Real Name: Zuras

Identity/Class: Terrestrial human variant/Hidden race (Eternals);
    first citizen of Olympia;
    Zuras existence has been revealed to humanity, although the general population does not believe in the existence of the Eternals

Occupation: Prime Eternal/leader of Earth's Eternals;
    former warrior

Group Membership: Earth's Eternals;
    sometimes part of the Eternals' Uni-Mind

Affiliations: Eternals of Earth, specifically Domo, Ikaris, Makkari, Phastos, Sersi, Thena, Virako; Druig, Legba, and others are somewhat allied but less trustworthy
    Asgardian gods in general,
Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon), Margo Damian, Sam Holden, Inhumans of Earth, Karkas, Odin Borson, Reject (Ransak), Socrates (pet dog), Thor Odinson;
    formerly Ajak, Gilgamesh, Sprite;
    loose relation (previously developed a pact of non-interference) with
Zeus and the Olympian gods (notably Athena), as well as Iron Man (Tony Stark), Yellowjacket (Hank Pym), and the Initiative
    indirectly Iron Man (Jim Rhodes)
    Zuras has both opposed and acted as an agent of the Celestials at various points in time; similarly, the Dreaming Celestial has been both an ally and a threat to Zuras and the Eternals;
    the Fulcrum has aided Zuras and the Eternals when it has wished to do so;
    he monitored the activities of the Red Hulk (General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross) and Machine Man (X-51/Aaron Stack) and Earth's superhumans in general, but had not resolved a stance for or against them

Enemies: Deviants (notably, Dromedan, Kra, Kro, Tode, Zakka), Gammenon the Gatherer, Gilgamesh (aka Forgotten One and Hero), the Horde, Hulk robot, Intelligencia (Egghead/Elihas Starr, Leader/Samuel Sterns, Mad Thinker/Julius, Red Ghost/Ivan Kragoff, Wizard/formerly Bentley Wittman), Jemiah the Analyzer, Sprite, Young Gods (Brightsword/Carter Dyam, Caduceus/Mark Cadmon, Calculus/Jawalharal Patel, Daydreamer/Catherine Moranis, Genii/Jason Kimball, Harvest/Chi Lo, Highnote/Raoul Hernandez, Mindsinger/Gregor Buhkarov, Moonstalker/Kiana, Sea Witch/Bridgit O'Hare, Splice/Chandra Ku, Varua)/Mira);
    formerly Odin Borson, Druig,
Olympian gods (including Ares, Athena, Hercules, Hermes), Zeus;
    Zuras has both opposed and acted as an agent of the Celestials at various points in time
; similarly, the Dreaming Celestial has been both an ally and a threat to Zuras and the Eternals

Known Relatives: Kronos (father), Daina (mother);
    Uranos (paternal uncle, deceased);
    A'Lars (aka Mentor, brother), apparently numerous unidentified brothers and sisters; Sui-San (sister-in-law, deceased);
    Cybele (wife);
    Thena (Azura, daughter); Thomas Elliot (son-in-law, deceased);
    Deborah Ritter (aka Tzabaoth/Dark Angel; granddaughter), Donald Ritter (aka Tzabaoth/Dark Angel; grandson), Joey Elliott (adoptive? grandson)
    Eros (aka Starfox) and Thanos (nephews); other offspring of A'Lars (nieces and nephews);
    Thane (grand-nephew); other offspring of Thanos (deceased);
    Nebula (great-grandniece)

Aliases: "All-Wisest," Father Zuras, Omni-Father, Prime Eternal, Prime One;
    he has often been mistaken for Zeus, and also named as
Jupiter (as Zeus was known to the Romans);
     a couple of human firemen called him "grandpa," "old buzzard," "Pops";
    Zeus called him "base imposter" and "grandsire Zuras"

Base of Operations: Olympia, Antarctica;
    formerly the alleys of Manhattan, New York;
    formerly an unidentified valley in Peru, South America;
    formerly Olympia, Greece;
    formerly Titanos, the first city of the Eternals, location unrevealed

First Appearance: (Ret-conned first appearance): Red Raven Comics#1/3 (August, 1940)
    (Zuras first appearance): Eternals I#5 (November, 1976)zuras-eternals-thor291-vzeus

Powers/Abilities: His life force augmented by cosmic energy, Zuras at least formerly had total mental control over his physical form and bodily processes even if asleep or unconscious. As a result, he was virtually immortal, immune to aging (he stopped aging upon reaching adulthood) and conventional disease, and he was virtually invulnerable to conventional forms of injury. It was theorized, at least, that even if his form was injured, if his mind remained intact, he could regenerate and damaged or missing tissue. However, if his mental control over his body was broken, his body was much more susceptible to damage or destruction.
    At least following the re-writing of reality by Sprite via the Dreaming Celestial, deceased Eternals could be restored via the Reactivation Chamber.

    The cosmic energy that bolstered his body granted him enhanced endurance, and he could resist temperature extremes through mental concentration.zuras-eternals-e4-6-gilgamesh

    Zuras can lift approximately 30 tons without employing his psionic powers to levitate the object. While occasionally engaging in physical combat, he had not demonstrated combat skills.

    Zuras is more powerful and accomplished in projecting cosmic energy from his body than other Eternals. He can project beams from his eyes and/or beams or flashes from his hands. This cosmic energy, apparently stored in specialized enclaves of cells in his body, can be used as concussive force (equivalent to 350 pounds per square inch), as well as electricity, heat (up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit, although it reportedly took him approximately 1 minute to achieve this temperature), light, and possibly other forms of electromagnetic energy. Because his heat beams could vaporize solid object, they were also called disintegrator beams. He can project energy up to 300' away.

    Sustained use of his powers over several hours might temporarily deplete his physical strength; it would not lessen his durability, it allegedly would temporarily increase his sensitivity to pain. He would rapidly return to normal after such lengthy energy expenditure was over.
    Resisting a mental assault by the likes of Dromedan was also briefly exhausting for Zuras.

    When frustrated, bolts of raw energy might leap from his body like lightning bolts.

    Zuras can also project cosmic energy around his body to form a protective shield.

    He can also drain cosmic energy from other sources, and he can instantly snuff massive fires spanning multiple city blocks.

    Zuras can levitate himself by mentally manipulating gravitons (sub-atomic particles carrying the force of gravitational attraction between atoms) around himself. He can also levitate other persons and objects while simultaneously levitating himself. He reportedly has reached approximately 850 miles per hour, greater than most Eternals. 

zuras-eternals-e4-3-joey-insult-laugh    Zuras can psionically manipulate atoms and molecules so as to transform an object's shape or properties; for example, he can liquefy the ground below someone and then solidify it around that being again. He is a fourth-level adept (with fifth level being the highest) at this discipline.

    Zuras has low-level psychic abilities that allow him to engage in simple short-range telepathic communication with other persons and to scan the superficial thoughts of any human or Eternal mind less adept that his own.

    He can also mentally create illusions.

    Zuras can teleport himself or other individuals psionically within an unrevealed range; however, like other Eternals, finds this method of transportation unpleasant.

    As Prime Eternal, Zuras can initiate the Uni-Mind, a merger of the mind and bodies of the Eternals (humans and others may participate as well) into a collective power and consciousness. He typically does this by generating a cosmic energy with the appearance of blue flame that erupted from his head and then enveloped his entire body, transforming it into energy with which the other Eternals would merge and be similarly transformed.
    Maintaining the Uni-Mind and/or being forced to disperse the Eternals is physically taxing for Zuras, although he swiftly recovers.

