Real Name: Lunatik

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial mutant/mutate (see comments) (Wy'nkar-7 citizen)

Occupation: Pope of the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance
  formerly Intergalactic mercenary

Group Membership: None
formerly Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance

Affiliations: The Blood Brothers, Drogs, Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance (especially Church High Council, many others), Paibok the Power-Skrull Rachman, Skreet, Star-Lord (Peter Quill) (see comments), Universal Cosa Nostrum

Enemies: All life on Wy'nkar-7, Avengers (Black Widow (Romanova), Crystal, Hercules, Giant Man (Pym), Quicksilver, Wasp), Children, Drax the Destroyer, General Kosrouschah, Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance (especially Bozo Samedi & Reverent Circus Pants XVII, many others), Ictus the She-Wolf, Lady Fynn-Geres, Lunatik (one part of Arisen Tyrk), Murray, Silver Surfer, Watcher of the Children's homeworld

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Lu, Luey (both names used by Skreet), Pope Lunatik (ICPA title)

Base of Operations: Panto-9, homeworld of the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance
  formerly: a condo somewhere on the planet Bl'lx in the Keystone Quadrant
  formerly: mobile through the universe
  originally: the planet Wy'nkar-7

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#172/3 (late January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Lunatik possesses superhuman strength (on Thor's level (Class 100). With the sharp teeth in his huge mouth he can bite off the head of a human being. He is a nearly immortal being (already 600 million years old) and grew a resistance against any kind of natural or cosmic force over the years. It was also nearly impossible to harm him with any kind of weapon. It didn't seem that he needed air to survive either. He is still getting stronger, faster and more intelligent as he is in a steady state of mutation.
  He isn't the smartest guy, but he learned to use many different weapons and vehicles since he joined civilization (probably with Skreet's help).
  Among those technologies was also his beloved Pangalactic Star Sled.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange


(Lunatik#1 (fb) ) - Four or five billion years ago the planet Wy'nkar-7 came into existence and it was from day one a fertile planet. Over the next billion years lighting and ultraviolet light stroked the simple fresh atmosphere. Fragments coaxed to recombine into more and more complex molecules until one day 600 million years ago Lunatik was born somewhere on the ocean flora as a mutation. He was ahead of the other organisms' evolution and immediately began to consume them. His evolution continued to go faster then any other life on Wy'nkar-7. He first became a fish and ate all life in the ocean. When nothing was left he went to the land as an amphibious creature and began to consume all the oxygen-producing plant life there as well. He developed further and further over the years and nothing was save from his hunger. When nearly all life was gone the planet began to react. It tried to stop Lunatik from destroying the last plants on the planet with lava and lightning. But Lunatik continued to grow bigger, stronger and more intelligent every day until he ate the last lichens, hidden under a rock. Wy'nkar-7 was now a dead planet except for Lunatik who was more than lucky this day. The ICPA detected him on a recruitment tour led by Reverent Circus Pants XVII and landed on Wy'nkar-7 to approach him. Lunatik took this opportunity not only to kill them all, but also to leave Wy'nkar-7 with their ship.

(Thanos#11 (fb) - BTS) - Some time after he had left Wy'nkar-7, Lunatik met Skreet and they became partners. He promised her that she would one day get half of all their earnings.

(Marvel Comics Presents#172/3 (fb) ) - Lunatik got into talks with Mr. Finn of the Universal Cosa Nostrum about an assignment. A meeting was scheduled on the planet Bedreddin.

(Marvel Comics Presents#172/3) - Lunatik attacked General Kosrouschah's private battle star Perish IV with his partner Skreet. They killed the whole crew and entered Kosrouschah's cabin. The General tried to oppose Lunatik in a fight, but Lunatik just punched the General's head off and the problem was solved. He then plundered the cabin together with Skreet.

  Lunatik met with the Universal Cosa Nostrum. He was introduced to the Circle by their loyal servant and the Circle members Mr. Finn and Mr. Sawyer told him that they wanted him to return a man and some property. They told him the story about the drug "Addictum" and the scientist Lupal. Lunatik left Bedreddin to get on his job after one Circle member was killed by his partner Skreet.

  Some time later Lunatik landed with Skreet on Begot, an insignificant planet in a little known system far from developed space where Lupal was hiding.

