(unspecified) Hawthorne, McElroy,
Takeshi Otomo, Peters (deceased), Samuels (deceased), Chalmers (deceased), Ortega

Bina Troop:
leader: Colonel Matt Travers
cover: Archeological Expedition
membership: Cornell (deceased), Diana (deceased), Rogers (deceased), Matt Travers
activity: They supervised Professor Daniel Jones' trip to the Super-String, but fell under the control of the Primary Artifact and the Cyberdrones. Those remaining free from control returned to Mys-Tech. Matt Travers isn't slain - he's back on Earth and controlled by the Cyberdrone gestalt.
First Appearance: (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992); (seen) Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (November, 1993)

Cesad Troop:
leader: Colonel Jane Sumner
cover: The Cirque de Chaos
First Appearance: (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992); (seen)

Gebu Troop:
leader: Colonel James Cleveland
cover: Film Crew
First Appearance: (mentioned) Warheads#2 (July, 1992)

Hesod Troop:
leader: Colonel Mary Kidd
cover: Search and Rescue Squad
First Appearance: (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992); (seen)

Hod Troop:
leader: Colonel Henry Morgan
cover: Satellite Recovery
activity: They "liberated" a computer imbued with eldritch powers, so they could finally automate the wormhole location rites.
First Appearance:  (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992); (mentioned in comics text) Warheads#4 (September, 1992)

Kether Troop:
leader: Colonel Tigon Liger
cover: The Cirque de Chaos
membership: Stacy Arnheim, Athena, Bell, Alexis Cale, Che, Corey, DaCosta, Desdemona, Draft, Dreyfuss, Shawn Duncan, Evone, Grierson, Johnny Heaven (d), Jenna, Tigon Liger & Clementine, MacManus, Martinez, Leona McBride, Misha Bushida, Moxham, Gregory O'Sullivan, Guillermo Perez, Prizzi, Ross, Sapperstein, Julian De Tosca;
    also briefly assisted by
Chalmers, Peters, and Samuels (possibly Ubu troop).
First Appearance: Warheads#1 (June, 1992)

Kockmar Troop:
leader: Colonel James Sands
cover: The Cirque de Chaos
First Appearance:  (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992)

Malkuth Troop:
leader: Che
cover: unrevealed
membership: Boot, Byrne, Che, Leigh, Jackson, O'Connell, Smolenski
First Appearance: (mentioned) Warheads#2 (July, 1992); (seen) Shadow Riders#1 (June, 1993)

Net Troop:
leader: Colonel Arthur Drake
cover: Survey Team
First Appearance: (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992)

Tifaret Troop:
leader: Colonel Bonnie Reid
cover: Fairground
First Appearance: (mentioned)
Overkill #7 (July 1992); (seen)  

Ubu Troop:
leader: Colonel Bonnie Reid
cover: Fairground
membership: Grierson
First Appearance: (mentioned) Warheads#3 (August, 1992)

PURPOSE: Acquiring advanced technology and/or magical equipment via traveling through Wormholes; the Warheads are mercenaries, who receive a cut of the profit generated by Mys-Tech based on the materials they recover

CO-WORKERS: Henry Beaker, Gena-Sys, Master Key, Mr. Lee (Kether Troop evaluator), Oonagh Mullarkey, Mys-Tech (especially Rathcoole);
    formerly Bysshe, Mr. A. Grant (former Kether Troop evaluator)

AFFILIATIONS: Araknoids, Ashmael and his dinosaur army, Avengers, Cable, Dark Angel, Dark Guard, Deaths Head (Minion), Fantastic Four, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Killpower, Knights of Pendragon, Moanans, Motormouth, Shrike, Spider-Man, Time Guardian, Cable's X-Force, X-Men;
    formerly the Voice (Blackheart)

ENEMIES: Aeish and her children and giant cat warriors, Araknoids, Ashmael and his dinosaur army, Audit, Badhand, Blackheart, the Body, Bysshe, Cable, Cyberdrones, Death's Head (Minion), Die-Cut, G-Force, Ghenghis, Knights of Pendragon, Lynx (vampire), Mechanix, Mephisto and his demons, Pellis Globus, Primary Artifact, Psylocke, Sidney, Spider-Man, Tansteele, Time Guardian, Tuck, Warheads ghosts, Wolverine, controllers of "Warworld," demons of the "Manifest" realm, people of Numeropolis, reptile men of swampworld, vampires of vampire earth;
    Mys-Tech (Kether Troop)

BASE of OPERATIONS: Mys-Tech Central, beneath the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London East End

ALIASES: Ravagers

FIRST APPEARANCE: (Mentioned) Doctor Who Magazine#179 (30th October, 1991); (seen) Warheads#1 (June, 1992)

(Warheads#1 (fb) - BTS) <10 years before Warheads#1> - Mys-Tech discovered the existence of wormholes, portals to other locations, dimensions, and/or time.

(Warheads#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech developed the means to channel large amounts of electrical power, forcing open the Wormholes, and using a number adepts, each known as the troop's Master Key, to focus that energy to allow controlled jumps.

