Mys-Tech Board/Techno-Wizards: Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Ranulph Haldane (deceased), Eadmund Porlock, Brendan Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood
(left to right: Porlock, Rathcoole, Gryffn, Tyburn, Crowe, Wychwood;
    not pictured: Haldane)

Cover corporations/Subsidiaries: Gena-Sys, Nakasoni Corporation, Omni Corporation, Psight Corporation

Employees/Agents: Graham Atkinson, James Burnett, Collapsar, Gadafel, Jack the Pantherine, Philip Jenkins, Dr. Stephen Jenkins, Mr. George Lee, Oswald Mabon, Magpie, Master Key (Alfred J. Swinburne), Vernon Mathews, Professor Bysshe Meadows, Oonagh Mullarkey, Mys-Tech D.O.G.s (Discover, Observe, Gather), Commander Andrei Ritinski, Mr. Skyler, Permafrost, Psycho-Warriors, Psycho-Wraiths, Safehouse, Sisters of Grace, Skire, Slaughterhouse Six (aka Harpies), Sunder, Carrie Taylor, Tektos, Dr. Sarah Townsend, Warheads, Daryl Webb;
Jonathon Bryant, Sidney Fishburne, Mr. Anthony Grant, Breeze James, Professor Daniel Jones, Killpower, Colin Laarson and his subordinates, V. Matthews, Motormouth, Panther, Q7 Strikeforce, Shou Suyin (spy for Otomo)

Purpose: Acquiring souls for Mephisto;
    acquisition of wealth and power;
    world domination

Aliases: Sect of Chasidm, Techno-Wizards

Affiliations: Alkhemist, Assassination Computer, Bane, Baron Blood (Jonathon Falsworth), "bugs," Death's Head (Minion), demons (Mys-Tech Wars and others), Golems, Larson, Mephisto, the Red Lord, Sleepers (British), Tokyo Eaze dealers, Yakuza;
Abadon, the Ambassador (as a pawn), Anti-Being, Black Axe, Egaliterns, Genetix, Hurricane, Model Soldiers, Nazi Germany, Sleeper (British)#2, Technarchy;
    Tyrburn had some undefined affiliation with Dark Angel

Enemies: Abadon, Aftermath, Ambassador, Angel of Death, Anti-Being, Assassination Computer, Audit, Avengers, Badhand, Blackheart, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), John Blaze, Brassknuckles, Cable, Che, Cyberdrones, Dark Angel, Dark Guard, Dead Zoners, Death Metal, Death's Head (Minion), Die-Cut, Digitek, Dr. Strange, Excalibur, Fantastic Four, Sidney Fishburne, Nick Fury, G-Force, Gene Dogs, Genetix, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Green Knight, Guide, Howling Commandos, Hulk, Hurricane, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Killpower, Knights of Pendragon, Vernon Mendel, Samuel Merrick, Mephisto, Miss America soul fragment, Model Soldiers, Motormouth, Network Nina, Nighthawk of Earth-S soul fragment, Nuke of Earth-S soul fragment, Maroto Otomo, Takashei Otomo, parasites, Pellis Globus, Plasmer, Pride, Prime Evil, Q7 Strikeforce, Primary Artifact, Psylocke, Punisher (Frank Castle), Shadow Riders, SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), Jack Smithers, Spider-Man, Spirit, STORM (Special Taskforce Omega Response Mandate), Suyin, Tempora Corporation/Otomocorp, Thunderbird (John Proudstar) soul fragment, Time Guardian, Tommy, Torpedo (Brock Jones) soul fragment, Tuck, Vakume (Salem's Seven) soul fragment, Viper (Jordan Dixon) soul fragment, Vorin, Warheads Kether Troop, Wolverine, Wyrd Sisters, X-Factor (US government mutant heroes), X-Men, Xcidrin miners (Squa-Drex, Te-Yul, others)

Base of Operations: Mys-Tech Central, beneath the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London East End, United Kingdom

First Appearance: Warheads#1 (June, 1992)

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) <987 AD> - The Sect of Chasidm, an arcane cult consisting of seven members, made a deal with the demon Mephisto, granting them immortality in exchange for a steady supply of souls. Specific quotas and plans were set.

(Dark Angel#14 (fb)) - Mephisto bestowed immortality within the Sect's members. He told them that he could not stop death from stalking the corridors of time, waiting for and wanting them, but that they would not die, no matter however much they wanted to. Each member was made invincible in their own way.

(unpublished) - The Sect members were frustrated that they remained in their somewhat elderly frames after their transformation, having incorrectly assumed eternal youth to go hand-in-hand with immortality.

(Mys-Tech Wars#2 (fb) - BTS) - The life forces of the members of the Sect were actually bound to all reality, such that slaying them could destroy everything in existence unless permitted by Mephisto.

(Shadow Riders#2 (fb) - BTS) - <16th century> - Wychwood fought Vorin in a ship outside Lisbon and believed him dead at the end of it.

(unpublished) - The Sect discovered caverns in what would become London's docklands and began to construct a base.

(Dark Angel#10 (fb) - BTS) - From the collective evil of the Sect's millennia of malevolence was spawned the Anti-Being, an entity born of negativity and nurtured by negativity.

(Shadow Riders#2 (fb) - BTS) - In Paris, Vorin sold Tyrburn a plague bacillus, which was actually a cure for typhoid. Fortunately for Mys-Tech's debt of souls to Mephisto, Tyburn learned the truth in time and stopped it from being released (see comments).

(Black Axe#1(fb),#2(fb)) <1936> - Over the years the Mys-Tech Board had come to respect the prowess of Black Axe. Shortly before he went into a temporary retirement they did some business with him over an 'overpriced tea-chest in the desert'.

(Motormouth#5 (fb) - BTS) <1945> - In Leichenhalle, Crowe, as Dr. Kroh, was performing reanimation experiments on Nazi soldiers.

(Motormouth#5 (fb)) <1945> - Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos busted up Kroh's operation, and Fury shot Kroh and left him seemingly dead.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - By the modern era, the Sect had become the board of the group Mys-Tech, a multi-million dollar military and industrial empire based on a foundation of bio-occult research and development while covertly seeking world domination.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ranulph Haldane worked at Darkmoor Castle, built over the site in which the Sect had completed the pact with Mephisto. Haldane secretly sought a means to gain immortality by other means, so that Mys-Tech could be free of their servitude to Mephisto.

(Codename: Genetix#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ranulph Haldane ran Gena-Sys.

(Warheads#1 (fb) - BTS / 1/2 (fb) - BTS) <approximately ten years before Warheads#1>
    -  Ranulph Haldane discovered the existence of wormholes, portals to other locations, dimensions, and/or time. Over a period of ten years the Warheads, acquiring advanced technological and magical items for their own benefit. This project was under the direction of Rathcoole.

(Shadow Riders#2 (fb)) <9 years before Warheads#1> - Mys-Tech discovers the first natural wormhole, a portal to Arena World in the year 1383 A.D. The first Warheads training mission began there, causing massive casualties amongst its indigenous population.

(Genetix#4 (fb) - BTS) <11 years before Genetix#1>- Wychwood set up the Psight Corporation.

(Shadow Riders#1-4 (fb) - BTS) - Over nine years (starting @ 9 years before Warheads#1), the Mys-Tech Board set up a number of natural "bolt-holes" on planets accessed by other natural wormholes.

(Motormouth and Killpower#4/2) <five years before Motormouth#1> -
    Wychwood supervised Dr. Mullarkey's transgenic project at Gena-Sys. She showed him Jack the Pantherine and told him she was ready to commence the development of the first transgenic human.

(Motormouth and Killpower#4/2) - Four months later, Wychwood was present as Mullarkey's project reached full term. Wychwood sent everyone else out of the room as he summoned magical energy that made the infant, Julius, almost impossible to damage.

(Motormouth and Killpower#4/2) - Eighteen months later, when Julius, the youthful Killpower, showed interest in a big gun obtained by the Warheads, Mys-Tech agent Mr. Skyler scolded him. Julius picked up the gun and blew Skyler's head off.

(Shadow Riders# ) <1 year before Warheads#1> - Vorin, a wizard from Arena World who had traveled to Earth following the devastation of his race by the Warheads, began to close off Mys-Tech's bolt holes, enraging the Board.

