Real Name: Amanda Greville

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Music therapist

Affiliations: former member of: Freelance Restorations; formerly the Dawning Light and Samisdat

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Melissa Greville (older sister), Shan Greville (uncle), Rima Barton Greville (aunt), Robert Greville (cousin, deceased), Sir Lionel Barton (great uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, formerly Stormhaven castle in Scotland

Appearances: Master of Kung Fu#93 (October; 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Trust worthy, loyal, devoted, weak minded/naive (the cult managed to brainwash her), helpful, persuasive (at least towards Black Jack when she "sold" her idea of having a school for blind at Stormhaven Castle), innovative.

History: (MOKF#94-fb): Black Jack remembers having Mandy as a young girl sitting on his knee

(MOKF#95-fb): Three “The Dawning Cult” members approach Mandy, convincing her to come with them.

(MOKF#93-bts): Black Jack comes to New York to tell Leiko and Shang-Chi that Melissa’s younger sister Mandy has been kidnaped by a religious cult called “The Dawning Light”. Black Jack convinces Shang-Chi and Leiko to help locate Mandy. Black Jack shows them a photograph of Mandy and one of Samisdat, who is believed to be the leader of “The Dawning Light”.

(MOKF#94-fb): Remembers when she first came to “The Dawning Light,” where two of the cultist said “remember Mandy we must eliminate our enemies, they’re blind– only we see the dawning light.”

(MOKF#95-fb): Convinced Mandy to steal documents detailing the British-German weapons shipment

(MOKF#93): Black Jack , Leiko and Shang-Chi drive to a house where the cult is. There they manage to infiltrate the cult, and watch as a young lady is speaking: the young lady is revealed to be Mandy. She is leading the meeting--Black Jack says “brainwashed”. After the meeting, the cult members are walking away from the meeting, and suddenly Mandy is grabbed by three persons. These three are, of course, Black Jack, Shang-Chi and Leiko. She screams for help, but Black Jack manage to escape with her. After the four of them have escaped, Black Jack tries to talk some sense into Mandy but she refused to listen to reason, saying that they’re not her friends, but enemies, and as enemies they must be killed. She even threatens to kill Black Jack someday when he least expects it.

(MOKF#94): Mandy is brought to Sir Denis in Scotland, there Lyman Leeks is to work on de-programming her brainwashing. Melissa comes to see her sister, but Mandy refuses to see her, claiming she has no sisters, no brothers, no other family than “The Dawning Light”. She tells Melissa not to touch her, or she will kill her. When Lyman tries to begin his deprogramming of herm, she slaps him in the face. Later when Mrs. Haversman comes with tea, she once again lashes out for her. Later she tries to kill Black Jack, she fails and tries to escape. When Agent Syn fires a shot at her, Black Jack saves Mandy, wounding himself, but also manage to break the brainwashing

(MOKF#95): After regaining control over her mind, Mandy begins to tell about “The Dawning Cult”, about how terrible she feels for letting innocent young people into the cult, and now they are about to be taken to Samisdat Island in the Carribean.

(MOKF#96): Has a heart-to-heart conversation with Black Jack Tarr. Tells him she doesn’t know what to do with her life, but assures him that she won’t join another cult, “Cults like that they offer only false fulfillment”. The only thing she knows she wants is to help people, truly needy kids or something like that. Suddenly she finds the answer: she wants to help blind kids to see in new ways, she even has the plan to work from Stormheaven castle if Sir Denis will let her. Black Jack suddenly realizes that this has been Mandy’s plan all along, and that was the reason why she wanted to talk with him. Mandy confesses, but then Sir Denis arrives at the door, and tells them that he likes her idea.

(MOKF#98-fb): Mandy tells Sir Denis that she has received her permit to run her school for the blind at Stormhaven. She tells them that she has four applications already, two from Sussex whom Black Jack is to pick-up, one from London, who she asks if Shang-Chi would pick up, and a fourth one, whom she herself will take care off

(MOKF#109): Leiko tells Shang-Chi that Mandy is about to leave Stormheaven, moving her school to London, where her uncle has arranged for a new building for the school. She leaves by car alongside her sister Melissa, who has just broken off her relationship with Clive Reston and drives to London.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench & Mick Zeck

Profile by: The Beetle

Black Jack Tarr is not to be confused with:
Black Jack @Marvel: The Lost Generation#9


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