Membership: None named

Purpose: Hunting humans

Affiliations: Each other

Enemies: Blade

Base of Operations: The "House of Terror"

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#8/3 (Fall 1976)

Powers/Abilities: They possessed the standard powers and weaknesses of vampires.

History: (Marvel Preview#8/3 (fb) - BTS) - For three hundred years the Children of Eternity lived in their house and preyed on the blood of all adult humans that came near them. Over all this time they didn't change, age or die. With their ever-growing intellect they worked on a plan to turn all human children into a vampire army that would eventually conquer the world.

(Marvel Preview#8/3) - Blade heard stories about the Children's home and went there to kill the supposed vampire coven. Dressed in hooded robes the Children of Eternity jumped Blade, but the vampire slayer was able to kill a few of them with his wooden knives. He halted when he saw with his flashlight that the vampires were children. They told him their history and started another attack on a disconcerted Blade. He defended himself against their attacks, but held back when he had the chance to kill one of them. He was knocked down from behind and the Children of Eternity bragged about their cruel plan and their century old intellects before killing him. Their horrible revelations gave Blade the courage to fight back. He covered his eyes and killed all Children of Eternity. Afterwards Blade left the ancient mansion quietly.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman (writer) & Gene Colan (artist).

This story was reprinted in Blade: Black & White published in 2004. The image used in this profile is from the reprint.
(The counterpart to this image should be in Marvel Preview#8, p29, pan2, but I could be wrong)

I called the Children's mansion "House of Terror" because this was the story's name.

In Blade III#12 a prophecy was fulfilled that brought back all vampires that ever died. This most likely included the Children of Eternity as well. We'll have to wait if they resurface.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Children of Eternity have no known connections to

Blade: Black & White, p88, pan2 (main image)

Marvel Preview#8 (Fall 1976) - Marv Wolfman (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Gene Colan (inks), John Warner & Ralph Macchio (editors)

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