tana_nile-rigellian-ohotmuTANA NILE

Real Name: Tana Nile

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Rigellian) technology-user

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former infiltration agent, prime administrator, would-be conqueror/colonizer

Group Membership: Formerly Colonizers of Rigel, Daydreamers (Howard the Duck, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Man-Thing/Ted Sallis, Franklin Richards), Gamora's Graces (Cerise, Nebula, Spirit/Xira, Stellaris)

Affiliations: Avalon, Avengers (Iron Man/Tony Stark; likely Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Vision/Victor Shade), Balder Odinson, Caretakers of the Rhunians, Charter, Dark Hunter, Fandral, Gamora, Silas Grant, Hildegarde, Hogun, Karnilla, Odin Borson, Thor Odinson, Recorders (notably Recorder #211, 403-405, 501-507, 901, 901-E (if different than 901) at least 12 others), Resistance of/on Golden Star (including Gregor), Rigellian mutants (Bolaa, Gerr, Jukka, Tryx), Sif, Star Masters (Beta Ray Bill, Morfex, Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd, Xenith), Strange of of Nevernevernarniozobia, Beverly Switzler, Trimeth and two other unidentified organic beings, Tullk, Volstagg, Warriors Three; unidentified being associated with the House of Fiyero
    indirectly the Young Gods (Carter Dyam (later Brightsword), Jason Kimball (later Genii), Chin Lo (later Harvest);
    presumably Edwin Jarvis;
    formerly Jane Foster, Gramosians,
Mercurio the Fourth-Dimensional Man, Miners of the Dark Nebula/Miners of Xorr (Kagg, Quellor, Rothgar), unidentified New York Police Department officer;
    she helped liberate the Axi-Tun from Votan's mental control, but they were less than grateful; ditto for the new ruler, Landar...

Enemies: Annihilation Wave, Axi-Tun, Blackworld natives (unwittingly), "Black" Tom Cassidy, Dampyre, Ego the Living Planet, Ego-Prime, executioner of Nevernevernarniozobia, Extirpa, Galactus (Galan), Glorian (Thomas Gideon), Igron and his Asgardian nobles duplicates, Mangog, Mephisto and his demons, Red Witch of the Southeast of Nevernevernarniozobia, Red Witch of the Southeast of Nevernevernarniozobia, Ronan the Accuser, Sssth of Golden Star (notably Sssthgar, Gorney, Higila), unidentified Taurian, unidentified Thanosi, Throk, Ulik the troll and Asgardian rock trolls serving him, Votan, Vrellnexians of Golden Star
Avalon, Axi-Tun (controlled by Votan), Odin Borson, Jane Foster, Dark Hunter, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), the Rhunians, Thor Odinson, unidentified New York Police Department officer

Known Relatives: None;
    she was formerly engaged to the Rigellian Grand Commissioner;
    Ego-Prime ("creator"; she brought about its existence by separating it from Ego)

Aliases: Tana the First;
    she referred to herself as the "Colonial Empress of Earth";
    "blue lady" (from Leech and/or Franklin Richards);
    "Toots" (by Howard the Duck);
    "Lass" and "Lassie" (by Silas Grant);

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    died on Mount Virago, Godthab Omega;
    formerly the planet Bwokk;
    formerly planet Ak'sklo, Andromeda galaxy;
    formerly the Biosphere, Massachusetts Academy, Boston;
    formerly Command Planet Rigel II/ Rigel-3 (at least the second), Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly mobile throughout space in the Starjammer ship (Skipbladnir);
    formerly Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York;
    formerly Jane Foster's Manhattan apartment, Manhattan, New York;
    born on Rigel-3, Rigel star system
, Milky Way galaxy

Education: Rigellian educational system (equivalent of graduate school)

First Appearance: (Disguised as human) Thor I#129 (June, 1966);
    (true form) Thor I#131 (August, 1966)

tana_nile-rigellian-cpu4-mindthrustPowers/Abilities: Like all Rigellians, Tana Nile could increase her physical density to obtain sufficient strength to lift 10 tons, which also granted her superhuman durability.tana_nile-rigellian-cpu5-fight

    Tana Nile could form telepathic connections with others, allowing her to channel mental power from person to person, override a person’s bodily control via “mind-thrust,” remove memories, and perform other feats. She could project psionic mind-blasts to disable others, although sufficient head protection could dull its effect.
    Tana could also transfer portions of beings' will (mental toughness) into herself and others.
    On one occasion she appeared to use her telekinesis to fly, but that may have been someone, such as Quasar, pulling her along with him, or perhaps she could only use her powers thusly in the low gravity of a starship.

    Tana customarily wore armor, the control panel of which allowed her to project force fields and rearrange the molecular structure of her body and clothing to assume human form (this presumably also explains her extreme variations in proportions between appearances), in which guise she projected an “aura of majesty” which inspired awe and cooperativeness in most people.
    It is unrevealed whether her "aura of majesty" could only be used in her human form, although that is the only occasion on which it was demonstrated.

    As necessary, Tana used such typical Rigellian technology as stasis guns (which she noted to be one of the most potent weapons in the civilized galaxy), capable of concussive/heat projection, and a wrist-worn Compuscope, with solar beam communicators that enabled instantaneous intergalactic communication via hyperspace transmission as well assessment on the accessibility of Space Lock technology.

    She briefly had access to the Space Lock technology, which could move planetary masses across space vast distances.

    Tana sometimes had access to warp-drive starships.

    Tana was trained in Rigellian martial arts, making her a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and she was knowledgeable in planet terraformation, infiltration of alien societies, and other Rigellian fields.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Dark blue (almost black, at least in Starmasters#3;
CPU5, they were light blue with black sclera)
Hair: Black (in human forms, at least; I don't think we saw her hair in her true form, but her hair is identified as black in the OHotMU Master Edition)
Unusual Features: Like most Rigellians, Tana has an enlarged cranium and gaunt/lean body features. Her armor apparently allows her to take human form or alter her form to more human dimensions.

Thor I#218 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Tana Nile was told the legend of the Black Stars, although she considered it only a legend to frighten children.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile) - Tana initially worked in an administrative capacity in the Colonizers of Rigel, who selected planets for absorption into the technocratic Rigellian Empire, whose member-worlds spanned the Milky
Way, Andromeda, and other galaxies.

(Thor I#130 (fb) - BTS / Thor I#134 (fb) - BTS) - Although Rigellian culture ideally prided itself on transcending “outdated” emotions, Tana fell in love from afar with the Colonizers’ head, the Grand Commissioner, a crush she held for years.

tana_nile-rigellian-jim129-human(Thor I#131 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile) - Promoted to full Colonizer status, which would allow her to rule a planet of her own, Tana chose Earth, which by Rigellian designation was located in “Sector Five.”tana_nile-rigellian-jim130-human

    Though others Colonizers had ignored Earth due to its size and relative unimportance, neophyte Colonizer Tana Nile considered that it would be the perfect stepping stone for her, the first of many planets under her reign.tana_nile-rigellian-jim129-human-posterior

(Thor I#129 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile) - After Jane Foster put an ad in the newspaper for a roommate to share expenses, Tana was the first to answer, seeking to better familiarize herself with humanity.

    Taking human form, Tana told Jane she had just moved to the city (Manhattan), looking for a job. Jane accepted, and Tana moved in with her.

(Thor I#129 (fb) - BTS) - Everyone who met Tana showed obeisance to her.