(Killpower: The Early Years#1) - Wychwood observed Mullarkey conducting a training session for Killpower in which the prodigy proved to react too slowly and have to be saved from a Killdroid by Mullarkey. Wychwood was most disappointed and suggested that Mullarkey improve significantly if she wished the Board to continue to fund her experiments.

(Killpower: The Early Years#4) - Mullarkey alerted the Board of the damage their former employee Sidney Fishburne posed due to his possession of the Chronifact which might damage the very fabric of space-time. The Board confronted Fishburne, who unleashed a bolt of chronal force against them. Wychwood blocked it with a psychic shield and the group began to attempt to pierce his chronal shield. Fishburne managed to flee into the future via an alliance with the Time Guardian, who stranded him at the end of time

(Gene Dogs#2 (fb) - BTS) - Agents of Mys-Tech stole the body of Hurricane from the STORM hospital where he was being kept alive by mechanical means after a failed gene-splicing experiment at the hands of Dr. Samuel Merrick.

(Digitek#1 (fb) - BTS) <October 15, <9.5 years after the discovery of the wormholes>>
    - Mr. Grant of the Mys-Tech Board received internal reports from Colonel Liger of Warheads Kether Troop regarding Jump Kether 16 and their retrieval of some
Protosilicon. The Protosilicon Geoid the Warheads recovered whilst on that jump was assigned to Jonathan Bryant at Nakasoni Corporation for technological analysis.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Mys-Tech Board precipitated a war between Earth's nations to fulfill their soul quotas, but even this fell short in numbers.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Mys-Tech Board initiated development of the Un-Earth, based in a Chasm deep below Mys-Tech Central.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Under Porlock's supervision, Laarson began Project Chronos Cycle: the development of the MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) project, intended to enable the Mys-Tech Board to access Mephisto's realm when needed.

(Dark Angel#8 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech employed the mercenary Model soldiers on a number of missions.

(Gene Dogs#1 (fbs)) <at least 1 year before Gene Dogs#1> - Mys-Tech placed Corrinne as a double agent within STORM's Team Omega, an elite counter-terrorist squad. Along with the others, she was mutated and went on to form the Gene Dogs. She established a love affair with team member Tyr, all the while retaining her loyalty to Mys-Tech.

(Digitek#2 (fb) - BTS) <July 15, <9 months after the retrieval of the Protosilicon>> - Jonathan Bryant wrote to Mr. Grant to report on his progress, and authorized the use of some Protosilicon in body armor for the Genetix experiments at Gena-Sys.

(Knights of Pendragon II#1) - The Mys-Tech Board reviewed information on the Pendragons, including a report compiled by the Warhead known as Ortega. Porlock believed the Pendragons powers could be used for their own ends. One of their operatives, Breeze James, was sent to observe Union Jack (Chapman) at Questworld (Britain's first and only Arthurian theme park!). The Pendragon known as Gawain possessed one of the Stark Enterprises robots at Questworld. The other robots began to malfunction in large numbers. Breeze James began to keep tabs on the Gawain droid instead.

(Knights of Pendragon II#2(bts),3(bts)) - Mys-Tech Strike Force Unit Q7 was dispatched to Darkmoor to search for Union Jack. Instead they found Iron Man, who beat them soundly. Mys-Tech pulled them back out of Darkmoor. Breeze James continued surveillance of the Gawain droid led her into contact with the Black Knight, whom she stunned with a Mys-Tech disrupter device. She activated a beacon device to summon a Mys-Tech retrieval ream. The Mys-Tech agent known as Magpie responded, teleporting to their location. He attempted to take Gawain back to Mys-Tech Central, but was beaten back by the combined forces of the Knights of Pendragon and Iron Man. Meanwhile, Breeze James began to experience a Pendragon vision.

(Knights of Pendragon II#4, 5(bts)) - The Mys-Tech board were disappointed by Breeze's lack of communication. Unbeknownst to her, Porlock had had a trace emitter woven into her jacket enabling them to trace her. Magpie was sent to find her and the Pendragons. Ultimately, Magpie failed in his mission and as a result ended up stranded in the Annwn Continuum. Breeze remained with the Knights of Pendragon, becoming one of the team.

(Knights of Pendragon II#6(bts)) - Grace attended an Omni Corporation meeting in an attempt to alter their goals towards providing renewable energy technology. Mabon, a fellow Omni Corporation Board member, arranged for a transcript of the meeting to be sent to Gryffn in order to alert Mys-Tech.

(Motormouth#5 (fb) - BTS) - Crowe worked with Yakuza drug-dealers, earning the ire of the Punisher.

(Hell's Angel#1) - The Mys-Tech Board met, discussing how Mephisto's demand for souls had escalated to such an extent that their lives were no longer even worth living. Porlock mentioned the MOPED project which might allow them to access Mephisto's realm, and Rathcoole discussed how the bio-occult devices retrieved by the Warheads might give them the power to kill Mephisto. Gryffn pointed out that they were dependent on Mephisto to survive, but Crowe then revealed Haldane's efforts to free them from Mephisto.
    However, Haldane's efforts were discovered by Mephisto, who slew him for his betrayal of their pact. The Angel of Death, Darkangel, guardian of souls who leave the mortal plane through the portal of death, arrived too late to claim Ranulph's soul. The Angel of Death then empowered Ranulph's daughter, Shevaun, to become Hell's Angel to oppose Mys-Tech's evil.
    Mephisto then appeared to the remaining six members of the Mys-Tech Board, fining them a sum total of 1000 souls each in addition to their standing agreement to be paid in full within three months. Mephisto left behind demonic bailiffs to run periodic checks on the Board's progress and to prevent further betrayal.
    Desperate to learn what Haldane had discovered as well as to prevent his daughter from discovering/interfering with their plans, the Board rushed to the Un-Earth Chasm, and Crowe sent his astral self to Darkmoor, arriving just seconds after Shevaun had magically concealed his project. Realizing the danger she faced, Shevaun convinced Crowe not to slay her by offering to continue his immortality research. Crowe then destroyed Ranulph's arcane texts, telling Shevaun that they had the material backed up on their own computer files, which she could access only with their authorization.

(Hell's Angel#2) - Based on information from their giant data-correlation computer's response to world events, the Board decided to start assassination 986. Rathcoole alerted the Psycho-Warriors, sending them to slay Takashei Otomo, head of Tempora Corporation, Mys-Tech's chief rival in the area of space exploration, colonization, and terraforming. Crowe then returned and used the Un-Earth to create a diversion, causing a mystical havoc-wreaking whirlwind in Tokyo, Japan, one mile from Otomo's office suite, allowing the Psycho-Warriors to approach undetected. However, Hell's Angel led soul fragments of Nuke and Nighthawk of Earth-S, as well as Earth-616's Viper (Jordan Dixon) and Salem's Seven's Vakume to oppose the assassination. Hell's Angel and her allies were soon joined and assisted by the X-Men (Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine); the Psycho-Warriors were destroyed, though Viper's soul fragment was destroyed.
    Gryffn ordered all evidence of their assault eradicated, learning in the process that one of the Psycho-Warriors' bodies had been stolen (by Hell's Angel, for study). As they planned to recover the body to obtain it's micro-cameras to identify who had foiled their efforts, Crowe ordered extra protection for the Un-Earth. Hell's Angel discovered its existence and prepared to investigate it, just as Crowe set a boobytrap that would send anything that came anywhere near the Un-Earth straight to Mephisto's Hell.

(Hell's Angel#3) - Hell's Angel and the Vakume soul fragment tripped the boobytrap and were transported to Hell. The Board subsequently accessed the Un-Earth, tracing the missing Psycho-Warrior back to Darkmoor, connecting it to Shevaun.
    Escaping Hell, Hell's Angel took advantage of the the Board's presence at Darkmoor to study the Un-Earth, learning that much of the data it acquired in an effort to make it an exact replica of Earth was acquired via genetically enhanced insects. She joined the X-Men (Cyclops, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine) in destroying one of the major nesting sites of these bugs in Mexico. Meanwhile, the Guide destroyed one of the Un-Earth's monitors to prevent Mys-Tech from discovering future acts of sabotage. Shevaun then returned to Darkmoor, where she was able to distract the Board from questioning her about the Psycho-Warrior by revealing the existence of soul fragments, telling them that Mephisto might learn that they'd been supplying him with "damaged goods." Wychwood then extrapolated that perhaps a soul fragment of Ranulph Haldane existed and that they might use it to complete the project he'd been working on, and they departed, returning to Mys-Tech Central.