    Zuras is above average intelligence, and millennia over experience has granted him extension knowledge and significant wisdom. Since his resurrection, he has been somewhat less focused)

    Zuras has access to the Eternals' advanced technology and weaponry, such as the Unifier (which facilitates the creation of the Uni-Mind) Prism of Knowledge and the Staff of Power; these and others will eventually get their own profiles,

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 300 lbs. (perhaps 375 lbs. since his resurrection)
Eyes: Blue (originally/occasionally shown as green)
Hair: Red (including beard; usually without a mustache (except immediately after resurrection)


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14: Zuras (fb) - BTS) - Zuras was born in Titanos, the first city of the Eternals.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#2; Kronos entry) - Titanos was located in Northern Asia.

zuras-eternals-wi25-2-youth(What If? I#25/2 (fb)) - Following a bloody civil war with his brother, Uranos, Kronos vowed to never again let war divide their people, and he spent time playing with his eldest children, Zuras and A'Lars.

(Captain Marvel I#29 (fb)) - While a young man, Zuras dreamed of leading mighty warriors as did his uncle, Uranos, once did, Zuras' brother A'Lars, followed the teachers of their father, Kronos, a child of scholarly pursuits and peace.

(Captain Marvel I#29 (fb) / What If? I#25/2 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#2; Kronos entry) <Circa 3000 BC> - After Kronos was left a disembodied consciousness by an explosion during his cosmic life force experiments that leveled Titanos, the remaining Eternals of Earth were greatly empowered by the unleashed energy.

zuras-eternals-wi25-2-cosmic(Captain Marvel I#29 (fb) / What If? I#25/2) - Recovering from the unleashed energy, Zuras and A'Lars, noting their increased power and that only property was damaged, followed the trail of destruction into Kronos' chamber. There they encountered a manifestation of Kronos who explained what had happened and made them promise to never lift a hand against each other before he departed to explore the universe.

    Gathering the other Eternals, Zuras and A'Lars explained what had happened, and appreciating that no kingdom could have more than one king, they prepared the others to decide who would succeed Kronos as the Prime One. As the rest of the Eternals participated in a ritual circle-flight that Kronos had loved, the centrally-standing Zuras and A'Lars suddenly burst into cosmic fire, and then the other Eternals were pulled into the fire, forming the first Uni-Mind, a collective mentality that united all Eternals participating in mind, body, and spirit.

    After the Uni-Mind broke apart, Zuras noted that the Uni-Mind was another legacy Kronos had left them, while A'Lars acknowledged that the majority had preferred Zuras as the next Prime Eternal, and A'Lars departed Earth so as to avoid any disunity.

    Zuras bade his brother farewell, noting that he was a good and noble being, perhaps nobler than he would have been had their positions been reversed. Wishing A'Lars peace, Zuras gathered his people, telling them there was much to be done.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14: Zuras (fb) - BTS) - Zuras directed the construction of the new principal city of the Eternals, Olympia.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Eternals (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11: Thena (fb) - BTS) - Olympia was established in Greece near Mt. Olympus, the site of interdimensional portal to Olympus, home of the Olympian gods.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14: Zuras (fb) - BTS) - Other Eternals settled elsewhere, such as Polaria in Siberia and Oceana in the Pacific ocean, but Zuras remained the leader of all of Earth's Eternals.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14: Zuras (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zuras entry) - At some point, Zuras married Cybele.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11: Thena (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zuras entry) - Over 4000 years ago, Zuras and Cybele parented Azura, aka Zura, who eventually became Zuras' principal adviser.

(X-Men III#12 (fb) <see comments>- Alongside Ikaris, Makkari, Phastos, Sersi, and Thena, Zuras watched as a pack of wolves attacked primitive anthropoids (ape-like predecessors of humanity) who were apparently part of the Evolutionaries' consciousness. One of the Eternals asked if they should intervene, but Zuras countered that this was the Celestials' plan: These creatures would evolve and would be judged, but they were not their concern; the Eternals' directive was to keep the Deviants' threat in check. Makkari asked Zuras if he thought the creatures would live long enough to evolve, as it didn't appear they would survive the night. As the Eternals teleported away, Zuras noted that their destiny was their own: If they were strong, they would survive.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11: Thena (fb) - BTS) - When the civilization of ancient Greece began to rise, the Olympian gods' ruler, Zeus, decided to make his race's presence known to humanity so they would be worshipped. zuras-eternals-wi29-2-flying

    Zeus and his daughter Athena, goddess of wisdom, held a meeting with Zuras and Zura. Noticing the marked physical resemblance between Zeus and Zuras and between Zura and herself, Athena suggested that the Olympian gods and the Eternals form an alliance in which the Eternals would act as the gods' representatives on Earth. Zeus, Zuras, and Zura agreed, and Zuras renamed Zura as Thena to signify the sealing of the pact and also to indicate that she would serve as Athena's personal representative.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Eternals entry (fb) - BTS) - Representatives of the Olympian gods and the Eternals of Olympia signed a mutual non-interference pact, and they even benefited from human confusion between their two races.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11: Thena (fb) - BTS) - However, confusing the Eternals for the Olympian gods led to a growing resentment by the gods toward the Eternals. 

(Eternals: The Herod Factor#1 (fb)) - Zuras led Ajax, Ikaris, and Thena against some Deviants high above Babylon (see comments).

(Eternals: The Herod Factor#1 (fb) - BTS) - While the Eternals apparently vanquished their foes, Thena was stunned by an explosion and encountered Kro, after which the two fell in love (apparently unknown to Zuras or the other Eternals).

(Eternals III#4 (fb)) <1600 years ago> - When Sprite offered to go and get Sersi from a fire in Rome, Zuras told him his offer was noble but that he was just a child.

(Eternals I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Zuras banished Gilgamesh, allegedly due to his prideful meddling in human affairs, noting that the time for heroes had passed. He became known as the Forgotten One.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zuras entry) - Over millennia of rigorous discipline, Zuras developed his powers beyond the conventional attributes of the Eternals.

(Eternals I#16 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the past, Zuras faced the Deviant Dromedan the Brain-Snatcher, resisting his (apparent) mental illusions of wind and flame and of being turned to stone. As Zuras alone resisted Dromedan's power, Dromedan came to fear him, and Zuras defeated him, placing a neutralizer helmet on his head to contain his powers and then placing him in a crypt beneath what would become the northeast part of the United States of America (perhaps under Manhattan, New York).

(Eternals II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zuras made arrangements for a successor, creating some sort of holoprojection recording stating that whoever sat on the Eternal Seat becoming the new leader of Earth's Eternals.

(Red Raven Comics#1/3) <Circa 1940 AD> - Observing war-torn Europe, Zuras (see comments) conferred with Thena about the madness that kept humanity from achieving true greatness. Acknowledging this, Thena suggested that one of them could halt the ghastly pastime of Kro, and Zuras -- after considering the likes of Phastos, "Aeolus," "Diana," and "Apollo" (see comments) -- concluded that Makkari would be ideal for the job. Summoning Makkari, Zuras sent him to thwart Kro's efforts.

(Red Raven Comics#1/3 - BTS) - Makkari identified Kro as Rudolph Hendler, ruler of Prussland, and delayed his orders of war, leading opposing soldiers to befriend each other.

(Red Raven Comics#1/3) - Zuras noted with pleasure Makkari's success.