(Thor I#129) - When Thor visited his ladyfriend, Jane Foster, Tana opened the door and let him in. After Jane introduced Tana, who noted that it was most kind of Jane to let her share her apartment, Thor note that she spoke perfect English but did not sound like a native. Tana confirmed that she had come from...a distant place.

    Sensing something strangely majestic about Tana, Thor kneeled before her and told her, "May the stars shine upon you."

    Surprised that Thor was similarly affected, Jane noted told him that everyone reacted that way to her.

    Though Thor considered Tana an enigma and was intrigued, Jane convinced him to talk about themselves.

    Secretly watching them, as Thor prepared to depart, Tana considered that Thor should not return to Earth again as it would spoil her carefully laid plans.

(Thor I#130) - As Jane discussed her feelings for Thor, Tana considered that love was an emotion fit only for fools and weaklings, and she further stated that where she came from it was out-dated like pity or sorrow.

    Tana then realized that she had carelessly revealed more than she should have, and she unfettered her aura of majesty, forcing Jane to her knees and overwhelming her will. Not wishing Thor to return and interfere with her plans, Tana commanded Jane to take a long journey and to never return.

    Looking down on humanity, Tana considered that none could interfere, and she began to return to her true form.tana_nile-rigellian-jim131-full

(Thor I#131) - Considering that she had learned all that she need know about conditions on this primitive planet called Earth, which meant she had dutifully fulfilled the first basic task of every space colonizer, Tana Nile reverted to her true form in preparation to colonize and rule Earth.

    Tana contacted the command planet at the constellation Rigel (see comments), noting her wish to stake a claim. Her message was received by the Division of Claims, and she noted herself to be on the perimeter of "sector five," in the third planet of the little known Sol system.

    As there were no previous claims for that space sector, the Division announced that they would dispense an official inspection team at once, and as soon as they transmitted their report, her claim would be approved.

    Tana countered that sending an inspection team would lead to battle , but the Division argued that Colonizers were invincible, with the exception of the menace of the Black Galaxy, and they dispatched inspectors.tana_nile-rigellian-jim131-profile

(Thor I#131 (fb) - BTS) - The inspection team, consisting of at least two Colonizers, joined Tana Nile at her apartment.

(Thor I#131) - As Thor returned to Earth and sought out Jane Foster at her apartment, one of the Colonizers blasted him away, and Tana Noted that they could no longer conceal their presence from him.

    After Thor returned and smashed his way into the apartment, Tana reintroduced herself, advising him that he had known her in a different guise. Noting that he had sensed that Jane's roommate had not been what she seemed to be, Thor instructed her to bring forth Jane.

    Instead, Tana noted that she was a colonizer and had claimed Earth before using her mind-thrust to force him to a knee. After she related how she would take control of Earth (see comments), Thor continued to resist, and Tana noted that as his will was dauntless he must be destroyed, but the inspection team Colonizer had her drop her mind-thrust so that he could imprison Thor via his Proton Coagulant Ray with plans to take him back to Rigel for further study. Before departing, the inspection team approved Tana's request, noting she could now activate the space lock.

    Though lamenting that her first colonization was such a trivial, unimportant planet, Tana considered that she had to start somewhere. She then contacted Rigel's Power Planet 4 and had them activate the space lock for action so she could protect herself from any hostile action.

(Thor I#131 - BTS) - En route to Rigel, Thor broke out of the proton cage and overpowered the inspection team; he continued on to Rigel to save humanity.

(Thor I#132) - Attracting stares from those she passed, Tana walked down the streets of Manhattan, considering that she must allow her subjects to recognize their new master. After her wrist compuscope confirmed that the space lock had completely encircled Earth, Tana decided that it was time to take over the reins of government from the humans. When a policeman asked her what she was doing, Tana told him to address her as empress as she was humanity's new sovereign, Tana the First. Thinking her to be crazy, the policeman played along, asked if she wanted him to take her to their leader, and invited her into his squadcar before taking her to his precinct station. Tana informed him that it was time for her to abolish Earth's governments and assume control herself, so he should take her to the United Nations. She further told him that she would appoint him to be imperial chauffeur. The officer wondered if he was on Candid Camera (see comments).

    When Tana told him that some may not believe that Earth was in her control, but that they would not doubt her for long, as the space lock was pulling Earth out of orbit, and only she could bring it back again.

(Thor I#132 - BTS) - As Thor overwhelmed the Rigellians and threatened to destroy their space lock mechanism, the Grand Commissioner bargained with him to release Earth from the space lock if he helped prevent the menace within the Black Galaxy (Ego the Living Planet) from threatening the outside universe.

(Thor I#133) - At the local police precinct, Tana Nile introduced herself and demanded to be taken to their leader, but these officers also assumed her to be crazy. She contacted her superiors "via direct solar beam" to prove her point and requested that the space lock pull Earth out of orbit at a more rapid rate; however, they informed her, by order of the Grand Commissioner, that Earth was to be freed of the space lock and that she was ordered to end her colonization and return to Rigel.
    Though Tana asked for further explanation, the transmission was closed.

(Thor I#134) - Back in communication with her superiors, Tana lamented the loss of her first colonization and asked what she had done wrong. She was assured that she hadn't done anything wrong and that outside events had lead to this decision; she was further told that she would not go unrewarded, as she would go back to Rigel for her greatest assignment.

    The other colonizers then appeared alongside Thor, noting that they would escort Tana back to Rigel.. While Thor told Tana that her reign over Earth was ended forever, he assured her he bore her no malice as she was doing what she had been trained to do; however, he insisted she tell him what she had done with Jane Foster. Tana noted that she had merely sent her away in hopes that Thor would waste time searching for her and that she did not know her whereabouts.

    Another of the colonizers announced that Tana could speak no more, and he used a compellor beam to place her in custody; however, they gave Thor a Psyche-Search Gauge that would lead him to Jane by locating her life force aura (in Transia, Jane had been recruited as a teacher for the High Evolutionary's New Men) . While the police were uneasy with Tana being taken away, Thor instructed them to allow her to be dealt with on Rigel.

    As Tana and the two other colonizers entered their ship on the roof, they revealed that she was to receive the highest reward for her part in saving Rigel from the the threat of the Black Galaxy: The High Commissioner had chosen her for his wife.tana_nile-rigellian-thor160-red-facetana_nile-rigellian-thor160-red-full-lat

(Thor I#160 (fb) - BTS) - To address the threat of the immensely powerful Galactus and the weakening shield that had hidden the Rigellians from Galactus' detection, Tana was sent to recruit Thor's aid.

    Via Rigellian spacecraft, Tana Nile landed on a building in Manhattan, hoping her ship would draw him there. Observing the ship, Thor investigated.

(Thor I#160) - Tana greeted Thor, informing him of a threat to many worlds (and galaxies), and noting that only Thor's power could fight it. After Thor agreed to help, she led him aboard her ship, and they departed Earth. When Thor warned her of the consequences if she was attempting to trick, she assured him that the threat was real and all too deadly.

    En route, Tana informed Thor of the nature of Galactus, after which they were assaulted by a powerful Taurian, a survivor of a world that Galactus had crushed, who demanded their ship. Tana noted how the planet Taurus' gravity rendered its population massively strong and durable, after which her mind blast proved ineffective due to his helmet. Thor then shattered the helmet with Mjolnir, subduing the creature, who explained that he had been temporarily maddened by the loss of his people. As Tana's ship passed through the Zone of Desolation, containing the remnants of worlds destroyed by Galactus, Thor vowed that Galactus would pay for what he had done.

