rigellian_mutants-prepare-ambushRIGELLIAN MUTANTS

Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race (sub-race of the Rigellians)

Location/Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly Rigel-3 (aka the Command Planet at the Constellation Rigel; Constellation Rigel)

Known Members: Bolaa, Gerr, Jukka, Tryx;
    Bolaa is mostly bald with a small sprig of hair atop his head; Gerr is completely bald but with a beard; Jukka has brown hair and a beard; Tryx brown hair and no beard.

Affiliations: Avalon and the Caretakers of the Rhunians, Balder Odinson, Silas Grant, Kragonn, Tana Nile, Sif, Thor Odinson

Enemies: Dracus, normal Rigellians;
Avalon, Balder Odinson, Silas Grant, Rhunians, Tana Nile, Sif, Thor Odinson

First AppearanceThor I#218 (December, 1973)

rigellian_mutants-heightPowers/Abilities: The Rigellian mutants are tall, with disproportionately large heads.
    Both Gerr and Bolaa, who had little to no hair on their heads had pointed ears, and it would seem likely that that was a trait of the Rigellian mutants, with Jukka and Tryx's ears just not shown, but that is obviously not 100% certain.
    One image made Jukka appear to have left arm much larger than the right, but that may have been perspective, etc. 

    They appear to have superhuman and strength and durability of an unspecified degree.
    One of them could knock Thor off of his feet, at least when catching him off guard.
    Two of them could briefly hold him down, but he could throw them off with a few seconds of concentration.
    A strike from Thor's mystic hammer, Mjolnir, could knock them off their feet, but did not incapacitate them, and at least one of them was optimistic and willing to continue the fight.
    Thor was likely not striking at full force due to unfamiliarity with his opponents' durability.

    Despite having been exiled beneath the city, they had some knowledge of anatomy and physiology and certain forms of technology, such as communications equipment.

    Bolaa is skilled with using a bola-type weapon, metal spheres on the ends of ropes that would wrap around and bind a foe. These ropes were strong enough to at least temporarily bind Balder, who can lift 35 or more tons. 

    Gerr is skilled with a lasso, which could restrain Tana Nile despite her psychic powers.

    Jukka wields a knife.

    Tryx wields a large battleaxe-type weapon. He could hold his own against Sif and her enchanted sword.

Traits: Although willing to fight for their lives, they were apparently otherwise peaceful beings. 

    Although resenting being treated as outcasts, the Rigellian mutants apparently accepted their fate. 

    They were willing to risk their lives to help those allied with them and/or those whose fates they sympathized with, such as other outcasts. rigellian_mutants-ambush

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric humanoid bipeds
: Two (on head; blue (and possibly brown) color seen)
: Four (plus opposing thumb)
: Presumably five (they were only shown wearing boots)
Skin color: Pale yellow
Average height: Approximately 7' (or perhaps slightly larger)

Thor I#218 - BTS) - A mutant class of Rigellians were created in their gene vats, the survivors of a doomed experiment of which nothing else has been revealed. Their creators considered them to be inferior, and then general population considered them to be outcasts, creatures deformed both in body and mind. They banished the mutants to dwell in the underground of Rigel-3. 

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II (Deluxe Edition)#11: Rigellians) - The mutant class were used as workers of unspecified tasks, perhaps maintenance of sewers or other underground repairs out the sight of the mainstream Rigellians. 

(Thor I#220 (fb) - BTS) - As outcasts, the Rigellian mutants learned the art of subterfuge.

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - With no females to carry on their species, Bolaa, Gerr, Jukka, and Tryx considered themselves to be the last of their kind.

(Thor I#218 / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II (Deluxe Edition)#11: Rigellians (see comments) - As the world-destroying Black Stars (led by the Rhunians) approached Rigel-3, the nine billion Rigellians still living on Rigel-3 escaped aboard a fleet of gigantic starships via the plan of the Grand Commissioner. 

(Thor I#218 (fb) - BTS) - Jukka saw the Rigellian fleet's navigation charts. 

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - The Rigellian mutants were left behind to die.rigellian_mutants-hammered

(Thor I#218) - Following an instruction of Odin to investigate a threat to Rigel that would next threaten the worlds of men, the Asgardian Starjammer -- carrying the Asgardians Balder, Sif and Thor, the Rigellian Tana Nile, and Blackworld native Silas Grant -- arrived on Rigel-3.

