head shotReal Name: Guy Smith

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: X-Force/X-Statix member

Group Membership: X-Force/X-Statix

Affiliations: Mr. & Mrs. Edward Alfred, Diego Ardilles, the Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor), the Church of the Naked Truth,  Dr. Strange, Doctor Swaine, Sam Geller, Brad Gutman (although he was unaware of his activities), Brenda GutmanLacuna, Linda, Mister Filson, Solomon O'Sullivan, Officer Stone (he was forced to work with him, despite Stone's hatred of the team), O-Force (Obituary, Ocean, Ocelot, Ooze, Orbit, Overkill), Harry Osborn,  Paco Perez, Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade), the Piano Player, the Pink Psychos (Officer Halloran, etc.) (he helped a few of them at X-Statix Tower), Professor X, Katie Sawyer, Mrs. Sawyer, Spider-Man, X-Force/X-Statix (the Anarchist, Bloke, Dead Girl, Doop, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunter, the Mysterious Fan Boy, Phat, Saint Anna, the Spike, U-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector (Myles Alfred)), X-Statix Movie Crew (Lennox Capriati, Rimi Withnail, etc.)

 formerly the Coach, Spike Freeman

 indirectly Anti-Matter, Corkscrew, Sycamore

Enemies: Agent Wright, the Bad Guy, the Brotherhood (Mike Asher, Fagin, Hoffman, Marshal, Ms. Fingers, Orwell, Malon Reeves), the Bush Rangers (Stanley, Tray, Zippo, etc.), C.I.A. Agent Brad Bentley, the C.I.A. Crack Squad, the Coach, the Europan government, the Euro-Trash (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall), the Fatal Sisters (Hilda, Mista, Sangrida), Spike Freeman, Sharon Ginsberg, Graviton, Britney Gutman, Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinov), Miss America, Mister Code, Mysterio (Quentin Beck), the Pitiful One, Razorhead, Vivisector (Dr. Alex Finlay), John Williams, X-Force (Cannonball, Domino, John Proudstar, Meltdown)

 formerly the Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor), Arnie Lundberg/the Mysterious Fan Boy, O-Force (Obituary, Ocean, Ocelot, Ooze, Orbit, Overkill), Solomon O'Sullivan

 indirectly Dicky, Reggie

Known Relatives: unnamed mother and father (parents)

Aliases: Mister Sensitive

Base of Operations: X-Force/X-Statix Tower in Santa Monica, California

First Appearance: X-Force I#117 (August, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The Orphan's body was extremely sensitive to his surroundings, giving him a superhuman sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. He could also levitate himself with much concentration.

Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White

full bodyHistory: (X-Force I#117 (fb) - BTS) -When Guy Smith was born, he exhibited grey skin and antennae.

 (X-Force I#117 (fb)) - While still an infant, the Smith residence caught on fire and Guy was rescued by local firemen. Thinking his parents to be dead, Guy Smith was raised an orphan.

 (Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 2: X-Men-The Orphan profile (fb) - BTS) - After it was revealed that his parents started the house fire, they were arrested and jailed.

 (X-Force I#117 (fb)) - In his early teens, Guy Smith's mutant power began to emerge and he became extremely sensitive to his surroundings. He took to drugs and eventually martial arts in attempts to deal with the sensitivities. He studied Jeet Kune Do, Tukang Moosul, transcidental meditation, tantric magic, the obscene kiss, and others until he came to the attention of Professor Charles Xavier, who designed for him a special costume that allowed him to temper and control his senses. After being given the costume, Guy Smith began calling himself Mister Sensitive.

 (X-Force I#118 (fb) - BTS) - Three years before joining X-Force, Guy Smith discovered that his parents were actually still alive and that they had tried to kill him. Upon this discovery, he began to play Russian Roulette every night before going to bed.

 (X-Force I#117) - As Mister Sensitive, Guy Smith took a mist shower and loaded his gun for the night's game of Russian Roulette. Once the gun was loaded, Guy met with other potential new members of the super team known as X-Force. Guy seemed somewhat taken aback by the amount of in-fighting within the new recruits. When the Coach arrived, he informed Guy and the others about their upcoming mission to retrieve young mutant Paco Perez from the People's Republic of Bastrona. Soon after, X-Force held a press conference. During the conference, Guy decided to change his codename to the Orphan mere seconds before the team was attacked by a team of mutants also calling themselves X-Force. During the battle, Domino pointed a gun at Doop and sensing that she was bluffing, the Orphan used her split-second pause to knock her unconscious by hitting a pressure point in her neck. Once the fight was wrapped up, the Coach announced to the press that the Orphan was the new team leader, despite him being a new recruit. Surprised, Guy argued that he didn't think he was ready to lead the team, but the Coach explained that it wasn't his decision and that it was final. Afterwards, Guy seemed a bit uneasy when the Anarchist congratulated him and mentioned the term "poisoned chalice." That night, when the Orphan returned to his room, a reporter stopped to ask his opinion about being team leader. He explained that he was surprised, proud, and also a little scared, and then he went inside, where a loud gunshot was heard.

 (X-Force I#118) - As it turned out, U-Go Girl was inside the Orphan's padded room, where she had stopped the Orphan was dying in his game of Russian Roulette. U-Go Girl mistakenly thought that the Orphan was trying to shoot her, but the Orphan quickly claimed that he was polishing the gun and that he always polished a loaded gun at night. U-Go Girl did not fall for his lie, however, and he then claimed that the truth was that he had a stalker who threatened to kill him if he ever joined the stalker's favorite team of X-Force. U-Go Girl laughed that the Orphan was even lamer than she had thought, if he had gotten all worried about a stalker. The Orphan then asked why she had come to his room, to which she replied that she was there in an attempt to make him change his mind about joining X-Force. U-Go Girl then grabbed the Orphan's hand and teleported them high into the air, allowing them to fall while she described the dangers that X-Force dealt with every day. The Orphan noticed that her heartbeat was slowing and U-Go Girl explained that she was beginning to feel drowsy due to the use of her powers. Before she dozed off, she managed to teleport herself and the Orphan back to her bedroom, where she fell asleep in his lap. The Orphan then realized that if she had not come into his room that night, he would have died playing Russian Roulette. He decided to keep that to himself. Not long after, the Orphan joined the other members of X-Force as they were briefed on their upcoming mission to save young mutant Paco Perez from the Bastronan government. After the briefing, U-Go Girl teleported the Orphan and the others to Bastrona, where the Orphan met the team's informant, Diego Ardilles. The Orphan instantly noticed the air shifts going on outside and the human sweat, and quickly realized that Diego had ratted the team out to the Bastrona militia. As the Orphan was about to be shot by the militiamen, the other members of X-Force stepped into action, battling the men. As the battle with the militiamen continued, Bloke was killed by helicopter fire while protecting Diego Ardilles. U-Go Girl then teleported the team out of the fight, where the Orphan wept for his fallen teammate. Angered, Phat began to strangle Diego, but the Orphan ordered him to drop Diego. The Orphan explained that Diego would first lead them to Paco Perez, and then the team could vote on whether to kill him. Guy then ordered the Anarchist to vaporize Bloke's corpse so the team could continue on their mission. Back in Bastrona, X-Force busted into the laboratory housing young Paco. When the ceiling began to come down over Paco, Phat fatted up to prevent its collapse while the Orphan jumped over and introduced himself to Paco. As the nearby scientist was shot, the Orphan paused, unsure how to remove Paco from the wires connected to his body.