(Shadow Riders#2 (fb)) <9 years before Warheads#1> - The first Warheads training mission began: via a natural wormhole, they were sent into the past of 1383 A.D. on Arena World, causing massive casualties amongst its indigenous population.

(Warheads#1 (fb) - BTS) - A policy was established where Warheads train for six months in the Mys-Tech Arena (Arena World) before being approved to be sent on missions.

(Shadow Riders#1-4 (fb) - BTS) - Over nine years (starting @ 9 years before Warheads#1), the Mys-Tech Board set up a number of natural "bolt-holes" on planets accessed by other natural wormholes.

(Issue uncertain: Gene Dogs?) - Takeshi Otomo served in an unspecified troop of the the Warheads for 3 years, during which time he stock-piled a large amount of futuristic technology for himself.

(Motormouth#4/2 - BTS) - When the youthful Killpower showed interest in a big gun obtained by the Warheads, Mys-Tech agent Mr. Skyler scolded him. Julius picked up the gun and blew Skyler's head off.

(Warheads#1?) <Two years before Warheads#1> - Liger encountered Wolverine before becoming a Warhead and had his face badly scarred by Wolverine's claws.

(Digitek#1 (fb) - BTS) <October 15, <9.5 years after the discovery of the wormholes>> - Mr. Grant of the Mys-Tech Board received internal reports from Colonel Liger of Warheads Kether Troop regarding Jump Kether 16 and their retrieval of some Protosilicon. The Protosilicon Geoid the Warheads recovered whilst on that jump was assigned to Jonathan Bryant at Nakasoni Corporation for technological analysis. 
    From the Protosilicon was derived
Digitek and the Bacillicons. It was also later used by Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey at Gena-Sys in the experiments that created the Genetix and the Harpies.

(Knights of Pendragon II#1) The Mys-Tech Board reviewed information on the Pendragons, including a report compiled by the Warhead known as Ortega.

(Motormouth#8 (fb) - BTS) - An unspecified group of Warheads stole the Clavis Key from one of the Time Guardians' operatives.

(Gene Dogs#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Automaton was brought back from the far future by Mys-Tech's dimension hopping pillagers.

(Motormouth#1 (fb) - BTS) - An unspecified Warheads troop traveled to Asuza Cynergetic Engineering (ACE) Corporation and stole five MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) units, inadvertently destroying all information regarding MOPED technology and killing the man who invented it, ACE Corps head of research, Yahn Cobert.

(Warheads#8/2 (fb)) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, Cale, Gregory, Liger, Misha, Perez) traveled to the city of Numeropolis, on the planet Septimus Primo III in the Magellanic Clouds in search of a valuable gun. They fought off the city's cybernetic drone guards and then located and stole the gun, which Liger claimed as his own.

(Dark Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Dark Angel designed a variety of weapons, using combinations of the techno-wizardry she learned from her father and from the stolen future technology of the Warheads. Once such weapon is her graviton phase blaster, which can fire anti-matter bursts, as well as speeding up or slowing down time over a small area.

(Warheads#1) - Ten years after Mys-Tech's discovery of the wormholes, Kether Troop (Arnheim, Cale, Corey, Draft, Liger, Misha, Perez) went back in time, traveling to the Australian Outback during the time the X-Men were believed to be dead and had made their base there (@ Uncanny X-Men I#226-250 (or something like that)). They encountered Wolverine, causing Liger to recall that they were on the downside of a time-loop; years before, in Madripoor, Liger had encountered Wolverine, who attacked him and told him that three of his agents would die. Unwilling to alter history, Liger allowed the prophecy to come true, and Wolverine slew Draft (who attacked him), Cale (who tried to flee), and Corey (who tried to save Cale). The remaining members returned through the Wormhole, and Liger gave his report to Mr. Grant.

(Warheads#1/2) - Leona McBride, the newest member of Kether Troop, joined Johnny Heaven and Gregory in accompanying Arnheim, Liger, Misha, and Perez on their next mission to the "Manifest" realm, where they were assaulted by a series of monstrous creatures.

(Warheads#2) - As the Warheads fought, Johnny Heaven was possessed by one of the demonic creatures, and Leona was forced to kill him. Misha correctly determined that the realm was manifesting their fears, and she convinced everyone to focus on cherry blossoms, eliminating the threat. As they prepared to leave, a Golem from the realm possessed Leona.
    In a later training session, Misha was spoken to by her telepathic Voice (actually the demon Blackheart), which shared prophetic warnings of danger to the team. Misha passed the warnings on to the team, enabling them to survive the threats, including an assault by Badhand and a pair of ninjas. Kether Troop's evaluator Mr. Grant fined Misha for not warning Mys-Tech soon enough, and fined several of the others for endangering the team.

(Warheads#2/2 - BTS / Shadow Riders#1/2) - Malkuth troop traveled to a wormhole which brought them into conflict with Cable, apparently aboard his then orbiting satellite Greymalkin. All other members of the Troop were killed, including Boot. Boot was forced back through the wormhole, where he was taken by Vorin to become one of his Shadow Riders, resurrected warriors assisting his battle against Mys-Tech. Che was captured and questioned by Cable, who convinced Che of the evil inherent in Mys-Tech. Che became a double agent for Cable, reporting activities and attempting to minimize the evil activities of Mys-Tech.

