Real Name: Colin McKay 

Identity/Class: Human mutant magical weapon (Swords of Sorcerous Might) user;
    British citizen (Scottish)/naturalized Ee'rath (Earth-148) citizen 

Occupation: Adventurer;
   formerly personal trainer

Group Membership: Presumably Extraordinary Intelligence Service (M.I.13) (see comments);
Excalibur (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Cerise, Feron, Lockheed, Meggan Puceanu Braddock, Micromax/Scott Wright, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Widget/Kate Rasputin); Mindfullness for Mutant Appearances support group/RejeX (Beak/Barnell Bohusk, Bling!/Roxy Washington, Briquette, Domino/Neena Thurman, Doop, Eye-Boy/Trevor Hawkins, Maggott/Japheth, Marrow/Sarah, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Stacy X/Miranda Leevald, Thumbelina/Kristina Suggs, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee), Studio X (Amara Aquilla, Callisto, Celeste Cuckoo, Irma Cuckoo, Phillip "Scope" Marshall, Meggan Puceanu, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner) 

Affiliations: Queen Ai'sha, Crazy Gang (Jester, Knave, Red Queen, Tweedledope), Dragon, Gryphon, Kamendae, Khaos, Kromm, Longstrider, Merlyn, Mock Turtle, Resistance Coordination Executive (Arthur/Nigel Orpington-Smythe, Dark Angel/Shevaun Haldane, Grace/Francesca Grace, Killpower/Julius Mullarkey, Tangerine; all Earth-811), Roma, Princess Sa'tneen, Dai Thomas, Technet (Bodybag, Chinadoll, Ferro2, Joyboy, Numbers, Scatterbrain, Thug, Waxwork), Quarto, Zz'ria

Enemies: Ahab (Rory Campbell; Earth-811), Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Ghath, Horsemen of Salvation (Bounty/Fred Dukes, Life/Ororo Munroe, Peace/Erik Lensherr, Wellness/Arkady Rossovich), Luke, Necrom, Peter (Nigel Orpington-Smythe), Sentinels (Earth-811), Sidestep (Mike Russo), Vixen, Vixen's agents (Harry, Santos, others), X-Man (Nate Grey) of Earth-295, zombified Excalibur-148 ("Black Knight," "Spider-Man," "Thor," Yeoman UK/Brion Burdack);
   formerly Mastermind Studios (Apate, Noriko Ashida,
Phoebe Cuckoo, Julian Keller, Mastermind/Regan Wyngarde, others), Khaos, Resources Control eXecutive (Lodestone, Oak, Ocelot)

Known Relatives: Sa’tneen (chosen lifemate, deceased), Ai’sha (lifemate’s mother, deceased), unidentified parents, unidentified cousins 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Krakoa;
Edinburgh, Scotland;
Braddock Manor, England;
    formerly Excalibur's lighthouse, England;
    formerly Queen Ai'sha's court in exile,

First Appearance: (as Colin) Excalibur I#2 (November 1988);
    (as Kylun) Excalibur I#42 (October 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Kylun can precisely reproduce any sound he hears so exactly that it can even fool voice recognition software - he has been described as an "echomorph." It is unrevealed if he could reproduce the full effects of sonic attacks such as the mutant Banshee's sonic screams, but he is capable of picking loud sounds to use in battle that can distract, frighten or disorientate his opponents. It's also not clear the duration he can reproduce sounds for - in other words, whether he is limited to short noises and phrases or whether he could, for example, potentially reproduce an entire concert. It's also unrevealed how much memory plays into this; he reproduced sounds that he could have only heard briefly in the middle of a pitched battle, suggesting that he might not have to be consciously aware of the sound at the time he first hears it, but merely needs it to be within earshot. He reproduces sounds of creatures from Ee'rath well after he returns to Earth-616, so it seems he either has excellent audio recollection, or can somehow store an unspecified number of sounds for a considerable duration.

    Kylun is an exceptionally skilled swordsman, carrying mystic blades forged by the sorcerer Zz’ria that can dissipate demonic forces, disrupt magic, and slice through the hardest steel with ease, but which will pass through the pure and virtuous without causing any harm. They can cut through almost any substance, but other powerfully enchanted weapons, such as the Ebony Blade or Mjolnir, can withstand them. Kylun carries his blades across his back, presumably held in place by magic as he wears no visible harness or sheathes.

    Though he prefers fighting with weapons, he is a skilled unarmed combatant too, and is not against using firearms when the occasion calls for it, such as when he helped battle Earth-811's Sentinels.

    Kylunis bilingual, speaking both English and the native language of Ee'rath (or, if there are many languages on Ee'rath, the one spoken in Ai'sha's court).

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Red slit pupils with orange irises (see comments)
Hair: Orange; formerly red/ginger

(Excalibur I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Visibly a mutant from early childhood thanks to his cat-like eyes,...

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Colin McKay's power to reproduce sounds perfectly had emerged by the time he was seven.

(Excalibur I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Having a mutant son forced his parents to be broad-minded.

(Excalibur I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Colin was kidnapped from his home...

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - in Edinburgh when he was seven by agents of the crime queen Vixen, who had heard of his powers.

(Excalibur I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The kidnappers told him his parents were dead, and that they had been offered lots of money to take him. Colin tried offering them all his own pocket money, a meager fifty pence, if they'd let him go, but they simply laughed at him.

(Excalibur I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Vixen also told him that his parents were dead, a cruel lie intended to rob the child of hope.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - However, they were overconfident, and he managed to escape...

(Excalibur I#2 (fb) - BTS) - from one of the agents, Santos, whom Vixen subsequently punished in an unspecified but extremely cruel manner.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - Having been transported to the far side of Scotland, well away from his home in Edinburgh, Colin hid in a derelict factory,...

(Excalibur I#2) - Gateway Technologies, on the shores of Loch Daemon, near a set of standing stones, an area long reputed to be haunted.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - He was scared and lonely until Widget magically appeared. The tiny metallic entity made Colin laugh and played games with him, making him feel safe despite being cold and hungry, ...

(Excalibur I#2) - although Widget had a tendency to eat the scrap Colin tried to improvise as game equipment. However, late in the night, Vixen's men tracked Colin to the factory. They spotted Colin but not Widget as they entered,...

(Excalibur I#2/Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - but the boy managed to evade them momentarily, though he feared it was inevitable that they would eventually recapture him. Widget came to his rescue, forming a doorway through which he could vanish.

(Excalibur I#2) - Vixen's men heard Colin cry out in excitement at the gateway's appearance, but by the time they found the arch formed by Widget as a frame for its interdimensional portal, Colin and the portal had both disappeared.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - Stepping through the portal, Colin found himself on the ice plains of Ee'rath (Earth-148). The locals regarded his arrival as a good omen and took him to the exiled royal household of Queen Ai'sha, who placed the child in the care of her counselor, the mystic Zz'ria. The mage trained Colin to be a warrior, his name modified/mispronounced by the locals to become Kylun. Zz'ria presented his student with twin blades he had forged, enchanted so neither man nor magic could withstand their razor edge, able to easily slice through most materials, but with a second precautionary spell to make them unable to harm anyone of true virtue and pure spirit.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun heard the legend of the blue demon that had emerged from the Tower That Crosses Time just as Queen Ai'sha was being deposed, a bad omen heralding the enslavement of Ee'rath.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - When he reached adulthood he chose the image of Widget as his totem, and pledged his heart to the Queen's daughter, Sa'tneen.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - In total, Kylun lived on Ee'rath for twenty years, unaware that due to time not be consistent across the dimensional planes of the multiverse only a few months had passed on Earth-616.

(Excalibur I#42 (fb) - BTS) - His fame spread across Ee'rath, though many thought he was only a legend.

(Excalibur I#48 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun had experience fighting inanimate matter given a semblance of life by magic, as it was one of the devilish feats Necrom deployed against his foes.

(Excalibur I#46 (fb)) - Kylun's happiness was not to last. The sorcerer usurper Necrom who had deposed the Queen was fearful of the growing strength of the exiled monarch's army so he launched a surprise attack on her settlement, massacring the Queen, Zz'ria, and thousands of royal supporters, and capturing hundreds of others, including Sat'neen. Badly wounded, Kylun was left for dead...

