Real Name: Murray

Identity/Class: extra-terrestrial (unknown race)

Occupation: Sushi Cook, second-hand vehicle salesman & owner of his own business

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Chapman

Enemies: customers, Lunatik, Skreet

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi Palace at some unknown place in space

First Appearance: Cosmic Power Unlimited#3/3 (December, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: He was able to stay conscious with severe injuries. He was faster and much stronger than the average human although it could've been normal for his race. His weapon of choice was a laser gun. His cooking abilities were below average, but he was good enough to manage a sushi restaurant in this sector in space. He was also known as the biggest negotiator in the sector who used the most brutal tactics available to get his customer's money.


(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3): Murray was the owner of a galactic vehicle mart and a sushi palace somewhere in space. He was just preparing an eel (or something similar to an eel) when Chapman told him that he had a customer who wanted to finish a deal. Murray took off his working clothes and went to the customer after Chapman had told him which vehicle the guy wanted to buy. Murray told the customer better known as Lunatik that he wouldn't get the Pangalactic Star Sled for list price with all the extras. Murray wanted 25,000 for it, but Lunatik didn't want to give more than 16,000. They negotiated about the prize and got into a fight that went from the sushi palace to the vehicle park. Murray pulled out a laser gun after he got buried under some cars and fired it against Lunatik while continuing to argue about the prize. Murray missed and Lunatik severed Murray's legs with two shots through the knees. Murray just jumped at Lunatik without his legs and continued with his "sales talk". Lunatik ripped off Murray's arm and beat him up with it. Lunatik offered 18 grand for the dog sled and before Murray could say anything against it, Lunatik gagged him with a price sticker and hit him with a hard punch to the mouth. Chapman took the money and gave Lunatik the keys. When Lunatik was gone Chapman took off the sticker from Murray's mouth and all his teeth were pulled out with the sticker. Murray didn't answer Chapman's question about his negotiating skills and just wanted to know where his feet were. The answer to Murray's question was easy. One of Murray's arms and feet hung at the dog sleds antenna as souvenirs and flew through the universe with the mercenary Lunatik and Skreet.

Comments: Created by Lovern Kindzierski, Daerick Gross, Jim Royal & Chad Hunt

Profile by Markus Raymond


Murray has no known connections to

Chapman has no known connections to



Chapman was a sleazy intergalactic car salesman employed by Murray. He talked Lunatik into buying the Pangalactic Star Sled for a base price of 16,000 and then took him to Murray's office. Chapman informed Murray what vehicle Lunatik wanted to buy and let his boss finish the deal. While Lunatik and Murray were "negotiating" the final price, Chapman played poker with the Drogs and Skreet. He lost and Skreet won the Drogs in the end. After the "negotiating" process between Lunatik and Murray ended Chapman got 18,000 from Lunatik and gave him the keys to the Pangalactic Star Sled. After Lunatik was gone Chapman questioned the negotiating abilities of Murray and freed him of the price sticker Lunatik used to gag Murray.

Skreet and Lunatik always called Chapman by wrong names like Chapstick, Sapman, Chapped Ham and Chapped Liva (latter two by Lunatik).

--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3


Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi Palace

    This was the place to be in this unknown sector in space when you wanted a new vehicle or some sushi. Murray was the owner of this place and ran this combined business idea which was well received by his many customers. All buildings and used vehicle were placed on space rubble connected with chains and bridges so that they couldn't drift away. The whole area was seemingly surrounded by an artificial atmosphere.

--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3

Murray body shot: Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, p45, pan1
Murray head shot: Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, p50, pan7
Chapman head shot: Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, p43, pan3
Murray's Mart: Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, p39, pan1

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