Classification: Pan-Galactic power source and maximum security prison

Creator: Apparently a pan-galactic consortium of common interest parties

User/Possessors: A pan-galactic consortium of common interest parties including all seven of the primary pan-galactic law enforcement agencies, Omega Core

: Ch'ak, Cleric, The Fallen One, Gladiator, Maker (Kosmos), Moloka Dar, Mynx, Skreet, Star-Lord (Quill), unnamed Badoon, many hundreds of others

Guards: Cole, Kika, Swad

First Appearance: Thanos#7 (May, 2004)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Kyln serve as power sources drawing energy off the expanding universe at its very edge. Their energy is used by many planets and civilizations. The Kyln also serve as prisons for the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. Lastly, they are also pilgrimage sites for a certain religion due to their proximity to the edge of the universe.
In place of guards, the Klyn keeps track of its inmates by injecting small nano-sentinels directly into the prisoners' bloodstreams. If the prisoners get out of line, the nano-techs can paralyze or even kill the inmates.

History: (Annihilation: Prolouge/Thanos#7 (fb)) - The Kyln were several truly gargantuan power-generating units on the very edge of the universe, drawing and harnessing power from the expanding universe itself. Nobody knows their origins, but they were found centuries ago and converted into both prisons and power generators. They were managed by a "Pan-Galactic consortium of common interest parties." The Kyln served as maximum security, death sentence exclusive prisons for the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. The mortality rate for the inmates was 99.999% and the life expectancy was three years tops. The Kyln were also religious pilgrimage sites for a certain unnamed religion due to their proximity to the edge of the expanding universe. It was managed by the pan galactic consortium and volunteers from several peace keeping societies. They were also manned by clerics who perform maintenance out of religious duty. They were secretive about the origin and the truth about what was below the surface of the Kyln. Omega Core also worked there and served to deliver criminals and support the clerics there.

(Thanos#8 (fb)) - The nanotech security system was detailed.

(Thanos#11 (fb)/12 (fb)) - Star-Lord managed to capture a creature known as the Fallen One, but in doing so, caused collateral damage of 350,000 casualties. Both Star-Lord and The Fallen One were sent to the Kyln. The Fallen one was contained in a "creche", a cocoon like structure powered directly by the expanding universe to insure that it would not escape.

(Thanos#8(fb)/9 (fb)) - At some point, Ch'ak, Moloka Dar, Mynx, an unnamed Badoon, and Skreet came to be inmates at the Kyln.

(Thanos#10 (fb)) - The Shi'ar Imperial Guard captured the Beyonder in female mortal form, dubbed, "the Maker." They placed her in a creche at the Kyln. Gladiator went undercover as an inmate of the Kyln as well in order to be close to the Maker.

(Thanos#8 (fb)) - The Maker awoke from her catatonia and shut down the nano-sentinels in the blood of the prisoners. The prisoners took over the Kyln, with some throwing themselves behind the Maker, and some refusing to follow the Maker.

(Thanos#7) - Thanos went to the Kyln to contemplate on his new and unknown role in life while gazing at the edge of the universe. There, he was met by Lady Death, who tried to convince Thanos to love her again.

(Thanos#8) - Thanos met a rival faction that opposed the Maker and they explained the situation to him. They explained how the Maker woke up, put the power in the hands of the inmates, who then formed rival factions to oppose each other. Thanos agreed to fight against the Maker and went to see the Maker.

(Thanos#9) - While Thanos's newfound allies questioned the wisdom of having anything to do with Thanos, Thanos himself ran into the followers of the Maker. The Maker showed up and became upset by things that Thanos said and caused a massive explosion, destroying a good portion of the Kyln as well as shutting down power to much of it, while simultaneously shrinking several of her followers to fit in her palm.

(Thanos#10) - While Gladiator explained to Star-Lord how he and the Maker came to be at the Kyln, Thanos, who had survived the Maker's attack, went looking for her. He found her and they fought once again, this time with Thanos winning, shutting down the Maker's mind. The Omega Core reactivated the nano-techs in the prisoners' blood soon thereafter and restored order.

(Thanos#11) - Thanos went to the Creches and saw that the Fallen One had escaped during the period of time when the power went out due to the Maker's attack.