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - but he survived.

(Excalibur I#42) - Kylun found one of Necrom's druids threatening a small settlement. Having already burned their homes, the druid informed the residents that they must follow Necrom or die where they stood, but Kylun interrupted the villain, informing him that it was not polite to threaten people. Recognizing Kylun, the druid proclaimed he would scorch the flesh from the warrior's bones, but Kylun dodged his firebolt and slew his foe with a thrown dagger while echoing Dirty Harry's catchphrase "Go ahead punk, make my day." As the druid's corpse melted away, Kylun mimicked Porky Pig, "Th-th-that's all folks" and introduced himself to the stunned but grateful locals. Informing them that he was only man but it would take an army to breach Necrom's tower and defeat the tyrant, he asked them to join him, as they had nothing left there. The people gladly agreed, asking him to teach them to fight and lead them to freedom. Kylun agreed that victory would be theirs, and Excalibur would pay for the devastation they had unleashed on this world (see comments).

(Excalibur I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun rallied a new army to oppose Necrom.

(Excalibur I#43 (fb) - BTS) - The army grew daily.

(Excalibur I#43) - Kylun led his army in rescuing Sa'tneen from a procession of druids and their armored retinue transporting her to be sacrificed on Necrom's altar, slaying the lead druid before the villain could murder Sa'tneen to prevent her being freed. Joyfully reunited, the couple shared a passionate kiss, cheered on by their jubilant forces. When he told her how swiftly their numbers were growing, she urgently informed him that time was of the essence as Necrom was planning a sorcerous coup that threatened all creation. Kylun reassured his love that they would defeat Necrom, as the good guys always win, prompting her to response that she prayed he was right, or else the whole multiverse would perish.

(Excalibur I#44) - Kylun and Sa'tneen led their army in rebellion against Necrom's forces, fighting many brutal battles, always to be found where the conflict was thickest. 

(Excalibur I#45 (fb) - BTS) - The rebel army grew while Necrom's once mighty forces were whittled down. 

(Excalibur I#45) - Kylun and Sa'tneen's forces fought a final battle against what little remained of the enemy forces, seeking to breach Necrom's last stronghold, his dark citadel. Finally the defenders crumbled under the onslaught, and the rebels poured into the building. Sa'tneen urged Kylun to hurry, sensing Necrom had retreated to the Chamber of Infinity, hoping to flee across the multiverse now that his current diabolical scheme had been thwarted. Kylun realized that their progress suddenly felt too easy and that they were getting too far ahead of the rest of their forces, just before they entered an inner chamber and a door slammed down behind them, separating them from the other rebels. Turning back to the room, they were greeted by Necrom, flanked by a demon, and the mage informed them he had wanted to meet the leaders of the rebellion that had cost him so dearly before he departed Ee'rath. He informed them their cause was lost, and when Sa'tneen rebutted this by stating that Ee'rath was now free of his tyranny, Necrom boasted that he had drained their insignificant world dry, leaving it a dying husk, and that he was playing for the ultimate prize, the power of the multiverse. Brandishing his blades, Kylun told him to dream on, but Necrom made it clear he had no intention of fighting the warrior personally. Noting that Kylun had rallied his army with the promise to kill Necrom and those Kylun had called traitors, the guardians of Ee'rath known as Excalibur, Necrom informed his foe that he was too late for the latter; Excalibur never betrayed Ee'rath, and had been slain opposing Necrom. With a wave of Necrom's hand, the animated corpses of Excalibur erupted from beneath the ground to confront the shocked rebel leaders.

(Excalibur I#46) - While Sa'tneen battled the "Black Knight" and "Spider-Man," Kylun took on Yeoman U.K. and "Thor." Noticing even as she parried the "Knight's" sword and smashed his helmet from his mummified face that Necrom was straining with concentration, Sa'tneen realized Excalibur were not controlled zombies but mindless shells Necrom was animating with his mind, she dropped her guard to the two corpses and fired a blast of magic. Forced to swiftly raise a defensive shield, his concentration slipped, and all four cadavers crumbled instantly, so swiftly turning to ash that Kylun lost his footing. Turning as he rose, he found Sa'tneen between him and Necrom, the gap between the two sorcerers bridged by the lethal energies each was discharging towards the other. Even as Kylun lunged forward, Sa'tneen was overwhelmed and engulfed by Necrom's attack. Catching her with his right arm as she collapsed, Kylun threw his left-hand sword at Necrom, striking the despot square in the upper chest. With his foe down, he focused on Sa'tneen, cradling her as he prayed for her to live. He felt her spirit touch his, and their essences merged briefly in a final communion to bid one another farewell, then he felt her life force fade, leaving an gaping vacuum inside him. Grief momentarily washed over him, but the sound of metal striking stone alerted him to his thrown sword hitting the ground, and he turned to see Necrom being helped to his feet by his demon. Filling with rage to see Sa'tneen's murderer still lived, Kylun raced after them, snatching up his second blade as he pursued them into the chamber that contained the Tower That Crosses Time. Ignoring the legends that it was doorway to worlds of insanity, he closed on the fleeing Necrom as the mage and his demon passed through a doorway. It closed behind them, but Kylun crashed through it only a couple of seconds later.

   Kylun burst through the splintered door into a bathroom containing a blue-skinned, seemingly demonic being (Nightcrawler-616) innocuously brushing its teeth. As it exclaimed with shock in a strange, gutteral and warlike language he did not recognize, Kylun recalled the legends of the blue demon that had heralded Ee'rath's downfall and lunged without hesitation, but despite its surprise, the close quarters, and having a leg restrained by a cast, his new opponent proved surprisingly agile, successfully dodging several otherwise lethal blows. However, eventually his skill prevailed while its luck ran out, and with its back to a tiled wall, Kylun's left blade sliced clean through its neck. To both parties' shock, while the wall behind the creature and even its walking stick were cut clean through, its neck was unharmed, and Kylun realized that Zz'ria's enchantment had saved it, meaning his opponent must good. Putting away his swords, Kylun tried to speak to his erstwhile target in the languages of Ee'rath, but the confused blue man responded in a tongue Kylun had not heard in decades: English! Shocked, Kylun asked his new acquaintance's name and where he was, learning he had attacked Nightcrawler and was in Excalibur's lighthouse in England. Struggling to process this news, another blast from the past hit Kylun as Widget entered the room via the shattered doorway, confirming to Kylun that he was finally home, and both he and Widget reacted with joy to be reunited.

(Excalibur I#46 - BTS) - With the situation calmed and Kylun's reasons for his initial hostility explained, Nightcrawler promised to help Kylun track Necrom

(Excalibur I#46) - Kylun told Nightcrawler his story, from his kidnapping by Vixen's men to Widget sending him to Ee'rath to growing up there and finally to the battle with Necrom that had led him back to his home reality. Nightcrawler then showed him a petrified, shrunken figure, which Kylun initially thought to be a tiny statue of Necrom's demon. Nightcrawler explained that it was the actual beast, shrunken by another of the lighthouse's inhabitants, China Doll, ten days earlier, and revealed that another resident, Bodybag, had witnessed Necrom and the demon's arrival over a month ago, though at the time the lighthouse's residents had assumed their arrival was merely one more manifestation of unusual phenomena that plagued their home. Because time flowed differently in the two realities, Necrom had gained a lengthy head start over Kylun, and could in theory be anywhere. Nightcrawler promised to help Kylun find him, especially as yet another of the lighthouse's residents, Joyboy, had gone missing shortly after Nightcrawler and his associates, the Technet, had encountered then defeated the demon while it was attempting to steal artifacts from a museum.

(Excalibur I#46 - BTS) - Nightcrawler introduced Kylun to the Technet, staying in the lighthouse as guests of the main residents, the superhero team Excalibur.

