower by Brian. Though happy things had calmed down, Dai reminded his friend that things were only just beginning, unaware that in the distance the Green Knight's avatar was watching them.

(Knights of Pendragon I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Dai returned to London and his old job. Soon afterwards a string of brutal murders struck the city, the apparent work of a serial killer who targeted career woman in their mid to late thirties. Because the killer cut his victims into pieces, he was dubbed the Jigsaw Man.

(Knights of Pendragon I#7) - Early one evening Dai was called out to Mornington Crescent, where a fresh corpse had been found. Initially greeted by the uniformed Phillips, Dai then conferred with medical examiner Gordon Rennels who confirmed that the victim's dissected state suggested it was another victim of the Jigsaw Man. As he was talking with Rennels, Dai spotted a figure observing them from a nearby rooftop (the hero Union Jack), who decided to depart upon realizing he had been spotted, However, as he did so, he grabbed at his head as pain shot through it, causing him to rip his mask off as he stumbled away, unaware as yet that he was becoming the latest host of a Pendragon spirit. Oblivious to this supernatural drama playing out, Phillips ordered other officers to pursue the fleeing individual as a possible person of interest. Dai, however, was distracted, recognizing the sudden bristling of his scalp hair and crackling of ozone were signs that the Pendragon was present.

   Shortly afterwards back at New Scotland Yard, Phillips proudly presented Dai with Union Jack's abandoned mask, but Dai told him not to congratulate himself too hard, as they had yet to apprehend their suspect. Moments later Rennels arrived with a break in the case - tissue samples taken from the victim had thrown up a match, identifying the killer: Colin Snewing, a.k.a. Dolph. Leaving the yard, Dai headed over to Kate McClellan's home in Gloucester Road, where he and Brian had been invited to dinner. Over the meal he discussed the Jigsaw Man case, but not wanting to frighten Kate decided not to tell her of the killer's identity. Before he could get there, Kate absented herself from the room, sensing something amiss elsewhere in the house; this proved to be a confused and transformed Union Jack, directed to approach her for answers by the Green Knight. Before she could provide them, Dai and Brian came to check on Kate, and Union Jack departed to avoid them. Having heard Kate talking to someone, Dai warned her to be careful, and, deciding she needed to be properly aware of the dangers, informed her that Dolph was the Jigsaw Man.

(Knights of Pendragon I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Dai learned that Dolph had been fired from Omni Corporation for failing to slay the officer in Belize.

(Knights of Pendragon I#8 - BTS) - Dolph attacked the true source of his rage, Kate, but she easily overpowered the killer, confirming her suspicions that she too had become empowered by a Pendragon spirit. Dolph was taken into police custody.

(Knights of Pendragon I#9) - When Kate's son, Cam, became possessed by an ancient Pendragon spirit and vanished from his boarding school, Dai kept track of the hunt for the missing teen. A worried Kate phoned him to see if there was any news, but Dai could only tell her that the police from two counties were combing the woods round the school with help from both Captain Britain and Union Jack. Dai then handled the unpleasant duty of interviewing an unrepentant Dolph, who boasted gleefully of his murders until Dai taunted him by reminding the misogynistic murderer that a woman had fired him. Dai tried to exploit Dolph's grudge against his former employer to convince Dolph to provide information that could be used against her, but Dolph remained cocky, promising that if he ever got out he would go after Kate again. A scream from outside the interview room prompted Dai to check what was happening, and he exited to see an officer firing down the corridor while Phillips ran by the interview room door. Grabbing the fleeing man, Dai demanded to know what was happening, but the panicking Phillips told him to run, claiming the devil himself was in the building. The next second lightning engulfed Phillips, who screamed in agony as he apparently died. Turning to see the attacker, Dai saw that it appeared to be a transformed Cam, before he too was struck by the lightning Cam was generating. The attackers, members of the Bane, agents of the Green Knight's rival counterpart the Red Lord and empowered similar to the Pendragons, claimed their intended target, Dolph, and departed.

   Dai survived but was hospitalized. Despite being sedated, when a worried Kate visited him, Dai managed to tell her that Cam had been involved in the raid on New Scotland Yard.

(Knights of Pendragon I#11) - Learning from Kate that Dai was due to be discharged the next day, Captain Britain visited him in St. Matthews Hospital. After complaining that Brian had not brought any grapes and disparaging the hospital food, Dai noticed the hero seemed troubled and asked him what was on his mind. Brian admitted that seeing Dai in the hospital bed reminded him of what he had done to Dai back in South America, adding that he had never lost control like that before and would never forgive himself. However, Dai pointed out that neither of them had been themselves, as they had been possessed by the Pendragons of Gwalchmai and Lancelot respectively, and informed him of the two knights' history with one another, pointing out that Brian could not have prevented himself falling prey to Lancelot's berserker fury. Dai made it clear he did not blame Brian for what had happened, then told him to go and get him some grapes.

(Knights of Pendragon I#12 - BTS) - In Dai's continued absence, the Green Knight's Pendragon-empowered agents freed Cam from the Bane's influence during a confrontation in Spain.

(Knights of Pendragon I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Dai apparently went to Spain, presumably to help his friends tie up the loose ends.

(Knights of Pendragon I#12) - A couple of weeks later, Dai joined others who had been touched by the Pendragon spirits - Captain Britain, Kate and Cam, Union Jack, Iron Man, author Ben Gallagher and former World War I superhero Albion (Peter Hunter) - as they met at Camelaird Farm in Wiltshire, which Union Jack revealed he had bought to serve as a base for the Pendragons. Unimpressed, Dai asked the hero why "supertypes" always felt the need to have a "secret cave." Hunter proclaimed those currently empowered by the spirits - himself, Union Jack, Kate and Ben - the Knights of Pendragon, but thanked Captain Britain, Iron Man and Dai as worthy allies in both the past and future.

