Real Name:  Spencer Keen

Identity/Class: Human mutate (19th century, World War II)

Occupation: Vigilante; former college student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

EnemiesKarl Barko, Professor Drake Maluski, Gorko, Dr. Emil Gair, Trent "Killer" Skeman, Star-Gazer (Theo Chevalier), Trustees of Hate (Dr. Vortex/Volos Teixeira, Lor, Lara), Bruce "Butch" Younker

Known Relatives: Dr. Harrison Keen (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An unrevealed mountain retreat, frequently mobile;
    formerly Midwest College United States

First Appearance: Mystic Comics I#1/2 (March, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: After having been energized by the mysterious blue energy source of the blue blaze, Spencer Keen was granted enhanced strength (1000 times that of a normal man), dense skin able to withstand bullets, increased endurance and an increased life span. His increased strength grants him the ability to leap great heights and distances. He is able to emit a bright blue flash from his body able to dazzle his opponents and has used this as a way to distract his enemies and surprise them. He appears to have the ability to phase his body and move below ground as a means of travel long distances and he may no longer needs the ability to breathe air like a normal human. The Blue Blaze has exhibited the ability to sense the presence evil and it is unknown at what distance this power has in relation to his proximity of the source detected. The Blue Blaze was a competent fighter and quite athletic and these skills may have also been enhanced upon his transformation. His powers and abilities appear to fluctuate from time to time and he may need to enter suspended animation to recharge his energy.

  On one occasion, the Blue Blaze carried a specially designed cigarette lighter that was able to produce the blue blaze that gave him his powers and used it to recharge his energy as his power waned.

  The Blue Blaze possesses a great understanding of science having learned from his college studies and father who was a professor at his school. He had a secret base on top a mountain which held a laboratory that was used in his pursuit of evil. He invented a specially designed car able to move at great speeds as means of transportation and was stored at his mountain retreat.



(Mystic Comics I#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - In 1852, Dr. Keen, while working in the Midwest College science department, discovered an unusual energy source emanating from a blue flame during one of his experiments. He began testing the unusual properties on live subjects like insects and mice. Although contact with the blue flames killed his test subjects, he was alarmed to find that after a few months they had come back to life apparently stronger and healthier and showing signs of extended life spans. For reasons yet unknown, Dr. Keen decided that the mysterious blue flame had to be destroyed.

(Mystic Comics I#1/2 (fb) ) - Spencer Keen was preparing to go to Midwest College's annual masquerade party and dressed himself up in blue tights and a mask. Dr. Keen met up with his son and upon seeing his costume, was reminded about his discovery in the lab and convinced his son to come look at it. While in the lab the elder Keen showed his son Spencer the blue flame he had discovered and proceeded to explain what it was able to do and his wish to find a way to destroy it.

(Mystic Comics I#1/2 (fb) ) - A devastating tornado suddenly struck the small college town and Spencer was struck by the blue flame as the room around him began to shake apart and collapse. Spencer Keen, his father along with 85% of the population was killed by the disaster. With such a large death toll, the bodies were quickly buried without services from a mortician in the clothes they wore.

  Spencer Keen did not die; instead he laid in a form of hibernation brought on by the mysterious blue flame that had struck him in the lab. During his years of hibernation, Spencer Keen gained strength a thousand fold and his mind was made conscious of the slow domination of evil in the world. He patiently slept waiting for the day he would rise to throw fear into the forces of aggression and crime.

(Mystic Comics I#1/2) - In 1940, 88 years after his burial, the Blue Blaze sensed evil in his proximity and rose from the ground surprising two criminals (Butch & Killer) that were digging up bodies in the graveyard. The two men desperately emptied their automatics into the hero but the bullets bounced harmlessly off the super dense body of the recently resurrected hero. The sudden fright was too much for one of the men and he suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. The Blue Blaze grabbed the other man and began to interrogate him and learnt that he was sent to fetch bodies for a man called Professor Maluski, who could be found at the nearby Green Lamp Inn. Arriving at the Inn he began asking the bartender about his wish to see the Professor and was soon escorted at gunpoint into an elevator. Travelling about a mile underground the elevator opened up into a huge cavern where a second man with a gun greeted him. The Blue Blaze incapacitated the gunman and began investigating his surroundings. Entering into a doorway leading to another cavernous room, the Blue Blaze was enveloped by a mysterious energy from a floating red gem and was quickly telekinetically transported past vast rooms housing canisters of poison gas, explosives and immense arsenals of weapons finally deposited into a room of the awaiting Professor Maluski. Professor Maluski took the Blue Blaze on a tour of his hidden base and proceeded to explain his plans of global destruction. The Blue Blaze was next led into one of the Professor's labs where he was shown his latest weapons, an army of reanimated zombies and a machine that could control and unleash them on the unsuspecting world. Having heard enough from the madman, the Blue Blaze punched Professor Maluski and he crashed into his zombie control device which exploded. The resulting explosion set off a chain reaction throughout the underground base and the Blue Blaze dove into an underwater stream and swam up to the surface as the caverns below violently erupted killing Professor Maluski and his zombies.

