Real Name: Dr. Jonathan Bryant

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    UK citizen (legally deceased)

Occupation: Adventurer;
    formerly a Project Leader for Nakasoni

Group Membership: Reserve member of MI13

Affiliations: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Deathlok (Michael Collins), Death's Head (Minion), Psi-Key;
Nakasoni (a subsidiary of MyS-TECH), S.A.S., Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth), Tangerine

Enemies: Bacillicons (Byte (Grant Vogel), Kay (Lexi Petrezyn), Purge (Mark Paxton)), Dracula, Greville, Killpower, Miracle Systems, vampires

Known Relatives: Samantha Jane Bryant (nee Russell, wife)

Aliases: The Singularity

Base of Operations: London, England, UK;
    born in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England, UK

First Appearance: Digitek#1 (December, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Digitek is an energy analogue of Jonathan Bryant's original human form. He has enhanced human strength, durability, endurance, reflexes and regenerative abilities. His computer-like mind has enhanced cognitive abilities and can communicate with cybernetics (which helped him scan for the Bacillicons).

    His mental link to Psi-Key allows them both increased regeneration upon contact. Although he no longer needs to eat, drink or breathe, he absorbs electrical power at regular intervals. He can transform all or parts of his body (a process called "digitating") into various biomechanical weapons or vehicular forms. For example, he can "digitate" an arm into an energy weapon with enhanced eyesight and tactical imaging, or transform his lower torso into a motorcycle. He can also solidify energy in the form of body armor or simple weaponry, such as a sword. He can completely "digitate" himself and others into pure electricity in order to travel via phone lines and navigate through cyberspace. He can project images, though apparently not multicolored ones.

    His CPU (Central Processing Unit), an analogue of his human heart, is his weak point. It is believed that he can only be killed by excessive damage to the CPU or by scattering his electrons beyond his ability to re-form. Jonathan is a genius in the fields of computers and microelectronics, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Although, as Digitek, his powers allow him to duplicate various weapons, it is not known if he has received any training yet, though as a member of MI13 he would be entitled to it (see comments).


Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: None (originally brown)
Eyes: Electric blue (originally ??)


History: (All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1 - BTS) - Jonathon was born in Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands.

(Digitek#1 (fb)) - Kether Troop retrieved Protosilicon from an unknown location on jump 61. MyS-TECH arranged for the Protosilicon geoid and subsequent technological analysis to be carried out through Nakasoni, with Jonathan Bryant as Project Leader, under the supervision of Mr. Grant.

(Digitek#1) - Jonathan Bryant had a meeting with the management at the Nakasoni Corporation, regarding project "Digitek". Despite being interrupted by a phone call from his estranged wife, he proceeded to explain the properties of the protosilicon. However, while Jonathan was showing them the Psi-Key (a protosilicon geoid), a hit squad was approaching via helicopter. The hit squad put a virus designed by Greville into the test program, and when Bryant ordered the program to be uploaded, it caused a systems crash. The hit squad entered, shooting all the Nakasoni employees. Jonathan was near the Psi-Key when he was shot, and a surge of energy arced across to him from the geoid, and linked them. While the hit squad took the geoid, Jonathan's dying body was undergoing a transformation, as Psi-Key rebuilt his body and enhanced it. Jonathan was regaining consciousness, and began muttering in binary code, when the building exploded. The hit squad flew away.

(Digitek#3(fb))- Psi-Key began broadcasting distress signals through world wide cyberspace, and one such signal reached Deathlok.


(Digitek#1) - About three quarters of an hour later, as fire engines were putting out the blaze, Jonathan strode out of the wreckage, holding his wife's business card in his hand. Samantha Bryant was at her apartment in Brixton, watching the news report on the explosion at Nakasoni, when the telephone began to ring. As she answered it, there was a surge of energy, and Jonathan materialised in her lounge, having transported himself digitally down the phone line. Still disorientated, Jonathan tried to explain what had happened, but his wife believed him dead in the explosion and didn't trust him. Reaching out to her, Jonathan absorbed static electricity from her body, making him stronger. He began absorbing electricity from around him, and finally the transformation into Digitek was complete. Now more lucid, Digitek explained what had happened, projecting images of the incident at Nakasoni. Samantha was still confused and threatened to call the police. Digitek disappeared into the phone line. Meanwhile, the hit squad had been transformed into extensions of the virus, known as Bacillicons.

