Real Name: Abd-el-Hazred

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Crimelord

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Employed band of servants (Barrett/Chief, Dumas, Rhys, Scarface, Sheik, Stump), the Sheik is more closely associated with Alhazred, while the others are mere employees;
served by a large number of Arab worshipers (Ahmed Bek, Akbar, Assad, Ertegun, Hamad, Yusef, others) and other slaves, formerly allied with a tribe of cannibals from Pellucidar (Gargon, Mogo, Zindugi, others);
pet hawk
Glenn Barrett, Simon Santiago, and Pierre

Enemies: Ayesha, Baran, Glenn Barrett, Dak-Lat, Dangar, Ike Frazier, Korsars (the Cid, Jarvey, others), M'Salla, Pierre, Simon Santiago, Tarzan, Tyger Tiger, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Mad Arab; Deathgod, Master (both from the cannibals of Pellucidar), Shadowface (by the Cid)

Place of Birth: (8th century Abdul) Umayyad or Abbasid Caliphate (the former if born prior to 750 A.D.; the latter if born 750 A.D. or later; modern day Saudi Arabia);
   (1920s host body) Sultanate of Jabal Shammar (modern day Saudi Arabia)

Base of Operations: Unnamed extra-dimensional realm; original base unknown; Madripoor; Pellucidar

First Appearance: (Historical): H. P. Lovecraft's "The Nameless City" (1921)
(Marvel) Tarzan#15 (August, 1978)
(mainstream Marvel): (mentioned) Marvel Comics Presents#62 (November, 1990), (seen) Marvel Comics Presents#152 (April, 1994)

Powers: Alhazred has a number of abilities, which may be either magical or psionic in nature. He can teleport, usually appearing and disappearing in a cloud of green smoke. He can mesmerize others with a glance. He appears to possess superhuman strength and durability, but this may be only a reflection of his ability to control the perceptions of others. He apparently has a level of telekinesis, as he sent Wolverine flying away with a swipe of his hands without ever making physical contact, then lifted him aloft from a distance. In addition, he is able to summon demon creatures from another realm, which obey his command. These demons may attack either physically or psychically. The ability to mentally resist psychic attack by the demons generates a powerful feedback that banishes him to the realm of his demons.

   Alhazred uses a band of servants to perform tasks for him, such as kidnapping, guarding prisoners, fighting his enemies, etc. He controls his servants through fear and intimidation.

   A previous incarnation of Alhazred was large and superhumanly strong (enhanced human to Class 10). He had superhuman durability, taking a bullet to the face without even flinching and being shot multiple times by Pierre without suffering injury. He was served by an unnamed hawk, who would attack those who opposed Alhazred. He required continued power from the crystal of the Mahar, or his abilities would fade.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (see comments)
Hair: Black (see comments)

History: Alhazred's origins are unknown (see comments for further history). His powers appear to be magic in origin, but they may be psionic or other.

(Lovecraft) - He apparently originated in the 8th Century, and is the creator of the legendary Necronomicon.

(Marvel Team-Up I#76 (fb) - BTS) - He may have derived the Necronomicon's text from the Shiatra Book of the Damned (a.k.a. the Darkhold)...

(Namor: The First Mutant#3 (fb) - BTS) - or both books, as well as the similarly dangerous mystic text The Oracles of Zoroaster, may have similar passages because all of them were derived from the same source text, imperfect copies of ancient writings etched into the walls of the sunken city of R'llyeh,...

(King in Black: Namor#2 (fb)) - presumably by some of the Great Old Ones who inhabited the city...

(Carnage II#14 (fb) - BTS) - such as Cththon, the Elder God who was considered (if only by his own progeny) to be the greatest of the Great Old Ones (see comments).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana) - At some point Alhazred's spirit became trapped in the realm Pellucidar, a pocket dimension formerly accessed within subterranean Earth. He seemingly died there, but his spirit was stored within the crystal of Pellucidar's reptilian Mahar race.

(Tarzan#18 (fb) - BTS) - A tribe of  Pellucidar cannibals came to worship Alhazred's memory, forming a death cult that believed their master would return one day to lead them.