(Knights of Pendragon II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Knights of Pendragon gave Dai a secret wavelength signature to use should he ever need to call on their help in an emergency.

(Knights of Pendragon I#13 ((fb) - BTS) - Dai and Kate ended their relationship amicably.

(Knights of Pendragon I#13) - Wanting a few minutes undisturbed to eat a late lunch, Dai Thomas called his assistant Norcott on the intercom and told him to field any calls for the next ten minutes and to keep people out of the office. However Astra TV reporter Randolph Frewin (a rival of Kate's) and his cameraman Nigel (formerly Kate's cameraman) somehow evaded Norcott and got in anyway. With Nigel's camera light blinding him and Frewin shoving a microphone at him and demanding he answer questions about his recent activities, Dai angrily countered by demanding to know how they had gotten into his office. Not waiting to see if they'd answer, Dai stormed out of his office shouting for the absent Norcott, ignoring the trailing Frewin's persistent attempts to question him about his recent trips abroad. The news crew followed Dai into an elevator, where the cornered Dai got in Frewin's face, warning him that his activities were classified. Ignoring a parting query as to whether he had been investigating Omni Corporation, Dai threw the pair out of the building.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18) - The Green Knight began summoning all Pendragons, past and present, to Avalon to protect his Green Chapel from an invading army of the Bane, led by the Red Lord himself. In Scotland Yard Norcott tried to show Dai eye witness accounts of a taxi that had allegedly vanished in the middle of Trafalgar Square (Captain Britain being transported), but Dai dismissed this as rubbish, telling Norcott that taxis didn't vanish into thin air and to shove off because he was trying to eat. Norcott persisted in trying to get Dai to look at the statements, but Dai evaded him by entering an elevator whose doors shut before Norcott could follow him in. However, as soon as the doors shut, Dai found he was sharing the elevator with a horse and owl.

   Trying to ignore the supernatural re-entering his life, Dai left the elevator calling for Norcott, but found himself in a lightly forested area, where he was greeted by a soldier in World War I uniform. Borrowing a cigarette from Dai, the Tommy pointed out the hundreds of other people whose clothing marked them as coming from across the world and throughout history, and explained that it was part of the bargain: Once a Pendragon, always a Pendragon. Glancing around, Dai spotted and recognized the Green Chapel, finally realizing where he had been transported to. Another arrival, a tall man dressed in leathers and carrying a bow, joined the pair, and Dai asked in wonder if the newcomer was Robin Hood. Laughing, the man told Dai not to be silly, then held a hand just above his breast bone and informed the officer that "Locksley only comes up to here on me."

   As the Pendragons gathered outside the Chapel, Dai stuck with his new friend as the assembled champions listened to the Knights of Pendragon's new leader, Adam Crown, explain the stakes. The Red Lord was coming with the Bane to destroy the Green Knight while he was still weak, and if Earth was to survive he had to be stopped, but, because balance had to be maintained, the Knight's forces sought not triumph but truce. They were outnumbered a thousandfold, and though the Knight had used his power to restore the majority of them to life and bring them there, if they fell today they would be gone forever.

   The Red Lord's forces soon arrived and pitched battle commenced. In the melee, Dai lost track of Tommy, too busy fighting for his life, armed with a staff and gun. As his ammunition ran out and the Bane closed in, Gwalchmai joined him, offering Dai his spare sword, which he stated was a more reliable weapon. Shocked to see the knight, Dai called him Gawain, but not recognizing the name given to him by retellings of the Arthurian tales, Gwalchmai corrected him. Dai soon lost track of him again in the heat of the battle, but the thought of the knight gave Dai the strength to stay alive during the rest of the day long war. Eventually Adam Crown brought the conflict to an end by breaking the Red Lord's hold on Grace, cleansing her and, through her, her followers of the Bane influence within them. In the aftermath, Dai found Captain Britain and Albion, and joined the other survivors in celebrating their victory and honoring their dead.

(Knights of Pendragon II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Dai agreed to help the Met (Metropolitan police) on a narcotics stake-out in Rapunzel's nightclub in London's West End. He positioned himself at a table inside, staying in contact with his back-up, Norcott, via a hidden radio.

(Knights of Pendragon II#5) - While waiting impatiently, Dai was surprised when Peter Hunter (Albion) and Francesca Grace (Grace) of the Knights of Pendragon suddenly walked up to his table. He tried to tell them that it wasn't the right time for a casual chat, but to his surprise they informed him they had come in answer to his distress signal. Informing them that he had never sent any signal nor told anyone else about his location, a concerned Dai tried to raise Norcott over the radio, but got no answer. As the trio tried to quickly figure out how to react to the situation, a nearby skylight smashed in as the Knights' mutant foe, the assassin Magpie, dropped to the floor in front of them, proclaiming he had come for revenge. Summoning their swords and armors, the two superheroes lunged for Magpie, but he easily blocked both attacks, only to be shot in the chest by Dai.

    Climbing back to his feet with blood pouring from the wound, the villain congratulated Dai on his shooting, but when Dai told him to surrender, Magpie declined and teleported away. Albion speculated that Magpie had gone to too much trouble just to settle a grudge, and he wondered what his true motive had been, a question that was answered seconds later as Grace informed him that the alarm on her supposedly tamper-proof bike had been triggered. Dai followed them as they raced outside to the nearby alley where they had parked, to find that Magpie had stolen Grace's Pendragon bike and dimension jumped away. As a trailing Dai arrived, the pair jumped onto Albion's bike and teleported away in pursuit. Norcott arrived in time to witness the bike vanishing in a flash of light, and Dai wryly informed his colleague that he had given up the Pendragon's superhero lifestyle to stay on the force, prompting the younger officer to ask why he was expected to trust Dai's judgment. 

