Real Name: Skreet

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Chaos Mite);
   Distant Past to modern era

Occupation: Intergalactic mercenary

Group Membership: Chaos Mites (apparent sole survivor), Bahamut Crime Syndicate

Affiliations: Cammi, Drogs, Lunatik, Rachman, Thanos, Universal Cosa Nostrum, Zhala (loose);
    loosely allied with Aegis, the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus, the Fallen One, and Tenebrous via her association with Thanos;
    formerly Galactus

Enemies: Avengers (Black Widow (Romanova), Crystal, Giant Man (Pym), Hercules, Quicksilver), Chapman, Children, Fallen One, General Kosrouschah,
Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance, Ictus the She-Wolf, Lady Fynn-Geres, Lunatik (see affiliates), Lunatik (one part of Arisen Tyrk), Maker, M'kraan (Scy'ar  Tal) leadership, Moondragon, Murray, Mynx, Phyla-Vell, Peter Quill (Star-Lord), rabbits, Sav'rkk, Silver Surfer, Universal Cosa Nostrum (at least one Circle member), Yondu Udonta (Earth-616), Yonu Udonta (Earth-691 (future))

Known Relatives: Diableri (creator)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the known universe;
    Thanos' ship;
    formerly The Kyln;
    formerly Panto-9, homeworld of the ICPA;
    formerly a condo somewhere on the planet Bl'lx in the Keystone Quadrant

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3 (late January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Skreet is a small winged, seemingly invulnerable female who can fly in space and survive without air. Her flying ability is based on some sort of natural plasma emission which can accelerate her to an unknown speed level. She can also use the plasma as a powerful lethal blast. She has grown to be ruthless and power hungry.

(Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2 (fb)) - Skreet was created by the Proemial God Diableri along with the other Chaos Mites. As a Chaos Mite she served Diableri as his eyes and ears.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#4 (fb) - BTS) - Via hiding in a location unrevealed, she survived a purge that presumably wiped out the rest of the Mites.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#4 (fb) - BTS) - Skreet witnessed Aegis and Tenebrous and realized how dangerous they were.

(Thanos I#11 (fb)) - Skreet saw the Fallen One for the first time.

(Lunatik#1 (fb) - BTS) - Skreet met Lunatik some time after he had left his home planet Wy'nkar-7 and they became a successful team of mercenaries.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3) - Skreet was in Lunatik's hair when he attacked General Kosrouschah's battle star Perish IX. She caught a bug in his hair and then wondered why it became so quiet after the General was killed by Lunatik. They talked about the reasons for this attack and plundered the General's cabin.

Some time later they met with the Universal Cosa Nostrum on Bedreddin. One of the Circle members thought that Lunatik brought in some bug and smashed Skreet with his hand when she sat on the ground. She killed him when he picked her up from the ground to see if she was really dead. Lunatik took her out from the remains of the Circle members head and quickly left with her the place to prevent further embarrassing happenings.