 (X-Force I#119) - As the Orphan continued to pause, Saint Anna was shot by the militiamen. When Diego Ardilles was shot as well, the Orphan decided to remove his protective costume in an effort to better discover which tubes needed to be pulled from Paco to safely remove him the examination table. Guy through the costume on top of Doop, to prevent film footage of him being naked to spread to the public. Using his powers, the Orphan managed to save Paco Perez and the Orphan ordered U-Go Girl to take the team home. U-Go Girl accidentally teleported the team to a house in the southern United States, where she promptly passed out. The Orphan used that time to check on the fallen Saint Anna, who asked Guy to give her father back the ring that he had given Anna's mother. The Orphan agreed and upon her death, Anna transformed herself into a gaseous form and entered Guy's lungs. Coming to, U-Go Girl quickly teleported the team to Sunset Boulevard, where Paco Perez attempted to run away from the team. Guy caught up with Paco and explained that he was safe in America. As U-Go Girl explained that she was now ready to teleport the team back to X-Force Tower, the Orphan informed her that he and Paco were going to go on a little walk. Back at X-Force Tower, the Coach spoke with the Orphan about U-Go Girl's recent inability to teleport correctly due to her addiction to her wake-up drugs. The Coach then asked the Orphan where Paco was, to which Guy replied that Paco was safe. The Coach explained that the U. S. government intended to make money off of Paco Perez, given that Paco's powers made him a virtual walking medicine cabinet. When the Orphan how Paco felt about that, the Coach introduced him to Smoke and Succubus, his lackies in case his plans didn't go as planned. The Coach then explained that Paco would be sacrificed and harvested for his mutant abilities. Guy asked if the Coach really expected him to hand over Paco so they could kill him and the Coach replied by ordering Smoke to punch him. Soon after, the Anarchist, Phat, and Vivisector arrived to defend the Orphan, but Guy broke up the fight, saying that killing each other wouldn't solve the problem. Later, the Orphan visited Buenos Aires, where he confronted Saint Anna's father and sneezed on him, releasing Anna's gaseous form. Surrounded by her form, Anna's father was able to "meet" the daughter he had never known. Thankful, her father asked how he could repay Guy. Guy then introduced him to Paco Perez and asked if Anna's father would care for him.

 (X-Force I#120) - When Guy returned from his visit to Buenos Aires, he saw on television that his parents were still alive. U-Go Girl asked him why he chose the name the Orphan if he really wasn't one. The Orphan explained that he had been raised as one, and had only found out about his parents three years ago. When U-Go Girl asked what he did, Guy kicked the television screen in and explained that that was when he started playing Russian Roulette every night. U-Go Girl then kissed him and explained that the only that allowed her teleport correctly was a poisonous inhaler that the Coach had given her. She then asked for a glass of water and while Guy was gone getting it, she drugged his water. When he returned with her glass, she teleported away. The Orphan grabbed a gun and prepared to play his nightly game of Russian Roulette as U-Go Girl spoke with the Coach about his plan to kill Guy. The Coach then drugged U-Go Girl via her inhaler and attempted to rape her, but he was stopped by the arrival of the Orphan. The Coach ordered Smoke and Succubus to attack Guy, while he cut Guy with a knife. Angered, the Coach grabbed Guy by his antennae and demanded he look at the drugged U-Go Girl, the person who tried to save him. Before the Coach could shoot the Orphan, Wolverine interrupted their battle, killing Smoke. The Orphan quickly got to his feet and jumped into battle with Succubus, knocking her out by hitting the pressure points in her neck. Suddenly, Guy heard gunfire and turned to see U-Go Girl covered in blood. Thinking her dead, Guy began to panic, but was surprised when U-Go Girl informed him that the blood belonged to the Coach, whom she had shot dead. After the fight, Wolverine gave the Orphan a video tape that explained the deaths of the former X-Force members. While watching the tape, Guy was interrupted by U-Go Girl, who asked what was on the tape. Guy explained that it was just garbage and threw it into the trashcan. U-Go Girl then asked him why he didn't shoot himself and Guy explained that he sensed the weight of the gun was heavier and knew that it was fully loaded, instead of only having one bullet. U-Go Girl asked him to remember to only have one bullet in the gun the next day, but the Orphan replied that he didn't think he would be playing Russian Roulette anymore. As the duo walked out of X-Force Tower to go get dinner, they were watched by Doop.

 (Thunderbolts#57) - The Orphan was captured, along with the other members of X-Force, by Graviton during his attempt at taking over the world.

 (X-Force I#121) - The Orphan joined U-Go Girl and the Anarchist in viewing film footage of a possible new recruit called the Spike. He later joined the Anarchist poolside, as they discussed Guy's relationship with U-Go Girl. The duo was soon surprised when a group of fish suddenly appeared in the pool. The Anarchist pointed out the word "Lacuna" written on the wall. Following the poolside chat, the Orphan met with U-Go Girl and watched the pilot episode of her upcoming television talk show. He then appeared with the rest of X-Force at their press conference, which was interrupted by the Spike, who slung remarks with the Anarchist over the Anarchist's white upbringing. After the press conference, Guy met with team owner Spike Freeman to discuss the Spike joining X-Force. Freeman wanted the Spike to join X-Force from people who see X-Force as a racist institution. Joining his teammates poolside, the Orphan suggested to the others that the Spike should join the team. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a mutant calling her Lacuna, who asked for membership into X-Force herself.

 (X-Force I#122) - The Orphan declined Lacuna's membership into X-Force until Lacuna apparently disappeared. U-Go Girl noticed that her script for her talk show had been stolen and invited the Orphan and the Anarchist to appear on her show, alongside the Spike. Before the show that night, Guy spoke with the Anarchist over the Anarchist's issues with the Spike joining X-Force. As the show started, U-Go Girl invited the Spike on the show, while Guy and the Anarchist watched backstage. During the show, a drunken Phat and Vivisector busted in the studio, forcing the Orphan and the Anarchist on the show early to prevent civilian casualties by a falling wall. As U-Go Girl chastised Phat and Vivisector for ruining her show, Lacuna appeared and used her powers to remove everyone's clothing. The Orphan winced over in pain, as his protective costume was removed. He begged Lacuna to give them back their clothes, as the bright studio lights were hurting his skin. Lacuna did so and then disappeared. After the show, Guy met U-Go Girl for dinner, where he decided to allow Lacuna to join X-Force after all. As Lacuna left, the Orphan made a joke about Lacuna being able to appear and disappear without getting tired, and an angry U-Go Girl teleported away, leaving Guy at the dinner table alone. The Orphan later held a press conference with X-Force to announce that the Spike and Lacuna were joining X-Force, but Lacuna did not show up, as she had been offered the talk show that once belonged to U-Go Girl. Since Lacuna turned the team down in favor of a talk show, the Orphan later joined the other members of X-Force as they discussed the possibility of recruiting Dead Girl.

 (X-Force I#123) - The Orphan playfully balanced his feet on U-Go Girl's as the team relaxed in their headquarters. When Doop popped a pimple on its forehead, the Orphan and the others were transported to Doop Land, a world housed inside of Doop itself. In Doop Land, the Orphan found himself being devourered by millions of Doop-like creatures. The real Doop managed to save Guy's head and upon saving the rest of X-Force, returned them to Santa Monica. As everything was returned to the state it was before X-Force was ever transported to Doop Land, Doop looked at the clock and noticed that only a second had passed.

