MEMBERSHIP: Barrett, Napoleon Caesar Dumas, Rhys, Scarface, Sheik/Chief, Stump

AFFILIATIONS: Pawns of Abdul Alhazred; Enemies of Wolverine and Tyger Tiger


APPEARANCES: Marvel Comics Presents#62 (1990); (62,62 152-155

HISTORY: When Abdul Alhazred sought to takeover the island of Madripoor, he has his agent, the Sheik, organize a band of unrelated mercenaries. These men kidnapped Tyger Tiger, a crimelord of Madripoor, along with her pilot, Archie Corrigan, that Alhazred would be able to takeover her position after he slew her. Although the kidnapping was successful, internal fighting led to the crashing of their plane in the jungles of Madripoor. There they were overpowered by Wolverine, who freed Tyger Tiger and Corrigan. Alhazred's servants were sent to prison in Madripoor, which harsh as it was, was apparently the lesser of two evils compared to returning to Alhazred empty-handed.

A short time later, Alhazred himself kidnapped Tyger Tiger and overpowered Woverine, although the X-Man managed to escape. Seeking to slay Wolverine, he had is agents, whom he had apparently freed, watch over his prisoners. Wolverine took the bait, but defeated both Alhazred and his prisoners, and again freed Tyger Tiger and Corrigan.

COMMENTS: Created by Dwight Zimmerman and Paul Ryan.

Alhazred, or an incarnation of him, was active @ 1920-1930, when he was affiliated with a man, Glen Barrett, who has no known connection to Barret, who served him in the modern era.

Assuming they haven't been killed there, they're probably still rotting away in the prisons of Madripoor.


Barrett-French pilot. He used a revolver, and was only present for the first adventure. The reason was not stated.




Dumas, Napolean Caesar-A small and frail French man. I'm not sure what is talents were, besides brown-nosing and running away





Rhys-Englishman, photographer. He used a revolver






Scarface and Stump-two brothers, both strong and simple. Stump was missing his right hand, and Scarface had a linear scar running over the right side of his face.







Sheik-also called the Chief, he has served Alhazred longer than the rest and was the one who organized them for their first mission. He aslo usd a revolver and had a tattoo of the symbol of Alhazred on his chest.




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