Real Name: Edith Constance Sawyer

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Former X-Force member/adventurer, criminal, waitress, student

Group Membership: Formerly X-Force (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Battering Ram, Bloke/Mickey Tork, Dead Girl/Moonbeam, Doop, Gin Genie/Beckah Parker, la Nuit/Pierre Truffaut, Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk/Byron Spencer, Spike/Darian Elliott, Vivisector/Myles Alfred, Zeitgeist/Axel Cluney)

Affiliations: Andromeda (Andromeda Attumasen), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Aragorn, Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natalia Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Firebird/Bonita Juarez, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jack of Hearts/Jack Hart, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Silverclaw/Maria de Guadalupe Santiago, Stingray/Walt Newell, Thor/Thor Odinson, Tigra/Greer Nelson, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett Jr., USAgent/John Walker, Vision/"Victor Shade," Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams, Yellowjacket/Hank Pym), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Darkstar (Laynia Krylenko), Dead Sisters, Defenders (Hellcat/Patsy Walker, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Doc Samson (Leonard Samson), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Lacuna (Woodstock Schumaker), Moon Knight (Marc Spector), New Warriors (Aegis/Trey Rollins, Namorita/Namorita Prentiss, Nova/Rich Rider, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin), an afterlife being posing as Harry Osborn, le Peregrine (Alain Racine), Paco Perez, Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade), the Piano Player, Punisher (Frank Castle), Red Wolf (Will Talltrees), Shang-Chi, Shooting Star (Victoria Star), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Texas Twister (Drew Daniels), Union Jack (Joey Chapman), X-Force, X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine/James Howlett);
formerly Diego Ardilles, Cal, Coach, Spike Freeman 

Enemies: Agent Wright, Diego Ardilles, the Brotherhood (Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Malon Reeves, others), the Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, others), Cal, Coach, Graviton (Franklin Hall), Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinov), the League of Out-of-Work Actors, Miss America (Madeline Joyce), Mysterio (Quentin Beck), the Pitiful One, Smoke, Succubus, X-Force (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Domino/Neena Thurman, Meltdown/Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar)

Known Relatives: Mrs. Sawyer (mother), unidentified father, Katie Sawyer (Katie Jones, daughter), Mr. Sawyer (adoptive father), unidentified grandmother

Aliases: "Baby" (pet name from Cal), "Bacon & Eggs Easy" (name she inadvertently called herself when meeting Cal), "Edie" (nickname), "Tele-Girl" (proposed codename)

Base of Operations: X-Force Tower, Santa Monica, California, USA

First Appearance: X-Force I#116 (July, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: U-Go Girl could teleport herself and at least five other people across global distances as long as the others were within a radius of five feet of her. Her teleportation powers were not hampered by line of sight like most teleporters' abilities but the teleportation process was very physically draining, often causing her to fall asleep after multiple teleports. To counteract this effect, Edie became dependent on stimulant drugs to keep her energy high enough to continue teleporting but these drugs would sometimes cause her to misjudge teleportational distances.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

History: (X-Force I#124 (fb) - BTS) - Edith Constance Sawyer was conceived between the matriarch of an Ozarks farming family and a man passing through town as part of an agreement between Mrs. Sawyer and her actual husband, who proved unable to provide children. After her birth, Edie was raised to think both Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer were her real parents.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead 2004 - U-Go Girl entry - BTS) - Edie Sawyer was a United States citizen.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - U-Go Girl entry - BTS) - Growing up in a country location with country parents was not easy for Edie.

(X-Force I#124 (fb)) - Around age twelve, Edie Sawyer would sometimes wake up in strange places after falling asleep, an action that was put down to sleepwalking. Unaware that these mysterious location changes were the beginning of Edie's nascent powers, Edie's farmer parents didn't quite know what to make of her constant escapes from their home. Feeling as if her "Pa" considered her a strange in his own home, Edie eventually bought a small television and spent her time practicing the accents she heard on television. When she was fifteen, Edie fell in love with a seventeen-year-old boy visiting from San Francisco and became pregnant. Pulled from school, Edie was kept hidden while Mrs. Sawyer publicly acted as if she were pregnant, going to church with a pillow under her dress. Eventually the day came and Edie gave birth to a daughter, Katie. Upon hearing Katie's cries, Edie became scared at the thought of being a mother and unconsciously teleported herself to Hollywood.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - U-Go Girl entry - BTS) - Before permanently moving to California to pursue her dreams, Edie entrusted her daughter with her mother to raise as her own.

(X-Statix I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Just prior to arriving in California, Edie Sawyer began writing in a diary.

(X-Statix#10 (fb)) - On her nineteenth birthday, Edie returned to Hollywood, where she tried to become an actress after having previously arrived in Hollywood following her first teleportation. By November 23, she had gotten a waitress job to help pay for night school acting classes and by November 28, she had quit acting school and fallen into a routine of drinking. On December 19, Edie met a writer named Cal who frequented the diner where she worked and after receiving more liquor from a hotel neighbor on December 25, Edie went for a walk and contemplated calling home despite having not spoken to her family in three years. Running into Cal, Edie was invited to move in with him as his writing inspiration/lover and by January 30, Edie had fallen in love with Cal. On February 16, Edie accompanied Cal to a meeting where Cal attempted to sell his television pilot called "Simply Sisters," starring Edie, to a television executive. When the executive promised to help in exchange for one night with Edie, Cal convinced Edie to go along with the proposal and Edie went to the executive's home on February 19, prepared to spend a night alone with the executive despite her misgivings. Before the two could share a lustful moment, Edie's teleportation power instinctively kicked in again and she found herself in the air, thinking about the situation she was in. Angry at Cal and knowing more than ever how she wanted her life to be, Edie teleported back to Cal's apartment and teleported him into the desert in his underwear. By March 3, Edie had begun testing her powers, using them to drink in the Oval Office, and on March 8, Edie decided to use her powers as a supervillain. The next day, Edie stole gold from Fort Knox and valuables from various locations until she saw television footage of the heroic Zeitgeist, leader of a new mutant hero team called X-Force.

