MEMBERSHIP: Beth, Blowhard, Buzzsaw, Mike, Mohawk, Phillip (former leader), Slimeball, Voodoo


ENEMIES: Archangel (formerly)

BASE of OPERATIONS: Manhattan, New York City

FIRST APPEARANCE: X-Factor I#47 (November, 1989)

HISTORY: (X-Factor I#47) - The Children of Heaven was originally formed by a mutant telepath known as Phillip. He took in runaway children, especially mutants, and indoctrinated them into his cult-like group. He developed the group in hopes of establishing a base of power for himself. The extent of their activities is unknown, but they appeared to be involved in both drugs and pornography.

Shortly after Mike was brought into the group, Phillip attempted to force him to use his powers to punish Beth. Archangel, having broken up a drug deal between Blowhard and some of the other kids, returned in time to help them. Phillip ordered several of them to attack, but they fled before the devastating power of Archangel's wings. Phillip dropped Archangel with a psychic blast, but he in turn was taken down by a mental attack from Beth.

Phillip was arrested for his crimes. Some of the members left, but Beth, Mike, Slimeball, Voodoo, and probably a few others decided to stay together to help themselves and other kids with similar problems. They declined Archangel's offer to come live with X-Factor or at the Xavier Mansion.

COMMENTS: Created by Kieron Dwyer.

I'm not certain that the group's name was actually the Children of Heaven, but it's the only one Phillip used, and it makes a nice spot to collect the characters.

This story was told as a flashback Archangel had while imprisoned by the Chosen. It was a filler for a missed deadline.

Profile by Snood, reformatted by Luis Dantas the Daevanator


Blowhard has no known connection to:

Buzzsaw has no known connection to:

PHILLIP -mutant telepath,founder. He was a middle-aged man who used kind words, positive reinforcement, and strict discipline to attain what he wants. He led the children to believe that they would be able to rule the world some day. He involved Beth in pornography, and had her beaten when she attempted to escape. He was arrested after his defeat. He could read the minds of others, experience their memories, and cause them to experience their darkest fears.

BLOWHARD (Greg )-He may or may not have been a mutant. He was involved in and ran some of Phillip's darker activities, such as purchasing illicit drugs. He had pornographic videos of Beth. He left the group after Phillip's defeat. He did not actually demonstrate any superhuman abilities, and it is uncertain what, if any, his abilities were.

BETH was used by Phillip to make pornographic videos. She made several attempts to escape, but was captured and severely beaten. She used her powers to defeat Phillip after he had stopped Archangel. She became close friends with Mike and remained with the group after Phillip was arrested.

Beth possessed mental powers, and was capable of incapacitating others with a psychic bolt. She may have other, undemonstrated psychic powers.

MIKE left home due to an abusive father who killed a dog he brought home, and beat him when he demonstrated his powers publicly. He was mugged on arrival in New York, but rescued by Blowhard II and brought to Phillip. He was asked to heal Beth after she had received a beating, and found himself developing a crush on her. Mike found himself increasingly disgusted by activities within the cult. He allowed Phillip to coerce him into using his powers to further injure Beth, but instantly regretted it and healed her. After Phillip was arrested, he and Beth stayed together, along with a few other members to form a true haven for kids like themselves.

Mike could heal others, as well as reverse his abilities to harm others.

VOODOO (Donny)-black male mutant. He acted to defend Phillip from Archangelen, but decided to stay with the others after his defeat. His powers were only hinted at, but may include causing disorientation in others.

BUZZSAW ( )-short, white male mutant, brown hair. He acted to defend Phillip from Archangel. Following Phillip's defeat, he left to live with a cousin in Brooklyn.His powers were not defined. Some sort of energy could be released from his hands.

SLIMEBALL ( )-white male, dark hair. He acted to defend Phillip from Archangel, but decided to remain with the others after his defeat. He did not actually demonstrate any abilities, so his powers (if any) are undefined.

MOHAWK ( )-black (despite this panel) female. She acted to defend Phillip from Archangel. Following his defeat, she left to return to her family.She did not actually demonstrate any superhuman abilities, so her powers, if any are undefined.

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