Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (portion/spawn of the enigmatic Living Planet, Ego; see comments)

Occupation: Source of evolution; would-be merger of sentient life into a planetary (or greater) collective

Group Membership: None;
    the prisoners of the Stranger's Laboratory World were not an actual team, and there is no evidence that Ego-Prime ever interacted with any of the other prisoners

Affiliations: He at least believed himself to be allied with Ego the Living Planet (see comments);
    the Over-Mind released Ego-Prime from his prison on the Stranger's Laboratory World, intending to use him against the Stranger, but Ego-Prime departed that world before the Stranger's return, and he and the Over-Mind never directly interacted, nor did Ego-Prime apparently even know who released him
    formerly mutated/monsterized humans (Manhattan residents) and enlarged ants;
    though in no way allied with him, his energies were used to empower the
Young Gods Carter Dyam (later Brightsword), Jason Kimball (later Genii), Chi Lo (later Harvest);
    created by
Tana Nile under direction from the Rigellian Grand Commissioner

Enemies: Balder Odinson, Odin Borson, Carter Dyam (later Brightsword), Fandral, Silas Grant, Heimdall, Hildegarde, Hogun, Kamorr, Jason Kimball (later Genii), Chi Lo (later Harvest), Thor Odinson, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Sif, Stranger, Tana Nile, Volstagg;
    natives of Blackworld;
    humanity in general (residents of Manhattan, specifically);

Known Relatives: Ego (progenitor); possibly Ego's creators, progenitors, etc. (see comments)
Tana Nile is no direct relation, she split Ego-Prime from Ego, which caused him to take on life of his own (perhaps a foster mother or something)

Aliases: "Ego" (he referenced himself as actually being a manifestation of Ego in Thor I#202 and 203), Ego Prime, "He," "Him";
    Thor called him "demon," and others called him "creature"

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (see comments);
    formerly the Stranger's laboratory world;
    formerly Manhattan, New York, USA, Earth;
    formerly Blackworld, apparently in the Milky Way galaxy's "eastern rim"; its star system was unrevealed;
    formerly Ego, the Living Planet, at the time in the Black Galaxy/Bioverse

First Appearance: (Referenced, unidentified) Thor I#195 (January, 1972);
    (shadowed appearance)
Thor I#198 (April, 1972);
    (identified as Ego-Prime; crystalline form)
Thor I#199 (May, 1972);
    (humanoid form)
Thor I#202 (August, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Both in his humanoid form and his crystalline form, Ego-Prime was superhumanly strong (perhaps lifting 100 tons or more; such strength may have been achieved by enhancing his physical form's strength via his energies) and durable, shattering masonry by the force of his own locomotion or by falling into it. Even strikes to his face with Mjolnir thrown with all of Thor's strength could only momentarily stun him. Aggressive use of the quantum force via Quasar's quantum bands was able to shatter his teeth.

    Ego-Prime can project energies to change other beings at his will, such as transforming people into monstrous, rampaging creations under his influence to some degree, or enlarging ants into nearly automobile-sized forms with strength sufficient to overpower the above-average-Asgardian strength of Hildegarde.

    He can manipulate even the hair on his head, restraining even the above-average-Asgardian strength of Hogun.

    He can also project destructive bursts of energy ("bio-blasts") and/or project energy from his hands to propel himself into the sky or across space. He can survive unaided in outer space, apparently unaffected by its cold and vacuum.

    In his crystalline form, Ego-Prime released energies that caused "manic evolution," sudden progression of the beings and world around him into more advanced physical, social, and technological forms; such changes were akin to shifting the world he was affecting forward in time. He did not seem to do this consciously but rather just radiated the energy. Despite only local changes being depicted, these energies apparently affected the entire planet known as Blackworld. His crystalline form did not speak.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 50'); (crystalline form) unrevealed; approximately 6' to 25'
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 63 tons); (crystalline form) unrevealed 600 lbs. to 22 tons
Eyes: Solid white (formerly solid red, or variable between the two colors); (crystalline form) solid white
Hair: Gray (or light purple, including beard)
; (crystalline form) none



Thor I#201 (fb) - BTS) - Having agreed not to colonize Earth, but needing an Earth-type world for unspecified reasons and finding only primitive planets of that type available, the Rigellian Grand Commissioner sent Tana Nile on a mission into the Bioverse/Black Galaxy, where she landed on the surface of Ego the Living Planet, blasted free a living slab of stone and placed it within a special isotope container on her ship.