(Warheads#2/2 - BTS) - Malkuth troop was rendered inactive and discontinued.

(Warheads#2/2 - BTS) - Gebu Troop brought back a cute, seemingly harmless creature from one of their jumps. The creature was named Pellis Globus, meaning fur ball, and thought was given to cloning him as a pet for kids.

(Warheads#2/2) - Trying to cheer Leona up for having killed Gregory, Stacy Arnheim brought to see Pellis Globus, which suddenly spit a powerful acid in the lab worker Henry Beaker's eyes, killing him. Leona pursued the creature which fled into director Rathcoole's inner sanctum. Rathcoole's time-stopping power saved him from getting sprayed in the eyes with acid, too, and he took a sample of the acid to have analyzed, after which he snapped Pellis Globus' neck. As Leona left Rathcoole's chamber, the Golem exited her body, taking up residence in Mr. Grant instead.

(Warheads#3) - Nick Fury enlisted Iron Man (Tony Stark) to investigate Mys-Tech and the Warheads. Kether Troop (Gregory, Liger, McBride, Misha, and several others, including substitutes like Grierson, on loan from Ubu troop, as well as Chalmers, Peters, and Samuels) gathered in San Domingo, Central America, in preparation for a jump. Iron Man, following instructions from Fury, traveled there as well, ambushing Grierson and replacing him via an image inducer. The Warheads were sent to a small planet in the outer spiral of the Milky Way galaxy where their pressure suits were needed to protect them from the poison atmosphere. Chalmers, Peters, and Samuels were slain, and Misha recognized Grierson as Iron Man (and Tony Stark, via her Voice) as they opposed the Body, a central life form within a ship that was trying to adapt its colonist life spores to that world. Efforts to stop the Body's attacks proved futile, and the Warheads eventually fled back through the wormhole, with Gregory recovering some "goodies" to keep their bosses happy.
    Misha kept Iron Man's involvement secret and, when the recovering Grierson rejoined the others he was credited with having saved their lives, while Misha explained he had suffered memory loss from the energy blasts he had sustained.

(Warheads#4 (fb) - BTS) - Hod Troop "liberated" a computer imbued with eldritch powers, so Master Key could finally automate the wormhole location rites.

(Warheads#4 (fb) - BTS) - In using the process of scanning the Orrey, a machine that showed the movement of the planets and stars, to enable its use with the new computer, Mr. Grant's technicians seemingly made several errors, though these may have been brought about by the Golem possessing Mr. Grant.

(Warheads#4) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, Gregory, Liger, McBride, Misha, Perez) arrived on "Warworld," where they learned that the planets' leaders were using virtual reality helmets to manipulate the citizens, controlling what they saw to perpetuate the war so that they could more easily make any rules they saw fit. After destroying the dome from which the helmets were controlled, the Warheads returned to Mys-Tech. Grant then had Misha re-scan the Orrey, and she did it properly.
    Kether Troop was then sent to investigate a naturally opening wormhole in Glasgow which was linked to another naturally opening wormhole in the Adirondack mountains, which, unknown to them, had pulled in Shatterstar of Cable's X-Force team (Boomer (Meltdown), Cannonball, Domino (probably Copycat), Feral, Warpath) who followed their teammate to the other side. Upon passing through the Glassgow wormhole, the Warheads arrived in a wasteland, where they encountered X-Force and engaged in a brief obligatory fight of mistaken intentions until Misha (via instructions from her Voice) teleported the Warheads atop a mountin. The they were then confronted and attacked by the sorceress Aeish.

(Warheads#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Warheads were captured and imprisoned by Aeish.

(Warheads#5) - Aeish revealed that she had created the wormholes, hoping to attract meals for her and her children, as well as hoping to travel to Earth (or another new home) where there were more stable magical forces which she could tap. She sought to explore the psychic power within Stacy Arnheim, but was weakened when Stacy fought back. Nonetheless, Aeish took control of the male Warheads and left the chamber, after which Leona broke the female Warheads free.
    Meanwhile, X-Force was left battling Aeish's giant cats, and Feral briefly gained--via her affinity to the energies of the felines of that world--the ability to project devastating eyeblasts. The corrupt energies of that world affected everyone visiting there, filling them with battle lust. Aeish forced the male Warheads to attack X-Force, but then as her children began to be born (from her neck!), the distraction weakened her, and the Warheads broke free from her control. Tiger's gun, Clementine, then destroyed the giant cats attacking them, and X-Force took advantage of the lull in the fighting to access the wormhole to return home. When Aeish returned to her castle and attacked the female Warheads, Stacy used her telekinesis to destroy Aeish's children. Aeish then used her staff to open a wormhole so she could escape and then return to attack anew once she had restored her power, but Leona stole her staff as she entered the wormhole, leaving her stranded. The Warheads then headed back to Earth.
    Rathcoole instructed Mr. Grant that Che should be terminated for being the sole survivor of Malkuth troop, but the Golem possessing Mr. Grant overrode this order, telling Grant instead to transfer Che to Kether Troop.