    Tana and Thor soon after met with the Grand Commissioner, who told Thor that his people had hidden from Galactus in the past via a shield that was growing weaker over time. After Tana noted that they dared not wait until they were found and decimated, the Grand Commissioner sent the Recorder to join Thor against Galactus. As they two boarded a craft that would take them to Galactus, Tana note that the prayers of galaxies went with him.

(Thor I#160 - BTS) - The craft carried Thor and Recorder#211 into the Black Galaxy where Galactus was confronting Ego. The energies released between the two cosmic combatants destroyed their craft.

(Thor I#161 - BTS) - Thor drove off Galactus, preventing his consumption of Ego and allowing the Archeopian Wanderers, survivors from the first world consumed by Galactus, to take up residence on Ego's surface.

(Thor I#162) - Tana Niles stood silently beside the Grand Commissioner when Thor and the Recorder returned to the Rigellian space station, after which Thor convinced the Commissioner not to deactivate the Recorder or remove its memory banks. Tana then embraced Thor and kissed his cheek, noting "mighty Thor is the noblest one of all."
    Via Mjolnir, Thor then departed, returning to Asgard.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#4: Ego / All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#4: Ego) - Soon after Thor left...

tana_nile-rigellian-thor198-profile-gun(Thor I#201 (fb)) - The Grand Commissioner summoned Tana, telling her that while they could not colonize Earth, they needed an Earth-type world for unspecified reasons. With only primitive planets of that type available, the Grand Commissioner sent Tana on a mission into the Bioverse/Black Galaxy, where she landed on the surface of Ego, blasting free a living slab of stone and placing it within a special isotope container on her ship.

    Tana then sped to the the galaxy's "eastern rim" and landed on a planet (which was somewhere in the stone age, with Neanderthal like people being present) called Blackworld by humanity while being nameless to the Rigellians.

    On Blackworld, Tana released the Ego sample she had taken; though it had changed shape and grown somewhat, she thought nothing of it at the time. Instead, she continued to focus energy through its growing form, and a golden ray arced from its shoulders, and the world's man-apes evolved, while the jungle growth decayed.

    Tana was ecstatic, hoping that the process could be repeated to terraform worlds too hot or too cold, etc., which would then be the Colonizers' for the taking. However, the ray then continued, causing the sudden development of a small village with perhaps the equivalent of Earth's 17th century buildings (and within hours it was equivalent to 20th century Earth). tana_nile-rigellian-thor198-gun-blast

    Realizing that the evolutionary rays were already out of control, Tana turned to try to stop the Ego fragment but found it too had evolved into a crystalline semi-humanoid form beyond her control.

(Thor I#201 (fb) - BTS / Thor I#198) - Within a force bubble and firing an energy blast in a futile effort to regain control of or at least hold off Ego-Prime, Tana Nile encountered Blackworld native Silas Grant and the Asgardians Sif and Hildegarde, urging them to enter her force bubble before "he" (Ego Prime) could reach them; she hinted that "we" (she and the other Rigellians) had made a terrible mistake that was the cause of this threat.

(Thor I#199) - When her ray blasts proved useless against the crystalline creature confronting them, Tana urged Silas to lead them to a safe hiding place.

    In a brief period of safety, Tana identified the creature as Ego Prime, noting that it had developed from a minute section of Ego the Living Planet and explaining how he/it was the cause of the rapid and accelerating evolution/temporal development of Blackworld.

    Tana further noted that she could no longer control the evolution, which had ruined her plans. As Ego Prime approached them again, the group fled into a subway, the masonry of which began to shatter as the giant Ego Prime followed them into the confined space.

tana_nile-rigellian-thor198-face(Thor I#201) - As Ego Prime was distracted by an approaching train, Tana, Silas, Sif, and Hildegarde fled to the back of a darkened tunnel; with a respite from their pursuer, Sif and Hildegarde demanded an explanation, and Tana revealed how she had used a portion of Ego to terraform Blackworld.

    As Blackworld "evolved" into the atomic age, and its natives, unprepared for their weapons' power, destroyed Blackworld in a nuclear explosion.

    With Blackworld's destruction, Tana, Silas, Sif, Hildegarde, and Ego Prime were shunted to Earth, where they joined Thor, Balder, and the Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg).

(Thor I#201 - BTS / Thor I#204 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile's ship was destroyed along with Blackworld.

(Thor I#202) - Despite Tana's warning that none dared stand against Ego-Prime, Thor futilely attacked the creature, which transformed into a more humanoid form.

    After Ego Prime announced its plot to merge humanity with Earth, Thor and the others continued to attack Ego Prime, leading it to transform local humans into monsters to attack them.

    Pinned against a wall by one such creature, Tana called out for Silas to help her, although he questioned why he should help her as she had destroyed his world.

    After Tana reminded Silas that she hadn't intended to kill them all, he considered that letting her die wouldn't bring the others back. Silas then led Tana back to help the others.

(Thor I#203) - While Thor and the others fought Ego-Prime without being able to stop him, Silas Grant fought back the mutated humans long enough for him and Tana to gain a brief respite in a tenement house, allowing Tana to repair her energy pistol.

    However, when Ego-Prime unleashed his full evolutionary power into the Earth and into his opponents, the energies were instead redirected into Carter Dyam, Jason Kimbal, and Chi Lo, a trio of humans gathered by Hogun under direction of Odin as part of his ultimate plot to transform some of humanity into a new race of gods (see comments).tana_nile-rigellian-thor204-human-transform

(Thor I#204) - After Thor criticized Odin for his callous manipulations, Odin exiled Thor and his allies to Earth. Learning this, Tana Nile was distraught as she had no means to return to Rigel. Believing her own people would believe her to have perished on Blackworld, Tana adopted human form with the goal of adjusting to and interacting with humanity. Thor then brought the group to Avengers Mansion.

    Later, as Tana was taking a walk in Central Park alongside Silas Grant and Hildegarde, they entered a tunnel to recover a baseball that had passed over the head of a young boy named Chuck.

(Thor I#204 (fb) - BTS) - Tana, Silas, and Hildegarde were pulled into Mephisto's Hell-realm. Balder and the Warriors Three were similarly transported there, and the former seven were entranced by Mephisto before Thor and Sif were brought there as well.

(Thor I#205 - BTS) - Mephisto forced Thor's allies to attack him, but Thor transported them away via whirlwind to a rocky peak so they could not further assault him. Having escaped Mephisto's plot to be damned for harming his friends, Thor fought off Mephisto and transported himself and his allies back to Earth's surface.

(Avengers I#105 (fb) - BTS) - Tana and her associates returned to Avengers Mansion.

(Avengers I#105) - Along with Silas Grant, Fandral, Hogun, and Hildegarde, Tana departed Avengers Mansion in search of food and ale.

(Thor I#211) - Watching a television report as Thor battled Ulik's troll forces in Manhattan, Tana and Silas resolved to assist him, and Tana enjoyed returning to her true form (which she had not done since they had been marooned on Earth) to do so. tana_nile-rigellian-thor204-human-full

    As Thor struggled to hold up a building shattered by troll forces and as Ulik easily swatted aside Fandral and Hogun, Tana leveled her Rigellian Stasis Gun, noting it to be one of the most potent weapons in the civilized galaxy. When Ulik continued to advance, she exclaimed how no creature alive could withstand the stasis effect. Noting that Ulik was beyond natural/mortal definitions, Thor steadied the building and then subdued Ulik, noting that his being weakened by Tana's beam made the difference in their struggle.