(Excalibur I#46) - An alarm ringing drew everyone down the cellar, but to the Technet's relief, it appeared to have been triggered by Widget, who had grown itself a gangly body with legs of mismatched lengths, so that it was now stumbling around in circles. Mistaking their commentary at this discovery for mockery of his friend, Kylun bristled, but Nightcrawler clarified they were only relieved the emergency had been a false alarm...just before an explosion sent everyone flying. As the stunned group glanced up, an insectile-headed figure loomed over them shouting something in an alien tongue, with one hand raised and glowing menacingly.

(Excalibur I#47) - The Technet leapt into battle against the newcomer, but Kylun held back, pointing out to Nightcrawler that it was fighting defensively, deflecting the Technet's attacks without retaliating, and Nightcrawler concurred, adding that they would have tried communicating first had the Technet not been so precipitous. Luckily the escalating situation was defused by the sudden appearance of dozens of tiny dragons, this unexpected occurrence distracting all the combatants long enough for Nightcrawler to intervene and calm the situation. The dragons proved to be the newly hatched offspring of one of the Technet, Numbers, and his draconic lover, while the "insectoid" being turned out to be a mostly humanoid woman wearing bug-like armor. Identifying herself as Cerise, she apologized for the misunderstanding, explaining that the explosive nature of her arrival had been outwith her control, and Nightcrawler in turn introduced the Technet and Kylun to her.   

   Cerise explained to her new acquaintances that she had been transiting hyperspace when interdimensional anomalies had pulled her off course, causing her to materialize in the lighthouse. Moments later, Kylun noticed a light blinking on her armor's gauntlet, and queried what it signified. Glancing at it, Cerise noted that her transit suit had detected a space-time anomaly outside the lighthouse, so Kylun and the group raced outside to discover yet more strange looking individuals had appeared there. Kylun, Cerise and Nightcrawler watched in confusion as the Technet's Numbers conversed in an alien tongue with the newest arrivals' leader, a lupine-looking cyborg, a discussion that ended with a handshake between them. Thug of the Technet explained that the visitors were interdimensional (he said intergalactic, but he meant interdimensional) mercenaries who had offered the Technet a contract, and the Technet hastily prepared to depart with their new employers. Reminding Thug of the missing Joyboy, Nightcrawler asked why they were rushing to depart, and Thug informed the shocked Nightcrawler, Kylun and Cerise that the new arrivals had predicted this Earth would cease to exist in the next seventy-eight hours. Before the trio could process this revelation, the Technet and the newcomers teleported away. The resultant light show had just abated when two of Nightcrawler's Excalibur teammates, Meggan and Phoenix, flew down next to them. Nightcrawler introduced them to Cerise and Kylun, and since Cerise had voluntarily spouted off a declaration of her superhuman abilities, Phoenix asked Kylun what his were, but before he could respond a portal appeared behind him and disgorged yet another of Excalibur, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), just returned from Otherworld. Once again introductions were made, with Cerise again volunteering a break down of her powers, prompting Captain Britain this time to inquire the same info from Kylun. However, the warrior had grown frustrated at the constant distractions and instead insisted that they needed to start hunting for Necrom. Since his teammates had never heard the name before and so reacted with confusion, Nightcrawler began explaining recent events to them.

(Excalibur I#48 (fb) - BTS) - Excalibur received a call from their final member, Shadowcat, that a mysterious force had been detected at an underground dig she was visiting with scientist Alistaire Stewart in County Sligo, Ireland, and the group, including Kylun and Cerise, boarded Excalibur's jet to race to their assistance.

(Excalibur I#48) - As Nightcrawler piloted the jet over the dig site, the rest of Excalibur bailed out, with Captain Britain carrying a nervous Kylun to the ground. Shadowcat explained that ground penetrating radar had discovered a sealed cuboidal chamber deep under the ground, within which something humanoid appeared to be moving despite the chamber having been undisturbed since prehistory. While Shadowcat phased with Phoenix down into the chamber to investigate, Meggan, Captain Britain and Cerise worked in concert to excavate a route down to it, leaving everyone else, Kylun included, with nothing to do but watch and wait. As a storm began raging around them, Kylun stated that he felt there was so much evil concentrated around them, and declared he sensed Necrom's hand in events. The diggers finally broke through into the chamber, and the witnesses above ground were caught by surprise as an energy being, the Anti-Phoenix, burst forth. It raced through the sky to a nearby hill where it confronted a newly arrived individual, the mystic Feron, who had been raised by local monks to battle it. While Feron did his best to battle it, Excalibur raced to join the fight, with those capable of flight arriving within moments, so the Anti-Phoenix raised a force of rock creatures from the earth with a swipe of its hand. Though easily able to smash the creatures, Meggan and Captain Britain discovered that they swiftly began reforming, and worse, the pieces could engulf and trap the heroes as they did so. Feron and Cerise began to be encased, Meggan was caught in a rocky grip, and Captain Britain struck down by a stone fist, just before the running Kylun finally arrived. Where physical attacks had failed, the mystic swords of Zz'ria proved much more effective, easily slicing through the rock creatures, freeing the captives unharmed while dissipating the motivating force, so that the creatures reverted to harmless rock and mud. With the Anti-Phoenix having escaped during the battle, Feron requested to join Excalibur as they returned to their lighthouse to use its tracking devices to locate the creature.

   En route in their jet, Cerise and Meggan expressed their admiration for Kylun's prowess in the fight against the rock creatures, and Cerise enquired as to whether he had other abilities than just his swordsmanship, prompting Meggan to ask what his mutant power was. Embarrassed, Kylun admitted that his power was insignificant compared to theirs, and as such was not something he liked to speak about. However, when they began speculating that perhaps he was superfast, superagile, superstrong or had enhanced healing, he finally reluctantly admitted that he could exactly reproduce any sound, and at their prompting replayed a string of sounds from their recent battle with growing gusto, leaving them momentarily speechless. Suddenly embarrassed, Kylun stopped, and visibly deflated when Captain Britain responded that it was no wonder Kylun needed to carry swords. However, his spirits instantly recovered as Captain Britain admitted he had been joking, adding that Kylun's fighting skills were all the more impressive for not being enhanced by powers.

   Reaching the lighthouse, the team was shocked to see a string of headless robotic bodies outside, and followed them into the building to discover these were remnants from a progression of evolving bodies Widget had been growing for itself, until they finally found Widget's final, partially ethereal humanoid form, hovering seemingly inert amidst a sea of abandoned older robot bodies. Kylun expressed concern for his old friend, but Nightcrawler suggested he not get too close, as they did not yet know what they were dealing with. The next second, Phoenix sensed that far away the Anti-Phoenix had bonded with Necrom, and told her shocked teammates that the empowered mage was now coming for her.

(Excalibur I#49) - At Phoenix's revelation that Necrom had let her see he was coming for them, Feron berated her for not stopping Necrom from joining with the Anti-Phoenix and claiming he alone possessed the knowledge to stop the entity, but this angered Kylun into pointing out that Necrom had only barely escaped his swords during their last encounter. Their argument was interrupted by as the interface between realities briefly blurred again, and momentarily Calibur of Reality-924 appeared above them all, battling the gigantic Keng. As quickly as they appeared they vanished again, never even spotting Excalibur and their allies below. Kylun was perturbed how blithely Excalibur accepted this, but Captain Britain assured him such occurrences were common in the lighthouse. Alistaire wondered if the time distortions were somehow connected to Widget, but Nightcrawler pointed out the Necrom situation was more pressing, and suggested they divide into groups to prepare their battle strategy.

    Feeling he owed Widget his life, Kylun elected to watch guard over his old friend and give him what little time he had before Necrom struck. Alistaire stayed to examine the abandoned robot bodies, and was so engrossed in this that he failed to notice further interdimensional manifestations, as Adam Warlock of Reality-97449 battling some sort of vampiric creature (possibly Skrull) swooped by the heads of a surprised Kylun and Shadowcat's alien pet dragon Lockheed. Watching in shock as the two combatants vanished in a flash of light, Kylun turned towards Alistaire asking if he too had witnessed the same bizarre vision, only to see a host of different cross-reality versions of Alistaire standing next to each other. Kylun screwed his eyes shut for a moment, and when he re-opened them only the Earth-616 Alistaire remained. With Alistaire oblivious to what had just happened, Kylun momentarily wondered aloud if he might being going mad and have imagined the visitations, but Nightcrawler, just now returning in the company of the rest of Excalibur, confirmed that he had seen them too. Noting that the frequency of cross-time interfaces seemed to be occurring, Nightcrawler ordered them to evacuate the lighthouse. When Alistaire asked what they should do about the inert Widget, Shadowcat replied to leave him, since he might the cause of the problem, prompting Kylun to come to his friend's defense and insist this had to be Necrom's work.