 (X-Force I#124) - The Orphan led X-Force on a mission, which resulted in U-Go Girl accidentally teleporting the team into the ocean. In an effort to correct herself, U-Go Girl then teleported Guy and the others onto an island, where the Anarchist signalled a plane and X-Force hitched a ride back to Santa Monica via a Federal Express plane. Back at the Tower, Guy gave U-Go Girl a week to get her teleportation powers under control or she would be fired from the team. Later, in his room, the Orphan beckoned for U-Go Girl to enter, as she had been outside his room for the past five minutes. U-Go Girl entered and explained that she believed that her powers were failing her because of the situation with her family and how she had not seen them since she left for California. The Orphan joined in visiting a motel, where U-Go Girl explained how her teleportational powers first manifested. Outside of the motel, U-Go Girl explained how her daughter Katie came about and how she left for California. That night, the duo discussed more of U-Go Girl's past between the walls of their motel rooms, where they decided to visit U-Go Girl's old home. While U-Go Girl caught up with her mother, the Orphan levitated in the living room, looking at childhood pictures of U-Go Girl. When Katie arrived at the house, U-Go Girl introduced herself as Katie's sister and the Orphan later joined her as she took Katie on a teleportational ride around the world. That night, the Orphan watched as U-Go Girl said goodbye to her family and even shed a tear for her. On the way back home, the Orphan asked if U-Go Girl could teleport them back to the motel, where they admitted their feelings for one another.

 (The Brotherhood#8 - BTS) - The Orphan led X-Force to Tokyo, Japan, where they busted up a sect of the mutant Brotherhood.

 (The Brotherhood#9) - Upon returning to the United States from Japan, X-Force was thrown a ticker tape parade, in which Lacuna joined them. During the parade, Guy and the others were attacked by another sect of the mutant Brotherhood. As the battle raged on, the Orphan punched Malon Reeves into the Spike, who impaled her on his spikes. After the battle ended, the Orphan asked if anyone on the team had any idea what just happened, to which U-Go Girl replied, "the end of a revolution?"

 (X-Force I#125 (fb)) - The Orphan led X-Force on a surgical strike to Central American, where there were many civilian casualties due to the Anarchist's and the Spike's rivalry, and Phat and Vivisector's isolation from the rest of the team. While on the mission, the Orphan came across a young girl praying for the violence to end. Instead of saving her, he left to continue his mission.

 (X-Force I#125) - After returning from their Central American mission, Guy and the others were blasted by the media's questions. Back at X-Force Tower, the Orphan and U-Go Girl met with Spike Freeman to discuss a name change for the team, as they didn't own the name X-Force. Spike Freeman then asked about their recruit, prompting Guy to join U-Go Girl and the Anarchist at the graveyard home of Dead Girl. While looking for Dead Girl, the trio was attacked by a creature composed of worms, dirt, and corpse pieces, which pointed a deathlike finger at them. After the creature exploded, the trio returned to the Tower to shower up, where they discussed the possible meanings of the creature pointing at them. After the showers, X-Force met with Spike Freeman and C. I. A. Agent Wright, who claimed that he had to save X-Force from the Orphan. Angered, the Orphan backhanded Agent Wright. After the discussion, the team talked with each other over how powerful pharmaceutical companies were angry with the Orphan for releasing Paco Perez. Following the discussion with his teammates, Guy questioned if the reason the graveyard creature pointed at him was that he had left the girl in Central American. Guy later joined his teammates during their mission briefing, where Agent Wright explained that X-Force were to go aboard a space station and get captured by its inhabitants, the mutated humans known as the Bush Rangers, and then get saved by the C. I. A., thereby improving the agency's image. X-Force was split on whether or not they should accompany the Orphan in space, given that it was his decision to release Paco Perez. U-Go Girl sided with Guy, as well as the Spike, while Phat, Vivisector, and the Anarchist sided against him, leaving the vote a stalemate. It was not until the arrival of the team's newest recruit, Dead Girl, that X-Force decided that they would accompany the Orphan into space. The team then suited and prepared to launch into space.

 (X-Force I#126) - As X-Force prepared to launch, a reporter stopped the Orphan and asked whether the new team name would be the X-Squad. The Orphan answered that they were going to save the world before worrying about a new name. While en route to the space station, the Spike attacked Vivisector, tired of seeing them holding hands. Before a fight broke out, the Orphan stopped the Spike and reminded them that they were all on the same team. Once onboard, Guy and the others were greeted by the "crew" of the space station and then the team split up to search for the Bush Rangers. While the Orphan and U-Go Girl searched for the Rangers, Guy commented about how something was odd about the "crew"'s breathing and tension around their joints. As they entered a corridor, they were ambushed by the Bush Rangers, who had been disguised as the "crew" the whole time. As U-Go Girl was attacking, "the Anarchist" asked if she was ok, but the Orphan kicked him in the face, sensing that "the Anarchist" was actually a Bush Ranger in disguise. The real Anarchist then arrived and saved the Orphan from the Bush Ranger using his form. The Orphan quickly left to check on U-Go Girl when suddenly, the hatch door closed, trapping the Anarchist, U-Go Girl, the Orphan, and a newly reformed Dead Girl inside.

 (X-Force I#127) - Escaping from the hatch, the Orphan and the others sat back and waited for the C. I. A. to arrive until they realized that the Spike was not in their ranks. Deciding to find their missing teammate, Guy led X-Force on a search for the Spike. As the team entered the space station game room, they found a room full of Bush Rangers disguised as the Spike. A battle quickly ensued between X-Force and the Bush Rangers, which resulted in Phat being stabbed by a stray spike. The Orphan ordered Vivisector to help Dead Girl, but Vivisector angrily declined in favor of helping the injured Phat. With the Bush Rangers defeated, Agent Wright and the C. I. A. Crack Squad arrived to "save the day," but instead decided to open fire on the Orphan, the Anarchist, U-Go Girl, and Doop. Thinking quickly, U-Go Girl teleported the foursome away from Agent Wright and into a nearby satellite. Once onboard the satellite, Agent Wright contacted the four X-Force members and explained that the satellite they boarded was headed for deep space, where the foursome would eventually starve to death. Wright also explained that he was attempting to kill the Orphan because when he had released Paco, he had released any hope of curing Wright's daughter of her debilating terminal disease. Soon after speaking with Agent Wright, the Anarchist discovered a small shuttle on the satellite and that it could house two of them, with Doop. Realizing that one member had to stay behind, the Anarchist suggested that he, the Orphan, and U-Go Girl let the roll of a dice decide who stayed behind.

 (X-Force I#128 (fb)) - After rolling the dice, the Orphan and U-Go Girl won the dice rolls, leaving the Anarchist staying behind.

 (X-Force I#128) - Vivisector discovered the shuttle housing their missing teammates and re-docking their escape shuttle back at the space station, so that they could rescue their teammates. Once the shuttle docked, the Orphan, U-Go Girl, and Doop got out, where Phat revealed that the Anarchist had used his powers to affect the roll of the dice so that U-Go Girl and the Orphan could share a life together. Eventually finding a way to save the Anarchist, Guy and the others welcomed their teammate back in time to see the real Spike appear and expose the "Spike" with the team to be the Bush Ranger known as Tray. Tray quickly revealed himself and attacked the real Spike, impaling him on a spike. The rest of X-Force soon joined in the battle, with the Orphan eventually knocking Tray out with a kick to the face. As the Orphan asked about casualties, U-Go Girl revealed that she had also been impaled by a stray spike. As U-Go Girl died in the Orphan's arms, she whispered that the new name of X-Force should be X-Statix. While the rest of the team mourned U-Go Girl as they launched her body into space, the Orphan picked up his old gun and began to play a new game of Russian Roulette.

 (Weapon X II#1/2) - Upon returning to Earth, the Orphan announced to the public that X-Force would be conducting open tryouts to replace the deceased Spike.