(Thor I#212) - With Balder having succumbed to madness, Thor suspected Odin as a cause and led Tana, Fandral, Hildegarde, Hogun, and Silas to Asgard, which they found inhabited by the Sssth. Sssth-leader Sssthgar told them how the Sssth had been previously captured by the Vrellnexians who vastly outnumbered, overpowered, and captured Odin and the Asgardians, during which time the Sssth escaped and occupied Asgard. (see comments) Thor accepted Sssthgar's offer to guide them to the Vrellnexians, transporting the Sssth via their Starjammer to the Golden Star.

    There Thor led his forces to overpower the Vrellnexians and the others present at the auction; when Tana Nile's energy gun lost its charge, she used her martial skills to subdue her foes. However, the Sssth then surrounded and threatened to capture Thor and his allies.

(Thor I#213) - After the Sssth subdued and imprisoned Thor and his allies, Thor learned that the aliens controlled their captives via drugged food. Breaking free, Thor found and freed Tana and Hildegarde, neither of whom had consumed the drugged food. Tana identified a Mondurian steel door in their path, which she noted would take Rigellian battlecraft to even penetrate it; however, Thor and Hildegarde were able to tear it down.

    The group subsequently encountered Gregor, who led them to the Resistance. Hearing their tale, Tana and her allies agreed to join forces with the Resistance, and Tana rode on Thor's back as they descended to confront  the Sssth. As Thor battled the Sssth, Tana freed and gathered the Asgardians, and Hildegarde ambushed Sssthgar. Thor then instructed Tana to take the Asgardians to the docks, after which the Resistance destroyed the drug factories, and the Asgardians departed in the Starjammer/Skipbladnir in search of Sif (whom Sssthgar had revealed had been sold to the Miners of the Dark Nebula).

(Thor I#214 (fb) - BTS) - The rest of the Asgardians on Golden Star were sent back to Asgard.

(Thor I#214) - Tana and Silas accompanied Asgardians Fandral, Heimdall, Hildegarde, Hogun, Odin, and Thor aboard the Starjammer into the Dark Nebula, Hildegarde detailed to Tana the disappearance of Sif and Karnilla and the events that led to their current quest. Tana noted that Thor must love Sif, as in the Dark Nebula most men and gods found death.

    They were then assaulted by Quellor and Rothgar of the Miners of Xorr/Miners of the Dark Nebula (who were mentally controlled by the god-jewel Xorr to free it from within the asteroid into which it had crashed a million years ago); having recently been assaulted by the forces of Mercurio and the Gramosians (who sought to raid the god-jewel in hopes of using it to save their world), the miners initially assumed the approaching group were raiders. After the Asgardians overpowered the miners, the misunderstanding was discovered, and the miners led Tana and the others to their Orion Base where they met the last survivor miner, Kagg, and the Asgardians agreed to help against the raiders in exchange for the miners' aid in locating Sif.

(Thor I#214 - BTS) - When the Gramosians attacked, the Asgardians met them in combat. Seeking to prevent the Gramosians from taking the god-jewel, the miners leapt down a tube via which their wills and power were added to the god-jewel, awakening the mind of Xorr. Erupting through the asteroid's surface, Xorr, which/who contained Sif and Karnilla, threatened to kill its prisoners if Thor or the others acted against it.

(Thor I#215) - Alongside Silas and the Asgardians (as well as Mercurio and the Gramosians), Tana looked upon the emerged god-jewel, Xorr. After Mercurio questioned why they should follow the orders of the the Xorr-controlled former miners, Xorr emitted vibrations that knocked unconscious Tana, Silas, the Asgardians, and the Gramosians alike.

    After recovering in caverns miles below the miners' world's surface, the former combatants joined forces to oppose Xorr; as they made their way to the miners, Silas cautioned Tana to watch her step, but Tana assured him the Colonizer were used to heights and that she was no exception. Thor and Mercurio subdued another group of miners, after which the asteroid shook as the god-jewel departed via a ship piloted by the Xorr-controlled miners (Kagg, Quellor, Rothgar) and escaped the Dark Nebula. Tana and her allies soon followed in the Starjammer. Though they caught up to the god-jewel, and the Asgardians defeated the miners, Xorr extruded a semi-humanoid form and warned that any harm done to itself would slay Sif (and Karnilla).

(Thor I#216) - While Thor stayed with Xorr, Odin led the other Asgardians, as well as Tana and Silas, to retreat to the Starjammer. As Odin plotted against and led the Starjammer to keep pace with Xorr, Tana expressed to Silas how she missed Rigel, as well as how she sensed a terrible threat to her world (which was indeed threatened by the approach of the "Black Stars" (primarily the Rhunians).

(Thor I#216 - BTS) - Ultimately, Odin guided Xorr to drain the power from an immense star, which ultimately overloaded and shattered Xorr. While Xorr was distracted, Thor and Mercurio freed Sif and Karnilla, and all escaped before the Xorr-caused super-nova explosion.

    With Karnilla and Sif aboard, the Starjammer began its return to Asgard.

(Thor I#214-216 - BTS/ Thor I#217 (fb)) - When the other Asgardians returned to Asgard, the corrupt sorcerer Igron cast a spell which drew on the need to believe in a higher power, which even the Asgardian gods possessed. His spell utilized the energy of that belief to create his own duplicates of the lords and ladies of Asgard (including Odin & Thor), who served his will.

(Thor I#217 (fb)) - Balder was ambushed, defeated, and captured by his own duplicate (actually Igron), which was teamed with the duplicate Thor, Hogun, and others.

(Thor I#217) - Along with Silas and the Asgardians, Tana arrived in Asgard aboard the Starjammer, finding it occupied by Asgardian imposters under Igron's control. Thor, Balder, and the others eventually defeated Igron and his false Asgardians, although they briefly had to protect Tana and Silas from other Asgardians who mistook the true Thor, Balder, Odin, etc. as the imposters. Soon after, Tana listened as Odin announced a threat that would first destroy the world of the Colonizers and then the worlds of men.

(Thor I#218) - Tana joined Balder, Silas, Sif, and Thor aboard the Starjammer in an Odin-directed mission to investigate the menace to the Rigel.

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - Meanwhile, as the deadly Black Stars approached, the Rigellians fled Rigel-3.

(Thor I#218) - As the Starjammer arrived, Tana was excited to see her homeworld. Although Rigel initially seemed vacant, the Rigellians mutants Bolaa, Gerr, Jukka, and Tryx soon assaulted them. Recognizing their attackers, Tana was nonetheless caught in a lasso along with Silas. After Thor forced an end to the conflict, the Rigellian mutants revealed their fearful motivation, after which they accepted Thor's offer to join them in locating the Rigellians.

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - Shortly after the Starjammer's departure, the Black Stars arrived and destroyed Rigel-3.

(Thor I#218) - Guided by Jukka's knowledge of Rigellian navigation charts he had glimpsed, the Starjammer caught up to the Rigellian fleet, at which point Tana noted the cold dread she felt regarding the Black Stars. The Rigellians at first attacked the approaching craft, but the Grand Commissioner halted the conflict, after which the Rigellians revealed the past and the known nature of the Black Stars.

(Thor I#219) - Noting how she had considered the stories of the Black Stars as legend to frighten children, Tana listened as the Grand Commissioner noted the stories as fact, and that there was no escape. Tana nonetheless accompanied  Silas and the Asgardians aboard the Starjammer to investigate the Black Star, after which they were assaulted by the giant robotic Avalon. After Avalon allied with the Starjammer crew, Tana and the others joined Avalon into his "inner realm," where he introduced them to his people.

(Thor I#219 - BTS) - Thor and Avalon discovered the Rhunians' immense size.