    Although Rigel initially seemed vacant, the Rigellians mutants Bolaa, Gerr, Jukka, and Tryx -- sick with fear and afraid to meet death -- soon assaulted them, with Tryx announcing that they were facing their deaths. As Jukka dove into Thor, Bolaa hurled a bola that entwined the ankles of Balder; and Tana recognized their attackers as the mutant class but was nonetheless caught in Gerr's lasso along with Silas. While Tryx, using his axe against her sword, Gerr joined Jukka in engaging Thor, urging his ally to hold their foe with he "fixed" him with his blade. 

    However, Thor instead threw off both of his assailants and then ordered an end to the fight and asking why they had been left behind. With the Rigellians continued to fight, Thor hurled his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, to strike and knock down at least Jukka, Gerr, and Tryx. 

    Noting "blondhair" to be a worthy opponent as he struggled to his feet, Tryx contended that they might defeat him with their alien strength, but Jukka interrupted, noting that this was a battle he would rather avoid, to their mutual benefit. Acceding to Thor's demand, Jukka explained the origins and fate of the mutant race. 

    The mutants then gratefully accepted Thor's offer to seek the Colonizers and perhaps learn the meaning of the Black Stars. Before departing, Jukka and the other mutants gathered spacesuits.rigellian_mutants-spacehelmet

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - After the Starjammer's departure, the Black Stars arrived and destroyed Rigel-3, shattering it with multi-blasts of cosmic energy. 

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II (Deluxe Edition)#11: Rigellians) - Virtually all of the mutant worker race were left behind and destroyed along with Rigel-3.

(Thor I#218) - Guided by Jukka's knowledge of Rigellian navigation charts he had glimpsed, the Starjammer caught up to the Rigellian fleet. 

    When the Colonizer ship nearest them fired on the strange craft approaching (as the Grand Commissioner had ordered that none may impede their journey), Thor flew to the attack, and the Rigellian mutants donned their spacesuits to join him in battle. rigellian_mutants-thor219-smallstarjam

(Thor I#218 - BTS) - Soon after Thor's allies joined the battle, the Grand Commissioner ordered an end to hostilities and invited the Asgardians, Tana Nile, and Silas Grant aboard; however, they insisted that the mutants remain aboard the docked Starjammer.

(Thor I#218 - BTS / Thor: Official Index to the Marvel Universe) - Upon arriving aboard the Rigellian flagship, Thor noted his dislike in forcing his newfound friends to remain behind, and he questioned why they could not join them as free beings among the civil. 

    The Grand Commissioner explained that the mutants could not come aboard because if his people learned of their presence aboard the woefully-overcrowded flagship, they would rebel. Acknowledging that it was a barbaric custom, the Grand Commissioner noted that these were barbaric times and that the danger of a potential riot was inconceivable. 

(Thor I#219) - At least three of the Rigellian mutants (and presumably all four of them) were aboard the Starjammer when Thor and the others returned and noted their goal of confronting the masters of the Black Stars.

    As the Starjammer approached the Black Stars, a massive space scoop carrying the Rhunians' reluctant giant Knight/Caretaker Avalon was sent towards them. As Avalon reached for and inadvertently ripped open the bottom of the wooden ship, his arrival was mistaken for an attack, and the Asgardians and the Rigellians mutants assaulted him. rigellian_mutants-thor220-climb-dracus

    Unharmed by their assaults, the giant Avalon cast off his assailants and then welcomed them as friends and offered to show them the nature of the Black Stars. Although Jukka mistrusted Avalon as seeming "too reasonable" given the circumstances, Thor countered that reason was welcome in the current madness, and Avalon led the group to meet the other Caretakers, who revealed themselves to be artificial servants created by their masters.

    Considering that these Caretakers had been cheated of natural life just as they had been cheated by the Colonizers, the Rigellian mutants (notably Jukka and Bolaa) voiced their desire to help fellow outcasts. 

