Classification: Extra-terrestrial

Location/Base of Operations: Begot, an insignificant planet in a little-known system far from developed space

Known Members: None

Affiliations: Silver Surfer

Enemies: Lunatik, Skreet, Lupal, Universal Cosa Nostrum

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#172/2 (late January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: None

Traits: They were a primitive, friendly and very naive race.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#172 (fb) ) - They lived on the planet where the Universal Cosa Nostrum found the plant with the most addictive extract in the universe. One tribe helped the UCN's researcher Lupal and became friends with him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#172) - The tribe let Lupal draw Orellian letters on their bodies, although they didn't know why. The same day the sub-space radio of Lupal was gone and he took the tribe's chief as hostage. He threatened to kill him if they didn't give him back his radio. They had no clue what he was talking about and reacted friendly as ever. Lupal committed suicide when he saw the Silver Surfer who burnt his remains. The tribe didn't understand what had just happened, but they took the Surfer they called shiny god to their village and wanted to honor him with a huge feast.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#173) - The tribe threw a party for the Surfer and gave him to eat. The chief wanted to give the Surfer some women too so that he would bless their land, but the Surfer didn't want this. Lunatik arrived at the scene and saw Orellian letters written with blue paint on the little guy's bodies. The Surfer protected the tribe from Lunatik and got knocked out in the jungle.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#173 - BTS) - Lunatik destroyed the village and slaughtered the whole tribe. He then cut out the Orellian letters from their dead bodies.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#174) - The Piled up bodies lay behind Lunatik who tried to order the letters into a formula that made sense.

Comments: Created by Lovern Kindzerski, Keith Giffen & Charlie Adlard

I'm sure that the tribe killed by Lunatik wasn't the only one on the planet. There are certainly still Children around on this insignificant planet in a little-known system far from developed space.

I took the name from the comment of the tribe's chief who said that the shiny god (Silver Surfer) visited his "Children". Sure it wasn't meant as a real name, but it is better than nothing.

Profile by Markus Raymond


The Children have no known connection to


Children: Marvel Comics Presents#172, barcode side, p8, pan2

Children head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#172, barcode side, p7, pan4

Marvel Comics Presents I#173-174 (February, 1995) - Lovern Kindzerski & Keith Giffen (writers), Keith Giffen (pencils), Charlie Adlard (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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