(Hell's Angel#4) - Seeking to fulfill their heightened debt to Mephisto, Mys-Tech used the Un-Earth to fire a blast to destroy a U.N. battleship carrying 3,500 servicemen who had been on active duty in the Middle East. Hell's Angel and the Guide, however, acquired 3500 soul fragments from the Dead Zone in Hell; Hell's Angel absorbed the energy blast, saving the ship and crew, and she sent the soul fragments in their place, tricking Mephisto's bailiffs into thinking Mephisto had received 3500 new souls, while at the same time reuniting the fragments with their other halves. When the Board learned that the ship was still there AND that 3500 souls had been logged into Hell, they realized that someone had interfered with their plans; Crowe correctly suspected Shevaun.

(Warheads#2/2) - Rathcoole's time-stopping power neutralized the escaped Pellis Globus, whom he then killed.

(Motormouth#1 (fb) - BTS) - Laarson made a failed attempt to utilize one of the five MOPED units via a chimpanzee test subject. Both it and the MOPED unit were apparently destroyed.

(Motormouth#1 (fb) - BTS) - Laarson made a failed attempt to utilize one of the remaining four MOPED units, destroying the unit and destroying the mind of the human test subject, who was inadequately matched.

(Motormouth#1 (fb) - BTS) - Laarson made a failed attempt to utilize a third MOPED  unit; each failure resulted in a large energy burst which was detected by SHIELD.

(Motormouth#1) - The Board was informed that SHIELD was using their ESPers to track them down; Crowe looked forward to meeting up with Fury again. The Board then put Laarson on trial and executed him for his failures after learning that he had intended to use a young street urchin as his next test subject. Crowe sent a combat unit to retrieve the MOPED unit, but Harley Davidson, the intended test subject donned the unit (which was in the form of sneakers). Desperate to prove their success Laarson's former subordinates activated the unit, and Harley teleported away.
    En route to London, Fury sent a pair of local SHIELD agents to investigate this fourth energy burst. Mys-Tech immediately recognized the pair as SHIELD agents and Crowe ordered Killpower to be dispatched against them. Killpower easily slew the two agents, but he left before Harley returned, which was recorded by the dead SHIELD agents' transmitter.
note: Haldane is mistakenly pictured amongst the board members during the announcement of SHIELD's investigations and the death of Laarson...unless those events take place in some earlier flashback, which doesn't seem to fit. I got the official MUK chronology straight from John Freeman.

(Warheads#2) - Badhand and a pair of ninjas infiltrated Kether Troop's training mission, slaying several of them in an assault on Mys-Tech. Only Badhand survived to escape.
    Evaluator Mr. Grant fined Misha for not warning Mys-Tech soon enough, and fined several of the others for endangering the team.

(Motormouth#2) - Afraid that the Board wouldn't believe them after a single successful jump, Laarson's former subordinates sent her on another jump. Crowe revealed that their spatial shift hardware was causing energy utilized at Mys-Tech Central to appear to be coming from a few degrees west. When the SHIELD agents approached their true location, Crowe had Killpower sent engage them, but his lack of discretion caused such a commotion that Crowe had him called back. Meanwhile the Mys-Tech technicians returned Harley to Earth once again.

(Warheads#3) - Nick Fury enlisted Iron Man (Tony Stark) to investigate Mys-Tech and the Warheads. He ended up joining them on a mission.

(Motormouth#3) - Crowe sent agents to recover Harley and ordered the death of Laarson's assistants. Harley was captured and brought before Tyburn, who offered her a contract to work for Mys-Tech, since she was the only one who had proven successful at using the MOPED units. Threatened with a mind-wipe if she refused, Harley reluctantly agreed and was sent on a controlled jump to acquire some weaponry. Meanwhile, Crowe had Killpower sent to assault the local SHIELD base from which Crowe was operating, also encountering Badhand and the Punisher, who had joined up with Fury. After briefly engaging them, Killpower was called back to base. Meanwhile Badhand, Fury, and the SHIELD agents that accompanied them walked into Crowe's trap and were assaulted by a psyche attack (Tyburn?) and then fired on by Mys-Tech agents from above. Badhand and Fury narrowly escaped, but the other agents were slain.
    Harley decided to abandon Mys-Tech and took control of the MOPED unit, escaping into a distant dimension. Tyburn then had the last remaining unit placed on Killpower and had him sent after her. Killpower's mutate and prodigy nature allowed him to properly access the unit without harm.

(Motormouth and Killpower#4 - BTS) - Killpower tracked down Harley and saved her life after she was injured, rebuilding her throat and eye with the MOPED technology

(Motormouth and Killpower#5) - Gryffn criticized Crowe's personal vendetta against Fury, which had allowed SHIELD to become dangerously close to discovering them. Wychwood decided to mire SHIELD in red tape, performing a spell that summoned demons that altered SHIELD's records, consigning SHIELD to bureaucratic hell for months to come. Crowe then projected an astral image to Fury, Badhand, and Network Nina, driving Nina into a state of shock while he taunted Fury with his future plans. When mass numbers of writs, subpoenas, and malpractice suits struck SHIELD, Fury found his hands tied, and chose to take an extended leave to avoid the ensuing paperwork; Fury continued to pursue Mys-Tech without SHIELD support.

(The Knights of Pendragon II#10, 11) - Grace arrived at Omni Corporation for another board meeting, unaware that the corporation was in fact a division of Mys-Tech. Wychwood and a troop of Bane under his command ambushed her. They took her to Wychwood's underground sanctum. Wychwood claimed to be a part of the Red Lord, and revealed his plans to resurrect him. He then confronted her with Baron Blood, who had been revived by the power of the Bane and used to collect human sacrifices needed for the arcane ceremony. Grace pretended to be once more possessed by the Bane. She called Union Jack, under the pretence he would be needed as a human sacrifice, and told him Baron Blood had returned. Once Union Jack arrived at the Omni Corporation tower, Grace dropped her pretence and helped him fight Blood and Wychwood. Union Jack impaled the Baron with his staff. The vampire fell upon a huge spike in the vacant spot where the final human sacrifice should have gone. His impurity tainted the ceremony, preventing the resurrection of the Red Lord. Wychwood fled back to Mys-Tech.

(Warheads#8/3) - Rathcoole and Gryffn kept a close watch on Bysshe, who had been empowered by the spirits of the warriors of Karnos.

(Dark Angel#6) - The Board used the Un-Earth to access Inner Space, a wasteland of human negativity and denied emotion, as a stepping stone to Mephisto's Hell in order to contact Ranulph Haldane's soul fragment. Crowe mentioned that the sooner they escaped Mephisto's yoke they could dispense with Shevaun Haldane, a statement which clearly bothered Tyburn. Within Hell, the Board battled soul fragments of various heroes (including Guardian (MacDonald Hudson, whoops, not dead anymore), Miss America, Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Torpedo (Jones)) as they made their way towards the imprisoned form of Ranulph. When Hell's Angel arrived, Tyburn allowed her to slip by the others undetected, keeping her reasons to herself. Shevaun released Ranulph's soul fragment, sending it to rejoin its other half and preventing the Board from obtaining it.

(Warheads#5) - Rathcoole instructed Warheads supervisor Mr. Grant that Che should be terminated for being the sole survivor of Malkuth troop, but Mr. Grant was possessed by a Golem, which overrode this order, telling Grant instead to transfer Che to Kether Troop.

(Warheads#6) - Rathcoole ordered Mr. Grant's death after he had disobeyed another order. Rathcoole then took the Warhead Gregory with him to Darkmoor intending to use a sword formed from the extradimensional sorceress Aeish's crystal wand --which had actually originated in pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis--to slay the demonlord Mephisto; Rathcoole wished his death to end the contract that sustained his otherwise interminable existence. Rathcoole summoned Mephisto and Gregory impaled him with the sword, but Mephisto survived, revealing that the wand they'd used had been the sister of the one they had needed. Mephisto then brought them both to Hell, where he tortured them before returning them to Mys-Tech Central. Mephisto revealed Rathcoole's actions to the rest of the Mys-Tech Board and removed Rathcoole's time-stopping protective ability for 15 minutes, leaving him to the less-than-tender mercies of the Board.