(Tarzan#22 (fb)) - Around 1920-1930, another Arab also called Abdul Alhazred (see comments) was a mere lieutenant in a minor band of slavers. After being caught stealing from his captain, he fled into the desert. He hid out in a cave, where he found a portal to the world of Pellucidar.

(Tarzan#23 (fb) - BTS) - The thief discovered that the crystal...

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana/Tarzan#22(fb)) - or rather the ancient spirit within it...

(Tarzan#23 (fb) - BTS) - was a sentient, parasitic being that had summoned him to provide it with the raw emotion on which it fed.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana/Tarzan#22(fb)) - Alhazred's spirit was released from the crystal and the thief became his host, before the door closed.

(Tarzan#15 (fb) - BTS) - Alhazred took command of a band of slavers and forced them to unearth the portal to Pellucidar.

(Tarzan#15) - One of the slaves, M'Salla, fled from the caverns (and the poison gas contained within them) and was pursued and slain by Alhazred's slavers. This murder was seen and avenged by Tarzan, who then decided to go after Alhazred himself. An African princess, Ayesha, was captured by the slavers.

(Tarzan#16) - Alhazred decided to take Ayesha to Pellucidar and there sacrifice her to the crystal that had empowered him. Meanwhile Tarzan and his ape friend Dak-Lat encountered a group of criminals and poachers - Glenn Barrett, Ike Frazier, Simon Santiago, and Pierre - who also intended to attack Alhazred's camp. Furious at them as much as Alhazred because Santiago had slaughtered some of his elephant and Mangani ape friends, Tarzan and Dak-Lat attacked and restrained Barrett and Pierre, and pursued Santiago and Frazier, who were already heading into Alhazred's camp using makeshift hang-gliders. Meanwhile, with the portal unearthed, Alhazred ordered his men to execute the slaves, but just as they completed this task the poachers assault began. Instructing his men to deal with the attackers, Alhazred went into the caverns and performed the ceremony to activate the portal, then ordered the mesmerized Ayesha to walk through it, just as all three intruders swooped into the cave. As Ayesha mindlessly obeyed Alhazred's order, Santiago crashed into his rocky surroundings and Frazier, seeking to avoid a similar collision, was forced to fly through the portal. Spotting Alhazred, Tarzan shifted the focus of his ire to the giant slaver and attacked him, but Alhazred overpowered him with ease. Rising to find himself surrounded at gunpoint by Alhazred's men, who had also captured the poachers and Dak-Lat, Tarzan reluctantly surrendered. However when Alhazred decapitated Dak-Lat, the enraged Tarzan attempted again to attack him, only to be beaten by Alhazred's men until he stopped moving. Seeking to save their own lives, the poachers claimed they had been trying to warn Alhazred about Tarzan and allied with him. Wrongly believing Tarzan had been beaten to death, Alhazred and his new followers stepped through the portal, but just before it closed Tarzan stopped playing possum and snuck through after them.

(Tarzan#17) - Failing to notice Tarzan's arrival and covert spying on him, Alhazred watched with contempt as the poachers gawped in awe at their surroundings, then ordered them to follow him as he set off to find Ayesha and locate the crystal of the Mahar. Tarzan, still weak from his beating, watched them depart before passing out. Finding a slain Hyenadon and tracks left by humans, Alhazred and his reluctant followers (correctly) concluded Ayesha had been saved from the carnivore by a native and then departed in his company, and they set off after them.

(Tarzan#18) - Alhazred and the criminals closed on Ayesha and her new ally, Dangar, only to witness them literally take flight riding on the back of a Thipdar, a pterosaur-like species native to Pellucidar. Alhazred commanded his followers to shoot them down, but though Dangar was winged by one shot the Thipdar's thick hide proved to be bulletproof and Alhazred watched in frustration as his quarry flew away. Following as best they could on foot, Alhazred's group soon the death cult cannibals, who recognized Alhazred as the ones whose coming had been foretold and informed him that they had recently encountered Tarzan. While Alhazred took news of Tarzan's continued survival in his stride, Barrett lost his temper and foolishly shouted abuse at the giant, who responded by lifting the crook up by his head and dangling him over the edge of a cliff, asking the now terrified Barrett whether he would prefer to die from having his skull crushed or from the fall. As Barrett pleaded for his life, the cannibal chieftain offered Alhazred the use of a ship to speed his journey. Though openly cowed, Barrett quietly nursed a grudge, vowing to settle the score by killing Alhazred as soon as the chance arose.