(Warheads#8/2 - BTS) - Liger filed a report of the mission to Numeropolis to obtain his gun.

(Warheads#8/3 (fb)) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, Liger, McBride, Misha, Perez) located a magical box, and Misha was incapacitated by its power upon simply touching it. The Warheads brought it back to Mys-Tech Central.

(Warheads#8/3) - The magical box was brought to the empath Bysshe, whose touch unleashed the spirits of the greatest warriors of the planet Karnos, who had been contained and merged within it. One of the Karnosians separated and took form on its own, while the others were drawn into Bysshe. Kether troop (Liger, McBride, Misha) arrived, on orders from Rathcoole, to contain the chaos, and Bysshe stopped them from slaying the last Karnosian, whom she absorbed into herself as well.
    Bysshe remained at Mys-Tech under the watchful eye of Rathcoole, who discussed his motivations with fellow Board member Gryffn.

(Knights of Pendragon II#6 (fb)) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, Evone, Grierson, Liger, Misha, Prizzi) came to Arakne, seeking the power of the Nucleolus. The Warheads (whom the Araknoids referred to as the Ravagers) slaughtered the Araknoids, looting, burning, and killing everywhere they went. The vice-praetor Malekyth sent the full force of the Paladin Corps against the Warheads. In a conflict that raged for weeks, the Warheads wiped out the Paladin, leaving Arrakhyl the sole survivor.

(Knights of Pendragon II#6 - BTS) - Arrakhyl only survived by the use of his trans-shift device, which briefly sent him to Earth-616. He encountered the black-costumed Spider-Man, who mistook his intentions and fought him. Arrakhyl teleported to Avalon, where he entered the Green Chapel, the base of Earth-616's Knights of Pendragon.
    The Green Knight communicated the plight of Arakne to the Pendragon Albion, who gathered the other Knights of Pendragon to Avalon. Mistaking the Knights for the Ravagers, Arrakhyl attacked them, until Albion recognized Arrakhyl as a Pendragon and stopped the fight. Arrakhyl detailed the recent tragedies to the Knights, who recognized the Ravagers as the Warheads.

(Knights of Pendragon II#7) - Camped out by the Nucleolus, the Warheads drove off Arrakhyl and the Knights when they approached. Arrakhyl led the Knights to Arakne and then to the Nucleolus, where they found the Warheads who overpowered them and drove them off. Crown fell to his seeming death, but was found by the Spiridkin, the Araknoids who had fled from the Warheads. Some Knights traveled to Earth to prevent the corrupt Malekyth and the Scourge from slaying Spider-Man, while Gawain and Breeze James, along with Arrakhyl, stayed behind to prevent the Warheads from taking the Gossamer Tower as well.

(Knights of Pendragon II#8) - Spidey and the Knights drove off Malekyth and the Scourge, who fled back to Arakne. Spidey joined the Knights in returning to Arakne to save it from the Warheads. Arrakhyl and the others explained to the Warheads that the Araknoids were intelligent and that stealing the Nucleolus would kill them. Three of the Warheads (Liger, Misha, and Stacy) joined forces with the Knights, while the other three Warheads (Evone, Grierson, Prizzi) teamed up with Scourge. Crown rallied the Spiridken to return to the surface and fight for Arakne.
    The Scourge fought both groups of heroes, and when Spider-Man's group began to gain the advantage, Malekyth activated a timebomb which would destroy the Nucleolus (and herald the return of Tarashk), and he then assumed his more powerful form and joined the battle.

(Knights of Pendragon II#9) - Crown and the Spiridkin joined Arrakhyl, Gawain, and Breeze in routing the Scourge. Spidey and the other Pendragon combined their power to knock Malekyth into the caverns below the Nucleolus, and they cast his bomb into Ley Space, where it exploded harmlessly (or so it seemed, see comments). Liger slew Grierson, and Evone and Prizzi fell in battle as well.

(Warheads#6) - Gregory began to have dreams about the demon Mephisto, while Rathcoole chastised Grant for not having terminated Che, telling him that he now had other plans for Che, who should be sent to him immediately. However, the Golem forced Grant to instead send Gregory to Rathcoole, to send Che and the rest of Kether Troop to France, and then to vacate Mys-Tech before Rathcoole could kill him. After learning what Grant had done, Rathcoole ordered him to be found and disemboweled, then substituted Gregory in the mission he had intended for Che: using a sword formed from the crystal wand of Aeish--which had actually originated in pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis--to slay the demonlord Mephisto; Rathcoole wished his death to end the contract that sustained his otherwise interminable existence. Rathcoole and Gregory traveled to Darkmoor, where Rathcoole summoned Mephisto and Gregory impaled him with the sword, but Mephisto survived, revealing that the wand they'd used had been the sister of the one they had needed. Mephisto then brought them both to Hell, where he tortured them, tearing Gregory in half and bonding each portion to half of a similarly rent demon. Mephisto then returned one Gregory/demon and Rathcoole to Mys-Tech Central, revealing Rathcoole's actions to the rest of the Mys-Tech Board and removing Rathcoole's time-stopping protective ability for 15 minutes, leaving him to the less-than-tender mercies of the Board.
    The rest of Kether Troop (Liger, Misha, and Athena and Desmond and two others) reluctantly welcomed Che into their ranks and then followed the order to make a jump to Paris. From Paris, they caught a wormhole to the world of the wizard majestrix Ghenghis. After the brash Desmond slew a native, Ghenghis' guards took the Warheads out with blow darts, though Che managed to escape. Ghenghis proceeded to question and slay many of the Warheads, including Athena and Desmond, but when only Liger and Misha were left, Che came to the rescue, using the gun Clementine to slay Ghenghis and his assassins. Clementine went on to locate the
Sapphire Lotus, the power source of Ghenghis and the city.
    The mercenaries Death's Head and Tuck then arrived, on a mission to collect Clementine or payment for same from its creators in Numeropolis, and delayed the Warheads long enough for the inhabitants of the city to amass an army to retrieve the Lotus from them.