(Warheads#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Mys-Tech Board cut off Rathcoole's left hand and blinded both of his eyes.

(Digitek#3 (fb) - BTS) <October 15, <1 year after the retrieval of the Protosilicon>> Upon hearing of the theft of the Geoid, three Mys-Tech security units were deployed to search for it. All Nakasoni staff connected with the affair where dealt with in 'the usual way'. Tyburn detailed this in an internal report to Rathcoole, postulating that there was a possibility of an industrial espionage agent within the Nakasoni company. She advised Rathcoole to perform personnel checks on the surviving Kether Troop operatives who had recovered the Geoid initially, and similarly checked all remaining staff at Nakasoni.

(Digitek#4 (fb) - BTS) <October 17, <1 year after the retrieval of the Protosilicon>> - Mys-Tech detected energy discharges in keeping with the protosilicon's unique properties, and Tyburn sent Rathcoole a further report on the matter. Marx Jephcott, who was secretly helping Digitek in his conflict with the Baccilicons, contacted both Nakasoni and Mys-Tech, and Gryffn sent a Nakasoni troop to investigate. The troop discovered Jonathan Bryant's physical body, and the protoplasmic remains of Purge/Greville. While they recovered the Geoid, they were seemingly unaware that Jonathan Bryant survived in his Digitek energy body.

(Warheads#7) - Seeking to acquire the powerful Sapphire Lotus, the Board sent the rest of Kether Troop to join in the struggle for it, but it was ultimately claimed by Death's Head and Tuck.

(Warheads#9) -  Upon their return from a recent mission, Rathcoole introduced Warheads Kether Troop to Mr. Lee, their new superior. Rathcoole also demanded to know the fate of Mr. Grant and why their most recent jump had taken so long. Rathcoole then put Kether troop through some testing exercises, which were disrupted by magical energy sent by the demon Blackheart in an effort to kill Che, whom he perceived as a threat to his plans to manipulate the Warheads into killing his father, Mephisto. In the process, Warhead Ross was slain, but then the exercise was interrupted by an order from Crowe; the Board had apparently begun to rightly suspect further machinations from Rathcoole.
    Gregory visited Rathcoole, who, having gained new cyborg eyes and a hand, instructed Gregory that Kether troop would be going to Mephisto's realm of Hell in another attempt to slay the demon lord. Meanwhile, Blackheart observed them, apparently manipulating Rathcoole from a distance.

(Warheads#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Rathcoole instructed Warhead Kether Trooper McBride to give him full details on their mission to Moana. She lied to him, telling him that their mission objective had been destroyed, when in reality they had left it behind because it was the power source sustaining life to an entire race.

(Warheads#9/2) - Rathcoole questioned Warheads Kether Trooper leader Liger, who corroborated McBride's story. Rathcoole suspected his dishonesty and warned him that he would be watched in the future.

(Warheads#10) - Rathcoole dispatched Kether Troop to Mephisto's Hell to locate the other crystal wand, which had also been transformed into a sword, and use it to kill Mephisto. The Warheads were resistant to this plan, but Rathcoole cast a spell that would cause them to burn in eldritch fire if they resisted him. Shortly after the Warheads had left, Rathcoole plotted to join with a pair of Bane/Cherubs to assassinate the rest of the Board, but was then confronted by Crowe, who slew the two Cherubs and then prepared to warn Mephisto of the impending assault.
    The Warheads fought their way through Mephisto's legions and were duped into freeing Blackheart (who was posing as Dr. Strange). Blackheart unwittingly revealed his true nature and the Warheads battled him until Mephisto appeared, sent them back to Earth, and consumed Blackheart. Stripped of Blackheart's influence, Rathcoole was forgiven by the Board for his recent indiscretions.

(Codename: Genetix#1 / 4(fb) - BTS) - Wychwood oversaw Dr. Mullarkey's training and development of the Genetix at Gena-Sys, receiving a report from her on their progress. Wychwood intended Genetix to be his personal bodyguards.

(Codename: Genetix#2) - Wychwood sent several agents of Mys-Tech to slaughter wilding members of the Pride, renegade previous creations of Mullarkey. He received a report from agent Alexander Martinez after a successful mission, and Wychwood told him that there were to be no witnesses...or no surviving witnesses.

(Codename: Genetix#3) - Wychwood led a group of Mys-Tech agents to the Gena-Sys labs, which had been surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable force field by Prime Evil and the Pride, who held captive Mullarkey, the Genetix, and others.

(Codename: Genetix#4) - Wychwood cast a magic spell to augment his agents' laser cannon to neutralize the force field around the laboratory. Afterwards, Wychwood instructed the police to tell the media "anything but the truth" and then found and chided Mullarkey for the chaos that had destroyed Gena-Sys' West Wing. Still, they took comfort in the fact that the underground labs were untouched, and that they still had the Tektos project...

(Genetix#2 (fb) - BTS) - Wychwood oversaw Mullarkey's development of Tektos at Gena-Sys labs.

(Dark Angel#7 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech set up a based in Manchester, from which they created and launched a satellite to beam a ray down on Earth that caused sudden outbursts of violence.

(Dark Angel#7) - After the ray was activated and its effects felt, Tyburn secretly acquired information from Mys-Tech's computers, erased the memory of her presence from the technicians who had seen her, and traveled to Machester on her own in secret.. Despite her absence, the rest of the Board headed out to Manchester to inspect their Warehouse and its facilities.   
    Shevaun (now Dark Angel) and Psylocke traced the source of the violence back to Manchester. As they approached Mys-Tech's warehouse, they came across the mercenary Model Soldiers, who were seeking to steal Mys-Tech's hardware. The Soldiers tried to kill the heroines, but the fight drew the attention of the Mys-Tech Board, and, tired of Shevaun's meddling, Crowe ordered all of their deaths. Crowe then fired a bullet at Shevaun's head.

(Dark Angel#8) - From hiding, Tyburn used her psychic powers to cause the bullet to drop to the ground before it could hit Shevaun. Puzzled, Crowe rethought his reaction and questioned Shevaun on the reason for her presence. She explained it away as having been playing tennis and denied any knowledge of Dark Angel, so Crowe had her taken for questioning. Meanwhile Gryffn discovered that someone aboard the satellite was a traitor, supplying information to the Model Soldiers. Gryffn did not know the traitor was Dr. Townsend, sister of the Model Soldier's leader Marianne, and Tyburn secretly destroyed computer transmitting information that would have revealed Townsend's actions. Townsend eventually reported to her superior, Commander Ritinski, framing her co-worker V. Matthews, and terminating him to prevent him from revealing his innocence.
    Dark Angel and Psylocke broke out of their confinement and were discovered by Gryffn and Tyburn (who had re-joined the others), but Tyburn used her powers to incapacitate Gryffn, allowing them to escape. As guards approached, Tyburn pretended to have been stunned as well, and she directed the guards in the opposite direction from which the two heroines had headed. Seeing the operation as compromised, Crowe ordered the warehouse to be destroyed, including the experimental emotion-controlling equipment it contained. Dark Angel saved herself, Psylocke, and the Model Soldiers from the explosion, though most of Mys-Tech (except Tyburn) believed them all to have been killed.

(Battletide#1) - Crowe offered Death's Head (Minion) a bounty to hunt Killpower, offering to grant his fondest wish in return. Death's Head stipulated 'two wishes', and Crowe readily accepted. However Death's Head never completed the assignment.

(Motormouth and Killpower#6) - Tyburn had some agents track Harley and Killpower to Matricca Scorpio, and she dispatched some Psycho-Warriors after them. They successfully recovered Killpower.
    Meanwhile Badhand, Fury, and the Punisher broke-up one of Crowe's drug-dealing organizations, working out of a dance club and distributing Tokyo Eaze, a.k.a. Tyburn's Key. Some of the dealers took some of the drugs, which, combined with a specific pre-programmed strobe light pattern, transformed them into monstrous form. The mutated dealer quickly overpowered the Punisher, but then Cable arrived to assist the heroes. Badhand and Cable were able to destroy the mutates, and they waited until other Mys-Tech agents arrived to collect the mutated drug users, at which point they blew up the club. The Punisher then parted ways with the others.