Deciding instead to become a superhero, Edie visited X-Force's headquarters on March 19 and briefly met Zeitgeist, who afterwards wished to meet Edie as well. Not wishing to be considered a groupie, Edie turned Zeitgeist down and, on March 28, decided to give away all of her stolen items and began practicing more in the use of her teleportation abilities. She also decided on the codename of Tele-Girl. On April 10, Edie watched television as she prepared to make a grand introduction to X-Force but unfortunately, her drinks made her a little "too relaxed" and she uncontrollably teleported herself in front of X-Force and the assembled media, who snapped multiples pictures of her "costume." When one of the photographers yelled "you go, girl!" at her, Edie got up and introduced herself to Zeitgeist as U-Go Girl before throwing up. Joining X-Force, U-Go Girl made herself unavailable to Zeitgeist's seductive advances, feeling as if Zeitgeist needed to know that he couldn't have just any woman. As she began questioning whether this was the life she truly wanted, U-Go Girl was approached by Cal while she was out with Zeitgeist and slyly smiled at Cal as he begged from afar for her to read his newest script.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead 2004 - U-Go Girl entry - BTS) - Despite her brief time as a criminal, the teleporting Edie had no criminal record. After becoming an X-Force member, U-Go Girl quickly became a celebrity like most of her teammates and she began vying for leadership of the team.

(X-Force I#116 (fb)) - U-Go Girl participated in an X-Force mission to North Africa, where she quickly dozed off after teleporting X-Force there. After her teammate Sluk was killed and Gin Genie nearly killed the other X-Force members with an unintentionally powerful earthquake, U-Go Girl awoke and was helped to her feet by her teammate la Nuit.

(X-Force I#120 (fb) - BTS) - X-Force team leader Zeitgeist and team manager Coach reviewed the footage of U-Go Girl and the rest of X-Force on their North African mission, discussing Coach's plan to have most of X-Force killed and replaced with new recruits. When Zeitgeist asked which members would survive, specifically asking about Edie, the Coach asked if Zeitgeist and Edie had been intimate. Zeitgeist replied that they had a few times but his relationship with Edie was nothing special and Coach asked if Edie was in love with Zeitgeist, to which Zeitgeist called Edie stupid and expressed regret for having ever been with her. Zeitgeist then claimed Edie had insisted on their relationship and when Coach asked if Zeitgeist was okay with U-Go Girl being killed, Zeitgeist replied that they would probably be doing Edie a favor by killing her.

(X-Force I#116/Giant-Size X-Statix#1 (fb)) - Zeitgeist reviewed the footage of X-Force's North African mission again, noting to himself that U-Go Girl seemed to be flaking out earlier than usual on recent missions and thinking that perhaps U-Go Girl's fitness level and lifestyle needed to be examined. Later, U-Go Girl was seen suiting up with the other X-Force members, where she insulted Gin Genie, claiming that admitting you were a fan of Gin Genie was like admitting to being in Alcoholics Anonymous. Following the meeting, U-Go Girl teleported to Scotland to sign contracts for land she was buying there. Later that evening, Edie had dinner with Zeitgeist and the two discussed Zeitgeist's dislike of new X-Force recruit Anarchist. During the dinner, Edie popped one of her inhalant drugs and Zeitgeist asked if Edie had been teleporting for personal benefit. Edie admitted to teleporting to Scotland and when Zeitgeist warned her against teleporting for personal business, Edie took a drink and reminded Zeitgeist that they were all in X-Force for their own personal gain. The two briefing argued, with Edie offering to take over for Zeitgeist as X-Force team leader if he needed a break, but the two were soon called back to X-Force Tower for a mission briefing from team manager Coach. At the briefing, U-Go Girl and the rest of X-Force learned they would be infiltrating the headquarters of Sonic TV to rescue boy band Boyz R Us from a group of gunmen. U-Go Girl subsequently teleported X-Force into Sonic TV's New York headquarters, where all but Anarchist, Doop and herself were killed by helicopter fire. Distraught at the loss of Zeitgeist, with whom she was having an affair, U-Go Girl held Zeitgeist's upper torso as he died.

(X-Force I#117 (fb)) - Feeling as if she had a responsibility to avenge her teammates as the senior surviving member of X-Force, U-Go Girl laid down Zeitgeist's corpse and teleported into the attacking helicopter to confront the gunmen. Teleporting them all outside the helicopter, U-Go Girl let them drop from the air, killing them when they hit the sidewalks below.

(X-Statix I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Edie merchandised her likeness for the X-Force comic books.

(X-Force I#117) - U-Go Girl discussed the deaths of her teammates with Anarchist and Coach as they reviewed the footage of U-Go Girl and the Anarchist's individual attempts to avenge their deceased teammates. Believing that she was a shoe-in for new team leader of X-Force because of her seniority, U-Go Girl was informed that the replacement members of X-Force had already been chosen despite the Anarchist and herself not being consulted. Annoyed that X-Force's new team owner Spike Freeman had removed the ability to veto new members from X-Force's senior members, U-Go Girl nonetheless later met the new recruits when the Coach briefed them all on their next mission to retrieve young mutant Paco Perez from captivity in his native Bastrona, where she attempted to get the new recruits to accept her as their team leader over the Anarchist. When U-Go Girl interrupted the briefing in an attempt to get the Coach to speak with her agent about when she was being made team leader, the Coach begrudgingly revealed that the new team leader would be revealed at a press conference later that day. She later appeared at the press conference where the previous, militant X-Force team attacked, accusing the current celebrity X-Force team of degrading the name X-Force. During the attack, U-Go Girl grabbed Meltdown and teleported them both high into the air, where the two fought hand-to-hand until the fight was ultimately broke up and the press conference was allowed to continue. Upon hearing the announcement that new recruit Orphan would be the new X-Force team leader, U-Go Girl angrily teleported away.

(X-Force I#118) - U-Go Girl showed up at the Orphan's quarters as he was playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. Stopping him from firing, U-Go Girl claimed that the Orphan was going to shoot her but the Orphan made up an explanation of ritualistically polishing a loaded gun at night and when U-Go Girl refused to believe his story, he made up another one about trying to be prepared for an attack from a crazed stalker he had. Believing his false claims about a stalker, U-Go Girl then explained that was there to talk him out of being X-Force leader. Trying to scare him out of leadership, U-Go Girl teleported them high into the sky but the duo nearly died when she started to fall asleep from exhaustion. Before dozing off, U-Go Girl managed one last teleport, transporting the Orphan and herself back to the Orphan's quarters, where she fell asleep in his lap while commenting about what she had left behind for X-Force. She later joined the team for further briefing on their mission to bring Paco Perez back to the United States. Following the briefing, she teleported X-Force into Bastrona, where new recruit St. Anna used her healing powers to revitalize U-Go Girl before the team's Bastronan informant, Diego Ardilles, led X-Force into a Bastronan government trap. After new recruit Bloke was mortally wounded protecting Diego, U-Go Girl teleported X-Force and Diego to nearby hillside, where Bloke died and U-Go Girl was surprised to see the Orphan mournfully weeping. X-Force then argued over whether to outright kill Diego but Orphan demanded Diego lead them to Paco Perez before deciding and U-Go Girl soon teleported X-Force into a laboratory where Paco was being held. Once inside, the Orphan ordered U-Go Girl to be ready to teleport X-Force out once Paco was rescued and U-Go Girl took one of her drug ampules to revitalize, promising that she would be ready. X-Force soon located Paco as the Bastronan government arrived to stop them and U-Go Girl helped fend off the government soldiers while the Orphan attempted to unhook Paco from the machines being used to experiment on him.