(What If? I#29/2 (fb) - BTS) - From a distance, Zuras observed the Inhumans over a long period of time, admiring Black Bolt's capacity for leadership among them. zuras-eternals-e1-11-uniritual

(What If? I#29/2 / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#1: Attilan) <Mid 20th century> - Encountering Inhuman ruler Black Bolt (apparently near Polaria?) while he was seeking out a place to which to relocate the Inhuman homeland, the island Attilan. Ikaris led Black Bolt to Olympia and introduced him to Zuras. Noting his respect for Black Bolt's leadership and the similarities of their races as both being sub-species of humanity, Zuras offered the Eternals' aid. At Zuras query, Black Bolt gestured to note that he could not speak, after which Zuras had Domo attach his though-visualizer to Black Bolt's antennae; this revealed Black Bolt's fear of humans discovering the Inhumans.

    Appreciating the need to guard their peoples from superstitious humanity, Zuras accompanied Black Bolt and a large number of Eternals to seek a new home, which they found in an isolated Himalayan valley. The Eternals then combined their energy to carve out a deep pit on which the city's foundation could be built.


    Leaving the building of the city to Black Bolt and his people, Zuras noted how Black Bolt had the same seed of greatness that the Celestials had instilled in the Eternals, and he wished him the best in leading his people to their safe haven.

(Eternals I#5 - BTS) - After Deviant mutates abducted Sersi, Makkari sought Zuras's approval to act on this

(Eternals I#5) - After Thena defeated Zuras in a remote-controlled auto-boxer contest, Zuras blamed a buzzer for distracting him. He then answered the buzzer/caller Domo, who informed him of Makkari's impending approach. Zuras asked Thena to fill his cup with wine (or something) so he could better tolerate Makkari. Zuras initially mocked Makkari, expecting hyperbole, but upon learning the truth, Zuras realized this could be a renewal of a cosmic war, and he urged Makkari to give him the straight facts.

    After Makkari had done so, Zuras angrily released a powerful burst of energy as he vented his frustration of the Deviants' actions. He then allowed Thena and Makkari to depart to teach the Deviants a lesson of respect.

(Eternals I#9) - Zuras distantly observed as Sprite played a prank on the returning Ikaris, Makkari, and Thena, noting that even during this time of final judgment, the young ignored all but their youth. When Domo informed him that his scanners were now focused on the Celestials, Zuras thanked him and told him he was ready to study them.

(Eternals I#10) - Via Domo's device, Zuras probed the Celestial ship, but he was virtually overwhelmed by an "incredible mind-thrust" and was forced to sever contact. Nonetheless, he learned of the One Above All, whom he surmised to be the leader of the Celestials' Fourth Host, and of their mission: To judge humanity over 50 years. To prepare a means to deal with this, Zuras instructed Domo to activate the Unifier, which sent out a summons to all of the Eternals to Olympia.

(Eternals I#11) - As the gathering Eternals levitated around him, Zuras stood within the unifier, calling to let the ritual begin, to fuse their bodies and thoughts into the Uni-Mind.

(Eternals I#12) - As the gathered Eternals -- joined by humans Margo Damian and Sam Holden -- surrounded him, Zuras converted into a blue flame that extended out from the Unifier. As Eternals approached the flame, they were enveloped and converted into the same form of energy; when all had joined, the Uni-Mind -- their mental/physical/energy collective -- emerged. The Uni-Mind then flew into space to approach the Celestial ship in hopes of learning more of their nature.

(Eternals I#13 - BTS) - The mischievous Sprite guided Gilgamesh to conclude that with Zuras absent, his edict of the Forgotten One's banishment was also absent; Sprite convinced Gilgamesh to pilot a vessel into space to travel to the Celestial ship to prevent a group of Deviants from attacking the Celestials.

(Eternals I#14 - BTS) - As the Uni-Mind returned to Earth, cosmic particles were pulled along with it, causing havoc in various regions, including instilling a Hulk robot built at the Maryland Institute of Technology with cosmic power.

(Eternals I#14) - Returning to Olympia, the Uni-Mind dissolved into its component Eternals, and Zuras declared the ritual to be at an end. 

(Eternals I#14 - BTS) - The Hulk robot activated and went on a rampage. Ikaris, Makkari, and Sersi went to confront it.zuras-eternals-e1-16-mostlyfull

(Eternals I#15) - After a violent and unsuccessful struggle between those Eternals and the cosmic-powered Hulk robot, Zuras arrived, noting that his power would decide the fight.

(Eternals I#16) - Zuras told Ikaris to stand aside, shielding himself from the cosmic-powered Hulk robot's assault with a force field, after which he put his hands on the Hulk's shoulders, causing the cosmic matter/energy to bleed from his form. As the robot fled, Zuras warned that the danger was not yet over, and he charged Ikaris and Makkari to subdue the less-powerful robot. Makkari and Sersi then kneeled before Zuras, promising to serve his will. zuras-eternals-e1-16-press

    Reporters from WYZB then broadcast a live interview with Zuras, who told them that humans and Eternals must be as one, and that the Eternals would exchange ancient knowledge important for their mutual welfare; however, until the secrets could be safely revealed, he asked their patience.

    When the struggling Hulk robot damaged gas lines, causing a powerful explosion (that seemingly destroyed it) and dangerous fires, Zuras demonstrated his power, releasing energies that instantly snuffed the fires, noting that that trick had taken 1000 years of practice.

(Eternals I#16) - After Makkari and Ikaris both fell under the influence of the Deviant Dromedan the Brain-Snatcher, Zuras discovered the formerly hidden shaft unearthed by the explosion and recognized it as where Dromedan had been imprisoned.

    Investigating, Zuras found the crypt torn open and the tomb, as well as the neutralizer helmet, of Dromedan to be empty. He subsequently observed Ikaris and Makkari mentally manipulated into battling each other, confirming his concerns.

    Again resisting Dromedan's illusions, Zuras vowed to replace his helmet and force him to wear it for all eternity, while Dromedan insisted he would do with the world as he pleased, and he ordered Zuras to kneel.

(Eternals I#17) - As Zuras struggled to resist Dromedan's power, Makkari and Ikaris regained their wills and attacked Dromedan but were both swiftly subdued and fell under his power anew, respectively.

    Recovering, Zuras -- who hoped to restrain rather than destroy Dromedan -- melted the ground under Dromedan and then hardened it around him and tried to replace his nullifier helmet, but Dromedan caused Zuras to experience the torment of growing painful spikes from his body. When Zuras refused to free Dromedan, he forced Zuras to shroud himself in dark vapors and breath deeply. Eventually, Dromedan gained control of Zuras, Ikaris, and Makkari; however, Sersi then attacked, ignoring the advice of the weakened Eternals to flee.

    Sersi subsequently created duplicates of Ikaris to plague Dromedan, and the real Ikaris caught Dromedan off guard with powerful disintegrator beams. Zuras and the other Eternals flew to safety to avoid the powerful energies released in Dromedan's seeming destruction. Zuras lamented that Dromedan had to be destroyed, but he praised Ikaris and the other Polar Eternals as valorous.

(Eternals I#18) - At Station Four, somewhere in Washington, DC, the US president's representative Mr. Bradford informed Zuras that the president thanked him and the Eternals for their cooperation. The president's representative agreed with Zuras to observed the "Space-Gods" rather than provoke a situation via confrontation. Zuras did not divulge much information on the Celestials, noting only that they were not omnipotent, but merely older.

    After Sersi arrived, she transformed the room into a barn so they could have a hoe-down dance/party, and Zuras advised Bradford to calm himself, as it was not the most unpleasant way to await Ikaris' return.

