Real Name:  James Braddock Jr.

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
    citizen of the United Kingdom

Occupation: Agent of Otherworld;
    former racing driver, slave trader, agent of Sat-Yr-9

Group Membership: Foursaken (Godfrey Calthrop, Ned Horrocks, Amina Synge);
    formerly agent of Sat-Yr-9, boss of Rafi during his slave-trading period

Affiliations: Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Captain England, the (Captain Britain) Corps, Meggan, Merlyn, Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Saturnyne, Sat-Yr-9's troops;
    formerly raced for Lord Quayne;
    worked with Nigel Frobisher and for Sat-Yr-9;
    in some way allied with his own counterpart in Reality-90068;
    recreated Emma Collins as his servant and turned Vixen into his pet.

Enemies: Alistaire Stuart; Brigadier Alysande Stuart; Dr. Crocodile, Dr. Ramsey, Dr. Synne; Excalibur (Captain Britain, Cerise, Feron, Kylun/Colin McKay, Meggan, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde); Fantomex, the First Fallen, the Goat (Horoam'ce possessing a future Jamie Braddock), Mastermind, O*N*E (Office of National Emergency); Dai Thomas, Emilia Witherspoon, the Witch-Woman; the Vixen, X-Men (Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Sage, Storm/Ororo Monroe, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett);
    formerly Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), the Foursaken, Psylocke
    (possibly, if Brian's dreams of the future are true; otherwise, at least true of an alternate future) the Aryanites; the Chaos Commanders 

Known Relatives: Brian Braddock (Captain Britain, brother), Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock (Psylocke, sister), Sir James Braddock Sr. (father, deceased), Lady Elizabeth Braddock (mother, deceased), Meggan Puceanu Braddock (sister-in-law), Margaret Braddock (niece) 

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Starlight Citadel;
Muir Island;
    formerly (while working for Sat-Yr-9) based out of the Braddock family's apartments in London;
    formerly (during his captivity) Dr.Crocodile's Compound, Mbangawi;
    formerly Tangiers, Africa;
    formerly Braddock Manor and his flat in Chelsea, London; 

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Captain Britain Weekly#8 (December 1, 1976);
    (seen) Captain Britain Weekly#9 (December 8, 1976)  

Powers/Abilities: Jamie perceived the world as invisible quantum string constructs, like messy balls of wool full of loose ends and empty space, which he could pull to transform reality, reshaping people into other individuals, animals or grotesque caricatures, making them shrink or grow, redirecting energy, or changing memories. He could also watch objects in other realities, even granting powers to them. 

    Originally he could only manipulate dense forms (phased beings had some level of resistance), needed to be close enough to touch the “cosmic filaments” things were composed of, and if his concentration was disrupted some items or people changed would spontaneously revert to normal. 

    There may have been a correlation between his sanity and his power level, as both increased noticeably after he spent time in a coma. With a simple act of will, he could later generate vast, complex illusions, redirect another’s teleport, and open interdimensional portals. He could raise the dead, and render someone immune to external influences by tightening their quantum strings, removing the gaps; however, Jamie remained able to affect them at will, possibly because he knew which strings are left available to pull. He created functional copies of the Fury, and could presumably copy other objects too. 

    Jamie appeared to be largely impervious to physical damage; even having large holes shot through him causes purely cosmetic damage that swiftly vanished. He was also able to listen in on telepathic conversations between his siblings, although this power may have been unrelated to his other abilities.

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 151 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: (Captain Britain I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Jamie Braddock was the eldest child of Sir James Braddock and Elizabeth Braddock, a decade older than his siblings, the twins Brian and Betsy.

(Excalibur Annual#2/1 (fb)) - As young children Jamie was left in charge of his younger siblings. Jamie resented this, and tormented them, trying to get them to play the "Civil War." Instead the twins ran away from him and hid, which only deepened Jamie's resentment.

(Excalibur Annual#2/1 - BTS) - Jamie was sent to boarding school, and thus grew up away from his siblings much of the time. This served to heighten his sense of exclusion from the twins and their increasingly close rapport.

(Uncanny X-Men I#473 (fb) - BTS) - At boarding school Jamie bonded with fellow students Ned Horrocks, Godfrey Calthrop and Jamie's girlfriend Amina Synge; preferring to make their own rules, they were expelled from several schools, earning them the nickname “the Foursaken,” a sobriquet they wore with pride.

(Uncanny X-Men I#464 (fb)) - After boarding school, Jamie returned home, and grew closer to Betsy, who shared his sense of adventure, while Brian became increasingly lost in books. Jamie and Betsy turned the Roman ruins known as St. William's Tower into their playground and second home (see comments).

(Uncanny X-Force I#23 (fb)) - Jamie became a racing driver. After he participated in an international cup, he went fox hunting with the teenaged Betsy and his father, while Brian stayed at home working on building a supercollider. When he returned, Brian excitedly tried to show Jamie his invention, but Jamie was more interested in showing off the fox Betsy had caught, teasing her that she was quite the killer.

(Captain Britain I#14 (fb) - BTS) - After Sir James and Elizabeth both died in what was presumed a lab accident (but were actually murdered by Sir James' A.I. Mastermind), Jamie inherited Braddock Manor and its lands.

(Captain Britain I#9 - BTS) - Dr. Synne began a reign of terror in the area around Braddock Manor, hypnotizing those who opposed him to turn them into his slaves, until only Jamie Braddock was left free of his influence.

(Captain Britain I#8 - BTS) - Jamie was testing his Formula 1 racing car on the track behind Braddock Manor, running it flat out, when the car's cockpit was struck by a strange beam of light, causing it to go out of control. Spinning out, it clipped some trees and exploded, but Jamie was thrown clear. Betsy witnessed the accident and managed to smother the flames on him before they could burn through his protective driving suit. Leaving Jamie in the care of the staff, Betsy raced to London to alert Brian to the incident.

Jamie as he appeared in his very first panel(Captain Britain I#9) - Having witnessed the returning Betsy's plane going down in the fields near the Manor, Jamie and Mick, one of the Manor's staff, rushed out to help. They found Brian and Betsy both alive and uninjured, though Brian appeared to be hallucinating (a result of a mental attack from Dr.Synne). Jamie snapped his brother out of the trance, and then transported his two siblings back to the Manor. There he explained about the Doctor's growing tyranny, and that the car crash was a declaration of war between him and Synne. However as he said this to Brian, he failed to notice that Betsy, under the influence of the evil mind-controller, had taken a battle-axe off a wall display. At the last second he spotted her and cried out a warning. As she swung the axe at Brian's head, Jamie lunged forward, trying to stop her before the axe-blow landed.