(Thor I#220) - Thor informed Tana and the others of the immensity of the threat they faced. Tana and the others, alongside the Rhunians' Caretakers, assaulted the Rhunians until gaining Lord Kragonn's attention. Subsequent investigation revealed that the races of the Black Stars' other planets were all extinct, leading to an ending of the Black Stars' need to destroy other worlds. 

(Thor I#221 (fb) - BTS) - The Asgardians brought Tana and Silas to the Colonizers' fleet, where the Starjammer/Spacejammer was repaired.

(Thor I#221 (fb)) - Tana thanked the Thor, noting that they owed them more than they could ever repay, a sentiment that Silas echoed, adding that he had become good friends with Tana and had decided to stay with her.

(Fantastic Four I#235 (fb) - BTS / All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#4: Ego) <At some point> - Driven insane by the removal of Tana Nile's sample, Ego consumed all of the Wanderers living on his surface. The Archeopians' separate identities vanished into Ego's own.tana_nile-rigellian-cpu4-face

(Iron Man I#112 - BTS / Thor Annual#2000/2 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile) - The Rigellians adopted a new homeworld, which they named Rigel-3 after their previous homeworld

(Starmasters#1) - After the Axi-Tun murdered (and framed Protector of the Universe Quasar for the slaughter) all 10,451 Charter delegates in their Hub base after they had established contact with Earth, Tana received the broadcast, noting the impertinence and wondering how Earth had changed since last she visited it.

(Starmasters#3) - Prime Administrator Tana Nile led a group of three organic beings and 24 Recorders to the Hub to investigate the cause of the deaths of the Charter delegates. She ordered Recorders 501-507 to perform autopsies on seven delegates of different species and Recorders 403-405 to go to the life support generator and take a chromographic reading. When Recorder#901 reported that the Hub's telemetric system recorded a disturbance by Earth, Tana instructed 901 to contact Rigellian High Command and determine if any of their Planet-Lock devices had been reported stolen or missing.

    Receiving a summons from Trimeth at freight dock 149-Q, Tana Nile had Recorder 901-E accompany her to document the findings of the Mneena search party. Arriving at the freight dock, they found Trimeth and the other two organics in the custody of a group of Axi-Tun warriors led by Dampyre and Throk. When Dampyre ordered Tana to surrender or they would kill their captives, Tana told them there was no need for violence, and she surrendered.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 (fb) - BTS) - In the ensuing confusion, a Recorder (#901-E or another) was able to hide and transmit a hyperspatial recording to the Rigellian High Command.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile and the other investigators were taken aboard a starship, which remained docked at the Hub.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 - BTS) - The Silver Surfer informed Quasar, Xenith, and Morfex of Tana and others being imprisoned on the ship, after which he departed to recover Beta Ray Bill

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4) - As Quasar, Xenith, and Morfex located Tana and the other prisoners, Tana -- still believing Quasar to be part of the plot against the Charter -- telepathically struck him with her mind-thrust. Though it severely pained him, she learned that he was innocent and the the previous transmission had been faked; she concluded that the Axi-Tun were almost certainly responsible. When Quasar noted the importance of why they had done it, Tana further noted that they needed to know what the Axi-Tun were doing now that they believed they had achieved some success.

    As the group worked to help the prisoners escape, Tana noted a pair of Axi-Tun guards, upon whom she used her mind-thrust to make them submit to her telepathic probes. As the guards collapsed, Tana noted that she had obtained the security codes they needed to escape and that the guards would not remember their having been there. She additionally noted that the Axi-Tun believed themselves to be some sort of master race, that they plotted to eliminate all races within the cosmos, and that many Charter planets had sent assassins after Quasar. tana_nile-rigellian-cpu4-fly

    After the group returned to the Hub, Tana assured Quasar she would do all in her power to clear the false charges against him. As Quasar thanked her, the Surfer and Beta Ray Bill returned, noting how the protoplasm in the Cauldron of Conversion was a living hybrid plague that mutated after killing any being to form an infection that could eliminate that being's entire race. Tana noted that only peacekeeper M'Duul had been returned to his world, which had led to the genocide of the M'Ndavians. When Quasar noted that the dead on the Hub had to be destroyed to prevent the plague's spread, Tana advised him that many of the Charter's races would not tolerate such an act of desecration regardless of the consequences. As a result, the Surfer focused his power and concentration to destroy the infection at a molecular level without harming the bodies.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 - BTS) - The Star Masters destroyed their Axi-Tun attackers and the Cauldron of Conversion.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 (fb) - BTS) - Days later, newly elected representatives from the member worlds gathered at the Hub to finalize sanctions against the Axi-Tun.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4) - Tana announced that the Axi-Tun had been expelled from the Charter and charges were pending against their ruler, Lord Votan. She then introduced and thanked the Star Masters as the ones responsible for stopping the Axi-Tun plot of intergalactic genocides and of proving Quasar's innocence.tana_nile-rigellian-cpu5-full-latob

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Star Masters accepted the Charter's request to travel to Tun and bring in Lord Votan.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5) - Tana joined the Star Masters in traveling to Tun to take Votan into custody. When a guard noted that Votan was addressing his subjects and that they would have to wait for him in his private chambers, Tana advised him that they would grant this one last courtesy but would not tolerate further delays.

    However, when they met with Votan, he mentally took control of Tana and then sapped the will of the Star Masters; only Beta Ray Bill could resist Votan's power, but he was eventually overwhelmed by Axi-Tun attackers.

    Later, within a prison chamber, after Morfex complained that Quasar had been forced to confess to crimes he'd never committed and that their wills were still sapped, Tana suggested that if the others would allow her to take a little more of their wills, she could send their collective willpower to Quasar. She hoped it would be enough to allow him to resist Votan and to escape and free the rest of them.

    Tana channeled the others' wills into Quasar, which indeed enabled him to oppose Votan, but at that point Tun was assaulted by a Phergot fleet, seeking vengeance for the Axi-Tun framing them for the genocide of the M'ndavians. As Votan focused his powers on Quasar, Tana and the rest of the Star Masters were freed from his influence, allowing them to free themselves from their prison. Tana then joined the others in opposing Axi-Tun still serving Votan while Quasar, the Surfer, and Axi-Tun agents not loyal to Votan drove off the Pheragot assault. tana_nile-rigellian-genx23-seatedish

    Tana subsequently noted as the Axi-Tun soldiers, freed from Votan's influence, surrendered; she further noted that they would live with horrific memories of what Votan had made them do. After Beta Ray Bill subdued Votan, the Star Master's enforced Tana's decree to have Votan taken to be tried by the Charter.

(Daydreamers#2 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile entry) - Back among the Rigellians, Tana perhaps came to perceive the Rigellian Empire’s forced colonization practices as a possible precursor to the Axi-Tun’s willingness to slaughter other races, Tana found herself no longer able to abide their "warped sense of manifest destiny."

(Daydreamers#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tana tried to effect change from within. Through logical discourse and passive resistance, she took her message to the powers that be. However, her finance, the Grand Commissioner, branded her a traitor and disavowed Tana to the control panel.

    Tana fled Rigel and returned to Earth, hoping to again find sanctuary with the Avengers.

(Daydreamers#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tana's ship crashed at the Massachusetts Academy.

(Generation X#20) - In Generation X's Biosphere, a wounded Tana Nile attracted the attention of young mutants Leech, Artie Maddicks, and Franklin Richards; she asked the "younglings" to "reach me...help me..."

(Generation X#23 (fb) - BTS) - Within the Biosphere, Artie, Leech, and Franklin tended to Tana as she recovered from her injuries, supplying her with food, such as candy, fruit, and canned food.