(Eternals I#18 - BTS) - Ikaris, however, was captured by Druig.zuras-eternals-e1an1-face

(Eternals Annual#1) - Alongside Thena, Zuras watched as his scanners showed a Neanderthal man in the streets of a modern human city. He swiftly recognized this to be the work of Zakka, the Deviant tool-master. Thena swiftly gathered her Deviant allies Karkas and Ransak and Zuras instructed them to stop Zakka in a manner they considered fitting (specifically, he did not order them to kill Zakka). zuras-eternals-fotha-projection

(Fall of the Hulks: Alpha#1 (fb) - BTS) - When the Intelligencia (Egghead, Leader, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, Wizard) approached an Antarctic outpost of Olympia (see comments), a projection of Zuras forbade them entry, but the Red Ghost neutralized the projection.

(Fall of the Hulks: Alpha#1 (fb)) - Within the outpost, Zuras advised caution to Ikaris with regards to a collector intended to repair the hole in the ozone layer.

(Fall of the Hulks: Alpha#1 (fb) - BTS) - As the Eternals apparently did not detect the invaders, the Intelligencia continued into the room where the Eternals had stored what they had recovered from the Library of Alexandria; the Intelligencia plundered these arcane studies. Among their captures, notably, were a large monolith and the cosmic-powered Hulk automaton.

(Eternals II#1 (fb)) - Zuras made a holoprojection recording for Thena using the Prism of Knowledge, which would present itself after his death when Thena grasped the prism. The message warned of a deadly secret that the Prime Eternal must know.

(Eternals II#9 (fb)) - Zuras revealed this secret to be the power/essence of the Dreaming Celestial contained within a vial in the Pyramid of Winds.

(Thor I#285 (fb) - BTS) - Zuras loaned his ship to Thena for use in a mission to investigate the new city of the Deviants.

(Thor I#287 - BTS) - As Thena and the other Eternals (along with Karkas, Reject, and Thor) returned to Olympia, a discus from their Olympic Games struck Zuras' ship and shattered its right grav rocket; those aboard were forced to abandon ship before it crashed into the mountainside.

(Thor I#287) - As Makkari noted the returning Eternals along with their uninvited guests, Zuras noted that all who came in peace were welcome when the Games were afoot. After Zuras temporarily halted the Games, Ikaris and Thena then introduced Thor to Zuras, noting how he had helped them destroy the Deviants' new stronghold. Noting that his sources had told him Thor had been exiled from Asgard, Zuras told the respectfully kneeling Thor to rise, assuring him that he needed no explanations and that Thor was welcome there; Zuras then had Domo restart the Games.

    However, the Games were soon interrupted when the Forgotten One appeared amidst the field in a powerful burst of energy. Though Domo and Makkari advised that the Forgotten One meant trouble, Zuras, intrigued by his new space garb, instructed him to speak. After relating his encountering the Celestial One Above All, as whose emissary he now served, he announced his new name "Hero." zuras-eternals-thor289-staff

    When Zuras asked why he had returned, Hero told him of the One Above All's instruction not to interfere with the Celestials' fifty-year judgment. Zuras replied that while he had not said he would interfere, but that none told Zuras what to do. In response, Ikaris, other Eternals, and Karkas rushed Hero, who swiftly plowed through them. Hero then asked Zuras to vow not to interfere, after which he would depart; however, if Zuras refused, Hero would level Olympia. Domo urged Zuras to give the oath, noting the Celestials to be their creators, but Zuras instructed Domo to remember that he (Zuras) would decide what they owed the Space Gods.

    As Hero began to level the arena's pillars, Thor confronted and battled Hero, while Ikaris supported the damaged pillars. Zuras watched in silence as both Thor and Hero vanished (teleported, unbeknownst to him, to the Celestials' Mothership).

(Thor I#288) - As Thena urged pre-emptively striking against the Celestials, Zuras asked Ikaris' opinion, and he reminded Zuras of their vow to Thor (see comments). Ultimately, Zuras ruled that they had already fulfilled their vow to Thor and that they would now form the Uni-Mind to confront and assault the Celestials if need be.

(Thor I#289) - After the One Above All sent Thor and Hero back to Olympia, Zuras denounced the Forgotten One as a traitor and prepared to punish him. However, Thor defended the Forgotten One, refusing to back down to Zuras' demands. Ultimately, after (1) realizing Thor's resistance was to some degree based on his frustration following his exile from Asgard by Odin and (2) learning that the Forgotten One had been sent to the the Celestial Mothership by the mischievous Sprite, Zuras considered that he may have been acting too hastily. After asking the Forgotten One for his explanation, Zuras ruled that Sprite would act as the then-blind Forgotten One's eyes, while the Forgotten One would hopefully act Sprite's conscience.

    After Zuras detailed his plan to form the Uni-Mind for an assault on the Celestials, Thor argued that this would just anger the Celestials. When Zuras counseled Thor not to start a new conflict, Thor asked Zuras for some time to find another course of action, and Zuras granted him 24 hours. zuras-eternals-thor291-eyeblast

(Thor I#291) - After Thor returned, having failed to determine any alternative, Zuras resolved to begin the Ritual of the Uni-Mind; Thor declined his invitation to join them and noted his vision -- shown by the One Above All -- of Odin having bent a knee to the Celestials a millennium past. Zuras soon after initiated the ritual, and the Uni-Mind rose, approaching the Celestial Mothership; however, a large group of Olympians, led by Zeus and accompanied by Odin, then and assaulted Olympia, damaging the Unifier tower from which Zuras formed the Uni-Mind.

    As a result, the gestalt entity sank back to Olympia and separated into its component gods. Upset at this betrayal, Zuras confronted Odin and Zeus, the latter of whom mocked being challenged by a being named for him. Refusing to stand in the Olympians' shadow and noting that the Eternals wanted peace with the Olympians, but not at this price, Zuras ordered them to depart, before collapsing, weakened by the trauma of the Uni-Mind's disruption.

    A fight soon broke out with the Eternals fighting against the Asgardians and Olympians, with Thor aiding the Eternals. Regaining his strength, Zuras engaged Zeus, who warned Zuras that while he could not die as mortals did, he had the power to disperse Zuras atoms. With neither willing to yield, the two unleashed their energies against each other.

(Thor I#292) - Having overpowered Thor, Odin ultimately refused to slay his own bloodson AGAIN, and he threw away his spear, Gungnir, with enough force to attract the attention of the other combatants. Zeus reminded Odin that he had been the one to enlist the Olympians in this mission, and Zuras noted that while the Eternals only wished to oppose the Celestials, they would fight the gods if needed; Zeus admitted that Zuras was a far worthier foeman he had expected. When Odin called an end to the combat, Zuras expressed his irritation at Odin's behavior, but Odin departed, refusing to explain himself.

    When Zeus prayed that Odin knew what he had done, Zuras asked Zeus (calling him "Dog of Olympus") what had Odin actually done, but then he asked Zeus to spare him that answer and instead get his "ignoble minions" out of Olympia unless they wished to clash anew. Zeus warned Zuras (whom he called "base imitator") not to push him too far or he would fight the Eternals for his own reasons, rather than Odin's. Ikaris told Zuras to say the word and the Eternals would prove that they were no imitators, and Thor vowed to stand by the Eternals again, even against Hercules.