   Skreet then flew with Lunatik to Begot, the planet where Lupal hid from the Universal Cosa Nostrum.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#173/1) - Skreet went with Lunatik to the Children's village after they had found the ashes of Lupal. She flew around until the Surfer attacked Lunatik and then told him to start the party. She struck the Surfer with a powerful blast and impressed him by doing so. The Surfer paid it back with a cosmic blast on his own which didn't even knock out her. Only seconds later the Surfer was knocked out by Lunatik, and Skreet made fun of the Silver Surfer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#174/3) - The Surfer returned to the Children's village and was shocked when he saw the dead bodies of the innocent aliens. He used a gigantic cosmic blast against the two mercenaries while Skreet was telling Lunatik that the letter "I" always came before "Q". The explosion destroyed Skreet's clothes and trapped in some dirt and which was catapulted to the next desert. There she freed herself from and killed an animal similar to a rabbit to get some new clothes.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#175/4) - Skreet left the desert with her new outfit with blood smeared all over her and flew to the North Pole to see the end of the fight between Lunatik and Silver Surfer. Her sudden appearance distracted Lunatik and he got hit by the Surfer. Mere seconds later the fight was over and Lunatik was trapped on the planet. Skreet mocked Lunatik and he tried to hit her, but she was too fast and didn't stop mocking him.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3 (fb) - BTS) - Together with Lunatik she left the planet on which the Surfer left them behind. They continued to work as mercenaries and soon they had the money to get a condo on the planet Bl'lx.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3) - Skreet told Lunatik that he needed a better image to become more successful in the mercenary business and therefore he needed new clothes and a new vehicle. He continued to tease him on the way to Murray's Vehicle Mart and even made fun of his genitals. At the mart she saw some nifty vehicles, but the salesman Chapman arrived and showed them other vehicles. She didn't like him at all and called him by wrong names. Suddenly Skreet saw the Drogs and showed them to Lunatik. Chapman gave them all info about the Drogs and even showed them the Star Sled. Skreet followed Lunatik and Chapman to Murray's office where the purchase should be finalized. She incited Lunatik against Murray who wanted 25 grand instead of the 16 grand Chapman offered them. Skreet played with the Drogs and Chapman a poker game while Lunatik and Murray fought over the price. She claimed the Drogs as part of her poker winnings. She left the mart with Lunatik and told him that she won the Drogs when he told her he thought that they were included in the price.

(Lunatik#1) - Skreet was with Lunatik in their condo on Bl'lx and fixed the TV for him so that he could get his Earth broadcast. She watched with him some news from Earth and they saw a villain who called himself Lunatik (Arisen Tyrk) fighting some heroes (Defenders, Spider-Man). Skreet told Lunatik to calm down when he got mad about it. He didn't calm down and Skreet flew with him to Earth. She helped him locate the Lunatik from Earth and they found him in a nursery home. She asked Lunatik if he really wanted to waste an old geezer and he did it. After Tyrk's death Lunatik decided to stay on Earth for a vacation. Skreet followed him to Avengers Mansion where they wanted to stay. She told Black Widow to take care of her luggage and went to the first floor. She stole a hunting trophy (a rhino's head) and fled from the Drogs with it. Mistakenly Lunatik took Wasp instead of Skreet with him and Skreet stayed in Avengers Mansion.

(Lunatik#2) - Skreet watched Hank Pym, who thought that she was Wasp. He told her that it was dangerous to fly around Lunatik's head and Skreet didn't know why he called her Jan. She knocked Pym out with a stapler and tuckered "SAP" on Pym's forehead. She heard Lunatik wrecking the house and left Pym knocked out on the ground. Searching for a VR Game, she accidentally activated the Mansion's defensive system, and Lunatik got thrown out of the house by it while Skreet was sad that no VR Game was around. After she got an urgent call from home she flew to the outside and used her Drog Pipe to call the Drogs to the Star Sled. After this was done she told Lunatik that she wanted to leave. When he didn't listen to her she went into his ear and told him again with higher volume. Lunatik got knocked out by Black Widow and Skreet brought him to the Star Sled. When he woke up again she told him that they were on their way home to meet a customer. They entered their condo and saw Lady Fynn-Geres.

(Lunatik#3) - Skreet wanted to know what Fynn-Geres had to offer and stopped Lunatik's gibberish with gagging his mouth when she heard that Fynn-Geres offered 75 percent of a 12 million credit. Skreet had to get Lunatik away from Fynn-Geres because he didn't want to work for the ICPA. She told him that a new episode of the "Addams Family" was on and sealed the deal with Fynn-Geres.