 (X-Force I#129) - Following the announcement of open tryouts for the X-Force team, the Orphan informed Spike Freeman that U-Go Girl suggested the new team name be X-Statix. Spike Freeman then asked if the Orphan not mention to the public about U-Go Girl's death as he was trying to build up the tension to sell more merchandise. The Orphan angrily threw a U-Go Girl action figure at Spike Freeman and then went outside of X-Force Tower, where he publicy announced U-Go Girl's death. Afterwards, he joined Doop in watching on television as Dead Girl and the Anarchist were released from a night in prison. Spike Freeman then informed him to sober up, as the team was visiting the X-Force tryouts the next day. The following day, Guy joined the other members of X-Statix at the X-Force tryouts, where they watched mutants named Sycamore and Anti-Matter, as well as Wash-Out, who accidentally splashed water onto the team. As the team was leaving, they were confronted by mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan, who attempted to gain the team as clients. When he returned to X-Force Tower, Guy planned on playing another round of Russian Roulette, but in the middle of talking to himself and a U-Go Girl action figure, he realized that his gun had been replaced by a plunger. Instantly realizing what had happened, Guy demanded that Lacuna show herself. Lacuna did so and told him that he needed to stop wallowing in self-pity, as he kept trying to snatch the gun from her hands. Lacuna then invited him to come on her show to talk about U-Go Girl's death. The Orphan eventually decided to do so and revealed on her show that U-Go Girl had wanted the team's name to be changed to X-Statix. Upon his return to X-Force Tower, the Orphan was told by Spike Freeman that it was a good idea to call the team X-Statix. Angered, the Orphan explained that his announcement on "Lacuna & the Stars" was not a performance and he then called Spike Freeman a scumbag. The Orphan then explained that Spike did not care about U-Go Girl, instead caring about public opinion. Spike smiled and claimed that he was on Guy's side. The Orphan then demanded that Spike Freeman prove his loyalty to the team by playing a game a Russian Roulette. Spike easily did so, much to the surprise of Guy. Later, at the opening of the Doop Kiddies Hospital, the Orphan public announced that X-Force would be changing its name to X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#1) - The Orphan led the newly-named X-Statix on a mission for the cameras and later showered up in the public showers of the also newly-named X-Statix Tower, where he spoke with the other team members about new recruits to replace the fallen Spike and U-Go Girl. Following the showers, the Orphan joined his teammates in watching the premier episode of "O-Force," a new reality show where mutants compete for a place on a superteam of the same name. Later on, the Orphan met with possible new recruit Venus Dee Milo outside the Tower to discuss her possible membership. The Orphan, Doop, Spike Freeman, and the Anarchist later visited the X-Statix tryouts, where they watched in horror as a mutant named Corkscrew killed his opponent. Spike Freeman then explained that Corkscrew had Code-X, meaning that his mutant gene had made him insane. Doop then made a joke in which everyone laughed and even the Orphan cracked a smile. Back at his trailer, the Orphan watched film footage of Venus Dee Milo in action, where he began to see images of U-Go Girl on the screen. Before he could even think that he was going crazy, Spike Freeman arrived with Doop and they discussed Venus joining X-Statix. The Orphan agreed to allow Venus to join and later that evening, X-Statix held a press conference to announce Venus's induction into the team. Unfortunately, only one reporter, Sam Geller, appeared at the conference, where he mentioned that O-Force was going on its first mission that day. The members of X-Statix quickly stopped their conference and rushed to a television set, where they watched O-Force in action. After the show, Guy confided to Venus Dee Milo that he had been seeing images of U-Go Girl everywhere he looked, as a warning to Venus how things really were on the team. Angered, Venus teleported him and herself to the former home of her grandparents, where her mutant powers had first manifested. She then explained how when her powers manifested, she exploded into energy, seemingly killing her family. After hearing her story, the Orphan replied that she would fit it just fine with X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#2) - When the Orphan asked Venus Dee Milo to take the team somewhere quiet, a civil war broke out just as they teleported in. The Anarchist told the Orphan to ease off of Venus, as he never got so angry when U-Go Girl messed up her teleports. During their battle at the civil warzone, the Orphan began to see the head of U-Go Girl on Dead Girl's body. When X-Statix found a dirty bomb, the Orphan ordered Venus to teleport the bomb somewhere where it could explode without killing innocents. The Anarchist argued that the order was suicide and accused the Orphan of attempting to kill Venus Dee Milo. Venus agreed to take the bomb and when she teleported away, the Anarchist punched the Orphan in the face. The Orphan then dodged all of the Anarchist's other attacks until Venus returned and exploded in a blast of energy, which knocked the entire team to the ground. Back at their HQ, the Anarchist apologized for his attack, claiming that guilty about the death of U-Go Girl. The Anarchist then extended his hand in friendship, but the Orphan walked away and into Venus's room to check on her. Inside, he found a machine housing a huge amount of energy, which he found out was Venus herself. While she was still inside the machine, Guy invited Venus to dinner and she agreed on the condition that she pick up the check. At dinner, Venus was pelted with eggs by protesters claiming that she was just a replacement U-Go Girl. The Orphan then asked if she could teleport them out of the restaurant, which she did. When they returned to the HQ, she verbally attacked Guy, claiming that he knew that the situation with the protesters was going to happen. Spike Freeman interrupted their argument and explained that O-Force was about to go after a young mutant named Arnie Lundberg, who was using his powers to terrorize and control a small Minnesota town. The Orphan instantly recognized the name Arnie from his recent hallucinations about U-Go Girl, but before he could do anything about it, mutant lawyer Sharon Ginsberg arrived at X-Statix Tower and presented Spike Freeman with a contract connecting Venus Dee Milo to Solomon O'Sullivan.

 (X-Statix#3) - The Orphan ripped up the contract between Venus and Solomon O'Sullivan, but Sharon Ginsberg informed him that it was just a copy and that she would see him in court. Dead Girl then explained that not too long ago, Guy was trying to get rid of Venus. The Orphan explained that he now realized how important she was to the team and Dead Girl replied that it was that, and that Venus had a cute butt. Venus jumped into the argument, asking what Dead Girl had against her and Vivisector explained that Dead Girl felt angry because Venus had taken on the role of "sexy one" following U-Go Girl's death. Dead Girl angrily yelled back, but the Orphan broke up the argument, explaining that he wanted the Arnie Lundberg situation resolved. He then informed the team that he thought Arnie had been psychically beaming images into the Orphan's brain, but Vivisector treated him as if he were crazy. The Anarchist took that time to announce that he was leaving the team to go on a roadshow and asked Dead Girl to join him. She did. Later, as Solomon O'Sullivan spoke to the members of O-Force about their upcoming mission to stop Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan interrupted their briefing in an attempt to warn them of going up against Arnie. Ocean used her water manipulation powers to surround Guy's head with water, preventing him from breathing. Following his encounter with O-Force, the Orphan attempted to rally X-Statix back together by visiting the Anarchist's and Dead Girl's "Death & Anarchy Roadshow," where the Anarchist declined his offer to return to the team. Dead Girl said that she would return if Guy ordered her to, but otherwise, she wanted to stay with the Anarchist. Returning to X-Statix Tower, the Orphan spoke with Spike Freeman and ordered Vivisector to sober up, but Vivisector refused. That night, as O-Force entered the Minnesota town being controlled by Arnie Lundberg, the Orphan researched Arnie on the internet, discovering that when Arnie was recovering from surgery, U-Go Girl had visited him. Determining that Arnie was getting all of the media attention in an effort to lure the Orphan into the town, the Orphan paracuted in the town alone, preparing to battle Arnie.