(Mystic Comics I#2/5 - BTS) - The Blue Blaze set up a base of operations on an unrevealed mountaintop equipped with a crime lab and garage that contained a supercharged speedster.

(Mystic Comics I#2/5) - While at his mountain retreat a news bulletin over the radio about a mine explosion drew his attention and he sprang into action and using his car travelled down the mountain to help save any miners that may have been trapped. Arriving at the mine the Blue Blaze descended the shaft and soon learnt that there were no survivors. He also discovered the remnants of an explosive device that implied the disaster was caused by deliberate sabotage. While exiting the shaft the already weakened supports gave out and he was quickly buried beneath falling rocks. Using his great strength he quickly dug himself free to the surface and made his way to the nearby mining office. He met the owner and soon learnt that a crackpot inventor named Barko was responsible for the mine explosion in an attempt to convince the mining company to purchase his new safety devices. The Blue Blaze began pursuing Barko. During the chase Barko rolled a boulder down on top of the Blue Blaze unsuccessfully and was unable to stop him with a gun and a pack of attack dogs. The Blue Blaze caught up with Barko at his secret base of operations and in his attempt to capture him was shot with two unusual guns that encompassed the hero with a strange energy that froze him in a block of ice. As Barko left to sabotage another mine entrance, the Blue Blaze flexed his enhanced muscles and shattered the icy prison that encased him. He quickly followed after Barko and knocked him and his small gang of hoodlums unconscious. Barko was soon taken to an insane asylum and the rest of his gang was sent to prison.

(Mystic Comics I#3/1 - BTS) - The Blue Blaze began a series of attacks in an attempt to topple a crime syndicate led by the evil Dr. Gair.

(Mystic Comics I#3/1) - On the trail of Dr. Gair, the Blue Blaze busted his way inside his hideout and confronted the evil criminal and his ally the Sinister Stargazer. The Sinister Stargazer having created a creature composed of the light from a distant star turned the Star-Monster loose on the Blue Blaze. It was too powerful for the hero to defeat and forced him to retreat. Back at his mountain retreat, the Blue Blaze devised a plan to destroy the Star-Monster and later the next evening he once again faced the powerful creature who tracked him to his secret headquarters. Taking the fight outside, the Blue blaze led the beast into the Ace Printing company and entrapped the Star-Monster beneath molten lead that poured from a tap on a large industrial vat. With the monster captured the Blue Blaze chased off after Dr. Gair and the Sinister Stargazer as they tried to escape. In the process of capturing them, the Sinister Stargazer produced a special lens which absorbed starlight and released a powerful energy beam at the Blue Blaze. Acting quickly the Blue Blaze grabbed a nearby mirror and reflected the light back on the Sinister Stargazer which instantly struck the two criminals killing them.

(Mystic Comics I#4/1) - The Blue Blaze, now in Europe, rose out of a watery moat surrounding a castle in the Balkans. The sudden appearance was noticed by the castle hangman who suffered a heart stopping fright and fell dead on the ground. Entering the castle the Blue Blaze was met by a gun wielding criminal who was quickly overpowered. While questioning the gunman for information, the criminal was shot dead by Lara one of Dr. Vortex's other henchmen. Wanting to learn more about Dr. Vortex and his evil plans, he left with Lara and travelled by car to the nearby country of Borzia and watched as Lara produced a ring that emitted an energy beam and struck the Country's most popular politician, senator Coyne which changed his normally mild mannered personality into a raving madman, raging about the nearby country of Gratzia and about going to war with them. Lara then explained that the same thing was happening right now in Gratzia and soon the two nations would be consumed with rage that they would start a bloody war. The Blue Blaze was taken back to Dr. Vortex's castle where he soon confronted the evil criminal. Dr. Vortex in an attempt to capture or kill the Blue Blaze detonated his lab and the ensuing explosion knocked the hero unconscious. The Blue Blaze awakened and found himself chained to a wall inside the dungeon before the presence of Dr. Vortex. The evil doctor offered the Blue Blaze a last cigarette before he died and accepting the offer, produced a lighter from his belt. Igniting the lighter, a blue blaze erupted from the wick and engulfed the hero in a blinding blue flash that stunned the evil Dr. Vortex. The energy revitalized Blue Blaze's strength and he quickly freed himself from the chains, grabbed Dr. Vortex and lept up over the castle's walls. The Blue Blaze with the now helpless Dr. Vortex landed in the deep moat and sunk to the bottom. Dr. Vortex drowned beneath the murky lime encrusted water and the Blue Blaze was the only one to return.

Comments: Created by Harry Douglas.

The Blue Blaze made only four appearances in the 1940's and a fifth one was to appear in the next issue where he was to meet the Vampire of Doom but this never came about. He also appeared on two covers of Mystic Comics that may be as yet undocumented adventures. The following is a synopsis of events based on the cover images and captions. The second cover image could be a sequel to the story found within as it shows the Star-Monster who also appears in the interior story and shares nothing else in common.

(Mystic Comics#1 - cover) - The Blue Blaze was trying to rescue a woman who had her hands tied and dangled down into a large pit. A group of evil looking men were being valiantly fought off by the Blue Blaze at the bottom.