(Motormouth and Killpower#7) - Crowe, Gryffn, and Tyburn observed as Killpower broke free from his discipline session at the hands of Oonagh Mullarkey. As Killpower devastated the Mys-Tech Central facility, Tyburn feigned surrender to get Killpower to lower his guard, and Crowe, in his solid steel form, knocked him out.
    Meanwhile, Cable led Badhand to Mys-Tech Central to obtain the
Clavis Key. Badhand introduced a computer virus into their systems and Cable ended up battling the powerful Bysshe, defeating her by reflecting her powers back on her with a mirror. Cable successfully located the Key.

(Motormouth and Killpower#8) - Porlock and Crowe watched as Badhand and Cable fought their way through their security and escaped. Porlock then sent the Harpies after them, and they caught up to them, hitting Badhand with a paralysis beam and snagging Cable and the Key in a tractor beam.
    Tyburn confronted Harley, who had arrived to rescue Killpower, instructing her guards to kill Harley to obtain the MOPED technology, but Harley unleashed a sonic blast that blew Tyburn to pieces. Harley freed Killpower, but then Tyburn, who had already recovered, sending more guards after them. Harley and Killpower escaped them, but they ran smack into Rathcoole, who followed the directive that they be shot on sight. However, he shot them with a gun that transported them to another dimension.

(Motormouth and Killpower#9) - Badhand shook off the paralysis ray and blasted the Harpies' ship out of the air. Cable and Badhand were then able to get the Key to the Parton Magna Stone Circle, accessing a portal between dimensions and returning the Key to the Time Guardians.

(Dark Angel#9) - Mys-Tech again located Ranulph Haldane's soul fragment, still within Mephisto's domain and not yet having found or reunited with its other portion, and they headed to claim it, simultaneously giving the order to kill Shevaun Haldane since they would no longer need her research once they had her father. The Board battled several of the soul fragments/Dead Zoners (including Nighthawk, Nuke, and Vakume), while Gryffn tracked Haldane's soul. At the same time, Dark Angel and the Angel of Death investigated corruption of the very fabric of the universe caused by Mys-Tech's taint. Learning of Mys-Tech's activities, they became trapped in their own life's threads as spun by the Web-Spinners, but the Spinner's daughters, the Wyrd Sisters, traveled to Hell in their stead.They fought Mys-Tech to a standstill, though Haldane's soul fragment unwittingly wandered into Mys-Tech's clutches anyway. Meanwhile, Dark Angel, somehow using a Cloak of Invisibility given to her by the Angel of Death, managed to send her astral self to Mephisto's domain, where she posed as an agent of Mephisto, demanding that Mys-Tech depart Hell immediately. They did so, after which Dark Angel actively located her father's other soul fragment and merged the pair, sending his soul to whatever fate it had earned in Mephisto's realm.
    Meanwhile, no longer being able to count on Ranulph, Mys-Tech tried to rescind the assassination order on Shevaun, only to learn that it was already in effect, beyond the point of no return. Mys-Tech D.O.G. (Discover, Observe, Gather) robots traced Shevaun's trail to the X-Mansion, where they attacked the X-Men
(Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine). Upon returning home and learning this, Dark Angel teleported to their side to assist against the DOGs.

(Dark Angel#10) - Crowe and Gryffn secretly left to try to deactivate the Assassination Computer Mainframe directly, hoping to save face by preventing the other Board members from learning that they were unable to rescind the order. The X-Men (joined by Professor X) used a computer facsimile of Dark Angel to dupe the DOGs into believing that they had captured her, and the DOGs returned to their base, where Crowe and Gryffn discovered them to be empty-handed, though the assassination order remained on hold due to her perceived capture.

(Dark Angel#10 / Mys-Tech Wars#1 / Motormouth and Killpower#9) - The Mys-Tech Board initiated their plans to merge the Earth with the Un-Earth (essentially a voodoo doll of the planet Earth), which they could then control for their own ends. Nick Fury infiltrated Mys-Tech Central, encountering Motormouth (Harley) and Killpower in the process, but Crowe observed his progress the whole time via some of his recording insects. Crowe sent guards to herd Fury towards the Un-Earth Chasm. Crowe confronted Fury, shrugging off his gunfire and then nailing him with his energy blaster. Crowe then imprisoned him in the DaVinci Cube, which proceeded to systematically flay him skin from bone and body from soul. As the Un-Earth achieved completion and the Board reached symbiosis with the Un-Earth, psychic pain was felt by sensitives across the Earth, such as Dark Angel and Dr. Strange, and even in Avalon, by the Green Knight. The Board then dispatched powerful demons across the Un-Earth, which then began to manifest on the real Earth, battling a number of heroes, including Avengers (Black Knight (Whitman), Black Widow, Captain America, Sersi, She-Hulk, Thor (Masterson), Vision), Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), the Hulk, and the X-Men (Archangel, Beast, Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Iceman, Jubilee, Professor X, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine). The Anti-Being began to become more active due to Mys-Tech's activities.

(Warheads#11 / Mys-Tech Wars#2+3 / Death's Head III#5) -  Death's Head (Minion) somehow found himself transported to the Un-Earth, and defeated one of the demons successfully. Unbeknownst to the Board, the Un-Earth had developed a semi-sentience and detected Death's Head's presence. Seeing him as a foreign body, it created an antibody to combat him, a perfect duplicate Minion cyborg. After being defeated by the real Death's Head, the "Un-Death's Head" managed to break free of the Un-Earth and fled in a flash of energy. The Mys-Tech board were so preoccupied with investigating an anomaly affecting the Un-Earth they didn't recognize the energy flash for what it was. They sent the Warheads Kether troop into the Un-Earth to investigate and destroy the anomaly, which was of course none other than Death's Head! After a brief battle, Death's Head and the Warheads teamed up against some of the powerful demons of Un-Earth. When they learned that the Techno-Wizards planned to sacrifice earth to those demons, they again united to stop that plot.

(Mys-Tech Wars#2) - While the Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men, and Dark Angel proved victorious against the demons, others were not so lucky. Spider-Man was killed by demons; Excalibur (Captain Britain, Meggan, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat) fell before a demon onslaught; John Blaze appeared to escape a group that destroyed the Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch); Killpower slew the demon that assaulted him, and he and Motormouth headed to Mys-Tech to investigate. Dark Angel led the heroes to Mys-Tech Central, battling Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors and cautioning all involved to not kill any of the Board, as their life forces were tied to all reality, and that slaying them could destroy everything in existence. Captain America and Wolverine made their way deep into the base where they found Fury dead within the DaVinci Cube.

(The Knights of Pendragon II#12) - Mys-Tech's activation of the Un-Earth affected the Green Knight, attracting the attention of the Knights of Pendragon. As the Mys-Tech Board gathered about the Un-Earth, Wychwood was pleased at the thought of victory over the Pendragons, though Crowe mocked him about his defeat at the hands of Grace and Union Jack previously. Wychwood arranged for the Mys-Tech agent known as Skire, the King of Pain, to attack the Pendragons upon their arrival in London. His plan was almost successful, as the Knights only managed to defeat the villain due to a temporary influx of power from the Green Knight. Upon Skire's defeat, the Knights of Pendragon headed for Mys-Tech's base of operations, the Museum of Pagan Antiquities and prepared to enter.

(Mys-Tech Wars#3) - As the heroes fought savagely, many of their number were slain by the Psycho-Warriors. Dark Angel realized that the Techno-Wizards were distorting reality, weakening the resolve of those present and in some cases allowing extradimensional counterparts to replace the Earth-616 version. With reinforcements from the Knights of Pendragon (Albion, Crown, Grace, Breeze James, Union Jack), Motormouth & Killpower, X-Factor (Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane), and the Warheads, they finally managed to fight their way past increasing numbers of Psycho-Warriors, all the way to the Mys-Tech Board.
    Dark Angel tried to explain to them that they were threatening to destroy reality with their tampering, but the Board remained defiant, with Tyburn commanding the heroes to leave before the Board would extinguish the few of them remaining. Just then Death's Head and the Warheads arrived and renewed the conflict, with Death's Head decapitating Porlock and the enraged Wolverine skewering Crowe through the chest, killing them both. The rest of the Board screamed in agony, and Dark Angel immediately felt all reality begin to crumble.

