Membership: Braxus, Sapphire, Xena

Purpose: mostly adventure, but they did once pledge themselves to:
"Wildness of spirit" (Braxus), "Strength of Purpose" (Xena), and "Self Autonomy" (Sapphire)

Affiliations: The Web-Spinners (parents);
    allies: Dark Angel (Shevaune Haldane), Encoders, X-Men  (Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine);
loosely acquainted with
Death's Head (Minion)

Enemies: Anti-Being, Mercenaries, Mys-Tech

Base of Operations: The Web (a pocket realm apparently accessed from the center of the universe)

First Appearance: Dark Angel#9 (Marvel UK) (April, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Each of the Wyrd Sisters can apparently teleport through space or across dimensions. They are not human, and may not be limited by any or all of the human frailties, such as aging, disease, need for food, water, etc. Their physical abilities are undefined.

    Braxus (mohawk, light costume)can generate and manipulate electromagnetic energy.

    Sapphire (dark hair, red costume) wields a spear which she can hurl with great force. It can also be used as a shield to deflect physical or energy attacks.

    Xena (forelock, glider wings) wears web-like cloth under her arms that may assist in gliding and our flight. She can create webs of any size, material, flexibility, and strength. She can project energy webs which can form cages around others. The Mys-Tech board proved able to break out of one of her cages, but not without difficulty.





History: The Wyrd Sisters are the daughters of the Web-Spinners (presumably one each is there mother, though their fathers--if such beings exist--are unknown).

(Dark Angel#9) - The Web-Spinners dispatched the Wyrd Sisters to assist Dark Angel against Mys-Tech. Shevaune sent them to Mephisto's Hell to stop Mys-Tech from capturing a soul fragment of her father, Ranulph. The Sisters held their own against the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards, though the Board was reluctant to use full power in order to avoid the detection of Mephisto. Eventually Ranulph wandered right into their hands, but the Angel of Death then appeared and posed as a manifestation of Mephisto to drive off the Techno-Wizards. With the mission ended, the Wyrd Sisters returned to the Web.

(Dark Angel#11) - The Wyrd Sisters traveled to Darkmoor Castle to warn her of the impending threat of the Anti-Being. Mys-Tech Psycho-Warriors then attacked, and the Wyrd Sisters fought by Shevaune's side against them, and Shevaune summoned reinforcements: the X-Men. The Wyrd Sisters then joined Shevaune on the astral plane, where they confronted the Anti-Being. The Sisters warned Shevaune that the Anti-Being feeds on energy and that he would be empowered if they used energy attacks against him.

(Dark Angel#12) - Dark Angel wielded positive energy against the Anti-Being, hoping that it would weaken its negative energy make-up, but it further empowered him nonetheless. The Anti-Being threatened to consume Shevaune, until Sapphire hurled her spear into his shoulder, weakening him and causing the Scavengers to attack him. The Wyrd Sisters prepared to engage the Anti-Being themselves, but Shevaune forced them to stay back, and she managed to banish the Anti-Being through the dimensional portal within her. The sisters then accompanied Shevaune as she managed to contact her father's soul fragment and use it to learn how to shut down Mys-Tech's assassination computer.

(Dark Angel#16) - The Web-Spinners summoned the Wyrd Sisters to recruit them to take over the task of weaving the fabric of the universe, but the Sisters unanimously refused, expressing their wishes to be out there making things happen. One of the Web-Spinners nonetheless showed them that there would not be a world to in which to "make things happen" unless they lightened the evil in the Web by slaying the Anti-Being, who had been assimilated by Death's Head (and subsequently partially taken him over) AND had gained access to a piece of the fabric of the universe. After taking a pledge to something they each held dear, the Sisters headed off to join the fight.

    The Wyrd Sisters arrived in the middle of a battle between Dark Angel, Death's Head, and the Mercenaries. Xena weaved a web that amplified the power of the Mercenaries' shots and turned them back on them, slaughtering the Mercenaries. Dark Angel's allies, the Encoders, managed to draw the Anti-Being to the fore-front of Death's Head's mind. The Wyrd Sisters aided Dark Angel in temporarily stunning Death's Head/Anti-Being, and Shevaune then performed a psychic exorcism on Death's Head, which extracted both the Anti-Being an the fragment of the fabric of the universe.
    Dark Angel again banished the Anti-Being into the void (presumably Inner Space).

COMMENTS: Created by Bernie Jaye and Dell Barras

No KNOWN connection to:

Sapphire has no known connection to:

Xena has no known connection to:

Dark Angel#9 (April, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Dell Barras (artist)
Dark Angel#11-12 (June-July, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), David Hine (inks)
Dark Angel#16 (December, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), John Stokes (inks)

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