    Some time later Skreet flew with Lunatik to the ICPA's home planet Panto-9. At the interrogations the people thought that she was Lunatik's pet which ruined her mood. She began to laugh again when Lunatik had to go to strip search and continued to mock him with it after it was over. She was happy when he could finally get his Green Card after a visit at the doctor and went with him to the right row at the "Customs and Immigration Building". There she waited with Lunatik for the Green Card and then for a Photo ID, and she had to calm down Lunatik who didn't like to wait. After this was done she went with Lunatik to the Santa Marceau Cathedral where they met with the Church High Council. She had reason to laugh again when Lunatik had to go through the sanctification process to be able to represent the church. She followed him when he ran away from the final sanctification ritual and watched him knocking out Ictus. He continued to run away from the Church High Council until Skreet stopped him to show Lunatik all the clowns who prayed to him. She explained to Lunatik that he seemed to have won the planet's election when he knocked out Ictus, and that he was now the ICPA's Pope.

(Thanos I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Lunatik didn't give Skreet half of their earnings and delivered her to the authorities. Skreet swore revenge on Lunatik and was brought to Kyln where she was contained in a "creche" next to the Maker and the Fallen One.

(Thanos I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Skreet was plagued by the maddened dreams of the Maker which bled out of the Maker's stasis unit.

(Thanos I#9) - Skreet was freed by the Maker from her "creche" and then thrown to the ground. The Maker left her and Skreet woke up coughing. Skreet left the containment area and went after the Maker. She saw the minimized prisoners raining from the sky after Maker's attack and let all of them splat on the ground except the shrunken Mynx whom she caught to keep her entertained. She then found Thanos in the center of the crater created by the Maker's energy pulse.

(Thanos I#10) - Skreet watched Thanos waking up and told him that she had known that he wasn't dead. Thanos caught Skreet by her wings and wanted to know what she saw. She told him about the big flash and showed him the little Mynx who was biting Skreet's hand all the time. Skreet got herself some new clothes (I wonder who she killed to get those) and followed Thanos to get revenge on the Maker for the psychic pain. After some time Thanos became annoyed by Skreet and smacked her. She didn't care and continued to follow him until he had found the Maker. Skreet attacked the Maker with full force, but the Maker just threw her back to Thanos and wanted answers from him. Skreet hid in Thanos belt when he fought the Maker and left it when she was defeated. She saw that the Maker wasn't dead and asked Thanos if he wanted her to kill the Maker, but he didn't want the Maker to die. Skreet left with Thanos and talked with little Mynx in her hand who was still biting her. Skreet went with Thanos to Gladiator who thanked Thanos for his help against the Maker.

(Thanos I#11) - Skreet showed Thanos the cocoons that had held her and the Maker. Thanos wanted to know who had been in the third cocoon and Skreet told him that it was the first herald of Galactus, the Fallen One. Peter Quill joined them at the cocoon and Skreet told Thanos that as Star-Lord Quill had been the one to bring the Fallen One to the Kyln. Quill warned Thanos that Skreet was trouble, and she told everyone that she would get her revenge on her former partner. Quill saw Mynx in Skreet's hand, and Thanos gave Mynx to Quill. Skreet left the Kyln with Thanos, although she was mad at him for taking Mynx from her, and she went with Thanos through a portal to Thanos' ship. Thanos hit Skreet when she didn't stop babbling and she threatened him for it. Thanos looked through all the info he had on the Fallen One, and Skreet told him how she had seen the Fallen One for the first time a long time ago. Thanos continued to go through his info and the bored Skreet flew around in the ship, occasionally returning to bother Thanos. Skreet told Thanos what he should already know from his data and also told him that the Fallen One did all his cruel doings for his own joy and that he would go after Galactus. Skreet thought that the Fallen One was no danger to Galactus, but Thanos knew that Galactus was weakened from their last fight and so he warned Galactus.

(Thanos I#12) - While Thanos warned Galactus via hologram, Skreet checked all his systems and was very impressed, but she saw one problem for them right now: they weren't fast enough to get to Galactus and help him against the Fallen One. Skreet and Thanos talked to the Fallen One via hologram and mocked him after Thanos had teleported Galactus away. A short time later the Fallen One attacked them and destroyed Thanos' ship. Skreet helped Thanos fight the Fallen One in space and had to be stopped before she killed the Fallen One. Thanos held Skreet in his hand and they watched the Fallen One being defeated by his own rage when he ignited a gas giant's core. Skreet watched on as Thanos made the Fallen One his herald and stayed with him on the floating debris in space.