(Thor I#220) - After the Masters of the Black Stars were revealed to be the immense, 2000' tall beings, Thor attempted to face them directly, which seemed doomed to failure.rigellian_mutants-thor220-communicate

    The Rigellian mutants, however, sneaked out on the space scoop and spied on the immense Rhunians Kragonn and Dracus, although the volume of the giants' raised voices pained them. 

    Nonetheless, they learned that the giants believed the Black Stars to be the only inhabited planets in the universe and thus reasoned that the minute beings they had encountered must be from one of the other four "Black Star" worlds to whom the Rhunians sent power from worlds they destroyed, although they had not contacted them in 20,000 years. 

(Thor I#220 (fb) - BTS) - Bolaa, Jukka, and Tryx climbed onto Dracus' body and climbed toward his neck, while Gerr accessed Dracus' equipment.

(Thor I#220) - Later, as Dracus spotted the relatively small spot on the ground where the alien "invaders" fought the Rhunians' Protectors (relatively giant to the Asgardians, but still tiny to the Rhunians) and prepared to stomp on them, the Rigellian mutants combined their efforts and pressed on a nerve in Dracus' neck that temporarily paralyzed him from the neck down and caused him to collapse. 

    Gerr then used the communication equipment to project his image and voice to communicate with Rhunian leader Kragonn, informing him of Dracus' treachery, the existence of other races in the universe (and the inhabited planets they had been destroying) and their suspicion that the other "Black Star" worlds were no longer inhabited. 

    After Kragonn confirmed the mutants' suspicion and finding the other worlds dead and barren, the mutants explained their suspicions as based on the lack of communication and the apparent lack of technological development/pursuit from those worlds. 

    No longer needing or wishing to consume other worlds, Kragonn allowed the aliens' tiny ship to depart in peace. Additionally, the Rhunians freed Avalon and the sub-worlders.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, John Buscema, and Jim Mooney.

    Are they mutants? 

    Generally, in the Marvel Universe, the term mutants (at least prior to the whole retcon of Earth mutants as a separate species) refers to beings whose genes/chromosomes had some variation during gestation and were born and/or developed differently from the race of there parents.
    To me, they are genetic variants of the Rigellians. I suppose it is just semantics.

    So, after saving the day against the vastly powerful Rhunians, the Rigellian mutants were not seen nor heard from again. In Thor#221, there's a flashback where Thor's crew has returned to the Rigellians, who note their appreciation, and then Silas decides to stay with Tana Nile with the Rigellians...but the Rigellian mutants were neither seen nor mentioned. 

    Did the Rigellian mutants return to the Rigellians and somehow arrange some sort of peace? Doesn't seem likely, as nothing had changed that time with them all just being crowded on the ships.

    Did the Rigellians mutants stay with Avalon and the others, who they had previously considered fellow outcasts? That would be very interesting, but there's no story information to support (or refute) it.

    Did the Rigellian mutants ask to be dropped off somewhere along the way back to the Rigellian fleet? That would also make sense, but there's no evidence to support (or refute) it.

    Tryx exclaimed"By the silver star." 
    That is presumably some sacred and/or powerful item, but that's about all we know about it.

Profile by Snood.

The Rigellian mutants should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Thor I#218, pg. 6, panel 5 (four Rigellian mutants plotting attacking);
        pg. 7, panel 1 (leaping to the attack);
            panel 2 (Bolaa with bola);
            panel 3 (Tana and Silas in Gerr's rope);
            panel 4 (Tryx vs. Sif);
            panel 5 & 7 (Jukka & Gerr vs. Thor);
        pg. 8, panel 3 (Mjolnir striking Gerr, Jukka, & Tryx);
        pg. 9, panel 1 (Jukka, full frontal);
            panel 2 (Jukka, mostly full profile with size comparison to Thor);
            panel 3 (Jukka face);
            panel 5 (Tryx, thighs up);
        pg. 14, panel 2 (with space helmet);
    #219, pg. 4, panel 5 (At least three Rigellian mutants present from a distance in the Starjammer);
    #220, pg. 17, panel 3 (scaling Dracus' body)

Thor I#218 (December, 1973) - Gerry Conway (scripter), John Buscema (penciler), Jim Mooney (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)
Thor I#219-220 (January-February, 1974) - Gerry Conway (scripter), John Buscema (penciler), Mike Esposito (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)

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