 (X-Statix#4) - Upon his arrival, the Orphan saved Ocean from a group of zombies raised by Arnie and noticed that Doop had accompanied him. As the Orphan prepared to leave Ocean to go find Arnie, he saw an image of U-Go Girl, claiming that Guy was always good at leaving women to die. Frightened, the Orphan attempted to touch the image, only to watch his hand go through it. He then did a 180 and fled in the opposite direction. The Orphan busted into Arnie's home and demanded that Arnie stop, as people were being hurt. Arnie then threw the Orphan through the window in his room and out into the street. Out in the street, zombies surrounded the Orphan and attacked. Defending himself, the Orphan shoved his hand through zombie Nathan Malloy's skull until the zombies began to overwhelm him. When all seemed lost, the Orphan was rescued by Venus Dee Milo, who had managed to rally the other members of X-Statix into saving the Orphan. The Orphan removed the head of another zombie before once again confronting Arnie inside his home. When Mrs. Lundberg arrived and asked why they were attempting to kill each other, the Orphan agreed that it was stupid to be trying to kill one another. The Orphan eventually convinced Arnie to use his powers for good and Arnie restored the town to its original state and saved the members of O-Force that he had earlier injured. After Arnie had finished restoring the town, the Orphan spoke with him privately, where Arnie spoke of an idea he had. Upon returning to X-Statix Tower, the Orphan voted to have Arnie Lundberg join the team as the Mysterious Fan Boy.

 (X-Statix#5) - The Orphan met with Spike Freeman in a bathroom stall, while Doop dampened Arnie's powers enough for them to speak privately. Guy explained to Spike that they could fix Arnie Lundberg up with a mask and costume, and keep his identity a secret. That way, X-Statix could find more out about Arnie's powers and the public would not realize that a murderer had joined the team. The Orphan later joined the Anarchist as they publicy introduced the Mysterious Fan Boy to the public. After the introduction, the Orphan explained to Arnie that X-Statix was a finely-knit team, where each member was very close with one another. When Vivisector explained that the general public actually hated them, Arnie got disappointed and temporarily closed the throats of each member. Having trouble breathing, Guy suggested that X-Statix take the Mysterious Fan Boy out to dinner. He later met with the other members of X-Statix in the bathroom stall, where he ordered everyone to act responsible while Arnie was around. At dinner, Lacuna appeared and offered to reveal the Mysterious Fan Boy's identity on her show. Angered, the Orphan ordered Venus to teleport the team back to their HQ. Lacuna secretly snuck into the Tower and revealed the Fan Boy's identity anyway. With the Fan Boy's identity revealed on television, the Orphan got up and walked away, claiming that he had a mission to take care of. He met with Lacuna, whom he blackmailed into a doing a task for him. Soon after, the mutant convict Razorhead escaped and went on a rampage. X-Statix was soon called in to stop him. In the process of battling Razorhead, the Orphan was hit in the face by a flailing tentacle of Razorhead. The Mysterious Fan Boy retaliated by using his powers to blow Razorhead into pieces. After completing the task, however, Arnie suffered a heart attack and died. Following the mission, the Orphan joined the other members of X-Statix in watching on television "The Mysterious Fan Boy Funeral Special," where the members of X-Statix were happy to once again become argumentative and irresponsible. The Orphan then decided to go to the actual funeral of Arnie Lundberg and met with Lacuna afterwards, where she expressed anger at being blackmailed into killing him. The Orphan discussed how he had Lacuna use her powers to travel between seconds and inject Arnie's heart, causing it to fail. Angered at his own role in the death of another, the Orphan officially quit X-Statix.

 (X-Statix#6) - The Orphan watched on "Lacuna & the Stars" as the viewers polled whether they wanted the Orphan to rejoin X-Statix. When Professor Xavier's lab was broken into and many of his experimental costumes stolen, much of the public, including X-Statix, thought that the culprit was a deraged Guy Smith, as the assiliant then went on a rampage calling itself the Bad Guy. As Bad Guy continued his rampage, Guy Smith pondered what X-Statix would do about the situation.

 (X-Statix#7) - Guy Smith visited Professor Xavier's lab, where he asked Professor X for a new costume to temper his senses. Thinking Guy to be the villain known as the Bad Guy, Xavier pressed the alarm button on his wheelchair, calling a group of guards to his side. The Orphan then made his leave of the lab as Professor X told the guards to let him go. He then got into his car and began driving.

 (X-Statix#8) - When Venus transported the Bad Guy and herself to her grandparents' former home and revealed Bad Guy's appearance as that of Venus's deceased cousin Jamal, the Orphan arrived on the scene to save her from the Bad Guy's clutches. As the battle began between the Orphan and the Bad Guy, Venus teleported herself and Guy away from the battleground. The Orphan returned to Professor Xavier's lab with Venus, where Xavier tested the levels of Guy's sensitivity powers, noting that they had increased. Professor Xavier then deduced that the Orphan's old costume was not sufficient to temper his senses any longer and that the cut that Guy had suffered had been a sympathetic would that he had acquired when Venus thought it was Guy who was being slashed by Dead Girl in an earlier battle. Wearing the new costume, Guy was welcomed back by X-Statix a public press conference. Back inside X-Statix Tower, the Orphan ordered a briefing, not aware that in his absence, the Anarchist was named team leader. Venus angrily attempted to argue, but the Orphan opted to not argue and remain just a team member, instead of team leader. Guy and the Anarchist then shook hands. That night, the Orphan walked Venus Dee Milo to her room and attempted to kiss her, only she declined, due to her fear of the Bad Guy posing as her deceased cousin Jamal. The next day, X-Statix managed to once again track down the Bad Guy, this time with the Orphan on their side. Venus teleported herself, the Bad Guy, and Dead Girl to a desert, where she faced her fears and destroyed the Bad Guy. Back at X-Statix Tower, Venus explained how she destroyed Bad Guy to the Orphan. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Solomon O'Sullivan, who was carrying an injured Sharon Ginsberg and asking for their help in saving her life. Professor Xavier, Doctor Swaine, and the X-Statix Medical Crew quickly jumped into action as the Orphan and Venus watched on. That night, Venus tried out a special suit that allowed to her be intimate with the Orphan and the two shared a moment together. In the heat of passion, Venus's powers accidentally activated and she teleported herself and Guy to another world, where she found her missing family, whom she had thought dead. Venus happily introduced her family to the Orphan.

(All-New Doop#4 (fb)) - The Orphan joined X-Statix against a giant monster and later relaxed with the team in a hot tub. He later joined them at a press conference.

 (X-Statix#9) - The Orphan joined X-Statix on a mission to Africa, where they battled a group of militants. He later joined his teammates at dinner following the mission. After dinner, the Orphan returned Venus Dee Milo to her room and discovered the Anarchist hiding in her shower. He promptly asked what the Anarchist was doing there and the Anarchist made up a lie, fooling the partially drunk Guy Smith. Guy later joined the others as they visited the set of the X-Statix movie. While being introduced to the crew, Guy met Rimi Withnail, the actress playing the late U-Go Girl, who wanted to practice her love scenes with the Orphan. He pushed her away, feeling very uneasy at the uncanny resemblance that she had with the real U-Go Girl. The director then introduced them to Robbie Rodriguez, a mutant also known as el Guapo. As they continued to watch the dailies on the movie, Vivisector made a comment about how they should take another leaf from the movie and have the Anarchist fall in love with Venus Dee Milo. Angered, Dead Girl threatened Vivisector until the Orphan broke up the argument. Claiming that he had a headache, the Orphan made his leave of the team and went to Rimi Withnail's trailer, where she attempted to make a move on him. As he explained how weird it was that Rimi was hitting on him, the actor playing the Anarchist in the movie crashed through Rimi's trailer window. Looking outside, the Orphan saw an escaped and semi-healthy Sharon Ginsberg attacking the movie crew, thinking them to be the real X-Statix. Jumping into action, the Orphan knocked Sharon in the head, but she easily threw him to the ground. As she prepared to kill him, she was knocked unconscious by el Guapo, who flew into her with his skateboard. Following the battle, the Orphan joined the other members of X-Statix as they watched film footage of el Guapo's rescue.