(Generation X#23) - Artie, Leech, and Franklin introduced the visiting Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler to Tana.

(Generation X#25) - When Black Tom Cassidy assaulted Tana and her allies in the Biosphere, Howard's ally the Man-Thing transported the group away.

(Daydreamers#1 (fb) - BTS) - Beverly was sent back to Earth or somewhere else. tana_nile-rigellian-daydream1-hold-howard

(Daydreamers#1 (fb)) - The Man-Thing transported the group to the Nexus of Realities to save them where they floated atop a chunk of Earth also transported with them.

(Daydreamers#3 (fb) - BTS) - In denial of his parents' seeming death against Onslaught, Franklin Richards apparently thought to escape reality via a series of realms he apparently subconsciously created or to which he just navigated himself and the others.

    At the same time, however, to force himself to accept the loss of his parents, Franklin also subconsciously created the Dark Hunter. tana_nile-rigellian-daydream1-punch

(Daydreamers#1 (fb)) - As Howard went on a tirade about his fate, Tana picked him up by the collar and instructed Howard not to be rude to the children as they were the hope of the future.

When Howard argued that they had no future floating around in the middle of nowhere, Tana informed him that "some of us have much less of a chance at a future than the rest of us" and tossed him off of the landmass.

    After Howard fell through a portal to the realm Nevernevernarniozobia, Franklin had the Man-Thing bring them there. En route, Artie was frightened of images of the Dark Hunter, and Tana tried to comfort him that the images weren't real. She then guided Artie to cast his thoughts out like a net and locate Howard, after which the Man-Thing transported their landmass through the portal to the realm into which Howard had passed.

    Within that realm, they found the feet of a woman crushed under the landmass, which Tana easily lifted to find the flattened (Scarlet Witch-looking) Red Witch of the Southeast. As Tana, Artie, Leech, and Franklin were lifted into the air by Thing-like, Munchkin-esque creatures, Tana noted the approach of someone who might answer their questions, and she introduced herself as the local sorcerer Strange appeared before them.

    When Strange offered them a reward for destroying the evil witch (although (s)he could not travel to other realms, (s)he agreed to take them to the realm's king, who could indeed do that. As they approached the castle, they were trapped in a mystic red sphere by the Red Witch of the Southwest.

(Daydreamers#1) - Within the realm Nevernevernarniozobia Tana and the others remained trapped in the red bubble while the captured Howard was condemned to be beheaded by the queen.

    After Leech neutralized the Red Witch's binding spell, Tana punched out the would-be executioner, picked up Howard and prepared to flee; however, as they approached the exit, the were confronted by the Dark Hunter.

(Daydreamers#2) - The Dark Hunter blasted Tana, Howard, and the Man-Thing with dark energies, calling forth their most deep-set anxieties: Tana argued with the manifestation of these anxieties, noting that forced colonization was wrong and that she was not a traitor.

    Strange banished the Dark Hunter from his castle and, unable to send them back to Earth, sent Tana and the others to the next world on their journey, a Seussian realm ("Here and There," bu apparently not the reality visited by the Defenders). When Tana responded to Artie's request for food, Howard noted his hunger, but Tana snapped at him, telling him he could starve for all she cared, as her concern was for the children; however, she soon apologized, noting she was on edge of a number of reasons, and that he did not deserve to be spoken to in such a manner. After they reached a diner, Tana broke up some shoving between Artie and Franklin (after Artie suspected that Franklin was the Dark Hunter), and Howard mockingly told the boys to listen to their mom.

    When the Cadence Police showed up to arrest them for improper use of iambic pentameter, Tana suggested that being in prison might afford them some measure of sanctuary from the Dark Hunter.

    In prison, Howard asked Tana how she came to be associated with the Generation X kids, and she lashed out at him again before explaining the events that led her there. When Howard mocked the fact that she had sought the Avengers and instead ended up with this group, Tana's eyes glistened as she silently considered that her hostility masked the envy she felt for his ability to adapt to life on Earth.

    Seeing how upset Tana was, Howard put his arm around her, assured her everything would be alright, and encouraged her to get some rest.

tana_nile-rigellian-daydream3-manswing    Later in the night, when the Dark Hunter returned and confronted Franklin again, Tana caught it as it passed through the bars, and she threw it against the wall, temporarily splattering it. She then tore up the door to their prison cell, and the group fled, stealing a police car (which Tana drove) as the Dark Hunter pursued.

    They were unable to stop the Dark Hunter from grabbing and vanishing with Artie, and Tana advised they follow the Hunter to rescue him; the Man-Thing seemingly tried to transport them after the Hunter, but they instead ended up in a pocket realm mimicking Duckworld.

    Howard was confused as the Duckworlders crowded around him, and Tana pointed out a statue of Howard, noting him to be the greatest duck of all.Kissing Howard the Duck

(Daydreamers#3) - As the "Duckworlders" swarmed toward Howard, Tana grabbed Man-Thing by the feet and swung him, sending a wave of slime to knock back the onrushers.

    When Howard wondered how a loser like him had become famous and admired, Tana assured him that he was many things, but a loser wasn't one of them. As the Man-Thing collapsed, Tana helped hold him up while encouraging Howard to seek out his family. However, Howard swiftly realized these people were not his family, and he denied their existence, causing them to fade away.

    Howard subsequently realized that Franklin -- who had lapsed into a seemingly unconscious state after causing Man-Thing and Leech to vanish (Franklin's involvement was not seen by anyone else) -- might be the cause of their recent adventures, and he and Tana took a shuttle to reach this Duckworld's Dr. Richards. En route,

    Tana noted how she was impressed with how decisive and insightful he had been; after Howard commented that they had become the mom and pop to the young kids. Tana and Howard then shared a brief kiss, but Howard noted that while he may have deep feelings for her, he was committed to Bev.

    After they reached the "Richards Institute," Tana also suspected that Franklin was doing this to himself, after which Franklin manifested two-dimensional versions of his parents. When Tana told him they were not real, Franklin banished Tana as well.

    Arriving alongside the Dark Hunter and the others Franklin had banished, Tana rescued Howard from the dimensional void after Franklin withdrew with his parents. Finally, the Dark Hunter confronted Franklin and forced him to accept that his parents were dead (they weren't, but they had seemingly died in battle with Onslaught and had been shunted to Franklin's subconsciously created Counter-Earth pocket dimension) and to stop living with false illusions.

    The group then returned to the Man-Thing's swamp, where the others comforted Franklin, telling him that he would never be alone.tana_nile-rigellian-thoran2000-2

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11: Tana Nile (fb) - BTS) - Tana returned to the Rigellian Empire and was reconciled with her people.

(Thor 2000/2) - Back on (New?; see comments) Rigel-3, Tana was present as one of the Thanos-duplicates known as the Thanosi sent the Mangog to devastate that world. She witnessed as the Grand Commissioner made the decision to utilize the Sun-Shredder weapon against the Mangog; however, despite obliterating 422 square blocks of their capital city, the Mangog was unharmed.

    As evacuation was ordered, Tana was with the staff that joined the Grand Commissioner in fleeing into a massive defense bunker. After Thanos' ship slaughtered 88% of Rigel-3's population in under 25 seconds, the Commissioner surrendered the location of Fire Jewel that Thanos sought -- despite the protestations of Tana and others -- in order to save the remaining population.