(X-Force I#119) - As the Orphan tried to determine which cord to unhook from Paco, an exhausted U-Go Girl was warned to stay awake by the Orphan and U-Go Girl took another ampule, suggesting Orphan worry more about St. Anna, who was then shot down by the Bastronan soldiers' gunfire. Despite having taken an ampule, U-Go Girl soon dozed off atop Paco's midsection, ranting about how the Orphan lacked leadership qualities as she fell asleep. The Orphan ultimately had to disrobe to utilize his sensitivity powers to determine which cord to pull out of Paco and a groggy U-Go Girl awoke long enough to comment on why the Orphan was made X-Force's number one. After successfully freeing Paco Perez, the Orphan ordered U-Go Girl to teleport X-Force home and, still in a state of drowsiness, U-Go Girl accidentally teleported X-Force to her childhood home, where her family quickly recognized her. U-Go Girl's daughter Katie asked who U-Go Girl was as U-Go Girl started to awaken and U-Go Girl's mother lied, telling Katie that U-Go Girl was her older sister. Quickly realized where she had teleported, a distraught U-Go Girl teleported X-Force to California's Sunset Boulevard, where Paco Perez ran for it. The Orphan convinced Paco that X-Force was there to help and a recovered U-Go Girl informed the Orphan that she was ready to teleport the team back to their Santa Monica headquarters. When U-Go Girl's teleportational mistake went public, the Coach helped U-Go Girl fashion a false story involving an addiction to pain killers and alcohol, and U-Go Girl was publicly seen checking into the exclusive Pat Downey Clinic for rehabilitation. Later that evening, the Orphan spoke with Coach about the new stories of U-Go Girl's "addiction" and the Coach revealed to him that they had fashioned the story to keep X-Force's enemies from thinking U-Go Girl's teleportation powers were malfunctioning. Overnight, Edie had a dream about Zeitgeist and awoke to find the Coach in her bedroom. Delivering a punch to the Coach's face that blackened his eye, Edie was then shown footage of the Orphan's actual parents and the two discussed framing the Orphan for murder, with the Coach offering U-Go Girl a chance at leading X-Force if she helped him kill the freethinking Orphan.

(X-Force I#120 (fb) - BTS) - U-Go Girl's likeness was merchandised along with other past and present members of X-Force.

(Giant-Size X-Statix#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Edie Sawyer was given a star on the famous Walk of Fame.

(X-Force I#120) - While making a publicity video, X-Force cameraman Doop filmed his friend, the X-Man Wolverine, rampaging through an X-Force store containing various posters with U-Go Girl's likeness as well as an X-Force Poster Book with her on the cover. As X-Force held a press conference, Edie was on a beach mulling over whether to aid Coach in killing the Orphan. Deciding instead to show the Orphan the footage of his parents, Edie visited the Orphan and questioned him as the truth behind his parents. After learning that the Orphan had known that his parents had tried to kill him as a child for the three years now, Edie was surprised when the Orphan explained that his ritual of Russian Roulette was due to his depression over knowing his own parents had tried to kill him. When the Orphan further admitted that he had been lucky ever since starting his Russian Roulette ritual, Edie kissed him, claiming that she was curious how it felt. After the Orphan noticed Edie seemed to be on edge, Edie claimed it was all of the drugs given to her by the Coach to ensure she could continue teleporting and she then asked for a glass of water, loading bullets in all of the chambers of Orphan's Russian Roulette gun when he left the room. As the Orphan returned with her drink, Edie claimed she needed to get back to her rehab clinic for more medication and left, instead going out for drinks with the Anarchist. A drunken Edie subsequently shoved a paparazzi photographer down when he attempted to take a photo of her "back on the sauce" then returned to X-Force Tower to await the Orphan's supposed death. The Coach consoled her, reminding Edie that she would have what she wanted and how they would spin the media to make Edie appear to have an emotional breakdown over the deaths of both Zeitgeist and the Orphan. Recalling a time when she felt better about herself, Edie decided she didn't want to go ahead with killing the Orphan and framing him for murder but the Coach withheld the inhalants that kept her energized enough to teleport, remarking that it was too late for her to save the Orphan. Feigning reluctance, the Coach ultimately gave Edie the inhaler but when she used it, the Coach revealed that he had drugged the inhaler and attempted to rape the barely conscious Edie but she was saved by the Orphan and Wolverine, who had secretly been summoned there by Doop. Coach called in his "reserves," the mutants Smoke and Succubus, and the Orphan and Wolverine battled them while Edie recovered from the Coach's drugging. As Wolverine succeeded in killing Smoke and the Orphan disabled Succubus, Edie and the Coach struggled over the Coach's gun and the gun went off, killing Coach. Finding Edie covered in blood, the Orphan grew mournful but Edie revealed the blood to be Coach's not hers before passing out. Later that night, Edie found the Orphan watched a video, unaware it was footage of Zeitgeist and Coach's discussion about killing off X-Force, and asked the Orphan why he had not shot himself. The Orphan replied that he recognized the altered weight of the fully loaded gun and expressed gladness that Edie was going to warn him. As the two decided to go out, Edie reminded the Orphan to check his gun next time and the Orphan revealed that he was going to stop playing Russian Roulette, as life with X-Force was dangerous enough for now. The two then got into a limo, discussing who their "guardian angel" might be to have summoned Wolverine to their aid.

(Thunderbolts I#57) - U-Go-Girl and the rest of X-Force were among the multitude of heroes pulled into the air and immobilized by Graviton.

(Thunderbolts I#58 - BTS) - U-Go-Girl and the rest of her team remained there until Graviton was driven off by the Thunderbolts.

(Giant-Size X-Statix#1 (fb)) - U-Go Girl wore a blue pillbox hat and dress during an X-Force against the League of Out-of-Work Actors.

(X-Force I#121 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, U-Go Girl participated in a mission in which she grabbed two gun-toting men in suits and teleported them outside in the middle of the air.

(X-Force I#122 (fb) - BTS) - When television talk show host Larry King caught the flu, U-Go Girl was contacted to guest-host his show while he was out.