(Yondu I#2 (fb)) - Skreet accompanied Thanos as he took the Fallen One's corpse away and drained its Power Cosmic, then instructed the dwarves of Nidavellir to encase the power.

(Annihilation: Prologue) - Skreet sat atop Thanos' shoulder on the edge of the universe seven days before Annihilation Day when Mistress Death appeared and encouraged Thanos to learn from the one who would be coming (Annihilus) as he knew her intimately.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#1) - Skreet and Thanos watched from the decimated Skrull Empire as the Silver Surfer fought off the Seekers and destroyed the deactivated Air-Walker, creating a black hole. She was impressed that the Surfer had created a "hungry hole," terminology that ignored Thanos. Skreet expressed her dislike of the Surfer and of the Fallen One, but Thanos dismissed her musings as he was intrigued with the Seekers and their creator.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2) - Skreet was with Thanos as he allowed the Seekers to lead him to Annihilus, and they achieved common ground in their interest in Death. Skreet disliked Annihilus and the rest of the Annihilation Wave, but Thanos silenced her, telling her they were--for all intents and purposes--allied with Annihilus until he determined otherwise. He swatted her off his shoulder when she continued to question him.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#3) - Skreet was with Thanos as Annihilus examined Morg's corpse. She complained about its odor, and she snickered when Thanos reminded Annihilus that they were allies, not servant and master.

(Annihilation: Silver Surfer#4) - Skreet was shocked when they glimpsed Aegis and Tenebrous, and she told Thanos of their age, power, and threat. Aegis recognized Skreet as a Chaos Mite and asked her how she survived the purge, but Skreet refused to tell in case she might need to hidey-hole again. Skreet further asked how Aegis and Tenebrous survived, as the Proemial Elders were long dead and gone. She remained silent as Thanos, Aegis, and Tenebrous negotiated an alliance to take out Galactus.

(Annihilation#1) - Skreet sat silent on Thanos' shoulder when he contacted Annihilus over intercom and informed Annihilus that he found what he needed to discover the biological application of Cosmic Power. Later Skreet watched the defeat of Galactus and the Silver Surfer at the hands of Aegis and Tenebrous.

(Annihilation#2 (fb)) - Skreet went with Thanos to the graves of Genis and Mar-Vell were they planned to capture Moondragon, who went to the graves with Phyla-Vell. The women wanted to know why Thanos was there and Skreet immediately told them that they came for Moondragon. After a short struggle against Thanos, Skreet nearly knocked out Moondragon by herself. Thanos then teleported away with Skreet and Moondragon.

(Annihilation#2) - On Thanos' shoulder Skreet listened when he explained to the impatient Annihilus how long it would take to use Galactus's Cosmic Power.

(Annihilation#3) - Skreet was with Thanos when he asked Annihilus if it was necessary to destroy part of his own fleet. Thanos then showed Annihilus how they could use Galactus as a weapon.

(Annihilation#4) - Along with Thanos Skreet listened to Annihilus' ramblings. He wanted to feed on the Power Cosmic and kill Galactus, but this was impossible because without Galactus the machine to store the Cosmic Power wouldn't work. Skreet then watched on as Thanos tortured Moondragon. Some time later she waited with Thanos and Moondragon at his quarter. She was surprised by the agony her master had to endure when he learned through Moondragon's psychic powers the plans of Annihilus. All three then went to the chamber were Galactus was kept to free him. She had her fun when Thanos killed some of Annihilus' soldiers and was surprised as Thanos when Moondragon started an attack due to the bug infestation controlling her. Skreet watched Moondragon puke out the insects after Thanos had cured her from the infestation. Thanos wasn't finished yet when Drax arrived to kill him. Skreet watched as Moondragon tried to stop her father, but neither she nor Thanos' force-field could stop Drax. Skreet was shocked when Drax ripped out Thanos' heart and still sat on his shoulder when he dropped dead to the floor.