(Tarzan#19) - Boarding the ship, the group sailed up the river, moving against the current thanks to Alhazred's power, still just able to see Ayesha's Thipdar steed in the skies ahead. The cultists' ship soon spotted another vessel heading downstream, manned by a rival tribe, the Korsars, a band of pirates who had linked up with Tarzan. Angered to see both these enemies working together, the death cultists brought their ship alongside and battle commenced, which turned in the Korsars' favor thanks to Tarzan. Alhazred, more concerned with catching Ayesha than dealing with what to him was an irrelevant distraction, watched with disinterest even when the Korsar leader, the Cid, shot him directly in the face, and moments later the two ships' diverging courses separated them. A few minutes later the crooks spotted Frazier waving at them from the river bank, calling for them to pick him up, but Alhazred refused to stop the ship. The intransigent Barrett pulled his gun and threatened to shoot the cult's chief, but this only earned all three mercenaries a beating from the cultists; stating that Barrett amused him, Alhazred eventually ordered the cultists to stop the beating, and explained to the trio that if he had been seen to bow to Barrett's demands the cannibals would have lost their belief that he was a god and killed all of them.

(Tarzan#20) - Reaching a cove in the river, Alhazred ordered the cannibals to dock, take the provisions ashore, and then sink the ship to ensure there would be no turning back. When Barrett again objected to Alhazred's orders, ignoring his fellow mercenaries' protests to hold his tongue, Alhazred had his hawk swoop on them to force their submission. The group then headed into the jungle as night finally fell in Pellucidar.

(Tarzan#21) - An ancient city finally came into view ahead of them and Alhazred decreed that this was their destination, but when Barrett yet again objected to Alhazred's leadership, raising concerns that he might be leading them into a slaughter, Alhazred once again had his hawk peck and claw at the recalcitrant's face to make him comply. . Meanwhile, within the city its inhabitants, the Mahar (a race of humanoid pteranosaurs) had built a sonic weapon using the crystal, intending to use it to take over Pellucidar. Observing another tribe, the Amozites, also approaching the city (out of sight of Alhazred's group, perhaps on the opposite side of the city), they activated the device, and though the resultant hum was too low for normal human ears to detect, both Alhazred and his hawk heard it. The villain was momentarily entranced by the sound, but it soon stopped as the Mahar switched the weapon off after it devastated the would-be invaders. Having reached the city earlier, Ayesha and Dangar covertly witnessed the Mahar operating the weapon from a room overlooking the crystal's chamber, and snuck into the control room once the Mahar left it. Spotting Alhazred entering the room housing the crystal, Ayesha seized the chance to avenge her parents and tribe and began targeting the weapon on Alhazred. His attention solely focused on the crystal, Alhazred was oblivious to both this danger and to Barrett aiming a pistol at his back, but before Barrett could fire Santiago shot him first, seeking to curry favor from Alhazred. However, with his prize now before him, Alhazred declared he had no further interest in the mercenaries, telling them to do as they wished. As he returned his attention to the crystal, Ayesha fired the sonic weapon, which struck the hawk first, causing it to explode, then Alhazred, who collapsed in agony to his knees.

(Tarzan#22) -  Reeling in pain, Alhazred (or rather his host body's mind) involuntarily recalled how he discovered the entrance to Pellucidar only a few years earlier and was transformed by the crystal. These memories were visually depicted in the crystal, allowing Santiago to realize it was the source of Alhazred's power, prompting the poacher to raise his gun, intending to shoot Alhazred so Santiago could claim the power for himself. Meanwhile the Mahar discovered Ayesha and Dangar in their control room and attacked them. Realizing the Mahar were going to win the battle, Ayesha smashed the sonic cannon's control console, releasing the power stored within the device in an explosion that stunned or killed everyone in the room. This also ended the attack on Alhazred, who swiftly recovered, grabbed Santiago and began waving him round like a rag doll, meanwhile informing Pierre and the dying Barrett that he intended to sacrifice all three of them to the crystal to gain more energy. However, Tarzan then arrived in the Mahar city, following a stampede of dinosaurs and other creatures driven into a frenzy by the sonic weapon, and attacked Alhazred, who vowed to sacrifice the jungle lord to the crystal too.