(Captain Britain I#10) - Betsy swung round at Jamie, and the axe crashed into the table next to him, as he narrowly dodged aside. The two brothers continued to duck and dive, as their possessed sister turned furniture into kindling around them. She narrowly missed Jamie, whose burned leg was slowing him down, so Brian tried to draw her attention, only to receive a glancing blow on the arm. With him down, Betsy returned her attention to Jamie, who snagged his leg on a chair and fell helpless in front of her. Deaf to Jamie's cries for mercy, the axe came down to sever his head from his shoulders, only to be blocked at the last instance by Captain Britain's staff: Brian had decided to sacrifice his secret identity to save his brother's life, and transformed into his costumed alter-ego. The astonished Jamie, in shock from his close encounter with death, watched in stunned silence as the axe shattered against the staff, and his sister then tackled the masked hero, taking them both through a window and into the grounds outside.

    Recovering his wits, Jamie followed them into the snow, where he found his brother had finally subdued Betsy. Captain Britain asked Jamie to watch over her, while he searched for the real villain of the piece: Dr. Synne. Finding tracks, but no sign of the man himself, the hero returned, and the two brothers took their sister to Morder Research Centre, the nearest clinic in the area. While Betsy was checked over, Jamie discussed his brother's new role with him, and promised to keep his secret. Then they spoke to Dr. Ramsey, who had examined Betsy. He advised them to go home and get some sleep, leaving Betsy behind for further tests and some rest in the clinic's care.

(Captain Britain I#11 (fb)) - Jamie continued to try to talk with his brother about his new identity as Britain's premiere hero. Brian, needing a break from this, decided to go out for a drive and clear his head.

(Captain Britain I#12) - Jamie returned to Morder to see how Betsy was progressing, but was told by Dr. Ramsey that it was hopeless - she was not expected to regain consciousness. Even as the physician said this, Betsy awoke, and Jamie rushed to her side, proclaiming her recovery a miracle (in fact, miles away, Captain Britain's fight with Dr.Synne had caused the villain to lose his control over her).

(Captain Britain I#15 - BTS) - Freed from Synne's control, Dr. Ramsey reverted to his true loyalty - as an agent of the Red Skull. He took Jamie and Betsy hostage to prevent Captain Britain trying to challenge his master's plans.

(Captain Britain I#15) - Having broken into Braddock Manor, the Red Skull watched on a monitor as Dr. Ramsey, gun in hand, guarded the two hostages, Jamie and Betsy, tied back to back in a pair of chairs, prisoners in Morder.

(Captain Britain I#17 and Captain Britain I#18) Captain Britain and Captain America discovered the Skull hidden in Braddock Manor, but when they tried to subdue him, he drew their attention to a viewscreen which displayed his two hostages. With Dr. Ramsey holding a gun on them, the two captives pleaded for their brother to save them.

(Captain Britain I#20) - The two Captains located the hostages at the hospital, where they were being guarded by Ramsey and two of the Skull's neo-Nazis. With both of the Braddock's still tied to a chair in the middle of the room, the heroes came to their rescue from different directions. In his civilian identity, Brian Braddock came to the door, then Captain America smashed in through the window. Having subdued the guards in seconds, Jamie and Betsy were then untied. Jamie, having heard on the television that the heroes had died in the bombing of Braddock Manor, then demanded to know if his rescuer was really his brother, or someone else in the costume.

(Captain Britain I#21) - Captain America asked Jamie to tell him how he and his fellow hero were reported to have died, but Jamie refused to do so until he was reassured that the two weren't impostors. To convince him, Captain Britain transformed back into his non-heroic identity. Brian ordered Jamie to take Betsy home, while the two heroes departed to deal with the Skull. 

(Captain Britain I#31) - Jamie and Betsy watched the battle between their brother and Lord Hawk on television, sitting in Jamie's London flat. Betsy was worried at first that Brian might have been killed, though the News eventually revealed this was not the case. However Jamie decided that he should lend his younger brother a hand. He went over the Brian's student accommodation, and hammered on the door, demanding to be let in. Brian felt that Jamie would only get hurt trying to help, and so turned into Captain Britain, then knocked Jamie out as he opened the door. He dragged his unconscious sibling into the flat, and tied Jamie securely to a chair.

    Jamie awakened to find himself restrained, and his brother, still in his Captain Britain form, asleep with his head atop a pile of blueprints. The elder Braddock demanded (not unreasonably) to know why he had been tied up. When Brian told him it had been to prevent him trying to tackle Lord Hawk, Jamie informed him that he had only wanted to help, "but my enthusiasm has waned", then demanded to be released. Before Brian could respond, they heard a loud explosion outside. Fearing it was Lord Hawk attacking Captain Britain made to leave. When Jamie asked to be untied first, he was told that there was no time. Then the hero leapt from the window.

(Captain Britain I#34 (fb)) - Jamie worked his way free of the ropes holding him, and returned to his flat, where Betsy was waiting. In spite of their hopes, the News carried no information as to the fate of their brother.

(Captain Britain I#34) - Jamie rushed to his sister's side after she awoke screaming Brian's name. As she told him of a dream where she had seen Brian bleeding and near death, Jamie thought of the last time he had seen his brother, and though he was far from certain of it himself, he tried to reassure her that Brian was alright.

Jamie cultivates his playboy look(Captain Britain I#39) - Some weeks later, Brian and Betsy were around at Jamie's flat in Chelsea. They discussed a newspaper article which detailed Captain Britain's attack on the Queen, and Brian stated that he had done so under the influence of hypnosis.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly#243) - Looking for background information on one of Slaymaster's victims, Brian visited his brother Jamie, who had once worked for one of them, Lord Quayne. Jamie was working on his car at a race track, just prior to racing in a major event. He informed Brian that Quayne was into collecting thoroughbred horses as well as motor car racing. Seeing a pattern in Slaymaster's victims, Brian then asked him who he thought was the U.K.'s most famous collector, and Jamie stated that one of them would be Major Jock Gunn. Gunn, a collector of race cars, was due to start the race that Jamie was to take part in later that day.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly#243 - BTS) - Jamie was in his car and ready to race when Captain Britain tried to stop Slaymaster from killing Major Gunn as the retired military man fired the starter's pistol.

(Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly#244 - BTS) - Jamie was probably in the crowd of people who rushed to help Captain Britain after the hero was caught in an explosion at the starter's line.

Jamie during his slaver days, as hallucinated by Gatecrasher(Excalibur Annual#2/1 (fb)) - Jamie became addicted to the good life his career brought him. Paid to lose a race, he double-crossed the local Maggia who had wanted him to do so, and received a beating for his troubles. He gambled heavily in an attempt to repay this debt, only to drive himself further into the hole. This cycle continued, and each loss drove him further down a slippery slope, as he took illegal but highly paid jobs to make the money he needed. Each job was more immoral than the last, and soon he was trading in human lives. 

(Captain Britain II#10/Excalibur I#15 (fb)) - Jamie became involved in a variety of lucrative criminal activities in Africa, among them robbing and murdering aid convoys to sell their famine relief; and the kidnapping and selling into slavery of both white aid workers and African natives.