(X-Force I#121) - Edie joined Anarchist and the Orphan in viewing some video footage of their possible new members, unaware that multiple different hats were being placed on their heads. Edie voted for the Spike and the Orphan soon noticed her hat changing but when he questioned her about it, Edie merely kissed the Orphan on the forehead and said she would have to take a raincheck on choosing new X-Force members, as she had a meeting with a television network about a possible talk show. After filming a pilot for the talk show, Edie watched the pilot with the Orphan, who admitted that the show appeared pretty trashy. When Edie assured the Orphan that her show would actually be interesting once it got started, she began flirting with the Orphan and began to teleport them both to a secluded Mexican beach before the Orphan stopped her, wishing to talk about their relationship. Edie explained that she simply wanted to have some fun, unaware that a mutant calling herself Lacuna was painting her name on the back of the wall. U-Go Girl later attended an X-Force press conference that was crashed by the Spike, who had been declined for membership in X-Force. When the Spike questioned the Anarchist's dedication to his African-American heritage, U-Go Girl defended the Anarchist, asking if she would be accused of not representing females within X-Force. The Anarchist eventually walked away from a fight with the Spike and after the conference, U-Go Girl spotted the Anarchist compulsively washing his hands and questioned him about it, prompting an angry Anarchist to vaporize part of the back wall. When the Anarchist wondered if perhaps he should have fought back against the Spike, U-Go Girl assured him that if he had, the media would have had fuel for the Spike's claims that he was declined for X-Force membership due to the Anarchist's personal feelings against him. Later, she joined X-Force at their pool as Lacuna finally revealed herself to apply for membership in the team. X-Force declined her application, reminding Lacuna that she had to go through the correct channels to join the team and Edie remarked that Lacuna needed an agent first. When Lacuna threatened to kill herself if X-Force declined her application, Edie repeated the declination.

(X-Force I#122) - When Lacuna expressed her feelings that X-Force stood for something bigger, a new world where the old truths were blown away, Edie sarcastically asked if there was room for Lacuna in X-Force's PR department. The Orphan still declined Lacuna's application and Lacuna decided to prove herself to X-Force by using her power to travel between seconds in time to disrupt X-Force's activities, including removing a script from Edie's hands. Edie soon realized the script was missing and remarked on how she needed it for her guest-hosting gig for Larry King that evening. She then revealed that the Spike was to be her guest on the show and invited the Orphan and Anarchist to appear on the show before teleporting away. Later that evening, as the Orphan and Anarchist arrived to guest star on The Larry King Show, Edie informed her teammates of how the show was intended to go, with her asking the Spike questions and her teammates being erudite. When the Anarchist finally admitted that he didn't want the Spike on X-Force because it made him paranoid about his own mortality, Edie asked if he could reveal his reasons on the show. Once the show had begun, a nervous Edie introduced the Spike and just as an argument broke out between the Spike and the Anarchist, Phat and Vivisector busted through the wall, forcing X-Force to work with the Spike to save the studio audience from the falling wall. In the middle of the action, Lacuna used her powers to step through time to steal everyone's clothes live on national television. After Lacuna restored the clothing and the show's taping had ended, Edie went for dinner with the Orphan to discuss their relationship but Lacuna interrupted the dinner by placing a champagne glass on Edie's head. Edie demanded Lacuna show herself and stop interfering with the team but Lacuna refused until the Orphan reconsidered his stance on letting her join X-Force. An excited Lacuna then left and the Orphan suggested that perhaps Edie disliked Lacuna so much because she felt threatened by her, angering Edie into teleporting away, leaving a confused Orphan alone at the dinner table. Two days later, after numerous failed attempts to contact the television network that had offered her a talk show, U-Go Girl joined X-Force for another press conference to announce the Spike and Lacuna as their newest members. As the Orphan became confused as Lacuna's lack of presence at the press conference, U-Go Girl learned her talk show had been canceled. Shortly after, U-Go Girl accompanied X-Force to watch the first episode of Lacuna's talk show, Lacuna & the Stars, but she spent the entire time on the phone with her agent, briefly remarking how she refused to advertise lift and separate bras.

(X-Force I#123) - U-Go Girl was relaxing with the rest of X-Force when Doop popped a pimple, inadvertently pulling U-Go Girl and the others into a world existing between moments in time (later called Marginalia). Inside this world filled with (real? illusory?) perils, Edie found herself trapped in a room filled with tongues housed in glass tubes and she quickly noticed that her own tongue was missing. Doop restored U-Go Girl's tongue in his quest to rescue his trapped X-Force teammates and expelled X-Force out of the world between and back to reality, noticing that only one second of real time had passed.

(X-Force I#124) - During a mission, the Orphan ordered U-Go Girl to teleport X-Force away but she accidentally teleported X-Force into an ocean. Getting them out of the ocean, U-Go Girl next teleported X-Force into a forest, where she began to take an ampule to revitalize herself but the Orphan suggested perhaps the ampules were making her teleportation powers worse and instead had Anarchist signal a Federal Express plane to get them back to California. Once back at X-Force Tower, Edie argued with the team about her malfunctioning powers and the Orphan gave her one week to get her powers under control or leave the team. Deciding to take the night off to deal with Edie's powers, the Orphan and Edie traveled to nearby motel to discuss Edie's past and help her come to terms with it. Relating the story of the birth of her daughter Katie, Edie was encouraged by the Orphan to visit her home again and, after sharing a night together in the motel, Edie admitted she was nervous about returning home. The next day, the Orphan accompanied Edie to her childhood home, where Edie talked with her mother and planned to reveal herself as Katie's mother. Upon introducing herself to Katie, however, Edie decided instead to let Katie continue believing that Edie was her big sister in an effort to spare Katie later heartbreak if Edie were killed in action. Edie then took Katie and the Orphan out for a teleportational "ride" and that evening, Edie said her goodbyes to Katie before departing with the Orphan. On the way home, Edie tested her powers and hit her teleportational target every time, testing the Orphan to see if he could come up with an explanation for the restoration of her powers. When the Orphan suggested it was because she finally came to terms with her past, Edie pulled out a new, improved inhaler concocted by X-Force team owner Spike Freeman and revealed the inhaler to be the cause of her improved powers. The Orphan responded by having Edie teleport them back to their motel, where they shared another night together, part of which was spent with Edie teleporting them high into the air.

(X-Force I#124) - During a mission, U-Go Girl accidentally teleported the team into the ocean.  Orphan told her she would have to to leave the team if she couldn't get her teleporting together.  She and the Orphan decided to take a night off and discuss the problem.  She opened up to him and told him her life story.  After the Orphan encouraged her, she decided to visit her home again where she talked to her mother and introduced herself to her daughter, Katie.  She planned to reveal that she was Katie's mother, but instead let her believe that Edie's mom was her mom and that she was just her "big sister".  U-Go Girl took Katie and Orphan out for a teleporting ride and said her goodbyes to Katie afterwards.