(Mystic Comics#3 - cover) - The Blue Blaze was ambushed from behind by the Monster of All Evil (Star-Monster) as he was preparing to rescue an unknown blond haired woman from being tortured by two dark skinned men in red robes.

(Mystic Comics#5 - BTS) - The Blue Blaze embarked on an adventure where he met the Vampire of Doom. The outcome of this encounter remains unrevealed.

    His appearances and powers were quite inconsistent as the artists writers that worked on the character kept changing throughout his brief run. The first two appearances the Blue Blaze, he wore a mask that covered most of his face and in the final two appearances his mask was completely removed showing an unconcealed face. It also seemed that the writers at times did not know exactly what his powers and abilities were and what he was capable of performing. They (the writers) appeared to give the Blue Blaze a new power or ability as the situation called for. For example in Mystic Comics#2 he was given a secret base on top of a mountain fully equipped with a lab and a garage with a super fast car. This in turn does not appear in the following stories as the next issue he had a secret location somewhere in an unknown American city. The final story has him in Europe with the ability to move through solid rock as a means of travel. In this same issue it is revealed that he carries a device in his belt (shaped like a cigarette lighter) that emits a blue blaze energy that he uses to recharge his powers. It is also revealed that he must return to the grave after every conquest and as he sleeps a strange cosmic force moves him underground to new centers of crime. Then he awakes. HUH?? In my opinion very poor story telling as the previous two issues failed to mention this important fact. This is probably one of the reasons why he never appeared in Mystic Comics#5 or anywhere else since.

    The Father of the Blue Blaze could be the progenitor of the Cockroach Conspiracy as he experimented on insects. The mysterious blue blaze would have given these insects vast superhuman powers and longevity.
Could this have also given them enhanced intellect?

Perhaps the Blue Blaze is also an Avatar of Agamotto (like Cadaver)? I know you are going to say Doctor Keen discovered/invented the Blue Flame, but Agamotto could have planted that in his mind (mind control or hypnosis) or impersonated Dr. Keen. Plus maybe for some reason Agamotto wasn't able to finish the transformation of the Blue Blaze because he needed the extra power for some mystic conflict (because Cadaver doesn't need to recharge his powers).

The Blue Blaze villain the Star-Monster a creature composed of the light from a distant star could be a Solam (Captain Marvel I#6 (October, 1968) ) a being apparently composed of solar energy. The Monster of all Evil (cover villain) looks like 2 of Mephisto's Demons (Fantastic Four I#277 (April, 1985) page 6 panel 4 --" 2 green scaled demons with large pointed ears"). Plus the 2 men seen on this same cover look similar to Cagliostro (maybe one or both are magical doubles? Or someone could make the other one Abdul Alhazred)

"Spencer Keen was preparing to go to Midwest College's annual masquerade party and dressed himself up in blue tights and a mask". Well, sounds the same as the origin of the Silver Scorpion and Barbara Gordon.
--Per Degaton

Blue Flame appears in other Marvel Books: Altar of Father Neptune (Sub-Mariner#68 (January, 1974) pages 14-15 (the weird Blue Flame--a flame lit eons ago) by the founder of Atlantis). Uni-Mind (Eternals I#12 (June, 1977) Blue Flame around Zuras used to create the UNI-MIND). Magnus created a Ring of Blue Flame to inscribe his pentagram, the Circle of Transference (2 of them) in Spider-Woman I#12 (March, 1979). Coldfire.

In Dracula (the novel), blue flames appear over buried treasure on Saint George's Eve, thus associating blue flames with, as might be expected, Saint George (of "and the Dragon" fame). I've often thought that would be an interesting connection to somehow work into Blue Blaze's origin.
--Ronald Byrd

Maybe the Blue Shield's power source and origin (which has never been revealed) was somehow tied to the Blue Blaze. Maybe thee Blue Shield discovered his old base of operations and stumbled on his research or a new device such as the belt he used to wear that emitted the blue blaze energy thus giving him his powers.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Alfonso Galves has no known connections to:

Blue Blaze's Speedster

Nothing has been revealed about how he acquired this car but he used it to travel rapidly from his base atop a mountain to get to a mine that held trapped workers caught in a cave-in. This car was able to move at super high speeds and was stored in a garage at his mountain retreat.




--Mystic Comics I#2/5

images: (without ads)
Mystic Comics I#1, Cover (main image)
Mystic Comics I#1, Cover (face image)
Mystic Comics I#2/5, p33, pan4 (a burst of energy)
Mystic Comics I#4/1, p7,pan3 (fights evil)
Mystic Comics I#4/1, p10, pan4 (Blue Blaze leaps)
Mystic Comics I#2/5, p29, pan5 (Blue Blaze's speedster)

Mystic Comics I#1/2, (March 1940)- Harry Douglas (Art), writer and editor unaccredited
Mystic Comics I#2/5, (April 1940)- writer, pencils, inks, editor- unaccredited
Mystic Comics I#3/1, (May 1940)- writer, pencils, inks, editor- unaccredited
Mystic Comics I#4/1, (July 1940)- Harry Douglas (art), writer and editor- unaccredited

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