(Captain Britain II#9, BTS) - Jamie took part in the Trans-African Rally (see comments). Aware of his activities and needing a way of luring Captain Britain out of the UK, British intelligence agency RCX (Resources Control Executive) tipped off President Joshua N’Dingi (Dr. Crocodile) of Mbangawi about Jamie’s crimes. Both he...

(Uncanny X-Men I#473 (fb)) - ...and gunrunners to whom Jamie owed money made plans to intercept Jamie during the race. Unaware of his misdeeds, his fellow Foursaken elected to join him, thinking the race would be a laugh. On the seventh day the gunrunners ambushed the Foursaken in a desolate section of the Sahara, but their captives were rescued by the First Fallen, a cosmic being which wished to freeze reality at a point of perfection for all eternity, and which had sensed that within Jamie there lay the potential to achieve this goal. The First Fallen drew them to his realm, the Singing City, and offered to release the innate power he sensed within each of them, in return for them becoming his servitors; Calthrop, Horrocks and Synge readily agreed, but Jamie, either afraid or, through his Otherworldly heritage, sensing something awry with the deal, refused and fled, ...

(Captain Britain II#9, BTS) - ...straight into Mbangawi custody.

(Captain Britain II#9) - Having been misled to believe Brian sponsored Jamie’s illicit pastimes, Doctor Crocodile had Jamie tied up and threatened with torture, then forced him to call his brother in England. As he watched the Witch-Woman heat up some barbed prongs in a fire Jamie passed on an ultimatum from his captors: Brian had to come to Mbangawi by Wednesday or they would do something "savage and unpleasant" to him.

(Captain Britain II#10) - Jamie was with Dr. Crocodile when Captain Britain and Meggan broke into Mbangawian ruler's compound, and watched as his captor spoke to the intruders over a phone. Captain Britain was exposed to a gas that caused him to have visions of Jamie's crimes, and came to holding Jamie by the throat. Realizing what his brother had been doing, Captain Britain lost his temper. When Jamie tried to plead for Captain Britain to rescue him from his captors, the hero began striking him, and informed Jamie that he was going to kill him. Dr. Crocodile stopped Britain, and assured him that local justice would take it's course. Captain Britain and Meggan departed, leaving Jamie to Dr. Crocodile's tender mercies.

(Excalibur I#15 - BTS/ Excalibur Annual#2 (fb) ) - Dr. Crocodile oversaw Jamie's punishment, using African mystical rituals undertaken by his Witch Woman. Jamie, in agony, blamed his siblings for abandoning him. Eventually he was driven mad by the Witch Woman's torture, and came to believe that he was dreaming the world. The same process also unlocked his mutant powers of reality manipulation, although like his body, these remained bound by the Witch Woman's enchantments.

(Excalibur I#15) - Gatecrasher and her Technet were hired by Nigel Frobisher to rescue Jamie. They traveled to Mbangawi, and penetrated Dr.Crocodile's compound, where Gatecrasher found Jamie being tortured by the African ruler and his Witch Woman. Gatecrasher was exposed to the gas which, like Captain Britain before her, gave her visions of Jamie's crimes. Like the hero before her, she decided Jamie did not deserve rescuing. However her associate Yap, sensing the power and evil in Jamie, panicked and teleported them all, Jamie and Dr. Crocodile included, back to the Technet's base in Brighton.

    Freed from his restraints, Jamie began to wander. Bodybag of the Technet tried to swallow him, but Jamie, now seeing the world as a network of threads, tugged on some of them, and virtually pulled the alien inside out. Thug and Ferro2 fare no better, and when Fascination tried to overload his mind, her power backfired. She was stunned, and Jamie was partially returned to sanity. He finished off the rest of the Technet in seconds, then transformed Dr. Crocodile into a tiny version of his namesake.

    Having returned the Technet to normal (but not Dr.Crocodile) and wiped their memories of the encounter, Jamie was trying to decide what to do next, when Nigel Frobisher approached him and recruited him into the service of Sat-Yr9.

(Excalibur I#27 - BTS) - Jamie moved into the Braddock's London townhouse. Missing the familiar things, he recreated Emma Collins, the long-dead housekeeper of the Braddock family.

(Excalibur I#18 - BTS,#19) - Since his brother was at this point traveling through various alternate dimensions, Jamie located the one Brian was on (Earth-90068), and made contact with one of his own counterparts. Through this alternate Jamie, he attacked Excalibur. Shadowcat was returned to Earth-616 during the conflict, and witnessed her own reality's Jamie playing with figurines of Excalibur. When Jamie's back blistered and burned after one of the figurine's appeared to flash with light, Shadowcat realized there was a connection between the activities in both realities. Unsure of how else she could stop him, Shadowcat tried ordering the child-like Braddock around as if he was a misbehaving toddler...and bizarrely it worked. He put down his toys and went to bed...and in the other reality, the other Jamie faded away into nothingness.

(Excalibur I#21) - Nigel Frobisher arranged a meeting with British crimelord the Vixen. When she arrived along with several of her men, she was met by Nigel and Jamie. Unimpressed by Nigel's statements about taking over, she ordered her men to fire at him, but Jamie turned Frobisher into a giant puffball so that the bullets passed through him harmlessly. Then Jamie froze Vixen's men into place, and transformed Vixen into a small white fox. Petting the animal, he was berated by his associate, who pointed out that they needed Vixen alive and human to take over her organization. Jamie's response was to change Nigel into a duplicate of the crimelord. As they drove off with Vixen's men, Nigel complained about his new female form. Jamie, stroking his new pet, pointed out that there were worse fates.

(Excalibur I#27) - Jamie sat in the Braddock townhouse with the vulpine version of Vixen next to him, still believing that the world around him and everything in it was a dream for him to play with. Emma Collins brought him some tea, but when Nigel Frobisher arrived and was rude to Emma, Jamie once more turned him into a copy of the Vixen. When Nigel expressed concern about Excalibur being back from their dimensional travels, Jamie transformed the television into a portal through which they could monitor the team of heroes. Excalibur were in the middle of a case involving another incredibly powerful reality warper, Alfie O'Meagan, a resident of another reality. In the middle of this conflict, Nightcrawler witnessed Jamie watching and waving at them, manifested on a giant television next to Alfie. Alfie demanded to know who Jamie was, certain that he wasn't one of Alfie's manifestations, and was incensed at the suggestion that their was another being like him somewhere in the multiverse.

    Jamie watched as Phoenix battled Alfie, and Nightcrawler then tried to talk to Jamie. He begged Jamie to end the battle if he could, but Jamie instead reached through the screen, and tried to kill Nightcrawler. His questing hands accidentally touched the television's remote control, and hit the rewind button. Instantly the hands vanished. Figuring the remote was the key to the situation, Nightcrawler tried using it to channel hop, and spotted Jamie and Vixen (actually Nigel) watching events back on Earth-616.