    Moments later Kylun and the others watched bemusedly as Captain Britain suddenly physically expanded, becoming almost freakishly muscular, then more trans-reality visitors began appearing and disappearing again with increasing rapidity; checking her armor's sensors, Cerise concluded that something, perhaps Widget, was creating a stable zone around the group by counteracting the growing temporal distortion. As Nightcrawler wondered aloud what could be causing the disruption to begin with, a voice behind him claimed credit. Turning, Kylun exclaimed as he recognized Necrom, not yet physically at the lighthouse but manifesting a burning projection of his face in the air ahead of his actual arrival. Gloating, the sorcerer informed them that the alternate Earths were being compressed into a singularity, and that he would only spare their world from annihilation if Phoenix yielded the Phoenix Force to him. 

(Excalibur I#50) - Tiring of the threats, Kylun sprung forward, vowing to die fighting, and he stabbed the psychic projection through the eyes with his enchanted blades, causing it to scream in agony and vanish. Around Excalibur the convergence intensified, with more and more beings from other realities phasing in and out around them. Informing them that he could sense Necrom outside on the cliff overlooking the lighthouse and that only he was capable of facing the villain, Feron impulsively flew off. Kylun shouted to Nightcrawler that he would protect the impetuous youth and pursued before Nightcrawler could stop him.

    Catching up with Feron outside, Kylun counseled him to be wary of Necrom's power, and when Feron overconfidently declared himself unafraid, Kylun tried to tell him of the evils Necrom had perpetrated while on Ee'rath, but before he could finish Necrom himself added an additional crime to Kylun's list, interrupting their conversation to interject that he had also slain Sa'tneen. Feron fired a magical energy bolt at Necrom, who deflected it with ease and responded with his own, which Feron struggled to block while Kylun watched, too distant from Necrom to be able to attack his nemesis. As they remained pinned down, a helicopter flew overhead, and the size-changing hero Micromax, who had fought Necrom in London, dropped from it, growing into a giant just before he landed on the sorcerer's head. However, now bolstered by the Anti-Phoenix's power, this merely inconvenienced Necrom and knocked him to the base of the cliff. With his foe now reachable, Kylun surged forward while Cerise, flying out of the lighthouse, used her solid-light powers to snatch Micromax away from Necrom's counterattack. Before Kylun could slice Necrom apart with his blades, however, the mage launched into the air and swiftly flew over him into the lighthouse via the top floor observation dome. Kylun immediately gave chase, passing by the original Excalibur members as they physically merged so they could travel to Otherworld to end the reality-threatening interdimensional convergence.

   Kylun found the lighthouse interior was now a disorienting and shifting landscape of alien mirages. Dodging a unicycle-riding lawman, Kylun suspected Necrom was using the insanity to conceal himself, when he heard a familiar voice. Turning, he saw Sa'tneen walk through the doorway by which he had only the day before entered Earth-616. He exclaimed in shock that she had died, but she informed him she had merely been sorely wounded, and had used her magic to restore herself. Moving forward, she tried to convince him she was real by caressing his face, then embraced him. Realizing this was merely Sa'tneen's corpse, desecrated by Necrom animating it, Kylun accepted her embrace, apologizing and stating that he loved her more than life itself, then stabbing the corpse with one blade to disrupt the possession while whirling round to slice with the second, having correctly anticipated that Necrom was trying to catch him unawares. His strike cut Necrom across the right eye, and as the mage recoiled in pain Kylun taunted him that he couldn't be as powerful as he claimed if he had to resort to such a desperate ploy. Necrom insisted he still had the strength to kill Kylun as he fired a bolt of mystic energy, but Kylun easily parried it, noting that the sorcerer's encounter with Feron and Micromax had left him drained, and concluding that Necrom feared the blades of Zz;ria. As they continued to fight, Necrom cursed his foe, noting that he would soon possess the Phoenix Force, since Phoenix would have to release it to halt the convergence, but Kylun pointed out that the cross-dimensional manifestations had now stopped, meaning that the convergence had already been stopped. Now sensing that Phoenix had departed to Otherworld, Necrom teleported himself after her, ignoring Kylun's demands he stay and fight.

   With Necrom now beyond his reach and the corpse of his lover lying at his feet, the grief Kylun had suppressed while pursuing his vengeance now overwhelmed the warrior and he collapsed to his knees, holding Sa'tneen and crying uncontrollably.

(Excalibur I#50 - BTS) - Necrom pursued Phoenix to Otherworld and beyond, and after an epic battle Phoenix defeated Necrom by giving him what he had wanted, overloading and destroying him by letting him take the Phoenix Force into himself. Informed hat their lighthouse was a cross-dimensional focus created by Merlyn, with linked counterparts such as Ee'rath's Tower That Crosses Time all through the multiverse, Excalibur destroyed the Otherworld version at the behest of Merlyn's daughter Roma, who worried her father would abuse this power. Since this destruction was echoed by every version of the Tower across the multiverse, Merlyn's daughter Roma magically sent everyone near any version of the Tower in any reality, including Kylun and Excalibur's other allies, an irresistible impulse to get clear. Taking Sa'tneen's remains with him, Kylun joined the others in boarding Excalibur's jet and then flew off before the lighthouse collapsed.

(Excalibur I#50) - They flew to Captain Britain's old home, Braddock Manor, where they met the newly returned Excalibur, and Kylun carried Sa'tneen's remains, now wrapped in a shroud, into the team's new home.

(Excalibur I#51) - After resting for the night and much of the next day, Kylun, Cerise, Brian and Meggan shared breakfast in the Manor's kitchen, and Brian made it clear that both of the newcomers were welcome to stay, as the manor had plenty of room. Their chat was interrupted by Alistaire Stewart with news that dinosaurs were reported to be wandering around Brighton, but by the time they checked the television for themselves, the dinosaur problem had been dealt with.

(Excalibur I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Brian allowed Kylun to put Sa'tneen's body to rest in the Manor's grounds, next to where the Captain's parents were buried.

(Excalibur I#68 (fb) - BTS) - While staying at the manor, Kylun made a point of visiting Sa'tneen's grave at sunrise and spent an hour sitting by it, meditating on how she had enriched his life as a way of honoring her memory.

(Excalibur I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun repeatedly dreamed of saving Sa'tneen, blocking Necrom's fatal assault before it struck his lover and then slaying the villain, only for the dream to turn nightmare as Sa'tneen crumbled into a desiccated corpse when he tried to embrace her.

(Excalibur I#54 (fb)) - When the twenty-seven senior citizen inhabitants of a small English village vanished without trace, Dai Thomas called in Captain Britain and Meggan's help, and Kylun and Cerise opted to lend a hand too. Sensing where the residents had gone, Meggan suddenly rushed off, swiftly followed by her three compatriots, even when she abruptly dived down a narrow pothole.

(Excalibur I#54 (fb) - BTS) - They found themselves in a version of Alice's Wonderland generated by the no-longer-missing Joyboy of the Technet in conjunction with the Crazy Gang's Red Queen, but shaped by their mood and perception. 

(Excalibur I#54) - Kylun went fishing in the company of the Gryphon and Mock Turtle...

(Excalibur I#54 - BTS) - and was pleasantly surprised to catch seven trout with just a bent pin and a worm.

(Excalibur I#54) - Pleased with his catch, he rejoined his teammates, and, after confirming that the "kidnapped" villagers had actually willing guests of the Crazy Gang, who meant no harm, they agreed to leave the former villains in peace.

