Membership: Circle (Mr. Finn, Mr. Sawyer, at least 5 other members), "Jeeves", Lupal, Tribal Fathers

Purpose: Drugs & Profit

Affiliations: Lunatik, Skreet

Enemies: traitors like Lupal

Base of Operations: Bedreddin in the Keystone Quadrant

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3 (late January, 1995)



(Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3) - On the neutral planet Bedreddin a circle of the Universal Cosa Nostrum met to discuss the hiring of an agent to bring them back the formula of "Addictum", the most addictive substance in the universe. Mr. Finn already had a mercenary secured for the job, but his partner Mr. Sawyer wasn't so sure that Lunatik was good enough for the job. Other members of the circle waited to see who was going to help them. Lunatik was invited into the circle at his arrival and listened to Finn and Sawyer to get all info about his newest job. A member (potato-headed guy) of the circle thought that Lunatik brought some pest into the room and squashed the little flying thing when it sat on the ground. When he tried to look if it was dead he got his head blown off by the little thing, who was none other than Lunatik's partner Skreet. Lunatik quickly left after this incident to get on the job before anything else embarrassing happened. Skreet wanted to know why they had left so quickly and Lunatik told her that the Universal Cosa Nostrum had already agreed on a finder's fee twice as high as his usual ones. Meanwhile the Universal Cosa Nostrum's scientist Lupal got incinerated by the Silver Surfer.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#173/1-174/1, 175/4 - BTS) - Lunatik tried to obtain the formula for the Universal Cosa Nostrum and failed miserably because of the Silver Surfer.

Comments: Created by Lovern Kindzerski, Keith Giffen & Charlie Adlard

That's cool! Mr. (Tom) Sawyer and Mr. (Huckleberry) Finn with looks resembling Beavis and Butt-Heat. A great mix of rascals from different times.

So this is the interstellar crime cartel. They were probably behind the scenes on many occasions, but I don't know where or when.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Universal Cosa Nostrum has no known connection to

Mr. Finn has no known connection to

Mr. Sawyer has no known connection to

Tribal Fathers have no known connection to

Mr. Finn & Mr. Sawyer

They were members of the Universal Cosa Nostrum's circle. Finn (on the right) was the one who hired Lunatik for the retrieval of the drug formula and Lupal. Mr. Sawyer (on the left) wasn't so sure that Lunatik was the right man for the job and while Finn tried to tell the circle that Lunatik could do it, Sawyer tried to tell them that the man's name already suggested that he was crazy. They watched on as Lunatik was introduced to the circle by a servant and then started to get to business. Finn told Lunatik that the UCN wanted Lunatik to obtain a man and the property he left with. Sawyer went more into detail and showed Lunatik some holographic pictures while telling him the story of the drug "Addictum" and the researcher Lupal. They watched on as a circle member died by the hands of Skreet and didn't even say goodbye when Lunatik left to get on the job.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3



He was a loyal servant of the UCN and brought Lunatik to the meeting with Finn, Sawyer and the circle. He introduced him to everyone present and the sweat ran down his forehead. He was really afraid of Lunatik, but he survived their meeting.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3


Tribal Fathers

They were never seen, but they were the leaders of the Universal Cosa Nostrum and therefore also the rulers of the planet Bedreddin which they designated as neutral. Everyone was afraid of them and tried his best to avoid screwing up something.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#172/3 (only mentioned)



Marvel Comics Presents I#172, barcode side, p4, pan2 (main image)
  p4, pan3 (Mr. Finn)
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  p4, pan5 ("Jeeves")

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