(Drax the Destroyer#1) - A prison transport ship en route to the Kyln underwent a systems failiure and crashed on Earth, carrying Paibok, Lunatik, Drax the Destroyer, and the Blood Brothers.

(Drax the Destroyer#4) - Rather than face the justice of Drax the Destroyer, Paibok activated an emergency beacon that alerted the intergalactic police to his whereabouts. Another prison ship then came to pick him up, and he was presumably transported to the Kyln as originally intended.

(Annihalation Prolouge) - An immense, unbelievably quick, and incredibly powerful army of star ships led by Annihilus emerged from beyond the edge of the universe and promptly destroyed the Kyln, blasting and destroying its multiple components and presumably killing everybody in it.

Comments: created by Keith Giffen, Ron Lim, and Al Milgrom

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: No known connection to:


Ch'ak came to be an inmate of the Kyln under unknown circumstances. He was among the group who opposed the Maker and was present as they explained the Maker's threat to Thanos.

He appeared to be made of rock and probably had super strength. He presumably died during the destruction of the Kyln.

--Thanos#8 (9, 10, 11)


The Cleric showed Thanos around the Kyln when he first arrived, asking him to be on his best behavior as well as informing him of the several purposes of the Kyln. He also brought Thanos to the group whom opposed the Maker and introduced him to them. Before long, Mynx, a follower of the Maker, attacked the Cleric for assisting the enemies of the Maker. The Cleric was wounded by her and cut many times. Later on, Thanos found the Cleric and healed him, and then instructed him to lead Thanos to the Maker. Thanos and the Cleric came upon a group of the Maker's followers, and then before long the Maker herself showed up.

He was killed in the destruction of thy Klyn.

--Thanos#7 (8, 9, Annihalation: Prolouge

Moloka Dar

Moloka Dar came to be an inmate of the Kyln under unknown circumstances. He joined up with the group that opposed the Maker. He found Thanos and explained to him how there were nano-techs in the blood of the prisoners. He also explained that there were those that followed the Maker and those that didn't. He brought Thanos to the Cleric, whom showed him to more of the prisoners opposing the Maker. Moloka Dar questioned the wisdom of involving Thanos in their affairs, but was present when Gladiator thanked Thanos for defeating the Maker. He presumably died in the destruction of the Kyln.
--Thanos#8 (11


Mynx came to be an inmate of the Kyln under unknown circumstances. She joined the group that supported and believed in the Maker. When she saw the Cleric introduce Thanos to the group that opposed the Maker, she attacked the Cleric, cutting a message for Thanos into his chest as well as cutting his face and breaking his knee. Later on, Mynx and other supporters of the Maker ran into Thanos and the Cleric, whom Thanos had healed. However, Mynx knew that they were nothing before Thanos, and agreed to grant him safe passage to wherever he wanted. But then the Maker showed up and caused a massive explosion, and shrunk Mynx and many others down to an very small size, probably about a half inch tall. Mynx was found by Skreet, whom carried Mynx around as a pet for a short while until the Star-Lord found her and turned her back to normal. She presumably died in the destruction of the Kyln.

Mynx had several feline attributes and probably an enhanced senses of vision and smell. She was a fierce fighter and had sharp claws.

Thanos#8 (9, 10, 11)

Unnamed Badoon

This unnamed Badoon came to be an inmate of the Kyln under unknown circumstances. He joined up with the group that opposed the Maker. He was present when his group explained the threat of the Maker to Thanos. He also read Thanos' aura and discovered that Thanos was in a state of altered awareness and that his actions would benefit them. He presumably died in the destruction of the Kyln.

He had the ability to read auras.

--Thanos#8 (11


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(Moloka Dar) Thanos#8 page, 10 panel 4
(Mynx) Thanos#8 page 14, panel 4
(Unnamed Baddoon) Thanos#8 page 20, panel 3

Thanos#7-11 (May-August, 2004) - Keith Giffen (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Drax the Destroyer#1 (November, 2005) - Keith Giffen (writer), Mitchell Breitweiser (pencils/inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
Drax the Destroyer#4 (February, 2006) - Keith Giffen (writer), Mitchell Breitweiser (pencils/inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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