    After the situation resolved itself, Jamie was left looking at a copy of the Nth Man Comic, the cover of which showed Alfie battling Phoenix. Jamie decided that he couldn't play with other realities, and would have to make do with his own in future. He put his comic down: this time the cover showed it to be an issue of Excalibur with the team as marionettes on strings manipulated by the puppet-master Jamie.

(Excalibur I#55) - While Excalibur and their friends were holding a party in Braddock Manor, Jamie approached the building through the grounds. He encountered Feron, one of the team's newer members, and rendered him unconscious. Then he broke in through an upper floor window, into the room where Brigadier Alysande Stuart of WHO was getting ready for the shindig. She kicked the intruder in his face. Angered at being hurt, Jamie responded by breaking every bone in her body, killing her. Excalibur arrived seconds later, alerted to Alysande's distress by their telepathic associates. Psylocke detected danger back downstairs, and most of the team raced back down, leaving Cerise, Shadowcat and Alistair Stuart behind. Jamie stepped out from the window where he had been hiding, and swiftly took out Cerise and Alistair. He grabbed Shadowcat with his powers too, but she managed to phase loose and vanish through the floor. On the floor below, most of the members of Excalibur were ambushed and shot by masked gunmen. Psylocke, attempting to avenge Meggan, was stopped in mid-air by Jamie as she leapt at Meggan's attacker. A few seconds later Captain Britain, the only member of the team still standing, was confronted by Sat-Yr-9 and Jamie.

(Excalibur I#56) - Jamie tortured and warped most of Excalibur for more than sixteen hours. Psylocke, his sister, telepathically compared notes with Brian, but Jamie violently intruded into their conference, and painfully yanked Betsy back into her twisted body. A little later some of Vixen's men glanced into the room, and were disquieted by the grotesques within. Moments after this, Shadowcat, the only member of Excalibur still free, turned up and knocked them out, then put a gun to Jamie's head and demanded he return her friends to normal. Jamie awakened and yanked her strings, leaving Shadowcat on the floor in agony. Meggan begged for him to stop, and Jamie rounded on her angrily, telling her that no figment of his imagination was allowed to interrupt him. Meggan told him that what he was experiencing wasn't a dream, but he refused to believe her, citing his ability to alter reality as proof of his viewpoint. He tugged at the strings that Meggan was composed of, only to have her transform back into her humanoid form. With the drugs from the gunmen's bullets that she had been exposed to having worn off, her shapeshifting powers allowed her to resist Jamie. She began to beat him up so that he would transform her friends back to normal, and with each blow she struck, this began to happen. Sat-Yr-9 and her troops arrived, but too late to stop Excalibur from recovering, and battle was joined. During the fight, Jamie grabbed Meggan from behind and attempted to stab her with a banana. Before he could strike, his sister Psylocke grabbed his arm, and struck him with her own psychic knife. His mind overloaded, Jamie released an explosion of energy which stunned most of the people in the room. Jamie collapsed unconscious, and with Sat-Yr-9 out too, her troops fled, taking both Jamie and Sat-Yr-9 with them.

(Excalibur Annual#2/1, BTS) - At some point Jamie, still in a coma from when Psylocke hit him with her psychic knife, was recovered from Sat-Yr-9's possession and taken to Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island for treatment.

(Excalibur Annual#2/1 (fb) ) - Psylocke felt a psychic blast which she originally took to be from Brian, but now believed came from Jamie, an indication he was about to emerge from the coma she had put him in. She traveled to Muir Island to check on him and warn her twin.

The future Jamie, as Brian dreamed him(Excalibur Annual#2/1) - Brian Braddock, now known as Britannic, dreamed of fighting a war in the future, and of Jamie coming to his rescue. He shared this dream with his sister, as well as his belief that this was a vision of the future, subconsciously witnessed during a period when he had been adrift in the timestream. Brian felt that they must help Jamie by reaching the core of goodness Brian believed was still within him, but Betsy, who had merged minds with her brother when she stabbed him, was not so sure that he could be trusted, and wondered if Jamie was manipulating their minds. The twins decide to try using Betsy's telepathic powers to enter Jamie's mind and seek out the childhood experiences Moira MacTaggert felt might be the underlying cause of his resentment of them.

    On the psychic plane they traveled back to a time when Jamie tried to force his younger brother and sister to play his choice of games, and they ran away and hid from him. The adult Jamie interrupted the memory at this point, and fought a mental duel with Betsy. However Betsy had grown much stronger over the years, and started to win. There was a brief flash of a saner Jamie hidden beneath the resentment, although that might have been feigned to get Psylocke off her guard, as Jamie sucker punched her, and fled into Brian's mindscape.

    Brian's mental form was searching for Jamie when his brother arrived, looking like the suave playboy he had been before his torture at Dr.Crocodile's hands. Jamie had decided that things had been better back then, and his mind reflected this by altering his appearance. Confronted by his superhero brother, Jamie insisted that Brian had always wanted him dead so that the younger brother could take his place. Brian denied this, stating that Jamie's madness stemmed from his inability to accept his own guilt over what he had done. But Jamie responded that this was a lie, and that Brian stole his heritage, his right to be Captain Britain. They came to blows, and Jamie hit Brian with a blast of energy.

Young Jamie, as his memories depicted him    Things shifted, and now in their childhood forms again, the three siblings relived a memory that never was. This time, when the twins hid from Jamie, he found their hiding place, only to be invited to join them there, an action which allowed the three to bond for a lifetime. In the real world, Jamie lashed out at this false memory, one that Psylocke had manufactured. Brian, angered that all Jamie seemed to understand was violence, slammed Jamie up against the wall, and their eyes locked. For a second they saw eye to eye, then Jamie went comatose again.

    A medical check by Moira MacTaggert showed that Jamie was still in his coma, but did register an increase in brain activity. Brian and Betsy reaffirmed to each other their determination to help their brother find himself again, and then Betsy left to return to America and the X-Men. And somewhere in Jamie's mind, he played with his siblings in a secret hiding place he shared with them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#444 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually Jamie awoke, his sanity mostly restored, his powers having increased, and sensing the approaching threat of the First Fallen; he returned to Braddock Manor, finding it empty as Brian had emigrated to Otherworld.

(Uncanny X-Men I#444) - When Sage of the X-Men called the Manor to ask if some of the team could drop by, Jamie impersonated Brian and informed her the X-Men were always welcome, and he'd be waiting with open arms.

(Uncanny X-Men I#445 - BTS) - Rachel Grey (formerly Summers), Brian's former Excalibur teammate as Phoenix and now using the codename Marvel Girl, dropped by the mansion with her teammates Bishop and Cannonball, in order to give her long overdue condolences to Brian over the death of his sister Betsy. Wanting to test them in battle, Jamie hid from their senses and created a simulacra of the Fury for them to fight.

(Uncanny X-Men I#446 - BTS) - Jamie continued to monitor the fight, unseen by the X-Men.