    Zeus interrupted, noting that there was no need for further combat and that he now realized that he had agreed to Odin's request for an alliance against the Eternals more out of old resentment than for any good reason. Zeus then announced the Olympians departure, hoping to never again clash with the spiritual sons and daughters of Zuras. Before departing, Zeus apologized, explaining that he had long resented Olympia as it seemed to mock Olympus' former glory days.

    After noting that it was time to bind their wounds and rebuild their ruined city, Zuras clarified to Thor that he had not renounced his plan to challenge the Celestials, and that rather than joining Thor's efforts, the Eternals would go about attempting to save Earth in their own way; however, he admitted that ultimately, the Eternals may also be forced to bend a knee before the Celestials.

    As Zuras departed to rejoin his people, the "bend a knee" comment reminded Thor of the vision shown by the One Above All, and -- based on a vague hint from Odin -- departed to seek out the lost Eye of Odin to learn the secrets of Odin bending his knee to the Celestials and Odin's notation of refusing to slay his son "again."


(Thor I#300 (fb) - BTS) - Zuras led Earth's Eternals in merging into the Uni-Mind.

(Thor I#300) - In the Andes mountain, after the Destroyer (animated by the combined life forces of Odin and the other gods of Asgard (notably excepting Thor, who had been away from Asgard at the time) destroyed a barrier around the Celestials' city, the Uni-Mind followed the Destroyer to confront the Celestials. However, the Celestials Gammenon and Jemiah released a pair of energy blasts that merged into one before striking the Uni-Mind, causing it to split into its component Eternals, who dropped soundlessly to the ground and laid still.

(Thor I#301 (fb) - BTS) - At the Uni-Mind's core, Zuras took the brunt of the Celestials' blast, sacrificing himself to spare the other Eternals, who were merely stunned.

(Thor I#300 - BTS) - After the Celestials had destroyed the Destroyer and melted the Odinsword, Gaea interrupted the returning Thor's futile assaults, revealing the Young Gods she had gathered as representatives of the best of mankind, which caused the Celestials to judge in humanity's favor.



(Thor I#301 (fb) - BTS) - The other Eternals discovered Zuras' fate and solemnly gathered around him.

(Thor I#301) - Seeing the somber Eternals, Thor approached and was saddened to learn of Zuras' passing. Ikaris told Thor that while Eternals could not die under normal conditions, the Celestials could destroy that which they had created. Telling Zuras he had been a good and noble sire, Thena noted that his memory would endure and told him to be at peace.

(Iron Man Annual I#6 (fb)) - The Eternals brought Zuras' body back to Olympia, after which Thena gave the funeral oration beside his bier, and only she refrained from weeping over his loss. Thereafter, the Eternals went to their own chambers where they were ambushed by Deviants -- under the direction of Brother Tode -- and implanted with Brain-Mines rendering them inert.

(Iron Man Annual I#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Deviants made residence in Olympia, and Tode had Kro use technology to -- over an unspecified period of time -- agonize an unspecified number of Eternals to the point that their mind's broke. Without a mental field to hold them together, the Eternals were susceptible to physical destruction, and their bodies were destroyed in a converter, after which Tode ingested the Eternal molecules

(Iron Man Annual I#6 - BTS) - Something (perhaps Domo's computer) forced Iron Man (James Rhodes) to travel to Olympia. converter - disintegrated - "true death" for awhile

(Iron Man Annual I#6) - After Iron Man used Domo's computer to identify the largest nearby power source to be Zuras, Iron Man had Zuras brought beside the inert Thena, correctly suspecting his presence would allow her to override and destroy the brain-mine.

    Ultimately, Iron Man had the computer forge a link-up as Zuras' form was sent through the converter; as Zuras finally gave himself up to death, his power overloaded and destroyed the converter as well as releasing all of the Eternals from the brain-mines that kept them inert.

(Iron Man Annual I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Thus freed, the Eternals swiftly defeated and captured the Eternals.

zuras-eternals-e2-1-manifest-eternal seat

(Eternals II#1 - BTS) - Thena sat in the Eternal Seat and played Zuras recording, during which time she gained a measure of Zuras' power and assumed the role of Prime Eternal.

(Eternals II#1 - BTS) - Thena grasped Zuras' Prism of Knowledge, which began to relay its message, but Thena was still hurting over Zuras' loss and frustrated by apathy within the other Eternals, and she threw away the Prism, vowing to rule without his guidance.

(Eternals II#9 - BTS) - Ikaris found the Prism of Knowledge and listened to the message; he realized that the Dreaming Celestials' power was being sought by Ghaur and the Deviant priestlords.


(Eternals II#9) - After  Ikaris brought Thena within the Hall of Eternal Judgment to challenge her for the title of Prime Eternal, Zuras manifested (possibly as a recording?), tell them to think well before they went too far, as there was a high price to pay for any who dared to challenge the rule of the Prime Eternal: Should one who was unworthy attempt to gain the power of Zuras, reason would be driven from this being and he or she would be drive utterly mad until eventually longing for death, although death would be forever denied that being.
    When Ikaris confirmed his certainty, Zuras instructed the mind games to begin.

(Eternals II#9 - BTS) - Ikaris ultimately proved victorious and claimed the title and power of Prime Eternal, although none involved were aware at the time that Thena was under the influence of a brain mine. 

(Eternals III#4 (fb)) - Sprite went to the Reactivation Chamber and he took Zuras, the most powerful of the Eternals, and Ajak, the only one who could talk to Celestials, and he brought them to the Dreaming Celestial in San Francisco. Although Sprite could not make the archive reactivate them fully without bringing back all of the frozen dead, they were sufficiently alert that he could give them an illusion where they were led by a Celestial and he was just a little kid trailing behind. Spite than formed a Uni-Mind with Ajak and Zuras, powered by the Dreaming Celestial, which allowed him to alter reality: He then recreated the Eternals in mortal form.



homeless - profile and front - face

(Eternals III#2) - Apparently homeless and amnesiac following Sprite's using the Dreaming Celestial to recast all of the Eternals into mortal bodies. After the similarly amnesiac Sersi gave him some cash, Zuras began ranting repeatedly, "They took it away! All one!"


(Eternals III#5) - Ajak found Zuras sleeping in an alley. Although Zuras initially resisted Ajak's stories of his past, when Ajak told him that if the Dreaming Celestial awakened then the Horde would come to cleanse the galaxy of life, Zuras regained awareness. They sought out Sersi, but after finding her missing, they resolved to seek out Druig.

    Druig agreed to help on the condition that they do nothing in future to interfere with him or his country, Vorozheika. Despite Ajak's refusal, Zuras accepted this offer.

(Eternals III#5 - BTS) - Meanwhile, the Deviants began to awaken the Dreaming Celestial.

(Eternals III#6) - After the Dreaming Celestial rose to its feet, Zuras arrived alongside Druig and Ajak. After receiving updates on the other Eternals, Zuras greeted Thena, noting that she had a human son; Thena noted that he had a dog and that he needed to be washed.

    After Ajak suggested that they reconstruct the past to a point before Sprite's efforts, Zuras noted that only Ikaris among them was not still crippled (having not regained their full Eternal status) by Sprite's meddling and they had not the power to accomplish this. Thena subsequently suggested that they timeslip everything several hours before the Celestial could have woken. Noting that the Dreaming Celestial was their responsibility, Zuras led the others in forming a Uni-Mind. However, the Dreaming Celestial swiftly split the Uni-Mind back into its component beings, after which it communed with Makkari.zuras-eternals-e4-2-socrateszuras-eternals-e3-7-olympia

    As Zuras and the others revived, Makkari advised that the Dreaming Celestial would stand and judge humanity and that they could and should do nothing to stop it. When Iron Man and Yellowjacket insisted that they register as superhumans, Zuras noted that humanity was like squabbling children to them. 

