Real Name: Throk

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Axi-Tun)

Occupation: Servant of Lord Votan

Affiliations: Aldebron, Axi-Tun, Dampyre, Lord Votan, Sidereus

Enemies: The Charter, Rigellians, Star Masters, Tana Nile

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Throkk

Base of Operations: Mobile in outer space

First Appearance: Star Masters #3 (February, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Throk possessed superhuman strength (class 50-75?), and produced a field around his body which caused his opponents' body to go numb the more they made contact with him.

History: (Star Masters #3)- Throk was assigned to help defend the Axi-Tun vessel which was gathering members of the Charter to infect them with a plague which would destroy their respective races. Throk was sent to capture a team of Rigellians who came to the Hub to investigate the massacre of Charter members there. Later, Throk battled Xenith of the Star Masters when she invaded their vessel. Although she put up a good fight, he overcame her due to his ability to cause her body to go numb. Throk brought Xenith to Sidereus, who had her and the other Star Masters cast into the Cauldron of Conversion.

(Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4)- However, the Star Masters escaped their seeming deaths, and later assaulted the vessel again. Throk confronted Beta Ray Bill, and tore his hammer Stormbreaker from his hands to defeat him with it. Bill warned him not to hold the hammer, but Throk refused to listen, until it unleashed a blast of energy which disintegrated him.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Scot Eaton and Don Hudson.

Throk appears in the last two panels of Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4, but he was definitely killed by Beta Ray Bill's hammer. The last 2 pages of the story have numerous errors in them, as well as signs of last-minute cover-ups.

by Prime Eternal

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