Real Name: Edith Constance Sawyer

Identity/Class: Human Mutant

Occupation: X-Force member

Affiliations: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Diego Ardilles, Dead Sisters (Dead Girl/Moonbeam, Moira MacTaggart, Mockingbird/H'rpra, Gwen Stacy), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Lacuna, an afterlife being posing as Harry Osborn, Paco Perez, Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade), the Piano Player, X-Force (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Battering Ram, Bloke/Mickey Tork, Doop, Gin Genie/Beckah Parker, La Nuit/Pierre Truffaut, Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Plazm, Saint Anna, Sluk/Byron Spencer, Spike/Darian Elliott, Vivisector/Myles Alfred, Zeitgeist/Axel Cluney)
formerly: Coach, Spike Freeman

Enemies: Brotherhood (Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Malon Reeves, others), Cal, Coach, Graviton (Franklin Hall), Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinov), Mysterio (Quentin Beck), the Pitiful One, the Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, others), Agent Wright

Known Relatives: Mrs. Sawyer (mother), unidentified father, Mr. Sawyer (adoptive father), Katie (daughter), 

Aliases: "Bacon and Eggs Easy" (what she tells Cal her name is when she first meets him); "Tele-Girl" (one of her ideas for a codename)

Base of Operations: Mobile, primarily California

First Appearances: X-Force I#116 (May 2001)

Powers/Abilities: U-Go Girl could teleport herself and at least five other people across global distances.  This process was very physically draining, and she often fell asleep after multiple teleports.

Weaknesses: She was dependent on drugs to keep her energy high enough to continually teleport the team.

Height: 5' 7" Weight: 125 lbs. Hair: Red Eyes: Green

History: (X-Force I#124 (fb)) - As a child of 12, Edie Sawyer would sometimes wake up in strange places when she fell asleep.  Her farmer parents didn't quite know what to make of her always escaping the house.  Unbeknownst to her, these were just the beginning of her nascent powers.  When she was 15, she fell in love with a boy visiting from San Francisco, and she became pregnant.  Scared of the thought of being a mom, Edie unconsciously teleported herself to Hollywood right after she gave birth and hasn't returned home since.

(X-Statix#10(fb)) - As Venus Dee Milo read Edie's diaries, she learned how Edie tried to become an actress after arriving in Hollywood following her first teleportation.  She ended up getting a waitress job, quitting acting school, and meeting a guy named Cal who was a writer.  She moved in with Cal from December 25 until February 19 until a big-shot TV producer spoke to Cal about about his idea for a show called "Simply Sisters".  Cal persuaded Edie to "meet" with the producer personally in which the producer attempted to have his way with her until she teleported him high into the sky and realized how she wanted her life to be.  She teleported back to Cal's apartment and left him in the desert in his underwear.

Edie Sawyer then proceeded to use her powers in a life of crime, including drinking in the Oval Office, stealing gold from Fort Knox and various banks, and stealing various other items such as fur coats until she saw a picture of Zeitgeist, the leader of a new superhero team called X-Force.  That was when she decided to become a superhero.  Edie visited the team's headquarters on March 19 and met Zeitgeist, who wanted to meet with Edie as well.  Edie turned him down, gave away all of her stolen items, and practiced more in the use of her teleportation abilities.  She also decided on the codename of Tele-Girl.  On April 10, she watched TV and became "too relaxed", causing her teleportation power to kick in, dropping her off in front of X-Force headquarters and the media, who snapped multiple pictures of her "costume". She got up, introduced herself as U-Go Girl, and joins X-Force.

(X-Force I#116) - U-Go Girl participated in the mission to North Africa with X-Force in which Sluk died.  Later she was seen suiting up for the New York mission that resulted in all but her, Anarchist, and Doop dying.  She was seen to be having an affair with Zeitgeist and held his upper torso as he died.

(X-Force I#117 (fb)) - U-Go Girl was seen dropping the helicopter pilots who killed Zeitgeist out of their helicopter onto Fifth Avenue.

(X-Force I#117) - U-Go Girl discussed the deaths of her teammates with Anarchist and Coach.  She believed that because of her seniority, she would be a shoe-in for new team leader.  She then appeared at the press conference in which the Orphan was announced as the new team leader.  Angrily, she teleported away.