(Excalibur: XX Crossing) - Seeking to prove his worth to prospective employer Doctor Victor von Doom, Sidestep the chronological assassin targeted Excalibur, who had caused Doom trouble recently (shortly prior to Kylun's joining). When the team turned up for a rare public appearance in London, Sidestep used his alien technology to capture their life essences and hold them in stasis, then shunted them to different time periods to battle brainwashed and similarly time-displaced members of the original X-Men. Deciding Kylun looked primeval, Sidestep sent him to the "dawn of time," an ice age where he faced Iceman. His literally-juvenile opponent taunted Kylun by throwing snowballs at him, his frozen form effectively invisible against the snow, but Kylun used his well-honed hunting skills combined with cunning, replicating his foe's giggling to trick his enemy into enunciating a confused gasp at the wrong moment and so revealing his position. Grabbing Iceman by the throat, Kylun stated he recognized the X-Man from watching the news as a child, but the brainwashed Iceman, attuned to their current temporal period, lacked the concept of language, so he couldn't answer Kylun's questions about how they had come to arrive there. Before Kylun could press further, the pair were attacked by a hungry theropod dinosaur. Kylun shoved Iceman out of the way of its attack, and was prepared to face it alone, but Iceman came to his assistance, freezing the creature's jaws shut. Kylun then leapt on its muzzle and stabbed it through the brain, killing it. Monitoring from afar, Sidestep noticed the pair had become allies, so he returned them to stasis.

    Each of his other pairings similarly ended without the fatalities Sidestep had hoped for, so he brought both teams to Doom's throne room. No longer brainwashed and seeing the similarly kidnapped Professor X lying seemingly dead on the floor at Excalibur's feet, the X-Men presumed them enemies and attacked. Kylun avoided the Beast's lunge and dodged Cyclops' optic blast, but Marvel Girl telekinetically snatched his swords from him. Moments later Nightcrawler ripped away from Sidestep the alien vest that gave him his powers, shunting everyone back home.   

(Excalibur I#55) - Preparing to leave Braddock Manor to find his family, Kylun first visited Sa'tneen's memorial on the grounds, with Cerise deciding to tag along. Finishing a silent goodbye to his lost love, Kylun commented how beautiful the location was, and that it was kind for Brian to let him bury Sa'tneen next to Brian's parents. Unused to the concept of emotionally bonding with others, the alien Cerise asked Kylun if he missed Sa'tneen, and Kylun confirmed he did more than he could express in words. Cerise then expressed curiosity as to how Kylun could leave his new friends then if bonding was so important. He explained that he had family whom he had to inform he was still alive, though he admitted being worried how he would be received, given that he had vanished only a year ago as a freckled faced child, and was now returning a vastly changed adult. Cerise suggested he should at least stay long enough to attend a party the team were hosting for friends that night at the Manor, and bid his teammates a proper farewell, but Kylun sadly glanced at Sa'tneen's marker and stated that he wasn't in the mood for frivolities. Asking Cerise to tell Kurt he would be in touch, Kylun said farewell and walked away.

(Excalibur I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun hid his blades from prying view by carrying them in a fishing rod case slung over his shoulder. During his journey Kylun began to ponder how to begin his old life anew. After several days traveling (see comments), Kylun reached his parents' rural home at dusk, but decided against approaching in the darkness lest he cause alarm. Instead he settled down for the night a short distance away.

(Excalibur I#63) - The next morning he awoke from his recurring nightmare of Sa'tneen dying in his arms, and when he looked at his parents' home in the dawn light he was beset by new doubts, wondering if they would accept him as he was now or run fleeing in terror from him. Dreading their reaction more than any foe he had fought, he walked to the front door, but hesitated as he was about to push the bell, wondering if his parents might believe him dead, and if it might be better if they thought that. Deciding he could not live a lie, Kylun screwed up his courage and made to press the doorbell button, when he was suddenly yanked backwards violently, flying dozens of feet through the air to land at the feet of three superhumans, the Warpies Oak, Ocelot and Lodestone, the last of whom responsible for Kylun's sudden flight via magnetism. Having been sent to capture Kylun on behalf of British covert agency RCX (Resources Control Executive), the trio moved closer to Kylun's prone form, but having only been faking unconsciousness Kylun suddenly attacked them, kicking Ocelot under the chin and striking down Lodestone with the fishing rod case. As Kylun dodged Oak's retaliatory punch, the Warpie declared Kylun's "unprovoked" violence to be without merit, prompting Kylun to query why they had attacked him if that was the case. Leaping onto Kylun's back and shredding his jacket with sharp claws, Ocelot declared it was because Kylun was an outlaw. Angered, Kylun blocked the next strike with the fishing rod case, then pulled forth the blades of Zz'ria from its tattered remains, swiftly slicing through Ocelot's left arm. However, the cut caused no harm, a fact that caused Ocelot to freeze in stunned disbelief that his arm was still there, while Kylun paused his assault, confused for a brief moment by the revelation that his foe was of pure heart. That brief moment of doubt was enough time for Oak to land a solid blow to the back of Kylun's head, knocking him out.

(Excalibur I#63 - BTS) -The trio transported their captive to RCX's Cloud Nine base, hidden beneath an abandoned church in Liverpool.

(Excalibur I#64) - Deep within the bowels of Cloud Nine, Kylun was stored in a suspended animation alongside his similarly captured friends Meggan, Micromax, Alistaire Stewart and Shadowcat.

(Excalibur I#65) - Nightcrawler and Cerise found their captured friends, imprisoned alongside RCX agents who had opposed RCX head Peter (Nigel Orpington-Smythe)'s plans, and released them. The former prisoners only had a few minutes to get over their disorientation before they were discovered by RCX Agent Luke and many of RCX's Warpies, who instructed them to surrender, as some among the Warpies were blocking the prisoners' powers. Aware that many of the Warpies were misguided innocents thanks to his encounter with Ocelot, Kylun reasoned that they wouldn't have bothered to block his seemingly useless power, and that he might be able to use that power to dishearten some of the more timid Warpies. Leaping forward, he issued the terrifying roar of an Ee'rathian Gn'zgogia and caught the Warpie Quill with a blow to the head. Ocelot lunged for him, disparaging Kylun's attempt to frighten them, but other Warpies, including the younger ones responsible for blocking powers, fled in fear. Their powers restored, Excalibur and their allies joined the battle, which ended in their favor when Captain Britain captured Peter, after which the Warpies, already having doubts about what they had been doing under his command, stopped fighting. With his overthrow, the RCX agents that Peter had locked up took over the organization to look after the Warpies properly, and the conflict between Excalibur and RCX ended.

(Excalibur I#66 (fb) - BTS) - Since his Ee'rath warrior's clothes had been badly damaged during the recent battles, RCX's fabric-manipulating Warpie Silkworm transformed Kylun's ragged outfit into a new costume for him.

(Excalibur I#66) - Excalibur returned to Braddock Manor after leaving Cloud Nine, with Kylun heading to visit Sa'tneen's grave almost immediately on his return.

(Excalibur I#125 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun was subsequently reunited with his parents (see comments).

(Excalibur Annual#1) - When Cerise began to suffer from recurring nightmares she believed were originating from an outside source, Excalibur (including Kylun) accompanied her as she followed her sense of where they were emanating from to a castle where they found an extradimensional (Irth/Earth-9339) mage who introduced himself as Ghath, and apologetically claimed Cerise's nightmares were an unintended side effect of his attempts to return to his own dimension. Before he could explain further, an dark-skinned elfen man, Khaos, smashed through the castle roof to attack Ghath; assuming Excalibur were Ghath's minions, he stunned Kylun and several other Excalibur members with a lightning-like discharge from a magical idol he was carrying, but was swiftly subdued by the rest of the team. Ghath claimed that he was Irth's rightful but deposed ruler and that Khaos was an assassin sent to kill him. He requested Excalibur leave their captive in his custody, but they declined and took Khaos back the manor. While the others slept, Cerise stood guard over Khaos, and when he woke he told her a different story, identifying Ghath as an exiled warlord, and explaining he had come to slay Ghath because Ghath had found a way to attack Irth from Earth-616. Unsure of what to believe, Cerise went to investigate Ghath for herself, and Khaos soon escaped and followed.