(Brotherhood I#8) - U-Go-Girl, alongside Anarchist, Doop and Orphan of X-Force, participated in an assault on the Tokyo cell of the mutant terrorist organization, the Brotherhood.  The cell was obliterated and none of its members survived.

(Brotherhood I#9) - Hoffman, the leader of a U. S. cell of the Brotherhood, sent agents Asher, Fagin and Malon to assassinate X-Force (or at least Doop) in retribution. U-Go-Girl was with the team, participating in an appreciation parade. A completely unrelated group of mutants ambushed X-Force and the reluctant Brotherhood members ended up caught in the middle of the fight (which escalated into a final battle between rival leaders of the Brotherhood).  In the course of the battle, U-Go-Girl teleported Asher some distance into the air and let him drop to the ground, badly injuring him. Ultimately, all involved members of the Brotherhood killed each other, leaving X-Force wondering what had just happened. U-Go-Girl offered the explanation, "The end of a Revolution?"

(X-Statix I#1 (fb) - BTS) - After one of her fans, thirteen-year-old mutant teenager Arnie Lundberg, was beaten into a coma by a group of school yard bullies, U-Go Girl recorded a personal message for Arnie and her voice helped to eventually pull Arnie out of his coma.

(X-Statix I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Following Arnie's emergence from his coma, a new story was done on Arnie, in which he proclaimed U-Go Girl to be his favorite X-Force member, and he was photographed with his mother in the hospital holding a photo of Edie.

(All-New Doop#3) - Returning to visit Marginalia, the realm between moments in time, U-Go Girl stayed there for an extended period, at one point befriending a future incarnation of her teammate Anarchist. When the future Anarchist heard a distress call from a future counterpart of X-Force's Doop, he arrived to help Doop against Earth-13729's Raze while U-Go Girl remained in Marginalia to sleep.

(All-New Doop#4) - Emerging from Marginalia briefly at times, U-Go Girl helped future incarnations of her teammates defeat a giant rampaging monster, joining them afterwards in a hot tub and at a press conference. She also visited the future teammates' final mission together when all of the team's members either perished or retired to live within Marginalia. (see comments). During a later hot tub session with a future incarnation of the Anarchist, U-Go Girl witnessed a future incarnation of Doop emerge from the hot tub water and U-Go Girl told the future Anarchist to go aid Doop since she was drunk.

(All-New Doop#5) - From her hot tub room in Marginalia, U-Go Girl asked the future incarnation of the Anarchist how things went with his assisting Doop and she realized that she never considered that Doop might have problems of his own. She was then surprised when something touched her leg and moments after the future Anarchist insisted it was not him, a future incarnation of the X-Man Kitty Pryde emerged from the hot tub into Marginalia.

(All-New Doop#5 - BTS) - U-Go Girl returned to live her life in reality, outside of Marginalia.

(X-Force I#125 (fb)) - U-Go Girl joined X-Force on a surgical strike against a general wanted for crimes against humanity in a Central American state but during the mission, the Orphan gave U-Go Girl an order primarily to keep out of the line of fire and she warned against doing so again, threatening to end their newfound relationship. Following the mission, U-Go Girl and X-Force discovered that they weren't really wanted in the country in the first place.

(X-Force I#125) - Returning from the Central American mission with X-Force, U-Go Girl informed reporters on the tense mission and commented that it was hard to tell who the bad guys were. Meeting with Spike Freeman and the Orphan afterwards, U-Go Girl learned that they did not own the name X-Force when Spike suggested changing the team's name and recruiting a new member. The three main members (U-Go Girl, Orphan and the Anarchist) decided to recruit Dead Girl from her graveyard lair, all while discussing what the team's new name should be. While there, a monstrous creature rose from the graves and pointed at all three of them, causing U-Go Girl and her teammates to become paranoid that one of them would soon die. When they returned, they were introduced to Agent Wright, a CIA operative who intended to keep tabs on the team. After the Orphan angrily backhanded Wright and Wright called the Orphan a jellyfish, Edie tried to scare Agent Wright by teleporting him into the middle of the Grand Canyon, warning Wright that if he harmed the Orphan, he would have to contend with her. Following further discussion with Agent Wright, U-Go Girl returned to X-Force Tower and informed the rest of X-Force how the CIA was planning to publicly discredit the Orphan as revenge for him not turning over Paco Perez to them. U-Go Girl later joined X-Force and Agent Wright at a mission briefing in which X-Force was to venture into space and attempt to stop a group of mutated prison inmates called the Bush Rangers before allowing themselves to be captured and subsequently saved by the CIA, thereby making the CIA look good and improving their public ratings. X-Force voted to accept the mission out of fear that their public image would be ruined if the CIA publicly revealed that they released Paco Perez before drug companies could dissect him. Shortly after, U-Go Girl accompanied X-Force and their newest member Dead Girl to the spacecraft launch site.

(X-Force I#126) - As X-Force boarded the shuttle, U-Go Girl and the Anarchist attempted to get Dead Girl to use her powers to tell them which of the three early members were going to die. Upon making it to the space prison, X-Force was attacked by the shapeshifting Bush Rangers and the Spike apparently turned on the team to join his inmates "brothers." During the attack, U-Go Girl was injured and one of the Bush Rangers posed as the Anarchist to check on her but was defeated by the real Anarchist. The Orphan confirmed that U-Go Girl had suffered a concussion moments before the Orphan, the Anarchist and U-Go Girl were sealed in an air lock. Dead Girl managed to squeeze into the air lock with them as a delirious U-Go Girl awoke long enough to suggest the team changed their name to the X-Men before passing out again.

(X-Force I#127) - Surviving the air lock, U-Go Girl reunited with the other members of X-Force and the team relaxed as the CIA prepared to perform a public "rescue" of the team. Before the CIA arrived, U-Go Girl and the rest of X-Force found the Spike with the Bush Rangers, who had transformed into duplicates of the Spike. Defeating the Bush Rangers with the help of one of the Bush Rangers posing as the Spike, the unaware X-Force regrouped with the arriving CIA but when the CIA attacked the team, U-Go Girl teleported the Anarchist, Doop, the Orphan and herself into a satellite that was heading for deep space. Learning that Agent Wright intended for X-Force to die in space because his daughter Louise could been saved by the powers of Paco Perez, the senior X-Force members soon found a shuttle that could save them but it could only hold two people (and Doop) so they each rolled a die to see who would leave and who would stay.

(X-Force I#128 (fb)) - Edie rolled a three, the Orphan rolled a four and the Anarchist used his acidic sweat to affect the outcome of the die, rolling a one to sacrifice himself so that U-Go Girl and the Orphan could remain together.