(Mys-Tech Wars#4) - Dark Angel channeled her full power into the Un-Earth and used it to hold together the true Earth, preventing all reality from ripping asunder...temporarily. The other heroes fought through a horde of Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors, making their way to her side. At the Un-Earth six of the heroes served as surrogate members for the Mys-Tech Board to repair the rift in reality: Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Dr. Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth...well, they needed six of them. The six surrogates successfully repaired the rift and reformed the Mys-Tech Board, set back time so that the many deaths and the activation of Un-Earth never occurred, and put a force field up around the Un-Earth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again. Due to the reversal of time, only Dark Angel and the other five who served as surrogates remembered that the struggle had ever happened...oh yeah, and the Time Guardian, too.

(Dark Angel#11) - As Mys-Tech's Assassination Computer finally realized that the DOGs had not actually captured Dark Angel, it sent the next phase of attackers after her: the Psycho-Warriors. As they assaulted Dark Angel, she gained aid from both the X-Men (Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine) and the Wyrd Sisters, while the Guide managed to locate Mys-Tech's Assassination Computer, which was perpetuating the order to kill Shevaun. The X-Men finished off the Psycho-Warriors, and the Wyrd Sisters accompanied Dark Angel to the astral plane where they confronted the Anti-Being.

(Dark Angel#12) - Crowe and Gryffn remained frustrated at their inability to rescind the assassination order until the Computer mysteriously terminated the order (see below).
    Dark Angel ultimately trapped him within the Anti-Being within the Void pocket realm contained within her.  She and the X-Men accompanied the Guide to try to the Assassination Computer. There Dark Angel channeled the spirit of Ranulph Haldane, the Computer's creator, intending him to speak to and shut down the computer. As she did so, the computer unleashed phase three: Safehouse, a walking container of lethal weaponry. The Angel of Death assisted Shevaun in reaching Ranulph, breaking through to him as his spirit was continually devoured by dogs in Hell. With the computer shut down, Safehouse detonated, though it took three square miles of London with it, subjecting millions of people to lethal levels of radiation.

(Dark Guard#2(fb),#3(fb)) <1 year prior to Dark Guard#1> - Mys-Tech sent its agents to Eopia, a world on the brink of civil war between the Egalitern Bloc and the Technarchy. Those agents began to ferment and kindle the war, hoping to drive it over the edge into thermo-nuclear war. The mutant known as Collapsar infiltrated the Technarchy, while the Mys-Tech smart weapons known as Sunder and Permafrost sided with the Egalitern, posing as body guards to Governor Trusivor. Sunder began building a series of underground empathic receptors right across the planet, claiming it was a 'secret defense' program. In truth Mys-Tech planned to absorb the death scream of the planet as it perished in nuclear war and synthesise a raw, emotive force which would entirely pay off their debt to Mephisto.

(Black Axe#1(fb),#3(fb)) - Mephisto planted ideas in the mind of a scientist called Mendel working for Hydra, seeking to amuse himself with the antics of the Mys-Tech Board. Mendel came to believe he had discovered a genetic key that halted the aging process, and Mys-Tech's intelligence section soon informed the Board of his work. A Mys-Tech shock troop was sent to take the scientists research materials, but came back in pieces. Having lost contact with their sources inside A.I.M., the Board suspected their involvement had been discovered. They offered Black Axe a contract to kill the scientist.

(Black Axe#1(bts),#2(fb),#3) - When Black Axe's initial mission failed, due to being ambushed by Death's Head (Minion), Mys-Tech sent the Sisters of Grace to make sure Black Axe hadn't abandoned his contract. Black Axe later encountered Mephisto and uncovered his deception. He reported this back to the Board, as well as Mephisto's claims that Mys-Tech weren't his only minions at work on Earth.

(Warheads#12) - Rathcoole had the Warheads Kether Troop engage in practice warfare, but the Warheads were kept unaware that the "drones" they were destroying were actually hypnotically reprogrammed enemies of Mys-Tech, targeted for disposal by Rathcoole.

(Warheads#14 - BTS) - After defeating the ghosts of previous Warheads who had warned against trusting Mys-Tech, the Warheads Kether Troop severed contact with Mys-Tech, deciding to go it on their own.

(Shadow Riders#3 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech began plans to create a new Kether Troop to replace the ones who quit.

(Shadow Riders#4 (fb)) - Mys-Tech detected the power of a mysterious man, whom they named Matthew Ryan.

(Shadow Riders#1) - Ryan was brought before Porlock, who had Ryan subjected to testing to explore his powers. Porlock discovered a portion of Abadon's true nature, and used post-hypnotic suggestion to both control him, and allow him to regain his memories and power when Porlock mentioned his true name (Abadon) in the future. Porlock then set Ryan up to appear as a mutant human being tortured by Mys-Tech.
    "Ryan" 's power was detected by others, such as Cable and the Shadow Riders. Cable invaded Mys-Tech Central, where he was briefly assaulted by the Shadow Rider Boot. In the ensuing struggle, one of Mys-Tech's guards, Coltrane, was slain, after which he was taken by the Shadow Riders and revived as their newest member, Grunt. Cable was forced to flee from Mys-Tech reinforcements.

(Shadow Riders#2) - Porlock commanded Ryan's testing at the hands of the sadist Gadafel to continue, even when Ryan's energies threatened to destroy their security shields. This allowed the Shadow Riders to again invade Mys-Tech Central, with Shadow Rider the Stranger impersonating Porlock and discovering the location of a permanent wormhole in Annapurna, Nepal before being discovered and forced to flee. An energy probe from "Ryan" transported the Ghost Rider (Ketch) to Mys-Tech Central, and he joined the fight against Mys-Tech's agents.
    The invaders were driven out, but not before the Shadow Riders could escape with Ryant/Abadon. Porlock told the rest of the Board that this had all been part of his plan. He revealed that he had learned that the leader of the Shadow Riders was Vorin, a survivor of Arena World, who had begun destroying their bolt holes. Porlock revealed his intent to use Abadon and the Slaughterhouse Six to neutralize Vorin.

(Shadow Riders#3 (fb) - BTS) - Vorin requested some Warheads to test the Slaughterhouse Six out on; Rathcoole made certain that Che was among those sent.

(Shadow Riders#3) - A group of Warheads trainees (Hawthorne, McElroy) were sent to Arena World for training under Che. They were ambushed by the Slaughterhouse Six , and Che was the only surviving Warhead. When the Shadow Riders, Cable, and "Ryan" arrived on Arena World, Porlock sent the Slaughterhouse Six to attack them. In the midst of the struggle, Porlock appeared, speaking the word "Abadon", causing Ryan to regain his powers and assault the Shadow Riders and Cable, capturing them all, including Vorin. After revealing how he had duped the Shadow Riders, Porlock ordered Abadon to slay them.

(Shadow Riders#4) - Porlock decided to have Abadon torture the Shadow Warriors rather than slay them outright. The Shadow Riders were rescued by Goodfellow, but Porlock again sent the Slaughterhouse Six against them. After the Shadow Riders and Cable escaped, Porlock attempted to make further commands of Abadon, who instead rebelled against and attacked him. Porlock assumed his demon form and fought back, while Rathcoole and Tyburn watched briefly from Earth before fleeing to prevent being linked to Porlock's failure. Abadon defeated Porlock and revealed his own true origins, after which the Shadow Riders and Cable returned to fight him. During the struggle, the injured Porlock escaped back through the wormhole and tried to close it from the other side, but before his agents could do so. Abadon's energies began to pour through. The Shadow Riders and Cable passed through the wormhole and sealed Abadon on the other side, and Porlock led his agents to attack the exhausted heroes. Cable teleported himself and the Shadow Riders back to their base, leaving Porlock to deal with the consequences of his failure.
    Che, having been slain in the preceding struggle, was reborn as one of the Shadow Riders.