(Spider-Man I#25 (fb)) - To lure Captain Britain into a trap and imprison him in a virtual reality version of Murderworld, the villain Arcade sent a note purporting to be from Spider-Man to Dai Thomas' Inter-Regional Task Force. Though annoyed at his force being used as a post office box, Dai fell for the ruse and grumpily passed it on. 

(Excalibur I#54 (fb) - BTS) - When twenty-seven pensioners, the entire population of a small English retirement village, vanished without a trace, leaving baths running and meals half eaten but no signs of foul play, Dai called Excalibur to request Meggan's help, hoping to use her tracking abilities. Though he only asked for Meggan, Captain Britain, Kylun and Cerise went along too, just in case.

(Excalibur I#54 (fb)) - Dai explained the details of the situation to Excalibur upon their arrival. Even as he was doing so, Meggan sensed that the villagers had gone willingly somewhere nearby, and took off rapidly following the trail with the rest of Excalibur trying to keep up, leaving Dai behind.

(Excalibur I#54 - BTS) -The heroes discovered the missing pensioners had not been abducted, but were willing guests of the Crazy Gang and Joyboy of the Technet, visiting an idyllic Wonderland created by the latter.

(Excalibur I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Dai accepted an invitation to attend Excalibur's housewarming party at Braddock Manor, though he was annoyed that after agreeing to drive Emelia to the event she insisted he dress "appropriately" in a tuxedo.

(Excalibur I#55) - Dai arrived at the party in a sulk over his formal attire, but relaxed after a couple of double whiskeys, and watched with amusement as the newly arrived Courtney Ross (secretly Courtney's villainous Earth-794 counterpart Sat-Yr-9) surprised Brian Braddock with a passionate kiss that then prompted a jealous Meggan to kiss Brian even more passionately, which in turn led the alien Cerise, unused to Earth customs, to presume this was normal party behavior and so snog a startled Nightcrawler till the mutant ran out of breath. As Nightcrawler recovered with a dazed smile and the confused Cerise asked the other party attendees if she had done it right, Dai lit a cigarette to hide his amused smile. The party continued pleasantly for a short while, until Emelia suddenly screamed. As Dai turned to her in concern, Brian's visiting telepathic sister Betsy announced that Emelia was having a clairvoyant flash, sensing something had happened to Alysande Stuart, who was upstairs changing. The heroes raced upstairs, while Dai stayed to look after Emelia...

(Excalibur I#55 - BTS) - but as soon as the heroes were gone Sat-Yr-9's minions cut the manor power and shot both Dai and Emelia with tranquilizer darts.

(Excalibur I#55) - Psylocke sensed the pair downstairs were in danger, and Nightcrawler teleported down to them, finding both unconscious, only to be shot himself. The other heroes were swiftly overpowered by Sat-Yr-9's minions and her ally, the insane reality-warping Jamie Braddock, bar Shadowcat, who evaded capture.

(Excalibur I#56) - Jamie transformed the captured heroes and their guests into grotesque forms, leaving them in helpless agony, ornaments he posed around himself as he snoozed. Dai watched as first Psylocke (via her telepathy) and then Shadowcat attempted to stop Jamie and free everyone, but then Meggan recovered from the tranquilizers she had been shot with; her shapeshifting ability allowing her to resist Jamie's transformation, she restored herself and proceeded to beat their tormentor up, causing him to loss concentration so that everyone reverted to normal. Rallying, Excalibur swiftly got the upper hand over Sat-Yr-9's forces, and when Sat-Yr-9 herself was knocked out, one of her agents called for an emergency evacuation. An airship smashed through the Manor wall, nearly striking the still recovering Dai and Emelia, but Nightcrawler tackled the pair out of its path just in time. As the heroes watched the vessel fly away, Psylocke and Dai checked to make sure Emelia was okay.

(Excalibur I#56 (fb) - BTS) - Alysande Stuart had been killed by Jamie Braddock during his initial attack. Dai attended her inquest,

(Excalibur I#56 - BTS) - and nine days after the assault he joined the others at St. Andrews Chapel Cemetery in Dunoon, Scotland to attend her funeral (see comments).

(Excalibur I#60) - A night out at the opera for Nightcrawler and Cerise turned into a pursuit after an armored, seemingly deranged eighty year old, the Knight Errant, crashed the event to harasses another patron, arms dealer Raleigh Chamberlain. However, the Knight proved saner than they had realized when he led the two heroes to an armed nuclear warhead hidden in a central London pub. Realizing his rampage had been a means to locate the device, the pair let him go. With the authorities called in to safely remove the weapon, Dai arrived on scene, and upon learning that the two Excalibur members had not detained the "deranged, well-armed, eighty-year old lunatic" he angrily berated them. Nightcrawler defended their decision, insisting that despite the Knight's skewed perspectives he had accomplished something worthwhile in uncovering the warhead, but Dai remained annoyed, telling Nightcrawler that if anyone got hurt because of "that flake" he would hang Nightcrawler's hide from his window.

(Wisdom#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Dai met and became friends with Pete Wisdom, a mutant and former black ops spy, most likely after Pete briefly became a member of Excalibur, or when he later started working for MI:13, the agency that replaced both W.H.O. and R.C.X.