(Digitek#2) - The following day, Samantha went to the remains of the Nakasoni Corporation research labs, and Digitek reappeared from her phone-pager. They began searching for clues as to Psi-Key's whereabouts and found a part of the detonation systems that had controlled the explosion. Tracing the component to its manufacturer, Miracle Systems, Digitek used the fax machine in Samantha's van to transport himself to Psi-Key. While he set about curing Psi-Key of the virus, he discovered that he needed more power to finish the task. The Bacillicons known as Byte and Kay attacked, and he discorporated into the computer system, but they followed. Meanwhile, Deathlok received another of Psi-Key's transmissions and decided to trace it.


Digitek reappeared in Samantha's van and tried to get her out of harms way before the Bacillicons arrived. Samantha was hit by a stray shot during the ensuing battle, and Kay took advantage of Digitek's concern by skewering him through his C.P.U. Before she could finish him off, however, Samantha awoke and attacked Kay with electrical cables from the wreckage. Digitek then made short work of Byte. He and Samantha headed back to her apartment, but it exploded in flames as the Bacillcons digitated themselves there. They carried on, switching the van for a hire car, and drove to Jonathan's cottage in the Cotswold hills, Gloucestershire. The cottage was seemingly an ideal hideout from the Bacillicons, with a self-contained power supply, and no phone or television. But Digitek's power levels were low, and he had forgotten his computer, which was a direct link to the international network. As they spoke, Deathlok appeared in an adjacent room.



(Digitek#3) - Deathlok's computer had traced Psi-Key's transmission, and the geoid had used the modem to digitally transport him to the cottage. While Digitek explained to Deathlok what was going on, he absorbed energy to boost his power levels. Digitek was preparing to send Deathlok back home when the Bacillicons attacked. Deathlok was digitated and returned to New York via modem but not before he managed to buy Digitek and Samantha time to escape. Making their way to a public phone booth, Digitek digitated himself and his wife. They entered the communications network and made their way to the home of Marx Jephcott, a friend of Samantha's. Digitek disconnected the phone line as Byte was coming through, and the Bacillicon discorporated.

(Digitek#4) -Digitek knew time was running out for Psi-Key, and sent Samantha to Greville's lab at Miracle Systems, with the help of Jephcott's hacking skills. While she hooked Psi-Key up to the generator and powered her up, Digitek created a diversion by revealing his location and drawing the Bacillcons to him. They showed up at Jephcott's computer shop, firing at thin air, trying to draw Digitek out, but he absorbed the energy and used it to his advantage. Digitek destroyed Kay, and almost beat Purge, but before he could finish the Bacillicon off it escaped through the phone line. Digitek followed Purge to Miracle Systems, but by the time he got there the Bacillicon had fused itself with Greville, and Psi-Key was going wild. The freshly powered up Bacillicon appeared to have the advantage over the weakened Digitek and hurled him at the geoid. Psi-Key joined with Digitek, regenerating him. Thinking the power was too much to contain, Digitek told Sam to run, while he destroyed the remaining Bacillicon.

During the confusion, Jephcott had called Nakasoni for help. The arrival of a hit squad woke Samantha, as they retrieved the Geoid. Jonathan Bryant's body was laying there dead, and it appeared the worst had happened. Samantha arranged for Jonathan's body to be buried at Chapelgate Cemetery, East London, three weeks later. The ceremony over, Digitek appeared, now pure energy. He and Samantha went off to start a new life together.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1 - BTS) - Digitek became apparently active in the USA and was caught and incarcerated in the Negative Zone prison after the Superhuman Registration Act was passed. In the prison he was in cell next to Speedball.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 (fb) - BTS) - Digitek went to the USA on an intelligence gathering mission.

(Civil War: Front Line#6/2 (fb) - BTS) - One day Digitek formed an M-110 particle shotgun out of his right arm. Four guards tried to stop him, but Digitek still shot his head off. Shortly before doing it he screamed something about his wife.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - S.H.I.E.L.D. soon suspected that Digitek's suicide was an elaborate escape plan because his Central Processing Unit wasn't damaged enough to kill him.

(Captain Britain and MI13#1 (fb) - BTS) - Digitek's exploits as a British super hero became well known enough for Dr. Faiza Hussain to consider him one of her personal favorites, along with the likes of Captain Britain and the Knights of Pendragon (see comments).

(Captain Britain and MI13#1 - BTS) - With London, various British military bases, and the Siege Perilous under attack by Skrulls, it was decided that all British super heroes would now work for MI13, like it or not.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 (fb) - BTS) - Digitek was still on his intelligence gathering mission in the USA during the Skrull invasion, but returned during Dracula's vampiric invasion to help as a reserve member of MI13.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - Digitek, Dark Angel, Death's Head (Minion), Spitfire and Tangerine arrived on the moon alongside the SAS to help defeat Dracula and the remnants of his vampire army, joining those members of the core MI13 team that were already on site.