(Uncanny X-Men I#447) - Additional X-Men arrived to join the battle, and they combined their abilities so that Marvel Girl could create a black hole that would destroy their opponent. However, the Fury rapidly adapted, and Marvel Girl feared she would not be able to maintain control of the singularity. Though she had only expressed this doubt in her thoughts, Jamie picked up on it and briefly appeared, only to her, to reassure her she could manage. Despite being shocked at seeing Jamie, Marvel Girl redoubled her efforts and the Fury was trapped in the black hole's gravity well. She dismissed the black hole, though between it and the earlier battle, much of the Manor had been destroyed. Though worried that the Fury might have harmed Brian and Meggan, the team departed to rush their injured teammate Cannonball to a hospital.

(Uncanny X-Men I#448) - When the X-Men returned, Jamie fooled them with visions of a restored Manor, complete with Brian and Meggan in good health, claiming they had been in Otherworld during the attack. However, as they departed, Jamie permitted Marvel Girl to catch a glimpse of him standing amidst the ruins, then resumed the illusion, convincing her she had imagined him.

(Uncanny X-Men I#472 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that Betsy had died while he was recuperating, an annoyed Jamie revived her and, intending to use her against the First Fallen, he made her immune to external manipulation, be it telepathic or reality-warping.

(Uncanny X-Men I#455 - BTS) - After waking up in Spain, where she had died, Betsy rejoined the X-Men, unaware of how she had returned to life.

(Uncanny X-Men I#456) - Jamie made telepathic contact with a meditating Psylocke, telling her it was time for a reboot. Disturbed from her meditation by an outside distraction, she dismissed Jamie's message as just being her imagination.

(Uncanny X-Men I#460) - Jamie covertly observed Psylocke as the X-Men tested her to ensure she was really their slain friend, even letting her catch momentary glimpses of him that she either dismissed as her imagination or which he immediately wiped from her memories.

(Uncanny X-Men I#462) - When the Scarlet Witch's reality warp transformed the Earth into the “House of M” (overlapping it with Reality-58163), her changes caused a reality-wave tsunami that struck as far as Otherworld, threatening to destabilize the entire multiverse. To prevent this, Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne tried to destroy Reality-616 using a celestial nullifier, while Brian tried to stop her. Unwilling to take the risk, Jamie revealed himself to them both long enough to smash the device. The Omniversal protector Roma sent Brian and Meggan back to the transformed Earth-616 to fix things, giving him the forty-eight hours it would take to repair the nullifier to complete his mission; after this, Reality-616 would be expunged to save the multiverse. Psylocke and Marvel Girl had escaped the wave by entering the White Hot Room, the Heart of the Phoenix Force at the Core of Creation, outside of normal reality. A tear appeared in fabric of the White Hot Room, through which they observed Captain Britain flying between realities from Otherworld to Reality-616, then Jamie appeared alongside him. Initially still believing she was just imagining him, Psylocke was shocked when Marvel Girl revealed that not only did she see Jamie too, but that she had been seeing him on and off for the last few months. Jamie then revealed he could see them too, informing them they had taken enough downtime and that it was now time to save the world, and adding that he had broken every rule and gone to a lot of trouble to bind their lives and fates together. Grabbing the fabric of the White Hot Room, he pulled them both to the reality-warped Earth-616. Marvel Girl queried what Jamie had meant, and Psylocke promised she would ask him, right after she cut out his heart.

(Uncanny X-Men I#463) - Brian, Meggan, Marvel Girl and even Psylocke, despite Jamie's efforts to make her resistant to reality-warping, were all immediately assimilated into the changed Earth, forgetting their mission. However, Jamie, Roma and Saturnyne all entered Brian's dreams to remind Brian before his deadline ran out.

(Uncanny X-Men I#464) - Roma, Saturnyne and Jamie each manifested via the shapeshifting Meggan to again jog Brian's memory. Later, as Brian struggled to make sense of what he had seen, Jamie again possessed Meggan, showed him a vision of Saturnyne saying she had nearly finished rebuilding the nullifier, and telling him to get his act together, as time was almost up.

(Uncanny X-Men I#465 - BTS) - Thanks partially to Jamie's efforts, Brian, Meggan, Marvel Girl and Psylocke achieved their mission, saving Reality-616.

(Uncanny X-Men I#472) - Knowing the Foursaken were closing in on him, as they needed his power to bring the First Fallen to Earth, Jamie appeared outside the X-Men Mansion, casually disabling the government Sentinels guarding it, then tried to warn the wary X-Men of the impending danger. They immediately attacked him, but he shrugged off their attacks, even when Bishop shot a gaping hole through his head, until Psylocke ran her psi-blade through his skull. Exasperated. Jamie created a Fury, which swiftly began slaughtering the X-Men. Pointing out only he could restore them, Jamie convinced the reluctant Psylocke to dispel her blade. Keeping his word, he dispelled the Fury and revived its victims, then explained that he wanted their help to save all creation and that he had brought his sister back from the dead. He paused his explanation briefly when he realized that the Watcher had appeared to observe this seminal moment in the life of humanity, and began to tell them about the threat of the Foursaken, but before he could say more, the First Fallen opened a portal and pulled him through.

(Uncanny X-Men I#473) - He was delivered to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park, where the remaining Foursaken were preparing a spell that would allow the First Fallen to fully manifest on Earth, a conjuration for which Jamie was a vital component. The X-Men pursued, but were easily captured, with the sole exception of Psylocke, who proved to be invisible to the other Foursaken thanks to Jamie’s alterations. As the First Fallen began to enter Earth’s dimension, Psylocke disrupted the spell; with the rift between dimensions rapidly closing again, the First Fallen pulled all present through to its realm.

(Uncanny X-Men I#474) - The X-Men were surprised to find the Singing City idyllic and the First Fallen seemingly benevolent, seeking only to bring perfection to each civilization it discovered, a goal, which was being blocked for Earth solely by Jamie’s intransigence. Jamie’s old friends tried to convince him to accept the First Fallen’s offer, but he resisted, certain there was a catch, one which Betsy soon divined; the First Fallen’s “perfection” required all but 4 members of each species to be eliminated. Though all the other Singing City residents were blocked from committing violent acts by the First Fallen’s psionic influence, Betsy’s immunity allowed her to attack him. Caught unprepared, the First Fallen’s psionic control was broken, restoring the free will and powers of all present; Ned attacked the First Fallen, and was swiftly slain. Betsy held the First Fallen at bay while Jamie returned the X-Men, Godfrey and Amina to Earth; ignoring Betsy’s instruction to flee, Jamie realized he could not sacrifice his sister, and sent her home too, closing the passage to Earth, leaving himself trapped to face the First Fallen’s wrath.

(Uncanny X-Force I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing that a threat to all reality was coming, Merlyn rescued Jamie, restored his sanity, and used him to return the recently devastated Corps to existence (see comments).