Thor I#201 (fb)) - Tana then sped to the galaxy's "eastern rim" and landed on a planet called Blackworld by humanity while being nameless to the Rigellians.

    On Blackworld, Tana released the Ego sample she had taken; although its shape had changed, she thought nothing of it then, focus energy through its growing form, and a golden ray arced from its shoulders, and the world's man-apes evolved, while the jungle growth decayed.

    Tana was ecstatic, hoping that the process could be repeated to terraform worlds too hot or too cold, etc., which would then be the Colonizers' for the taking. However, the ray then continued, causing the sudden development of a small village with perhaps the equivalent of Earth's 17th century buildings (and within hours it was equivalent to 20th century Earth).



(Thor I#201 (fb)) - Realizing that the evolutionary rays were already out of control, Tana turned to try to stop the Ego fragment but found it too had evolved...into a crystalline semi-humanoid form beyond her control.

(Thor I#198 (fb) - BTS) - Although none of the natives had seen Ego-Prime (at least and lived to tell about it), they lived in terror of the being they knew only as "Him" or "He."

(Thor I#203 (fb) - BTS) - As part of his plot to evolve humanity, Odin resolved to send Hildegarde and Sif to Blackworld.

(Thor I#195) - Odin then transported Hildegarde and Sif to Blackworld, where an innkeeper of a village -- in which all residents stayed behind locked doors -- advised them that "He" was coming, and any who sought to save their lives would do well to hide themselves or die.

(Thor I#196) - When another person (possibly the same person, as only a part of the face was seen) slammed the door on Hildegarde and Sif, calling them "fools" and noting that he or she dare not answer their questions, as "He" was coming and "ye be stay without!"

    A group of knights apparently sought to rescue fair maidens from "His" clutches (or to use that as rationalization for abducting them).

(Thor I#198 (fb) - BTS) - Blackworld continued to evolve rapidly, with sailboats changing into large steamships, and open land transforming into villages.

(Thor I#197) - Sif and Hildegarde encountered Silas Grant, who prepared to tell them the story of the "He" who was twisting and changing things, though he warned that it was enough to chill their souls.

(Thor I#198) - As Blackworld evolved to parallel 1930s Earth, Silas explained to Sif and Hildegarde that no one had seen "Him" and lived to tell of it.

    Within a force bubble and firing an energy blast in a futile effort to regain control of or at least hold off "Him," Tana Nile urged Sif, Hildegarde, and Silas to enter her force bubble before "He" could reach them; she hinted that "we" (she and the other Rigellians) had made a terrible mistake that was the cause of this threat.

     Tana then advised the others to look above and see the face of "Him," whose shadow covered them.


(Thor I#199) - Tana urged the others to stay behind her force-field, as it was all that could protect them from "His" world-changing radiation.

    When Tana's blasts proved useless against the creature, Tana urged Silas to lead them to a safe hiding place. En route, Tana noted how the world had now evolved to parallel 1940's America, and as the creature passed through the city, it evolved further to mirror modern society (see comments). 

    Describing these sudden changes as "manic evolution," Tana noted how things had gone beyond her control and that the rate of change was growing faster each instant. After describing the creature as "Ego Prime," she explained that he was a portion of the living planet Ego. As Ego Prime approached them again, the group fled into a subway, the masonry of which began to shatter as the giant Ego Prime followed them into the confined space.


(Thor I#201) - Pursuing Tana, Silas, Sif, and Hildegarde, Ego Prime was distracted by an approaching train, allowing them to flee to the back of a darkened tunnel; Ego Prime bent down, lifted the braking subway car, momentarily studied its screaming contents, and then let the train fall to the ground.

