Real Name: Jason Kimball (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human, mutate

Occupation: Pupil of the Celestials, former fashion designer

Group Membership: Young Gods

Affiliations: Celestials, Gaea, Heimdall, Juniper, Kamorr, Katos, Odin, Warriors Three

Enemies: Vince Baker, Eternals (Ajak, Ikaris, Legba, Makkari, Sersi, Thena), Fafnir, High Evolutionary, Nauda

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Celestial Mothership, mobile in space
formerly Harlem, New York

First Appearance: (as Jason Kimball) Thor I#202 (August, 1972); (as a Young God) Thor I#203 (September, 1972); (as Genii) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Genii possesses the ability to transfer his life-force into inanimate objects, bringing them to "life." He can then control their shape and direct them to perform tasks, but can only empower them with as much of his life-force that he can spare.

History: (Thor I#202 (fb) - BTS) - At the age of 26, Jason, a former fashion designer, made the mistake of borrowing money from a gangster named Baker so that he could gamble with it. Losing all of the money, Baker began to stalk Jason.

(Thor I#202) - Kimball was sought out by Heimdall and Kamorr of Asgard, and shot at them with his gun, mistakening them for Baker. When Baker and his men arrived to kill Kimball for not paying him back, Heimdall and Kamorr fought them off and convinced Kimball to depart with them.

(Thor I#203) - Heimdall and Kamorr brought Kimball to their Asgardian ship, where they were keeping Carter Dyam and Chi Lo, who they introduced to Kimball. They led the three young people to the middle of a conflict between Thor and Ego-Prime. When Ego-Prime unleashed a blast of energy at Thor and his allies, it found its own energies drained into Kimball, Dyam and Lo, transforming them into the Young Gods. The three of them were then led up into Asgard by Odin.

(Thor I#291) - Kimball, Dyam and Lo were sought out in Asgard by the Warriors Three, as the time for them to join the other Young Gods had arrived. Fafnir confronted the Warriors Three during their mission, but the three Young Gods saved them.

(Thor I#300) - Kimball joined the 12 assembled Young Gods as they were presented to the Celestials by Gaea, and Arishm the Judge determined that, based on them, humanity should endure. The Young Gods were all taken aboard the Celestial Mothership with the Fourth Host.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (fb) - BTS) - Kimball adopted the name "Genii" and began his training aboard the mothership under the guidance of Katos, who favoured a philosophy of defense.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8) - Genii was training aboard the mothership with the other Young Gods when they were spied upon by the High Evolutionary. Daydreamer became determined to halt his plans to reshape humanity's evolution. When Juniper's students all returned to Earth to fight the High Evolutionary, Katos sent Genii and his other students to stop them. After Daydreamer accidentally harmed Calculus with her powers, the Young Gods all stood down. Genii returned to the mothership with the other Young Gods.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8/2) - Genii joined Mindsinger, Harvest, Brightsword and Varua to Jerusalem, Israel, to investigate an unusual psychic presence Daydreamer had sensed. They discovered a artificial creature powered by the anger found in Israel, and it attacked the Young Gods. Genii did his best to hold back the creature, but Varua, Harvest and Mindsinger were able to destroy it by forming a Uni-Mind. Daydreamer examined the creature's remains, and informed the others that it was created by one of the gods of Earth's pantheons.

(Marvel Comics Presents#102/2) - Juniper and Katos led the Young Gods to the Celestials to present their request to visit Earth, in order to investigate the creature they had encountered before, and some dreams Sea Witch had had which were tied to it. They were granted 3 days on Earth in which to investigate the matter. Genii was excited to have a chance to eat Earth food again.

(Marvel Comics Presents#104/2-105/2) - Mindsinger, Daydreamer, Genii and Harvest investigated the evil threat at Central Bend, Wisconsin. Genii and Harvest investigated some nearby fields, and were attacked by animated corpses and wheat. Genii was able to help them escape by bringing a tractor to life and driving them to Mindsinger and Daydreamer, just as the other two had found a mystical stone responsible for the disturbances. They contacted the 4 Young Gods in Ireland, and decided to meet up with the last 4 in Sri Lanka.

(Marvel Comics Presents#107/2-109/2) - Caduceus, Moonstalker, Sea Witch, Highnote, Genii, Harvest, Mindsinger and Daydreamer journeyed to Sri Lanka, and found a stone which enabled them to contact Nauda, who demanded that they bring him the stones from Ireland and Wisconsin in exchange for the other Young Gods' lives. They tried to fight their way through Nauda's forces, but were overwhelmed. Daydreamer seemingly granted Nauda's wishes, but she actually gave him illusionary stones. The Young Gods were reunited, and joined in a Uni-Mind to destroy Nauda.

(Eternals Annual II#1 (fb) ) - Ignored by the Celestials the Young Gods slowly went mad. To get the Celestials' attention the Young Gods fought each other in vicious battles and had decadent bacchanals. Eventually Varua thought they were empowered to turn Earth's populace into a new Celestial. The Young Gods led by Varua returned to Earth and created an ever-growing Uni-Mind from the minds of Madripoor, which soon expanded ot other islands, consuming the minds of citizens in Indonesia and Singapore to its mass.

(Eternals Annual II#1) - Alerted by the growing Uni-Mind the Eternals Ajak, Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi and Thena went to Madripoor. Brightsword, Highnote, Genii, Mindsinger, Moonstalker and Sea Witch attacked them when the Eternals arrived. Genii fought with his transmutation powers against Sersi, who defeated him by dropping a giant stone foot on him. The Young Gods' plan failed after Varua was killed by the Eternal Legba.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, John Buscema and Vince Colletta.

Kimball was called "Jackson" in his first appearance, but Jason everywhere else; perhaps his full name is Jason Jackson Kimball?

Genii's appearances since the 70's have continued to refer to him as a 70's era character; if only it were possible-- Thor I#202-203 is very clearly tied to the modern era...unless Heimdall and Kamorr traveled through time without mentioning it.

Thanks to Brandon Nash for pointing out Mr. Baker's first name was revealed in the Young Gods' profile in OhotMU A-Z Update#1 (2010).

Profile by Prime Eternal

Genii should not be confused with:


Baker was a gangster who lent money to Jason Kimball which he then gambled away. Baker brought some of his men around to Kimball's apartment to rough him up, but they were defeated by Heimdall and Kamorr.

--Thor I#202

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