    Discovering Khaos and Cerise missing shortly thereafter, Excalibur raced to the castle and discovered Khaos and Cerise fighting Ghath. Despite their intervention, Ghath was able to open a portal back to Irth and escaped through it, so Khaos, Kylun and the rest of Excalibur followed him through. Greeted on arrival by Khaos' allies (Longstrider, Kromm, Kamendae and Quarto), they discovered that though they had only been moments behind Ghath, because time flowed at a different rate on Irth he had arrived months ahead of them, and had had time to rebuild his forces. However, with Excalibur's assistance, Khaos and his friends were able to make short work of Ghath's minions, while Khaos himself slew Ghath. After the battle ended, Kamendae and Quarto magically returned Excalibur to Earth-616.

(Excalibur I#66) - Phoenix called the team together in the manor to explain her intention to return to her own future timeline and try to end the oppressive regime of the Sentinels there, but when she began projecting her mind forward to prepare for her trip, she made contact with Widget, awakening the mind of Phoenix's old friend Kate Rasputin that had always lain partially dormant within. Already in Earth-811, Widget unintentionally warped all of Excalibur forward to that era, and they materialized in the middle of a battle between the Resistance Co-ordination Executive and Sentinels and their commander, Ahab. Excalibur's arrival turned the tide of the battle against the Sentinels, and when Phoenix destroyed Ahab's cybernetic hands, the Sentinels initiated a tactical retreat, teleporting away after first snatching both Phoenix and Widget.
    Realizing they were now stranded in this dysptopian world, Excalibur vowed to defeat the Sentinels or die trying.

(Excalibur I#67) - Excalibur returned with their new allies to RCX's local base, but found the rest of the resistance massacred by a Sentinel attack that had left no survivors. Using the shell of a destroyed Sentinel as a Trojan horse, the two groups flew inside it across the Atlantic heading to Manhattan and the Sentinels' main base. As they had anticipated, they were intercepted mid-ocean by other Sentinels who attempted to converse with the defunct robot, but by carefully repeating selected words from the identification challenge they had issued back at them, Kylun fooled them into thinking their Sentinel was active but malfunctioning, and so the Sentinel patrol escorted it back to base to be repaired.

    When they arrived and found the base in turmoil as Phoenix and Widget had just broken loose and were attacking the Hierarchy (the prime Sentinel directing all the others), Excalibur and RCX piloted their Sentinel into the middle of the battle, and they then provided Phoenix cover as she attacked the Heirarchy's core programming. Having begun this battle using a borrowed heavy energy rifle, as the Sentinels began to close, Kylun switched to his trusted blades, slicing off Sentinel limbs effortlessly. For a few minutes the battle raged, and though the heroes had the upper hand it seemed inevitable that the Sentinels would ultimately prevail through sheer weight of numbers, until suddenly the Sentinels ceased moving. Phoenix announced that she had successfully reprogrammed them all via their link to the Heirarchy, winning the war in a single move.

(Excalibur I#68 (fb) - BTS) - The trip back to Earth-616 saw Captain Britain lost in the timestream. Believing his friend possibly dead, Kylun honored his memory by placing a marker with Captain Britain's name on it next to Sa'tneen's grave, and began visiting there every sunset to meditate on how the lost hero's friendship had enriched his life.

(Excalibur I#68) - The rest of the team tried to cope in their own ways; most of the original members struggled to come to terms with their grief, but Micromax tried to focus on becoming a better member of the team, suggesting an impromptu battle session. Only Kylun took him up on the idea, and the pair began sparring in the woods behind the manor until Kylun realized they were being observed by non-human intruders.

(Excalibur I#68 - BTS) - Micromax and Kylun gave battle...

(Excalibur I#68) - but were outnumbered, and were soon sent flying through the air. He landed unconscious at the feet of the rest of Excalibur, who had detected the incursion and raced to confront the intruders, the Starjammers, who revealed they were there to retrieve a fugitive from the Shi'ar Empire. Thinking they meant Phoenix, Excalibur attacked just as Kylun regained consciousness. Rejoining the fray, he took on the Starjammer's leader, Corsair, a fellow swordsman, in a duel of blades, but the battle ended before their duel could be decided when Cerise was revealed to be the Starjammers' actual prey, and she surrendered to avoid any of her friends being hurt.
    The Starjammers teleported away with their captive, but Phoenix transported Excalibur after them, transporting them via a Shi'ar stargate across intergalactic space to a Shi'ar penal colony.

(Excalibur I#69 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun and Phoenix stole some robes so they could blend in with the prisoners.

(Excalibur I#69) - While the others went to try to recruit the Starjammers' aid in rescuing Cerise, Phoenix and Kylun attempted to keep track of where she was being sent, but their disguises soon failed, and they were forced to fight the guards, as well as other prisoners terrified to find the Phoenix in their midst. The battle abruptly ended when one of the prisoners telepathically sensed that Phoenix was not the same being of that name that they feared, and moments later Nightcrawler returned with the Starjammers, whose doubts about Cerise's alleged guilt had been growing even before Nightcrawler appealed to them. They coerced a Ferengi-Klingon hybrid guard (see comments) into showing them the evidence against Cerise and then teleporting them down to the prison level Cerise had been sent to. 

(Excalibur I#70) - The rescuers found Cerise, but were almost immediately surrounded by guards. However, before a fight could break out, the guards were blasted away and the would-be rescuers telekinetically restrained by Cryan, an agent of the Shi'ar ruler Lilandra, and through Cryan Lilandra revealed that Cerise's crime had been to destroy the Shi'ar vessel she had been serving on to prevent its insane commanding officer from committing repeated acts of planetary genocide. Lilandra offered to commute Cerise's sentence in return for her serving Lilandra for the remainder of her life, and though Kylun and the others made it clear they were still willing to fight on her behalf to win her freedom, Cerise accepted this penance out of a sense of duty.
    Excalibur said their reluctant goodbyes and returned to Earth.

(Excalibur I#125 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun visited his parents but learned there was nobody at the family home, and believed they had gone missing (see comments).

(Excalibur I#71 - BTS) - Kylun left Excalibur to search for his missing parents (see comments).

(Excalibur I#125 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun anticipated a grand quest to find his parents, but it turned out they had just gone to visit the family's cousins in Australia, and the note they had left to inform him of this had been thrown out by the charwoman (see comments)

(Excalibur I#125) - Kylun attended the wedding of former teammates Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) and Meggan Puceanu on Otherworld, but after taking his seat in the chapel between Cerise and Micromax he fell asleep while waiting for the ceremony to begin, and started snoring. As Nightcrawler walked bridesmaid Betsy Braddock down the aisle, Cerise nudged Kylun and asked him if he agreed with her that Nightcrawler looked dashing and debonaire. Waking with a start, Kylun instinctively loudly reproduced her comment, drawing irritated stares from Micromax and several members of the Corps sitting nearby. Sheepishly, Kylun apologized to Cerise, making the (false) excuse that he never had gotten the hang of his mutant power, prompting her to roll her eyes in annoyance.

    After the ceremony the guests and wedding party moved on to the reception, where Kylun was again seated next to Cerise, and joined in the toasts to the happy couple.

(Excalibur I#125 - BTS) - Later, as the party started and people began to mingle, Kylun noticed Brian heading out to the gardens in the company of a woman who resembled Sa'tneen (which she would, as she was Saturnine, Sa'tneen's alternate reality counterpart). 

(Excalibur I#125) - Kylun made his way over to the cake. Commenting admiringly on its size, he found himself joined by his former teammate Micromax, who asked him how life was treating him. Kylun admitted that the day had stirred long dormant thoughts of his lost love Sa'tneen, then discussed how he was finding mundane life back living with his parents tedious, with the last time he heard the glorious call of battle being on the television. Pronouncing it unbecoming for a warrior to lament his woes, Kylun inquired how Micromax was doing, and was informed that his friend had recently been made redundant by the Brand Corporation. Meggan then approached them, asking if they had seen where Brian had gone, and they informed her of his departure into the gardens a few minutes earlier.   