(Excalibur I#125) - Dai attended the wedding of Brian Braddock and Meggan Puceanu in Otherworld, commenting to fellow guest Micromax during the ceremony that Meggan, "the ugly duckling," had come a long way, and that Brian was a lucky chap to have won her heart.

(Uncanny X-Men I#448) - Dai was sent to Braddock Manor to invite the visiting X-Men to dinner with the Queen (see comments). He failed to notice that the chauffeur sent to drive the X-Men was the thinly disguised terrorist Viper.

(Wisdom#3 (fb) - BTS) - Cardiff's brutal new underworld boss Dave Griffin was identified from historical photographs and mystics working with the authorities to be the ancient Welsh red dragon Y Ddraig Goch, the mythological entity whose likeness had become Wales' national symbol, who had descended into this new criminality after forgetting his true identity. Both MI:13 and Dai were called in to deal with the situation.

(Wisdom#3) - Under Dai's command, police officers surrounded Griffin's base, the Red Dragon Pub in Cardiff, and Pete Wisdom went inside to provoke Griffin into a fight by taunting him with anti-Welsh comments. Once Griffin threatened violence against Pete, the agent invoked ancient magics to nominate a second, Shang-Chi, to do the actual fighting for him, and left the pub. Annoyed by the things Pete had said, Dai warned him (in Welsh) that if he believed for one second that Pete had meant any of it... Before he could finish, Pete responded (also in Welsh) that Dai knew he didn't. Glancing up at the pub's dragon signage, Dai expressed sadness that his country's national symbol had come to this sad state, recounting the dragon's mythological history and accounts of his heroic sightings in more recent centuries, and then the beast's sad decline in the last few decades. Disinterested in Dai's ramblings, Pete abruptly broke off the conversation to order his operatives to take up their observation posts.

(Wisdom#3 - BTS) - Shang-Chi provoked Y Ddraig Goch until he instinctively transformed into his dragon form, drawing energy from everyone in the city including Dai, and rendering them all unconscious, bar Shang-Chi.

(Wisdom#3) - Now recalling his true identity, Y Ddraig Goch stood down and let himself be taken into custody, despite Pete Wisdom having falsely promised Shang-Chi that he would let the dragon go free; Wisdom sardonically stated he had meant that metaphorically, noting that "the truth will set you free." With Y Ddraig Goch back in his human guise, Dai ordered his men to take the shackled prisoner away. As Y Ddraig Goch was put in the police van, he defiantly called back "Cymru am byth" (Wales forever), to which Pete retorted "And up yours." Standing next to Pete, Dai took a more measured view, telling his colleague that he thought they had made an enemy there. Ever sarcastic, Pete disparaged the danger by noting "Yeah, but only a Welsh one." The agent then began to excuse this latest insult to the Welsh by saying he was only joking, but an annoyed Dai cut him off mid-sentence and told him to shut up.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha (fb)) - When the Mys-Tech Board sought to break their pact with Mephisto by sacrificing Britain's entire population to the hell-lord, Britain's heroes rallied to battle them, battling the Board's forces at London Bridge. Several of the heroes, including Dai, Motormouth, Grace, Albion, a robotic incarnation of Gawain, Joseph Hauer, Dark Angel, Killpower, and Tigon Liger...

(Revolutionary War: Alpha (fb) - BTS) - and his Kether Troop Warheads, drove the Board back to the Mys-Tech base (likely, but not definitely, their base beneath the Museum of Pagan Antiquities) where they sorcerers had opened a portal to Hell. They trapped the Board on the other side of the portal, and Kether Troop also went through to stop the enemy forces on that side while the others fought Mys-Tech Psycho-Warriors and tried to figure out how to close the portal.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha (fb)) - The robotic Gawain was ripped in half, and a wounded Dai struggled to stay upright while the battle raged around him. Captured by tentacles that extruded through the wormhole and tried to pull her into Hell, Motormouth was saved by her friend Killpower, who forced the tentacles back through the portal, following them into Hell. Sensing the Board returning and that the world would be destroyed if they made it back to Earth, Dark Angel convinced a reluctant Liger to close the portal, even though that left the rest of Kether Troop and Killpower trapped in Hell. The threat posed by Mys-Tech seemed to have been ended, but at a great cost.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha - BTS) - However, a few years after Mys-Tech was seemingly destroyed, they apparently became active again, deploying Psycho-Wraiths across the U.K. to cause chaos and destruction. Discovering this, S.H.I.E.L.D. tasked Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom to rally Britain's heroes to get to the bottom of the situation.

(Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon (fb) - BTS) - Presumably awakened again by the threat, Gwalchmai's spirit began to once again speak intermittently through Dai, and though Dai himself was only aware he was being possessed and not what he said while in that state, Gwalchmai nevertheless managed to alert him that Omni Corporation was trying to access an underground Mys-Tech base beneath Northmoor in the Lake District, a base that in some way was connected to reawakening the Bane. Recruiting Kate McClellan's help, the pair discovered that Omni Corporation was hiding their true goal by pretending they were fracking in the area. Gwalchmai told them there was a secret route to the lost base accessible via a cave system, which could allow them to get to the base before Omni Corporation did.

(Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon) - Dai and Kate went to Northmoor, rappelled down into the caves, and soon reached the base's entrance, but before they could find a way to open it they were caught in a cave-in. Again taking over Dai, Gwalchmai manifested an energy shield to deflect the rocks and threw Kate to safety. Though she thus avoided being buried, Dai was not so lucky. The cave-in also unleashed Mys-Tech's buried weapon - a zombie version of King Arthur and his knights (see comments). Boasting of the destruction he and his minions would cause, zombie Arthur was about to slay Kate when Dai emerged from the rubble, once more fully transformed into Gwalchmai. Cutting his way through the zombies, he called to Kate to fight on and know that he had always loved her (see comments), but then a zombie got in a lucky strike, and Gwalchmai was downed. Zombie Arthur moved in for the kill, but Kate placed herself in the way, telling him to back away and declaring Gwalchmai/Dai her boyfriend. Unimpressed, zombie Arthur continued advancing towards them, but stopped when a portal from Avalon opened up and disgorged Albion, Pete Wisdom and Union Jack.

    Though Gwalchmai's wound kept him from the fight, for a moment the heroes rallied, but the numbers were against them, and the tide soon turned once more in the zombies' favor. Snatching up zombie Arthur's dropped sword, a faux Excalibur, Wisdom jumped back through the portal and returned momentarily with the Green Knight itself. As it easily destroyed the zombies, Kate checked on Gwalchmai and discovered to her distress that he appeared to have succumbed to his wounds; however, the Knight almost casually revived him once more, transforming him back into Dai in so doing. Confused, Dai asked Kate if his "friend" had shown up again, and she answered by passionately kissing him.

(Revolutionary War: Warheads (fb) - BTS) - The Psycho-Wraiths took over MI:13's base in London's Shard and built a Monotrace Core, a device which could break down the barrier between Earth's dimension and Mephisto's Hell if it was powered with suitable souls. Needing six surrogates with unique abilities to replace the original six Mys-Tech Board members in powering the Core with their souls, they kidnapped Albion and targeted Dai (the latter a replacement for Motormouth, who had evaded capture).

(Revolutionary War: Warheads) - Running through Soho in London late at night, Dai desperately phoned Tigon Liger, telling the soldier that he had been right to have doubts, that Albion and others had gone missing, and not to trust anyone. Seconds later he was ambushed and knocked out by a Psycho-Wraith.

(Revolutionary War: Warheads - BTS) - Dai was taken to the Shard and placed in a pod in the Monotrace Core alongside Captain Britain, Albion, Death's Head (Freelance Protection Agent), Dark Angel and Super Soldiers leader Joseph Hauer.

(Revolutionary War: Warheads) - The six abductees screamed as the Core drew power from them and opened a doorway to Hell, through which Mephisto's forces emerged, led by the hell-lord's chosen lieutenant, the now-corrupted and demonic Killpower.

(Revolutionary War: Omega) - As demon hordes invaded across the Earth, Death's Head (Minion), his partner Tuck, and Pete Wisdom fought their way into the Shard, and with Dark Angel's telepathic helped, released the captives. Killpower and his forces confronted the freed captives, and Dai joined the other heroes as they fought for their lives. The demons' overwhelming numbers, bolstered by Killpower's immense power, gave the villains the upper hand until Motormouth arrived at the head of a small army of British heroes. With these reinforcements, the demons were driven back, Killpower was slain, and Dark Angel managed to close the hell gate.

   In the aftermath, most of the Knights of Pendragon returned to Otherworld, but Dai returned to his first love, policing. Over the following days a fad for dressing as Psycho-Wraiths and demons sprang up among a portion of London's youths; Dai was deeply unimpressed and took great pleasure in arresting them whenever they gave him any cause. As a result of his role in battling the demons, Joseph Hauer was appointed the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D's European operations, and Dai joined other heroes who had fought in the recent conflict in attending Hauer's appointment ceremony outside the Houses of Parliament.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Tony DeZuniga and Rico Rival (artists).

   Dai's hair was red when he first appeared, but when the Captain Britain story originally published in The Daredevils was colored for its reprinting in X-Men Archives he was miscolored blond. Or maybe he was bleaching his hair that day, but that doesn't seem like him.

   In Captain Britain II#14/1, Dai mentions he has been on the force for thirty years. In the real world we first met Dai eleven years earlier, which at a very approximate estimation would be perhaps 3 to 4 years in-universe, so that his first appearance in Marvel Preview would presumably be somewhere around 25 years after he joined the police.

    Dai is a common abbreviation of Dafydd, the Welsh form of David, so he may well be Dafydd Thomas. For those who might not be familiar with the pronunciation of Welsh names, Dai is pronounced like Die (not Day), and Dafydd is pronounced like Davith. In Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#245/2 and 246/2, Captain Britain calls Dai "Taffy." That's not listed as an alias because Taffy is a general, sometimes slightly derogatory, nickname for a Welshman, so it's no more an alias than if someone called Captain America "Yank." It is noteworthy, however, because while his name Dai Thomas was a strong indicator from the outset that he was Welsh, this is the first time that it is confirmed explicitly.

   The British Prime Minister kidnapped by the Red Skull and listed in Dai's affiliations was depicted as Jim Callaghan, who was Prime Minister at the time the story was published. With the sliding timescale meaning that the events of the story took place less than fifteen years ago from whatever the current date is, the actual identity of the politician abducted and rescued will have changed. Similarly, Dai was originally among those providing security at an event during Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee (25 years on the throne, in 1977); though her lengthy reign means that even with the sliding timescale it can still be Elizabeth II he was protecting, this would presumably now be a different event, as even  her Golden Jubilee in 2002 is now too far in the past. The reasons for Dai being present for the events that happened in Portsmouth, which is some 80 miles from London, isn't clearly explained, and is a little bizarre, akin to a NYC cop just happening to turn up at an incident in Washington D.C. In real life it is likely as simple as the American writers not realizing how far out of his jurisdiction he was, but in universe it might have been because he was still assigned as a minor member of her security detail (minor because otherwise he'd have been on the Royal Yacht with her, not on the docks), or, perhaps more likely given his disdain for Captain Britain, because the ever-cynical Dai suspected the hero might "attack" her again.

