Real Name: Xira

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Luphomoid)

Occupation: Death seeker, warrior

Group Membership: Formerly Gamora's Graces (Cerise, Nebula, Stellaris, Tana Nile)

Affiliations: Death (the object of her worship);
Brassknuckles, Death Metal

Enemies: Annihilation Wave, Mys-Tech Psycho-Warriors and Techno-Wizards

Known Relatives: Kraa, Zorr (brothers, deceased); Nebula (alleged niece); uncertain relationship to Alars, Eros, Sui-San, Thanos

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly Mount Virago, planet Godthab Omega;
    formerly mobile throughout the universe (and beyond?);
    formerly a temple on an unidentified planet (covered with fierce winds)

First Appearance: Death Metal#2 (Marvel UK) (February, 1994)


Powers/Abilities: Spirit is a swift, agile, strong, and a highly skilled warrior.  Whether her abilities extend into the superhuman range is uncertain.  She uses an energy staff which can fire energy blasts or can be used as a blunt or sharp weapon.

History: Spirit seeks her own death, but is somewhat religious in this fashion, and wants to die only at the hands of someone worthy, such as an actual avatar of Death.

(Death Metal#2) - Spirit is seen praying before a statue of her image of Death--which resembled Death Metal--attempting to summon it to her so it would slay her.


(Death Metal#3) - Spirit saw Death Metal battling the Psycho-Warriors outside of her temple. Recognizing the similarity between Death Metal and her idol, she joined the battle, finishing off the last of the Psycho-Warriors so that nothing would stand between her and Death Metal.  The Warriors defeated, Spirit kneeled before Death Metal, hoping he would give her death.  Annoyed, Death Metal teleported away.  Spirit leapt into his tele-portal and followed him to another planet. She was momentarily incapacitated by the trip, and he was attacked by Brasknuckles.



(Death Metal#4) - Fearing that Brassknuckles might injure the object of her demise-to-be, Spirit attacked and skewered him.  However, Mys-Tech then arrived, took control of Death Metal, and nearly destroyed him.  Spirit attacked their agents, the Psycho-Warriors, and Death Metal reformed himself.  Death Metal brought Spirit and Brassknuckles with him and prevented the people of the mining colony of XCydrin from mistakenly blowing themselves up.

    Whether Spirit and/or Brassknuckles joined Death Metal for any further missions is unrevealed.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb)) - Spirit was one of a number of women of power with cosmic senses who was summoned by Glorian and/or Gamora to Godthab Omega. Serving under Gamora as one of her Graces, Spirit facilitated the initiation of the systematic takeover of the planet, city by city.

(Annihilation: Ronan#2) - Spirit was present with the other Graces as Nebula discussed her recent defeat at Ronan's hands, after which Tana Nile discussed her role in Ronan's exile from the Kree Empire.

(Annihilation: Ronan#3 - BTS) - Spirit presumably stayed at Mount Virago while Gamora engaged Ronan in battle. The Annihilation Wave struck soon thereafter.

(Annihilation: Ronan#4) - On the walls of Mount Virago, Spirit battled the Annihilation Wave/Swarm. Gamora later found the insectoids feasting on Spirit's apparent corpse.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and John Royle.

    I've always enjoyed Simon Furman's stuff.  I wish we could somehow snag him back to Marvel and have him follow up on some of the great MUK characters he's worked on...especially Death's Head, the Freelance Peacekeeping Operative.

    Given that she wanted to be killed by an avatar of Death, Spirit could have confrontations with the death god Walker or the mad Titanian Eternal Thanos, as well.

    An argument as to whether Nebula is related to Thanos or Zorr is covered in the Zorr profile.

    In OHotMU 2006#6 Spirit's real name was revealed and she was confirmed as a Luphomoid. This was based on discussion with Simon Furman himself. Based on the same discussion, OHotMU 2006#7 revealed her relationship to Zorr.

Profile by Snood; edited by Kyle Sims; updated by Snood

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images: (without ads)
Death Metal#3, p18, pan3 (main)
Death Metal#3, p19-20, bottom pan6 (head shot)
Annihilation: Ronan#4, p12, pan2 (devoured by Annihilation Wave)

Death Metal#3-4 (March-April, 1994) - Simon Furman (writer), John Royle (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks)
Annihilation: Ronan#2-4 (July-September 2006) - Simon Furman (writer), Jorge Lucas (artist), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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