(X-Force I#128) - Edie, the Orphan and Doop then arrived back at X-Force's ship and overrode the satellite's controls from afar, allowing them to save the Anarchist. When the true Spike, injured in the earlier battle between the Bush Rangers and X-Force, appeared and exposed the Bush Ranger posing as him, the Bush Ranger attacked X-Force and a flying spike impaled U-Go Girl. With her last words, Edie whispered to Orphan that the new team name should be "X-Statix."

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - U-Go Girl entry - BTS) - Well aware of the high price that came with being an X-Force member, Edie came to terms with her impending death and realized the time had come to pay her ultimate due.

(X-Force I#128/Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 1 - X-Statix entry - BTS) - U-Go Girl died soon afterward, still attempting to chase fame and fortune by choosing X-Force's new name.

(X-Force I#128) - X-Force sent U-Go Girl's corpse into space.

(X-Force I#129 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Edie had licensed her image for use on action figures of U-Go Girl.

(X-Force I#129 - BTS) - The Orphan informed X-Force team owner Spike Freeman of U-Go Girl's suggestion of changing the team name to "X-Statix." As Spike discussed the team name with the Anarchist, a crowd of media, reporters and fans gathered outside X-Force Tower after rumors of U-Go Girl's death spread to the public. One of the reporters mentioned how U-Go Girl was arguably the most popular member of X-Force and how X-Force themselves had remained silent about U-Go Girl's death. Inside X-Force Tower, the discussion about U-Go Girl grew heated as the Orphan asked why Edie's death was not being made public. Growing angry when Freeman explained how he wanted to get news of Edie's death out slowly to build tension, the Orphan hurled an U-Go Girl action figure across the room, demanding to know if Freeman was building tension simply to sell more X-Force merchandise. Announcing his refusal to pretend Edie was not dead, the Orphan was ordered by Spike Freeman to say "no comment" instead of outright denying Edie's death but the Orphan replied only by threatening to break Freeman's neck before departing. As Phat discussed his shock about Edie's death to Vivisector, the Orphan was questioned by reporters as he left X-Force Tower and he publicly confirmed U-Go Girl's death. With news now public, the home of Edie's mother was swarmed by reporters hoping to get more news about Edie Sawyer and she was saved by talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan, who opted to represent Mrs. Sawyer's interests. Once inside, Solomon reminded Mrs. Sawyer that X-Force was making a mint off of U-Go Girl's death and that Mrs. Sawyer should consider making money from her daughter as well, claiming Edie would wanted to make sure her mother to benefit from such a tragic event.

Later that evening, Spike Freeman spoke with the Orphan about the Orphan's public revelation of Edie's death despite Freeman ordering him not to say anything and the Orphan proved uncaring what Freeman thought despite Freeman threatening to release information about the Orphan's involvement in the government's loss of Paco Perez. The next day, X-Force visited their farm teams, where the Anarchist questioned the whereabouts of Venus Dee Milo, remarking that once Venus joined, X-Force would hardly remember U-Go Girl wasn't around anymore, angering the emotional Orphan. As X-Force continued through the tryout area, reporters swarmed the team asking questions about U-Go Girl. That night, the Orphan spoke to an action figure of U-Go Girl and nearly began his old nightly routine of Russian roulette before he was interrupted by Lacuna, who convinced the Orphan to go on her television show to reveal to the public how U-Go Girl died and how Edie had suggested "X-Statix" as the new team name.

(X-Statix I#1 (fb) - BTS) - U-Go Girl's likeness was used for merchandise such as posters.

(X-Statix I#1 - BTS) - An obsessive fan of X-Force/X-Statix, mutant teenager Arnie Lundberg lamented the team's loss of U-Go Girl, playing slides of her in action in his bedroom, which was covered in U-Go Girl and X-Force posters. Later, Spike Freeman attempted to persuade X-Statix to recruit Venus Dee Milo onto the team, remarking that the team needed sex appeal following U-Go Girl's death and suggesting that Venus might help the Orphan get over Edie. The Orphan later began seeing images of U-Go Girl in filmed footage of Venus Dee Milo in action and worried that he might be going insane.

(X-Statix I#2 - BTS) - During a mission that brought X-Statix into the middle of a civil war, the Orphan saw Dead Girl as U-Go Girl. Having begun experiencing what he thought were auditory hallucinations, the Orphan noticed that Edie called him "Arnie" when he heard her voice and when Spike Freeman later briefed the Orphan and Venus Dee Milo on O-Force's upcoming mission against Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan recognized the name Arnie as what Edie called him.

(X-Statix I#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point following U-Go Girl's death, her teammate Vivisector framed a photo of her and placed it on his desk.

(X-Men Icons: Chamber#1 - BTS) - When the X-Man Chamber began taking college courses at Empire State University, he met his dorm mate Walter, who claimed mutants were celebrities and showed Chamber footage of U-Go Girl in action with X-Force as proof of his claim.

(X-Statix I#3 - BTS) - After the rest of X-Statix was informed about Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan admitted his suspicions that Arnie might be beaming images of U-Go Girl into his brain. When X-Statix nearly split apart and he proved unable to convince O-Force to stop their mission against Arnie, the Orphan did research online, learning of Arnie's love of U-Go Girl and deciding that Arnie must be judging him for "letting" U-Go Girl die.

(X-Statix I#4 - BTS) - When the Orphan parachuted into Arnie's town to save O-Force from the mind-manipulating teenager, Arnie psychically made the Orphan see a vision of U-Go Girl that berated him for letting her die. As the vision beckoned the Orphan to touch her, it dissipated and terrified the Orphan into briefly fleeing as the vision continued to proclaim the Orphan guilty of letting Edie die. Busting into Arnie's room filled with posters of U-Go Girl and other X-Force memorabilia, the Orphan fought Arnie until he was launched back into the town square. When the Orphan returned, he found a sad Arnie holding a photo of U-Go Girl and the two ended up discussing their mutual love of Edie. Arnie asked the Orphan what U-Go Girl was really like and when the Orphan mentioned how difficult she could be, Arnie remarked that it sounded as if the Orphan didn't really like her and an angry Orphan professed his love for Edie and the two nearly killed one another until the Orphan managed to talk Arnie into standing down and later joining X-Statix as their newest member.

(X-Statix I#10 - BTS) - Months after U-Go Girl's death, Venus Dee Milo helped Mister Sensitive (formerly the Orphan) clean out Edie Sawyer's old room, hoping that by cleaning out U-Go Girl's old belongings, she would help Mister Sensitive come to terms with Edie's death. Annoyed at Mister Sensitive's self-pity, Venus decided to finish cleaning everything out by herself, promising to give anything she thought Mister Sensitive would want to him while giving the rest to Edie's family. Grumbling that she hated U-Go Girl despite having never even met her, Venus soon found a group of diaries written by Edie and decided to read a little of them. After reading the first diary, Venus Dee Milo considered burning them to ensure that U-Go Girl would not live on in her mind and later joined Mister Sensitive in celebrating the cleaning out of U-Go Girl's room over a candlelit dinner in U-Go Girl's old room. The two toasted to each other and Venus secretly decided to keep U-Go Girl's diaries in Edie's closet.