 (X-Men Unlimited I#41/2) - In a scene reminiscent of the Beatles a film, "A Hard Day's Night,"  the Orphan, temporarily wearing his older costume, joined the other male members of X-Statix as they attempted to outrun a swarm of adoring fans. The Orphan hid with Vivisector and Phat in phone booths until they managed to make it aboard their train, where the Anarchist introduced them to his grandfather. Later, in their hotel room, Mr. Filson, the X-Statix PR guy, ordered the Orphan, the Anarchist, and Phat to remain in the hotel room until he was ready for them down in the press junket. Once Mr. Filson had left, the Orphan informed the other men that he had been invited to a local fan club's party and that he was going to it. At the party, the Orphan drank a few margaritas and flirted with a few of the women he met until Mr. Filson caught the guys and pulled them to the press junket. At the press junket, the Orphan was asked whether he was a super-hero or a vigilante, to which he replied that he was a superlante. When Mr. Filson turned away for a second, the guys ran outside and goofed around for a while until the groundskeeper ordered them off of the grass. When the Orphan was heading to the stage with the Anarchist and Phat, a woman stopped him, realizing who he was. After putting on her glasses, the woman convinced herself that he couldn't really be the Orphan. Eventually, Vivisector caught up with the other guys of X-Statix and then showed off their powers for the fans on a stage until the female members of X-Statix arrived with Doop and the whole team teleported away.

 (X-Statix#10) - Venus Dee Milo helped the Orphan clean out U-Go Girl's old room, where Guy got somewhat emotional. After Venus had found U-Go Girl's diaries and began reading, the Orphan interrupted her to invite her a party that was being thrown by Ben Affleck. That night, Venus and Guy attended Affleck's party, where the Orphan spoke with Ben Affleck himself. When they returned home, the duo shared a candlelit dinner in U-Go Girl's empty room, where they gave a toast to themselves.

 (Wolverine/Doop#1) - When the mysterious artifact known as the Pink Mink disappeared from the science lab that it was being held, dormant psychosomatic mutants began transforming into pink-skinned crazies known as Pink Psychos. The first three Pink Psychos were taken to X-Statix Tower, where the Orphan, still wearing his old costume, and Doop explained to a police officer that one of his officer friends was actually a mutant. Later, when Doop was aiding Wolverine on a mission to retrieve the Pink Mink, Doop began to think Wolverine was crazy as Wolverine was talking to the Pink Lady, whom Doop could not see. Doop contacted the Orphan and Spike Freeman and explained that Wolverine may be suffering from Code-X. While Spike Freeman suggested that if Wolverine was indeed suffering from Code-X, the Orphan suggested that there had to be another explanation.

 (Wolverine/Doop#2) - Spike Freeman suggested to Doop that it trick Wolverine into going to a nightclub called Blush, which he thought he had made up. That way, if Wolverine believed Doop, then Wolverine must be suffering from Code-X. Wolverine had the same idea and tricked Doop into believing in a Professor Van Hosen, which Wolverine thought he had made up. Spike asked the Orphan what Doop was doing and the Orphan replied that Doop must be playing along with whatever crazy idea that Wolverine was dreaming up. Freeman then asked the Orphan what the situation was the Pink Psychos and the Orphan responded that more Pink Psychos were appearing all over the world, and that all of them were being drawn to Canada. Much later, when Doop's mission with Wolverine had been completed, X-Statix threw it a welcome back party by the pool. The Orphan relaxed and asked Spike Freeman if he was sure that Wolverine was Code-X-free. Guy then turned and told Doop that he looked a bit greener than normal. Guy then asked what Doop had been up to and Doop just winked at him.

 (X-Statix#11) - The Orphan joined X-Statix as they again watched film footage of el Guapo's defeat of Sharon Ginsberg. Deciding to allow el Guapo to join X-Statix, Guy and the others threw him a poolside welcoming party. The party was interrupted when the team was called into a mission. The Orphan joined his teammates on the mission to Malaysia in which el Guapo was injured. El Guapo attempted to prove himself to the team by speeding into battle on his skateboard, barely missing the heads of Guy and the Anarchist. Returning to X-Statix Tower, the Orphan argued with the Anarchist over how he would have handled the situation, had he still been team leader. When el Guapo recovered, Guy informed him that X-Statix was a one-way door and the only way out was in a body bag. El Guapo decided to join the team and he later joined Venus and the Orphan at a bar, where he got drunk and took home a few women of ill repute. After Doop exposed el Guapo's ways in the tabloids, el Guapo attacked Doop at a party, much to the surprise of the Orphan and the other members of X-Statix. Guy eventually broke up the fight.

 (X-Statix#12) - The Orphan accompanied the rest of X-Statix as they went on a mission at the India/Pakistan border. While there, he suggested that Dead Girl communicate with the bodies, but the Anarchist explained that she was busy. When the team returned to their HQ, they watched Dead Girl's modeling debut/failure on television. He later joined X-Statix when they were called in to halt Britney Gutman, the daughter of the X-Statix mortician Brad Gutman. Dead Girl later killed Brad Gutman for being a necrophiliac, much to the shock of the Orphan and X-Statix. Following the death of Brad, the Orphan joined X-Statix as they returned to the India/Pakistan border, where Dead Girl spoke with the dead.

 (X-Statix#13) - As the Orphan was entering X-Statix Tower, a reporter stopped him and asked if the rumor about X-Statix going to Europa on a cover mission was true. The Orphan told her to ask the Anarchist, as he was no longer the team leader. Inside the Tower, Spike Freeman informed Guy and the others that they were to go on the rumored covert mission to Europa. In Europa, X-Statix was to retrieve the recently resurrected popstar Henrietta Hunter. The Orphan then joined X-Statix as they teleported to Europa, retrieved Henrietta, and returned to the Tower. Following the return of Henrietta, the Orphan spoke privately with Spike Freeman, where he exclaimed that he did not want X-Statix babysitting some spoiled little rich girl like Henrietta. When Henrietta started crying because she thought no one liked her, the Orphan attempted to comfort her, but she ran off to "Lacuna & the Stars" to tell the story of her resurrection. Following a threat on Henrietta's life, Spike Freeman publicy announced that Henrietta Hunter had joined X-Statix. When he returned to the Tower, the Orphan and the others watched as Venus held him high above the Tower in a teleportational field. Later, in New York, the Orphan led Henrietta down a red carpet at the opening of their newest X-Statix Megastore. While there, the Europan mutants known as the Euro-Trash grabbed Henrietta.

 (X-Statix#14) - X-Statix teamed with local hero Spider-Man to battle the Euro-Trash, who eventually retreated in the newly-opened X-Statix Megastore. Back at the X-Statix Tower, the Orphan explained that X-Statix should be trying to save Henrietta because she was a member of the team. After Doop recorded Spike Freeman talking to the Europan government agent Reggie, where he called X-Statix fat, lazy, and complacent, the team tied him up and decided to save Henrietta. Teleporting into the X-Statix Megastore, the Orphan broke Surrender Monkey's neck, while the other members of the team killed the other members of the Euro-Trash. After saving Henrietta, X-Statix held a press conference, where Henrietta revealed that she had charitable plans, as well as plans to redesign the X-Statix costumes. The Anarchist commented to Guy that he had a feeling that they had created a monster, to which the Orphan replied that he had a feeling that they weren't the first to think that. While Henrietta did charity work on television, Spike Freeman convinced Guy and the others to kill Henrietta before she destroyed the other X-Statix members' popularity.

