full bodyThe WALL

Real Name: Joshua - probably Joshua Wallace Waldemeyer

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-57780) mutate (animated wall of bricks)

Occupation: High school student/Surly part-time bricklayer

Group Membership: None known, though quite possibly the bricklayer's union local 572

Affiliations: Any baseball team playing against the New York Mets (all Earth-57780)

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), umpires (all Earth-57780)

Known Relatives: None. Where were the parents in all this? *sigh*

Aliases: Brick Brain

Base of Operations: New York City, USA (Earth-57780)

First Appearance: Spidey Super Stories#8/2 (May, 1975);
    TV - Electric Company season 4 episode (1974-1975)

Powers/Abilities: The Wall has a very strange set of abilities, including the ability to force umpires to spontaneously change league rules in major sports. His primary power, however, is to topple himself over onto things. He can then stand up again despite not having any arms, which definitely counts as an ability. He's also surprisingly fast for a two-ton pile of building material.

Limitations: Well, he doesn't have any arms, per se. And his face is just kinda chalked onto the top brick. Oh, and he can't change his pants for the rest of his life.

History: Spidey Super Stories#8/2(fb)) - The Wall was once a happy high school student named Joshua with an after-school job. His job was to haul cement for his boss, whom I shall name insane-scientist-moonlighting-as-construction-worker, (or Ismac). Ismac had a bunch of test tubes set up at some construction site, where he was also working part-time. Ismac also dressed exactly like Charlie Brown under his scientific labcoat as he worked construction. And the union let him get away with it.

    The only problem with Ismac's wall was that despite repeatedly making Joshua carry around bags of cement, he never actually used them or anything. No, he just kind of set the massive bricks, one on top of another, with nothing holding them there. So then one day, unsurprisingly... the Wall came tumbling down! Directly onto poor Joshua's head, like 80 bricks worth. But somehow there was then an explosion... and like, radioactive uh, stuff... or uh, maybe the wall was made of magic clay from Wundagore! Yeah, that's the ticket. When in doubt, blame Wundagore!

    Anyway, rather than becoming a thick meaty paste, Joshua awoke as the Wicked Wall, determined to cause mild amounts of havoc at major league sporting arenas. And somehow, now he DOES have cement connecting all of his chest bricks together. Ain't magic grand!

(Spidey Super Stories#8/2) - The Wall goes to see his most hated baseball team, the New York Mets, on the off chance Spider-Man will show up, so he can "wreck Spider-Man's day off!" A batter from the opposing team hits an easy pop up to the outfield, and the Wall hops onto Shea Stadium's field, runs over to center field (he can really haul when need be) and slams into the Mets' outfielder. The ball then goes over HIM, and the umpire declares this to be a home run. What'd I tell ya, he has the power to spontaneously change league rules in major league sports. Didn't believe me, did you? So it's a home run. The umpire then runs out to tell the poor knocked-on-his-ass center-fielder that "getting knocked down is not funny." Which probably wasn't a rule before, but it sure is now! The Wall then trundles over and topples over the umpire for good measure. But don't worry, the ump is fine.

Spider-man just did happen to be at this game on his day off, and he puts down his Mets pennant and Mets hat and takes off his Mets jersey, before taking a leaping web swing from the bleachers into a mid-air cannonball that hits the Wall dead-on. The Wall seems to barely notice. Spidey seems fine, though he deserves a few broken bones for what was his not-most-smart-plan-ever.

Spidey then runs over to steal the center-fielder's Mets cap (man, this guy can't catch a break). Even though Spidey already has one in the stands. Spidey then "winds up" and throws a "web-ball" at the Wall, which puts some webs on the front of the Wall's wall. Which doesn't really impede the Wall in any way, but hey. It's a better plan than slamming into a bunch of bricks head first, I guess.

But just then the umpire then wakes up and declares "that only players are allowed on the field!" So he kicks out Spidey, and for some reason, the Wall is now docile as a lamb, and goes with him. The tale ends with the Wall and Spider-Man sitting on a park bench, having a heart to brick talk.

Comments: Created by Tom Whedon. Yes, that Whedon family. Joss's Dad. Hahahahaha. Maybe Buffy can fight the Wall someday!

    Spider-Man is firmly established as Mets fan here, 15 years before he gets married in Shea Stadium.

    Yes, this Super-Villain encourages kids to get Super-powers by TOPPLING BRICK WALLS ONTO THEMSELVES. Just let that one sink in for a minute.

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The Wall has no known connections to

Spidey Super Stories#8/2, p1 (main image)
   p15, pan4 (headshot, pre-transformation)

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