(Uncanny X-Men I#462) - When the mutant Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) used her powers to alter Reality-616, overlapping it with the "House of M" reality (Earth-58163), this caused a trans-temporal tsunami that crashed several realities together, throwing beings from across the multiverse briefly into Otherworld. Perhaps due to some residual transdimensional radiation left over from when Excalibur's lighthouse had seen realities blurring together, many of those caught up in this interdimensional tidal wave and deposited in Otherworld were individuals who had previously been pulled across realities to the lighthouse, including Kylun (see comments).

(198 Files) - Following the depowering of most of mutantkind on M-Day, Kylun was one of the (inaccurately numbered) group dubbed "the 198" who retained their powers. Assessing the status and threat level of the remaining mutants, the United States decided Kylun was only a "general" threat, the second-lowest category. 

(Captain Britain and MI13#1 - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe) - When Britain was caught up in the worldwide Skrull invasion, every British hero, presumably including Kylun, was drafted into MI:13 to battle the aliens.

(Heroic Age: X-Men) - Kylun's activities remained low key, "under the radar," for a long time after finding his parents, staying based in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. While researching the current state of mutantkind as part of his duties as newly appointed head of the United States' superhuman forces, Steve Rogers noted down what he knew of Kylun, mostly obtained by chats with Captain Britain. Rogers noted that with Britain having been under demonic siege since the Skrull invasion, Pete Wisdom would probably have recruited Kylun to M.I.13 to assist, since his swords made him particularly effective against supernatural threats.

(Domino Annual#1/6 (fb) - BTS) - Kylun discovered online sexually-explicit fan art of himself and Beast rendered by people with bestiality fetishes, and later encountered some of these fans, who to his annoyance were keen to tell him all about these depictions.    

(Domino Annual#1/6) - Kylun attended the first meeting of MMA, the Mindfullness for Mutant Appearances support group set up by Domino and Nightcrawler for mutants who couldn't pass for normal humans. In order to help them work on reducing their critically negative body images, Nightcrawler asked the attendees to share their experiences of being "othered," made to feel different. Kylun was in the middle of explaining about his disturbing encounters with his "furry" fans when fellow attendee Toad interrupted. Though he was trying to be supportive by indicating he related because he had suffered similar experiences, his comment threw Kylun, who admitted he found it difficult to continue when being interrupted by someone who had tried to kill his friends. Accepting that Nightcrawler and Domino had good intentions, Kylun nevertheless questioned the wisdom in having villains present, but Nightcrawler reassured him the meeting was a safe space, because all present had signed an agreement and he would personally use his proficient combat skills to deal with anyone who broke that pact. 

(Uncanny X-Men V#9) - When the X-Men battled X-Man and his Horsemen of Salvation, Jean Grey soon realized the team was outgunned and sent out a telepathic distress call. Kylun was with Glorianna (Meggan Braddock) when they received the call, and both responded, joining a multitude of both X-Men and X-Men associates who were teleported to Quadra Island, British Columbia by Pixie to join the fight.

(Uncanny X-Men V#10) - Kylun joined the battle, his blades slicing through the Carbonadium tentacles of the mind-controlled Horseman Wellness (Arkady Rossovich, a.k.a. Omega Red) until his foes other tentacles entangled him. Wellness and the other Horsemen were soon freed of X-Man's mind control and joined the fight against him, until X-Man unleashed an explosive energy burst, seemingly vaporizing all his opponents, including Kylun.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#1 (fb) - BTS) - Like everyone else caught in X-Man's explosion, Kylun was actually transported to a pocket dimension the reality-warping telepath had created, his memories altered to fit him into a new mutant-dominated world built upon principles X-Man thought would create a utopia, including banning all familial and romantic relationships. In this "Age of X-Man," Kylun was rebranded as a Colin McKay, personal trainer to Studio X's mutant actors, whose clients included his former teammates Nightcrawler and Meggan.

   He reviewed Nightcrawler's dailies for his latest movie, and decided his client needed to up his workouts.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#1) - Colin attended a glitzy charity gala arranged by Studio X, where he chastised Nightcrawler, passing on his feedback regarding the dailies he had watched. Meggan intervened, telling Colin that Nightcrawler was working hard, but Colin was unconvinced.

   After the party, Colin worked out with a punching bag, his wilder side evidently not fully repressed by X-Man's brainwashing.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#2) - The next day Colin was on-set to help stunt co-ordinator Amara Aquilla (Magma) block out a scene with Meggan and Nightcrawler, when some of the ceiling suddenly broke and fell right above Colin's head. Reacting swiftly, Meggan snatched him and got him clear before he could be struck. Colin wondered if the collapse could have been caused by a burst pipe, but with powers that gave her an understanding of how stones worked, Amara confirmed that it was sabotage. The obvious suspect was the rival Mastermind Studios, and Colin suggested they report the incident to the X-Men, but Nightcrawler vetoed this, preferring to handle the matter himself, something Amara and Colin agreed to only reluctantly.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#3) - A few days later Colin and Amara accompanied Meggan and Nightcrawler on what was publicly stated to be a PR trip to Portland, and a mall appearance by the stars, but was actually, unknown to Colin, a way for the two stars to see their secret daughter, Tenia Jean. Their appearance on stage was interrupted by Mastermind Studios personnel arriving, with studio head Regan Wyngarde claiming the Studio X people had stolen her booking. Amara and Mastermind staffer Noriko Ashida traded insults, and seeing his co-worker literally beginning to burn with rage, Colin tried to calm her, placing a restraining hand on her shoulder and telling Amara the interlopers weren't worth it. In response Regan proclaimed them cowards, needing former X-Man Nightcrawler to babysit them. At this, Colin let go of Amara and informed her he'd changed his mind, and he lunged forward shouting to "kick her @#$%&."

(Amazing Nightcrawler#4) - Colin went for Noriko, shouting out a mimicked sound that caused her to flinch backwards, leaving her open to his assault. She swiftly rallied, striking at him with her electrified fists, but he dodged the blow, then switched opponents, leaping high into the air to snag the telekinetic Julian Heller from the air, taking his opponent by surprise as he had been focused on fighting Meggan. Nightcrawler meanwhile dunked Noriko in a fountain, shorting her out, then rejoined Nightcrawler and Amara on the stage. Regan was enraged but as the crowd began clapping, Nightcrawler pointed out the witnesses thought the whole thing had been a show for their benefit, and convinced Regan to reluctantly quit while she could do so with dignity. After the show the Studio X staff, including Colin, relaxed in the green room, but Nightcrawler noticed Meggan was absent and went looking for her.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#4 - BTS) - The telepathic Cuckoo siblings, who worked for both studios, realized that Meggan and Nightcrawler's telepathic re-education had been breaking down, leading them to track down their forbidden child, Tenia Jean. When Nightcrawler, Meggan and Tenia all found one another a few moments after Nightcrawler had left the green room, the three telepaths took control of the mutant members of both Studio X and Mastermind Studios, including Colin,...

(Amazing Nightcrawler#4) - and confronted the trio of lawbreakers with their mind-controlled army.

(Amazing Nightcrawler#5) - Nightcrawler teleported Phoebe Cuckoo, Meggan and Tenia to the building's roof, giving him just enough time to convince Phoebe to let Meggan leave with Tenia before the other two Cuckoos brought their horde to the roof in pursuit.

(Age of X-Man Omega - BTS) - X-Man's mind wipes began failing, and the X-Men convinced him to return all his captives to the real world.

(X-Force VI#12 (fb) - BTS) - Following the founding of the mutant nation of Krakoa and its invitation for mutants worldwide to immigrate there, Kylun became a resident of the island nation.

(X-Force VI#12) - After Russian super-soldiers working for Mikhail Rasputin attacked Krakoa, Beast decided to make a public spectacle of arresting any mutants with Russian connections, and so when Colossus was taken into custody and brought to Krakoa via portal Beast had arranged for a crowd of witnesses, which included Kylun. Angry at Beast's action, Wolverine angrily ran the crowd off.