(X-Force I#118-119) - U-Go Girl showed up as the Orphan was playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun.  She tried to scare him out of leadership by teleporting them high into the sky, but they both almost died when she started to fall asleep.  She later joined the team for the briefing of their newest mission to bring Paco Perez back to the States.  After the mission was accomplished, she tried to teleport the team away from the battle but was so exhausted she teleported back to her hometown which she promptly left.  Later that night, she had a dream about Zeitgeist and awoke to find the Coach in her bedroom.  She punched him and then the two discussed framing the Orphan for murder.

(X-Force I#120) - U-Go Girl teleported to the Orphan's room.  After kissing the Orphan, U-Go Girl decided she didn't want to go ahead with framing him for murder.  The Coach drugged her and attempted to rape her, but she was saved by the Orphan and Wolverine.  Coach called his "reserves", Smoke and Succubus, and Wolverine succeeded in killing both of them just as U-Go Girl shot Coach, killing him.

(Thunderbolts I#57, 58) - U-Go-Girl and the rest of X-Force were among the multitude of heroes pulled into the air and immobilized by Graviton.   The rest of her team and she remained there until Graviton was driven off by the Thunderbolts.

(X-Force I#121-122) - Edie joined Anarchist and the Orphan in viewing some video footage of their possible new members, while her hats kept mysteriously changing.  She discussed about her possible talk show with the Orphan and the team held a press conference to announce the arrival of the Spike, the newest member of X-Force.  After the conference, she spotted Anarchist compulsively washing his hands and questioned him about it.  Later, she joined the team at the pool when Lacuna arrived to introduce herself and apply for membership in the team.  U-Go Girl thought that Lacuna should not be able to join so easily and teleported away to be ready for her talk show debut.  The Orphan and Anarchist arrived to guest star on her show until Phat and Vivisector busted through the wall, and a fight ensued.  Lacuna then used her powers to step through time to steal everyone's clothes while they're live on national TV.  Orphan decided to let her join, and Lacuna returned their clothes, and the team held yet another press conference.  U-Go Girl announced that her show had been cancelled and Lacuna was asked to host it instead.

(X-Force I#123) - U-Go Girl was relaxing with the rest of team while Doop tried to pop a zit.  When he succeeded, the team was pulled inside a world within moments (later called Marginalia) and into various (real?/illusionary?) perils.  Edie was trapped in a room filled with tongues in glass tubes, and she noticed hers was missing.  Doop saved her, her tongue, the rest of the team.  After squeezing them out of himself, Doop noticed that only a second has passed in real time.

(X-Force I#124) - During a mission, U-Go Girl accidentally teleported the team into the ocean.  Orphan told her she would have to to leave the team if she couldn't get her teleporting together.  She and the Orphan decided to take a night off and discuss the problem.  She opened up to him and told him her life story.  After the Orphan encouraged her, she decided to visit her home again where she talked to her mother and introduced herself to her daughter, Katie.  She planned to reveal that she was Katie's mother, but instead let her believe that Edie's mom was her mom and that she was just her "big sister".  U-Go Girl took Katie and Orphan out for a teleporting ride and said her goodbyes to Katie afterwards.

(Brotherhood#8) - U-Go-Girl, alongside Anarchist, Doop, and Orphan of X-Force, participated in an assault on the Tokyo cell of the mutant terrorist organization, the Brotherhood.  The cell was obliterated, and none of its members survived.

(Brotherhood#9) - Hoffman, the leader of a U. S. cell of the Brotherhood, sent agents Asher, Fagin, and Malon to assassinate X-Force (or at least Doop) in retribution.  U-Go-Girl was with the team, participating in an appreciation parade.  A completely unrelated group of mutants ambushed X-Force, and the reluctant Brotherhood members ended up caught in the middle of the fight (which escalated into a final battle between rival leaders of the Brotherhood).  In the course of the battle, U-Go-Girl teleported Asher some distance into the air and let him drop to the ground, badly injuring him.  Ultimately, all involved members of the Brotherhood killed each other, leaving X-Force wondering what had just happened.  U-Go-Girl offered the explanation, "The end of a Revolution?"