    It might be considered somewhat unusual for Joe MacTaggert, who was based in Edinburgh, Scotland, to call Dai Thomas, an officer working for a police force based over three hundred miles away, presumably to tell him that he had just been threatened by his ex-wife. At the time he did this, Dai was not in charge of the countrywide taskforce he would later command, and, except perhaps for professional courtesy, a London detective would have no pull with the Edinburgh police. However, while Scotland Yard, or the London Metropolitan Police to use the proper name, is a regional force that normally only has jurisdiction in part of London, they do have a national remit in some areas, including co-ordinating protection for senior government figures. Joe MacTaggert was not only a Member of Parliament (which, in itself, would not merit the Met, just regular police protection), but he is also noted as a sure-in for Prime Minister one day, presumably making him somewhat more senior in the British government. What's interesting from the perspective of Dai is this means he presumably had been moved off of investigating regular crimes and on to protection duties at this point in his career.

   The battling heroes whose conflict had indirectly caused Valerie Thomas' death were not identified and have only been seen in silhouette. Those silhouettes are fairly distinctive, suggesting Thor Odinson and the Hulk (Bruce Banner), but it's worth remembering that both said heroes have a few near doppelgangers who would be indistinguishable in silhouette form. In Captain Britain I#8 Kate Fraser mentions it was a battle between "SHIELD vs Hydra, FF vs the Hulk, I forget which." As such, it's possible that the FF was also present for the fight, but it's also possible that Kate was misremembering, just as she suggested.

   In Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#245, Captain Britain calls Dai's nephew Freddie when mentioning that Slaymaster must have kidnapped him. In the real world this would presumably be down to the writers having forgotten they named the kid Herbie a week earlier, but in-story it's explainable by Captain Britain, still recovering from a blow to the head that had knocked him out, simply misremembering a name that he'd only heard once in passing.

   Captain Britain II#1/1 shows that Dai had accumulated a substantial file on Captain Britain and Brian Braddock, but isn't explicit as to what he learned when. He would have opened some sort of file the moment he knew about the hero, since that kind of thing would presumably be normal procedure, but it seems likely he didn't learn about Captain Britain's debut being connected to the Darkmoor Research Centre until after he already suspected Brian Braddock was Captain Britain; the hero's adventures in Captain Britain Vol.1 already hinted at a connection between the hero and Thames University, but that would have left Dai with dozens if not hundreds of potential candidates, whereas the Darkmoor connection in conjunction with Thames University would have narrowed it right down, if not to one candidate then to at most a handful. It therefore seems very likely Dai only made the connection between Brian and Captain Britain after the fight with Slaymaster outside of Forbidden Planet. At that point he had Betsy Braddock's name making him realize that perhaps Captain Britain being at Braddock Manor was not simply coincidental, and once he made that connection it wouldn't take much work to discover that Brian had been in America when Captain Britain was publicly adventuring there, cementing his suspicions. I suspect he learned of the events that happened at Darkmoor only after he began investigating the Braddock family. Brian making a publicized return "from a world tour" around the same time that Captain Britain also reappeared, and Brian now being visibly much taller and more muscular, the same physical change that Captain Britain had undergone, was merely the final clincher.

   Re-reading Scott Lobdell's fill-in stories for this profile was a chore. I'd forgotten (blanked out) just how badly he misunderstood all the characters. In the story where Dai and Phoenix team up to find the missing girl, Dai has been regressed to the two dimensional hero-hater he'd stopped being during Alan Davis' run of Captain Britain, and then turns into Rambo, donning combat gear and an array of heavy weapons that are both out of character and utterly inappropriate for the situation; instead of arming himself for a war, if Dai expected to have a serious fight on his hands (and why expect that, when all he was doing was hunting for a kidnapped girl), he'd have called in back-up from appropriate police units. See his outfit in the history above and judge for yourselves.

    It's also a little weird that in UXM#448 Dai was used as a messenger boy to invite the X-Men to dinner with the Queen, both because the task itself was fairly menial, taking him away from more important duties, and because of you'd imagine the Queen would have other people whose job would normally include delivering such invites (The invite itself isn't so bizarre, because, as the issue notes, two of the X-Men had save the Queen's life in a previous adventure). Presumably Dai got the job because of his past friendship with the two X-Men present who were former Excalibur members, Nightcrawler and Rachel Summers. 

   We don't see Dai at Alysande Stuart's funeral, nor are we told that he attended the inquest into her death. However, as both a witness and a police officer, it seems very likely he would have been required to attend the latter, and purely out of respect I would expect him to have attended the former.

   In Knights of Pendragon I#2-5 Dai globe trots investigating the Green Knight's killings and the nefarious Omni Corporation on behalf of W.H.O. This is a little bizarre since W.H.O. was a wholly British organization and while it might be interested in the attacks it would lack the authority to let Dai just traipse into foreign nations to investigate crimes that had happened within their borders. However, since W.H.O.'s interest in these killing was sparked by attacks within the U.K., presumably other countries suffering connected attacks might well be willing to cooperate in the hope it might help solve the murders that had happened within their borders. Nevertheless, it does sometimes feel like someone forgot that W.H.O. wasn't international like S.H.I.E.L.D.