(Uncanny X-Force I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Merlyn and Roma then went into hibernation to recoup their strength after recent ordeals, leaving the defence of Otherworld to Brian, Jamie and Saturnyne. 

(Uncanny X-Force I#20) -  His past crimes forgiven thanks to his saving the universe, Jamie assisted Brian and the Corps on Otherworld as it fell under attack from the forces of a being known as the Goat. Hoping to enlist Betsy's help, Jamie used his powers to re-create not only the costume she had once worn as Captain Britain, but also her original body, long since lost to her.

(Uncanny X-Force I#20) - Brian had Betsy's teammate Fantomex arrested for murdering a child version of the destroyer Apocalypse and brought Psylocke to the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld, where she was shocked to find Jamie. He explained that their opponent knew the Corps well and had anticipated their every move, but they hoped Betsy's involvement would be a piece their opponent would not anticipate. Jamie told a wary Betsy that the man he had been was gone, but that he appreciated that it was hard to forget his past transgressions. Hoping to prove himself to her, he revealed the body he had created, and he and Brian asked her to return to the family and help guard the gates of reality. Jamie added that it was her chance to hit the re-set button, and cleanse herself of recent crimes she had committed while working with her new team, the black ops X-Force.

    The trial of Fantomex began, with Jamie serving as the prosecutor. Giving testimony, Fantomex claimed he had slain the child Apocalypse to save his world from the wars that he would otherwise have caused, but Jamie objected, insisting this was conjecture. Speaking to the court, Jamie acknowledged that sometimes a hero was forced to take the life of a madman to protect a world, but insisted that if they were to begin killing children for what they could potentially one day do, with no evidence of crime, then they would be filling an endless grave with the bodies of innocents, giving up any hope that the children might be salvaged. Fantomex stuck to his guns, insisting he had made a pragmatic and necessary choice, stating the boy had already undergone mental conditioning that could not be undone, but Jamie cited his own example as a rehabilitated criminal, who had rebuilt himself after countless years of tampering and damage by being given endless love. Agreeing with his argument, the judge, Saturnyne, declared Fantomex guilty and ordered his eradication from existence.    

(Uncanny X-Force I#21) - Taking the costume Jamie had created, Betsy rescued Fantomex after the eradication process had been activated, hoping she could find a way to stop it, and attempted to reach the Citadel's door to Otherworld. Jamie attempted to stop her, but she stunned him with a telepathic blast and fled with the ailing Fantomex. The Corps' pursuit was halted by the news that the Goat's armies were almost at the Citadel, and upon hearing that the Goat was wielding three orbs as weapons, Jamie recognized them to be the Orbs of Necromon. However, when Jamie, Brian and Captain England checked Merlyn's chambers, they found the Orbs still present, a quandary as they were unique in the multiverse, meaning the Goat could not possibly hold counterparts from another reality. Reading one of Merlyn's journals, Brian learned of a goat-headed demon called Horoam'ce, which bonded with human hosts to gain physical presence before seeking out populated areas to infect all in its path - presumably the origins of the Goat. Before they could learn anything more, the Citadel came under attack from zombie Corpsmen, reanimated by one of the Orbs. 

(Uncanny X-Force I#22) - Jamie helped defend the Citadel from the undead Corpsmen, and counseled Brian to keep focused and not worry about Meggan, who had been sent to fight the Goat's forces elsewhere.  

(Uncanny X-Force I#23) - Ignoring Jamie's advice to concentrate on saving the Citadel, Brian headed out to rescue Meggan, finding her fighting alongside some of X-Force, who had followed their teammates to Otherworld. Back in the Citadel, Jamie informed Saturnyne that he could not stop the Goat's forces, as he risked breaking reality if he pulled any harder on its strings. He fought gallantly alongside Captain England as the Goat's forces breached the Tower Omniverse, but Brian and X-Force arrived in the nick of time to back them up. Jamie told Brian he had bet Earth-235 to Saturnyne that Brian would return in time, but Brian noted that a world of vampire Eternals was not much of a bet. Despite the reinforcements, the Goat had now entered the Citadel, and was near to gaining the access he needed to spread his contagion across the Omniverse. The arrival of Betsy and Fantomex to join the fight barely slowed their adversary, but then Betsy sensed something about her foe that shocked her. Before she could reveal her discovery, the Goat blasted her unconscious. Fighting beside his brother against overwhelming odds, Brian admitted he had once aspired to be just like his larger than life brother, but Jamie responded that he had been selfish and arrogant then. Despite this, Brian insisted there was no one he'd rather die next to. Jamie concurred, but added that perhaps they might try to avoid dying. 

    Moments later, the Goat burst into the chamber, stunning everyone bar Jamie with his attack. Telling Jamie that he would want to watch how it all happened, the Goat duplicated himself hundreds of times, ready to spread across the Omniverse, and declared himself the Omnigod. As Jamie fought on alone, Brian was woken by a telepathic call from Betsy, informing him she was on her way but would not arrive in time, so it was up to Brian to stop the Goat. She revealed that the Goat was Jamie, who had been possessed years in the future by Horoam'ce after attempting to gain cosmic omnipresent enlightenment from a deal with the demon. Now the Goat had come back in time to spread itself through the Omniverse, choosing a time when Merlyn and Roma were hibernating and Brian was preoccupied by the events with her and Fantomex. The only hope to stop it now that it had begun propagating itself across the Omniverse was to wipe it from existence by killing the younger Jamie. Brian moved to kill Jamie, even as Jamie fought to slay as many of the Goats as he could, but found himself unable to commit fratricide, so Betsy possessed Brian and forced him to break Jamie's neck, instantly erasing the Goats from existence as Jamie died. 

(Uncanny X-Force I#24 - BTS) - Brian gave Jamie's memorial speech as his brother was buried with full Corps honors on Otherworld.  

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida.

Lord Braddock?

    As the eldest child, Jamie should have inherited his father's peership, and become Lord Braddock, complete with the right to sit in the House of Lords, one section of the British Parliament. However, hereditary lordships were abolished in the 1990's by the current British government, and with Marvel's sliding timescale in operation, in a few year's time, the Braddock parents will no longer have died before this change in the law.

    Paul O'Brien wrote in with a correction to my statement above "Not quite. During the 1990s, the law was changed to remove the right of hereditary peers to sit in the House of Lords (save for a few who remained for a transitional period). Nonetheless, the titles remain in existence and will continue to be inherited down the existing line.

    However, this all assumes that "Lord Braddock" was a hereditary title in the first place. Most peerages created in recent years were life peerages (ie, they don't transmit to the next generation, but simply cease to exist when the holder dies). The point of life peerages is to give the holder a seat in the House of Lords. One of the oddities of the UK political system is that life peerages were (and are) regularly given out to people who have no party political affiliation whatsoever. The House of Lords contains a significant number of non-aligned peers, who simply vote according to their personal conscience.

