Membership: Bluebird Brothers, Buglers In Black, Green Gagsters, Red-Robed Rainmakers, White Wizard, White Wizardís assistant, Yellow Yahoo

Purpose: Sabotage, vandalism, general public annoyance

Affiliations: Each other? (see comments)

Enemies: Spider-Man

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week (1977)

History: (ASM: ABOCADOTW) - Over the period of a week, Spider-Man spent each day foiling the various criminals. Spider-Man captured them all, and all were sent to the local jail. (Please see individual sub-entries for individual history).

Comments: Created by Donna Kelly, Jim Mooney, Mike Esposito, and George Roussos.

    The various groups and individuals profiled here never officially teamed up with one another, but are included here since they share a common theme and writing six separate profiles on a book this length just isnít in the cards. However, since they DID all eventually end up in the same jail, maybe they later decided to pool their talents. The White Wizard and the Red-Robed Rainmakers seemed to have a lot in common.

    The Bluebird Brothers could very well have designed their flight apparatus on that of the Vultureís, very similar to another Spider-Man enemy, Bluebird (see clarifications).

    Okay, obviously this may not be canon, and may take place on that weird "Hostess" world where so many of Spider-Manís non-canon adventures occur. The book is obviously written for six-year olds, as it focuses on colors and days of the week (obviously), is only 24 pages long, and has even less sentences contained within.
    Actually, I'm not convinced the hostess characters don't exist on Earth-616, along with other seemingly non-canon stories. As more than once of these types have made it into mainstream. However, the point is the same, that they exist on the fringe and remain unconfirmed unless somebody eventually writes them in.

    I can understand Spider-Man foiling most of these villains, but the Buglers in Black still puzzle me. They were marching down the street playing their instruments. I didnít realize noise pollution was that big a crime in 1977. Maybe Spidey was just annoyed at having to deal with these morons over the course of a week, and took his frustration out on the local would-be parade.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Bluebird Brothers have no known connection to

The Buglers in Black have no known connection to

The Green Gagsters have no known connection to

The Red-Robed Rainmakers have no known connection to

  • Any other "Red," "Robed" or "Rain" characters
  • The White Wizard has no known connection to

  • Wizard (Bentley Wittman), mastermind criminal, Frightful Four @Strange Tales I #102
  • Any other "White" or "Wizard" characters
  • The Yellow Yahoo has no known connection to



        While attempting to take flight from the top of an office building on Thursday, the Bluebird Brothers were confronted by Spider-Man, who caught all four of them with his webbing. He turned them into the police and they were taken to jail







        On Saturday, the Buglers in Black were marching down a street, playing their bugles, when Spider-Man appeared and used a large ball of webbing to knock several of them over. They were then taken to jail.








        During a Wednesday, the three members of the Green Gagsters vandalized the local gardens, planting sharp cactus plants everywhere, causing passersby to prick themselves. Spider-Man found them and sent them off to jail. (Note: Only two of the Gagsters are depicted here. The third was a white male).










        The five Rainmakers used their flying helicopter-like vehicle to drench a parade in rain on Friday. Spider-Man used his webbing to create a net in which the flying machine was snared, and the Rainmakers were sent to jail.







        On Tuesday, Spider-Man fought and captured the White Wizard and his assistant, who were attempting to use their White Cloud-Maker machine to ruin the picnics of two families. The Wizard and assistant were turned over to the police.



    Apparently a little person, the White Wizardís assistant was sent to jail along with the Wizard.



        On Monday, Spider-Man tracked the Yellow Yahoo down to a local amusement park, where he was sabotaging the rides, speeding the slower ones up and slowing the fast ones down to a crawl. Spider-Man quickly disposed of him and took him to jail.

    The Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week, page 14&15, 22&23, 18&19, 13, 9, 4

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