(Marvel Comics Presents#173/1) - Lunatik found the burnt remains of Lupal and moved towards a native village of the Children. He saw Orellian letters drawn on their bodies and threatened them. The Silver Surfer who was with the Children told Lunatik to leave this paradise. Lunatik became really angry when the Surfer took his weapons away and he attacked the Surfer. Lunatik fought the Surfer and their fight went through the woods. After some distractions and knockdowns the Surfer was incapacitated after Lunatik hit the Surfer with his own surfboard.

(Marvel Comics Presents#173/1 - BTS) - Lunatik destroyed the village and slaughtered the whole tribe. He then cut out the Orellian letters from their dead bodies.

(Marvel Comics Presents#174/3) - The piled up bodies lay behind Lunatik who tried to order the letters into a formula that made sense. The Surfer was shocked when he saw this and attacked Lunatik with a devastating burst of cosmic power. The Orellian letters were destroyed and Lunatik tried to be funny, but the Surfer wasn't in the mood anymore and hit Lunatik so hard that he flew to the Northern Polar Cap of the planet. Lunatik fought back when the Surfer arrived, but the silver one buried him beneath the ice. Lunatik broke through the ice again and the Surfer sunk. Lunatik liked the fighting and nearly forgot about his job.

(Marvel Comics Presents#175/4) - Lunatik waited on the ice for another attack by the Silver Surfer. The Surfer didn't hold back anymore. Lunatik didn't care and hit him hard again and again. Skreet distracted Lunatik for a second and he got hit hard by the Surfer and landed in front of this world's Watcher. Lunatik gave him a low blow because the Watcher didn't shut up. Lunatik then went after the Surfer again, but the Surfer had enough with him. The Surfer used his cosmic power to bind Lunatik to the ecosystem of this planet so that he would die if he should leave it. The Surfer flew away and left Lunatik behind with Skreet who now began to mock Lunatik; she didn't shut up until he was jumping up and down like an angry dwarf.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3 (fb) - BTS) - Somehow Lunatik managed to break the Surfer's binding to the planet and fled from it with Skreet. They continued to work as mercenaries and soon had the money to get a condo on the planet Bl'lx.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3) - After some serious talk with Skreet about image, Lunatik was on his way to get a new vehicle. He flew to Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi Palace to find one. He got into talks with the salesman Chapman who showed him some nice vehicles, but Lunatik didn't trust him until. Skreet showed Lunatik the Drogs and when he saw them playing cards he got interested in them; Chapman showed him the Pangalactic Star Sled the Drogs were used for. Lunatik was impressed with the Star Sled and Chapman offered it to him for 16,000. Lunatik went with Chapman to Murray's office, and Murray didn't want to sell the Star Sled for less then 25,000. Lunatik fought Murray to lower his offer and paid 18,000 in the end. He gave the money to Chapman who gave him the keys for the Star Sled. Lunatik left with it and Skreet didn't like the high price for it. Lunatik told her that she forgot about the Drogs he got for free, but she told him that they weren't included in the price because she won them in the poker game.

(Lunatik#1) - In his beautiful condo on Bl'lx Lunatik watched a TV program from Earth. He liked Earth because they had so many governments and were armed to their teeth, but this day the program made him go crazy when he saw some heroes from Earth (Defenders, Spider-Man) fighting a guy who called himself Lunatik and told Skreet that there can only be one with this name. Lunatik started his Star Sled and was now on his way to Earth. He passed the planet of Thanos who hid his planet immediately to avoid a confrontation with Lunatik. When Lunatik was finally on Earth, Skreet helped him locate the false Lunatik. They found him in a nursery home and realized that the program needed decades (uh floating timescale error) to get to them. Lunatik didn't care and killed the Lunatik wannabe on a toilet. Lunatik then left the place, but he didn't want to leave Earth and stayed there for a vacation. His hotel of choice was Avengers Mansion, but the heroes didn't like his behavior and wanted him to get out again. When Lunatik left he accidentally grabbed the Wasp instead of Skreet, and he got really angry when he found out that it wasn't her in his hand.

(Lunatik#2) - Lunatik broke into Avengers Mansion and the Avengers attacked him. Lunatik smashed Hercules through the ground and then ran after Black Widow and Crystal. Skreet activated on her search for a VR game the defensive systems and Lunatik got kicked out of Avengers Mansion by them. Black Widow and Crystal followed him and found a huge crater where he landed. He threw Crystal away when she didn't give in to his biddings. Quicksilver was the next to go after Lunatik, but he ran into the fist of Lunatik was knocked out. Skreet then told Lunatik that she wanted to leave, but he still had business with the Black Widow. Skreet continued to tell him that she wanted to go and Lunatik got so distracted that the Widow was able to knock him out.

woman to prove that the aliens meant buisness. Later on, while the workforce was assembling, the fight between Drax the Destroyer and the Blood Brothers moved into the town. Lunatik attacked Drax from behind, allowing Lunatik to kill Drax. Lunatik then stomped on Drax's head for good measure.