    It is extremely unlikely that Captain Britain's father was a hereditary peer. He could only have become a hereditary peer in two ways. First, he could have inherited the title down the male line. Tricky, since he was supposedly a soldier from Avalon sent here to father Captain Britain - so there shouldn't be a male line to inherit from. Second, he could have been given the peerage - ie, he could be the first Lord Braddock. Even that is extremely unlikely - aside from a few party political cronies who were given hereditary peerages by Margaret Thatcher, they've gone completely out of fashion as an honour.

    It is much more likely that Brian and Jamie's father was a life peer, if he had a seat in the House of Lords at all. In that case, the question of inheritance doesn't apply."

While I bow to Paul's more detailed knowledge of the peerage, I have to disagree about the James Sr's title being a life peerage. According to Captain Britain Weekly#9, Braddock Manor "was built a quarter millennium ago," "on land that's been part of the Braddock heritage since before the Romans came." The odds are that any family which has owned an estate that far back, and who circa 1725 had enough money to build a house the size of Braddock Manor, is part of the nobility. The Braddock family clearly goes way back before the arrival of James Sr. from Otherworld - he appears to have attached himself to an existing family, perhaps even replaced his counterpart, the James Braddock of Earth-616. As such I still believe his title would thus have been hereditary, which means it would now have passed on to Jamie.

    Its not stated how Jamie and Mick came to rescue Brian and Betsy from their downed aircraft in CB Weekly#9. Since Jamie was injured at the time, its unlikely he was out in the snowy fields by chance. It's most likely that he witnessed the plane go down from the Manor, and set off at that point, and I've written the History above to reflect this ASSumption. I also presume that Mick must have been the only staff member around when the crash happened, because I'd think that if you spotted a plane crash, you'd bring every available hand, since you wouldn't necessarily know how many injured people you might find at the wreck.

    When Captain Britain confronts Mastermind in CB Weekly#14, and the computer's hologram reveals it knows his real identity, we briefly see Jamie for a single panel as part of Brian's recollections that his brother is the only person who should know his real identity. However this is his only appearance in the issue, and is so slight I don't think it even counts as a flashback.

    Due to a misprinting which caused the pages of the CB strip in CB Weeklies#17 and#18 to be mixed up, the scene of the Red Skull showing Captain Britain his two siblings being held hostage actually first appeared in CB Weekly#17. A week later they printed the corrected strip, as well as the new installment, putting things into the right order. That's why in the history above, I've noted both issues as the place it appears - but it belongs in the latter of the two.

    In CB Weekly#20, Jamie demands to know if it is really his brother in the Captain Britain costume. This allows a dramatic close to the episode, but is a pretty dumb question, considering that it was an uncostumed Brian who had come to the door of the room they were being held captive in. Mind you, it was a stressful situation, so he might be forgiven this lapse. Less forgivable is blabbing his brother's secret identity in front of some of the Skull's men (as#21 shows, they aren't all unconscious at the point he does this). Lucky for him the Skull hires such stupid henchmen. They kept Jamie and Betsy in a ground floor room, which appears to have had multiple windows (the angle of the window Captain America comes through relative to Jamie means it isn't the same window the two Captains spied through earlier). The hostages are visibly tied up, and all the curtains are left open so that anyone outside could see them, being held captive by guards in full paramilitary uniform (complete with large red Swastika's on the their chests). There also weren't any guards outside the door of the room, or the grounds near the windows. If Captain Britain is lucky, none of these goons will be smart enough to recall his true identity. No thanks to Jamie though.

    As I re-read the early stories with Jamie in them, it struck me that I have a lot of sympathy for him eventually coming to hate his brother. He spends a lot of time tied up or otherwise restrained, usually because of his brother, and on a couple of occasions, by his brother. Long before Jamie got into criminal activities, Brian's response to an offer of help wasn't to talk to Jamie, but to smash him across the face hard enough to inflict unconsciousness (ask any medical person the kind of damage that can inflict), then tie the poor sod to a chair! All for popping round and offering to lend a hand!

    Jamie isn't seen in Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly#244, but since he would have been present in his race car at the end of the previous episode, ready to start the race, and since his brother Brian was caught in an explosion next to the starter's line, so that a number of people rushed to Brian's side to help him at the start of the next issue, I don't think it's unreasonable to assume Jamie would have been somewhere in that crowd.

    Excalibur I#18 and#19 don't make it clear whether the Jamie in the other dimension is real or not. The world he lives in is certainly an idealised version of what Jamie would consider a paradise - one where racing drivers are revered as the top celebrities of the planet. Until the second installment we are led to believe this is just another alternate reality, but then we learn that Earth-616's Jamie is in some way manipulating what is happening. When the mainstream Jamie goes to sleep, not only does his counterpart vanish, but so too do the Dirty Angels and the city around them. This certainly seems to imply that mainstream Jamie created all of them, though it is also plausible that he simply empowered his counterpart, and that when the power was withdrawn, all the damage Meggan inflicted (enough to vaporize him and more) came home to roost.

    Likewise Excalibur I#27 is very weird reading. It isn't entirely certain whether Excalibur accessed another reality where the Nth Man, Alfie O'Meagan, etc are all real, or if it was all a creation of Jamie's warped mind. I'd go for the former, but it's by a narrow margin. If Alfie is real, there is the slight suggestion that he might be that reality's version of Jamie (or perhaps Sir James Jaspers?).

    Speaking of Mad Jim Jaspers, is it pure coincidence that Jamie's powers resemble a weaker version of his in a large number of ways? In Excalibur Annual#2, Jamie insists he should have been Captain Britain, being the eldest. Perhaps he was right. Perhaps when Merlyn arranged for the elder Sir James Braddock to go to Earth-616, it was an off-spring with Jamie's powers he was seeking to create as a way of battling this impending foe. That would seem to make more sense to me. I certainly don't see him wanting a power like Jamie's to be left loose and doing as it willed - after all the measures he took to eliminate Jaspers, that seems unlikely.

    Betsy recalls in Uncanny X-Men#456 and#464 that she and Jamie used to play in St. William's Tower. Her memories show a bearded Jamie, so he was presumably an adult, making this after he attended boarding school. It's a slightly problematic flashback, in as much as St. William's Tower is depicted as being by the coast, while Braddock Manor seems to be much further inland, making it hard to reconcile Betsy thinking of it as a "second home." However, it might have been their playground during prolonged summer holidays by the beach.

    The Foursaken storyline messed up Jamie's continuity: originally he was captured while taking place in the Trans-African Rally while driving through Mbangwai, a country in the East of Africa full of grassy veldts, and he was tortured by Doctor Crocodile until he was rescued by the Technet. However, according to Uncanny X-Men#474, he was taking part in the Trans-Sahara Rally, got captured there by gunrunners and slave dealers he owed money to, and escaped thanks to the emergence of his powers. Some of this can be written off to unreliable narrator; Ned Horrocks wasn't present for the capture and torture, so he got those details wrong. Harder to reconcile is how Jamie got from the Sahara to a country hundreds of miles from same. The Handbooks fixed this by revealing that the rally was Trans-Africa, but that Jamie was snatched by Doctor Crocodile's men while in the Sahara.

