Official Name: Wy'nkar-7

Nature: Extraterrestrial world

Natives: Lunatik, planetary consciousness (possibly deceased);
    formerly various floral species (see comments)

Population: Apparently

Capital City: Never established

Government: Never established

Languages: Never established

National Defense: Never established

Places of Interest: None identified

Visitors: Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance (including Reverent Circus Pants XVII and several others)

First Appearance: Lunatik#1 (December, 1995)




(Lunatik#1 (fb) - BTS) - Four or five billion years ago, "on the very edge of all that we know," the planet Wy'nkar-7 condensed out of interstellar gas and stardust.

(Lunatik#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lightning and ultraviolet light rays affected the fertile planet's fresh atmosphere, leading its atoms to recombine into more and more complex molecules.

(Lunatik#1 (fb)) - The products nurtured by this primitive alchemy were dissolved in the world's warm oceans, forming an organic soup of increasing complexity, eventually developing into a singularly voracious unicellular organism that had denuded the entire ocean floor by some 600 million years ago. The ocean flora, the first multicellular organisms, although further ahead on the evolutionary scale, became fuel for this ravenous engine of consumption. Building on its benevolent mutation, this peerless predator outstripped the evolutionary rate of every other form and eventually exhausted the ocean's supply of sustenance, after which it started its evolutionary crawl onto dry land.

(Lunatik#1 (fb)) - Less than 10 million years ago, the predator's adaptations began to follow one another in an increasingly rapid succession, the changes possibly sped up by the increasing depletion of the oxygen-producing plant life. This, in turn, progressively destroyed the planet's ecosystem and signaled the end of the world's existence.








(Lunatik#1 (fb)) - The planet's consciousness apparently awakened to oppose the threat to its existence, unleashing magma from its core, growing stronger and more dangerous plants, and generating lightning and other storms; but the mutation/predator grew as well, becoming more intelligent, stronger, faster, and dangerous.





(Lunatik#1 (fb)) - Less than 1 million years ago, the predator devoured the last of Wy'nkar-7's plant life, some lichens on a rock, rendering the planet lifeless. When the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance attempted to recruit them into their religion, the predator (who would soon become known as Lunatik) bit off Reverent (sic) Circus Pants XVII and at least one more recruiter's head and boarded the ICPA's ship, leaving the dead Wy'nkar-7 behind.








Comments: Created by Lovern Kindzerski, Duncan Rouleau, Danny Bulanadi, Harry Candelario, Jeff Albrecht, Don Hudson, & Jim Royal.

    The origin of Lunatik notes him as a one-celled organism developing by accident, while picturing it as an immense fish-creature...3-4 panels earlier, it was pictured as a one-celled organism, and its earlier existence detailed...I think the note and panel about it being one-celled should follow the first panel on that page. Organic soup-->one-celled organism-->denuded the ocean flora-->fed on the ocean flora-->exhausted all life in the ocean-->crawled to the surface.

    As far as I could tell, Lunatik was the only fauna (animal species) on W'ynkar-7. He was always shown to eating plants, up until he bit the head off of the visiting Reverent (sic) Circus Pants XVII and at least one of his other recruiters.

    As pointed out by Norvo, Wy'nkar looks like it might sound like (intentionally) the British term "wanker" (look it up).

Profile by Snood.

Wy'nkar-7 has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Lunatik#1, pg. 1 (Wy'nkar-7 from orbit);
        pg. 2 (early evolution);
        pg. 3 (further evolution, and mutation of Lunatik);
        pg. 4 (Lunatik consumes the last remaining life on Wy'nkar-7)

Lunatik#1 (December, 1995) - Lovern Kindzerski (writer), Duncan Rouleau (pencils), Danny Bulanadi, Harry Candelario, Jeff Albrecht, Don Hudson, & Jim Royal (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)


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