(Lunatik#3) - Lady Fynn-Geres teased Lunatik with money and everything else she had. He couldn't believe that somebody gave her 12 million and when he heard that he should work for the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance he didn't want to do it anyway. Skreet then told Lunatik that a new episode of "The Addams Family" was on TV and he watched the show rather than talk with Fynn-Geres about a contract which Skreet did now for him.

  The deal was made and soon Lunatik was on his way to Panto-9. He landed in the "Customs and Immigration Landing Area" and got into trouble with a first interrogator who thought that Skreet was a pet. Lu got through this and was then sent to the next interrogation where Skreet was once again the trouble. He showed them his invitation to the Church High Council and a guard escorted him to the next stage of interrogation, the strip search. Some painful time later he had to go to the doctor to give a fluid sample. Lunatik kicked the nurse out of the room and rendered the first fluid sample the doctor wanted. He gave far too much and after the doctor got flooded. By now, Lunatik had had enough of bureaucracy, but he now had to wait in a long row to get his green card and when he finally got it he was told that it was useless without a Photo ID. So Lunatik went to the next row to get his Photo ID, but this time he didn't want to wait for so long and just pushed the others out of the way to get it.

  Lunatik went to the Santa Marceau Cathedral to meet the High Church Council and they pushed him around because he had to be sanctified before he could represent them. He went through the whole process until they told him that he had to sever his last ties with the flesh. He saw the guillotine and ran away directly into the arms of Ictus the She-Wolf. He knocked her out with one punch and continued his escape. Suddenly Skreet told him to look back and when Lunatik did it he saw thousands of ICPA members praying to him. He seemingly won the election by defeating Ictus and was therefore the new Pope of the ICPA.

  A short time later Lunatik was officially declared the new Pope and he loved his new job.

(Thanos#11 (fb) - BTS) - Lunatik didn't give half of his earnings to Skreet like he promised years ago and delivered her to the authorities. In the process she was imprisoned at Kyln and swore revenge on him.

(Drax The Destroyer#1 (fb)) - At some point, Lunatik  was captured and arrested by an intergalactic police force and sentenced to imprisonment at the Kyln Prison station near the edge of space. He was put on a large prison transport ship in a cell that dampened his powers, alongside Paibok the Power Skrull, the Blood Brothers, and Drax the Destroyer.

(Drax the Destroyer#1) - But en route to the prison, the ship had a massive malfunction and crashed on earth (more specifically, Alaska) with the aforementioned super-powered specimens the only survivors. While the Blood Brothers fought Drax, Lunatik and Paibok went off in search of resources.

(Drax the Destroyer#2) - Lunatik and Paibok wandered into a nearby town and enslaved the townsfolk. They ordered the townspeople to go to the crash site of their prison ship and, working under their directions, salvage enough from the crash to prepare an offworld transport. Lunatik killed an old woman to prove that the aliens meant business. Later on, while the workforce was assembling, the fight between Drax the Destroyer and the Blood Brothers moved into the town. Lunatik attacked Drax from behind, allowing Paibok to kill Drax. Lunatik then stomped on Drax's head for good measure.

(Drax the Destroter#3) - Lunatik and Paibok oversaw the townspeople working to salvage whatever they could from the crash site. Lunatik yelled at a few of the locals to work faster, and killed many both out of frustration and amusement. He threw their bodies in a big heap.

(Drax the Destroyer#4) - Lunatik realized that there was no way they could salvage enough from the ship because most of the essential parts had self destructed when the ship crashed. But before he could deliver the news to Paibok, Drax the Destroyer, whom had been reborn, attacked Lunatik, and using the element of surprise and his incredible speed and strength, was able to decapitate Lunatik and crush his head so he could not recover.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Lovern Kindzierski & Charlie Adlard

Lunatik is a Lobo rip-off created by Lobo co-creator Keith Giffen and Lovern Kindzierski.

  Lunatik is a mutant from Wy'nkar-7, but he continued to mutate. The reason for this could be that he adapts to his surroundings very fast physically and psychically. Like bacteria do over the years!

  In Thanos#12 Peter Quill revealed that he knew Lunatik, but it is unknown when they met each other. Skreet was always mean to Lunatik so it could've been anytime since they teamed up. In my opinion their meeting was most likely when Lunatik handed Skreet over to the authorities.