(Thor 2000/2) - After Thor arrived on Rigel-3 and learned its fate from the Recorder, Tana greeted Thor, noting that Thanos was headed to M'Hass; Thor then departed for M'Hass.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tana became an infiltration agent on a Skrull hubworld, the planet Ak'sklo. There she was approached by a Kree representing the Kree Empire’s ruling House of Fiyero, who claimed that Rigel-3’s destruction years before, far from the presumed randomness of the Black Stars’ travel, had been manipulated by an unidentified party.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) / Annihilation: Ronan#4 (fb) - BTS) -In exchange for information on this person’s whereabouts, Tana, in Kree court, provided false testimony incriminating Ronan the Accuser, formerly a hero of the Kree, of meeting with Skrull Baron S’Bak in a supposed Skrull/Kree plot to overthrow the Fiyeros.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) <Annihilation Day, plus 12> - Ronan the Accuser was arrested on charges of sedition against the Kree Empire.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb)) <Annihilation Day, plus 29> - On Kree-Lar, Tana served as a witness in the trial of Ronan, during which she claimed to have witnessed Ronan making treasonous overtures to high-ranking Skrull warlord Baron S'Bak; she further noted that her understanding was that said collusion was part of a larger scheme to overthrow the House of Fiyero, the current ruling house on Hala, after which, under Ronan's new regime, parts of the Kree Empire would have been placed under puppet governors and gradually absorbed into the Skrull Imperium.

    Enraged, Ronan silently crushed his armrests.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb) - BTS) - Convicted of treason, Ronan was stripped of his Accuser rank and exiled. By Kree dictate, if he ever returned, his exile would become a death sentence.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile traveled to the planet Bwokk.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 (fb) - BTS) - The reality-altering Glorian, former apprentice to the Shaper of Worlds, took up residence on the planet Godthab Omega and began drawing beings of power and conflict there, intending to use the energies of their conflicts to transform the relatively barren and harsh Godthab Omega into a paradise.tana_nile-rigellian-anronan4-vsanwave
    Glorian intended this to be his redemption, his declaration of independence; he was willing to sacrifice any who might perish in the process.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ronan initiated a quest to clear his name and expose those responsible, and he sought to find Tana Nile.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile filed a flight plan and left Bwokk.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile traveled to Godthab Omega, presumably drawn there by Glorian.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tana Nile traveled to Mt. Virago (near a settlement in the western continent) and joined forces with Gamora's Grace

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ronan traveled to Bwokk for information and sought out the being known as Tullk for information on Tana.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 - BTS) <Annihilation Day, plus 88> - For a price, Tullk informed Ronan that Tana had left Bwokk "three rotations ago," and he supplied Ronan with her flight plan.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 - BTS) <Annihilation Day, plus 95> - As Ronan pursued Tana, he, too, was drawn to Godthab Omega. Uncertain of why he was there, Ronan resolved to continue his quest to clear his name and expose those responsible, but he was distracted by attacks by Stellaris and Nebula.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - As Gamora sought a means to lead Ronan into a confrontation, Tana noted that she thought Ronan was there because of her and his belief that she and others had provided false testimony. Gamora then insisted that Tana Nile tell her everything.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2 - BTS) - Tana Nile contacted Tullk, pressuring him to inform Ronan of her whereabouts on Godthab Omega.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2 - BTS) - Tullk informed Ronan that Tana was holed up in Abyss on Godthab Omega.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - Tana contacted Tullk, and when he confirmed that Ronan was headed to the Abyss, she advised him that the next time he chose to play both sides against the middle would be his last.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 - BTS) - As Ronan and Gamora battled, the Annihilation Wave arrived on Godthab Omega.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4 - BTS) - The Annihilation Wave assaulted Mount Virago.

    Desire to confront Tana Nile and clear his lame led Ronan to fiercely fight off the Annihilation Wave in Abyss.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4) - Tana battled the Annihilation Wave despite overwhelming numbers of attackers.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4 (fb) - BTS) - Tana was mortally wounded (including losing her left leg above the knee) by the Annihilation Wave before being recovered by Gamora, Nebula, and Cerise.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4) - When Ronan arrived at Mount Virago and noted that he would have words with Tana, Gamora revealed the dying Tana and suggested he speak quickly.

    Ronan told Tana he must hear her confession, asking why she gave false testimony and who wanted him blamed and shamed.

    Tana weakly told Ronan that it was the Fiyero House, who wanted rid of him because he was of the old order.tana_nile-rigellian-anronan4-dead-face tana_nile-rigellian-anronan4-dead-full

    With her last breath, she explained that the House of Fiyero knew where to find he who had ordered the destruction of Rigel-3, and she had agreed to aid the Fiyero to gain a chance for revenge.

    She passed away before she could tell Ronan who specifically had made her the offer.

    Gamora convinced Ronan to join her against Glorian for having cost him a chance at learning the truth.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta.

    Candid Camera is a television show where they filmed people being set up with various pranks.

    When sent away by Tana, Jane traveled to Transia where she met some of the New Men, leading to Thor's first encounter with the High Evolutionary.

    While researching this profile, I learned that my copy of Thor I#133 is missing a few pages. Thanks to Loki for providing me with scans of those missing pages.

    The plot with Carter Dyam, Jason Kimbal, and Chi Lo was later followed up with in Thor I#291 and 300, where they were revealed to be part of the Young Gods, gathered by Gaea and the various pantheon's mother goddesses in an effort to convince the cosmic Celestials that humanity was worthy of continued existence.

    Gerr the Rigellian mutant received his name in Thor: Asgard's Avengers#1 (2011)

    It was never made clear, to me, at least, whether Tana was working for the Charter or just acting as an agent of the Rigellians, during the Axi-Tun stories, but it SEEMS that she was employed within the Charter.

    Nevernevernarniozobia was one of the pseudo-realms apparently created by Franklin Richards, so the beings therein weren't "real"...but then we've previously seen such beings show up later, so I'm listing the characters under affiliations and enemies.

    In Quasar I#25, a pair of Rigellians and a Recorder -- none of whom were identified -- were amongst a group watching the fate of the universe. One of the Rigellians was apparently female. It COULD be Tana, but it could also be any other female Rigellian.

    Similarly, there's a pair of Rigellians gathered for the Galactic Marathon, and one of them appears to be female. Could be Tana, although it doesn't look as much like her...or it could be any other female Rigellian.

How do you pronounce "Tana"?

    Nile is pretty straightforward, but is her first name pronounced like TAH-NA, or TAN-NA, or TAY-NA?
I’ve always thought TAH-NA (like Tanna...or Shanna), despite the single "n"…I wish I'd asked Stan Lee, when I had a chance.

Well, sadly, we can't ask Stan or Jack, but Roy Thomas (who succeeded Stan as Marvel's editor) said:

    Around the office, I never heard anyone pronounce it other than "TAH-na," although I couldn't swear I ever heard Stan, let alone Jack, say the world. A second choice would've been "TAN-na," but definitely not "TAY-na," I think... not that that doesn't make as much sense as the others.

I'm good with that, as that's as close to the source as we can get!


