Real Name: Catherine Moranis

Identity/Class: Human (Canadian, 19th century to present), mutate

Occupation: Pupil of the Celestials, former farmer

Group Membership: Young Gods

Affiliations: Algonquin gods, Celestials, Gaea, Juniper, Katos, Spider-Man

Enemies: Eternals (Ajak, Ikaris, Legba, Makkari, Sersi, Thena), Gatherers, High Evolutionary, Nauda, Quint

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Katrinka"

Base of Operations: The Celestial Mothership, mobile in space
formerly Ottawa, Canada, 19th century

First Appearance: (unnamed) Thor I#300 (October, 1980); (named) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Daydreamer possesses telepathy, limited precognition, mind control, and the ability to create images from the minds of others.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents#102/2 (fb) - BTS) - Catherine Moranis grew up on a farm outside of Ottawa, Canada, during the 19th century. Her nearest friend lived two miles away, but they still felt as close as sisters.

(Thor I#301 (fb)/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8/3) - At the age of 25, Catherine was contacted by an Algonquin goddess, who recruited her into the Young Gods. She was watched over by the goddesses of Earth's pantheons while they awaited the Fourth Host of the Celestials.

(Thor I#300) - Daydreamer joined the 12 assembled Young Gods as they were presented to the Celestials by Gaea, and Arishm the Judge determined that, based on them, humanity should endure. The Young Gods were all taken aboard the Celestial Mothership with the Fourth Host.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (fb) - BTS) - Moranis adopted the name "Daydreamer" and began her training aboard the mothership under the guidance of Juniper, who favoured a philosophy of offense. Mindsinger became very protective of her, and nicknamed her "Katrinka." She also developed a rivalry with Varua.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8) - Daydreamer was training aboard the mothership with the other Young Gods when they were spied upon by the High Evolutionary, and Daydreamer revealed his presence with her powers before he could escape. Daydreamer had a vision of his plans, and became determined to halt his plans to reshape humanity's evolution. The rest of Juniper's students joined her in deciding to return to Earth and oppose the High Evolutionary, and they fought his agents Quint and the Gatherers alongside Spider-Man. However, Katos came in pursuit of them with his half of the Young Gods and they fought each other. Daydreamer attempted to take Calculus out of the action by creating a vision for him in which the world did not exist, but it had such a strong effect on his psyche that he went insane. Caduceus was able to heal his mind, and Daydreamer and the others agreed to stand down. As one last act, Daydreamer undid the "illusion" of the Gwen Stacy clone who had been in the High Evolutionary's clutches, revealing that she had not been a clone after all, just a genetically-modified victim of Miles Warren. Daydreamer then returned to the mothership.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8/2) - Daydreamer guided Mindsinger, Harvest, Genii, Brightsword and Varua to Jerusalem, Israel, to investigate an unusual psychic presence she had sensed. They discovered a artificial creature powered by the anger found in Israel, and it attacked the Young Gods. Daydreamer was defeated by the creature, but Varua, Harvest and Mindsinger were able to destroy it by forming a Uni-Mind. Daydreamer examined the creature's remains, and learned that it was created by one of the gods of Earth's pantheons.

(Marvel Comics Presents#101/2) - After Sea Witch had a dream which was invaded by an evil spirit, Daydreamer investigated her dream and she and Varua became convinced it was tied to the creature they had fought in Israel. They decided that they would have to return to Earth to investigate, but Katos and Juniper told them they would have to bring their petition to the Celestials.

(Marvel Comics Presents#102/2) - Juniper and Katos led the Young Gods to the Celestials to present their request. They were granted 3 days on Earth in which to investigate the matter. Daydreamer and Varua determined that the places they should investigate were Sri Lanka, Ireland, and Central Bend, Wisconsin.

(Marvel Comics Presents#104/2-105/2) - Mindsinger, Daydreamer, Genii and Harvest investigated the evil threat at Central Bend, Wisconsin. Mindsinger and Daydreamer searched at a shopping mall, and were attacked by shoppers possessed by the evil spirit. They ultimately uncovered a mystical stone, and Daydreamer had a vision of Nauda, the agent behind the stones. She contacted the four Young Gods in Ireland to arrange a rendezvous with the other four in Sri Lanka, who they could contact.

(Marvel Comics Presents#107/2-109/2) - Caduceus, Moonstalker, Sea Witch, Highnote, Genii, Harvest, Mindsinger and Daydreamer journeyed to Sri Lanka, and found a stone which enabled them to contact Nauda, who demanded that they bring him the stones from Ireland and Wisconsin in exchange for the other Young Gods' lives. They tried to fight their way through Nauda's forces, but were overwhelmed. Daydreamer seemingly granted Nauda's wishes, but she actually gave him illusionary stones. The Young Gods were reunited, and joined in a Uni-Mind to destroy Nauda.

(Eternals Annual II#1 (fb) ) - Ignored by the Celestials the Young Gods slowly went mad. To get the Celestials' attention the Young Gods fought each other in vicious battles and had decadent bacchanals. Eventually Varua thought they were empowered to turn Earth's populace into a new Celestial. The Young Gods led by Varua returned to Earth and created an ever-growing Uni-Mind from the minds of Madripoor, which soon expanded ot other islands, consuming the minds of citizens in Indonesia and Singapore to its mass.

(Eternals Annual II#1 - BTS) - Alerted by the growing Uni-Mind the Eternals Ajak, Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi and Thena went to Madripoor. Daydreamer hid Caduceus from the Eternals to enable him to heal their fellow Young Gods during the fight against the Eternals. She also created an illusion of Sersi being abducted Moonstalker during the fight to lure Makkari away.

(Eternals Annual II#1) - Due to her telepathic connection to Varua Daydreamer dropped unconsciously out of the sky after the Eternal Legba had killed Varua. The Young Gods' plan had failed.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, Keith Pollard and Gene Day; fleshed out by Gerry Conway, Mark Bagley and Keith Williams.

Daydreamer is the only one of the Young Gods (outside of the three from Thor I#202-203) whose godly contact has been referred to, although we don't know which of the Algonquin gods it was who made contact with her.

Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8's events were later altered by Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1; it turned out that the Gwen Stacy clone really was a clone of Gwen Stacy, and that Daydreamer had not revealed her true self.

by Prime Eternal

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