(Giant-Size X-Statix#1 (fb) - BTS) - Once all of U-Go Girl's belongings were went through, her blue pillbox hat was given to her daughter Katie, who still thought Edie was her big sister.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3 - BTS) - After dying, Mister Sensitive searched the realm of Heaven for U-Go Girl but could not find her anywhere.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3) - When Dead Girl and Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange ventured into Heaven to recruit heroes to aid against the Pitiful One, they attempted to recruit Mister Sensitive, who asked if he would be able to see Edie if he helped them, explaining how he could not find her in Heaven and refused to believe she had been sent to Hell. Asking Dead Girl to confirm if Edie was in Hell, Mister Sensitive agreed to assist against the Pitiful One in exchange for Dead Girl finding U-Go Girl for him and Dead Girl promised to have her Dead Sisters look for Edie while Mister Sensitive accompanied Doctor Strange and herself. As Dead Girl, Doctor Strange and their grouping of deceased heroes ventured into the depths of Hell, the Dead Sisters located U-Go Girl and recruited her. After the deceased heroes came into conflict with the Pitiful One's group of deceased supervillains, U-Go Girl teleported Dead Girl's Dead Sisters into the battle in an effort to give the heroes a retreat. Beckoning all of the heroes into her portal, U-Go Girl teleported them all away from the deceased villains.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#4) - U-Go Girl teleported the team of deceased heroes to the level of Hell that housed the dead bureaucrats in an attempt to find the location of the Pitiful One. As she tried to explain to Doctor Strange about the bureaucrats, Mister Sensitive kept interrupting with attempts to talk to her. She eventually had to tell him to shut up, threatening to teleport away from him forever if he did not stop sniveling, and when Mister Sensitive ran away, U-Go Girl caught up to him and apologized for yelling at him. Explaining that she would always be there for him, U-Go Girl admitted that she could not commit to him for an eternity before leaving him to deal with his feelings. Once Mister Sensitive had rejoined the group, U-Go Girl led them to the Indecent Maw, where Mister Sensitive began to show more of his old self, impressing U-Go Girl. She then accompanied the other heroes as they ventured into the Indecent Maw towards Hell's Hotel Self-Loathing, headquarters of the Pitiful One.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#5) - Soon after Doctor Strange's astral form was pulled back to his mortal form on Earth, a still-impressed U-Go Girl suggested teleporting Mister Sensitive and herself to an afterlife island for a fling but Mister Sensitive, reminding of the man he was when alive, suggested they not walk away from their mission before it was completed. When the Phantom Rider and the rest of the Dead Sisters also left Dead Girl's group, U-Go Girl remained with Mister Sensitive and the remaining heroes ventured into the Hotel Self-Loathing. During the subsequent battle with the Pitiful One's henchmen, U-Go Girl teleported Kraven and Mysterio to another part of Hell and arrived back moments after Dead Girl punched out the Pitiful One's internal organs. With the battle won, Mister Sensitive asked U-Go Girl about that deserted island but she instead said her goodbyes and teleported, explaining that he'd have to wait a little longer.

(Incredible Hercules I#129) - Still in the afterlife, U-Go Girl played in Erebus' Stygian Casino to get another chance at life.

(Giant-Size X-Statix#1) - Years after X-Statix's last mission, Netflix made a documentary about X-Force/X-Statix and used footage of U-Go Girl from the X-Force mission to save Boyz R Us. Still thinking U-Go Girl was her older sister, Katie Sawyer (now Jones after her family changed their last name) would sometimes watch the Netflix X-Statix documentary and clutch Edie's pillbox hat. Katie was soon summoned to a graveyard by Dead Girl, who had arranged a four-minute window from the afterlife to allow U-Go Girl to speak to Katie. Asking Katie to sit down, U-Go Girl informed Katie that she was actually her mother and how she had left Katie to be raised by her grandmother. When Dead Girl reminded U-Go Girl that she did not get the afterlife pass for Edie to discuss family drama, U-Go Girl then informed Katie that she would soon inherit the same teleporting powers. Hurt from the years of lies about her parentage, Katie announced that she wanted no part in U-Go Girl's superhero lifestyle but U-Go Girl's pass soon ran out and she began fading back to the afterlife. The next morning, Katie tossed out Edie's pillbox hat and tried to forget what she had experienced in the graveyard but Edie's powers soon manifested in Katie, turning her skin completion a pale blue like her mother's. Later, when Dead Girl recruited a resurrected Mister Sensitive and the still-alive Vivisector into a team to take down a team that was perverting everything X-Statix stood for, Mister Sensitive asked if they would be reuniting with U-Go Girl, the Anarchist and the skateboarder el Guapo but Dead Girl reminded Mister Sensitive that the three mentioned were all dead. While Dead Girl continued recruiting, Katie attempted to control her newfound teleportation powers, sometimes finding herself waking up next to Edie Sawyer's star on the Walk of Fame. During a visit to her boyfriend Micky Halloran, Katie was asked if U-Go Girl was her mother and Katie angrily denied it, only to realize something had happened to prompt the question. The duo was then attacked by members of the X-Cellent, who were attempting to recruit the famous daughter of U-Go Girl. Dead Girl then arrived and attempted to get Katie to teleport away but Katie refused to accept that she was like her mother Edie. Katie was ultimately captured by the X-Cellent and brought before the group's leader, a cybernetically-reconstructed Zeitgeist, who explained that while there were other teleporters, none were the daughter of Edie Sawyer. When Katie refused to join the X-Cellent, Zeitgeist proclaimed her every bit as stubborn as Edie was but the reformed X-Statix soon arrived to rescue Katie and Zeitgeist accused Mister Sensitive of letting U-Go Girl die. As the battle went south, Mister Sensitive attempted to get Katie to teleport X-Statix out of the fight but Katie still refused to accept that she was like Edie and after being assured she was not like Edie, Katie reluctantly teleported X-Statix away. Once away, Katie refused to join the new X-Statix and left the group alone, later acknowledging to herself that the action was somewhat thrilling and thinking that perhaps someday, she might actually acknowledge Edie as her mother.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

U-Go Girl's real name was mistakenly listed as "Eddie" Constance Sawyer in the X-Men Encyclopedia by DK Books. It's possible that is a nickname.