Rigellian worlds

Courtesy of Donald Campbell:

  1. Rigel-3 (aka the Command Planet of the Rigellian Empire) was destroyed by the menace of the Black Stars in Thor I#218.
    1. Earlier and later stories identified the command planet as being in the constellation of Rigel which is problematic because there is no such constellation.
      1. In the real world, the star Rigel (actually a quadruple star system) is part of the constellation of Orion and, as a supergiant star that is less than 10 million years old, has not existed long enough for an intelligent species to evolve on any planets that might be orbiting it. 
        1. The Rigel star system references can be explained easily enough in that the supergiant star Rigel you identified is a human designation, while the Rigellians almost certainly designated their own system, making it a separate star named Rigel.
          …or, perhaps, the age of the star Rigel in the Marvel Universe
          is just one of many differences between the real world and the Marvel Universe.
    2. Annihilation: Ronan called the cause of the destruction of Rigel-3 into question, but it was clearly shown on panel, and no resoluton was given. I think it is likely that the information told to Tana was just part of a plot to manipulate her into acting against Ronan.
    3. Also, there were 9 Billion Rigellians on Rigel-3 when it had to be evacuated, not 9 million as some Handbooks entries state.
  2. The fact that the Rigellians had found a new homeworld was first revealed in Iron Man I#111 (June, 1978) but it's name was not revealed at that time.
  3. "Rigel-3" did appear in Thor I#400 (February, 1989) but only during a brief visit by a battling Thor and Surtur who were being "catapulted across the space and time streams" by their battle so it may well have been in a time before the Black Stars destroyed it.
  4. In Thor I#419 (July, 1990), the "command planet" of the Colonizers is identified as being close to the Black Galaxy and in Thor I#423 (Late September, 1990) this planet was identified as being the new homeworld of the Colonizers but was then abandoned when the Colonizers detected a vast host of Celestials entering their space quadrant. Maybe they came back later?
  5. In Thor 2000/2 (March, 2000), the planet "Rigel" was attacked by Mangog and "Thanos" who wiped out 88% of its population. Tana Nile was mentioned but the female Rigellian who spoke to Thor was not actually identified as being her in that story.
    1. I think Thor Tana Nile being name dropped and then Thor calling her “milady” are pretty compelling for it being Tana that gives Thor the info.
  6. In Thanos I#1 (December, 2003), Thanos had a conversation with Adam Warlock on the surface of "Rigel-3" which Thanos identified as a planet that had been destroyed by one of his doppelgangers (i.e., Thanosi). Thanos mentioned that more than five million Rigellians had died and that the planet had been so badly damaged that the Rigellians had abandoned it and established "New Rigel-3." This issue also mentioned for the first time that the Rigellians' major defense system allows them to teleport their entire planet as far away as another galaxy in order to escape any threat.
  7. In Thanos I#2 (January, 2004), Thanos teleported from New Rigel-3 to Rigel-18 where he found Galactus has focused a parabolic antenna on the Rigellians' sun. This suggests that the two planets are orbiting the same star and thus in the same planetary system.
  8. In Thanos #3 (February, 2004), Galactus used energy drained from Rigel-18's volcanic core to cause "Rigel-18's sun" to go nova and destroy the entire star system. Thanos was able to delay Galactus enough for the planet to be evacuated but what about New Rigel-3? Was it teleported away or were the two planets actually in different star systems all along?
  9. In Thanos I#6 (April, 2004), Thanos used the Rigellian planetary defense system to teleport "old Rigel-3" into close proximity to Rigel-18, causing the two planets to collide with Galactus and Hunger between them. To ensure a large enough explosion, Thanos had previously placed a sizable nuclear arsenal on old Rigel-3 at the point of impact. 
    1. The Spacelock technology referenced in Tana's original appearances (Thor I#129-134) and mentioned as the "Planet Lock" technology, which Tana suspected may have been stolen by the Axi-Tun circa Star Masters#1-3 and Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4-5 fits nicely with the defense technology Thanos referenced and used to destroy “old” Rigel-3 (which would presumably be the one his duplicate devastated, which would make it the second (at least) Rigel-3) and Rigel-18.
  10. In Secret Invasion: Inhumans#3-4 (December, 2008-January, 2009), the Inhumans Karnak and Gorgon travelled to the planet "Rigel 3" in search of a Rigellian Recorder than was said to have cracked the Skrull communications algorithm.
  11. In Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's Avengers#1 (September, 2013), the Drax story is specifically set on "Rigel 3, the third planet orbiting the star Rigel in the Milky Way Galaxy." Clearly a mistake but one that could easily be explained away. Given that the Rigellians have the ability to teleport planets across even galactic distances, one would presume that they must have used this technology to transport their new homeworld (New Rigel-3?) into the orbit previously occupied by their original homeworld before its destruction.

    Further from me/Snood:

  12. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#11 (1991)’s Tana Nile profile referenced her usual base of operations as Command Planet Rigel II. Based on the timing of things, that would likely seem to have been the planet in Thor I#419-423. However, as Donald noted above, it is unrevealed whether the Rigellians returned to this world or not. It makes the most sense to me that they stayed with the same homeworld, but that obviously doesn’t mean that that is what they did.
  13. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11 (January, 2010)’s profile noted “Tana, now promoted to Prime Administrator on Rigel-Z, investigated and was captured by the Axi-Tun.” (in reference to the story in Star Masters#1-3 and Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4-5). I don’t find Rigel-Z referenced…perhaps “Z” was a misread of a stylized “3”? Or maybe I missed the reference to "Z"?
  14. I thought I came across a reference in Rigel-75 or Rigel-85 while reviewing Rigellian history, but I didn't record it and can't find it again? Maybe something in Annihilation?

    Additionally, from Carl Farmer:
  15. In Wolverine & the X-Men #7 (2012), Professor Xanto Starblood (who came to Earth to kill Broo) was the head of the Intergalactic Anthropology Department at the University of Rigel-3. 

  16. Anyway, from my perspective, we've got:

    1. Rigel-3 (aka the Command Planet) as the Rigellian homeworld until its destruction in Thor I#218
    2. A new homeworld for the Rigellians was found in Iron Man I#111, and it was subsequently designated as Rigel-3 in honor of its predecessor
    3. The Rigellian Command Planet (II as per the OHotMU ME) seen in Thor I#419-423 was abandoned due to a threat that was resolved. They either reclaimed that world or found yet another world and called it Rigel-3. I prefer to think that they returned to this command planet after the threat was resolved.
    4. Rigel-3 was devastated by Thanos, leading the Rigellians to abandon it and claim a new world as "New Rigel-3."
      1. This "Old" Rigel-3 was then destroyed by Thanos (destroying Rigel-18 in the process)
    5. I'm not quite clear on what happened with New Rigel-3 in the Thanos series, but apparently it survived...it was either not in the same star system as Rigel-18 or they used their Space/Planet Lock technology to move it away.
      1. New Rigel-3 MAY have been moved into the Rigel star system in the position of the former world destroyed by the Rhunians/Black Stars.
    6. So, we have a minimum of three Rigel-3's...(two "Rigel-3" (both destroyed) and one "New Rigel-3).

            Tana Nile received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12 (appendix text entry), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#11, Annihilation: Ronan#2, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#11, and a headshot in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#3's Rigellians entry.

2.      A couple alternate Earths associated with Tana:

Earth-72842 Ego-Prime took control of Earth, causing humanity and to merge into vast mountains that became part of the planet, after which it spread its influence across the rest of the solar system, eventually bringing a kind of peace to the galaxy. Thor #202 (1972)

Earth-66381 Tana Nile successfully colonized Earth, forcing mankind’s obedience via using the Rigellian Space Lock to transport Earth to endure the heat of the 24th quadrant or the cold of beyond the rays of any star. Thor #131 (1966)

Profile by Snood.

Tana Nile
should be distinguished from:

Tana Nile's Compuscope / wrist control


(Thor I#131) - Before departing Earth, the inspection team approved Tana's request to colonize Earth, and they adjusted her wrist control, noting that she could now activate the space lock.

     Tana subsequently contacted Rigel's Power Planet 4 and had them activate the space lock for action so she could protect herself from any hostile action.

--Thor I#131 

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