Membership: Eagle (Lars Dinkelbach), Dr. Samuel Merrick, Lord Winstanely

Aliases: Special Task Force Omega Response Mandate

Purpose: Pan-European Defense and Counter-Terrorist organization

Affiliations: Gene Dogs (field agents of STORM); Team Omega (former field agents of STORM);

Enemies: Hurricane, Mys-Tech, Otomocorp

Base of Operations: STORM Central, an complex in North Wales, two miles underground

First Appearance: Gene Dogs#1 (October, 1993)

HISTORY: The origins of STORM are unrevealed. It was allegedly unknown even to the RCX (Resource Control eXecutive), a contemporary British intelligence agency. It was engaged in a never-ending, clandestine war against super-terrorism.

They first organized the group Team Omega to serve as their elite counter terrorist squad, serving under Eagle. All but Eagle were slaughtered by some unidentified creature while on a mission in the Congo. Eagle brought them all back to STORM Central, where Dr. Merrick saved them with his Gene Match device. The Team was mutated by the process and after recovery and training, continued to serve STORM as the Gene Dogs.

STORM was first observed when they sent the Gene Dogs to obtain the Gene Scanner, which Otomocorp was attempting to steal from the Nakasoni Corporation, secretly a division of Mys-Tech. One of the Gene Dogs, Panther II, was killed in battle against Otomocorp's agents, the Q7 Strike Force. Cat VIII, a separate filed agent for STORM, joined the Gene Dogs to replace Panther. The Dogs obtained the Gene Scanner and brought it to STORM Central, where it was subsequently stolen by Hurricane III. Merrick was abducted by Hurricane, and an involved three-way struggle between the agents of the three groups ensued. Ultimately, the Gene Scanner proved to be a bomb, a trap set by Mys-Tech to eliminate their opponents, but the groups teleported away before any were killed.

STORM's subsequent fate is unknown.

COMMENTS: Created by John Freeman and David Taylor.

STORM was a contemporary organization of RCX and WHO (Weird Happenings Organization). It followed STRIKE, but preceded Black Air and its successors.

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Clarifications: Eagle has no connection to:

Eagle (Lars Dinkelbach) served as the field leader for Team Omega and then the coordinator for the Gene Dogs. He has had some parts of his body replaced by cybernetic implants due to injuries in the line of duty. He is skilled in armed and unarmed combat, and is an experienced tactician.

--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb1+2), 1, 2(fb), 2-4




Dr. Samuel Merrick is a genetic researcher, responsible for the mutations of Hurricane III and the Gene Dogs. The Gene Dogs are dependent on him for regular supplements to keep their genetic codes stabilized. He was abducted by Hurricane, who sought revenge for his perceived mistreatment at Merrick's hands. He was rescued by the Gene Dogs from the Otomocorp satellite. He is extremely experienced in gene-splicing and genetic mutation.

--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb2), 1-4





Lord Winstanely (Henry, Lord Winstanely) is around to act as a general pain in the behind, criticizing others, but having no good ideas himself.

--Gene Dogs#2 (3, 4





Gene Dogs#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - John Freeman (writer), David Taylor (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks)

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