Real Name: Takashei Otomo

Identity/Class: Criminal Businessman

Occupation: CEO of Otomocorp/Tempora Corporation

Affiliations: Otomocorp, Strikeforce Q7(former agents), Mys-Tech Warheads (formerly), Suyin

Enemies: Gene Dogs, Hurricane, Mys-Tech (especially Crowe and the Psycho-Warriors), S. T. O. R. M.

Known Relatives: Maroto (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Otomocorp HQ, Siberia; formerly Otomocorp Space Station (destroyed), formerly the Tempora Building, Tokyo, Japan (destroyed)

First Appearance:
(named) Hell's Angel#2 (August, 1992);
(seen) Gene Dogs#1 (October, 1993)

Powers: None. Otomo is head of a wealthy and powerful corporation, and has access to advanced technology from alternate dimensions. His business is the leading rival of Mys-Tech in space exploration, colonization, and terra-forming. He has demonstrated no personal abilities, but he has some training in combat situations with the Warheads.

History: Otomo served in the past on the Warheads, a team of dimension-hopping agents of Mys-Tech, who traveled through portals in space and time to gather advanced technology. Otomo served in this capacity for 3 years, during which time he stock-piled a large amount of futuristic technology for himself. He used this to accumulate a large amount of wealth and to form the corporation Otomocorp, which grew to become a rival for Mys-Tech.

(Dark Angel#2) - Mys-Tech targeted Otomo for assassination. Thye used the power of the Un-Earth to cause a mystical whirlwind to wreak havoc in a one mile area around the Tempora Building, and then sent the Psycho-Warriors to finish him off. Their hope was that with Takashei's death, the business would fall into the hands of his son, Maroto--a weak man--lacking his father's business sense and vision--he would be quickly swamped by Mys-Tech.
The Psycho-Warriors were fought off by the combined efforts of Dark Angel, the X-Men, and fragments of the spirits of four otherwise deceased former villains (Nuke and Nighthawk of Earth-S, Vakume of Salem's Seven, and Viper (Jordan Dixon)).


(Gene Dogs#1)-Otomo sent the Q7 Strike Force to obtain the Gene Scanner, a device able to cause focal genetic improvements or widespread devastating mutation. Q7 was defeated by the Gene Dogs, who brought the Scanner back to STORM Central.

(Gene Dogs#2)-Suyin, a Mys-Tech agent loyal to Otomo, informed Otomo that Mys-Tech was sending Hurricane III to steal the Gene Scanner from STORM. Otomo sent Q7 to ambush Hurricane, and they brought he and the Scanner back to Otomocorp HQ.

(Gene Dogs#3)-Hurricane broke free from Otomocorp HQ , defeated Q7, the Gene Dogs, and Otomo's forces.

(Gene Dogs#4)-Hurricane traveled to Otomocorp Space Station where he planned to use the Scanner to wreak havoc on Earth. Otomo sent Q7 and the Gene Dogs to his Space Station to stop Hurricane. After Hurricane's defeat, Otomo then took control of the Gene Scanner, and planned to use it as a weapon for his own purposes. However, on its activation, he learned that it was a trap set by Crowe (one of the heads of Mys-Tech), to be stolen by their enemies in order to destroy them. Otomo teleported away, leaving his former agents to die aboard the exploding Space Station. They, however, escaped as well. Mys-Tech blew up Otomo's Siberian HQ as well.

Comments: Created by John Freeman and David Taylor.

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