(Annihilation#6) - Skreet escaped Annihilus' ship and joined the Earth-girl Cammi on a save planet. There she befriended Cammi.

(Yondu I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Skreet took up leadership of the Bahamut Crime Syndicate. She had run-ins with freebooter Yondu Udonta (Earth-616) for several failed contracts.

(Yondu I#2) - Yondu unexpectedly found the Herald's Urn, a priceless artifact imbued with the Power Cosmic. Seeking to sell it, he turned to Zhala, who had contacts in the underworld. She set up a meeting for Yondu with Skreet on the moon Anthos, unaware that the M'kraan were in pursuit of the Urn and had hired the brutal mercenary Sav'rkk. Skreet was keen to use the Urn to dramatically expand her power base.

(Yondu I#3) - Skreet angrily called Yondu, who was close to missing the deadline due to meeting his descendant (also called Yondu Udonta from far future Earth-691) plus an attack from Sav'rkk. Skreet let Yondu-616 know that her Syndicate was aware of recent developments and offered double payment for speedy delivery due to increasing interest in the Herald's Urn.

(Yondu I#4) - The Yondus questioned whether Skreet or the M'kraan should have so powerful an artifact as the Urn.

(Yondu I#5) - The Yondus decided to deliver the Urn to Skreet to end the deadly pursuit by the M'kraan. On Anthos, backed by her Syndicate members, she refused payment to the Yondus due to their late arrival and threatened to destroy the Centaurian homeworld for any further stalling. But Sav'rkk and a regiment of M'kraan soldiers suddenly attacked and a brutal battle ensued, allowing Yondu-616 to snatch the Urn out of Skreet's hands. The Silver Surfer arrived, responding to the Yondus' earlier call, and knocked out any surviving combatants except Yondu-616 and helped him deliver the Herald's Urn to the more-deserving Galadorians.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Lovern Kindzierski & Charlie Adlard

    Skreet really liked piercings and other jewelry. She wore this necklace (on picture three) in the Marvel Comics Presents story. There it was destroyed by the Surfer along with her clothes, but in Cosmic Powers Unlimited she wore it again. So probably she bought a new one which she also wore in the Lunatik mini. There she also wore earrings with the same sign. It could be that this sign had some meaning. Perhaps it had something to do with her origin. Her clothing style was also something special (trailer park trash or nothing).

    There were some changes done to Skreet in the Thanos series. Her eyes got pupils and her speech became very strange and she sounded stupid. It reminded me of Yoda from Star Wars (Jedi you are, force strong with you!). The latter could be explained with a trauma (Maker's dreams or just being imprisoned in a cocoon). The former can't be explained in any way. Skreet also became totally white for some time in Lunatik#2, but this was probably a mistake (or sun blocker).
    She seemed to be speak in some sort of hackney British dialect to me.--Snood
   Her look changed slightly again in the Yondu miniseries: fangs, no jewelry, all in black, almost clawed fingertips (maybe due to her new crimelord status), but still Yoda-esque speech. Is it some sort of continuous change?--Grendel Prime

    On the Cover of Lunatik#3 Skreet is seen struggling in the mouth of Ictus the She-Wolf. In the story itself this scene never happened.

    Skreet was lucky that her creator Keith Giffen was given the Thanos series. I think nobody else would've ever brought her back and now that she is connected to Thanos she is more likely to appear again than before.

Unresolved things: It was never explained when Star-Lord  met Skreet's partner Lunatik for the first, but if it was (like I assumed in Lunatik's profile under comments) at Skreet's arrest it could also be possible that Star-Lord  was the one who brought her to Kyln.

The Yondu story is a little inconsistent: she was there with Thanos when he instructed the dwarves to encase the Power Cosmic from the Fallen One, then later admits she half-thought the Herald's Urn was a myth. Maybe she didn't know it was going to be Urn in shape? --Grendel Prime

Profile by Markus Raymond. Yondu update by Grendel Prime.

Skreet has no known connections to:

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