(Warheads#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Mys-Tech Board cut off Rathcoole's left hand and blinded both of his eyes.

(Warheads#7) - As the armies of the city swarmed over them, Misha learned from her inner Voice that they could channel the power of the Lotus, which they did, blasting aside the army, as well as Death's Head and Tuck. Reinforcements continued to pour in and, in addition, the cosmically powerful Audit (actually the transformed Mr. Grant) showed up to "balance" them all.  Again accessing the power of the Lotus, the Warheads blasted both Audit and the army aside, after which

    The Mys-Tech Board, watching the above events, strongly desired to possess the Sapphire Lotus, so they allowed the Gregory/demon, using shards from Aeish's wand, to transport himself, Arnheim, McBride, and Perez to their teammates' side. When Death's Head again demanded that Clementine be turned over to him, Liger used Clementine to blast Death's Head and Tuck. However, while the Warheads were distracted by the sudden appearance of the even more cosmic Lord Chaos and Master Order, Death's Head recovered and snagged the Sapphire Lotus and he and Tuck fled with it. Meanwhile, the planet on which they'd been struggling had been broken into fragments during the preceding struggles, and the Warheads were left on a different fragment than the one which contained the wormhole to return home.

(Warheads#8) - Gregory used the power of his demon half to stimulate Arnheim's telekinesis to bring the fragment containing the wormhole to them. Passing through it, Kether Troop (Arnheim, Che, Gregory/demon, Liger, McBride, Misha, Perez) was somehow transported into a nightmare of Wolverine's, where they would apparently be destroyed if they were still present when he woke up. Encountering Wolverine during a dream of his period immediately following his escape from the Weapon X project following his adamantium-ization process. Not realizing they were in a dream, Liger cautioned that Wolverine must not be killed, or they could cause a temporal paradox, but the maddened Gregory/demon then started shooting Wolverine.

    Audit battled the Silver Surfer.

(Warheads#9) - Wolverine's dream manifested the X-Men, and Psylocke used a psi-knife to stop Gregory/demon's attacks, and when Wolverine woke up, Kether troop was transported into Psylocke's dreams, as Psylocke had been in the midst of a dream sharing experience under the supervision of Professor X. There they experienced Slaymaster's attacks on the S.T.R.I.K.E. psi-division, until Misha confronted Psylocke with the fact that they were in a dream. Psylocke, with Gregory/demon's aid, pulled the wormhole to them, and they escaped back to Earth.
    Upon their return, Rathcoole introduced them to Mr. Lee, their new superior, and demanded to know the fate of Mr. Grant and why their most recent jump had taken so long. Rathcoole then put Kether troop through some testing exercises, which were disrupted by magical energy sent by Blackheart in an effort to kill Che, whom he perceived as a threat to his plans. In the process, Warhead Ross was slain, but then the exercise was interrupted by an order from Crowe; the Board had apparently begun to rightly suspect further machinations from Rathcoole.
    Gregory visited Rathcoole, who, having gained new cyborg eyes and a hand, instructed Gregory that Kether troop would be going to Mephisto's realm of Hell in another attempt to slay the demon lord. Meanwhile, Blackheart observed them, apparently manipulating Rathcoole from a distance.

(Warheads#9/2 (fb)) - Kether Troop (Liger, McBride, Misha, Bell, Jenna, 2 others) were transported to the planet Moana in an alternate future Earth dimension in the 26th century. Arriving on the ocean floor, they soon located the computer core which they were to retrieve. Misha instructed the group on how to destroy the defense drones they encountered. Liger realized that the core's major function was preserving thousands of beings in cryo-hiberation, and that removing the core would prove fatal to those beings. Liger apparently left the core in place and brought the Warheads back to Earth.

(Warheads#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Rathcoole instructed McBride to give him full details on their mission to Moana. She told him that Liger had removed the computer core, but that it had been rigged to self-destruct, leaving a piece of metal slag.

(Warheads#9/2) - Rathcoole instructed Liger to give him full details on their mission to Moana. Liger told him that he had removed the computer core, but that it had been rigged to self-destruct, leaving a piece of metal slag. Rathcoole suspected his dishonesty and warned him that he would be watched in the future.