Comments: Colin McKay created by Chris Claremont, Alan Davis and Paul Neary; Kylun created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

    In Excalibur I#46 Kylun tells Nightcrawler that he was seven when Vixen's men kidnapped him; in Excalibur I#55, he tells Cerise he was eight. It's a minor discrepancy, noted mostly so people who read the latter issue don't think the handbook entry got it wrong when it says Kylun was seven. In-universe excuse? Kylun spent over twenty years growing up on Ee'rath, and was a little kid when he was kidnapped, so he's probably a little vague about his exact age back when it all kicked off. 

    Kylun mentions Vixen kidnapped him because she had heard of his mutant powers, not just that he was a mutant (obvious from his eyes, even at seven years old). It's unclear whether his mimicry ability was present from infancy or developed later in his childhood however. Why kidnap someone whose only real power is to duplicate sounds exactly? We're not explicitly told, but I'd imagine the ability to fool voice recognition software could be of use to a crimelord.

    In Excalibur I#2 young Colin mentions that Vixen's agents had taunted him that it "served mummy and daddy right for dying" because he was a freak, suggesting either the agents had killed his parents or that he had been orphaned earlier in life. However, in Excalibur I#63 Kylun is kidnapped just as he is about to see his parents for the first time since he went to Ee'rath, letting them know he is alive and an adult after they last saw him as a child only months before. So apparently Vixen's agents had merely been tormenting the child after kidnapping him by falsely informing him that his parents had been killed. Following his interrupted attempt to meet his parents again in Excalibur I#63, Kylun leaves Excalibur to hunt for them just after Excalibur I#70, and in his next appearance in Excalibur I#125 he says they hadn't been missing but instead had gone on holiday to Australia, and had left him a note. This was presumably meant to explain why they were absent in Excalibur I#2 when he was kidnapped, but that explanation makes no sense. Colin was only seven when he vanished to Ee'rath, and was gone for close on a year; it beggars belief to think his parents had gone on holiday leaving their seven year old alone with only a note to explain to him their absence, and it would be ridiculous to think they had been on holiday from Excalibur I#2 through to at least Excalibur I#70; Marvel's sliding timescale compresses in-universe events into a smaller amount of time than the publication gap (5 years - 1998 to 1993) but that would still have been at least a year in-universe! So instead, the absence mentioned in Excalibur I#125 must mean Kylun was reunited with his parents off-panel some time between Excalibur I#66 and Excalibur I#70, and then he had discovered just prior to Excalibur I#70 that they had apparently vanished. Given he'd only just found them again, it's understandable he might be worried that someone had targeted them, prompting him to go to look for them.

    Kylun leaves to find his parents in Excalibur I#55 and only reaches their home in Excalibur I#63, which would amount to at least several days later, if not weeks, in-universe time. This might seem overlong until you realize he was presumably covering the distance on foot, and from Braddock Manor to Edinburgh is around 380 miles. Why choose such a slow means of travel, when Kylun knew Excalibur's jet, for example, could get him there in about an hour? For one, he was presumably used to walking great distances on Ee'rath, which showed no sign of advanced transport systems beyond various types of animals being ridden. Plus the thought of seeing his parents after so long was clearly a daunting prospect for him, and he wanted time and space to think, something the long walk would provide.

    Excalibur I#42 ends with Kylun ominously stating that Excalibur will pay for the devastation they unleashed on Ee'rath, but it's not a reference to 616 Excalibur. In Excalibur I#1 Nightcrawler inadvertently visited Ee'rath just as Necrom's minions were dethroning Queen Ai'sha, and Excalibur I#46 reveals that Kylun has heard of this as a legend that a blue "demon" appeared, an omen heralding Ee'rath's enslavement - however, while Kylun recognizes Nightcrawler to be the legendary demon, he clearly is surprised to learn who Nightcrawler is, and given both this detail and that Excalibur was newly formed and little known to the public when Colin vanished, he couldn't have associated this "demon" legend with Excalibur. Excalibur I#45 confirms that it was Ee'rath's version of Excalibur who were wrongly blamed for unleashing Necrom on their world.

    It's far from inconceivable that Roma might have been responsible for arranging young Colin to have met Widget and ended up on Ee'rath; around the same time Colin made his trip, Roma was following her father Merlyn's plan to bring Excalibur together to ultimately defeat Necrom. While the original Excalibur members had been chosen because their specific powers combined could stop Necrom, Kylun was pivotal because he alerted Excalibur to Necrom's threat in the first place, and he couldn't have done that if he hadn't been a 616 native who had grown up on Ee'rath. If a native of Ee'rath had been responsible for driving Necrom back to Earth-616 and then followed the sorcerer to Excalibur's lighthouse, they wouldn't have known and trusted Widget, thus ensuring them swiftly allying with Excalibur, nor spoken English, allowing them to convey what they knew about Necrom so readily.

     Kylun appears in a cameo at Brian and Meggan's wedding in a nightmare induced by Nightmare in Excalibur I#119. Most of the guests shown in attendance do attend the actual wedding, which is surprising given that many of them varied between being semi-antagonists to outright enemies! Kylun also appears in Spider-Man I#25 alongside the rest of Excalibur, but turns out to be an illusion/robot used by Arcade to fool Captain Britain and Spider-Man.

   Kylun also made a cameo appearance in Reality-14923, a timeline that was diverged from 616 when X-Men student Tempus used her time travel powers to alter history to ensure Omega-level mutant Matthew Malloy was never born. This version of Kylun has an identical history up until his "appearance" in Heroic Age X-Men, then all subsequent appearances are replaced by:
     (Uncanny X-Men III#23) - Kylun visited Madripoor after Mystique attempted to turn it into a mutant utopia.

    In the 198 Files, an in-universe document compiled by the Office of National Emergencies (O*N*E), Kylun's height and weight are erroneously listed as 5'2" and 101 lbs. These appear to have been accidentally copied over from Firestar's entry in the same book.

    Kylun had the aforementioned entry in The 198 Files, and a profile in Heroic Age: X-Men. In handbooks, he got entries in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#6 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Hardcover#6. He's also had a Marvel-Phile entry alongside his Excalibur teammate Cerise in Dragon Magazine#183, providing him with statistics for TSR's licensed Marvel Super-Heroes tabletop RPG and erroneously claiming he was born in England and that the factory he met Widget in was also in England. He's also had at least three trading cards, two of which mistakenly list his height as 6'2" and 180 lbs., rather than the official stats of 5'9" and 170 lbs.

   While an excellent close-up of Kylun's eyes in his first appearance as an adult clearly shows he has red pupils, some later issues inconsistently depict them as green, blue or yellow (the same as the rest of his eye). Either this is an an art error, or perhaps his eyes change color depending on his mood - he was angry and had just been fighting when they were shown to be red.

    It is unconfirmed that it is Kylun of Earth-616 who appears for a panel in Uncanny X-Men I#462 during the reality tsunami. The Official Index to Uncanny X-Men says he's an alternate reality version, but since I was one of the head writers for that Index I'm allowed to note that there's nothing in that single panel that would prevent it being 616 Kylun and so speculate that it could be. As such, unless we get evidence otherwise, for the purpose of this profile I'm running on the assumption that it was the "real" one.

    It's not really relevant to Kylun as such, but since he and Hepzibah were the ones doing the threatening, it's amusing to note that the guard on the Shi'ar penal colony in Excalibur I#69 that is threatened into helping them reach Cerise is clearly a combined Ferengi/Klingon from Star Trek - ears of the former, forehead of the latter.

    The title of the story in the issue where Kylun first meets Nightcrawler is "Colin the Barbarian," an obvious pun on Conan the Barbarian. However, that name is never used by or applied to Kylun in story, so it's not an alias. I mention it here in case anyone thinks I overlooked it.

    In Excalibur I#40, Lockheed reports back to his people about the members of Excalibur and mentions that Widget "swallowed a child" called Colin on the day after he was made; in case the reader has any doubt, Colin McKay is pictured. However, the question is, how on Earth does Lockheed know this? Widget didn't meet Excalibur until Excalibur I#10, and outside of Colin, who was stranded in another reality, and Widget, who could not communicate, nobody knew what Widget had done.

    This profile was completed 12/21/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Loki.

Kylun has no known connections to:

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