(Eternals III#7 (fb)) - Zuras told Iron Man that the Eternals were not heroes nor were they human, and Iron Man agreed to allow the Eternals to exist peaceably.

(Eternals III#7) - Back in Olympia, Ajak counseled Zuras against keeping his word not to interfere with Druig, but Zuras insisted that all of them would obey his word. When Kra led a Deviant army to challenge the Eternals, Zuras gave Makkari permission to deal with the matter as he saw fit while Zuras departed.

    Zuras appeared next to Sprite on a train, noting that he had nearly destroyed the Eternals and the entire world and that he could never trust him again.

    After telling Sprite that he had enjoyed his smart, funny, and unpredictable ways, Zuras broke his neck and left his body on the train.

    Back in Olympia again, Zuras advised Thena not to keep her son there, but he relented when she insisted. Zuras then instructed Ikaris and Thena to go out in the world and awaken the 90 dormant Eternals, and Ikaris convinced Makkari to join him.

(Eternals IV#1 - BTS) - When Druig traveled to Ironton, Louisiana to recruit Legba (as part of his plot to gather sufficient numbers of Eternals to allow him to supplant Zuras as Prime Eternal), Ikaris and Thena confronted Druig, but Druig distracted them by threatening the life of Thena's adoptive son, Joey Elliot (then, unknown to all Eternals, serving as the host to a Horde scout symbiont), allowing Legba and Druig to escape.

(Eternals Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - As the Young Gods sought to combine all of Earth's minds into a collective Uni-Mind, which might become a new Celestial, Zuras transported Ajak to Madripoor to assist Makkari against a group of Young Gods who had captured him (Calculus, Harvest, Moonstalker, and Splice).

(Eternals Annual#1) - Taking over the communications equipment, Zuras advised Thena that Olympia had been picking up transmissions from the People's Republic of China as the Uni-Mind had begun to absorb Hong Kong; these transmissions revealed that the PRC had targeted Madripoor (from which the Uni-Mind had originated) with three inter-continental ballistic missiles with a plan to fire in 30 minutes. Zuras wondered if there was a button in the equipment that could stop that.

(Eternals Annual#1 - BTS) - After Legba ended the Uni-Mind by incapacitating Varua, the Uni-Mind dissolved, and the threat was resolved.

(Eternals IV#2) - When Thena prepared to depart Olympia with Ikaris to recruit/revive the dormant Phastos, Thena asked Zuras to watch over Joey while she was gone; he agreed, after Thena reminded him that Joey was his grandson. Thena gave him specific instructions to follow, after which he told her he thought his dog, Socrates, might need a change in his diet due to his dull coat; he explained that he had thought she was done talking.

    Before departing, Thena reprimanded Zuras on his apathy and warned him that Druig was plotting an insurrection...and that the last thing Socrates needed was more fat.zuras-eternals-e4-3-joey-kneel

(Eternals IV#3) - In Olympia, Zuras reviewed the codice of Yax K'uk Mo', initially ignoring Joey and telling him to play with his boat when he began asking questions.

    After snapping at Joey, Zuras apologized, and the Horde program within him considered that Zuras was easily manipulated and that he could reveal much of Earth's defenses and strategies.

    To this end, when Zuras asked him to speak his mind, Joey refused, not wishing to get into trouble, and when Zuras promised him he would never be punished for speaking the truth in that realm, Joey told him he hated Olympia as there was nothing to do and that Zuras was a big fat old hippie who only yelled at him.

    Bursting into laughter, Zuras admitted that he was fat and old, but he then offered to show Joey that Olympia was a place of wonders: the program within Joey continued to monitor and disseminate information.

    Zuras showed Joey the "trophy room" of weapons and technology captured from their enemies, including the cosmic Hulk android, and Joey asked to see the computers into which all information the Eternals learned had been entered.

(Eternals IV#4) - Within Olympia's seaquarium, as Makkari discussed the Dreaming Celestial and the Fulcrum (a cosmic balance) with Zuras,Joey played with Socrates while secreting monitoring and disseminating the information to the Horde.

    Zuras was skeptical of the information about the Fulcrum, and he allowed Joey to head to the observatory so he could continue discussing things with Makkari. When Makkari questioned allowing a mortal, not bound by their laws, to see the observatory, Zuras told him what he did was his kin was none of his business.

(Eternals IV#5 (fb) - BTS) - Zuras promised Makkari that he would see to Sersi getting some rest after her encounter with the Dreaming Celestial.

(Eternals IV#5 - BTS) - The Dreaming Celestial revealed to Makkari that the Horde had implanted a scout within a human agent, Joey.

    Sersi monitored Earth-based psi-wavelength readings into space and determined that the transmissions were coming from Olympia's Observation Center.

(Eternals IV#5) - When Zuras told to Sersi she was supposed to be resting, Sersi informed him of the transmissions from within their base.

(Eternals IV#5 - BTS) - Makkari informed Sersi that Joey was a Horde mole.

(Eternals IV#5) - Sersi led Zuras to Joey, who was conducting a full scan and transmitting information of all of their weapons, tactics, and vulnerabilities. While Zuras considered this to be absurd and picked up the young boy, the Horde symbiont scout recognized that Joey had been discovered and began a countdown to total neural liquefaction to prevent detection of its involvement. Zuras tried to assure Sersi there was a logical explanation for all of this, but when he looked in Joey's eyes and saw the blank, glowing stare, Zuras realized the truth. He was horrified as the countdown completed and Joey's brain was destroyed, while seconds later Thena arrived and demanded to know what he had done to her son. Zuras wept.

(Eternals IV#5 - BTS) - As Makkari approached Olympia, he was ambushed and brutally beaten by Gilgamesh, who had been manipulated by Ajak, who in turn then vaporized Makkari's body.

(Eternals IV#5) - Zuras tried to express his sympathies to Thena, who insisted he not touch her.

(Eternals IV#6) - Zuras and Sersi monitored reports of the world's population falling asleep due to Celestial transmissions, and Zuras muted the system after Sersi decoded the system. Zuras was puzzled as Sersi departed to investigate Makkari's fate.zuras-eternals-e4-9-robe

    After Gilgamesh demolished the Eternals' Reactivation Chamber, Zuras punched Gilgamesh down before being beaten down by Gilgamesh in return. Thena then engaged and impaled Gilgamesh, after which Ajak informed Zuras that -- due to the loss of Makkari, his point of contact in the Eternals -- the Dreaming Celestial was going to revert Earth to a pre-inhabited state as a sterile rock after finishing the countdown. To stop the countdown, Sersi completely transformed herself into Makkari (in form and mind, so that she became Makkari while effectively ending her own life), which ended the countdown. Additionally, the Dreaming Celestial restored Joey's life and mind. 

(Eternals IV#7 (fb) - BTS) - Believing Druig to have sent Gilgamesh, Ikaris renounced his Olympian ties, bypassing Zuras edict against opposing Druig.

(Eternals IV#7) - Zuras remained silent as Makkari informed Zuras the other Eternals of Ikaris' actions and plans.

    Later, in the Reactivation Chamber, Zuras observed and listened as Phastos noted the level of damage and its organic-technological mixture to be beyond his ability to understand and repair.