(Warheads#10) - McBride and Perez met under cover of enhancing the Mys-Tech computers' speed, intending to steal the wormhole location software and place it in friendlier hands. However, they were interrupted by Liger's summons to the briefing room where they were joined by Arnheim, Che, Misha, and Gregory/demon. Rathcoole then dispatched Kether Troop to Mephisto's Hell to locate the other crystal wand, which had also been transformed into a sword, and use it to kill Mephisto. The Warheads were resistant to this plan, but Rathcoole cast a spell that would cause them to burn in eldritch fire if they resisted him. Shortly after the Warheads had left, Rathcoole plotted to join with a pair of Bane/Cherubs to assassinate the rest of the Board, but was then confronted by Crowe, who slew the two Cherubs and then prepared to warn Mephisto of the impending assault.
    The Warheads fought their way through Mephisto's legions and were duped into freeing Blackheart (who was posing as Dr. Strange). Gregory/demon located both the sword and his other halves and collided with them, resulting in the two being put back into their original forms, after which Gregory slew the demon. Leona was injured by a demon's assault and as Perez tended to her he was killed by another demon's ambush. Blackheart revealed his true nature when he was angered by Perez's death because he needed seven mortals to use the sword against Mephisto. The Warheads battled Blackheart until Mephisto appeared, sent them back to Earth, and consumed Blackheart (much as he had done in Hearts of Darkness). Stripped of Blackheart's influence, Rathcoole was forgiven by the Board for his recent indiscretions.

(Mys-Tech Wars#1) - As the Mys-Tech Board/Techno-Wizards initiated their plans to merge the Earth with the Un-Earth, a squadron of Psycho-Warriors was dispatched to prevent the Warheads from interfering with their plans.

(Warheads#11) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, Che, Gregory, Liger, McBride, Misha) was sent to Mys-Tech's Un-Earth (essentially a voodoo doll of the planet Earth) to eradicate an anomaly, which turned out to be Death's Head. After a brief battle, they teamed up against some of the powerful demons of Un-Earth. When they learned that the Mys-Tech board planned to sacrifice earth to those demons, they again united to stop that plot.

(Mys-Tech Wars#2 - BTS) - Dark Angel met up with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, and led them to London to Mys-Tech Central, battling their Psycho-Warriors and cautioning all involved to not killing any of the members of Mys-Tech, as their life forces were tied to all reality, and that slaying them could destroy everything in existence..

(Mys-Tech Wars#3) - As the heroes fought savagely, many of their number were slain by the Psycho-Warriors. Dark Angel realized that Mys-Tech was distorting reality, allowing extradimensional counterparts to replace the Earth-616 natives. With reinforcements from Death's Head, the Knights of Pendragon, Motormouth & Killpower, and the Warheads, they finally managed to fight their way to the Mys-Tech board. Enraged of the deaths of their friends and allies, Death's Head and Wolverine slew board members Porlock and Crowe, respectively. Dark Angel immediately felt all reality begin to crumble.

(Mys-Tech Wars#4) - Dark Angel proved able to hold together reality temporarily. The others fought through a horde of Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors, making their way to the Un-Earth. There six of the heroes served as surrogate members for the Techno-Wizards to repair the rift in reality. Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Dr. Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth...well, they needed six of them. The six surrogates successfully repaired the rift and reformed the Techno-Wizards, set back time so that the many deaths and the activation of Un-Earth never occurred, and put a force field up around the Un-Earth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again. Due to the reversal of time, only Dark Angel and the other five who served as surrogates remembered that the struggle had ever happened

(Warheads#12) - Liger and Misha led a complement of trainees (including Dreyfuss, Martinez, Sapperstein) through a wormhole from Northern Canada to a world where they encountered the alien Ashmael, last survivor of the Organix, who had accessed dinosaurs from Earth's past to use as an army against the Mechanix. Ashmael tried to recruit the Warheads in his struggles against the Mechanix, but Liger knocked him out and they fled through the wormhole. Dreyfuss was the only trainee to survive the mission.
    Meanwhile Mr. Lee made efforts to upgrade the Warheads armor and weaponry, and he revealed this to Liger after he complained about the trainees. Lee had Liger submit Clementine for examination and possible replication, and he ignored Liger's explanation that improved armor wouldn't be enough for inexperienced Warheads. Arnheim, Che, Liger, and McBride joined a bunch of trainees (including MacManus) in a testing exercise for the new armor, but the Warheads were kept unaware that the "drones" they were destroying were actually hypnotically reprogrammed enemies of Mys-Tech, targeted for disposal by Rathcoole. Again, all but one of the trainees were killed, despite the armor.
    Clementine slaughtered a group of technicians that got "too personal" with her.

(Warheads#13) - Kether Troop (Arnheim, McBride, Misha, DeCosta, Duncan, others) was sent to a swampworld where they encountered a group of high-tech reptile men. The aliens managed to capture Liger, but he broke free and was able to link up with the rest of the Warheads before the wormshole opened again, enabling their escape. Liger delivered one of the alien's weapons to Mys-Tech.
    Duncan had his right arm bitten off during the mission.

