Membership: Dr. Dexter, Sidney Fishburne, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, Sullivan, Dr. Wright

Purpose: Development of warriors to serve the ends of Mys-Tech.

Affiliations: Mys-Tech (Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Ranulph Haldane, Porlock, Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood (supervisor));
The Cradle, Project: Harvest,
Psight Corporation (divisions)
Genetix, Jack, Killpower, Mothmen, Plasmer, Prime Evil and the Pride, Tektos (creations)

Enemies: Genetix, Killpower, Motormouth, Plasmer, Prime Evil and the Pride

Base of Operations: London, England

First Appearance: Motormouth#1 (Marvel UK, June, 1992)



History: Gena-Sys laboratories are a sub-division of Mys-Tech.



(Codename: Genetix#1 (fb) - BTS) - Ranulph Haldane ran Gena-Sys prior to his death.

(Motormouth#4/2)-Approximately 5 years ago, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, head of research at Gena-Sys, used "transgenics" to develop the pantherine, Jack, and then to create Killpower. Sullivan assisted her in this, and botched up the cell implant instructions. He couldn't remember the exact codes, and so he winged it, and ended up using a few different subjects than Oonagh had intended. Nonetheless, Killpower was a success.

BTS-Oonagh performed genetic mutation on a number of youths, eventually forming the group Genetix.






(Killpower: the Early Years#1, 2, [3], 4)
-Fishburne, an agent of Gena-Sys, somehow created the Chronifact. The Time Guardian split the Chronifact in half and sent its pieces through time to prevent Fishburne from using it. The Time Guardian then sent Killpower to retrieve the pieces. Mullarkey sent the newly created Genetix to follow and hopefully retrieve Killpower. After a series of temporal jumps, they successfully returned him to Gena-Sys labs.



(MotorM#1)-In the modern era, Algernon Crowe directed Oonagh to send Killpower to assassinate SHIELD agents investigating energy released from a MOPED (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) unit.

(MotorM#2)-Again under Crowe's direction, Oonagh sent Killpower after more SHIELD agents.

(MotorM#3)-Tyburn ordered Oonagh to send Killpower after Motormouth to retrieve the MOPED unit.

(Motormouth and Killpower#6-8)-Killpower had rebelled against Mullarkey and Mys-Tech and allied himself with Motormouth. Mys-Tech's Psycho-Wraiths recaptured Killpower and brought him back to Gena-Sys, where Oonagh attempted to discipline him. He accused her of lying to him, and eventually broke free and took her with him as he attempted to escape. Crowe blasted Killpower from behind, incapacitating him, and he was recaptured.
Motormouth broke into Mys-Tech central to rescue Killpower. In the process, she whacked Oonagh with the butt of her weapon. Killpower, still seeing Oonagh as his mother, stopped Motormouth from injuring her any further. Motormouth and Killpower then escaped.

(Code: G#1-4)-Prime Evil's Pride abducted Dr. Mullarkey, and brought her to the Savage Land to force her to assist their efforts to create a race of warriors. Mullarkey's trail was followed by the group Genetix (who were more recent products of her experiments) and the mutant Wolverine (who had tracked the Pride from their slayings in Canada).
Mullarkey sabotaged her work, so that her creations broke down very quickly. Mullarkey's superior, Wychwood, led a group of Mys-Tech agents to the Savage Land, where they neutralized the force field around Prime Evil's citadel. This allowed the heroes to break-in and Prime Evil was destroyed in the ensuing battle. After the conclusion of the battle, Oonagh returned to Gena-Sys labs, but the Genetix refused any further contact with her after learning her true motives.

BTS-Oonagh created Tektos to replace Genetix. She made these agents by gene splicing subjects with alien DNA.

(Plasmer#1-4)-In an effort to gain further power, Oonagh unwittingly split herself into good and evil halves. The good half became Plasmer. The evil half retained Oonagh's form and attempted to take control of the British Sleepers. The Sleepers were eventually destroyed by Plasmer and several other heroes.




BTS-In an effort to gain more superhuman warriors, Gena-Sys labs began the Harvest Project. They created the Psight Corporation, in Geneva Switzerland, where youths were transformed into superhuman mutates, and raised in the Cradle.

(Genetix#2-5)-Genetix learned of the Psight Corporation and attempted to put a stop to it. Genetix was briefly captured, and Oonagh attempted to reprogram their minds to force them to become her servants once again. Vesper broke herself and the rest of Genetix free before Oonagh could get too far with them. Ultimately, Tektos failed to stop Genetix from destroying the Psight Corporation.






COMMENTS: Created by Graham Marks and Gary Frank.

The saga of Gena-Sys has grown tiresome to me. Perhaps I'll revisit this profile in the future and develop it a little more.

Most of the early Gena-Sys stories have dates listed, which are topical. Their only significance is in relation to each other. For instance, stories listed as occurring @ 1987-1988 would have occurred five years prior to those written in the modern era, which at the time of publication was 1992-1993.

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