(Eternals IV#7 - BTS) - Ikaris led Druig and his associates to San Francisco where he had arranged for the X-Men to be prepared to aid him.zuras-eternals-hulk2-49-robe

(Eternals IV#8) - Alongside Makkari and Thena, Zuras watched the approach of the Horde from Olympia; Makkari explained what is was to them, and that it might mean the end of it all.

(Eternals IV#8 - BTS) - As the Horde arrived in Earth's atmosphere, Ikaris urged Druid to abandon their fight and join together against the Horde.

(Eternals IV#9) - In Olympia, Zuras, Thena, Phastos and others discussed the Horde threat as they devastated multiple regions on Earth. Zuras asked Thena what their next move, and Thena advised that they save the world.

    Zuras and the remaining Eternals of Earth soon gathered in San Francisco where, at Druig's suggestion, they formed a Uni-Mind and merged with the Dreaming Celestial who fought the Horde. Ultimately the Dreaming Celestial appealed to the Fulcrum, and it sent away the Horde and restored Earth.

(Hulk II#49 (fb) - BTS) - Concerned about mankind's progressively developing exceptionally powerful beings who might surpass even the Eternals, Zuras sent Sersi to investigate the Red Hulk and Machine Man.

(Hulk II#49) - In Olympia, Zuras and the other Eternals discussed how to deal with mankind developing powers and specifically how to deal with powerful ones that cannot be reasoned with, such as the Hulks.

(Hulk II#49 - BTS) - When Sersi cried out in pain after the Red Hulk angrily grabbed her arm after sensing her cosmic energies and suspecting her to be an agent of the enemies, Ikaris requested a portal be opened, allowing him to teleport to her side and engage the Red Hulk.

(Hulk II#49) - Zuras summoned Ikaris and Sersi back to Olympia to further discuss the matter. Following their return, Zuras vowed to consider every outcome before determining if and how the Eternal should intervene with humanity (and superhumanity)'s fate. He instructed the Eternals that when he did act, he expected complete loyalty.

(Thor: The Deviant Saga#5 (fb) - BTS) - With the space-faring Eternals having been brought back to Earth via Sprite's re-writing of reality, most of the Eternals (with the notable exceptions of Phastos and Virako) formed a Uni-Mind to determine whether the ones who had previously left Earth should return to space or remain on Earth. During their absence, Virako was left to oversee Olympia.

(Thor: The Deviant Saga#5) - The Uni-Mind returned to Olympia and separated back into Zuras and the other component Eternals.


(Avengers VII#4 (fb) - BTS) - Earth's Eternals -- learning of their true purpose and considering themselves nothing more than the lid on the Celestials' petri dish -- committed mass suicide.

(Eternals V#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Eternals' machine rebooted and resurrected the Eternals. 

(Eternals V#1) - When Ikaris was resurrected, he was contacted by Zuras, who ordered Ikaris to free the captive and now female Sprite. When Ikaris balked at accepting any fault for anything that happened due to her release Zuras confirmed he, as Eternal Prime, would accept fault and ordered Ikaris to act.

(Eternals V#3 (fb)) - Thena notified Zuras that she was going to Lemuria (capital of the Deviants) to help them, not hunt them. When Thena revealed she had taken a Deviant lover, a dispute erupted between her and Zuras, one ending with Thena expressing she thought Zuras would be better off dead while leaving. 

(Eternals V#6 - BTS) - Having learned since his last resurrection that for every Eternal resurrected a human died. Believing Earth had enough heroes to protect it, he believed the Eternals were purposeless and the sacrifice of humans was not needed. He tried to destroy the Eternals’ machine but did not realize doing so would also destroy the Earth.

(Eternals V#5 (fb) - BTS) - Granted access to Olympia by Phastos, Thanos slew Zuras.

(Eternals V#1) - When Ikaris and Sprite returned to Olympus, Phastos showed them that Zuras was dead on his throne, his skull crushed by a powerful hand. Ikaris and Sprite began an investigation into Zuras’ death, one that took them to Titanos, the fallen capital of the Eternals and into a confrontation with Thanos of Titan.

(Eternals V#2) - Druig did not believe Thanos could be Zuras’ murderer, as the murderer used the network of the Eternals’ Machine - which only Eternals can do; Thanos is said to not be a true Eternal. Druig wanted to wait for Zuras’ inevitable resurrection to identify his murderer, but Phastos revealed that the resurrection machines were inoperable and the wardens of the Exclusion (where the Eternals were resurrected) had slaughtered: Zuras was not going to be resurrected.

    Druig immediately suggested they begin proceedings to select a new Prime Eternal, but this was shot down by other present Eternals who believed that finding Thanos was the higher priority, as was rooting out the Eternal traitor who had helped Thanos access the Machine’s network.

TEXT PAGE: The Titan Schism of the Second Age (see attached)

(Eternals V#3) - Thena detailed to a group of Eternals her last encounter with Zuras, and the Eternals notified her that Zuras was dead and she is a suspect.

(Eternals V#5 (fb) - BTS) - Phastos was revealed as the traitor and enabler of Thanos.

(Eternals V#6 - BTS) - Phastos revealed his motives, after which the Eternals stopped the Machine’s destruction.

    The Eternals were greeted by a resurrected Zuras, who ordered all Eternals to Olympus to form the Uni-Mind.

(Eternals V#6 - BTS) - Aware that merging with the Uni-Mind would result in their being mindwiped of their new knowledge by the majority of Eternals who did not care for humans (and believe their fleeting lives worth their continued resurrection), Thena, Sersi, Phastos, Sprite, Ikaris, and Kingo departed Olympus and journeyed to Lemuria. There Ikaris announces they wish to join the Deviants and want them to help this group of Eternals be the changing people as well.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

zuras-eternals-cm29-as zeus

Zuras as Zeus

    Per Captain Marvel I#29 (1973), "Zeus" was belligerent like Uranos, and he took control of Olympus and banished A'Lars, whom he hated for following Chronos' peaceful ways. What If? I#25/2 (1981) revised this, revealing this "Zeus" to have been Zuras, who was a loving brother of A'Lars who departed following a peaceful decision via the first Uni-Mind.


  • Red Raven#1/3 was written as if it was a story of the Olympian Gods.
  • It was later revealed in Marvel Universe#6 (1998) that the heroic Mercury seen in those comics was Makkari, which would make the Jupiter/Zeus in that story Zuras.
    • Minerva/Athena would be Thena
    • Vulcan/Hephaestus would be Phastos
    • Kro had been previously noted to have posed as the devil, or, in this case, Pluto (posing as Rudolph Hendler)
    • Which Eternal would be Aeolus (a wind god), Diana/Artemis, and/or Apollo?
    • Certainly there are dozens, if not hundreds, of unidentified Eternals seen in Olympia during the formings of the Uni-Mind, so it is quite likely that these may be otherwise unidentified Eternals.
  • "Jupiter" had a white hair and beard in that story. The white hair is interesting anyway, because Zeus/Jupiter is traditionally pictured with a red hair...then again, so is Thor...
  • He also notes Mercury to be his own son...and while Mercury/Hermes is indeed the son of Jupiter/Zeus, Makkari is the son of Verona and Mara.
  • According to the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes II#14 (1967), this was the first story Kirby did for Marvel...it notes that Martin A. Bursten was a pen name for Kirby, although even Kirby himself didn't recall the details.


Zeus vs. Zuras visual comparison

     Although Zuras' and Zeus' hair and outfits have changed over time, the most consistent difference is Zuras typically does not have a mustache with his beard, where Zeus consistently does. It wouldn't be hard for one to impersonate the other. I didn't have room (or an appropriate place) in the profile history to include these images, so I'm including them here...Zeus on the forefront/left in the full body image, Zuras on the left in the face/profile image.