    With a respite from their pursuer, Sif and Hildegarde demanded an explanation, and Tana revealed how she had used a portion of Ego to terraform Blackworld.egoprime-blackworld-t201-on_earth

    As Blackworld "evolved" into the atomic age, its natives, unprepared for their weapons' power, destroyed Blackworld in a nuclear explosion "so great that none remained to hear its sound."

    With Blackworld's destruction, Tana, Silas, Sif, Hildegarde, and Ego Prime were shunted to Earth.

(Thor I#202 (fb) - BTS) - A maelstrom-like force transported Tana, Silas, Sif, and Hildegarde to Earth.

(Thor I#202 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth, Tana, Silas, Sif, and Hildegarde were reunited with Balder, Fandral, Hogun, Thor, and Volstagg.

(Thor I#202) - The Asgardians and allies rallied against Ego-Prime. When Thor struck the crystalline creature with his magic hammer, Mjolnir, a maelstrom-like force was unleashed, and Ego-Prime -- drawing the very life-essence from those living  things about it, building and evolving  within its crystal walls a complex chain of force...force now released in a final burst of humanoid evolution...a burst which gave it the visage of a man. ego-prime-blackworld-t202-reformed.jpg

    As Ego-Prime introduced himself as "Ego" and proclaimed his power, Sif noted that he had become like unto the gods. At Thor's query, Ego-Prime noted that he was all that Ego is, was, and ever would be, and he detailed his plan to merge humanity with Earth, "and when, in time,the entire solar system joins in the unceasing creation of the immortal bioverse, there will be peace in the galaxy once more."

    When Thor and Balder argued against serving as unwilling pawns, Ego-Prime struck them down with an energy blast, considering them to be as insects of no import to him. Hogun leapt atop Ego-Prime's head, but Ego-Prime ensnared him with his "hair."

    To free Hogun, Thor fired a blast of powerful into Ego-Prime's face. Temporarily blinded, Ego-Prime swung his arm and crushed nearby rooftop chimney before regathering his wits and retaliating, firing an eyeblast at the nearby civilians on the streets, transforming them into monstrous beings to assault Thor and his allies.

    Unwilling to use lethal force against what they knew to be transformed humans, Thor's associates threatened to be overwhelmed.

    As Thor engaged Ego-Prime directly, Sif noted that the creature grew larger with his attacks, perhaps feeding on Mjolnir's mystic energy, and Thor hoped that Odin would see them and send his aid.

    When Thor noted that Ego-Prime was only a cancerous growth seeking death and destruction and a being to be pitied, Ego-Prime countered that every life he touched he joined, and every life he joined he changed. To punctuate his point, Ego-Prime enlarged a number of ants into monstrous size and sent them to attack Thor's allies.

(Thor I#203 (fb) - BTS) - Ego-Prime saw in Thor's thoughts that the way to defeat him was by distancing him from Mjolnir.

(Thor I#202) - While his allies fell, Thor continued to voice defiance until Ego-Prime covered Thor with rocks leaving him several feet from Mjolnir.

(Thor I#203) - As Sif an Balder futilely tried to pull Mjolnir into Thor's grasp, Ego-Prime mocked them, noting that Earth would die that day to become part of the collective he planned; meanwhile, "its towers crumbled...and its glorious city burned." He further mocked Thor as the only one to challenge him, but as the minute without Mjolnir elapsed, and as Thor reverted to Don Blake's form (and as Mjolnir reverted to Blake's walking stick), the explosive force knocked away the rocks that had been pinning down Thor. Swiftly grasping his walking stick and striking it to the ground, Blake transformed back into Thor, and he, Balder, and Sif renewed their assault on Ego-Prime and his creations. After they overcame the giant insects, Thor challenged Ego-Prime, who agreed to fight him strength for strength and power for power, tearing off a portion of a tall building and hurling it at Thor.

