Euro-Trash with Henrietta - there are relatively few group shots of the teamMembership: Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall

Purpose: Kidnappers/government agents

Affiliations: Dicky and Reggie (government agents/employers)

Enemies: X-Statix (Anarchist, Dead Girl, Doop, el Guapo, Henrietta Hunter, Mister Sensitive, Phat, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector)

Base of Operations: Europa

First Appearance: X-Statix#13 (October, 2003)

History: (X-Statix#13-14) - Europa's biggest deceased pop star Henrietta Hunter magically revived herself, causing the Europan government to contemplate killing her again. Two Europan agents, Dicky and Reggie, decided to take matters into their own hands. They met with X-Statix owner Spike Freeman who convinced them to make a team of mutants to kidnap Henrietta. After viewing each of their potential agents on video, Dicky and Reggie had their team, dubbed the Euro-Trash, kidnap Henrietta with the intentions of killing her. They brought Henrietta into the newly built X-Statix Store. Henrietta convinced the group that since they lacked the popularity of X-Statix, they should not kill her, but ransom her for money, or use her to improve their popularity in some fashion. However, when X-Statix teleported into the Store, every member of Euro-Trash was wiped out during the scuffle.

(X-Statix#18) - When X-Statix discovered that their deceased teammate Henrietta Hunter was taking revenge on those who killed her by haunting her newly released CD, Dead Girl announced that Spike Freeman mentioned someone who might know who killed her. The team confronted Reggie and held him from a rooftop ledge and asked who killed her. Reggie yelled that he was only following orders. When the team demanded who gave him those orders, he replied "Forgive me, Dicky..."

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan & Mike Allred.

At a later point of X-Statix#18 the team attacked Europa's president, who was responsible for killing Henrietta, so it is assumed that Reggie blabbed about who killed Henrietta.

The only member of Euro-Trash to be given a name in the story was the Wall (Günter Gross). The others' real names were revealed in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#4.

BTW, it's actually "Europan", according to the book. I think they changed the name of the country when they changed the story from being about Princess Di. It's now about a fictional popstar (as opposed to princess) who is from a fictional country.

The reason these overblown stereotypes were picked to fight X-Statix was simple. As Spike Freeman pointed out - That's the way Americans like their foreigners. :)

Profile by Proto-Man


Eurotrash should not be confused with:

Blind Ali should not to be confused with:

  • Blind Al, Deadpool ally and hostage, -- Deadpool III#1
  • Blind Faith, Alexi Garnoff, leader of the Exiles, -- X-Factor Annual #1
  • Blind Justice, Hawkeye opponent, -- Solo Avengers#8
  • Blindside, mutant infected by Brood, -- Uncanny X-Men#232
  • Blindside, Bobbi Chase, of the Harriers, -- Uncanny X-Men#261
  • Blindspot, of the Mutant Liberation Front, -- Punisher III#15

Miz Tree should not to be confused with:

  • Miss America, Madelyne Joyce Frank, of the All-Winners Squad and Liberty Legion, -- Marvel Mystery Comics#49
  • Miss Mass, of Omega Flight, -- Alpha Flight I#110
  • Miss Patriot, Mary Mace, the Patriot's brief sidekick, -- Marvel Mystery Comics#50

Oxford Blue should not be confused with:

  • The Blue Blade, 1940's hero, -- USA Comics#5
  • Blue Blaze, Spencer Keen, 1940's hero who rose from the dead, -- Mystic Comics I#1
  • Blue Bullet, Johann Goldstein, Jewish scientist forced to serve Nazis, -- Invaders I#11
  • Blue Diamond, Elton T. Morrow, of the Liberty Legion, -- Daring Mystery Comics#7
  • Blue Eagle, James Dore Jr., of the Squadron Supreme, -- Avengers I#85
  • Blue Marvel, duplicate of Marvel Boy, -- Quasar#26
  • Blue Shark, of New Genix, -- Marvel Comics Presents#175
  • Blue Shield, Joseph Cartelli, head of Project: Pegasus security, -- Dazzler#5
  • Blue Streak, SHIELD Super-Agents infiltrator, -- Captain America I#217
  • Blue Talon, Yamura, agent of Damon Dran, -- Daredevil I#92

Surrender Monkey should not be confused with:

  • Ape-Man, Gordon "Monk" Keefer, of the Ani-Men, -- Daredevil I#10
  • Monkey, Agent foe, -- The Agent
  • Monkey Joe, Squirrel Girl's best friend, -- Marvel Super-Heroes III#8
  • Monkey Wrench, Johnny Bloodcede, of the Natural Defense League, -- Wolverine II#58

The Wall should not be confused with:

  • Wall, Lemuel Sullivan, of X-Force, (M Branch) -- Cloak and Dagger III#9
  • Wall, agent of Shire, -- Cable II#79
  • Wall, character from Spidey Super Stories#8

Blind Ali

Blind Ali was first seen on video footage shown by Spike Freeman. During the footage, Spike told Dicky and Reggie Blind Ali's origin. He was Ali Al-Zubaidi, an Iraqi mutant who lost his sense of sight in a Baghdad bombing raid, causing his mutant power to kick in. Blind Ali was present during Henrietta's kidnapping and followed the team into the X-Statix Store. When X-Statix arrived to save Henrietta, Blind Ali tried to stab Henrietta before she could be saved, only to be decapitated by El Guapo's flying skateboard.