   Many Arthurian tales have seen character names changed and anglicized as they were retold over the centuries. When he is physically reborn in Knights of Pendragon I#18, the knight whose Pendragon spirit previously possessed Dai identifies himself as Gwalchmai, and doesn't even recognize the name assigned to him by later versions, Gawain. However, when he is possessing Dai he calls himself Gawain, even when the knight is fully in charge of their body; presumably, this comes from Dai, a self-confessed fan of the book Gawain and the Green Knight, and is evidence that Dai is influencing Gwalchmai just as Gwalchmai is influencing the police officer. It's also worth noting that Dai being possessed by Gwalchmai's Pendragon spirit manifests differently than most others who get possessed; when Albion, for example, has Merlin's Pendragon he doesn't get taken over by Merlin's personality or have Merlin speak through him. This only seems to happen to Dai, and a much lesser extent, Captain Britain. Perhaps this has something to do with their Pendragon spirits having only recently been awoken by the Green Knight's anger and pain, or because Gwalchmai's Pendragon spirit being different from the others as he was the one who originated the pact with the Green Knight.

   Though the spirit who possessed Dai is mostly called Gawain in the comics and only once uses Gwalchmai, I've tried to stick to the latter for the most part because Dai also interacts (much more briefly) with the Gawain robot that later joined the Knights of Pendragon. Thus, to help avoid confusing the two, if you see Gawain mentioned in the text above it is the robot, and the spirit is referred to as Gwalchmai; however, take it as read that except in Knight of Pendragon I#18, everyone in the comics used the name Gawain.

   The zombie "King Arthur" that Dai and Kate battled can't be the actual risen corpse of Arthur, since we know Arthur's remains were buried elsewhere, he was resurrected using them, and is still alive as far as we are aware. Since Kate mentions that Mys-Tech were experimenting with "ancient DNA" it seems they somehow cloned (and then zombiefied?) Arthur, and by extension the other zombie "Knights of the Round Table."

   In Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon, when Dai is fully possessed by Gwalchmai, he tells Kate to "know that Gawain loved you always." Given Kate follows this by declaring him her boyfriend, she at least seems to have taken this to be a declaration from Dai rather than Gwalchmai, no matter what name was said.

    This profile was completed 4/11/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Loki.

Dai Thomas has no known connections to

Valerie Thomas

(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Valerie Thomas was the wife of Dai Thomas and mother of Ruth Thomas. They had a rural family cottage in Gower, South Wales, and Dai and Val enjoyed reading their daughter books such as Gawain and the Green Knight. Their daughter grew up there, and the home contained memories of laughter, and the smell of talcum powder and baby milk.


(Captain Britain I#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dai and Valerie Thomas visited New York City so Dai could attend a police conference. While there they became accidental bystanders in a superhero battle...

(Captain Britain II#1/1 (fb)) - between the Hulk and Thor... (see comments)

(Captain Britain I#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - during which a building collapsed on both of them. Dai was badly injured, but Valerie was killed.


--(mentioned) Captain Britain I#8/1; (seen) Captain Britain II#1/1; (named) Knights of Pendragon I#1

Ruth Thomas


(Knights of Pendragon I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ruth Thomas was the daughter of Dai and Valerie Thomas. The family had a rural cottage in Gower, South Wales, and Ruth grew up from infancy there. As a child her parents regaled her by reading books such as Gawain and the Green Knight to her. After her mother's death in New York, the now adult Ruth drifted apart from her father, exchanging only a couple of phone calls a year.


--Knights of Pendragon I#1

New Scotland Yard's coroner


New Scotland Yard's coroner was apparently used to checking whether corpses might be slain vampires, and was readily able to both swiftly tell the difference between a slain human and a re-killed undead. He could even provide an approximate duration since the corpse had been human, informed in part by how swiftly the corpse began to decay, and he was aware of how long someone needed to have existed as a vampire before being staked would reduce them to swiftly to fleshless bones. He confirmed for Dai Thomas that Stephen Roak, who had been slain by Blade, was, indeed, a vampire.


    There's a slight resemblance between this guy and Dr. Kelly Forrest, and since both are medical types who work with the Metropolitan Police, there is an outside chance that they were intended to be the same man, given how Chris Claremont likes to reuse background characters (cf Mr. Stuart, among many others).

--Marvel Preview#3

Stephen Roak's father


Stephen Roak's father saw his son regularly, but failed to notice for seven months that his son had become a vampire. The night after a meal together, Stephen was destroyed by the vampire hunter Blade. Informed of his son's death, Roak went to New Scotland Yard, where he learned that his son's killer had been brought in but not arrested. Waiting outside the morgue, he caught Chief Inspector Dai Thomas exiting the room and demanded to know whether the killer would be charged, but Dai informed him that this would not be the case, as Stephen had died seven months earlier. Incredulous at this statement, Roak angrily shouted at the departing detective, pointing out that his son could not have been dead so long, since they had shared a meal only recently. 





--Marvel Preview#3


Peter was a senior uniformed London police officer whom Dai contacted when Emelia sensed an imminent disturbance in Docklands. He was on site when Dai arrived at the warehouse Necrom had exploded, overseeing the investigation as nineteen bodies and counting were dug out of the rubble. When Dai arrive, Peter queried how the inspector had known the incident would occur before it actually happened, and Dai explained that Emelia had foreseen it clairvoyantly.

Comments: Despite some sites claiming Peter here is secretly a disguised Nigel Orpington-Smythe, seemingly based purely on both being called by the very common name Peter, I'm pretty certain they are not the same man. They don't resemble one another (cop Peter is visibly younger), Nigel is a well-known and highly recognizable public figure, a former spokesman for the government that Dai should recognize, and Dai seems to know cop Peter well enough to address him by his first name.