    Thor blasted it away, then smashed Ego-Prime in the chin with an Mjolnir, knocking him back to shatter and collapse a building. Continuing his assault, Thor hurled Mjolnir into Ego-Prime's face again, but Ego-Prime then grabbed Thor with his hand. Balder then leapt to the attack, stabbing Ego-Prime with his sword, momentarily felling Ego-Prime again and causing him to drop/release Thor. However, Ego-Prime rose again, and Thor voiced concern that "naught may hold against that grey form."

    Ego-Prime then rallied his power, unleashing a blast of energy from his hand as he noted he was using his power to control evolution/change things to do end old Earth and let the new begin.

    However, via plans put into motion by Odin prior to sending Hildegarde and Sif to Blackworld, Ego-Prime's energies were siphoned off into Carter Dyam (later Brightsword), Jason Kimball (later Genii), and Chi Lo (later Harvest), granting them great power as a new race of gods (later part of the Young Gods) while causing Ego-Prime to apparently fade from existence.

(Thor I#203 - BTS) - Odin restored Earth, undoing/repairing the damage done by Ego-Prime.

(Thor I#203 - BTS) - After Odin revealed that his recent plots had all been for this outcome, Thor denounced Odin for risking their lives in his manipulations.

(Thor I#204 - BTS) - For Thor's criticism, Odin exiled Thor and his allies to Earth.

(Quasar#14 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances, the Stranger captured Ego-Prime and imprisoned him on his laboratory world.

(Quasar#14) - Searching the Stranger's laboratory world for the Ex-Squadron Supreme members brought there by the Over-Mind, Quasar was dispelled by Jakar into a marsh/swamp/jungle where he was confronted by Ego-Prime, who -- indignant over a "flying insect" being sent against "the incomparable Ego-Prime" -- expressed his contempt by attempting to devour Quasar.ego-prime-blackworld-q15-departure

(Quasar#14 - BTS) - Over-Mind deactivated the force barriers containing each subject within his controlled environment, with the goals of disrupting his enemy's experiments and providing him with a vast army of Stranger-hating mind slaves.

(Quasar#15) - Although Ego-Prime pushed Quasar into and closed his mouth and tried to swallow him, Quasar soon broke free, smashing through Ego-Prime's teeth. Pained and enraged, Ego-Prime asked how dare a"dust mote" damage the corporeal form of the only begotten son of Ego the Living Planet.

When Quasar dodged Ego-Prime's bio-blasts, Ego-Prime realized the blasts were passing beyond the previous atmospheric barrier that had kept him imprisoned.

    Declaring that too long had he been deprived of the sustenance of his "host-father," Ego-Prime took to the air and then departed the Laboratory world, presumably seeking out Ego.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, John Buscema, and Vince Colletta.

    Ego's origins have been ret-conned back and forth several times, so his/its true nature is uncertain. See the discussion in the comments of the "Egosian race" profile:

    He got the hyphen in Thor I#202. No hyphen in #199 or 201, but then the title started with it hyphenated in #202, and the subsequent references and issues followed suit.

    What happened after Ego-Prime left the Laboratory World? Did he find Ego, and, if so, did Ego welcome him as a long, lost son...or just eat him. Probably the latter. Or did he arrive on some other planet and then evolve that world into a planet under his control? Or something else, entirely?

Earth-72842 Ego-Prime took control of Earth, causing humanity to merge into vast mountains that became part of the planet, after which it spread its influence across the rest of the solar system, eventually bringing a kind of peace to the galaxy. Thor #202 (1972)

    This profile was completed 12/26/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

monsterized humans


Thor I#202) - After Thor fired a blast of powerful into Ego-Prime's face, Ego-Prime regathered his wits and retaliating, firing an eyeblast at the nearby civilians on the streets, enveloping them in concealing energy and transforming them into monstrous beings who then assaulted Thor and his allies, notably Balder, Fandral, and Hildegarde.

    When the creatures threatened a young girl, the otherwise frightened Volstagg picked up her (and her doll, "Missie Pompadour") and carried her to safety.

     Another creature pinned Tana to a wall, but Silas Grant subdued the creature with his crowbar (or whatever he had).