(Revolutionary War: Alpha#1 (fb)) - The Mys-Tech board found a way out of their immortality pact. In order to do so they planned to sacrifice the entire population of Great Britain to Mephisto. Digitek joined many others in fighting the board at the battle of London Bridge. Mys-Tech were apparently stopped and left trapped in Hell.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Digitek and many UK based super beings stormed the Shard to oppose Killpower in his attempted demonic invasion of the Earth. Digitek was punched by Killpower, but not seriously injured. Killpower ultimately realized he had been tricked by Mephisto and begged to be killed. Joseph Hauer, Colonel Liger and the two Death's Head's blasted Killpower. Dark Angel sealed off the portal that had allowed Killpower and his demons through.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - In the days that followed, Joseph Hauer became the UK's new head of SHIELD's European operations. Digitek and other UK heroes were invited to attend a ceremony to mark the occasion.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Digitek and various others watched as Nick Fury, Jr., appointed Hauer in his new role.

Comments: Created by John Tomlinson, Andy Lanning and Dermot Power for Marvel UK

    Each issue of Digitek opened with internal MyS-TECH reports in the form of a letter that gave background information on the stories. The letters date from the 15th of October 1991 (a report on the discovery of the protosilicon by a group of Warheads on Jump Kether 61), the 15th of July 1992 (a report on the properties of protosilicon), the 15th of October 1992 (a report on the disappearance of Psi-Key), to the 17th of October 1992 (a report on the tracking of the protosilicon). These would place the events of Digitek#1-4 in that period between the 15th and the 17th of October 1992. Any fellow UK citizens out there who read the Digitek story line in the Marvel UK publication Overkill would have missed out on these letters.

    While reading issue one again, I noticed an error. The hit squad blow up the Nakasoni building at 8.05. When Cindy Chan reports the explosion on the BBC news at 9.00, she states it has been two hours since the blast. While it's far too late to be applying for a no prize, I did ask my fellow masters for any comments...

    Cindy Chan is an agent of the Time Twisters and is bending time from 65 to 120 minutes every now and then as part of a plot to destroy the Earth-616 timeline so the Avengers never take over the Universe. -- Snood --

    I sent him one of my Marvel UK no-prizes, but my theory is that after the blast Psi-Key scrambled digitally based technology locally in order to confuse anybody on Digitek's trail, and this resulted in some digital clocks being set back an hour. However, it's a moot point. Apart from that, the series is excellent. There's some interesting characterisation as the Bryant's relationship under goes something of a "reboot" due to Jonathan's transformation. The couples favorite film was the romantic comedy "It happened one night", and Jonathan used a quote from the movie:

    "I'm the whippoorwill that cries in the night. I'm the soft morning breeze that caresses your face."

    It's interesting to note that Jonathan's grave stone makes him to be 42 years old, meaning his wife was 14 years younger than him. I hope they weren't too desperate to have kids (though they could certainly try! Ahem...)

    Obviously, Digitek doesn't actually appear in #1 of Captain Britain, but he is name dropped by Dr. Faiza Hussain (AKA Excalibur) as being one of her favorite British heroes. Faiza may actually be Digitek's only fan in the MU itself as she is something of a fan girl when it comes to UK super heroes. However, it is notable as she rates him up there with Captain Britain and the Knights of Pendragon, who are pretty celebrated in the UK of the MU. It is, of course, possible that Faiza is one of many Digitek fans, but the other reason this issue is relevant to Digitek is because this is when it was decided all British heroes had no choice but to work for MI:13. And anyway, no Marvel UK fan should be without a complete collection of this wonderful series.

    I also feel I should say something on the matter of his fighting skills. In his OHOTMU profiles, I rated his fighting skills as a 2 on the power grid to represent "normal". Although as Digitek his powers involve the use of various weapons, there is nothing in his original limited series that would support him ever having trained in their use. Prior to his transformation he was a scientist, so if he did have any fighting skill some more background as to why would be needed. Admittedly, he coped well in battle with former mercenary, Purge, but I put that more down to his superior intelligence and forward planning, plus the inventive use of his powers. However, as little is known of Digitek's activities prior to Civil War, it is entirely possible that he has been training in the meantime, and certainly now as a member of MI:13 he would have access to formal training. Another possibility I considered is that, using his abilities to communicate with computers, he might be capable of "downloading" new skills.