(Warheads#14 (fb) - BTS) - Duncan received a cybernetic arm.

(Warheads#14) - Kether Troop (Arnheim?, DeCosta, Duncan, Gregory, Liger, McBride, Misha) were sent through a wormhole from the Mojave desert. In transit, Misha was assaulted by wraith-like creatures, who turned out to be former Warheads slain on previous missions. The ghosts tried to convince Kether Troop to help them gain revenge on Mys-Tech, but the live agents refused. The ghosts took control of Misha and reanimated corpses to use against the live Warheads. McBride ultimately managed to knock Misha out, ending the ghosts' assault, and Kether Troop escaped back through the wormhole.
    En route back to Mys-Tech Central, Kether Troop decided that they could no longer work for Mys-Tech. They revealed how they had become addicted to the wormhole jumps, but Misha now possessed the power to open wormholes via knowledge gained from the ghosts. They all agreed to go it alone, now fugitives from Mys-Tech.

(Warheads: Black Dawn#1) - The former Kether Troops (Arnheim, Liger, DeCosta, Duncan, Gregory, McBride, Misha), now just the Warheads, arrived on an alternate Earth in which Manhattan (and possibly more of the planet) was dominated by vampires. DeCosta was rapidly slain by a vampire and had to be destroyed, but then a legion of vampires assaulted them. They were driven off with the aid of a man named Shrike, allegedly one of the last free non-vampires in the city. During a subsequent vampire assault, McBride was captured and taken to be used as a blood source, but one of the vampires (Lynx?), unable to resist the temptation, vamped her anyway.

(Warheads: Black Dawn#2) - Arheim, Liger, Duncan, Gregory, and Misha ambushed the vampire base to rescue McBride, but found her near death. Liger also found that one of the vampire leaders was his own brother, Lynx, who had vanished years before. As the two fought, Lynx begged Liger to destroy him before he lost control, but Liger hesitated and Lynx broke free and escaped. The Warheads took McBride with them, blowing up the vampire base, but then she turned into a vampire as well, joining the vampire leader, who had escaped the explosion. Shrike met up with the Warheads again, slaying the vampire leader. When the Warheads left via the wormhole, intending to take McBride with them, Shrike snatched her away, keeping her on the vampire world. As the portal closed, Shrike revealed himself to be a vampire as well.

(Shadow Riders#1,2) - After Kether Troop quit Mys-Tech, Che began serving as a trainer for future Warheads. He became involved in a plot by Porlock, one of Mys-Tech's leaders, to trap and destroy the Vorin and the Shadow Riders. Che's trainees (including Hawthorne & McElroy) were sent to Arena World where they were slain by the Slaughterhouse Six, agents of Porlock, as a test of their powers. Che was summoned to assist Porlock's efforts against the Shadow Riders on Arena World, but he continued to only obey direct orders, allowing the Shadow Riders every other opportunity to oppose Porlock's forces.
    When the Shadow Riders, along with their temporary ally Cable, created a brief temporal warp to escape Porlock and his extra-dimensional ally, Abadon, they brought Che with them. Cable convinced him to join their efforts, but Che was slain during the escape from Arena World. Vorin then resurrected and mutated him to become one of his Shadow Riders.