--Excalibur I#49


Harris was the helicopter pilot who flew Micromax, Dai and Emelia from London to Excalibur's lighthouse so they could be on site in time to help against Necrom.

Comments: Only appearing clearly in one panel, it's unrevealed whether Harris works for the cops, F.I.6 or is a civilian pilot drafted in. For ease I've assumed the first option, but it's really only a guess.




--Excalibur I#50


Ali was head warden for a game reserve in Tsavo East, Kenya, whose territory included the Voi Lodge that was favored by Omni Corporation director Conrad, whom Ali had suspected for months to be the head of a poaching cartel operating in the region. After Conrad's crushed body was found twenty miles from the lodge, Dai Thomas came to investigate. Ali piloted Dai by helicopter to the lodge and suggested Dai might want to speak to Conrad's associate Van Ocken. That night one of Ali's patrols spotted a downed poacher helicopter near where Conrad's body had been found, and despite the late hour alerted Dai and flew out with him to investigate. En route Ali explained the brutal methods the poachers used to hunt elephants. Spotting the crashed helicopter, Dai insisted on being dropped off for a closer look despite Ali's insistence it was dangerous and they should wait until light. Though Dai had asked Ali to stay overhead with his searchlight on, the warden flew off suddenly, but returned in the nick of time to pick Dai up as the Welshman fled the crash site in terror. Back at the lodge he watched as Dai accused Van Ocken of being the new man in charge of the poachers, and then shot Van Ocken's subordinate Rhett when he pulled a gun. He and Dai pursued the fleeing Van Ocken outside, but failed to find him; however, on their return inside Ali was given three packages found in Van Ocken's room by the warden Batu. Two contained the pelts and heads of poached leopards; the third contained what was left of Van Ocken.





--Knights of Pendragon I#2

Kerrigan and Cruz


Kerrigan (dark haired, bearded) and Cruz (clean shaven, brown haired) were Florida coast guards, and crewed the Jenny. They took Dai and Kate out to Sand Key, where they discovered the wreck of the Rita, and the next day took the two visitors with them when they tried to arrest Mendez aboard his ship the Icarus. Coming under fire, the pair tried to get the Jenny away from the Icarus, and subsequently witnessed their pursuer's destruction at the hands of the oil creature manifested by the Green Knight.





--Knights of Pendragon I#3

Gordon Rennels


Gordon Rennels was a medical or forensics examiner for Scotland Yard. He was on the scene when Dai Thomas arrived at Mornington Crescent to inspect the scene of what appeared to be another of the Jigsaw Man's murders, and confirmed to Dai that the victim's condition matched the serial killer's M.O. When Dai asked if there were any witnesses, Rennels suggested he ask the crowd of "saucer-eyed wassocks" gawking at the spectacle with morbid interest. Back at Scotland Yard he identified Dolph as the Jigsaw Man based on tissue samples found on the victim's remains.




--Knights of Pendragon I#7



(Knights of Pendragon I#7) - Phillips was the officer in charge of the murder scene at Mornington Crescent when Dai Thomas arrived to inspect things. He confirmed that the deceased appeared to be another Jigsaw Man victim, and directed Dai to check with Gordon Rennels for the details. When Union Jack was spotted watching from a nearby rooftop and fled upon being seen, Phillips directed the other officers present to try to pursue him. Back at New Scotland Yard he proudly showed Dai the vigilante's mask which had been found on the rooftop, adding that blood had been found in the alley on the other side of the building (because Union Jack had fallen off the building there while being painfully possessed by a Pendragon spirit), but Dai warned Phillips not to congratulate himself too much, pointing out they had yet to apprehend the suspect.


(Knights of Pendragon I#9) - When the Bane attacked New Scotland Yard to free Dolph, Phillips was one of the officers present. Realizing the police couldn't handle the lightning throwing intruders, he tried to flee but was blasted and presumably slain.



--Knights of Pendragon I#7  (Knights of Pendragon I#9



(Knights of Pendragon I#13 - BTS) - Norcott was a Scotland Yard plainclothes officer working under Dai Thomas.

(Knights of Pendragon I#13) - Wanting a few minutes undisturbed to eat a late lunch, Dai Thomas called Norcott on the intercom and told him to field any calls for the next ten minutes and to keep people out of the office. However Astra TV reporter Randolph Frewin and his cameraman Nigel somehow evaded Norcott and got in anyway, prompting Dai to angrily storm out of his office shouting for the absent Norcott.

(Knights of Pendragon I#18) - Norcott tried to show Dai eye witness accounts of a taxi that had allegedly vanished in the middle of Trafalgar Square, but Dai dismissed this as rubbish, telling Norcott that taxis didn't vanish into thin air and to shove off because he was trying to eat. Norcott persisted in trying to get Dai to look at the statements, but Dai evaded him by entering an elevator whose doors shut before Norcott could follow him in.

(Knights of Pendragon II#5) - Northcott was Dai Thomas' back-up when he was on a narcotics stake-out in Rapunzels' nightclub. He stopped answering his radio after the Knights of Pendragon arrived, presumably because it was being jammed by Magpie, who had lured the heroes there, rather than because he had suffered any mishap, since he later turned up unharmed to follow Dai and the Pendragons outside when they exited the club in pursuit of Magpie, and witnessed the Knights teleport away. Dai wryly informed his compatriot that he had given up the Pendragon's superhero lifestyle to stay on the force, prompting the younger officer to ask why he was expected to trust Dai's judgment.  

-- (voice only) Knights of Pendragon I#13;  (seen) Knights of Pendragon I#18   (Knights of Pendragon II#5

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