Membership: None named

Purpose: Cannon fodder, defense, assassination and/or capture of targets, etc.

Affiliations: Agents of the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards

Enemies: Everyone else in the Marvel UK

Aliases: Homo Hostilis

Base of Operations: Mys-Tech Central, under the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London, England; when not in use, they are stored with a location known as the Cage, South London; they apparently also work out of a base in the Scottish Highlands.

First Appearance: Hell's Angel#2 (August, 1992)





Powers/Abilities: The Psycho-Warriors are savage warriors and are virtually limitless in number, which is their primary offensive ability--to overwhelm their targets by sheer force of numbers. They often utilize energy and/or ballistic weapons and various explosives. They can continue to struggle until they are literally torn into pieces too small to function. In some cases they have demonstrated the ability to discharge electrical blasts from their hands. It is not clear whether they possess other superhuman physical abilities. More likely, Mys-Tech would rather create new ones than to increase the power of the ones they already have.
Their psyche's have been toughened and they have been emptied of emotion. They are single-minded creatures which follow the orders of Mys-Tech, but have little capacity for independent thought. They have been described as a highly trained guerilla force, although they show little ability in stealth or tactical decisions. However, they can be "programmed" with certain tasks, such as piloting of aircraft or any other knowledge necessary to complete a mission. In addition, they will turn on each other and obliterate another member at the first sign of malfunction.
One a few occasions, the Psycho-Warriors were shown to have independent thoughts, and to be capable of speech.
On one instance, the souls of the alien/demon beings grafted to the Psycho-Warriors were released upon the Warriors' physical death and sought out new hosts.

History: The Psycho-Warriors are creations of Mys-Tech, designed by Ranulph Haldane, utilizing a combination of 100 years worth of science and sorcery. They were apparently once human (or other sentient creatures), but their ego, mind, and personality have been bleached out, re-imprinted and defiled to suit the needs of Mys-Tech. Their bodies have been processed to harbor an extra-terrestrial component--parasites who enmesh with their nervous system and amplify their capabilities.

(Hell's Angel#2) - The Techno-Wizards sent the Psycho-Warriors to assassinate Takashei Otomo. The squadron of Psycho-Warriors was destroyed by Dark Angel, alongside the X-Men, and soul fragments of the spirits of four otherwise deceased former villains (Nuke and Nighthawk of Earth-S, Vakume of Salem's Seven, and Viper (Jordan Dixon)).

(Motormouth and Killpower#6) - On Matricca Scoppio, a squadron of Psycho-Warriors attacked Motormouth and Killpower. They successfully captured Killpower and brought him back to Mys-Tech Central on Earth for Oonagh Mullarkey to discipline.

(Mys-Tech Wars#1) - As the Techno-Wizards initiated their plans to merge the Earth with the Un-Earth, a squadron of Psycho-Warriors was dispatched to prevent the Warheads from interfering with their plans.
(Mys-Tech Wars#2-4) - A seemingly limitless army of Psycho-Warriors attempted to fight off an international coalition of heroes invading Mys-Tech Central to stop the merging. The heroes eventually overcame them, but not without heavy casualties, and even a few fatalities. Wolverine slew one of the Techno-Wizards, sending the Psycho-Warriors within the facility into a frenzy.
More Psycho-Warriors fought the same heroes within Mys-Tech Central. The struggle continued until the heroes managed to reform the Techno-Wizards, reverse the flow of time, and block the Un-Earth from further Mys-Tech manipulation.
As a result, the entire preceding series of events was prevented/erased from time.

(Dark Angel#11, 12) - The Psycho-Warriors destroyed one of their own members when it malfunctioned. The remainder of the group traveled to Darkmoor Castle to assassinate Shevaun Haldane. They were fought off by Dark Angel, the X-Men, and the Wyrd Sisters.

(Genetix#2) - The Psycho-Warriors were dispatched to stop Genetix, who had invaded Mys-Tech Central in an effort to learn their own origins. The heroes were eventually forced to flee from them.

(Death Metal#3-4) - Rathcoole twice dispatched squadrons of Psycho-Warriors in an effort to capture and recruit Death Metal. In both cases the Warriors were slaughtered by Death Metal, plus or minus Brassknuckles and Spirit.

COMMENTS: Created by Bernie Jaye and Geoff Senior.

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Dark Angel, Shevaun Haldane, the MUK heroine, @ Hell's Angel#1, should be distinguished from:

Nuke of Earth-616, Albert Gaines of the Squadron Supreme, @ Defenders I#112, should be distinguished from:

Viper, Jordan Dixon, should be distinguished from:

The Wyrd Sisters (Braxus, Sapphire, Xena) should be distinguished from:

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