(Dark Guard#1, [2], 3, [4]) - The Time Guardian summoned Tigon Liger and Stacy Arnheim of the Warheads, alongside Death's Head, Dark Angel, and Albion to the Refuge. After he named the eight heroes the Dark Guard and explaining that their mission was to prevent Mys-Tech from spreading across the Universe, Stacy Arnheim attempted to break free and was seemingly destroyed upon falling out into the No-Space. The Time Guardian warned the rest that they might suffer similar fates if they did not comply with his directions. He then vanished and dispatched them to Eopia to thwart Mys-Tech's plots on that planet.
    Their foes had infiltrated the two opposing nations, the Egaliterns and the Technarchy, perpetuating a civil war in hopes of destroying the planet. Within the planet Mys-Tech had buried a number of empathic receptors with which they intended to absorb the death scream of Eopia, using it to synthesize a raw, emotive force of pure death agony, which they could use to pay off their debt to Mephisto in entirety. Liger and Killpower were captured by the Technarchy. The Time Guardian's agent, the Superconductor allowed  the Dark Guard to return to the surface of Eopia to rescue Killpower and Liger. The Time Guardian and the Superconductor were surprised to find Stacy Arnheim alive and well in the Crossroads Chamber, free from the exo-skeleton she had usually worn.
    Dark Angel joined Albion and Ultra-Marine to negotiate with Trusivor, leader of the Egaliterns, but found him under the sway of Mys-Tech agents Permafrost and Sunder.  Dark Angel destroyed Permafrost (while Albion and Ultra-Marine took out Sunder) then convinced Trusivor to hear her out. They were confronted by Mys-Tech's Tyburn, who revealed the details of Mys-Tech's plot and then mocked their inability to stop it. Dark Angel determined that "Tyburn" was just a Mys-Tech duplicate, after which it morphed into monstrous form and attacked them, but Dark Angel destroyed it.
    The rest of Dark Guard stopped the Technarchy's mad leader, Tansteele, from launching nuclear weapons at the Egalitern. Death's Head and Motormouth rescued Killpower and Liger, destroying Collapsar in the process. They then placed Tansteele's successor, Montano, who reopened diplomatic negotiations with the Egalitern, effectively ending Mys-Tech's threat.
    When the Dark Guard returned to the Refuge, neither the Time Guardian nor the Superconductor were anywhere to be found. Only Stacy Arnheim was there, and she claimed to have no idea where they were--nor did she recognize any of her past allies.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Under the direction of Rathcoole, Bina Troop members Diana Rogers and Col. Matt Travers transported Professor Daniel Jones to San Francisco's South Central Bank, using a wormhole located there to access the "Superstring", the space-time corridor connecting wormholes. There, Jones was mutated into the being G-Force, joining forces with the adventurer Die-Cut against the Primary Artifact and its Cyberdrones. In addition, the Primary Artifact tool control of Bina Troop, sending them alongside some Cyberdrones to a new reality, "Universe G," to which Die-Cut and G-Force had been transported.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - Die-Cut and G-Force defeated their attackers, and Diana Rogers used her psychic powers to free herself from the Artifact's control, after which she explained how the Primary Artifact could be used with the Activator to vastly amplify the Cyberdrones' power to enable them to conquer any world. However, the Artifact-controlled Travers then arrived and slew Rogers, and Die-Cut responded by cutting off Travers' arm. The Cyberdrones reactivated, gave Travers a replacement arm, and attacked anew. G-Force joined Die-Cut managed to briefly incapacitated the Cyberdrones; just then a portal to Earth opened and the Warheads still loyal to Mys-Tech instructed the two heroes to accompany them back home. The Cyberdrones revived again and attacked, and G-Force sacrificed himself to close their portal behind the others, preventing the Cyberdrones from reaching Earth.
    On Earth, Die-Cut thought that G-Force had been killed and considered trying to killRathcoole, whom he blamed. However, as Rathcoole had an involuntary time-stopping power that prevented his death, Die-Cut saw that this effort was pointless. Instead, he opened a warp and left Mys-Tech Central. 
    I'm pretty certain Travers was slain, but I can't find this series right now...

COMMENTS: Created by Paul Neary, Nick Vince, Gary Erskine, and John Beeston.
    Significant input from John Freeman.

    The bomb hurled into Ley Space by the Pendragons entered a portal to the dimension of Earth-313, destroying much of that world. The Lemurians of that world later came after the Pendragons of Earth-616, seeking vengeance.

    Ok, this isn't the most focused on organized profile. Some of the major characters from Kether Troop will get their own profiles, and I'll probably come back and do sub-profiles at some point, too. This was mostly an information gathering process.

    The Warheads missions are kind of like Star Trek missions, with the core members who tend to survive, and the new recruits or minor characters who tend to get axed on their first mission. Let's see, send down Kirk, Spock, Bones, and...Private Jones. Good luck, Private Jones!!!

    Just so you know, a Liger is the offspring produced by a lion father and a tiger mother, while a Tigon is the offspring of a tiger father and a lioness mother.

    There were five profiles on the Warheads in the Overkill magazine. Thanks to our own Changeling for providing scans of those to me!
Here's two with some descriptive info on the Warheads. The print is pretty small--at least on my browser, b/c it re-sizes it to fit on a screen. I'll add the info to the profile at some point...
http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix2/warheadsmukexeunt.jpg (
Overkill #7, 17th July 1992)

    Also, a listing of descriptions of the threat assessments (Level One - Ten and above) is found in a text page in Warheads#7.

Warheads: Black Dawn#1 promised "no less than two more mini-series in the works right now who will be coming your way sometime in 1993."
    I've never seen any others, have you?

    Ten of the Warheads' Troops are named after the ten sefiroth in Kaballah, either directly or obliquely.
    Kether Troop of course being the protagonists, the 'senior' troop, and the ones who turned good, as the Kether, or Keter, is the highest branch of the Tree of Life and is thus the closest to God.
    Ubu Troop is the exception to the naming convention, and were probably
dubbed thus by a writer and/or editor who didn't get the original
--Sean Curtin
    It's a direct reference, as the wormholes they originally entered were situated on a model of the qabalistic Tree of Life, and they entered the wormhole at the crown of the tree--where the sephirah Kether is situated.
--Kyle Smith

Cale's first name, Gregory's last name, Perez's first name were revealed in the Wolverine: Weapon X Files.

I stumbled across some pages on Facebook from a Marvel UK promotional book - 2 different versions I think, one for the UKCAC (UK Comic Art Convention) and an updated one for a subsequent comic shop promotion. Note the different names for the Warheads members: Gerry Parrel, Lantsing Falk, Roxanne Ortega, Razorback, Corey, Angel Vasquez.

Profile by Snood.

No known connections to:

Warheads#1, p1

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Dark Guard#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Oscar Jimenez (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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