(Dark Angel#13) - Feeling that super-heroes had become too great a threat to their operations, Crowe proposed to the Board that they enhance their own powers.

(Gene Dogs#1 (fb)) - Nakasoni Corporation relocated its Bio-Tech research department to Liverpool, England.

(Gene Dogs#4? (fb) - BTS) - At Nakasoni, Mys-Tech created the Gene Scanner, which was actually a bomb, but leaked word of its incredible mutagenic abilities to dupe their rival Takashei Otomo into stealing it.

(Gene Dogs#1) - Takashei Otomo hired Q7 Strike Force (Automaton, Banzai, Firestryke, Harvestor, Sternwood, Tanuta Umbotha) and sent them to assault Nakasoni Corporation to locate the Gene Scanner it had developed. The Gene Dogs (Howitzer, Kestrel, Pacer, Panther, and Tyr), backed by agents of STORM, including Cat, stopped them from stealing the Scanner, taking it for themselves.
    Crowe then revived Hurricane (after three years of storage), offering him a chance for revenge on Merrick if he would retrieve the Gene Scanner for him.

(Gene Dogs#2 (fb) - BTS) - Under Crowe's direction, Hurricane was restored to full health and power (and apparently beyond).

(Gene Dogs#2) - Crowe and Wychwood observed Hurricane slaughtering their prisoners in an arranged testing of his powers. Crowe chastised Wychwood for having allowed the Genetix to escape his control, and that expensive company property should not be allowed to roam free. Crowe then manipulated the Gene Dogs, via evidence previously laid out by Panther, into the London sewers and into conflict with the Genetix, hoping to have both groups destroy each other.
    Hurricane assaulted STORM central and reclaimed the Gene Scanner, and Suyin, a Mys-Tech agent who was actually a spy for Otomo, informed Otomo of Hurricane's plans and location. Pleased with these events, Crowe assaulted Suyin's mind and cut off contact with Hurricane as Q7 caught up with him.

(Gene Dogs#3 + 4 - BTS) - Q7 took Hurricane to Otomo's Siberian headquarters, while Crowe finished off Suyin and then told Wychwood he hoped that the "Gene Scanner" bomb would destroy Otomo, Q7, and the Gene Dogs. Hurricane proved to be too powerful and took over Otomocorp, take the Gene Scanner to its Space Station and intending to use it to mass mutate humanity. Eventually they discovered the Scanner was actually a bomb, and it blew up, destroying the Space Station, but Q7's Tanuta Umbotha teleported everyone to safety back on Earth.

(Plasmer#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Board directed Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey to learn the secret of the British Sleepers from their captive Jack Smithers.

(Plasmer#1) - Frustrated by her restrictions and manipulations by the Mys-Tech Board, Oonagh Mullarkey attempted to duplicate the arcane ceremony Wychwood had used to set free the full power of her creations, resulting in her splitting into two beings: a good half, which became the powerful Plasmer, and the evil half, which became a more refined Dr. Mullarkey. Shortly thereafter, the reborn Dr. Mullarkey cracked the codes and activated the first Sleeper (Tommy), much to the pleasure of Wychwood and Crowe.

(Plasmer#2) - Mullarkey wanted to send a group out to encounter the first Sleeper, but Crowe told her to remain behind; Crowe also disagreed (and questioned him for making up words) when Wychwood recommended he tell Mullarkey that she had become a dividual: a divided person (opposite of an individual). Crowe decided to keep that information on a "not-to-know" basis.

(Plasmer#3) - After Mullarkey had mastered the Freestate Technology that allowed her to control the second Sleeper, Crowe and Wychwood were happy to try to take advantage of it. However, Crowe became frustrated with the inability to control the first Sleeper and pounded the control panel, unwittingly releasing the Sleeper from their control. After the second Sleeper was destroyed by the Silver Surfer, Crowe had Mullarkey turn up the power on the controls, anticipating that there would be more to come.

(Plasmer#4) - After the third Sleeper (Aftermath) proved immune to their control, Mullarkey and Crowe activated their secret weapon, taking command of the computer-controlled body of the Ambassador, directing him to bring Tommy back to them. However, after the Ambassador arrived, they learned that Plasmer had replaced and impersonated Tommy. Plasmer disabled the Ambassador and fought off the Mys-Tech warriors that they tried to stop her. Crowe told Mullarkey that she was to blame for their new adversary Plasmer, and that she had never told Mys-Tech when she joined that she had a good side. Crowe was even more frustrated when Mullarkey's efforts to take command of Aftermath caused the powerful being to head their way in an effort to slay her. Mullarkey then destroyed the control panel, and she and Crowe watched as the Doorman trained Plasmer in how to neutralize Aftermath.

(Dark Angel#13) - After six months (?) of planning, they used their Bio-Computer to allow their minds to scan the initiatory transformations of other civilizations, siphoning off those beings psychic power for themselves. Gryffn, having lost faith in Crowe after the failure of their efforts via the Un-Earth, questioned taking the next step of physical transformation, but she backed down when the others refused to go against Crowe. The Board members funneled their enhanced psychic powers through Gryffn's machine, re-structuring themselves on a quantum level and transforming them into new forms as the Techno-Wizards.
    Pleased with their transformation and seeking even greater power, the Techno-Wizards then prepared to travel into Inner Space to retrieve a portion of the fabric of reality from Romeo, a junior security guard from the Powerhouse who had stolen it so they he could interact with a woman on the physical plane. With the power of the fabric of reality at their command, they intended to initiate a reign of multi-dimensional terrorism.

(Dark Angel#14) - Within Inner Space, Dark Angel drove off the Techno-Wizards, directly assaulting their ship, sending it back to the Earth dimension and causing it to crash on Earth, though their powers saved their lives. When Dark Angel returned to Earth, Crowe sent Psycho-Wraiths after her while the Techno-Wizards returned to Inner Space to search for the fabric of the universe, which had since been consumed by Death's Head. They located him, implanted a tracking creature within him, and then used their powers to affect the malleable reality of Inner Space, caging Death's Head and telling him they needed to take him back to their laboratory to "de-contaminate" him. Death's Head responded by revealing that all of their bodies had been infiltrated by parasites, which had been in suspended animation in Inner Space until being rehydrated their bodies' moisture. While Dark Angel's allies, the Encoders, fought off the Psycho-Wraiths, Dark Angel returned to Inner Space and showed Death's Head how to purge the parasites from his body. Crowe instructed the other Techno-Wizards to concentrate on producing endorphins to get past the pain the parasites were causing. They went after Death's Head again, but Dark Angel teleported him away inside the Void. The Techno-Wizards prepared to purge themselves of the parasites, while Death's Head encountered the Anti-Being, who had been strengthened by the empowering of Mys-Tech.

(Dark Angel#15) - Death's Head, backed by the fabric of reality, overpowered the Anti-Being and assimilated him, but then found the Anti-Being struggling for dominance over his form. Having purged themselves of the parasites back at Mys-Tech Central, Crowe and Gryffn returned to Inner Space, armed with weapons to force the portion of the fabric of reality from Death's Head. As they located him, he continued to shift alliance between they and Dark Angel's group as the Anti-Being fought for dominance, but when Death's Head regained control, he abandoned them all, flying out into space.

(Dark Angel#16) - Dark Angel trapped Crowe and Gryffn inside a force field and caused them great pain by infusing them with light particles. She left them behind while she located Death's Head again, but when she was forced to use her powers to battle the alien Mercenaries, Crowe and Gryffn were freed from her assault and quickly followed their tracer to Death's Head. The Anti-Being took over again, and its evil proved too much even for the Techno-Wizards. It attacked them, as well as Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters, but Dark Angel ultimately extracted the Anti-Being from Death's Head and sent it back to the Void, as well removing the piece of the fabric of the universe and the Techno-Wizard's tracer. She also cast the exhausted Crowe and Gryffn back to Earth, where they were arrested and imprisoned.

(Death's Head III#15(fb) - BTS) - Algernon Crowe made Death's Head (Minion) a job offer which the cyborg refused under unspecified circumstances (see comments)

(Death's Head III#15(fb)) - Mys-Tech located Larson and Alkhemist's Golem facility on the Mars colony @2026 and set up a straight-tap wormhole between it and the modern era. They provided the facility with the resources needed to create perfect duplicates of Earth's heroes fabricated from both living subjects or previously scanned bio-traces.