     Unwilling to use lethal force against what they knew to be transformed humans, Thor's associates threatened to be overwhelmed. Hildegarde picked up a car to force the creatures back.
     Hogun subsequently joined the fight against the transformed humans, after which Ego-Prime enlarged some ants to fight them as well.


(Thor I#203) - With Fandral, Hildegarde, and Hogun having fallen before the insects (and/or monsterized humans) and Thor trapped under rubble, Ego-Prime mockingly asked who would help Balder and Sif against him, noting that the monsterized Earth-men would not betray their creator.

    As Silas Grant continued to fight off monstrously-transformed humans with a wooden club and then lead Tana Nile to take shelter and regroup with a tenement room.

--Thor I#202 (203

Note: In Thor I#204, the little girl (with Missie Pompadour) Volstagg rescued from the transformed humans was influenced by Mephisto, leading to the capture of Volstagg (with Thor and his allies being taken to Mephisto's realm shortly thereafter).

We don't know if the girl was under Mephisto's influence from the start...we don't even know the girl's name. The Thor: Official Index to the Marvel Universe entry for these issues just calls her "little girl"


enlarged ants

ego-prime-blackworld-t202-enlarging_ants     When Thor noted that Ego-Prime was only a cancerous growth seeking death and destruction and a being to be pitied, Ego-Prime countered that every life he touched he joined, and every life he joined he changed.

     To punctuate his point, Ego-Prime noted that he sensed and knew the ants on the ground that were beneath the gods and humans notice, and he then enlarged a number of ants into monstrous size and sent them to attack Thor's allies. Ego-Prime further noted that this is why he (Ego-Prime) must prevail, for his eyes sought out all the forms of life and made those forms his own.

     The Asgardians were at least pleased to have foes they could use their strength and weapons against, and they attacked fiercely with sword, mace, and strength of arm. However, the ants were strong and numerous enough that one of them picked Hildegarde into the air with its mandibles, rendering her off-balance. Fighting from atop a car, Fandral planned to come to Hildegarde's rescue, but the ants toppled the vehicle, causing Fandral to fall and drop his sword.

Thor I#203 (fb) - BTS) - Fandral, Hildegarde, and Hogun all fell under the ants' assault.

(Thor I#203) - Thor, Balder, and Sif overcame the giant ants

--Thor I#202 (203)

images: (without ads)
Thor I#198 (shadow)
    #199 (first pictured);
    #201, pg. 17, panel 2 (blasting away portion of Ego);
          panel 3 (levitating chunk of Ego toward ship);
          panel 6 (depositing chunk of Ego on Blackworld);
       pg. 18, panel 1 (chunk of Ego terraforming Blackworld);
          panel 6 (unidentified Ego-Prime departing, uncontrolled);
       pg. 20 (Ego-Prime sent to Earth);      
    #202, pg. 3, panel 1 (transformed into humanoid form);
       pg. 7, panel 2-4 (transforming humans into monstrous form);
       pg. 16, panel (Asgardians vs. transformed humans)
       pg. 18, panel 2 (enlarging ants);
            panel 4-5 (enlarged ants vs Hogun & Balder; and Hildegarde))
    #203, pg. 17 (blasting enemies);
Quasar#15, pg. 1 (trying to eat Quasar);
        pg. 3, panel 4 (flying, full body)


Thor I#195-199 (January-May, 1972) - Gerry Conway (writer), John Buscema (penciler), Vince Colletta (inker), Stan Lee (editor)
Thor I#201 (July, 1972) - Gerry Conway (scripter), John Buscema (penciler), Jim Mooney (inker), Stan Lee (editor)
Thor I#202 (August, 1972) - Gerry Conway (scripter), John Buscema (penciler), Vince Colletta (inker), Stan Lee (editor)
Thor I#203 (September, 1972) - Gerry Conway (scripter), John Buscema (penciler), Vince Colletta (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)
Quasar#14-15 (September-October, 1990) - Mark Gruenwald (writer), Mike Manley (pencils), Dan Panosian (inker), Len Kaminski (editor)

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