    In Uncanny X-Force I#22, Jamie only explicitly confirms that Merlyn used him to restore the Corps, but it seems a safe bet that Merlyn would have had to first rescue him from the First Fallen and restore his sanity.

    After Psylocke died, something was seen snatching her from the spirit plane in X-Treme X-Men I#4 (and was seen again in flashback when she was resurrected in Uncanny X-Men I#455). That might have been Jamie, but if so, it begs the question why he then took so long to resurrect her. As such, I've left it off this entry on the ASSumption that something else took her, and then Jamie later retrieved her from whatever afterlife she'd ended up in. For what it's worth, when Psylocke told him to go to Hell, he retorted that he'd been there and wasn't impressed. Since at this juncture Jamie had never died, it might be that this was him referencing where he'd gone to find his sister's soul. However, it also possible he just reached back in time to snatch her soul while she was in Bishop's vision.

    If Brian's dreams in Excalibur Annual#2 is a genuine vision of the future, we can add the following to Jamie's history:

(Excalibur Annual#2/1, bts) Jamie, his sanity restored, reformed and became a hero.

(Excalibur Annual#2/1, ff) Jamie fought alongside his brother Brian against the Aryanites and their leaders, the Chaos Commanders, to save Britain from their evil. 

However, events in Uncanny X-Force would seem to have superceded this possibility, at least for the time being.  

Profile by Loki

CLARIFICATIONS: Jamie Braddock should not be confused with

He also has no known connection to, and should not be confused with

 Jamie Braddock of Reality-90068

(Excalibur I#18) - During the "Cross-Time Caper" Excalibur's transportation, a flying train, materialized on a world very similar to Earth-616, except that racing cars was this reality's greatest obsession. They narrowly missing racing driver Jamie Braddock's car when they first appeared, and Meggan was thrown from the train to land in Jamie's passenger seat. None of this strangeness seemed to perturb Jamie. Shadowcat did some quick research which established that Jamie was this world's top driver, and that his rivals had started dying under mysterious circumstances. Captain Britain pursued Jamie and Meggan, but as he caught up with Jamie's car, Jamie turned and stripped the hero of his powers. Jamie then took Meggan to a hotel called the Pitte Stoppe, where he let slip that he had killed his rivals, including his own brother. He treated Meggan to dinner, but became aware that her energy matrix was mixed with another's (Phoenix), and grabbed hold of the second one. Miles away Phoenix saw Jamie reach through a nearby mirror and start to pull her through. His attack was interrupted by the arrival of local law enforcers The Dirty Angels. He drove them off just as Shadowcat, Widget, Lockheed and Captain Britain caught up with him. Jamie set a transformed Meggan on his brother, while he attacked Shadowcat. Though they put up a good fight, the heroes were no match for Jamie's powers - Shadowcat fled, Jamie collected the unconscious forms of Widget and Lockheed, and then he walked off, leaving Captain Britain and Meggan buried under rubble.

(Excalibur I#19) - Carrying his captives around with him like trophies Jamie was hunting Shadowcat when Captain Britain grabbed him from behind. At first the hero appeared to have the upper hand, but then Jamie flicked one finger, and sent his brother flying. Jamie modified Lockheed to make him switch loyalties, and then proceeded to torture Captain Britain. Widget meanwhile located Shadowcat nearby. She called to Jamie to stop hurting his brother, but the new Lockheed tried to fry her. In order to survive she ducked through a cross-time gate that Widget had created. 

    When Meggan recovered and came after Jamie, she discovered he had turned Brian into a car. Still linked to Phoenix, Meggan manifested the forms and powers of different X-Men in order to stop him, an effort which garnered applause from the watching Jamie. In Dazzler's form, Meggan tried to hit Jamie with a laser, but he eliminated all the sound in the area, removing her power source. Shadowcat, who had returned to Earth-616 through the gate and arrived at the Braddock's London home, heard the sound of Dazzler's laser. Back in the other reality, Meggan switched to the form of Havok, whose energy blast didn't require sound, and blew a hole clean through Jamie. Shadowcat meanwhile discovered a room where she witnessed Earth-616's Jamie directing his counterpart's attacks on Excalibur through tiny figurines, and realized there was a connection when the Havok figure, dressed in Meggan's costume, lit up, immediately followed by the Earth-616 Jamie's back burning.

    Meggan's battle continued, in spite of the injuries she had inflicted on Jamie, and she switched to first Storm, to blast her opponent with lightning, then Colossus, to pound on him. Finally she turned into Rogue, to drain his powers, only to discover that he began to drain hers, and Phoenix too, through the link they shared. His victory was interrupted by the timely intervention of Alistair Stuart, the Dirty Angels and Nightcrawler, who shot him then ran him over with the Cross-Time Train. Even this didn't stop him, and Jamie emerged unperturbed from the rubble. Before he could re-start the battle, Shadowcat got the Earth-616 Jamie to stop playing and go to bed (see above), and as that Jamie fell asleep, the one fighting Excalibur, as well as much of his reality, vanished into nothingness.

- Excalibur I#18,  (19   

Note:  Jamie-90068 was apparently either influenced by Jamie Braddock-616 during an encounter with Excalibur-616 and/or Jamie-616 somehow temporarily replicated this reality and Excalibur traveled to the duplicate.

Image list:
Uncanny X-Force I#23, p5, pan1 (main - not a brilliant image, but there's few good ones of Jamie's final look)
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Excalibur I#19, p1 pan 1 (Jamie's alternate reality counterpart).

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Uncanny X-Men I#462-463 (September-October 2005) - Chris Claremont (writer), Alan Davis (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Men I#464 (November 2005) - Chris Claremont (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Irwin, Mendoza, Olazaba, Rapmund & Vey (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Men I#465 (December 2005) - Chris Claremont (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Florea, Holdredge, Irwin, Mendoza, Olazaba, Parsons, Rapmund, Townsend & Vey (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Men I#472 (June 2006) - Chris Claremont (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Bachalo, Holdredge, Irwin, Mendoza, Olazaba, Parsons, Townsend and Fey (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Men I#473 (July 2006) - Chris Claremont & Roger Cruz (writer and penciler), Tony Bedard (dialogue), Victor Olazaba (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Men I#474 (August 2006) - Tony Bedard (story), Roger Cruz (penciler), Chris Claremont (inspiration), Victor Olazaba (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Uncanny X-Force I#20-23 (March-May 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Greg Tocchini (penciler, inker), Jody Leheup (editor)
Uncanny X-Force I#24 (June 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Phil Noto (penciler, inker), Nick Lowe (editor)

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