U-Go Girl's original codename was going to be Go-Go Girl as shown in early preview sketches of the X-Force team seen on WizardWorld.com.

U-Go Girl's weight was listed as 125 lbs. in her profile in Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men but 135 lbs. in her Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead 2004 & Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 12 profiles. Perhaps she gained a little weight as she became more settled with the Orphan and dealt with her family issues?

While the All-New Doop mini-series makes it seem as if U-Go Girl had faked her death to retire to Marginalia, Giant-Size X-Statix#1 firmly establishes that U-Go Girl was indeed dead. Therefore, U-Go Girl's appearances in the Marginalia realm in All-New Doop#3-5 must have occurred prior to her death. Time passes differently within Marginalia since the realm exists between moments in time so if she at some point visited Marginalia prior to her death, she could have vacationed there for an extended period and popped in and out of reality at random points in time, which might explain why she is seen fighting alongside X-Statix's later roster in flashbacks seen in All-New Doop#4. Perhaps she popped out of Marginalia at a point in her future, after she had passed away, aided the team on a mission or two, jumped into a press conference, etc. before popping back into Marginalia at her proper point in time and eventually returning to reality, where she was killed in space (which is where I placed these All-New Doop appearances, prior to her death story in X-Force I#125-128). Then again, many of Doop's memories in the All-New Doop mini-series are inaccurate so U-Go Girl's appearances with X-Statix in All-New Doop#4 could also simply be chalked up to Doop recalling events incorrectly, a theory supported by the fact that we see U-Go Girl with X-Statix (including Venus Dee Milo) despite U-Go Girl dying before the team was officially called X-Statix and Venus mentioning in X-Statix I#10 having never met U-Go Girl and her joining the team after U-Go Girl died.

Proto-Man, you owe me BIG TIME, for making me re-read issues of the Brotherhood to complete this profile!!!!
Edie came up with the new name for X-Force: the X-Statix.
I've got Gin Genie listed in Tb57+58, but she was dead by that point. I'm thinking it had to be UGG, but I'm not digging out the issue just to check.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Cal was a writer who first met Edie Sawyer in the diner she worked at after leaving her hometown. Upon meeting her one day as she was walking down the street, he claimed that she inspired him to write and invited her to live with him as his inspiration/lover. He persuaded her to sleep with a TV exec in exchange for his TV pilot to air with her as the star. As the exec took off her jacket, Edie's teleportation power re-manifested and she dropped the exec from miles in the air before returning to Cal's apartment and teleporting him ten miles away from Los Angeles. After Edie joined X-Force as U-Go Girl, Cal tried to get her to read his newest script but Edie merely smiled as she walked away from Cal.

- X-Statix#10 (fb)  

Katie Jones

Edie Sawyer gave birth to Katie Sawyer, who was fathered by a drifter from San Francisco. When Edie saw her daughter, she panicked and teleported to Hollywood, where she tried to make a life for herself, eventually joining the mutant celebrity X-Force team as U-Go Girl. Escaping from a mission in Bastrona, the Anarchist demanded that U-Go Girl take them home, prompting the exhausted U-Go Girl to accidentally teleport X-Force to her country home, where Katie asked who Edie was. Told by Edie's mother that U-Go Girl was her big sister, Katie barely comprehended before the awakened U-Go Girl panicked and teleported X-Force to Santa Monica. Eventually, when Edie's powers began fading in and out, her teammate Orphan convinced Edie to return home to deal with her past, where Edie properly introduced herself to Katie, taking Katie on a teleportational ride around the world while letting Katie continue believing Edie was her sister. Her powers and confidence restored, Edie said her goodbyes to her family and hugged Katie, telling her that she was indestructible. After U-Go Girl's death, Katie's house was flooded with the media until the arrival of talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan, who attempted to talk Edie's mother into making money off Edie's death. To keep fans away, Mrs. Sawyer changed the family last name to Jones.

Years later, Katie Jones was studying engineering in high school and dating a boy named Micky Halloran when she was summoned to her family cemetery by former X-Statix member Dead Girl, who had arranged a four-minute window for U-Go Girl to speak with Katie from the afterlife. After learning the truth about Edie Sawyer being her mother and that she would have to accept her mutant genes, Katie yelled at Edie, who dissipated back to the afterlife moments later. Returning to her school work and trying to forget the events, Katie soon manifested the same teleportation powers and pale complexion that Edie once had and, after learning to somewhat control her powers, Katie was summoned to Micky Halloran's house. When Micky asked about Edie being her mother, Katie realized she had been led into a trap before the mutant X-Cellent group captured and took her to their base. The X-Cellent's leader, cyborg former X-Force member Zeitgeist, then attempted to forcibly recruit Katie into his team but Katie was rescued by a regrouped X-Statix. As the fight went south for X-Statix, they pleaded with Katie to teleport them out of the fight but Katie refused to accept her powers and Edie as her mother. Eventually, Katie relented and teleported the team to her family graveyard, where she parted ways with X-Statix. Again returning to school, Katie admitted to herself that working with X-Statix was thrilling and considered finally accepting Edie.

Katie possessed the same teleportation powers that U-Go Girl had.

-X-Force I#119 (124, 129, Giant-Size X-Statix#1,

Mrs. Sawyer

Dressmaker Mrs. Sawyer conceived her daughter, Edie, from a drifter passing through town, an arrangement made when her husband proved incapable of fathering children. Raising Edie with her husband, who adopted the child, Mrs. Sawyer took Edie to a doctor when Edie began waking up in strange places in an attempt to figure out a cause. Eventually, when Edie was fifteen, Edie became pregnant herself from another passing drifter and Mrs. Sawyer helped Edie give birth to her daughter, Katie Sawyer. Panicking, Edie unconsciously used her teleportation powers to escape to Hollywood, returning only to entrust the raising of Katie to Mrs. Sawyer, and Edie eventually became U-Go Girl and joined X-Force. As U-Go Girl, Edie once again encountered her mother when she accidentally teleported home during a mission. Katie asked Mrs. Sawyer who the lady was and Mrs. Sawyer told Katie it was her big "sister." A short time later, Edie's powers began to fade and the Orphan decided that she should revisit her family. When Edie arrived home, she sat and talked with her mother for hours until Katie arrived. Upon the death of U-Go Girl, Mrs. Sawyer's home was flooded with reporters until talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan arrived and attempted to convince Mrs. Sawyer to cash in on Edie's death. Eventually changing the family last name to Jones in an effort to escape the relentless bombardment from U-Go Girl's fans, Mrs. Sawyer eventually died and was buried in the family cemetery.

-X-Force I#119 (124, 129, Giant-Size X-Statix#1 - BTS,

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