    Digitek has profiles in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1 and the Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1.

I stumbled across some pages on Facebook from a Marvel UK promotional book - 2 different versions I think, one for the UKCAC (UK Comic Art Convention) and an updated one for a subsequent comic shop promotion. Interestingly the earlier book includes stuff like Digitek being called Ram. In the later version Ram has become Digitek.

Profile by: Changeling

Updated/Edited by Kyle Sims


The Bacillicons have no connection to:

Digitek has no connection to:

Deathlok (Michael Collins)

Greville, Mr, has no connection to:

Jonathan and Samantha Bryant have no connection to:

Miracle Systems have no connection to:

Nakasoni has no connection to:

Paxton, aka Purge of the Bacillicons, has no connection to :

Ms Petrezyn, aka Kay of the Bacillicons, has no connection to:

Psi-Key has no connection to:

Vogel, aka Byte of the Bacillicons, has no connection to:

and his alter ego, Byte, has no connection to:


The Nakasoni Corporation

    Nakasoni was a front for MyS-TECH, and it was the London branch where Project: Digitek was conducted. The building was reduced to a crater after the hit squad attacked. After the attack, Tyburn had all staff connected with the affair dealt with "in the usual way" (they were presumably killed in a grisly manner). A Nakasoni squad arrived to clear up the mess at Miracle Systems and recover the geoid after Marx Jephcott called for assistance.

--Digitek#1 (Digitek#1-2, 3 - BTS, 4)




    Protosilicon is a form of cellular silicon that behaves like human brain tissue. When slivers are introduced into conventional computers, not only do they operate at well above standard, they adapt and improve programs to cope with new data and situations. It can learn in a way more associated with human than electronic thought processes. Protosilicon is constructed very much like DNA. Some of the protosilicon found by the Warheads was authorised to be used in body armour for the Genetix experiments carried out by Oonagh Mullarky at Gena-Sys. Oonagh Mullarky also created the Harpies (Firecrest, Hatch, Rook, and others ) from a combination of protosilicon and alien DNA, coupled with mystical empowerment from Wychwood. They were able to absorb energy from surroundings to recover from injury, alter form, and adapt new abilities as needed.  Under the direction of Porlock, they were sent to retrieve the Clavis Key from Cable and Badhand, and later under the team name Slaughterhouse Six encountered the Shadow Riders.

Technically you could argue that Protosilicon is behind the scenes in any appearance of Genetix or the Harpies.

--Digitek#1 (Digitek#1-4, Motormouth & Killpower#8, Codename: Genetix#1







    The protosilicon geoid that created Digitek was a living computer which mimicked the human brain (see above for more on protosilicon). Bryant and his team had hooked it into the mainframe at the Nakasoni labs, and within a week it had redesigned itself, and given them blueprints that made their originals look primitive. It had digitally based powers similar to Digitek. When the Miracle Systems hit squad attacked, and it protected itself by creating Digitek. It sent out distress signals, and brought the cyborg known as Deathlok to England in order to help. Later it would merge with Digitek and the two regenerated each other whilst destroying the virus. Once this process was over, the geoid separated itself from Digitek again, leaving Digitek in a pure energy state. Digitek described Psi-Key as a "she".

--Digitek#1 (Digitek#1-2, 3 - BTS, 4)


Dr Samantha Jane Bryant

    Samantha Jane Bryant (maiden name Russell) was Jonathan's wife. Before he became Digitek their relationship was strained to the point that Samantha was seeing a "shrink", but the relationship improved. She worked freelance in microelectronics, and had previously worked for both Miracle Systems and Nakasoni. She was 28 years old, 5'7'' with red hair, green eyes and an appendix scar.

--Digitek#1 (Digitek#1-4)




Digitek#1-4 (December, 1992 - March, 1993) - John Tomlinson & Andy Lanning (writers), Dermot Power (artist), John Freeman (editor)
Civil War: Front Line#6 (October, 2006) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Steve Lieber (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1 (2007)
Captain Britain and MI13#15 (September, 2009) - Paul Cornell (writer), Leonard Kirk (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Revolutionary War: Alpha#1 (March, 2014) - Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill (Writers), Rich Elson (Artist), Antonio Fabela (Color artist), Stephen Wacker (Editor)
Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1 (April, 2014) - Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill (Writers), Nick Roche (Artist), Veronica Gandini (Color artist), Devil Lewis & Stephen Wacker (Editors)
Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (May, 2014) - Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill (Writers), Rich Elson (Artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (Color artist), Devil Lewis & Stephen Wacker (Editors)

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