  The not so smart Lunatik always had his problems with names and called people by wrong names that were mostly insulting.

  How did he get away from the Children's planet?
  I really don't know how Lunatik got away from this little planet after Marvel Comics Presents#175. Probably the Surfer can't bind somebody to a planet like Galactus did with him. It could also be that Lunatik just couldn't be bound because he was able to adapt to the Surfer's power (Lunatik was in a regular state of mutation).

  Lunatik's condo as of Lunatik#1 is on the planet Bl'lx which was part of the Keystone Quadrant. This is the same Quadrant the planet Bedreddin is part of and Bedreddin is the HQ of the Universal Cosa Nostrum. Probably they helped him out with finding his condo.
  Nevermind the Bl'lx, here's the Sex Pistols!
--Snood (knowing that almost no one will get the joke...)
    More importantly, the Keystone Quadrant was also the home of Halfworld, former home to Rocket Raccoon...

  In Lunatik#3 the Lunatik was watching the classic TV show "Addams Family". A show that originally aired from 1964 to 1966. The Addams got their revival in the 90s with a new TV show and three movies and they are still well known.

  The last part of Lunatik's sanctification process was probably meant to be a circumcision. It reminded me of Mel Brooks' "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" with the guillotine. Funny in some way, but terrifying in another.

  Why did he betray Skreet?
  He most likely stayed Pope of Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance and ended his mercenary career. Skreet didn't seem like a character who could accept being on some boring planet with millions of clowns. Lunatik didn't seem like that either, but at the end of his Mini-Series he seemed very happy with all the women around him. Skreet probably wanted to get out of there and wanted to get half of their earnings like promised, and Lunatik most likely wasn't so willing to do this and delivered her to the authorities. Lunatik himself most likely had immunity as Pope and wasn't imprisoned because otherwise he would've been taken to Kyln as well.

 Scrap the immunity idea! As of Drax the Destroyer#1-4 Lunatik was arrested for his many crimes. The fate of the ICPA is unknown.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Lunatik has no known connections to

The Drogs have no known connections to

The Pangalactic Star Sled has no known connections to

Rachman has no known connections to


(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3) - They were the power source for the natural gas-powered Pangalactic Star Sled. Therefore they were backed onto high limit pressure valves that were mounted on a nucleonic thermocouple and so on. In other words: Their farted into a valve and the sled drove through space.

The Drogs were won by Skreet in a Poker Game against the Drogs and Chapman while Lunatik fought with Murray over the price for the Star Sled.

(Lunatik#1 (fb) - BTS) - After a little redesign of the Star Sled the Drogs were allowed to run the sled through space. Now they were just chained to the sled like reindeers. They probably still farted to get forward.

(Lunatik#1-2) - On Earth they were a little bit troubling. They ate everything and or played with stuff they shouldn't play with. Elderly people, the Avengers and Hot Dog sellers were their victims. But when Skreet blew her Drog-pipe they returned like disciplined little Drogs.

  Lunatik's landlord Rachman didn't like them at all because Lunatik parked them in front of his condo.

(Lunatik#3) - On Panto-9 the Drogs weren't that troubling. They were left behind by Lunatik at the first interrogation at the "Customs and Immigration Landing Area" and they had a stupid clown to play with.

--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3, Lunatik#1-3

Pangalactic Star Sled

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3) - Lunatik bought this gas-powered vehicle from the planet Kakrafoom at Murray's Vehicle Mart. He paid more than he wanted to, but he liked the little thing because it looked sporty and not like some rich kid's toy. It possessed an electron ram as a weapon, full security package, cruise control, electro-magnetic field for solar flare sailing, total-surround full-spectrum sound system and a digital clock and more. The only thing Lunatik didn't want at all was the digital clock and so he didn't buy it.

(Lunatik#1 (fb) - BTS) - A little redesign of the drive made it even better.

(Lunatik#1-3) - Lunatik used it on a long travel from Bl'lx to Earth, then back to Bl'lx and from there to Panto-9. On Panto-9 the Star Sled was left at the landing area together with the Drogs.

--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3, Lunatik#1-3



He was Lunatik's landlord on Bl'lx. He didn't like the Drogs and had a low opinion of Lunatik as well. He let Lady Fynn-Geres into Lunatik's condo without asking any questions. Lunatik called him Roachman instead of Rachman.
  He looks like a Skrull to me--Snood.



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