(Death's Head III#15) - Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards Crowe and Wychwood arrived at the Golem facility to discover it under attack by Death's Head (Minion) and his companions. In order to avoid conflict with Death's Head, Crowe called it a draw and cancelled the contract with Larson claiming that Mys-Tech could find another source for their Golems.

(Genetix#2) - The Psycho-Warriors were dispatched to stop Genetix, who had invaded Mys-Tech Central in an effort to learn their own origins. The heroes were eventually forced to flee from them.

(Genetix#4) - Mullarkey updated Wychwood on her plans to capture Genetix and wipe their memories of all knowledge about Harvest and the Psight Corporation, which Wychwood had worked on for 11 years.

(Genetix#6) - Wychwood prepared for the arrival of the Genetix at the Psight Corporation, sending a series of armed agents after them, and then sending Tektos against them when the agents failed. As the Genetix began to destroy the base, all of Wychwood's financial backers abandoned him, and then Vesper took control the facilities computer systems destroying every file that even mentioned the Harvest project. Enraged, Wychwood conjured forth a magical computer viral army that entered the systems and pursued her, from which she narrowly escaped.

(Dark Guard#2,3,4) - The Technarchy's troops were attacked by the Dark Guard on their first mission. The Mys-Tech agent known as Collapsar managed to capture Killpower and Colonel Liger. Sunder and Permafrost weren't so lucky when they encountered Albion, Dark Angel, and Ultra Marine, who soundly defeated them. Ultra-Marine discovered Sunder's empathic receptors, and a Golem duplicate of Tyburn arrived to gloat to the heroes. Meanwhile, Death's Head and Motormouth freed Killpower and Liger, defeating Collapsar in the process. Dark Angel smashed the Tyburn Golem and the Dark Guard managed to restore peace negotiations between the two factions.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Under the direction of Rathcoole, Warheads Bina Troop transported Professor Daniel Jones to the "Superstring", the space-time corridor connecting wormholes. There, Jones was mutated into the being G-Force, joining forces with the adventurer Die-Cut against the alien Primary Artifact and its Cyberdrones.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - Rathcoole's agents opened a portal to Earth, allowing Die-Cut and the Warheads members not corrupted by the Primary Artifact to return to Earth. G-Force seemingly sacrificed himself to close the portal behind them to prevent the Cyberdrones from coming to Earth. Die-Cut considered trying to kill Rathcoole, whom he blamed for G-Force's apparent death, until he recalled Rathcoole's time-stopping power.

(left to right: Rathcoole, Porlock, Tyburn, Wychwood, Gryffn, Crowe)

(Death Metal#1) - Aboard his own satellite/spacecraft, Rathcoole manipulated Death's Head into a taking a contract from the Secret Empire to recover a stolen Exo-Harness, which led to a conflict with the thief who was wearing the harness. Though Rathcoole had been testing Death's Head for his suitability as personal bodyguard, Death's Head's mention of Charnel reminded him of the existence of the even more powerful Death Metal, and Rathcoole altered his search to him instead.

(Death Metal#2) - When Death Metal teleported off Earth, Rathcoole's assistant tracked him to a distant planet, and Rathcoole ordered the Psycho-Warriors to be sent to retrieve him.

(Death Metal#3) - The Psycho-Warrior's attacked Death Metal, thwarting his efforts to attain peace in the solitude of space, and he slaughtered them all. Impressed, Rathcoole sent another legion of Psycho-Warriors to attack him on a distant planet, and Death Metal attempted to feign defeat in order to be brought to his attackers' leader. However, Spirit, a woman worshipping Death Metal, attacked and fought off the Psycho-Warriors. Annoyed, Death Metal teleported away to another planet.



(Death Metal#4) - Rathcoole and the Psycho-Warriors tracked and assaulted Death Metal again, but the rest of Techno-Wizards forced Rathcoole's assistant to reveal his activities and they arrived on the planet as well. Death Metal provoked a battle with the Techno-Wizards, pretending a false alliance with Rathcoole in hopes that the others could destroy him. They were nearly successful, and Death Metal was sufficiently injured that he could have allowed himself to permanently discorporate. However, when he learned that the Techno-Wizards planned to exterminate the innocents of that planet, Death Metal forced himself to reform and fight off the Mys-Tech lords, slicing Tyburn in half. Having found a purpose in life--the destruction of Mys-Tech, he took Spirit and Brassknuckles as allies and teleported away.
    Tyburn healed, and the rest of the Techno-Wizards decided that Death Metal might be of use to them in the future.

(Wild Angels - BTS) - When Prince Donal Ban and his comrade Tristum fled their realm of Guildern, they fell through a space-time breach inadvertently created by a Mys-Tech experiment gone wrong; Donal Ban ended up in the research facility in the modern day of Earth-616, while Tristum somehow ends up in Nikki Doyle's virtual reality 2020. 

(Dark Reign Files) - Quasimodo researched Mys-Tech for Norman Osborn.

COMMENTS: Created by John Freeman, Nick Vince, Gary Erskine, and John Beeston.

    Another poorly organized profile on my part...sorry. It was another victim of an information gathering frenzy. Perhaps once I have all of the individual members done I can come back and trim the fat.

    While Gena-Sys and other groups, etc. are part of Mys-Tech, they receive their own profiles, and are covered here, which focuses only on the central organization Mys-Tech.

    The chronology of Mys-Tech is exceeding hard to follow. They had their hands in pretty much every plot of the MUK over it's brief, 2-3 year life. Even following their transition into the Techno-Wizards, they still appeared now and again in their original forms, making it hard to pick out. Genetix shows Dark Angel in her new costume, but has the Board in their original forms, when that transition occurred pretty much simultaneously.

    I strongly suspect that Gudrun Tyburn was supposed to be Dark Angel's mother, but that was never confirmed.

    The flashback in Death's Head III#15 refers to this piece of dialogue.

Crowe says "When was it last? London... 1997? The offer still stands, Death's Head... has your pathetic sense of ethics evolved any since then? No?"

The editor comments "You're right! We haven't seen this yet!"

As far as I know that story line never happened. I imagine it could well have been part of an unseen Dark Guard story line intended for Dark Guard Gold, which was due out around that time and never happened. As Dan Abnett was writer of both#15 and the original Dark Guard series it would make sense that he was setting up for whatever he had planned. The original Dark Guard series and was set at some point before#13, so Dark Guard Gold presumably would've been set before that too which is why I've put the flashback there.

Laarson's first name was revealed in Motormouth's profile in OHOTMU A-Z HC#7.

Thanks to Loki for translating Wild Angels, which was only published by Marvel Italia!

    In Shadow Riders#2, when Porlock shows an image of Vorin, two other Mys-Tech agents reference previous encounters with Vorin. The one mention reference is clearly Wychwood. The other...

    In my initial review, I’d assumed the one on pg. 18, panel 2 who noted that Vorin had sold him a seeming plague bacillus in Paris “long ago” to be Rathcoole, because the character looked more masculine. In re-reviewing (for an Arena World profile), I think the wavy hair and the semi-cloak deal makes it more likely Tyburn...she’s just old and ugly and the art is course.
    In the panel you mention the wavy hair and redness of the clothing is consistent with Tyburn in other panels of this issue (Rathcoole is in blue elsewhere). However in the next panel it's clearly Rathcoole standing in that position relative to the other board members, and Tyburn is further back. Facially they don't appear that different. The art definitely isn't helping.
    I personally would note the questionable nature in the comments, but change to Tyburn. It looks more like Tyburn to me but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of art error going on.

Supplemental information provided by writer John Freeman:

Mys-Tech Awareness

Mys-Tech origins and brief bios

I stumbled across some pages on Facebook from a Marvel UK promotional book - 2 different versions I think, one for the UKCAC (UK Comic Art Convention) and an updated one for a subsequent comic shop promotion. Interestingly it includes stuff like Mys-Tech originally being called A.E.G.I.S. In the later version A.E.G.I.S. is MYSTECH.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to

  • other "Mys" or "Tech" or Mystic things

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