 (X-Statix#15) - The Orphan relaxed with the rest of X-Statix as Vivisector informed them of the recent random killings happening across the United States. Later, the Orphan and the others teleported aboard Henrietta Hunter's yacht, intending to kill her. Unfortunately for them, Lacuna had secretly tagged along and managed to convince X-Statix not to kill Henrietta. Instead, X-Statix went on a mission to Afghanistan, where el Guapo lost his legs to a stray missile. Returning from Afghanistan, Vivisector and the Anarchist got into an argument over why Phat had saved Henrietta from the missile that cost el Guapo his legs. The fight was once again broken up by the Orphan, whom exclaimed that the team had to pull together or Henrietta would destroy X-Statix with her popularity. The team later held a press conference where Henrietta was announced the new team leader and the new U. S. Secretary of Homeland Defense. When the Anarchist mentioned that the people loved Henrietta, the Orphan replied that the bigger they got, the harder they fell.

 (X-Statix#16) - As the random killings continued across the United States, Guy joined the other members of X-Statix at Henrietta's fashion show. After the show, Henrietta had Venus Dee Milo teleport Guy and the others to random spots across the U. S. in a vain search for the random killer. Returning to their HQ empty-handed, the Orphan watched as Henrietta threw darts at a map of the U. S. A. in an attempt to find the random killer's location. He later joined X-Statix as they watched on television as Henrietta was pelted with trash for not finding the killer yet. After the show ended, the Orphan met with Lacuna, where she attempted to hit on him. He tried to push her away, accidentally knocking her into a glass coffee table, where she injured her arm. Before he could apologize, she was gone with a quick use of her mutant powers. After the killer was revealed as the mysterious anarchist Mister Code, the Orphan once again met with Lacuna, where she revealed that she had come into possession of documents that would ruin X-Statix. When the Orphan explained the situation to Spike Freeman and the other members of X-Statix, Spike explained that Guy need not worry about Lacuna, with all of the random killings happening. Knowing that Spike was about to have Lacuna killed, he kicked Spike Freeman in the head, breaking his neck and killing him. That night, the Orphan tried to save Lacuna from being shot, but arrived too late.

 (X-Statix#17) - Determined to avenge her shooting, the Orphan levitated to the top of the local building where the gunman had been. Finding the gunman, the Orphan easily dodged his attacks and knocked the man to the ground, where he demanded the man tell him where Mister Code was. The man suddenly exploded, causing the Orphan to go into spasms due to her superhuman senses. He soon took a tablet designed by Professor X that dulled his senses to human levels, allowing him to get up and retrieve the chip from the deceased gunman's head. Afterwards, Guy visited the hospital housing the critical Lacuna and her parents. The Orphan then returned to X-Statix Tower, where he discussed with the rest of the team what they should do about the incriminating documents. He then had Venus Dee Milo teleport himself and Vivisector to Lacuna's bedside, where he had Vivisector read the various law offices in Santa Monica, while he felt Lacuna's pulse using his superhuman senses. When Vivisector mentioned Williams, Williams, & Williams, the Orphan felt the change in Lacuna's pulse and knew instantly where the offices were. Teleporting into the law offices, the Orphan began searching for the documents with the other members of X-Statix until John Williams informed them that he had made copies and he was taking them to the press. Once the documents were given to the press, the Orphan explained to his teammates that it was open season on X-Statix and that they needed to do something spectacular to win back the trust of the public. After seeing a news story on Mister Code, the team realized that they needed to stop Mister Code. Teleporting to Mister Code's suburban stronghold, the Orphan knocked out killer after killer, even as Venus Dee Milo was taken down by a billy club to the head. The Orphan then engaged Mister Code alone, who killed Henrietta by breaking her neck with one of his billy clubs. Grabbing Mister Code's neck, the Orphan levitated high into the air and dropped Code on top of one of his buildings, impaling him on the debris. When the Orphan removed Mister Code's mask, Code exploded.

 (X-Statix#18) - Guy's teammate, Phat, used his powers to shield his teammates from the blast, killing him in the process. The Orphan later attended Phat's funeral and immediately following, discovered that Henrietta Hunter's record company had issued a single after her death that had been mysteriously killing all who sung it aloud. Teleporting to the record company, X-Statix's arrival caused the producer to suffer a fatal heart attack. Back at the Tower, the Orphan explained to the Anarchist that Henrietta's charities were recieving nice royalty checks from the single, as el Guapo sung the song behind them. Suddenly, the Orphan was shocked to see el Guapo's flight go awry and cause him to slam into a plate glass window, impaling him on the glass. Following Guapo's death, the Orphan suggested that Dead Girl sing the song and as she was "killed," perhaps she could communicate with the deceased Henrietta and discover why the deaths were occuring. Dead Girl discovered that Henrietta wanted revenge on her original killers. The Orphan then accompanied X-Statix to Europa, where they forced the Europan president to sing Henrietta's single. After the president did so, X-Statix left him to Henrietta's wrath.

 (X-Statix#19) - The Orphan joined Venus Dee Milo, Doop, Vivisector, and Vivisector's new lover, Brand Cody, at the premiere of Cody's new movie, "Teen Bump." Later, as the life support plug was about to pulled on Lacuna, live on her show, the Orphan and the others teleported to the studio, demanding that they leave Lacuna on life support. The team was surprised to find that Lacuna was alive and well, and apparently "saved" by the prayers of her audience. When Vivisector informed X-Statix that Dr. Alex Finlay was going to rid him of his mutant powers, the Orphan explained to him that removing his mutant powers would send out the wrong message that they were ashamed of their powers. The Anarchist then riled Vivisector up enough to cause him to transform into his wolf-state, where he attacked the Anarchist by scraping his claws across the Anarchist's face. When the Orphan attempted to break up the fight, Vivisector raked his claws across his torso, causing Guy to go into an ultra-sensitive spasm. After Myles Alfred, Vivisector, removed his powers, he went on "Lacuna & the Stars," where Dr. Finlay burned some of Myles's favorite books to prove that Myles could not transform into his wolf-state. The Orphan watched Myles on television from his total sensory shutdown tank in the basement of X-Statix Tower. Myles soon returned to the Tower, where the Orphan claimed that he had to move out of it. As Myles tried to argue the reasons why he should remain on the team despite his lack of powers, X-Statix were called in to Newfoundland to battle mutated loggers.

 (X-Statix#20) - After Dr. Alex Finlay injected himself with Myles Alfred's wolf-like mutant genes and became the new, evil Vivisector, he went on a rampage. The Orphan and the other members of X-Statix watched the rampage on television, thinking him to be their former teammate, Myles Alfred. Tracking down Dr. Finlay to the Alfred residence, the Orphan watched and waited as Dr. Finlay, thinking himself to be Myles Alfred, attacked Myle's father, Edward. After Myles was scratched by Dr. Finlay, Myles decided to save his father by stabbing Dr. Finlay in the eye with an ink pen. Noticing fur growing from the scratch he recieved from Dr. Finlay, Myles also decided to accompany X-Statix back to their Tower. The Orphan and the others then watched as Myles transformed into an improved version of his Vivisector form, using good feelings to transform instead of anger. The Orphan, the Anarchist, and Venus Dee Milo later joined Vivisector at the charity gala for distressed mutants.

 (X-Statix#21) - The Orphan and Venus Dee Milo spoke to the press about X-Statix's current mission to Russia. The Orphan explained that X-Statix was in Russia to look for a new team owner, as Spike Freeman had recently died. Returning to Moscow, the Orphan discovered that Russian militants were using Doop as a weapon against the team by seperating Doop's brain from its body. After the team took three seperate energy blasts from Doop's brain, the Orphan decided to get some help. The team then traveled to New York, where they asked the Avengers for help against Doop. Captain America commented on how irresponsible of them to loose Doop in the first place, given that Doop was a government-created weapon. The Avengers agreed to help and Thor managed to subdue Doop by planting his hammer deep into Doop's brain. The Orphan tried to be easy and remove the hammer from Doop's brain, but Thor called his hammer back to him, causing Doop's brain to explode into pieces and scatter across various worlds. Back at their HQ, the Orphan managed to rig up Doop's backup brain, which would last it three days. He then explained that the team would use those three days to search the globe for the missing pieces of Doop's brain. Unknown to them, the Avengers had decided to search for the brain as well, so they could take Doop into their custody.

