Real Name: Anna (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Irish)

Occupation: X-Force member

Group Membership: X-Force (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Bloke/Mickey Tork, Doop, Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, U-Go Girl/Edie Sawyer, Vivisector/Myles Alfred)

Affiliations: Coach, Paco Perez, X-Force

Enemies: Diego Ardilles, Bastronan soldiers, X-Force (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Domino/Neena Thurman, Meltdown/Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father and mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: X-Force Tower, Santa Monica, California;
formerly Hollywood, California, USA; County Kerry, Ireland

First Appearance: X-Force I#117 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Saint Anna could transform into a gaseous form and was also said to be able to "move things just by looking at them and heal the sick and the sad."

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

History: (X-Force I#117 (fb)) - Anna was born in County Kerry, Ireland to a young Irish girl, her father an Argentinian priest who had worked with Anna's mother at a mission for the poor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At first causing a scandal due to the circumstances of her conception, the green-eyed Anna garnered a reputation as a healer and Irish followers, who began praying to her and calling her "Saint Anna." When she was seventeen, St. Anna traveled to Hollywood, California.

(X-Force I#117) - After St. Anna was chosen as a recruit into the mutant celebrity group X-Force, the surviving X-Force members viewed a video on St. Anna's origins and St. Anna later met the other new recruits prior to a press conference to announce their membership. X-Force team manager Coach then led St. Anna and the others to meet the rest of X-Force for a mission briefing in which Coach explained that X-Force would be traveling to Bastrona to rescue young mutant Paco Perez from the Bastronan government. During the subsequent press conference, St. Anna and the rest of X-Force were attacked by the previous, militant X-Force team, who felt as if the celebrity group was degrading the name X-Force. Following the battle with the militant X-Force, St. Anna asked her teammate Anarchist if he wanted to her to transform into gaseous form and move inside him to assist with his healing, to which the Anarchist replied that she could move him any way she liked. She then regrouped with her X-Force team to continue the press conference in which Coach named new recruit Orphan as X-Force's new team leader.

(X-Force I#118) - St. Anna attended the mission briefing in which Coach revealed to X-Force their Bastronan contact, Diego Ardilles, further explaining that Ardilles was only helping X-Force for the money and was expendable after he had fulfilled his purpose. She then joined X-Force on the mission to save Paco Perez, offering to help heal U-Go Girl from tiredness resulting from teleporting the team to Bastrona. After massaging U-Go Girl's scalp to heal energize her, St. Anna took cover when Bastronan soldiers attacked and rushed to the side of her teammate Bloke after Bloke was fatally hit while protecting Diego Ardilles, who had informed the Bastronan soldiers of X-Force's arrival. Phat tried to assure Bloke that St. Anna would help him but Bloke claimed he was beyond help before dying. Continuing to tend to the dying Bloke as Phat angrily attempted to strangle Ardilles for his betrayal, the deeply saddened St. Anna voted to kill Ardilles as well but the Orphan ordered Ardilles to take them to Paco Perez before they decided whether or not to kill him. She then watched as the Anarchist was ordered to vaporize Bloke's corpse and actively fought more Bastronan soldiers as Ardilles led X-Force to Paco. Making their way to Paco, St. Anna tended to her injured teammate Phat, who was knocked unconscious protecting X-Force from a roof cave-in. As the Orphan attempted to unhook Paco from various cables for medical testing, St. Anna helped fighting off more Bastronan soldiers trying to prevent X-Force's rescue of Paco.

(X-Force I#119) - During the battle, Saint Anna was mortally wounded and fell to the ground, cushioned by the injured Phat. After the Orphan freed Paco, a drowsy U-Go Girl accidentally teleported the dying St. Anna and the rest of X-Force to her childhood home, where St. Anna made the Orphan promise to give her father the ring her mother had given her. She then proceeded to transform into a gaseous form and enter the Orphan's lungs. When the Orphan later traveled to Buenos Aires and found St. Anna's father to inform him of St. Anna's death. While there, the Orphan sneezed, releasing the remains of St. Anna onto her father, who sensed from the ashes that St. Anna meant this as a final goodbye as she passed away.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

I always thought that of all the early, quick-dying X-Force members, she was the one with the most potential.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
X-Force I#119, front cover, top corner box (St. Anna full body image, main image)
X-Force I#118, p7, pan3 (St. Anna, headshot in civilian clothes)
X-Force I#117, p10, pan4 (St. Anna as a child)
X-Force I#117, p10, pan5 (St. Anna's original costume)
X-Force I#119, front cover (St. Anna with Anarchist)
X-Force I#119, p1, pan4 (death)

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