(Tarzan#23) - The pair grappled, with Alhazred initially proving unconcerned as Tarzan's blade cut deep into his flesh. However, within moments a subsequent stab caused Alhazred pain, and Tarzan realized that the crystal was feeding off its servant's energies as well, leaving Alhazred now vulnerable. As Alhazred sought to crush Tarzan in a bear hug, the jungle lord stabbed him again, striking at the same moment that the expiring Barrett shot him. Releasing Tarzan from his grip, Alhazred stumbled forward into the crystal, which drained all of his power and life energy, causing him to crumble into ashes.

(Monsters Unleashed#3/3 - BTS) - In 1935 near Schwartzhof, Austria, the Witch of the Hills cast spells she had learned from the "forbidden tome of Alhazred" (presumably the Necronomicon) at the behest of the Romani Lucio Nuti, invoking the demons Yngvi (see comments) and Dyktawo in order to summon Satan.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#62 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the spirit of Alhazred was freed from the crystal and either gained a new host body or recreated its original one. He garnered such a fearsome reputation that even the tattoo he marked his servants with could strike terror into those who saw it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#154 (fb)) - When some dock workers in an unspecified city (likely in Canada) cut Alhazred out of his share of revenue from items being smuggled through the dock, Alhazred teleported there to personally eliminate them as an example to others. After he summoned demons to slaughter the men, Alhazred was attacked by Wolverine, who was on special assignment investigating corruption on the docks and thus witnessed Alhazred's actions. However Alhazred telekinetically prevented him from making contact, then held him aloft, helpless to attack or escape. Alhazred warned Wolverine that he would kill him if Wolverine ever tried to find him or told others what he had seen, then vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving Wolverine deeply shaken.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#152 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine considered Alhazred one of the most bloodthirsty murderers he had ever met, having witnessed him casually tearing men apart limb by limb without breaking sweat. Alhazred found the encounter memorable, despite its brevity, and looked forward to reliving it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#62 - BTS) - Alhazred sought to takeover the Madripoor crime empire of Tyger Tiger, to enable him to depose prince Baran, and establish Madripoor as his power base. He planned to barter with other countries for the extradition of criminals who had fled there. To this end, he had his ally, the Sheik organize a band of unrelated mercenaries and kidnap Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan, but internal conflicts caused them to crash their plane in the jungles of Madripoor. As they stumbled from the wreckage the argument continued, with the survivors unaware that they were being observed by Wolverine, who had temporarily lost control to his bestial side. To settle the dispute, the Sheik opened his shirt, revealing Alhazred's tattoo on his chest.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#63 (fb) - BTS) - Recalling Alhazred and scared to mess with his affairs, Wolverine's bestial side retreated, allowing his humanity to regain control.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#62 - BTS) - Continuing to act like a wild animal in order to scare the criminals, Wolverine raced into the group, snatched up Archie, and carried him into the jungle to safety. Needing Corrigan for Alhazred, the Sheik's party pursued, but were convinced by a (fake) scream and some (planted) scraps of Corrigan's bloody clothing that Wolverine had slain the man.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#63 - BTS) - Wolverine commenced to pick off the criminals one by one, having Archie guard the prisoners he took until finally the last villain, the Sheik, was captured and Tyger Tiger freed. They sent their captives to Madripoor's jails, which despite being infamously dangerous Wolverine felt would be safer than sending them back to face Alhazred's wrath for failing him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#153 (fb) - BTS) - Alhazred was intrigued to hear about Wolverine's intervention, so...

(Marvel Comics Presents I#152 (fb) - BTS) - when the Sheik and his men were freed from custody and returned to Alhazred's service...