 (X-Statix#22) - The Orphan accompanied X-Statix as they teleported the Anarchist to Thailand in search of the first piece of Doop's brain. Once there, the Orphan mentioned to the Anarchist that an Avengers Quinjet had just flew by them.

 (X-Statix#24) - The Orphan teleported into southern France in search of another piece of Doop's brain, just as an Avengers Quinjet dropped off Iron Man. The two heroes slugged it out in the air all of the way down to the ground. The Orphan then dodged a punch from Iron Man and kicked him into the wall. Iron Man then picked up the Orphan and threw him into the opposite wall. Iron Man then flew straight at the Orphan, who lept into the air, causing Iron Man to slam head-long into the wall. After dodging another charge from Iron Man, the Orphan double-punched Iron Man. The two then crashed through another wall and as they were falling, Iron Man grabbed the Orphan and slammed him into the ground. The Orphan returned with a kick to Iron Man's helmet until the leader of the Church of Naked Truth, who were housed in that area of France, demanded that they stop their fighting or take off their clothes. The Orphan explained that he was looking for the piece of Doop's brain, which he explained rightfully belonged to him and X-Statix. Iron Man argued that it should belong to their Avengers. The two heroes eventually decided to continue their fight in the nude, respecting the rights of the Church. They then hit each other's weak spots and fell to the ground. On the ground, the Orphan hit a pressure point in Tony Stark's foot, causing him great pain. Stark retaliated by throwing blades of grass at the Orphan, which cut at his skin due to his superhumanly heightened senses. Their fight was once again interrupted, as the Church members attacked and de-clothed the leader of the Church, as well as someone resembling the late Euro-Trash member Surrender Monkey. Once the imposter was de-clothed, Surrender Monkey was revealed to be rogue C. I. A. Agent Brad Bentley, who claimed that he loved France so much that he defected. After the Church leader threw down the piece of Doop's brain in exchange for protection against the churchgoers, both the Orphan and Tony Stark ran for their respective costumes. Iron Man suddenly fell to the ground, as one of the Orphan's pressure point attacks had been time delay. Before the Orphan could leave with the brain piece, he decided to act differently that the leader of the previous X-Force leader, Cable, and let Iron Man have the piece of brain.

 (X-Statix#25) - When the battle between Thor and Doop awakened the long-dead Fatal Sisters, the Orphan and the other members of X-Statix teleported to Asgard to aid their teammate. Upon seeing both X-Statix and the Avengers standing against them, the Fatal Sisters decided to return to their centuries-old slumber, warning that the battles would soon be loud enough to re-awaken them. Captain America then told the Orphan that it was very responsible of him to join forces against a common goal. Guy asked if it was responsible enough to let X-Statix keep Doop, to which Hawkeye replied that the Avengers won the brain pieces fair and square. The Anarchist argued that he was tricked by Captain America, but the Orphan warned him to break it up. Captain America then punched the Anarchist, but before a fight could break out between the two teams, Doop's backup brain expired and the Orphan rushed to the scene to revive his teammate. Upon seeing the Orphan's concern for his teammate, Captain America decided to allow X-Statix to keep Doop. Once the team returned to the HQ, the team discussed whether or not they should just quit being superheroes.

 (X-Statix#26 (fb)) - Deciding to call it quits, X-Statix held a farewell party in which many of the superhero community attended. While there, the Orphan was contacted and asked to go on one final mission. When he brought up the idea to his teammates, they all agreed that one final paycheck wouldn't be so bad. During the discussion, the Orphan suffered an intense stomach ache, which Venus Dee Milo cleared up using her energy powers. The duo then discussed their future since their times with X-Statix were coming to an end. He later briefed the team, wearing his earlier costume, on their final mission to infiltrate a mansion full of armed gunmen. After discussing their futures a little bit, the Orphan asked Venus to teleport them one last time.

 (X-Statix#26) - The Orphan joined his teammates on their final mission, in which Dead Girl succumbed to an unknown illness. The Orphan suffered a torso injury due to a helicopter that fired on the team. The Anarchist used his powers to cauterize the wound and the Orphan joined him against the remaining gunmen. When Venus finally came to, the Orphan asked if she could teleport them back to X-Statix Tower. She replied that she could barely hold her energy together as it was and if she attempted to teleport, she'd probably explode. She then claimed that she might be able to teleport the helicopters away from them, which the Orphan argued that she should not even try that. Unfortunately, she did so anyway, teleporting into the air and exploding, taking the helicopters with her. The remaining gunmen then ran after the remaining two members of X-Statix. The Orphan grabbed the Anarchist and levitated them into an upstairs room, where Vivisector and Doop lay dead. Eventually deciding to go out as heroes, the duo left the room and confronted the gunmen, who promptly shot them down, killing both of them.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#2) - Following his death, Guy was contacted by Dead Girl and Doctor Strange to join their group of deceased heroes in order to stop the deceased supervillain the Pitiful One from resurrecting himself. His time in the afterlife having left him erratic, he attacked Strange, claiming that he didn't need any doctor.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3) - After being explained what was going on, Guy calmed down and was surprised to find out that the Anarchist went to Hell. He then asked about the location of his old flame U-Go Girl, claiming that she could not have wound up in Hell. Agreeing to join them in hopes of seeing U-Go Girl again, Guy accompanied the group to the elevator to Hell. While on the elevator, Kraven and Mysterio attacked the group. The battle was soon halted by the arrival of Dead Girl's Dead Sisters book group, who had found U-Go Girl. U-Go Girl then teleported the group away from Kraven and Mysterio.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#4) - Arriving at Hell's Level of Dead Bureaucrats, Guy constantly attempted to talk to U-Go Girl while she was explaining the situation to Doctor Strange. She eventually had to get angry with him and he ran off, snivelling. U-Go Girl followed and explained to Guy that she could not commit to one man for eternity. The Phantom Rider soon arrived behind her and Guy asked him (in a roundabout way) how he could get U-Go Girl to love him again. The Rider replied that perhaps Guy should try acting like the man he used to be and Guy soon rejoined the party. When Doctor Strange and Dead Girl fell into a pit leading into deep Hell, Ant-Man tried to force the team to backtrack but Guy punched him in the face and announced that they were going to stick to plan.

(X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#5) - Once the party had regrouped, Doctor Strange's astral form was pulled from the afterlife. Guy then spoke to U-Go Girl, who now offered to visit a desert island with him. Guy declined the offer however, finally recalling his entire previous life as an accomplished team leader and how he would have never given up a mission until it was finished. The team then continued into Hell, locating the Pitiful One's headquarters at Hell's Hotel Self Loathing. Confronting the Pitiful One's group, a battle ensued between the good and bad superbeings until Dead Girl punched the Pitiful One's internal organs out of him. With their mission complete, Guy asked about U-Go Girl's offer of the desert island but this time, she just teleported away, claiming he'd have to wait a bit longer.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael "Zane" Allred.

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Linda was a reporter for the ZTV television station. When the Orphan returned to X-Statix after a short time away, Linda asked him how he felt knowing that a lot of people thought he was actually the villain called the Bad Guy.

-- X-Statix#8


X-Force I#122, front cover, inset (which in itself, was taken from a cover mock-up that Mike Allred had done) (The Orphan fullbody, in X-Force uniform)

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