(X-Force I#125-128) - The team returned from a mission, and the three main members decided to recruit Dead Girl from her graveyard lair.  A monstrous creature rose from the graves and pointed at the three of them, causing them to become paranoid that one of them would soon die.  When they returned, they were introduced to Agent Wright, a CIA operative who would keep tabs on them.  Edie tried to scare Agent Wright by teleporting him to the middle of the Grand Canyon.

The team was briefed on a mission that would improve the CIA's public rating--they will go into space and attempt to stop a group of mutated prison inmates.  The team would then be captured by the inmates and would subsequently be saved by the CIA, thereby making the CIA look good.  They agreed to do this out of fear that their public image would be ruined if the CIA revealed that they let Paco Perez go before the drug companies could dissect him.  

X-Force boarded the shuttle and made it to the prison, where they began fighting with the inmates, the Bush Rangers. New member Spike apparently turned on the team to join his brothers. 

In actuality, Spike intended to save the inmates and his team members in the process.  The team found him and all the inmates, who had transformed into duplicates of Spike.  U-Go Girl, Anarchist, and the Orphan were then attacked by the CIA, and Edie teleported them into a shuttle that was heading for deep space.  Anarchist found a shuttle that could save them, but it could only hold two people, so the team rolled a die to see who would leave and who would stay.  Edie rolled a three, the Orphan rolled a four, and the Anarchist used his acidic sweat to affect the outcome of the die and rolled a one.  Edie and the Orphan arrived back at X-Force's ship and overrode the controls, allowing them to save the Anarchist.  At this point, the real Spike arrived and told the team that the person who's been hanging with them and claiming to be Spike was really one of the shapeshifting 'aliens'.  He attacked the team and a flying spike impaled U-Go Girl.  She died soon afterward.  The team sent her apparent corpse into space and began a new era.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb) - BTS) - Having somehow faked her death and retired to live in Marginalia, U-Go Girl remained content to live amongst counterparts of the living, the imagined and the not quite born.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb)) - Emerging from Marginalia briefly at times, U-Go Girl helped X-Statix defeat a giant rampaging monster, joining them afterwards in a hot tub and at a press conference. She also appeared briefly during X-Statix's final mission as the entire team either perished or retired to live within Marginalia as she had once done.

((X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3 - BTS) - Able to access multiple worlds from within Marginalia, U-Go Girl visited Heaven.

((X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3) - While Doctor Strange and Dead Girl led a group of heroes into Hell to battle deceased supervillain the Pitiful One's group of deceased superhumans, the Dead Sisters located U-Go Girl and convinced her to help them. She teleported the Dead Sisters into the battle and led Strange's team away.

((X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#4) - U-Go Girl teleported the team to the level of Hell that housed the dead bureaucrats in an attempt to find the location of the Pitiful One. As she tried to explain to Doctor Strange about the dead bureaucrats, Mister Sensitive kept interrupting in attempts to talk to her. She eventually had to tell him to shut up and later explained that while Sensitive always had her, she could not commit to him for an eternity. Once Mister Sensitive had rejoined the group, U-Go Girl led to the Indecent Maw where Mister Sensitive began to show more of his old self, much to the satisfaction of Edie.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#5) - Soon after Doctor Strange was pulled back to Earth, the Phantom Rider, the Dead Sisters, and the Piano Player also left Dead Girl's group. U-Go Girl flirted with Mister Sensitive again and suggested that they leave as well for a deserted island, but Sensitive replied that he wanted to find his old self again. She decided to hang out with Mister Sensitive and the remaining heroes then ventured forth to Motel Self-Loathing, the headquarters of the Pitiful One. During the battle with the Pitiful One's henchmen, U-Go Girl teleported Kraven and Mysterio to another part of Hell and arrived back just as Dead Girl punched out the Pitiful One's internal organs. With the battle won, Mister Sensitive asked U-Go Girl about that deserted island but she said her goodbyes and teleported away, explaining that he'd have to wait a little bit longer.

(Incredible Hercules#129) - U-Go Girl played in the Stygian Casino to get another chance at life.

(All-New Doop#3) - U-Go Girl remained asleep while her old teammate, the Anarchist, rescued Doop after Doop secretly sent a distress call for help.