Eternal chronology crises:

    X-Men III#12 references a date of 2.7 million years ago...

    Eternals: The Herod Factor has Thena describing her encounter with Kro in Babylon as "perhaps 2500 years ago." While I'm no expert in real world history, my research shows that Babylon existed from the 16th  to 6th century BC. So, at minimum, a little over 2500 years ago...I don't think we have anything more to support any more specific date than that.

    Where is/was Olympia?zuras-eternals-ohotmui14

    The first city of the Eternals was Titanos in the Arctic that was destroyed millennia ago by the Eternal civil war. Titanos was rebuilt but was destroyed again a generation later by the explosive accident that transformed Kronos/Chronos into an immaterial being and made the rest of the Eternals present even more long-lived than they had been.  After that, the Eternals got the hint and built three new cities in which to live: Olympia in Greece, Polaria in Siberia and Oceana in the Pacific. As far as I know, neither Polaria nor Oceana have ever appeared in any story.
--Donald Campbell

    Captain Marvel I#29 told the story of civil war between Uranos and Kronos, with Zeus and A'Lars as the sons of the latter, with A'Lars departing Earth to rule/propagate the Eternals of Titan (a moon of Saturn). The story is told as if it some untold tale of the Olympian gods. What If I#25/2 (1981) first clarified this to be Zuras and A'Lars, rather than Zuras. It can be inferred as they were mistaken for the Olympian gods that it was meant to occur near Olympus, which is accessed via Mt. Olympus, which is obviously in Greece. However, given the amount of inferrence and ret-con involved, it's hard to give this too much weight.
    The "Olympus" that was in the story that Eon told to Mar-Vell was the city that those What If? issues retconned into being Titanos.
--Donald Campbell

    As originally detailed by Jack Kirby in the Eternals, Olympia's location was never spelled out. However, we several times see the world outside Olympia as rocky mountains (without snow/ice), and there is a nearby village of normal humans, dressed in what was consistent with European (if not specifically traditionally Greek) garb.

    Olympia was first shown outside of the Eternals series in Thor I#287-290 and 292 (1979-1980), and again, it is not identified as within any specific nation or continent. However, again, it is within rocky mountains without ice, and it is clearly shown bordering near a "sea," with seagull like birds flying around.

    In What If I#29/2 (1981), Ikaris and Black Bolt fly from near Polaria (in Siberia) to Olympia in "minutes."

    The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Eternals entry (1983) first confirmed the location as Olympia, and it was consistent in all of the handbooks referencing Olympia throughout the original handbooks (1983-1984), the Deluxe Edition (1986-1988), the Master Edition (1990-1993) and presumably Update '89 if any Eternals characters were covered therein...I didn't check), as well as all of the 21st century Official Handbook of the Marvel Universes (2004-2020 and counting), Encyclopedias (2001-2005?), and Files books (2006-201-something). But, haters gonna hate, so some people will contest non-in-story confirmations...

    The first in-story confirmation of which I'm aware is Avengers I#247, where Olympia is defined as being in Greece. Likely also in Avengers I#248.
Also confirmed in (at least):

    And then Neal Gaiman's 2006 series defined Olympia as being in Antarctica.

    Most the stories since Gaiman's series have consistently identified Olympia as being in Antarctica; I have no idea whether they appreciated the contradiction or not and/or whether editorial mandated the reference.

    The biggest problem is Fall of the Hulks Alpha, which shows Olympia in Antarctica in a story chronologically occurring shortly after the end of the first Eternals series.

    The Eternals last appeared in Avengers VIII#4 (September, 2018) in a story in which writer Jason Aaron revealed that the entire race had killed themselves and/or each other off because they couldn't deal with "the truth" of their existence.
 A location caption states that they were in "THE MOUNTAINS OF GREECE. OLYMPIA. HOME OF THE ETERNALS."
--Donald Campbell

Zuras' vow to Thor:

    Lastly, in Thor I#288, as Thena urged pre-emptively striking against the Celestials, Ikaris reminded Zuras of their vow to Thor (see comments). Ultimately, Zuras ruled that they had already fulfilled their vow to Thor (??) and that they would now form the Uni-Mind to confront and assault the Celestials if need be.
    But, it wasn't until the next issue (#289) when Zuras granted Thor 24 hours to try to find an alternative to using the Uni-Mind against the Celestials. After Thor returned in #291, unsuccessful in his efforts to seek an alternative, Zuras formed the Uni-Mind.
    Was there another vow that I missed?

    And, no, I don't know why Zuras is balding in Thor: The Deviant Saga...makes him look like Volstagg, which is less than flattering.

    This profile was completed 12/06/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood. Eternals V notes courtesy of Mike O'Sullivan

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What If? I#25/2, pg. 2, panel 6 (as toddler atop Kronos' back)
X-Men III#12, story pg. 2, panel 1 (full, in coat)
Captain Marvel I#29, pg., panel 5 (as "Zeus");
What If? I#25/2, pg. 1 (recovering from Kronos' explosion);
    #29/2, pg. 7, panel 2
Red Raven Comics#1/3, story pg. 2, panel 7 (white-bearded face; as "Zeus");
Eternals I#5, pg. 10 (first Zuras face);
       pg. 11, panel 1 (first Zuras body);
    #11, pg. 3 (ritual of the Uni-Mind);
    #16, pg. 1 (mostly full, preparing to confront Hulk robot);
        pg. 7, panel 1 (Zuras at press conference);
Eternals Annual#1, pg. 3, panel 6 (face);
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha#1, pg. 1 (security projection);
Thor I#289, pg. 5, panel 3 (standing, with staff of power);
    #291, pg. 16, panel 2 (eyeblasts);
          panel 2 (vs. Zeus);
    #292, pg. 6, panel 5 (full body, by Zeus);
       pg. 7, panel 3 (face, by Zeus);
    #300, pg. 26, panel 4-6 (Celestials blasting; blast hitting Uni-Mind; Eternals collapsing);
    #301, pg. 10, panel 1 (Thena over fallen Zuras);
Iron Man Annual I#6, pg. 36, panel 1 (entering disintegrator);
          panel 5 (disintegrated; "true death");
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#14: Zuras entry (up in the comments section)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zuras entry (to the immediate right)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#1: Zuras entry (down in the appearances section)
Eternals II#1, pg. 10, panel 2 (manifestation as Thena assumes Prime Eternal role);
        pg. 34?/last page, panel 3 (manifesting via Prism of Knowledge);
    #9, pg. 18, panel 2 (manifesting via Hall of Eternal Judgment);
Eternals III#2, pg. 10, panel 4 (homeless profile);
          panel 5 (homeless front-facing)l
    #4, pg 18, panel 5? (in reactivation chamber);
    #5, pg. 5, panel 2 (homeless, with Socrates?);
       pg. 7, panel 4-5 (full and face, regaining awareness);
    #7, pg. 3, panel 3 (back in Eternal garb)
Eternals IV#2 (face, with Socrates);
    #3, pg. 10, panel 3-6 (with Joey);
    #6, (standing over Gilgamesh);
    #9, pg. 11, panel 5 (arriving to join fight against the Horde);
Hulk II#49, pg. 20, panel 2 (robe);
Thor: The Deviant Saga#5, pg. 17 (returning from Uni-Mind)

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Eternals V#2-6 (April-September, 2021) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Esad Ribic (artist), Darren Shan, Kat Gregorowicz (editor)

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