Blind Ali had superhumanly acute senses including taste, hearing, smell, and touch.

--X-Statix#13 (14

Miz Tree

Makiko Morioka, alias Miz Tree, was first seen on video footage showing how she busted apart a Japanese sarin sect. During the kidnapping mission, she sent roots throughout the ground, cracking the asphalt enough for the Wall to bust through it. While the Wall was preoccupied in the fight, Miz Tree grabbed Henrietta and Euro-Trash ran inside the X-Statix Store to hold Henrietta hostage. When X-Statix arrived to save her, Miz Tree was set ablaze by an acidic energy blast from the Anarchist.

 --X-Statix#13 (14

Oxford Blue

Preston Allen, alias Oxford Blue was first shown on video footage which stated his base of operations as Oxbridge, England. When Euro-Trash kidnapped Henrietta Hunter, he battled El Guapo until the team retreated to the X-Statix Store, Henrietta in tow. X-Statix later arrived to save her. Oxford Blue was crushed to death against a wall by Phat's fat.

Oxford Blue had only two fingers and two toes. Not much else of his powers were shown. He may or may not have had enhanced strength and durability.

--X-Statix#13 (14

Surrender Monkey

Brad Bentley was a C. I. A. agent sent to France during Operation: Camembert, a mission by the United States to turn public opinion against counties who opposed war in the Middle East. During his stay in France, Brad fell in love with the country: its wines, its romance, its...nudity. He then used the alias of Edouard Pompidou and went rogue from the C. I. A., becoming a hero in France under the name of Surrender Monkey, claiming that he had the mutant power to always know the best time to surrender. Soon after, Surrender Monkey came to the attention of Europan government agents Dicky and Reggie, who recruited the Monkey into the newly-formed anti-X-Statix group, the Euro-Trash. He joined the Euro-Trash on their first mission to kidnap Henrietta Hunter and part of the way through their battle with X-Statix, Surrender Monkey suggested that they retreat into a nearby X-Statix Store with Henrietta in tow. When X-Statix eventually stormed the store, Surrender Monkey apparently had his neck broken and was killed along with the rest of the team. However, he resurfaced soon after at the Church of the Naked Truth in France, where he convinced the head of the Church to re-clothe himself. Unfortunately for him, a battle erupted at the Church between Iron Man and the X-Statix member, Mister Sensitive, which resulted in the Churchgoers discovery of their leader wearing clothes. Angry at their leader, the followers turned on their leader and Surrender Monkey, ripping off their clothing and revealing Brad's identity to Iron Man and Mister Sensitive.

--X-Statix#13 (14, 24,

The Wall

The Wall, a.k.a. Günter Gross, was a mutant from Berlin, Germany. He was a writer and protestor until part of the Berlin Wall fell on top of him, activating his mutant power. He rose as a living wall. He was the first to attack during the kidnapping of Henrietta Hunter, and later held Henrietta hostage in the X-Statix Store. During X-Statix's rescue of Henrietta, the Wall was blown to pieces by an energy blast from the Anarchist.

He possessed superhuman size and strength, and a rock-like form which could be used to form barriers to entrances, etc.

--X-Statix#13 (14

Dicky and Reggie

Dicky and Reggie were the two Europan government agents who assembled Euro-Trash. They were most likely responsible for the first death of Henrietta Hunter. Before assembling Euro-Trash, they hired an assassin to kill Henrietta Hunter in Los Angeles, but had their attempt foiled mostly by Doop. After that failure, the two decided to take matters into their own hands, which conveniently coincided with Spike Freeman arriving in Europa. Spike showed them footage of foreign mutants they could use to form a team, which they did. On their first mission, Dicky and Reggie sent Euro-Trash to kidnap Henrietta and hold her hostage in the X-Statix Store. X-Statix unfortunately saved her and killed the whole team, causing Reggie to have a heart attack. As Reggie recovered from the heart attack, he instructed Dicky about the whereabouts of documents that would connect X-Statix to Saddam Hussein. As Dicky left to find the documents, an assassin crept into Reggie's room and him suffocated with a pillow. After finding the documents, Dicky passed them on to Lacuna, hoping she would reveal them to the public.

Dickey -- X-Statix#13 (16

Reggie --X-Statix#13 (14, 16d

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Other appearances:
X-Statix#14 (November, 2003) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (pencils), J. Bone (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
X-Statix#16 (January, 2004) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (pencils), J. Bone (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
X-Statix#18 (Mach, 2004) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (pencils), J. Bone (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
X-Statix#24 (August, 2004) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (pencils), Nick Craine (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)

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