(All-New Doop#4) - When Doop's impending mental breakdown created thousands of duplicates of himself within Marginalia, one of the duplicates emerged from a hot tub containing U-Go Girl and the Anarchist. Wasted, U-Go Girl asked the Anarchist to deal with the situation.

(All-New Doop#5) - The Anarchist joined U-Go Girl at her hot tub room in Marginalia, where the Anarchist admitted to U-Go Girl that he didn't hear what Wolverine had learned from Doop's mother, only laughing as he left. U-Go Girl suggested that perhaps they never took enough notice of Doop during their time in X-Force/X-Statix and that he actually had real problems. Soon shocked when she felt something in the hot tub, U-Go Girl asked the Anarchist if he was pushing his foot between her legs but then Kitty Pryde suddently erupted from her hot tub looking for Doop.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

U-Go Girl's real name was mistakenly listed as "Eddie" Constance Sawyer in the recent X-Men Encyclopedia. It's possible that is a nickname.

U-Go Girl's original codename was going to be Go-Go Girl as shown in early preview sketches of the X-Force team seen on WizardWorld.com

Proto-Man, you owe me BIG TIME, for making me re-read issues of the Brotherhood to complete this profile!!!!
Edie came up with the new name for X-Force: the X-Statix.
I've got Gin Genie listed in Tb57+58, but she was dead by that point. I'm thinking it had to be UGG, but I'm not digging out the issue just to check.

Profile by: Proto-Man

U-Go Girl should not be confused with:

X-Force, the popular team that became the X-Statix, should not be confused with:


Edie Sawyer gave birth to Katie, who was fathered by a drifter from San Francisco. When Edie saw her daughter, she panicked and teleported to Hollywood, where she tried to make a life for herself. Eventually she learned to control her teleportation powers and joined X-Force as U-Go Girl. Escaping from a mission in Bastrona, the Anarchist demanded that U-Go Girl take them home. Tired, she teleported them to a small country house in her hometown. Looking outside, Katie Sawyer asked who the lady was and Edie's mother explained "that's...yer big sister." Once awake, U-Go Girl panicked and teleported the team back to Santa Monica. Eventually, Edie's powers began fading in and out and the Orphan deduced that she needed to deal with the situation of her family. Returning home, Edie introduced herself to Katie as her "big sister," and took her on a teleportational ride around the world. Her powers returned to full force, Edie said her goodbyes to her family and hugged Katie, telling her that she was indestructable. After U-Go Girl's death, Katie's house was flooded with the media until the arrival of Solomon O'Sullivan.

-X-Force I#119 (124, 129


Mrs. Sawyer conceived her daughter, Edie, from a drifter passing through town. She eventually settled on another man and they both agreed to raise Edie together. When Edie was a child, Mrs. Sawyer took her to doctor in an attempt to figure out why she was waking up in strange places. Eventually, when Edie was fifteen, Edie became pregnant herself from another passing drifter and Mrs. Sawyer helped Edie give birth to Katie Sawyer. Panicking, Edie unconsciously used her teleportation powers to escape to Hollywood, where she eventually became U-Go Girl and joined X-Force. As U-Go Girl, Edie once again encountered her mother when she accidentally teleported home during a mission. Katie asked Mrs. Sawyer who the lady was and Mrs. Sawyer told Katie it was her big "sister." A short time later, Edie's powers began to fade and the Orphan decided that she should revisit her family. When Edie arrived home, she sat and talked with her mother for hours until Katie arrived. Upon the death of U-Go Girl, Mrs. Sawyer's home was flooded with media until Solomon O'Sullivan arrived and attempted to convince Mrs. Sawyer to cash in on Edie's death.

-X-Force I#119 (124, 129




Cal was a writer who first met Edie Sawyer in the diner she worked at after leaving her hometown. Upon meeting her one day as she was walking down the street, he claimed that she inspired him to write and invited her to live with him as his inspiration/lover. He persuaded her to sleep with a TV exec in exchange for his TV pilot to air with her as the star. As the exec took off her jacket, her teleportation power re-manifested and she dropped the exec from miles in the air. She then returned to Cal's apartment and teleported him ten miles away from Los Angeles.

- X-Statix#10 (fb)  





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