(Marvel Comics Presents I#153 (fb) - BTS) - he allowed them a chance to make amends for their failure by trying to capture Tyger and Corrigan again, making it clear that a second failure would result in death, while secretly hoping for a chance to face Wolverine again and kill him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#152) - Sometime later Alhazred tried again to capture Corrigan and Tyger, this time personally accompanying the Sheik and his men. The villain waited until Wolverine had defeated them before revealing his own presence, easily overpowering his old foe, who at this juncture was weaker than their last encounter as he no longer had Adamantium strengthening his skeleton. After throwing Wolverine off a balcony Alhazred hypnotized Tyger into submission with a single glance, ordered his men to handle transporting her, and teleported away.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#153) - Alhazred teleported to a remote airfield outside of Lowtown and slaughtered a group of air pirates therein.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#154) - The Sheik delivered his captive to the airfield, where Alhazred boasted to them that he would slay them as his first step in taking over Madripoor, starting with Tyger's criminal empire. Summoning his demons, Alhazred taunted Tyger, telling her to beg for her life, just before Wolverine burst in. Seeing his old foe, Alhazred shouted a welcome, informing the intruder that he had arrived in time to die with his friends.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#155) - Alhazred sent his demons after Wolverine, confident that they would send him into his berserker fury, which he could then control. However, when Logan resisted and maintained mental control of himself, the psychic backlash caused Alhazred to be banished to the extra-dimensional realm of his demons.

Comments: Based on a character by Lovecraft (see below).
     Adapted by David Kraft and John Buscema, and later by Dwight Zimmerman, Nel Yomtov, and Paul Ryan.

    The date of the Tarzan adventures was given in the letter page of one of the Tarzan issues.

    He could certainly return if anyone wanted him to do so.

    During his Tarzan appearances Alhazred's face is consistently swathed in shadow, far more than should be expected just because he is wearing a hood; the Korzar leader Cid even calls Alhazred "Shadowface." It appears the shadows are therefore a manifestation of the supernatural power within him. By the time he reappeared in Marvel Comics Presents the perma-shadow was gone, but we only ever saw his face from the eyebrows down to his bottom lip; the remainder of his face was always hidden by his keffiyeh (hood), agal (head cord) and litham (mouth veil). Despite that, we do see that his eyes are blue in close-ups in Tarzan#21 and MCP I#154 and 155 (so if he is a spirit jumping from host body to host body then either both hosts we saw had blue eyes, or Alhazred had blue eyes and transformed his hosts' eyes to match his); that said, while his eyes are clearly blue on these three occasions and too small to clearly see or uncolored most of his other appearances, they are twice shown as being red in his first appearance in Tarzan#15.
    Though we don't see his hair atop his head, if it matches his eyebrows then he has dark, probably black, hair.
- Loki

    In Monsters Unleashed#3, a sorceress in the era of the Depression enabled a man to enter a magic mannikin using spells from the tome of Alhazred. She summoned Satan, who appeared before both of them.
--Per Degaton

    Per Marvel Team-Up I#76 legends said that the Necronomicon was partly derived from the Shiatra Book of the Damned which is another name for the Darkhold.
BTW this was revealed by none other than Dr. Strange and to the site it was pointed out by Per Degaton.

    The editor of Marvel Comics Presents (Richard Ashford or co-editor Michael Kraiger) admitted that readers had "seen his face before" (that is, Alhazred's face; the comment can be found in the letters page of MCP#160). That would suggest that they were acknowledging the Tarzan appearances of Alhazred.
  There was also a boat in a Nightcrawler mini-series issue (Nightcrawler I#3, it was the boat of Kitty and Colossus or Kitty's Fairytale) named Abdul Alhazred.
--Per Degaton & Markus Raymond (the latter went on a journey through Degaton's mind to find the missing pieces to the above comments like issue numbers or names of the people involved)

    Supplementary info by Per Degaton:

   On the Darkhold vs Necronomicon: Dr. Strange thought the Necronomicon was copied from the Darkhold (Marvel Team-Up I#76), but the Atlantean Logomancer in Namor: The First Mutant#3 cited legends that both tomes had been copied from writings in R'llyeh (apparently a variant spelling for R'lyeh, where Lovecraft claimed the Great Old One Cthulhu is imprisoned beneath the Pacific waves). Since we've been told that Chthon wrote the Darkhold, this might be considered a contradiction of established continuity, except that (a) the Logomancer did say it was only legend and (b) we were subsequently told that other Great Old Ones lived in R'lyeh (King in Black: Namor#2) and that Chthon was the greatest of the Great Old Ones (Carnage II#14). In terms of Chthon allegedly being a Great Old One when we know he is an Elder God, this might be evidence that the Great Old Ones are some of the Elder Gods who devolved into demons, or, since the Great Old Ones are frequently stated to be non-terrestrial in origins and the Elder Gods were birthed from Earth's energies and hence are decidedly terrestrial, it may be that Chthon joined the Great Old Ones' "pantheon" at some point, the same way Gaea made herself part of several pantheons of Earth's gods. In terms of which writings are derived from which, we know the actual physical pages of the Darkhold were personally inscribed by Chthon (hence why the pages are indestructible), so it ISN'T a copy of the writings in R'llyeh, but Chthon may have also inscribed the same or overlapping mystic texts into the walls of that city, and if the Necronomicon is derived from Chthon's writings, it could have been copied from either - though Alhazred would have had an easier time tracking down the Darkhold to copy from than visiting sunken R'llyeh.. 

    Because of the influence of Lovecraft's writings on modern horror, the Necronomicon has turned up in various novels and films as a homage. Notable among those is the Evil Dead franchise, where it is the book that triggers the outbreak of demonic zombie "Deadites" in each movie; the reason this is more relevant for Marvel than other such homages is because that version of the Necronomicon turned up in Marvel Zombies: Army of Darkness. - Loki

    In addition, Mike Murphy tells me: This particular version of Alhazred hues close to the version that appeared in Marvel's Tarzan comic ( circa issues #15-23, I believe ).
--It took me awhile to get those Tarzan issues, but I finally got them:

   A potential minor inconvenience for the 1920s guy to be a host of the spirit of the 8th century Abdul Alhazred is that     "The Nameless City" was first published in the November 1921 issue of the amateur press journal The Wolverine.
--Per Degaton

    The Tarzan stories were brought into continuity in Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic in Alhazred's own entry.
--Markus Raymond

   In Monsters Unleashed#3/3 the Witch of the Hills cited Alhazred's book as the source of a spell that invoked the "demon" Yngvi; since Yngvi is actually another name for the Asgardian god Frey, it's unclear whether she (and Alhzared) didn't know this and were actually invoking the god, if there is a demon who has taken to using one of Frey's aliases, or even if there is a version of Frey, perhaps a survivor of a past Ragnarok cycle, who is still around separate from the current incarnation and who has devolved into a demon.

    Wolverine's first encounter with Alhazred takes place prior to him having Adamantium laced into his skeleton, as evidenced by Wolverine not using his claws during their fight. - Loki

Abdul Alhazred has no known connections to:


The 1920s Alhazred had a pet hawk that was linked to his life force and obeyed his silent commands (perhaps conveyed telepathically). To make it more lethal, Alhazred shod its claws with iron. It apparently enjoyed feasting on human flesh as it was seen on one occasion to swoop onto the corpse of a slave Alhazred had slain. It accompanied him to Pellucidar, but when Alhazred finally reached the Mahar Crystal his foe Ayesha tried to slay the Mad Arab with a sonic cannon; the blast struck the hawk first, and obliterated it.


--Tarzan#15  (Tarzan 16, 19-21


images: (without ads)
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Tarzan#23, Cover (VS Tarzan)
Tarzan#23, p10, pan2 (body burning against the crystal)
Tarzan#23, p15, pan1 (body reduced to ashes)
Marvel Comics Presents I
#154, p8, pan1 (summons demons)
Marvel Comics Presents I#154, p1, pan1 (close up of current host's face, with blue eyes visible)
Tarzan#15, p13, pan4 (hawk)
Tarzan#21, p17, pan5 (death of hawk)

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